Ms.Tutu Farcical Revisits 2009 for “Answers”

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The Mysteries as Voiced by Ms. TuTu Farcical

Pythian Oracle

As the year began  in  2010,  Ms.  Tutu Farcical of the Oracle wrote an article that we thought should be revisited.  We thought it would be interesting to see if any of the questions plaguing us at the time from 2008 – 2009  were answered during the last two years.   Not only have  most of them not been addressed, but we could easily add more questions that have arisen since her initial publication.

It should be noted that Ms. Farcical is not a forward-looking prophetic woman.  Instead she looks deep into the past, connects fragments of information, and spits out her visions in questions, often riveting, often seeing, and always fascinating.   She is a seer of the past, but may have visions of the future.  We sometimes believe her questions arise from the Oracle’s vapors that erupt from the earth.  An engaging personality is our own Ms. Farcical, a prophetess whose past includes  stints as Carnac the Magnificent’s  stand-in  for years.

We are as shocked at rereading these unanswered questions presented by Ms. Farcical  as you may be.  A full two years has passed  and as questions mount these cases remain. The greatest and most looming mystery remains today as it was then, “Who is Barack Obama?”  

Furthermore, these unsolved crimes and stories  prove that the media or investigative journalists (as they like to call themselves)  haven’t done their jobs!  They haven’t investigated any of these perplexing questions posed by Ms.  TuTu Farcical.  Many within the writers community  believed these stories would be  swept under the carpet and no one would notice.

Ah ha, but we  noticed.

Ms. Tutu Farcical of the Oracle  has recently consulted the powers that be by viewing into her brand new bowling ball and is busy compiling a new list of unsolved murders, mysteries, and convoluted stories.  You can help.   Please add your two cents from the “change”  left in your pockets to the discussion. We welcome all newcomers to participate! Make this your year to add a comment or two.  


MYSTERIES and Stories that the “No Clue” Lame Street Media Didn’t Cover in 2009. These are Questions to Ponder.  Will any of these mysteries be solved in 2012, a full 3 years after the fact?  TuTu’s Probing Questions follow:

1. What was really behind the Air “Farce” One Tour of New York City?
2. Who are the White House visitors that have the same names as Bill Ayres and Jeremiah Wright?
3. What was Nidal Malik Hasan’s role on the Transition Team (Ft. Hood terrorist)?
4. What is the purpose of the plot to bring Gitmo Terrorists to New York and Illinois?
5. Who was behind the American Police Force in Hardin, Montana?
6. Why was Obama adopted by the Crows? Whose idea was it?
7. Was Carl Venne, Crow Tribe, murdered?
8. Why would the Salahi’s take the 5th? On what grounds will they claim the 5th? What connection is the White House hiding?
9. Judge Carter’s clerk – Who pays his salary? Who recommended him for the job?
10. Who coined the term “all wee-weed up”?
11. Who is the Mysterious Blonde NY Socialite that is receiving text messages from POTUS?
12. Why is Congress silent on the infiltration of commie czars?
13. Why did the Secret Service visit Ted Kennedy’s compound just hours before his demise?
14. Why did the Catholic Church give the divorced Senator Kennedy a Catholic funeral and burial?
15. Whose Social Security Number is being used by POTUS this year?
16. Who registered for a Social Security number in Connecticut as Barack Obama?
17. How many Social Security Numbers Does POTUS have?
18. Was POTUS really a Constitutional Lecturer? Why have no students come forward to talk about their instructor?
19. Who are the current American Socialists and Communists holding elected offices in the USA?
20. Does the White House keep two sets of books for recording visitors?
21. Where is Patrick J. Fitzgerald, US Attorney for N. Illinois, and what is he really working on?
22. Where was Madelyn Dunham treated for cancer? Did she die? … from a broken hip?
23. Where was Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro treated for her cancer? What hospital? What city?
24. Is the guy in China BO’s twin or elder brother? Why the play on his American mother’s (Ruth) surname Nidesand to Ndesandjo? Why won’t he divulge his age?
25. Where is Stanley Ann currently residing? What name is she using for the new year?
26. How did Sarah Obama enjoy her stay with the Saudi King while she was on Haj?
27. Who paid for the new addition to Sarah’s home, her electricity hook-up and plumbing? Who paid for her trips to the USA, Saudi Arabia and Libya? Who established her trust fund?
28. What are the Muslim contributions to the tapestry of American culture that BO bragged about?
29. Will American women be permitted to wear plaid burqas?
30. Will PETA have a problem if those burqas are fur-trimmed?
31. Who chose the School “Safety” Czar, Kevin Jennings? Is he related to Frank Marshall Davis?
32. How many “fishy” bloggers did the White House catch?
33. Who attended Samantha Power’s and Cass Sunstein’s baby shower?
34. Why did BO book out of Norway after he picked up the formerly prestigious Nobel Peace Prize?
35. Who paid for Gitmo’s Khalid Sheik Mohammed’s new “publicity head shot?”    Who is his beautician?
36. Was Ft. Hood terrorist, Nidal Malik Hasan’s  body shaved?
37. Will there be a parade when Gitmo prisoners arrive in the USA? Will it be declared a National Muslim holiday?
38. Why didn’t POTUS receive the Dalai Lama?
39. Why hasn’t the POTUS filed suit for libel and slander against Larry Sinclair?
40. Why is 71 year-old Abercrombie resigning from his permanent position? Is he a quitter?
41. Why was POTUS sworn in twice? Why was the second swearing PRIVATE?  Why weren’t the WH photographers allowed to witness and videotape the second swearing? Who was the photographer that took the “official” photo?
42. Why was the media silent regarding Sotomayor’s LaRaza affiliation?
43. Was Obama’s Birth Certificate blasted to the moon when they needed an emergency distraction?
44. Who in Congress profited from the Swine Flu Scare and the vaccine production?
45. Why have no charges or investigations been filed by the Department of Justice against ACORN or the Black Panthers?
46. Who is Barrack Hussein Obama?
47. Who is Obama’s Puppet Master?
48. Who was the well-dressed Indian man assisting the crotch-bomb Terrorist?
49. Who has the video that was shot of the crotch-bomber at the Netherlands Airport?
50. What is the purpose of the Executive Order concerning InterPol?

Isn’t She Just TuTu Much?

69 responses to “Ms.Tutu Farcical Revisits 2009 for “Answers”

  1. Regarding number 45 above, Panthers mentioned here;

    45. Why have no charges or investigations been filed by the Department of Justice against ACORN or the Black Panthers?

  2. So this Oracle has more questions than answers? No wonder Ms. TuTu is farcical! Great post. Wonderful questions.

    Is the answer to 11: Scarlett Johannson? It can’t be Vera Baker. Wrong hair color.

    Number 14: MONEY!

    Number 15: Harrison Bounel, of course.

    Number 20: Looks like it! Otherwise, under what pseudonym did Johnny Depp appear? Edward Scissorhands? Did Michelle Malkin look under the S’s?

    Number 24: Elder.

    Number 28: Warped threads.

    Number 33: Was it Mengele or Kervorkian?

    Number 38: Can’t look a holy man in the eye.

    Number 39: FREAKING GOOD QUESTION, Ms. TuTu!

    Number 42: Why the relative silence about her Fulani association?

    How’s about:
    What REALLY happened to Lia Soetoro Sobah?

    What was that “embarrassing” information in Barry’s passport file that had to be “cauterized”?

    Where was Barry between Spring 1981 and when he showed up at Columbia U. in Fall 1982?

    On what passport did he travel to Pakistan in 1981, with whom, where did he stay, and WHY did he go there?

    Why did his “father” REALLY come back to Hawaii, just ONCE, right at the same time that Barry was sent back to Hawaii from Indonesia?

    How many times was Barry adopted? Was Granny Sarah the original adoption broker?

    Where are Stanley Ann Dunham’s pre-1965 passport records?

    What is her true first name, Stanley or Shirley? Did she die in 1970, like Aunt Ginny Goeldner said, or in 1995, or not at all, or isn’t she the kind who tells?

    • Did Angie and Brad adopt Soebarkah yesterday when they swung by the White House yesterday? What did they name him? Does it have an X in it like like all their sons?

      Maxamillion, perhaps? Taxusmore, maybe? or just plain ole Rex?

      • Welcome Ms. TuTu Farsical! What an honor to have you here. Truly it is an honor to have such an esteemed person visit our blog. We are thrilled!

        I see you have consulted your magic 8 ball or is it a plain old bowling ball? and already are seeing the questions.

        Love your new doo!

    • “Where was Barry between Spring 1981 and when he showed up at Columbia U. in Fall 1982?”
      Shacked up with the dude in #39

    • “Where was Barry between Spring 1981 and when he showed up at Columbia U. in Fall 1982?”
      I assume he was in Pakistan and he even made referrence to that during his campaign. I don’t know if he was there long enough to say he “lived there”. However, according to Susan Rice, Obama lived somewhere besides the USA when he was a “young adult”.
      “Even more than a gap on specific policies, Obama and McCain’s respective positions represent a fundamental philosophical difference. Obama’s advisers argue that “there are multiple aspects to experience, each of which can be relevant.” Obama’s experience “provides a different kind of insight” than the traditional résumé, said Susan Rice, a former assistant secretary of state for African affairs and a National Security Council official who is one of Obama’s foreign policy advisers.

      “At a time when our foreign policy and national security have so obviously suffered from a simplistic, black-and-white interpretation,” Rice added, having “an American president who spent part of his formative years and young adulthood living in a poor country under a dictatorship brings an understanding of the complexity of things that others may not have. I’m not saying that official travels and congressional delegations are without value, but there are limits to what you can glean from that.”


        sorry but word press did its act and I couldn’t get this link in the above comment. You all probably already have this , just thought I would mention it in case you do not have it. This was not misspeak, there is too much info for that– “an American president who spent part of his formative years and young adulthood living in a poor country under a dictatorship brings an understanding of the complexity of things that others may not have.

        • She’s probably talking about Indonesia. Sounds like it, but when did Barry LIVE in Indonesia during young adulthood? That would be his college years, surely. He was supposed to be in Hawaii, California, and then New York.

          • Bet you his old rev, Wright, would know. We know for certain Susan Rice knows. That family Obama stayed with in Pakistan were wealthy people and I am just wondering if by chance Obama met Bin Laden? But we will never know now, will we?, because bin Laden is dead. Bin Laden and his “holy warriors” were operating out of Pakistan in 1981. Two people Obama wanted killed, Gaddafi and Bin Laden. He killed both.
            The opening words in Gaddafi’s open letter to Obama:
            “Our son, Excellency,
            President Obama
            We have been hurt more morally that physically because of what had happened against us in both deeds and words by you. Despite all this you will always remain our son whatever happened. We still pray that you continue to be president of the U.S.A.

            Read more:

      • oh, 39, thanks Harvey. Since when does applying your kindergarten eduaction in a foreign country apply so well to Foreign understanding of policy? Oh , thats right, only in Obamaland can this be a prerequisite.
        Or I guess a guy with a foreign passport/passports meets the requirements of understanding when and when not one can usurp authority on American citizens. Guess he learned that while in Pakistan hanging with dictators and heads of state.

        • Or maybe if ‘the one’ grown up surrounded by so many foreign philosophers,traitors,and sociapaths, surely that makes for a deep understanding of how to enact policy favorable to this republic.

        • alfy: That is the point Susan Rice makes, even though Obama spent SOME of his Formative years in a foriegn country, Obama also spent his “young ADULTHOOD” living in a poor country under a dictator. Susan Rice seems to think he lived abroad long enough as a young adult to have gained an understanding of the complexity of things that AMERICANS may not have. That doesn’t sound like Hawaii, New York, or Chicago.

          • I know Harvey, Susan must know something we don’t know,huh? Seems we’re the only ones busy this morning, and as you see I’m always off on these atypical escapades. My posts will most likely get bypassed or I hope I don’t get scolded for getting off subject so much this morning.
            You are right though, just where and how Obama has gained understanding of the complexity of things Americans may not have is still so secretive that my peabrain can only draw a few conclusions; that either he was involved in foreign dealings that don’t meet standards acceptable to us Normal Americans or maybe other Government entities.
            He did go on his tour to Africa and other places prior to his election,and seemed quite comfortable doing that despite the fact that it seemed a Violation of the Logan Act. No one seemed to bother about that for very long. Just what gives him this edge is beyond me. Something only someone on the inside has control of is all I can guess.

          • Harvey, Obama has also made comments somwhere about the people of Australia and how they treated him when he was young. I can’t find that but does anybody remember that?
            One noticeable mention is a point that he has never been to the central ,south american countries. I find it interesting…on more than one occasion this has been stated. I remember thinking back during one of Obama/McCain’s debates, Mccain talks somewhat extensively on policy and efforts in Panama and Columbia. He made reference to the fact Obama was probably not as clear on these issues because he had never been there. I REMEMBEr the look on Obama’s face or it was his body language at that moment ,and thinking to myself then, Obama has been there but he couldn’t comment. At the time I had no reason to judge why Obama seemed at Mccain’s comments (and usually Obama alway rebuffs, but he held back). I thought there’s something to this. Perhaps he has been to Panama andColumbia, or maybe Cuba too. We Will never know will we?

          • Weaving Change | Wtpotus Research Blog Renee | January 14, 2012 at 9:35 am | Reply
            The Weavers were an influential folk-singing group that was blacklisted in the early 1950s, during a period of widespread anti-communist feeling, because of the group’s left-wing sympathies.

            Following the Weavers’ dissolution in 1953 due to the blacklist,[1] Gilbert continued her activism on a personal level, traveling to Cuba in 1961 on a trip that brought her back to the United States on the same day that country banned travel to Cuba. She also participated in the Parisian protests of 1968 after traveling to that country to work with British theatrical director Peter Brook.[2] In the 1970s, Gilbert earned an M.A. in clinical psychology and worked as a therapist for a few years.

          • Renee, thanks for the Gilbert story, I don’t know what to make of it yet but gilbert/jill/gil does stand out . I’ve lost where in the heck to post this.

          • I put it across the hall for you Alf, where it goes. Find your way over there.

          • You see, her point is that Obama will look at things from the “complex” GLOBAL perspective instead of just being an AMERICAN potus. Well, he’s certainly doing that, but is that what AMERICA wants? I think not. We the People want a potus who puts the USA FIRST. Who, btw, honors our laws and our Constitution instead of finding ways to avoid enforcing the laws of this country (immigration) and then suing the states so they don’t do it for him.

      • OMG! What good eyes you have, Harvey G. You’re right!

        What “poor country” that had a dictator did Barry live in during “young adulthood?”

        Add that question to our list!

  3. More questions..

    Who is paying for Omar Obama’s attorney? How many social security cards does Omar have and who do they belong to? How did he obtain them in the first place?

    Will OWS be put on Homeland Security’s Left Wing Extremist list? Is there such a List for the Left wing?

    How many aliases does Obama have?

    Will Obama’s true identity and parentage be revealed?

    Is Obama using a deceased baby’s birth certificate as his own?

    Was he a foreign student who received government aid to attend college?

  4. Too many questions !

    • Good morning Renee…. Have you been spying on us this morning or are you just getting your coffee? LOOK! While ya’ll were sleeping I’ve been entertaining Harvey, or possibly boring Harvey to death with my Rabbi Metzger comments. I know he’s probably glad you came to the rescue this morning. And Good Morning Harvey too.

  5. Good Evening.

    When was Soebarkah on Food Stamps?

  6. Good Evening.

    the USDOJ Mission:

    To enforce the law and defend the interests of the United States according to the law; to ensure public safety against threats foreign and domestic; to provide federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime; to seek just punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior; and to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans.

    Wherein does it declare that the USGOJ has the Duty to deliver it’s Chosen People to the Promised Land?

    Now we have Moses?

    • TuTu: It appears you consulted the Oracle. I can tell because your acronym USGOJ is telling. Spelled out..US God of Justice. That person, Eric the God Holder is the one who sits at the Left hand of the One, the All, the messiah of Satan, the son of Gadaffi, Baraka Hussein Abu Oumama yo mama. It is written in the Book of Soros where all evil resides. The child, Baraka, was placed in a large jar and floated among the snakes of the Nile who taught him how to hissssss.

    • Good evening Tutu. You are devine.

    • A message to Holder: This IS the promised land. If you think otherwise, then please hie yourself off to where you (and “your people”) will do better.

      I’ll bet he and the guy in Utah had another topic to discuss: Any and all records the LDS may have about Barry’s ancestry. To be hidden in return for …

  7. Tutu, a question please. Do you yodel ?

    What is in your crystal ball Tutu for the Philipp Hildebrand affair ?
    Yodels ?

  8. Number 10.
    David Cunliffe « Red Alert

    This Bill is so complex that it has got almost everyone involved all ‘wee-weed up’. The phrase ‘wee-weed up’ was coined by the extremely gifted orator Barack …

  9. TuTu – Do you question Liberal Science or the many coincidences experienced by the Obama regime?

    Liberal Science: Oil Extraction Could Cause the Globe to Deflate!
    January 15, 2012 Snips

    Obama ought to go by the name Mr. Coincidental, because everything that happens on his watch you all defend by acting like it’s just a coincidence.

    The worst economic recovery since the Great Depression and Obama’s president: That’s just a coincidence.

    Obama puts billion of taxpayer money into loan programs for green companies that just coincidentally are tied to his biggest financial supporters.

    Every time a financial crisis happens, Obama pals Buffett or Soros just coincidentally happen to be around to buy preferred stock or some other investment that’s backed up by government credit.

    The ATF walks guns to violent Mexican criminals with no follow through, coincidentally when the ATF and the Obama administration are pushing for scrapping the 2nd Amendment.

    I’ll let the readers take it from here and list all the other coincidences that have happened under Obama.

    • Wasn’t it a Barry supporter that worried that an island would tip over?

      • Hey! I put a similar map on our blog months ago, showing how many pipelines there already are in Nebraska. Oh! I see the author remember the Guam story, too. Ha! That’s hilarious. I love that story. These are the people who make political decisions based on “sound science.” I’m still reading the article.

        So funny, “if one thinks of the earth as a balloon and relieves said pressure with say a syringe is not the whole reduced by the removal of internal volume?”

        That’s like saying, “if one thinks of the moon as green cheese, shouldn’t we prepare for an invasion of alien mice?” The Earth isn’t a BALLOON.

        Of course, it’s true that removing oil AS WELL AS WATER causes subsidence. Duh. The issue is, what’s the trade off? Would we prefer energy independence and a little subsidence OR being beholden to Saudi Arabians and Red Chinese?

    • Liberal Science is an oxymoron. Hydraulic fracking of pay zones in the oil and gas industry will be next on the Green chopping block.

      “Ohio Earthquake Likely Caused by Fracking Wastewater
      Injecting wastewater deep underground is the prime suspect, potentially widening earthquake worries linked to hydraulic fracturing”

      Even though these scientists say the earthquake in Ohio is caused by the disposal of waste water you can bet a dollar to a doughnut Obama and his green czar(s) will use it to stop the fracking of pay zones in the oil and gas industry.

      • Sure. Whatever corporations do is on the chopping block. Take something out? Causes problems. Put something in? Causes problems. Humans are the problem. They should be eradicated, then they won’t harm the environment. That’s how they think.

        Gaia. Mother Earth. Humans are a scourge, in their warped minds. Nowhere in their logic is there room for human beings, natural creatures, who are PART OF THE EARTH, who are made OF THE EARTH, (or who, according to their own science, EVOLVED RIGHT HERE ON EARTH, VIA “NATURAL” SELECTION).

        Since we ARE part of the Earth, then how can anything we do be “wrong”? Lions destroy. Just ask zebras.

        When any creature overpopulates, it destroys others. But they’re for protecting any and all creatures, except human beings.

        One of their big ideas for getting rid of CO2, is to liquify it and INJECT it underground. Store it underground. What will THAT do to the Earth, not to mention the poor fools who will be sitting atop that poison gas accident-just-waiting-to-happen? Remember Bopal? More pertinent, remember Lake NYOS? CO2. 1700 dead.

        • Another
          By Steve Elwart, P.E. is the Senior Research Analyst with the Koinonia Institute and a Subject Matter Expert for the Department of Homeland Security.
          “The problem of fracking and earthquakes could have a major impact on the nation’s energy supply.

          There are two areas in United States that are generating a lot of interest by energy companies for the energy resources they are thought to contain: the Bakken and the Marcellus formations. These formations contain oil and natural gas, but they are locked inside shale formations that need fracking technology to release the hydrocarbons locked inside.”

  10. TuTu..Does Harry consult the False Oracle for his prophesies?
    66 2/3% Check out two thirds…0.0666 666 667! Just saying. When is a $billion not enough to bring Obama over the finish line?

    Sen. Harry Reid: ‘I Think The Tea Party’s Dying Out As The Economy’s Getting Better Slowly’ video
    by Josh Feldman | 1:43 pm, January 15th, 2012

    On Meet the Press today, David Gregory showed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid a poll that shows two-thirds of the electorate disapproves of the Democrats in Congress.

    [Harry Reid] …noted that unlike the past year or two, the Tea Party has not recently had the kind of outrage and organization it was once noted for. Gregory asked Reid for a clarification, and Reid unequivocally stated what he thought was the case.

    “I think the tea party’s dying out as the economy’s getting better slowly… I would hope that the two Republican leaders have learned what took place in the previous year. And, you know, what we have to focus on this year is rebuilding the economy. We have to, and the only way to do that is to create jobs.”

  11. Yes, Tutu..Is it to much to ask? This is a request from the Left.

    E.J. DIONNE: Moving Obama to Europe
    Jan. 15

    Two fine historians, James Kloppenberg and Daniel Rodgers, have written illuminating books on how progressive ideas crisscrossed the Atlantic at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson were all happy to learn from Europe. Were they un-American? Then again, no one ever accused them of “Kenyan anti-colonial behavior.” Is it asking too much of Obama’s opponents to acknowledge once and for all that he is really and truly American?

  12. Rosemary Woodhouse

    You rang? Cue the same old tired but haunting theme from a movie based on what was written in the Holy Bible and bizzarrely directed by a convicted pedophile whose wife was ritually sacrificed by a man (seemingly possessed) and his followers who predicted race riots…. just a tad off schedule. Helter Skelter….

    Praying I am way off base. If he is defeated in 11/12 (anyone want to place odds Anyone? ) then I , and countless others of the same opinion, are joyfully mistaken.

    When you stop to think about it, It is the only illogical logic for what has occurred and is allowed to continue despite numerous, shall we say, anomalies. This is the USA, not some turd world craphole. We are Americans, and yet this destruction of our nation continues unabated.

    Forgive me for humming the same old tune….

    • While there is some speculation due to differences in calendars,but Aug. 4 some 2000 roughly years ago Soloman’s jewish temple was destroyed. Then along came King Herod and he, with the help of many including jewish slaves helped finish building it back again. Herod dies, Jesus is born and some 600 years later Aug. 4th and 5th the temple is ransacked and burned and destroyed again. figures August 4th is not a good day for building anything.

    • “They’re all in it together”, cried Rosemary.

  13. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Hmmm. what’s it all about……j’k, Alfy! I’ve not read that before/ T/Y!

    • rosemary , if you’re referring to the Aug. 4th dates, I think I found it long ago reading a timeline of about 27 different times when jews were taken over, or run out of jerusalem…..

    • August 4th 1961 was a perfect day so to be conceived the night Kennedy was elected, too. that’s a cool piece of trivia.

      trivia = 3 roads, coincidentally.

      • Oh, how freaking ridiculous that! Guess he didn’t figure that out when he chose his birth date. Ha! So much symbolism in all he does.

  14. Trump
    November 8, 2016
    M A G A


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