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Ms.Tutu Farcical Revisits 2009 for “Answers”

©Bridgette @WTPOTUS 2012

The Mysteries as Voiced by Ms. TuTu Farcical

Pythian Oracle

As the year began  in  2010,  Ms.  Tutu Farcical of the Oracle wrote an article that we thought should be revisited.  We thought it would be interesting to see if any of the questions plaguing us at the time from 2008 – 2009  were answered during the last two years.   Not only have  most of them not been addressed, but we could easily add more questions that have arisen since her initial publication.

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Meet Malik! Obama’s Oldest Brother – Updated

© Miri WTPOTUS September 19, 2011

A recent story at World Net Daily documented some shady business concerning the eldest brother of President Barack Hussein Obama II.  Malik Obama’s charity foundation, which he named after their father, received an unexplained retroactive reprieve by the IRS, no doubt courtesy of his declared half-brother Barack. But before we get into that story, let’s examine some of what we here at WTPOTUS have learned over the years about Abon’go Malik Obama (aka Roy Obama, aka Abdul Malik Hussein Obama, aka Al-Malik Hussein Obama).

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The Obama Family Saga Continues

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Our Teleprompter in Chief

More and more  Obama stories are being scrutinized and leaked onto the internet.  Photographs  accompany these stories  in an attempt to give the people and their activities some credibility.  These photos represent the  newest  family members, associates,  and their accomplices in this high-profile drama of  mysteries, conspiracies, treachery, and cover-ups.  These are some new and old faces that are part of the latest  chapters in the Obama’s  Faux Drama.   The mystery of these people, their connections, and the parts  they play in this real life saga are being discovered and uncovered.

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The Secrets of the Haunted Hill

by Papoose


MYSTERIES IN 2009 and the Stories the “No Clue” Lame Street Media Didn’t Cover in 2009. Questions to Ponder…Will the mysteries be solved in the New Year? Continue reading