Obama Mystery Theater: Basketball Star?

Posted by Bridgette and Miri.  By request, an exploration of the wonders of Barry Obama, Punahou Basketball Star.

The mystery? What was his number? Where are the yearbooks? Why don’t we see newspaper articles from those days, touting the wonders of Barry’s jumpshot?  Why isn’t John Kamana, a starter for four years, in all these photos, too? (h/t 57th State)

Below, allegedly a photo of Barry with his basketball team in 1977.  Click to enlarge:

Junior varsity?  Was there more than one team?  Below, allegedly a photo of Barry with his basketball team in 1978:

Varsity A basketball.  Was this a promotion?  My, what long arms some of those guys have.  Below, allegedly a photo of Barry with his basketball team in 1979:

 So that’s the “state basketball champion” team.  Compliments of Huffington Post.  “Provided by The Oahuan”.  VIA WHOM? Below are close ups of Barry from 1977:

Bridgette changed the color so you could see how the heads are attached to the bodies.  They suffer from giraffe neck syndrome.  Obama has attached arms that are supposedly holding another basketball.  Two guys holding the game ball?

[Miri says, that doesn’t look like a basketball! WTH is it?]

Below is a closeup of Obama from the 1978 team photo, followed by another photo from the same yearbook, that is supposed to show Barry with classmates.  Quite chummy with coach here:

Strange how his nose looks different from photo to photo.  And his smile.  One closed lips.  Another open lips.  Twins? Below is a close up of Barry Obama from the 1979 team photo:

Below is a photo of Obama at “Skippy’s” funeral. Bridgette will explain this one.

Both of the above have the open-lipped smiles.  Below are photos of Barry’s star teammate, John Kamana:

John Kamana

John Kamana Punahou High School no 26

Good looking dude! What number belonged to John Kamana, 25 or 26? 

Update 12/19/2011:  Thanks to snarky comments on another blog whose commenters lurk (or skulk), I correct my “duh” moment:  Kamana was 26 in football.  Basketball number was apparently 25, but shared with others? 

This is what comes from throwing together a post too quickly because, hey! It’s Christmas time.  So h/t to lurkers.  It might behoove you all to lay off the ridicule (last refuge of those who have no facts). If you can explain anomalies, please do so here.  We’re not ashamed to admit when we’re wrong or to ask for enlightenment on such things as junior varsity versus varsity. We weren’t all “blessed” enough to go to expensive college prep schools for ELITES or to schools that glorify jocks. 

Update 12/21/2011:  Some photos of the 1980 Punahou team, courtesy of 57th State, who asks if anyone has seen anything like this before and why there isn’t a similar booklet for the 1979 winning team:



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  1. I thought he went by the name sotoero until his freshman year in college? Can we get some verification?

    • Yo! You’re right. Of course, as usual, nothing adds up in the Obamaverse. That’s why we’d just LOVE to see an actual page from that yearbook from which these photos were supposedly taken. The source didn’t show the page. Just the photos excerpted from the yearbook. Allegedly. So who put those lower case captions on the photos? Was that some kind of yuppy style choice by upscale, elite Punahou yearbook editors? Or was that Huffington Post or whoever supplied the photos? Funny how sources for these photos have been scrubbed. Especially, that Obama Scrapbook and the slide show that used to contain all those photos. The ones presented for the fabulous, imaginary background during the 2008 campaign. Pushed by those same few complicit lamestream “reporters”, using photos allegedly supplied by his family or his friends. All others ordered to NOT SPEAK. It’s extremely odd that people who were at Punahou do not show those yearbooks. What are they afraid of?

    • un freakin believeable. I think someone is having a laugh at our/my expense. This is so obvious, I think, either you guys are doing this and laughing your awankuses off or we are being so had. It’s funny, but it’s not really funny anymore. First he’s number 25 and about 6 foot 4 with that afro at age 17 before puberty has gotten even finished with him, and his leggs are the size of tree trunks. Then the poor guy shrunk in that class picture to a demure pouty cheeked 15 year old. But the biggest gaff of all…….I don’t care who’s on first, what’s on second…………He’s got some bigger, older dudes hand protruding out of his shoulder and it hasn’t got a body anymore.

      • This is so obvious….Yes it is Alfy, that’s what WE have been trying to tell people for over three years!!

      • Doesn’t the creepy hand protruding out of his shoulder look like the same creepy white hand that’s sitting on his shoulder, in the photo of Barry on the bench with his grandparents?

        • Dr. P at one time had pointed out all the photo shops done in that picture, if I remember right it was over 100 photo shops he counted in that one picture alone.

      • I have decided after watching the vid.,and other observations that the photo of Obam going for the layup is definately not him. End of story for me on that one. Which , makes the other weird photoshopped stuff moot for me. I still may check around on some of the players now and then,but unless I get to see a real yearbook, or a video like this one of Obamas 1979 games with him sitting on the sidelines half the game, I am moving on on this one.
        The main reason I think I’ve studied these photos so long is because these people fit the Ages Obama would be near on graduation. His graduation photo is the one that looks so unlike him, that I’ve been trying to notice who they might have used for that photo. THAT’s the photo that would be great to blow up because I think his size is wrong and his face looks so distorted around the mouth especially.

        • And, by the way YA’ll are doing unbelievable investigating!

        • Forgive me if I’m way behind…some food for thought if it hasn’t been brought up. In the second video, with the interviews and some game footage, there’s a brief shot of the team. I think it maybe was taken after they lost the league game? Anyway, there is nobody in that photo that could be Obama, except MAYBE the guy at the far left in street clothes..anyone else notice that? And I haven’t watched the entire game video, but it’s apparently Matt Hiu wearing # 23? The announcer says Matt someone, and I could only find one Matt on the team. Is the layup shot in which BHO is wearing #23 supposedly from that game?

          • Never mind! He graduated in 1979, right? This was the year after….

          • Exactly, SEO. That was the point all along–where’s all the video from when Barry was a star? Where are the news stories? All towns cover local high school sports, even if only to record points scored. If he were such a huge star, then there ought to be SOME story out there from the late 70s saying so.

          • There are, however, chapters in Obama’s high school narrative that are not subject to dispute. Just as he was the only African-American on the basketball team, he was also the only jock working on the school’s literary magazine, Ka Wai Ola. In his poem, “An Old Man,” there are glimpses of a tortured adolescent as well as a budding orator.
            This is from a 2007 Politico article…

  2. We were researching the Kamana’s in 2009. What isn’t well known is that John Kamana had a twin brother, Carter.

    Sports Notebook
    Thursday, September 11, 2003

    Three Squeezes: John “Squeeze” Kamana III insists going to USC was all his idea when he was a star at Punahou in 1980. His father, John “Squeeze” Kamana Jr., a Trojans walk-on center and linebacker in 1955 and ’56, let him make his own choice. Need proof? ****Junior’s son and III’s twin brother Carter Kamana, a Kamehameha standout, decided to go to Michigan State, where he played cornerback. “Carter surprised us all,” John Kamana III said. “The night before letter of intent day we went to sleep thinking he was going to Arizona State.”

    John Kamana III, a fullback, tight end and wide receiver, played with Ronnie Lott, Marcus Allen and dozens of other future NFL players at USC. Kamana had brief stints with the Rams and Falcons after college.

    And how did the John Kamanas get their nickname? “Back when he was a little kid my grandfather didn’t have money for lunch, so the girls would share their food with him. He’d reciprocate with a hug,” Kamana III said. “True story.”


    • Tres bizarro. Twins?

      • I think it was Papoose that found the twins. This was found and she said, “HI has always had the black twins born 12/3/61.”

        John Maia Kamana III
        Position: RB
        Height: 6-0 Weight: 230 lbs.
        Born: December 3, 1961 in Honolulu, HI
        College: USC

        • Bridge, I’m not sure if this was the first or maybe second? comment about the twins, but yes Papoose first took notice as far back as 2009 about the twins –

          Papoose | December 30, 2009 at 8:19 pm |

          John Kamana has a twin, but his name isn’t Barry. It’s Carter. Michigan State and currently an executive officer of a coffee company in Hawaii.


          I also came across Carter Kamana’s info. tonight about him being an executive officer of a coffee company in Hawaii, the info. had him listed there in 2003. Appears now he is working for Avendra, I post that info. below.

          • Correction ^ – Carter Kamana being an executive officer of a coffee company in Hawaii. Its late 🙂

            Business Briefs
            Reported by Star-Bulletin staff & wire
            Sunday, January 26, 2003

            Hawaii Coffee Co. has hired Carter Kamana as director of food service sales for Lion and Royal Kona Coffee brands. Kamana will be responsible for growing and maintaining the food service business in Hawaii and will manage a team of food service account executives.


          • Hawaii Coffee Co. has hired Carter Kamana as director of food service sales for Lion and Royal Kona Coffee brands.

            Leza, Like J. LYONS Company ?

          • Leza, Like J. LYONS Company

            Renee, do you remember the circle of people I told you about along time ago? all these company’s we have been finding link to them, but I believe you already realize that.

          • 1980 Boys Basketball: Punahou vs. UHS: State Championship

          • Look at the pictures of the morales brothers… Eric and Evan
            They kinda look like BO

            NOTE** Evan(s) *
            NOTE** MORALES*

            Look here. Key names in my digs…keep popping up ***

          • Robert John Branigan, 79, of Las Vegas and Nanakuli, died Nov. 4 in Las Vegas. He was born in Olivia, Minn. He is survived by wife Juliet; sons Robert Jr. and Mark; daughters Janice Spencer and Paula AhSui; brother Kenneth; sisters Elaine Imperial, Margaret Long, Irene Ruff and Elizabeth Merritt; and 12 grandchildren. Mass: 10:30 a.m. Thursday at St. Rita’s Catholic Church. Call after 9 a.m. Burial: 1 p.m. at Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery.

            Fujiye Edith Doi, 80, of Kahului, a retired school cafeteria cook, died Oct. 30 in Maui Memorial Medical Center. She is survived by daughters Charlotte Chung, Yvonne Davis and Sheila Escott; brothers Takashi, Barry Satoshi and Makoto Kawano; and sisters Ethel Masako Kagehiro and Edna Azeka. Private services held.

            Josephine “Jojo” Hermina Lihau Ferreira, 65, of Kaneohe, died Monday. She was born in Honolulu. She is survived by husband Manuel Jr.; son Manuelalbert; daughters Adeline Navarro, Francilyn Arrambide, Chrislene French and Jacqueleen Rosete; brothers William Au Young, Robert, Joseph and Stanley Stender Sr.; sister Hermine Stender; 21 grandchildren; and six great-grandchildren. Mass: 11 a.m. Wednesday at Our Lady of the Mount Church. Call after 8:30 a.m. Burial: 1 p.m. at Hawaiian Memorial Park Cemetery. Aloha attire.

            Yoshio “Jackson” Fujii, 97, of Hilo, a retired Hilo Electric Light Co. bookkeeper, died Nov. 2 in the Life Care Center of Hilo. He is survived by wife Umeko, son Kenneth Keiji Fujii, daughter Marilyn Hoffman and brother John Nakatsu. Private services held.

            Ruth Keiko Fujioka, 72, of Honolulu, a payroll clerk for the Deptartment of Water and Power of Los Angeles, died Tuesday. She was born in Honolulu. She is survived by husband Kazuto, brother Stanley Ono and sisters Frances Matsumoto and Betty Takamura. Services: 10 a.m. Saturday at Diamond Head Mortuary. Call after 9 a.m. Casual attire. No flowers.

            Alfred George Gualdarama, 60, of Waianae, owner of Al’s Home Repair, died Nov. 5 at home. He was born in Hilo. He is survived by wife Dolly Mae; sons Eric and Evan Morales and Alfred Jr.; daughters Christine, Rosalind Villanueva, Domines “Dee” Robinson and Candice Ramey; brothers William “Sonny” Morales, Antonio “Tony,” Thomas, William and Henry; sisters Lupe Easterbrook and Lolita Bearden; and 18 grandchildren. Mass: 10 a.m. Friday at Sacred Heart Church, Waianae. Call after 9 a.m. Burial: 12:30 p.m. at Sunset Memorial Park.

          • NOTE*** Alfred George Gualdarama, 60, of Waianae, owner of Al’s Home Repair, died Nov. 5 at home. He was born in Hilo. He is survived by wife Dolly Mae; sons Eric and Evan Morales and Alfred Jr.; daughters Christine, Rosalind Villanueva, Domines “Dee” Robinson and Candice Ramey; brothers William “Sonny” Morales, Antonio “Tony,” Thomas, William and Henry; sisters Lupe Easterbrook and Lolita Bearden; and 18 grandchildren.

            NOTE** Robinson ***

        • Good Morning WTPOTUS!

          Yes, we worked on this during the blizzards, early 2009. So much started was going on at that time we were sidelined. (PC blew up, then the “Taylors”)

          In any event, that crazy basketball is really the knees of the person that was actually sitting for the team photo.

          So busy. Cannot wait for the time to read this post. It is so up my alley, and of course, I don’t even bowl.

          Great job, too everyone!

          • Yes we did…during all the bad weather….it is all connecting better in our minds now..that circle you know…

          • Papoose. You can say “right up my alley,” and we know what you mean, even if you don’t bowl.

            Can’t say the same for Barney Frank.

            I also think that “basketball” is somebody’s leg. A thigh. A buttock? Who knows. But it ain’t a b-ball.

    • Yeah, well maybe that hand is part of Obamas twin and all of him wasn’t removed from him at birth.

      • That HALE name Alfy….

        • He was a sheriff for John Payne Alf;
          Alan Hale, Jr. – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hale was born Alan Hale Mackahan in Los Angeles, California. His father was character actor Alan Hale, Sr. and his mother was Gretchen Hartman (1897–1979), a silent film actress. His father (whom his son greatly resembled) had an extremely successful career in movies both as a leading man in silent films and as a supporting actor in sound movies, appearing in many Errol Flynn films, acting in 235 movies altogether, and playing Little John in Robin Hood films three times over a 28-year span, beginning with the silent Douglas Fairbanks version. While his father was adapting to sound films, Hale, Jr., began his career while still a baby.

          • Oh Rennnneeee! Who is John Payne that you mention, and many other comments.
            Back up where you Say Morales….mentioning Eric and his brother, in the Obits, you take notice of Robinson…..But there is another last name that squealed out for me………only because I found Villanuevas (Katherine/catherine)Villanuevas listed in Hawaii addresses with Henry Obama Buckner and wife Paula S. Buchner)….I may have saved it.Hope I don’t confuse the issue of names. Most these names Villanueva and Morales(while Spanish) are Philipino names in Hawaii.

          • http://www.whitepages.com/name/Katherine-Buckner/Pahoa-HI
            Now notice here …. I had already found Obama Buckner in Hawaii…listed with a catherine/katherine Villanueva. So I did a search of Katherine in Hawaii, which the results is what you see. Notice who is listed with Katherine here in Lakeland Florida. Please , please save this. It gets more interesting from there, but I would lose everyone with the names.
            But the main point here is That Obama Buckner or at least his name has also been to Forida and Kansas City as well, yet he supposedly lived only in Indiana, then Philipines, then Hawaii,where he changed his name to Obama. I think this is extremely important. The Villanueva name doesn’t stop there either….

  3. In 1979, McLachlin coached a basketball state championship team that did feature some of the very best players in the state (Daryl Gabriel and Dan Hale) and perhaps the islands’ top all-around high school athlete (John Kamana). There was also a forward on that team who was stuck behind Kamana; Barack “Barry” Obama would’ve started for most other teams in the state.

    Obama wasn’t happy about it, but he managed to be a leader despite his status as a reserve. “He was able to project that, and he wasn’t afraid to point things out,” McLachlin said. “And he did it in a way that people would listen.”

    Eldredge also coached Obama, in freshman football. And he was his fifth-grade math and science teacher, one Obama remembers as “a big, no-nonsense Hawaiian.” (Of course, we know Eldredge is capable of whimsy, like his tradition of upside-down homeroom pictures in the Punahou yearbook.) The measure of any teacher or coach is what the kids they are entrusted with go on to achieve.”I hope my impact was not just sports,” Eldredge says.

    He certainly doesn’t have to worry about that if Obama is elected president. “That would be surreal,” McLachlin says of the possibility. “He certainly stands for a lot of good things.”

    Vol. 12, Issue 171 – Wednesday, June 20, 2007

  4. Who was Skippy and why did he die?

    • I don’t remember this story about Skippy. But the photo was supposedly taken at Skippy’s wake. It is on a beach in HI. The date was in 1982..same time frame.

      • That explains (maybe) why he looks older in that photo. In 1982, he was already heading to Columbia. Must be right before or after the fabled trip to Pakistan with Chandoo doo doo.

      • I found the links to the story, but of course it they don’t work, and they aren’t in the Wayback machine. Really aggravating. Since Google bought it, they are scrubbing everything. We used to have that option to locate information.


        • Skippy Kamakawiwo’ole. I think that’s the Skippy they meant. http://archives.starbulletin.com/1997/06/26/news/story1.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKez6ldEb6M His brother Israel has a wiki page:

          The fact that the article within which a person asked “was Barack Obama at Skippy’s funeral” has been carefully scrubbed, sort of indicates SOMETHING. Why scrub it?

          • http://tweetmeme.com/story/436705775/facing-future-obama-shocker-was-barack-at-skippys-funeral-in-1982

            “Facing Future: OBAMA SHOCKER! Was Barack at Skippy’s Funeral in 1982?
            tweetretweetFACING-FUTURE.COM – OBAMA SHOCKER! Was Prez at Iz’s brother’s 1982 funeral? Operation Get Obama To Read My Book In Public continues! http://bit.ly/78tDCd

            That’s how I figured out whose funeral the photo was referring to. The original link is scrubbed, but this tweetememe (whatever it is) and the results from a search engine search on “obama at skippy’s” turned up a similar thing about “Iz’s brother’s 1982 funeral”. It was Skippy Kamakawiwo’ole’s funeral. His brother died more recently.

          • Good catch Miri.

            More on Iz Kamakawiwo’ole, Skippy’s brother –

            Over The Rainbow/OZ figures!!

            israel kamakawiwo’ole

            Israel Kamakawiwo’ole was a popular entertainer and singer in Hawai’i until his death at the age of 38 in 1997. He became famous outside Hawaii when his album Facing Future was released in 1993 with his medley of Over The Rainbow / What A Wonderful World. The song has
            been included in the end of several movies, including Finding Forrester, Meet Joe Black, 50 First Dates and Fred Claus, the TV show Scrubs, as well as the 2002 season finale of the TV series ER, the end of the season finale of Young Americans and in the very last episode in April 2007 of the UK Drama series Life On Mars and now as the intro to BBC series South Pacific. His song “Hawai’i 78” is used as the entrance music when BJ Penn fights in the UFC.

            As his career progressed, Iz was known for promoting Hawaiian rights and Hawaiian independence, both through his music (whose lyrics often stated the case for independence directly) and through his life. Read more


            ukulele? Hummmm

            • Would just like to know if that’s Barry in the photo (that we can’t see anymore, except for the copy Bridgette saved. I’d like to know more about that funeral.) It sure resembles Barry, so was he in Hawaii in 1982?

          • Translated from 5th link down @ link –

            Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Over the Rainbow Israel “Bruddah Iz” Kamakawiwoole 20 May 1959 Kaimuki on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, † 26 June 1997 in Honolulu, Hawaii was an American singer Kamakawiwoole came from a musical family, his uncle Moe Keale was a
            music legend in Hawaii. He began as a 11-year-old, to make after moving his family to Makaha, together with his older brother Skippy († 1982) music. Kamakawiwoole played alongside the vocal chords and co-founded a 15-year-old with his brother Skippy, Jerome Koko, Moon Kauakahi and John Koko the group, The Makaha Sons of Niihau, in the course of 15 years brought out nine albums and several times the Na Hoku Hanohano conferred award was given. In the early 1990s left Kamakawiwoole the Sons and


          • IZ Will always be The revered isle singer, beset with respiratory and other medical problems, dies at 38

            By Catherine Kekoa Enomoto and
            Gregg K. Kakesako

            Israel Kamakawiwo’ole and his brother Skippy are together in a better place today, a
            family member said.

            Kamakawiwo’ole, the singer and musician who was known as “Iz” and who drew the respect of music lovers and the Hawaiian community, died at 12:18 a.m. today at Queen’s Medical Center. The 38-year-old performer had had problems with his weight and related illnesses and had been under care at the hospital for respiratory ailments.

            He is survived by his wife, Marlene, and daughter, Ceslieanne “Wehi,” 14.

            Leialoha Lim Amina, the widow of Skippy, who died at age 28 in 1982, and who is now married to his cousin, Melvin Amina, said this morning that the two brothers have been reunited.

            “Oh, we know that. We definitely know that,” Amina said. “We (family members) are laughing, ‘Oh gosh, the two brothers — that is a dangerous combination,'” she said of the members of the seminal musical group, Makaha Sons of Ni’ihau.

            Snip ~

            Key points in the life of ‘Iz’

            #3 – Izzy’s brother Skippy Kamakawiwo’ole dies of a heart attack at age 28 in 1982.


  5. This is the information that I got fromThe Obama Hoop photo when we initially found it. Notice PHOTOSHOP! Why did they have to shop a photo ?

    ÿØÿà JFIF ` ` ÿí:Photoshop 3.0 8BIM OBAMA HOOP DREAMS
    A FILE(1979 BLACK AND WHITE DFILE PHOTO PROVIDED BY THE OAHUAN, THE YEARBOOK OF PUNAHOU SCHOOL NO SALES AP provides access to this publicly distributed HANDOUT photo to be used only to illustrate news reporting or commentary on the facts or events depicted in this image.7 20070130< 233809+0000U HOZ HONOLULU_ HIe USAg NY107i Barack Obaman APs &THE OAHUAN, YEARBOOK OF PUNAHOU SCHOOLx%** FILE **

    This file photo provided by The Oahuan, the yearbook of Punahou School, shows Barack Obama posing with his 1979 state basketball championship team for Punahou School. Identified as Barry Obama, he is in the back row, last player on the right. Others identified in the yearbook are: front row: Greg Ramos, manager; Chris McLachlin, head coach; Dan Moore, manager. Second row: Matt Hiu, Alan Lum, Tom Topolinski, Darin Mauerer, Dan Hale, John Kamana. Third row: Darryl Gabriel, Boy Eldredge, Greg Orme, Larry Tavares, Jason Oshima.

    On the sprawling campus of the prestigious Punahou School, Obama could often be seen carrying books in one hand and dribbling a basketball in the other. He eventually earned a spot on the heralded varsity team. "He'd be the first one to practice, and after practice, he'd go to the park and play more," said McLachlin, who is the father of PGA Tour golfer Parker McLachlin. "So his passion for the game is unmatched by most of the players I've ever had."

    (AP Photo/The Oahuan, yearbook of Punahou School) ** NO SALES **z DB SMC SMC**DC** JC**NY** SE**NY ÿÛ C

    • “Identified as Barry Obama, he is in the back row, last player on the right. Others identified in the yearbook are:”

      Almost sounds as if somebody “identified” him as Barry Obama but the others were identified (specified) IN THE YEARBOOK. Or am I parsing too closely? With these people, one must.

    • what a crock. he was stoned, remember?

      Bullshoot artist from the get go.

      commie imposter

  6. What I find fascinating is that Punahou School seemed to change head coaches for the Varsity basketball team, which was winning state championships on a regular basis, every time the wind blew. For instance, according to the Hawaii High School Athletic Association (HHSAA) press release for the 2011 State Championships (http://www.sportshigh.com/files/content/sports/basketball_boys/tournament/2011/02_16_11_hhsaa_boys_basketball_release.pdf) here is a rundown of Punahou’s coaches over that won the state titles:
    1970 Bud Scott
    1974 Bud Scott
    1975 Chris McLachlin
    1979 Chris McLachlin
    1980 Ray Buck
    1981 Robin Durand
    1990 Chris McLachlin
    1999 Alan Lum
    2008 Dan Hale

    A couple of interesting things about this:
    1) Chris McLachlin would have been the coach in three separate tenures if we are to believe the pics above. Remember, the photo of the 1978 team above shows the head coach as Bob Dixon. So, we know McLachlin coached in 75 and 79, but not in 78, but also in 1990 again??? Who is hiring and firing these coaches, George Steinbrenner? Why the merry-go-round?
    2) Alan Lum and Dan Hale, coaches in 1999 and 2008, respectively, are Punahou alums that are in the 1979 photo with The Grifter. Seems like Punahou is still kicking it old school….

    • Bud Scott coached for 16 years and is the all time winningest coach at Punahou. He groomed his former player, Chris McLachlin, who we fair weathered and did a couple tours, as you say. Punahou had two Varsity teams AA and A. The AA was the highest level. Bob Dixon coached the A team in 1978.

      • I think I erred on Dixon, he would have been Assistant Coach of the 1978 “A” Team, as Punahou’s own and athlete extraordinaire, Jim Iams certainly would have been the coach.

  7. Now another peculiar thing besides there being twins who supposedly graduated from Punahou, the Michigan State information says that Carter Kamana graduated from another school… Why did the twins attend different schools? That would explain why he isn’t in the group photos or is he?

    Isle Spartans
    A total of 11 players from Hawaii high schools lettered at Michigan State from the years 1955 to 1984.

    Player High school MSU years Pos.
    Kale Ane Punahou 1972-74 C
    Bob Apisa Farrington 1965-67 FB
    Larry Cundiff Iolani 1957-59 T/C
    William Kaae Farrington 1955 HB
    Carter Kamana Kamehameha 1981-84 CB
    Dick Kenney Iolani 1964-66 C/K
    Roger Lopes Iolani 1961-63 FB
    Arnold Morgado Punahou 1972 FB
    Jim Nicholson Saint Louis 1970-72 OT
    Charlie Wedemeyer Punahou 1966-68 QB/FL
    Douglas Won Saint Louis 1972 S

    Source: Michigan State football media guide


  8. Great observations 57, glad your here!

    Tres bizarro. Twins? lol Miri, you just cant make this stuff up! another bizarro, Carter has a boss named Baker, based in Maryland!

    Carter Kamana – Avendra Field support and customer relations – Contact Information
    Territory # 17
    Carter Kamana Manager – Hawaii
    Cell – 808-223-xxxx (full ph #s listed in pdf file)
    Fax – 808-236-xxxx


    If you run a hotel, Avendra wants to be your 24-hour supermarket. The company provides procurement and supply chain management services for its customers, which primarily come from the hospitality industry. Avendra offers purchasing programs ranging from administrative services to food and beverages to grounds maintenance. The company matches about 5,000 customers with a collective $3 billion in buying power with a network of some 900 suppliers offering about 2.2 million products. Avendra has regional offices in the US and Canada and operates in more than 20 countries. Hospitality industry leaders ClubCorp, Fairmont Hotels, Hyatt, Intercontinental Hotels Group, and Marriott International founded it in 2001.

    President, CEO, and Director: Dennis M. Baker
    COO: Wolfram Schaefer
    CIO: Jane Marie Dunigan

    Contact Information:
    Avendra, LLC
    702 King Farm Blvd., Ste. 600
    Rockville, MD 20850
    MD Tel. 301-825-0500
    Toll Free 866-283-6372 Fax 301-825-0497


    • Leza glad you’re hear. You must come to my rescue. I’m having double vision or something. did you read my other posts?

      • Hi Alf, no I haven’t. I just started researching after only reading the above info. here. Did I post something you already have posted?

    • Leza, I am so glad you found Carter connection interesting also. I knew his name was not another coincidence.

    • this may be here already, but John Kamana’s father was the John Kamana that was known as “squeeze”. Not the younger John K. His father went to Jefferson High School of Hawaii, and their auditorium there is named for a George R. CARTER. Jefferson high school is one of the oldest high schools. Now I got to thinking,noticing how a few of these team photos are in old black and white (by 1979 I would think most everyone was taking color photos). Maybe a couple of those photos were taken from another school even, maybe Jefferson High. Like the photo that has the names listed under it with SQeeze mentioned…..again….that was John Kaman’s father’s nickname. In that 1980 video game ya’ll posted; not one time is Kamana ever called that.

    • http://www.avendra.com/whoweare/Press/Press%20Releases/2010_0922_BSS_StrategicAlliance.aspx
      Just more on Avendra.
      But what everyone should probably realize is Avendra ,like America’s Hotels Inc. and several others are the Hedgemones(sp.) of the world’s hotel/restaurant/Food industry. I mean we’re talking the Old original mergers of the likes of the Fishers, Warburgs, Morgan Stanleys,Rockefellers,George Fisher Bakers hand me downs. For sure you’re going to find all the old names .

  9. There’s a bunch of supposed teammates and classmates in those pictures. There are a lot of people in those pictures. Why hasn’t someone who is doing investigations not just looked them up and asked them if Barry was actually there? Surely some of them are around somewhere. Seems that would be one of the first things to do. I’ve never seen any interviews of any friends or acquaintances of dear ol’ Barack. Who ever saw him anywhere before he went to Chicago? No girlfriends/boyfriends, any friends at all?? Co-workers? Real mystery man ain’t he.

    • cjzak: Welcome. You know, his mother’s high school friends were asked (told!) not to speak about her time at Mercer Island HS. I imagine it’s the same with Punahou. It’s extremely odd that only specified, annointed “friends” do speak. And they speak in lockstep, telling the same few anecdotes. As if they were reading from TOTUS. No girlfriends? No surprise, really. He is a real Obama Mystery. If he was actually there, perhaps it was under another name. Certainly, he looked very different from photo to photo. Young, then older looking, then suddenly younger again. Smiles widely with straight teeth. Keeps lips closed, as if hiding/ashamed of crooked teeth. Tall then short.

      As for the Hawaiian newspapers: Their online archives go back only to the early 2000s. On library archives, only to the early 1990s. Conveniently, none go back far enough to make it easily possible to look for those local sports statistics that 57th State cleverly deduced SHOULD be in the paper. Punahou is such a prestigious school and Barry was such a star, he SHOULD have been listed somewhere in the local papers. If only we had a researcher in Hawaii. I wonder if Sheriff Arpaio’s posse thought to look in the local papers circa late 1970s? Or Orly Taitz.

  10. Oops. Sorry for the typo. Seems my computer hiccuped.

  11. Ambassador Dunstan Weston KAMANA

    ABC Country Book of Zambia – government Flag, Map, Economy

    Ambassador Dunstan Weston KAMANA. 2419 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008. US diplomatic representation. Ambassador Roland K KUCHEL.


    Diplomatic representation in US:

    chief of mission:

    Ambassador Dunstan Weston KAMANA


    2419 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008

    Dunstan Weston KAMANA is also connected to J P Morgan Chase & Co. and Deutsche Bank Americas…or was. I just read he passed away in 2009.

    U.S. Department of State
    May 1995 Diplomatic List
    Office of the Chief of Protocol

    MAY 1995

    H.E. Dunstan Weston Kamana 8 September 1992


    • September 2004 Chiefs of State

      Equatorial Guinea
      Second Vice Prime Min. Nfubea, Ricardo Mangue Obama

      Ambassador to the US Kamana, Dunstan Weston


      • There was a Roman Obama that went to Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow. Got this from a Watertown Daily Times-Feb 14,1992 page 8. The quote-“Obama 31 ywar old Law student from Eguatorial Guinea. Not from but going thru.

        • Can you provide link? Thanks.

        • The link below is about Roman Obama. It has always been a very suspicious article or person. When I originally found the article there was no photo attached to it. Later on, someone added a strange looking man to be that Roman Obama. When I copied the photo, I was able to easily remove that photo from the article. That proved to me that it was added on. The original “Roman Obama” story was written by the Associated Press, and ran in several newspapers in the US around Feb. 13, 1992.

          Roman was an exchange student at Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow, his training over, he was trapped in Moscow as the ruble collapsed with the fall of the Soviet Union in 1992. The interesting part was that he was trained as a lawyer and born the same yr as BHO. He was from Equatorial Guinea. Orly had one of her investigators enter information into a government database, and it said BHO was born in Equatorial New Guinea. The information on BHO being born in New Guinea is found at the following WTPOTUS article.

          Obama’s Lying Blue Lips

          Free Republic covered this story and the article should be there.

          This links to the story about Thomas Fife who traveled to and from Russia. He heard that the communists knew the USA would have a communist black man as president.

        • Welcome, purpleswan. Thanks for the links. We’ve researched this guy before and Bridgette has already reprised what we saw about Barry being coded as being from Equatorial Guinea.

      • Dun
        cute combo there…..

      • Really, Leza. You can’t make these coinkidinks up. A Maryland Baker for a boss? Now an ambassador to African states, and connections to Equatorial Guinea?

    • Lisa, NOTE* the Weston name too. Like the hotels, and grease….

      • LEZA, I knew it was going to be STARWOOD….. we have worked them and posted before remember ?
        LOOK HERE !


          • Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Westin Hotel Company was purchased in 1994 from Aoki Corporation of Japan. Starwood acquired the Sheraton, Four Points by Sheraton, and The Luxury Collection brands from ITT Sheraton in 1998.
            In 1999, Starwood launched their “W” Hotels brand. In September 2005, Starwood announced the launch of aloft, a new hotel brand based on W. aloft Hotels catered toward business travelers. Starwood intends to have 500 aloft hotels worldwide by 2012. In 2005, Starwood purchased the Le Méridien brand, which greatly increased the company’s operations in Europe.

            In 2004, Starwood’s founder and CEO Barry Sternlicht stepped down as CEO to focus his attention on his other firm, Starwood Capital. He remained on the Board of Directors until 2005. He was succeeded as CEO by Steven J. Heyer, and Starwood began selling a number of its company-owned hotels, instead focusing on becoming a management company and franchiser for its current and future hotel brands. In April 2007, Steven J. Heyer left the company on the request of the Board of Directors because of an issue with Heyer’s management style and after allegations of personal misconduct.[7] Chairman of the Board Bruce Duncan served as interim CEO until September 2007, when the company announced Heyer’s successor, Frits van Paasschen.

          • Barry Sternlicht – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
            Sternlicht is a trustee of his alma mater, Brown University. He serves on the Board of Directors of The Estée Lauder Companies, Baccarat Inc., National Golf, Mammoth Mountain, Ellen Tracy, Field & Stream, the International Advisory Board of Eurohypo Bank and Advisory Board of Zelnick Media. He serves as Vice Chairman of Robin Hood and is on the boards of the Pension Real Estate Association (PREA), the Dreamland Community Theatre, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s National Leadership Advocacy Program, and the Business Committee for the Arts.

            Sternlicht was born in New York City in 1960 and graduated magna cum laude from Brown University in 1982. He got his MBA with distinction from Harvard Business School in 1986

    • How is this man Dunstan Weston KAMANA who was born and bred in Zambia connected to the Kamana’s in Hawaii? His name does not appear on the relative’s list.

      • Bridge, I connected Dunstan Weston KAMANA through Barbara J Kamana.

        • I found Barbara kaman as a sister to a worker at Grace Pacific Corp. , a driver for their company who recently died. Grace pacific Corp. owns or has merged with several other companies and has government comtracts for the military; concrete, paving. They have some very large military contracts,one very large on in Guam.So Barbar is a Kamana by marriage. Her maiden name is Kalani or Kalane? Can’t find who she is married to.

  12. One more re: Carter Kamana

    Name: Kamana Carter Kamana
    Known Addresses: Honolulu, HI
    John M Kamana
    Heidi El Lkamana
    Barbara J Kamana
    Deidre N Kamana
    John M Kamana
    Squeeze Kamana
    Jsqueeze Kamana
    Lia Kamana


    From list of relatives above –

    Deidre Kamana
    Title and Company:
    President at Mid Pac Petroleum, Llc
    Company Address:
    745 Fort Street Mall Suite 1800
    Honolulu, Hi 10063


    Deidre Kamana-Marzan

    Hawaii’s Local Gas Company
    By Jim Yates
    Wednesday – October 14, 2009

    Snip ~

    Many think being the “little guy” in an industry where national and international giants are the norm may hinder success. From my experience at Mid Pac Petroleum – the exclusive provider of 76 gasoline in Hawaii – I think the opposite is true. I believe the combination of the nationally known 76 brand and our 100 percent local ownership contributes to our success.

    Snip ~

    It’s an expensive commitment, but it’s the right thing to do. We also are the only Hawaii gas retailer offering 100 percent biodiesel and the highest number of biodiesel sites. We continually evaluate additional investments in renewable fuel.

    Tom Huber, Russell Whang, Deidre Kamana-Marzan, Bob Kern, Keith Yoshida, Sayle Hirashima and Jim Yates


    • Don’t you remember Leza, we found this before. Kamana is a Hawaii royal family name…

      • Hey you! I was just getting ready to leave, beyond tired. Yes I remember, I just did not want to repeat it all on this thread. Maybe you can put up just the link to the information? I know I’ve already ran way o/t with Carter.

      • Renee, I just re-read your comment. “We found this before” are you referring to the information I posted or the Kamana family name? I remember, yes, we have looked into the name…but I do not believe we found the information I have posted here.

    • Vol. 12, Issue 229 – Friday, August 17, 2007

      Isle investors buying Mid Pac fuel chain
      The purchase includes 36 of 51 Union 76 gas stations
      By Jennifer Sudick jsudick@starbulletin.com

      A group of local investors led by First Hawaiian Bank Chairman Walter Dods Jr. is purchasing Mid Pac Petroleum LLC from a Singaporean investment firm.

      Hawaii-based Koko’oha Investments Inc., formed this month by Dods and three other investors, will buy the petroleum distributor and marketer for $44 million from k1 Ventures Ltd. Mid Pac owns 36 of the 51 Union 76-branded gas stations in Hawaii. It is the second time control of the brand and the stations has changed hands in three years.

      Snip ~

      Mid Pac was ranked as the state’s 52nd-largest company with annual sales of $170 million last year in Hawaii Business Magazine’s August issue.

      Dods, who retired as CEO of First Hawaiian Bank and parent BancWest Corp. in 2004 after 16 years at the helm, teamed with Hulihee and Mills as part of a group of a dozen investors for a $30 million stake in Hawaiian Telcom Communications Inc. A Washington, D.C.-based private-equity firm, the Carlyle Group, acquired Verizon Communications Inc.’s Hawaii assets for $1.6 billion in May 2005, changing the company name from Verizon Hawaii to Hawaiian Telcom.

      The three investors and longtime friends also have a majority ownership of Hawaii-based construction material supplier and contractor Grace Pacific Corp., Dods said.


      • I have not seen this info before. Thanks Leza, Some interesting businesses to ;investigate.hmmm May 2005 Verizon. GRACE Pacific Corp…..Three investors ,longtime friends?

    • Lia Kamana ……………………………?

    • Hawaii | Wtpotus Research Blog
      Renee | November 29, 2011 at 2:51 pm |
      John is royal family Papoose;
      Renee | November 29, 2011 at 12:47 pm | Reply
      From Hawaii post across the hall. I think he relates too.
      There is a CARTER brother too. Like the middle name of one of Nordyke twins…..

      • Carter, oh yeah that’s right. I also have found a Cole person who was Fred Tate’s of Ashton-Tate, best friend and partner but left the company just prior to Fred’s early death, age 43. The Carter/Cole/Grace names connect to Eleanor Nordyke’s crew; I say connect…..Maybe.

  13. “Below is a closeup of Obama from the 1978 team photo, followed by another photo from the same yearbook, that is supposed to show Barry with classmates. Quite chummy with coach here:”

    This photo does look as if the real player is Kamana. The head looks tampered with from the close-up. It is odd that in all the photos, obama’s afro is perfectly clipped. I have noticed that it always looks cutout and pasted.

    • Yeah, it certainly does look cut and pasted. So many anomalies and it nearly always looks as if he’s just inserted into photos. Like Forrest Gump or Zelig.

      We could be somewhat kind and say it’s just his peeps trying to pump up his resume, so to speak. To make him more mythological, like George cutting down the cherry tree. Or like a bum who claims that he was a Navy Seal in Viet Nam, when he was in truth a draft dodger. On the other hand, it might be more sinister–to hide his TRUE identity. For what reason? Because he would never have been elected if people knew who he really is or if people knew perhaps that he’s ineligible?

  14. If this should have been posted on the open thread, I apologize. The reason why I chose this one is because it has to do with pictures of Obama – In fact, the 2011 Christmas official picture which will NOT be on the first family’s card. If you haven’t seen it, take a look. Those ears again – This is NOT the same person that we have seen recently on TV interviews and speeches. This version looks more like the “X” one. How can the ears change so much so often? Note not only the shape but the protrusion (or rather lack thereof).


    You folks are SO much up on all of this that the above is probably nothing new.

  15. I may have missed it if someone has blown up the picture with Barry holding the basketball. In case not, have you noticed the guy in front of him has ‘odd’ hair? It looks as if he has shorter hair, about ear length, but either more hair–a lighter shade–has been added in or an area artificially darkened makes it appear he has longer hair. Either way, also note the smudged or fuzzy swath on the inside of Obama’s knee that extends onto the bottom of the basketball. Looks…feathered or blended. Lacks distinct details. What’s the basketball resting on? He’s not gripping it with his knees. Edge of the bench or suspended in air?

    • If you are talking about the sepia photo of Obama alone (third photo) above, it really looks like he has 3 knees! The coloring shows the elongated necks and the discoloration at the necklines to show they were just pasted into the photos. Note that Barry also has a very square chin.

      For people that don’t understand where the information comes from in a photo. Save any photo as a jpg. Go to the saved photo and Click on it. Ask that it be opened in Notepad. The information regarding its origins is stored and found there. Usually it is a short message of real words mixed with funny symbols. The one of the team photo by the AP that I noted above had that entire message embedded. It is photo-shopped and AP’s photo description proved it.
      Bridgette | December 16, 2011 at 6:05 pm

    • Welcome, 7delta. The more I look at the kids in that photo, the odder they ALL look. (Is odder a word? It is now!)

  16. Bridgette, I see what you’re saying about the knees. At a distance, it looks like his calf muscle, but the other leg doesn’t seem to have the same structure, even though the calf is in shadow. The bulging calf doesn’t look natural even at the proper magnification. At a higher magnification, it looks ‘placed’.

    I’m sure all of you have looked the photo over with a fine tooth comb, but I’m fairly new to checking it out, so forgive me if I tread old ground. A few other oddities jumped out at me. One was the coach’s eyes. Maybe he has a lazy eye or something, but his right eye tracks slightly to the right and his left is center. Another is Barry’s left knee. I know the human brain will take random images and make faces from them. It happens. It’s normal. It doesn’t mean anything. But there’s a face that appears just below his knee and stayed no matter how large I blew it up. With pareidolia. as the image enlarges and the pixels rearrange, the face disappears. A joke by the photoshopper? A signature? A good imagination? LOL. Anyway, it was just odd.

    I’ll check the photo out in notepad. Thanks.

  17. In the photo with the so called basketball in Obama’s lap, I have always wondered why the letter “A” on the blond kid’s uniform is different from all of the other uniforms. The blond kid is on Obama’s right. I love your website.

    • Well, thank you so much Texas T. We love to hear that people love us. 🙂 Welcome, too!

    • It’s amazing what people see. You are SO CORRECT. Why DOES the top of his letter “A” look different? Good catch! Yet another unexplained mystery!

    • Eric Smith. The blond kid on Barry’s right. Not only does the “A” look weird but the name isn’t curved like on the other shirts. It’s straight across. What’s up with Topolinski’s right arm? It merges with Eric’s. Look how his hand looks as if it comes from Eric’s arm. I have to admit that I zoomed in on the photo to 400% and that does look like a basketball under Barry’s arm, but what is going on with that left wrist of his? Look how the kids on that row are crammed together, as opposed to the kids on the other rows. Something’s up with that. I don’t know what, but something.

      • i think they shopped the ball in there, but really did a lousy job.

        par for the course.

      • I do have a plausible (potential) explanation for the blond kids uniform. He looks smaller than the other kids, so maybe he had to wear a middle school uniform that year? I was trying to find a picture of the Punahou 8th grade team to check…

  18. Busted, barky.

  19. Why does Punahou School show a staggering lack of pride in the Grifter? There is something that does not add up here….

    Why would an institution where the sitting President of the United States attended for 7 years not display this fact prominently on their website? See for yourself (http://www.punahou.edu) and ask the most obvious question: if BHO attended Punahou School and his actual history is consistent with what we have been told, why isn’t his name plastered everywhere on their website?? In fact, if you didn’t know he attended there (allegedly) you would likely not find this out, unless you scraped the bottom of their website barrel. For instance, his name or any reference to him does not appear in the the following:
    — Punahou School homepage
    — on their About link (or any of the links therein)
    — in their History link, which includes a detailed timeline of major events in the school’s 170 year history
    — in their Leadership link – this place is the likely architect of the internationally lauded and Nobel Prize-winning strategy of leading from behind
    — in their Initiatives link, which includes six major bedrocks of the Grifter’s administration – global education, public purpose, public service, social entrepreneurship, sustainability and technology

    Well, these must just be oversights, mistakes, forgivable hiccups. Certainly the athletic department will throw BHO a bone. I mean, there is no way he won’t have an award named after him, a facility constructed in his honor, a holiday basketball tournament organized on his behalf….hmmm, seem to have forgotten about that too….

    Hope still springs eternal, however, because I did find his name on the website!!!!!! They have an entire page (buried amongst hundreds, if not thousands of pages on their website) dedicated to him!! It is a tertiary link off of the Alumni link!! Now that is Buff ‘n Blue pride!!!!!!!

    Here is the text they have managed to carve out to the messiah on that profile (http://www.punahou.edu/page.cfm?p=1786):
    Barack Obama ’79

    At noon on January 20, 2009, at the 56th Presidential Inauguration in Washington D.C., Punahou graduate Barack Obama ’79 became the 44th President of the United States.

    The ceremony, which hosted an estimated 1.8 million supporters, was the focus of a weeklong flurry of preparation, activities and events. Many Punahou alumni, faculty and staff, parents and students were in attendance at the historic event, and the Punahou Marching Band held the honor of civilian lead in the Inaugural Parade.

    Punahou inaugural events included a trustee reception in Washington, D.C. at the home of alumni Steve Case ’76, as well as a widely attended live inauguration day broadcast, K – 5 parade and pep rally on the Punahou campus.

    Years Attended Punahou
    1971 (5th grade) to 1979 (12th grade)

    Co-curricular Activities
    1975 Intermediate Football – 8th grade
    1976 Boys’ Chorus One – 9th grade
    1977 Concert Choir – 10th grade
    1977 Junior Varsity Basketball – 10th grade
    1978 Varsity A Basketball
    1979 Varsity A Basketball (state champions)
    1979 Ka Wai Ola (Punahou’s high school literary journal)

    From the Punahou Bulletin
    Spring 2009 “Mr. President” (multiple articles)
    Winter 2008 “We Were All There: Election Night”
    Spring 2007 “A Kid Called Barry”
    Spring 2005 “Obama Encourages Students to ‘Dream Big'”
    Fall 1999 “A Life’s Calling to Public Service”

    Now that really is on hell of a smurfin’ endorsement by Punahou!!! Fight on Buff ‘n Blue……

    • Very interesting 57th. No signs in front of the school either? Same thing for those two hospitals..no signs indicating BHO born here. No shrines yet either. Indonesia removed the statue of him …the citizens weren’t pleased to have a statue of BHO as a child holding butterfly in their midst.

      In my files, I found this tidbit. This is from Free Repub.in Feb. 2008.

      From the Punahou Web site: Tuition for the 2007-2008 school year for Grades K-12 is $15,725. Lunches and snacks are not covered by tuition.

      “Also, from an alumni site: http://www.punahou79.com/updates/classgivingfaq.html

      Punahou’s endowment of over $100 million ranks it among the top 10 independent school endowments in the nation.

      Wednesday, February 27, 2008 6:27:20 PM by aposiopetic”

      $100 Million…lots of money for silence, I thought at the time.

      • Really. That’s a most crucial point. For a guy who is glorified along the lines of the late not-so-great Dear Leader of North Korea, the guy who had a presidential logo before he was even elected, the guy who’s constantly shown with rays of light or a halo around his head in photos, the guy who had fake Greek columns, the guy who is touted as The One and a messiah, the guy who somehow got school teachers to teach children to sing his praises before he ever was elected: For the fawning people of Hawaii to NOT have actual SHRINES to him at every place where he supposedly set foot–now that’s unbelievable.

        Read today that every good North Korean wore a photo of Dear Leader and Dear Leader II (now new Dear Leader) on his or her clothing. EVERY DAY.

      • The alumni site is “under construction” and nothing links to information. A fake site, I think. It is more like an index to other sites. Was it especially set up for Obama in Feb. 2008 and now is obsolete?

        My, my, my. Lots of Wealthy donors for a Hawaiian High School. No struggling going on there. They do as well as Kenya does in the money department. Is there construction going on at the hospitals too?
        February 2011. The endowment has grown from $100 million in 2002 to more than $170 million today, while charitable giving has propelled more than $110 million in capital improvements alone over the past 12 years.

        • I think you are treading on some dangerous observations here Bridgette. Perhaps a little too observant.

          I think someone should send an inquiry to the admissions department of Punahou School and show an interest in enrolling their children there. Start a dialog with one of the Admissions Director there as someone who will be relocating to Hawaii in the coming months. I’m sure you can get a lot of info through recruitment documents and through well placed questions on the phone or by email.

          Just a thought…..

    • Hmmm, I thought I might have an explanation as to why John Kamana is not in the 1978 Varsity A basketball photo. My thought was that maybe “Varsity A” was not the top varsity team (I found a list of players who scored more than 20 points in a championship game and John Kamana scored 21 in the 1978 game in which they lost in overtime) . However in that list from Punahou they show Varsity A as winning the state championship in 1979, so clearly that IS the top rung of the bball ladder. Hmmmm. But, you also don’t see a lot of the 1979 players in the picture from 1978. Where is Dan Hale? Now I’m more confused.

      • Some of the confusion comes from the years on the yearbooks. The photos may be labeled differently. She (referring here to a video that SEO posted below. Scroll down.) shows a 1976 yearbook and says he didn’t play basketball his freshman year. So 1977 is his sophomore year, when he was in JUNIOR varsity. 1978 he was in the Varsity A, and she has the same photo from that year–the one where Barry’s there with the coach’s arm around his waist. She doesn’t show any photos from their 1979 graduating-class yearbook.

        Here’s a “court shot” of what she says is Barry in 1977, sophomore year, when he was in the junior varsity:

        She says that’s his number. What number does it look like to you? This is the team photo where he’s hiding his number with his arms and a basketball. Still that wrist looks very odd. Doesn’t it?

        • She pointed to the guy on the far left, in PROFILE. She specified profile and said that’s his number. He looks rather short to me.

          • Miri, you noticed that Patricia girl pointed to the photo above and said that’s Obama’s profile their……then you all remarked he looke short……Think about it just a minute ….. . Something tells me that Patricia didn’t know what she was supposed to point to. She doesn’t remember Barry maybe, and someone maybe marked these photos for her, because she pointed out the wrong person. It most definately is not the short guy with his profile. Barry (I think) is not any of these three people in that photo.

            • Could be. There are so far only those two “for sale” yearbooks. Are they plants? May be. Patricia did at one point point to her own self in the photos. But she buzzed over it and I couldn’t tell if it really was her. Why not give her last name, too? She only gave her first name, and yet she was selling these books. Would you send money to someone who doesn’t even give her full name?

          • Re: the year books – Patricia, is she Patricia A. Dunham maybe?
            Far fetched?

            Patricia A Dunham age 46
            Known Addresses
            Ewa Beach, HI
            Honolulu, HI
            Cincinnati, OH

            Dorothy J Deno
            Charles G Deno
            James P Deno
            Steven R Hewald
            Tracey Marie Deno
            Charles G Denojr
            James Delgrosso
            Joseph W Deno
            Chas Jr Deno


            From Relative list above of Patricia A Dunham

            James Delgrosso age 46

            Known Addresses
            Ewa Beach, HI
            Honolulu, HI
            Chicago, IL
            Matteson, IL
            Canton, MA
            Sharon, MA

            Patricia A Dunham
            Kelly L Schippleck <<<<<<<<< A Known alias of S. A. Dunham
            Michael Delgrosso


            "If" this Patricia showing the year book is Patricia A. Dunham and is related in some way, maybe she has motive to shroud the truth?….just say'in.

            No replies left …

            Good thought Leza…wrong age. If we go by the fact Patricia graduated with BHO then this Patricia Dunham is 4 years younger.


            • It’s possible, though. Why didn’t she give her surname? Why is some guy named Demasi posting the video instead of her? Are they her yearbooks or someone else’s? Whose photo was cut from the senior page? She could be lying about having graduated with Barry. Or, since Punahou was an elementary, middle, and high school, she might have been in one of the photos that she buzzed over, but maybe she wasn’t in Barry’s class.

              Ewa Beach and Kailua. Those are two locations that Barry and people potentially connected to him are associated with. Then there’s James Delgrosso connected to Honolulu, Ewa Beach, CHICAGO, and MASSACHUSETTS. What a coincidence. I mean, there are 57 (or is it 58?) states. You’d think once in a while somebody would live in Wyoming or Maine or Nebraska or Tennessee.

          • I couldn’t decide which of these was more helpful…but this one would’ve been right up O.s alley. My this group is diverse….listen to this one first then I got to post this beautiful one next. Notice also one of them(maybe melvin amina) looks an awfully lot like that photo ya’ll thought was O. at Skippy’s funeral. There were many that had someone that looked like that photo.

          • Leza you seem very close to a real possibility there. I also found a Donna Payne as an Punahou alumni, but no year for her.

            Skippy’s name was Henry. This music in this one is beautiful. Like I said diverse. From reefers to Jesus.

        • Look at the background in this photo under #13’s arm. There is a guy sitting in what looks like a recliner. The half court line does not go all the way through the photo and the ref has no legs. FAKE…………..BOGUS!

          • Good point. Is that a ref or a floating torso? What’s up with that half of a window (?) on the wall on the right? And that blackish outline on the wall?

      • I do notice that in two of the team photos, they write, “basketball one”. ONE? So is that a class number? Like there were more than one phys-ed class and a person could take basketball one or basketball two or, for that matter, volleyball one or two, depending upon the time of day the class was held? Remember, this was an elite high school, more like a college than a high school as we might know it. So maybe they had multiple classes to choose from and more opportunities to shape their days and class schedules.

        One thing that seems possible: He inflated his basketball resume. They said he sat on the bench behind Kamana. Supposedly, he played in that championship game. But did he? He’s not in any team photo with Kamana except the senior year. The championship team. Why isn’t the real star player in the other team photos with Barry? Well, freshman year, Patricia says Barry didn’t play basketball. Sophomore year, he was only on the junior varsity. (Maybe junior denotes underclassmen or maybe it denotes the “B” team.) Junior year, he was on “varsity A” but no Kamana, who was such a star that he was a “starter” all four of his years in high school. (NOTE: Scroll down to the video that SEO found of a woman selling three years worth of Punahou yearbooks that include Barry. That’s Patricia.)

        Is Dan Hale a “star”, too? Greg Orme seems to be one who was with Barry all along.

        I also noticed that when she showed his class photo for sophomore year, she buzzed right over it. I couldn’t figure out which class was supposed to be the one with Barry in it. iirc, she seemed to indicate that the infamous “Barry jump shot” photo was from his junior year, so 1978.

  20. 1978 VARSITY photo. Where’s John Kamana, number 25? He was the star. Barry was benched behind Kamana. Why in 1978 is Barry shown with Kamana’s number and there’s no Kamana, when he was a starter for all his four years at Punahou?

    Look at the height of coach–the one with his arm around “Barry”. How tall would you say he is? How tall would you say “Barry” is? One guy in front, Sterling, sitting down, is obviously tall. Did Barry have some amazing growth spurt after 1978? I think not, considering that at Columbia, when standing next to his “mom”, he was still no taller than she–a known short to middling woman.

    • Is it not amazing that Bari is the tallest man standing in the 78 basketball team photo? Yet, that same year, in the only other photo of him in the yearbook (the Mr. Sukunoki stair photo), the guys to BHO’s right and left stand taller than he. This is despite one of them being on the step BELOW him. He must have had a dreaded temporary dwarf spurt during his junior year.

      • After looking at it a little closer, it looks more like a ramp, rather than a staircase. If so, who in the hell could possibly push someone in a wheelchair up a steep incline like that?

      • Exactly. Some of the girls look taller than him. AND he looks younger there, doesn’t he? Those chubby baby chipmunk cheeks again.

    • The height of all the players was specifically mentioned in one of those Punahou videos as the players were being introduced. I believe they were all over 6 feet.

      • But was this the same team that Barry played with in 1978? The one video was from 1980, after he was gone. Were any of the players the same? I didn’t have time to watch the videos.

  21. I read in one article that Dan Hale, I think, was 6’7″
    This is the second article today I found that says BHO Senior left America to go back to Kenya when Junior was 2.

    • They played basketball in Indonesia back in 1966? 🙂 It also says he met his “father” for “the first time in his life” in 1971. Accidental truth there?

  22. I plan on going to the Library of Congress in the next week or two to do some research and data mining. Please feel free to give me a request, though I make no promises.

    I figured that since I will be in the area, it will be a rare treat to get ahold of some information that is unavailable elsewhere.

    • Yes, I have a request. I will send it to you via email. It would be great if you could find this information. I am sure they will have a copy of the book and edition that is needed. I have struck out in locating it, although they say they have it at our libraries, it hasn’t been found.

      • As you know, I am very new here and not aware of who is in charge around here. Are you among the people that is a site moderator who can see my email? I’m a bit hesitant to post it…

        • 57th State. There are five authors on this blog. It’s on the right side of the front page. There’s no one person “in charge.” We all moderate because we all can’t be online all the time. It works so far for us. Don’t post your email address. Please! 🙂 We understand totally.

    • Do you frequent those national libraries and archives? Be aware that many of them NOW require you to get an id and they KNOW and keep records of who you are. It’s like with public libraries. Most of them now make you identify yourself WITH PICTURE ID! (Odd that you need a picture id for the library but NOT to vote.) If you want to use the computer or look in certain archives or on films at the library, they make you log in. I often wonder if it’s because they want to discourage Sandy Burglar-like theft or if they just want to discourage people from researching certain things, just because they can. Big Brother and all that, you know. For certain that’s what they’re up to in Seattle and Hawaii.

  23. Hawaii State Championship was on 3/10/79

  24. Take a look at Barry’s shirt closely in the photo from 1979, where John Kamana is in front of him.

    Where are the stripes that SHOULD BE on Barry’s left sleeve? They certainly should be apparent. They should zig-zag enough that they’d show, no matter the perspective. Did they just clone that other #21 (on the left), darken his arm, add the weird-looking wrist and the head, but for some reason forget the stripes on Barry’s left sleeve?

    Look how the collar and the stripe on the both right arms match almost exactly. A little messing with it via photoshop and who’s the wiser?

    For example, did they add the white streak down the front of Barry’s shirt after cloning the zipper?

    Barry’s number 2 exactly matches the number 2 on that other kid’s shirt, although they DON’T match the 2 on Kamana’s shirt. The 1 looks as if it would match, except somebody perhaps used smudge to darken part of it.

    But the most important mystery–where’s the striping on Barry’s left sleeve?

    • Spot on Miri!!!

      Please take a look at the photos I just sent in and would like posted of the 1980 team….

    • Okay. Now look at the 1978 photo. Coach has his hand on Barry’s waist. Barry’s right side. Whose hand is on the left side of his waist? Does the guy in back have three hands? Why does that guy’s left hand look so distorted? And why does Barry’s knee look bashed in? For that matter, why does he look older than he does in the 1979 photo?

      • Haha OK NOW I agree Miri, there IS an extra hand in that picture.
        I’ve been trying to find a record of the 1978 h.s. championship game. University won, but Punahou was in it. And since B was on the team (he’s right there in the picture) he should have played. That must be the year in the article I posted above that he was “the only african-american player” on the team. Apparently he edged out John Kamana? Or, just stole his uniform?
        Also, in 79 Punahou beat Moanalua (can never get that spelling right) but on Moanalua’s own website they don’t list 79 as a year they were runners up. Just confused by that. HHSAA does list it.

        • There’s a news story that says that Kamana was a starter all four years he was in high school at Punahou. He was that good. It says Barry was benched because Kamana played. Now Greg Orme seems to have gone along with Barry all those three years. Greg seems to have the same number for two years. And one year, it looks as if Barry had that number, too! I wish that I were smarter with math because seems to me that somebody could deduce Barry’s height by comparing his proportions to somebody whose height is known. I read that the height of a person’s head (chin to hairline) is usually 1/7 of his entire height. Just looking at Sterling’s face versus Barry’s, it’s obvious Sterling is much taller. If I knew how to plot it on a grid, I would.

          All we find are more anomalies. That was alfy’s point, though. That Kamana was such a star, why would Barry have Kamana’s number that one year?

          I’ve seen that Tim Robinson in other Punahou photos. Is he supposed to be a friend of Barry’s, too?

  25. you got to love this.

    the guy came to Hawaii straight from Indonesia as a pre-teen and he instantly had to find ‘hisself’ as a black boy striving to live in American society ~ you know because Hawaii is just swarming with inner cities ghettos, so “stereotypical”

    … Except he wasn’t quite like anyone else. Obama writes of those years: “I was engaged in a fitful interior struggle. I was trying to raise myself to be a black man in America, and beyond the given of my appearance, no one around me seemed to know exactly what that meant.” In a 2004 interview with the Chicago Tribune, Obama says that, in the absence of role models, he fell into stereotypical black male behavior in high school: “not focusing on my books, finding respectability, playing a lot of sports … . It wasn’t until I reached college that I started recognizing that I had bought into a set of false assumptions about what it means to be black.” …

    and from the same article:

    …With close friends outside the classroom, however, Obama showed another dimension. “He had a real intellectual bent, his mom being from the academic world,” says classmate Greg Orme ’79, now a building contractor, noting Ann Soetoro’s Ph.D. in anthropology. “He had a worldly view. He would talk about people in Pakistan and was a lot more aware of Middle East politics than anybody I knew. He was following conflicts around the world and talked about it all the time. He read a lot on his own, too – books on philosophy. So we’d talk about world politics or existentialism.” Orme paused then added with a laugh: “He would do most of the talking; I’d chime in.” …

    Oh, he would talk about people in Pakistan. really? why not about the plight of his stereotypical people in the the United States of America.

    Probably because he didn’t have clue one or an iota of American Society since he didn’t even step foot into America until his stint at Occidental

    I love that he and Titcomb used to go alone into the forest of Hawaii for days eating nuts.


    what a crock. BULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLpuckies.

    Has anyone seen this video before?

    • That’s interesting. No, I haven’t seen “Patricia’s” video before. She was his classmate but calls him “Mr. Obama”.

      I did see that “chubby Barry” photo from 1976 before. He’s still chubby Barry in 1977, although she buzzed right over the first photo from 1977.

      She says he didn’t play basketball in the freshman year. 1978 has the class photo of Barry on the stairs, where he looks younger than he did the other years. He’s supposedly a junior in 1978.

      Where’s the senior yearbook? She says she graduated with him. So where’s his senior picture? Well, she’s selling these three, so she’s not putting it out there to help his biography, apparently.

      Good find. Only 519 views in two years?

      Pun oh hoe? That’s how she pronounces it. Pun, short u, as in a joke. Then oh, long o, and then hoe, not hoo.

      • Here’s chubby Barry, freshman year:

        • that’s David.

        • Widow’s peak? Nyet. Bump on left side of his forehead? Fat nose. Tight ears.

          • Interesting find. I have one question. If those are her yearbooks as she states why does she say someone didn’t like their picture and cut it out of her book?

            • I thought the same thing, alfy. At times, she spoke almost as if those aren’t her books. The person filming her questioned if “all” the yearbooks had that photo cut out. She didn’t say whose photo it was, either, but I assume not Barry’s because allegedly that was his junior yearbook and didn’t she say it was a senior who cut out his photo? I wonder, wonder, wonder whose photo was cut from her book. It’s pretty extreme to deface someone else’s yearbook, although I did have a friend who scribbled over her face in my yearbook.

          • lets see some old pictures of the current potus for a change.


          • about the yearbook, Are there no photos of the students in the usual singular little lined up snapshots with their name out to the side, or if it was a senior year where’s the single shots in their cap and gown. I find it odd there was only a couple candid shots and the basketball shots but she shows no real class photo in any of the books.

            • She had the first three years but wasn’t showing or apparently selling the senior yearbook. So no confirmation there of the graduation photos. Or Barry in his cap and gown. She did show several class photos. Buzzed over them. One was the photo of Barry on the steps with the others in his class, where they did identify them by name. The other was somewhere on a page that was blurry and she never pointed to which photo was supposed to be his class. Because this is such an exclusive prep school, I’m surprised that not every kid had an individual photo every year. My crummy, cheap little private high school had an individual photo of each kid for every year. The seniors, of course, had larger photos. And then there were all the candid shots. In some of them, they identified the kids in the photos. In others, they didn’t. Jocks and kids who participated in a lot of extracurricular stuff like choirs, drama, clubs, etc.–they’d be in the yearbooks multiple times. Since Barry was such a star, you’d think he’d be everywhere. I mean, after all, even his friends knew he was presidential material, even then. I got sidetracked last week and forgot to mention this. But I read a story that quoted Greg Orme, iirc. He mentioned how SAD was in academics, implied that she was a teacher back when he and Barry were in high school together. But think about the timeline. How in the heck did Greg Orme even know SAD? She didn’t have her degree yet. Was she teaching then? As usual, there are selected ones who speak and all the others STFU. It’s been reported that SAD’s high school friends, most of them, were “asked” not to talk about SAD. “Asked” by the president’s people. Ya think they were asked or warned about slap suits?

      • Steve Case – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
        The failure of the AOL-Time Warner merger is the subject of a book by Nina Munk entitled Fools Rush In: Steve Case, Jerry Levin, and the Unmaking of AOL …

        Life and career – Investments – Family – References

        She mentions Stephen Case AOL ? Shows his pic in same school ?

    • wow. she said she is from his graduating class.

      not one of those photos look like the potus in place. not a one.

    • The more I think about it, weren’t there researchers who went to Hawaii and who visited schools, libraries, hospitals searching for yearbooks, newspaper clippings, anything and none could be found? (Thinking of Andy Martin at one point ). I remember searching everything online to find information about BHO and saving photos that I found. One of the cheesiest finds was that pretend scrapbook of Obama’s. Many photos originated from that site and are the ones replicated everywhere now. Long before the election we were all over this at TD’s and CW’s and so were the Freepers, Phil’s site, and that one site that begins with an I..Israeli Insider? There weren’t that many blogs of interest in early 2008.

  27. I think in that bball championship video they say Pun-o-hoe also. Must be the correct pronuciation? But, yeah, it was posted in 2009 apparently…I was just doing a general search on scroogle for “barry obama hawaii high school basketball” to see what I could find and it came up.

    • Actually it’s more like “Pun-a-hoe” in the other video.

      • What’s odd (to me) is that all this time, I thought it was Poo-nah-hoo. I would never have thought “pun” and then “hoe”, from the spelling.

        • i never knew how to say it. just a word, some school for people on food stamps. its odd that there’s no yearbooks for barky on eBay or anywhere. it may be fodder for lampoon-a-how.. or however you say it.

          odd, indeed.

    • I wonder if Huffington bought the books from Patricia? Seems like a person would hang onto something potentially valuable. Guess Barry didn’t sign her copies.

    • Good Find SEO! By what name was he listed in those books, I wonder? She only says, “This is Barry right here.”

      I recognize the photos. I think we had most of those photos..not the choir one, but it is a long shot anyway. Chubby Barry is right!

      Put online on Jul 13, 2009? Why don’t I believe that date? For two years with all of the research done this wasn’t found before? Do you think Free Rep. found it before and we missed it? I remember people putting out requests for those yearbooks to see if there were any real photos. Do I think they could doctor those books like they have done everything else…well, yes. Call me Skeptical.

      Did she say I graduated with Mr. Obama? Would I call my classmates, Mr.? No. I don’t call my classmate, Pete, “General” either. I’d call him Pete.

      • I froze the frame on one of the class photos and it did say “barry obama”. Just like that. No capitals. So that answers my previous question about whether somebody added the captions or if that was some cutesy affectation by the yearbook committee. Affectation, apparently. So IF this yearbook is for real and not rigged up (funny that she had an explanation for their pristine condition), then he did (or someone did) go to Punahou as Barry Obama. Now whether that was David or the pResident, is anyone’s guess.

        Second, if you look at the video at You Tube, the name of the person who posted it isn’t remotely like Patricia. This appears to be video from a woman who wants to sell those books. But who sells books on You Tube? If you look at the video there, the person who posted it in 2009 posted only one thing–that video. He (sounds like a he from the name–Oscar Demasi) categorized it as “News and Politics”. If I were selling something, I’d categorize it as “sell or buy” or something like that. Here’s the data:

        Uploaded by oscardemasidotcom on Jul 13, 2009

        Obama playing basketball
        Obama in the choir
        Obama in High School yearbook
        Obama at Punahou
        Obama in Hawaii
        Obama as a Teenager
        Obama in school

        News & Politics

        OBAMA YEARBOOK Obama playing basketball Obama in the choir Obama as a Teenager


        So I wonder if he got the video from a website that buys and sells and then put it on You Tube at some point? However, Patricia does call Barry “president”, so it must have been after the occupation. Odd that there are only 519 views. I viewed it on You Tube and the number didn’t change, so maybe something’s wrong with that function?

        • none of these photos look like the today barky. one doesn’t acquire a long chin and ears on will. you would probably have scars or something,

          the kid getting his diploma at Pun a hoo, is not the buff college kid toking whilst wearing a gangsta hat. no way. its totally contrived.,

          where’s his official pics from when he was organizing Boards in Chicago? let’s see the ChiTown years.

          • I tend to agree. How did he go from that chubby kid in freshman year to the buff looking guy the following year? How did he look younger than he did the year before? Some of these were “candid” shots, so how can we be certain that it’s Barry and not another kid? Especially when they don’t look the same? This Punahou kid smiles differently. His upper lip turns down. That’s something that doesn’t change. Isn’t it?

            • I look at the smile in some as sort of a snarl, not smirk, a snarl. I don’t know another way to describe it, but some look like his upper lip is up so his teeth would look like they are long. Make sense? I am squishing up my nose to make my mouth appear like I see..to bad I can’t show you!

              • It’s just so different from his smile now. Of course, it might be the result of extensive dental work. But then we’re back to that oddity of the straight even teeth that sometimes switch back to uneven front teeth that look like they project out at the bottom. How can that be?

          • Speaking of scars: Remember the medical report and reports from friends (Lia, too?) that Barry had a bad scar running the length of one arm? Has ANYONE ever espied that scar on ANY photo of this occupier?

        • Some scars recorded in that one doctor’s report…I think he took all the information from what was written in Dreams because there were no medical reports released…just a statement by his personal physician (a commie himself). Quentin D. Young the socialist was his mentor and physician. Dr. Z…thinking of name was the one that wrote the report from the book. It was Dr. Zebra (thinking colors of a zebra).

          DoctorZebra.com has referenced Obama’s maladies and conditions, here: http://www.doctorzebra.com/Prez/t44.htm

          Childhood infections. Had measles and chicken pox while living in Indonesia. Infectious exposures — Exposed to multiple animals while living in Indonesia, including a New Guinean ape, chickens, ducks, birds, dogs, and crocodiles. He also was exposed to human diseases: scurvy, polio, leprosy, and a man with gaping hole where nose should be (syphilis?). Had an “endless series of shots” before going to Indonesia for the first time. Comment: Who made these diagnoses?

          Minor childhood travails Developed an “egg-size lump on the side of my head” after another boy struck him with a rock. Acne.

          Forearm laceration. Ran into barbed wire while mudsliding in Indonesia. One of his forearms was lacerated from wrist to elbow, and required 20 stitches. “An ugly scar” remains.

          Cigarettes Obama was smoking cigarettes in high school. He continued smoking afterwards. He talked about quitting in 1988, but this may have been in jest. He has [tried to] quit several times over the years.

          While running for President in 2008, he said he would quit, and that he was chewing Nicorette. His wife disclosed that, in exchange for giving her permission for him to run, she required that he quit. According to a February 2008 report, he quit smoking “several weeks” earlier.

          Comment: Obama’s total exposure to cigarettes, measured in “pack-years,” has not been released. Any competent physician would elicit this information from the patient. It is so important that some physicians have called it a new “vital sign” (that’s silly, but it makes the point). The quantified smoking exposure is important, among other reasons, in estimating the risk of various diseases. Although it appears as if the information was deliberately suppressed, I hope a reader can supply a pointer to the data.

          Drug use Used marijuana and “blow” (cocaine) in high school. He was dissuaded from injecting heroin by the fear that an air bubble might be injected, which would travel to his heart and stop it.

          Traveler’s diarrhea Developed diarrhea while visiting Kenya, circa 1988. A relative gave him an herbal preparation as treatment. Obama did not report if it was effective.

          Snores? Obama describes his half-sister Auma saying to someone: “My brother, I think he snores.” From the context of the story, it is possible the half-sister was making this up, as a joke.

          Head cold Developed in Dallas in late February 2008.


          • That’s the one. The forearm scar. 20 stitches would certainly leave a scar. I’ve never seen that scar on the forearm of this person. Have you?

            “On physical examination, his blood pressure was 90/60 and pulse 60/minute.” Scheiner wrote that. This is the minimum “normal” blood pressure and resting pulse rate. He’s either on medication for “high blood” or else they want us to believe he’s an “athlete”. It may indicate a heart problem or some other condition.

            • Where are the acne scars? Pock marks? Scar on head not mentioned…but we can sure see that one.

              • Good point. I don’t see acne scars but I see a plethora of moles. In fact, he had more when he was at Occidental than he does now. Where’d they go?

          • I am sure he uses makeup! How did you remember Lia talking about the scar on his arm? I thought there was one on his knee from falling out of the mango tree and remembered about the bump on his head when the kids were throwing rocks at him…and Ann not concerned because it would toughen him up or some such thing. .

      • yeah, put online in July 2009; 532 hits. give me a break.

        they think everyone is a complete idiot. don’t they? i guess they are gearing up for the ballot challenges and need to get “proof” out there for their sheep lest they snap out of it or something.

        wonder why Kamana permits his image to counterfeited and mutated.


        oh, and that is not barky the bogus potus in the “skippy” photo. not a chance. no way.

        • Agree Papoose, no way, just why it got posted as Barky is the only questionable part,and yeah Kamana….and quite a few others must have gotten something out of the deal.??

  28. aloha, Patricia.

  29. Happy New Year!!! This is the year that the American people will affect change and take back their government…

    I had to laugh at yearbook video…what a crock smurf!!

  30. http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/aBKV9TttNfz/Barack+Obama+Enjoys+Hawaiian+Vacation+Family/z-_3KomGdr0/Greg+Orme

    Just looking at these 2008 photos of BO and Greg Orme golfing in Hawaii. Now look at the 1977 bball picture (and the others that have both of them). I always thought your head size is one thing that does not change much as you grow, but G.O. has a very small relative head size in the basketball photos, and BO has a very large one. As 47 year olds however it appears Greg’s head size has surpassed his buddy B’s. Just sayin..

    • Excellent point, SEO! It’s true. One’s head grows but I’d think not much AFTER high school. Greg’s head seems huge compared to Barry’s. Look at Barry’s teeth and smile, when he’s in the cart with Greg. There’s something amiss. Does NOT look like the kid in the basketball photos. Oh, they had to get that “in his native Hawaii” in there! In the photo where they’re hugging, Greg looks several inches taller than Barry. But not so much in the basketball photos.

    • SEO, that seems familiar but it’s interesting to read again, years after. It’s gag-worthy, isn’t it? Did you catch the part where the woman who claims to have been there when Barry met Frank makes it a point to say that his face was “full” then and not “pointed like it is now?” So many times, it’s like they regurgitate the “facts” to drive them home. I should say, the lies.

      Timing: It was autumn of 1970. “Dawna Weatherly-Williams” says Barry had just taken his entrance exams for Punahou. When exactly did Barry start 5th grade at Punahou? He had just spent the past 3 years in Indonesia? From age 7? How many years was he there? Oh, their penthouse apartment was “cramped”. Hey! Barry’s Baskin-Robbins job was very close to their apartment. Did we know that before? They make the apartment sound like a dump, but it looks nice to me. A bunch of the usual lies about the Dunhams being poor and having to “scrimp and save” to pay for Punahou “fees”. Fees? So somebody else paid the tuition? Omidyar went to Punahou? Did we know that before? Boy, those elites stick together, don’t they? Or else those in the know are able to cash in for keeping quiet. And yet another mention of the former chubbiness. Methinks they dost protest too much. Now you tell me how a guy who grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia, where in both places he was among a TINY minority–had no black friends–could learn to play basketball in the first place, much less in a black “street style” that caused him to be benched? Oh, wait! They got that one covered, too. He learned that if he hung out at the university, then he would meet blacks who could teach him to play. Right. He was one of 4 blacks at Punahou, but the university was crawling with blacks in Hawaii. Okaaaay.

      “One of Obama’s closest friends told me that he could not be interviewed because he and others had been instructed to stop talking to the press.”

      INSTRUCTED TO STOP TALKING TO THE PRESS. Got that? Just like his mother’s friends. INSTRUCTED. Or WARNED?

      • I don’t think I had ever read before that Stan and Frank used to smoke pot together either.
        They also imply that being a bank manager (besides wasn’t she a vice president or something?) barely kept food on the table for 3 people.

        • I do remember that they smoked pot together. I vaguely remember reading that article, looooong ago. Thanks for finding it again. It’s amazing what we find when we re-read these things. To recap: https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/10/12/barack-hussein-obama-ii-child-of-privilege/

          There’s a photo of the high rise they lived in when Barry was at Punahou. It still looks nice to me. In a pricey place like Honolulu, even a “cramped” apartment costs a bunch. One probably has to be extremely wealthy to have more rooms. Barry had his own room, which is more than I EVER had (until I was on my own).

          Madelyn was a VICE PRESIDENT. A big kahuna at the bank. Did the jet-setting Stanley Ann send NOTHING home to help her mother support her son? Lolo’s family was wealthy and even though Barry is not his son (?), Lolo accepted responsibility for his education. BHO Sr. was a well-connected government muckety muck in Kenya. So he also sent nothing home to help support his son? Pants on fire. All of them.

      • In the following link:

        “The Kariokor flat Obama frequented” by Dann Okoth
        ……But the occupants are media-shy and have been keeping in private.

        “We were instructed not to talk to the media or anybody about the Senator,” says Lorna who gave us the interview on phone after a lot of prodding.


        • Everybody was so “INSTRUCTED”, weren’t they? What an interesting story. Can you answer this question: How exactly is Lorna related to Barry? How can she be his cousin IF her aunt is the sister of KEZIAH? Or do you read that as somebody saying that Auntie Zilpa is related to Keziah, who is Barry’s HALF SISTER? I’ve pointed out before how ODD it is that Barry seems closer to Kezia, who’s NOT RELATED TO HIM AT ALL, than to his own grandmother Madelyn and others (like Mark) who are supposed to be of his very own blood.

          • I can get just so far with those sentences regarding relationships. This is how I interpreted it.

            “Barack used to come and visit his cousins who resided in the block whenever he visited Kenya ,”

            Lorna Awuor is married to Joseph Nyande who is currently working in Europe .

            Joseph Nyande is a cousin of Barack Obama [Sr.].

            Aunty Zilpa Nyande is Joseph’s sister.

            Aunty Zilpa is also a sister[ in law] to Keziah Obama,

            The Senator’s half sister, [Auma Obama moved], and left her house to Joseph Nyande. Auma is Keziah’s daughter.

          • Here’s another story that talks about the need for those instructions:

            http://news.sky.com/home/world-news/article/1310214 “Indeed, no sooner is the interview finished than Daphne [the reporter/interviewer] overhears Obama HQ on the phone from Chicago – desperate to find out exactly what the family have said.”

          • Joseph Nyand, Joseph Ndsandjo hmmm….

            • It could also be Joseph Nyandega. Nyande. I can find only some dude from Sierra Leone who’s a big shot on the Olympic committees by that name. Nothing on Zilpa.

          • It’s interesting you find someone on an Olympic committee.People don’t realize the connections with sports/money/gloal positioning of big shot people and lots of country infuence,that goes on and has gone on for years……not to mention the early days sports was the hotbed of communist infiltrators.

    • SEO, I don’t remember that article, but in November after the election they were coming out “fast and furiously” to cover the usurper. Parts I recall …but they are regurgitated stories. The author hit all the talking points …an American living in the UK or living in the US working for the UK news? He was in the tank like the other journOlisters. Yeah, and he went to Hawaii for the interviews too! The most truthful part was when those that could talk about the Mutt were told if they talked, they and their families could look forward to having heir knees shattered with a baseball bat, or the big alternative. Ohhh, I guess he didn’t write that part of the story.

      “In his memoir, Obama used pseudonyms, merged characters and changed details, partly as a literary device, perhaps also because when it was published in 1995 he already had his eye on a political career.” [The excuse for the fiction based bio rather than an autobiography written by Ayers. Obama couldn’t identify a literary device if it was shown to him.]

      “The elegantly styled memoir, including its elisions, conflations and arguably self-serving elements, has been a main plank of Obama’s candidacy – a carefully constructed [and manufactured ] narrative that is guarded assiduously by his campaign staff “[and paid bots who are living in their rat and bug infested crawl spaces called home]. Obama’s elisions may be in Ayer’s writing, but they are well documented in his speech as in ahh and uhh and Duh when he invokes his hood talk. His conflations are noted in his inability to recall time or dates and gets US and world history (57 states), his family history (Uncle Charlie), and even his relatives all mixed up. Those are all symptomatic of his brain injuries due to the puppet chip implant and his continued drug use.

      • “elisions” That’s good. Like leaving out the TRUTH.

        This writer seems to ACCEPT that it is logical, understandable, perhaps even brilliant, for Barry to use that “literary device” BECAUSE HE WAS PLANNING A POLITICAL CAREER. So in this guy’s book, it’s a given that politicians LIE and that’s okay with him that they lie and deceive.

        The “self-serving elements” are only “ARGUABLY” self-serving? Shows where his head is. Up his rear, sounds like. He needs a glassectomy. ROFLOL!


        “It’s where they remove the belly button and put a piece of glass in there so you can see what you’re doing while your head’s up your [expletive],” said [UFC lightweight champ Jacob] Volkmann [ABOUT OBAMA!] “The whole thing is a joke. He’s a joke of a President …”

        Agreed. That guy may have been hit in the head hundreds of times, but sounds as if his head is still screwed on straight. How long until the obots destroy him?

  31. So many interesting statements in that article. Zilpa moved to the Ukraine, Lorna’s husband Joseph went to Europe where he has gone on a work assignment (where in Europe, and what kind of assignment?)

    She also said that Obama visited his cousins in Kariokor Flats more than a dozen times between 1986 to early 1990.

    • This is an interesting article Cynic. I don’t remember seeing the name of Helima before as the wife of Onyango Obama, nor does it say how he “lost” Akumu or what happened to wife #1.
      Onyango Obama’s five wives would be:
      1. Helima
      2. Akumu Nyanjoga
      3. Habiba Akumu
      4. Sarah Onyango
      5. Sarah Ogwell

      There might be more unknown Obama’s running around since Onyango had 5 wives.


      • Hey I am trying to find where ya’ll posted the Obama stories and all this new info. I think I’m near it…
        Anyway, the story of the first article talks about Obama Sr. being upset that he had just spoken with Tom Mboya , but now hasn’t seen him and wants to know where he is. Well this story should be the precursor of all proof that all these stories and everything else is BULLSH–
        How can we do something about the lies is what I want to know.
        All stories before were that Obama was a witness to Tom’s asassination and he testifies in court about a man they accused of killing Tom. Well, I knew this was a lie, because I had read much history on the trials…….But now we have Obama Sr. never seeing Tom till he’s dead.

        We really need to devise a plan how to get these so called journalist/lyers/fiendish people back. I’m serious.Perhaps we should load the internet up with lies, so we get attacked by the O. people and then let em have it with all their proven fraudulent sensationalisms. Let’s start adds that show Obama’s menions as lyers and defacers, and get reporters to ask him why these lyers work for him and if not would he please straighten out the truth on a few things. Let’s beg media to please have a two hour interview with Obama himself on his life and childhood and answere some questions that even his own people are probably asking.

    • A dozen times Barry went to visit; three times a year for 4 years perhaps? Who was paying for those trips to Kenya and then on to Kariokor Flats in Nigeria? I thought his big trip to meet the family was his First trip…with the sack on his back carrying step grandma’s bag of maize..that trip. Now it appears the family met him a dozen times! Passport please! The accommodations don’t look like they are up to his standards when the taxpayers are footing the bill.

      These dates differ from 1983 and 1984 when BHO supposedly went there and that are in the O timeline. A dozen times between 1986 to early 1990.

      • The sack-on-the-back tale is one of those ever-repeated lies. It’s a photo that Granny Sarah put out there, they say. That’s the one where he looks SO YOUNG. There’s NO WAY that’s Barry in 1986. He would be 25 years old. He looks far younger than he did in most of the high school photos from Punahou. He had to have been a teenager in that photo. The informant makes it a point to “report” what Barry was wearing in the photos. White pants and a red shirt. (Pants look khaki to me.) They do this to fix the details, like a teenager making up an ELABORATE lie to explain to his parents where he was when he was out all night.

        One of the other photos where Barry has on the red shirt and white pants is the infamous pasted-on-head photo where his FACE is obviously older than the face of what’s supposed to be the same person, carrying the sack. So they must have photoshopped that pic, to make him look older, but in the meantime, the other pic leaked out there, with the face of the young Barry. Unless that’s David.

        • I totally agree with you. It was odd that they would say he was wearing a red shirt. I’m sorry, but that is not Barack. Even his body doesn’t look like Barack’s. I tried finding those pictures. What do you have them filed under?

          Looking at pictures under your “photo” headline, I would say the Ulsterman’s picture is David. Look at the hairline on the right temple. It’s thinner there.

          • Some of them are here, particularly the red shirt (red diaper baby?) photos: https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/11/28/obama-mystery-theater-his-ever-morphing-face/

          • They were telling us a story, complete with pictures!

            In the morning, Obama carried his grandmother’s sukuma wiki (kales) to Kogelo market where it was sold. In the evening, he would help her carry her groceries in the dirty, tattered sack his back.

            “He wore a white trouser and a red shirt. He greeted me as he offloaded the vegetables in a sack,” Gladys recalls.

            • Gladys? Another one! Yes. Sounds as if Granny had that photo on her wall and unfortunately they had to make up a story to go along with it. Was it kale or yams or turnips? The woman doesn’t even know what she grew! Oh, what a poor pitiful tale. She had to struggle to market to sell her vegetables. Before Barry showed up, who would carry them for her? The village is loaded with people. She’s got many grandchildren and lots of orphans she raised or helped, but nobody had the class to help Granny Sarah until Barry. Isn’t that a sweet fable?

        • The oversized floppy red shirt and white/kakhi pants seems to be the only thing obama owned, besideds his black leather jacket and jeans for his wintertime outfit. I find it strange this is the only attire he owned from the 1980s onward. A Hawaiian/casual exhippie dude who now wears preppie clothes in Africa…..just doesn’t cut it for me. How bout ya’ll?

    • I know, cynic. I noticed that, too. He visited them EVERY TIME he was in Kenya. EVERY TIME? More than a DOZEN times? That’s a lot of trips. A dozen. (They’re careful to insert the LIE about beginning in ’86. A LIE, proven by one of the biographers and statements by his own relatives.)

      According to official bull puckies, he was there three times: In 1986 to do “family research”; in the mid-90s, to introduce his fiancee to the “family”; and in 2006 to help his cousin (Raila the Corrupt) to get selected and possibly to give him advice on how to “community organize” the riots when he lost, so he could blackmail his way to power sharing.

      I swear we MUST have investigated the claims and the folks in this story, but my memory is too loaded down with details to remember clearly.

      Lorna? Who heard of her and her husband Joseph? Ukraine? When was that move made? What is the Kenyan fascination with the Soviets? (No need to answer.)

      Again, why, when in Kenya, does he focus on and relate to KEZIA’S family instead of the people who supposedly are close BLOOD kin? Namely Mark and David? (Malik, Zeituni, and Omar being in the USA then.) These cousins, if related to Kezia herself, CANNOT BE HIS KIN. They’re, at best, cousins of his half-siblings, but no blood relation to him. Unless he’s that child that Kezia had while her husband was in the USA. Remember, too, that Malik once claimed that he and Barry (who’s not much younger than Malik, although some call Malik his UNCLE) GREW UP TOGETHER IN KENYA. And Sarah claimed that Barry “passed through” her hands when she was helping ORPHANED BABIES in Kenya. Orphaned or given up because they didn’t quite fit into the family at that particular point in time?

      • And , if he visited so much in 1986 on he would have known David too.

        • Exactamente! Especially would have known little Davie if, as many said, including a respected biographer, he visited there shortly after their “father’s” death in 1982.

      • http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/feb/02/barack-obama-stepmother-kezia-obama Remember that one?

        “In the late 1980s, Obama travelled to Kenya for the first time, some years after his father died. It was then that he first met Kezia. In his autobiography, Obama tells how this “handsome older woman” hugged him at their first meeting and said, “My son has come home.” … When she congratulated Barack and Michelle, “They just said, ‘Hi mummy, thank you for coming’, just like that.””

        This stuff is in his book. I found a site http://www.doctorzebra.com/prez/z_x44family_tree_g.htm that claims that Jane is “presumably” BHO Sr.’s sister, but in Barry’s book, she introduces herself to him AS Kezia’s sister. Then Auma introduces Bernard to Barry AS Barry’s brother. Not half-brother. He’s Kezia’s son, no matter who his father is. But Auma later tells Barry that it’s Sarah, BHO Sr.’s sister, who claims that Bernard isn’t BHO Sr.’s son. Of course, we already know that Dreams is full of lies, so …

        For what it’s worth (which may be not much!) Wikipedia says Jane is Kezia’s SISTER. Not sister-in-law.
        Jane Obonyo is supposedly her name. http://www.newvision.co.ug/D/8/26/666733

        OMG. On one of the pages where Dreams talks about Jane, Bill Ayers mention”s Malik’s plans to marry AMY. A new one? She’s supposed to be “African”. Did he marry her? Or is this the cover story for the woman hugging “Roy” in the family group portrait? That woman who might be Mary, the American wife?

        Several sites say that the white woman from Burma was Onyango’s FOURTH wife, so AFTER Sarah. Is it possible? Onyango married the white woman from Burma, the dark haired “aristocrat” whose photo is on Granny’s wall, during or after WWII. Now, when did Onyango die? 1979, if you believe the stories. SO, is it possible for him to have fathered a son by the aristocrat in 1961? That WHITE woman (not from Kansas)? Which would make Barry Malik’s uncle instead of the other way around. That would be hilarious.

    • Lorna’s husband Joseph went to Europe where he has gone on a work assignment (where in Europe, and what kind of assignment?)

      Good questions.

    • Note to Self…….”try to use the word elisions and Glassectomy in conversation so I will remember them …..and visualize”!

  32. THanks Miri, I try to keep this short,but recently I was looking into a Donna Payne ( a name I found in Punahou alummni). It was so weird how I find a Donna payne with a Hawaii address,but asscociated with a RICHARD Kane at an Austin Texas countryclub as the head Tennis Pro. I’m just wondering whatever happened to the so-called Richard Ndesandjo. I know this many not make much sense, but you know Joseph N. did have some ex- Tennis/coach/buddies that are partner or have owned his Security/Sports video companies in Tx. Somethings Curious about this anyway.

    Maybe Richard Kane is Richard Ndesandjo(I know it’s a long shot but , hey I’ve found weirder.

  33. I have a bunch of pics that I snapped from old papers of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin from the years 1977, 1978, and 1979….They contain box scores and articles about the Punahou Buffenblus. I would be happy to share them, but I need to know where to send them. Thanks……

  34. Okay. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t sending them to some Shmo in Sheboygan.

    • Sorry, didn’t see your comment that you had sent them.

    • Would you believe I actually did that once? Made a typo in an email address and sent a long, involved message about research results to some uninvolved (I hope) person in another state. I always wondered what the dude thought of my message. He never answered. I figured out who he was by looking for the email address I accidentally sent the message to. He had a personal website.

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