DOJ’s Report on Sheriff Joe’s Department of Real Justice

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DOJ, ICE,  and Department of Homeland Security

Tie the Hands of the Nation’s Chief Law Enforcer!

Sheriff Joe continues to get hammered by Obama’s Department of Injustice and the leftist media as his department tries to maintain law and order and enforce immigration laws in Arizona as he has done for over 20 years. He is the champion sheriff who is attempting to follow the current federal laws on immigration and catch and rid our country of the aliens crossing the borders ILLEGALLY.

The DOJ began their lengthy investigation of Sheriff Joe’s department about 3 months after Obama illegally took office. As we have seen, the DOJ under Holder supports illegals and terrorists and their idea of law and order and following immigration laws is not only shown to be negligent, but almost treasonous.   Their parsing of words such as: “reasonable cause to believe; ” found a number” without specifics; and areas of serious concern,” are used, but yet the DOJ  filed no charges.  They are willing to work with the Sheriff’s department to rectify these problem areas!  These words  show their true intent to discredit the Sheriff’s department, and rid themselves of a real thorn in their side.

The report is damning and yet they found no widespread patterns after reviewing a sampling of the 45,000 cases that go through the Sheriff’s office yearly?  They wanted to find cases to bring down the Sheriff, and didn’t find them.   One or two charges by illegals or citizens who were caught in a raid and detained for questioning out of their available review of several years?  Other allegations by deputies  who were fired for cause should be used to back up their examples?   They also found problems with the way that Sheriff Joe delegated his work, and cited his notations on tip reports from citizens as being discriminatory.

It should be noted that the person tasked with the investigation of Sheriff Joe, Thomas Perez, heads the Justice Department’s civil rights division.  It is reported in an article“Obama’s Point Man on the Supreme Court Likely Perjured Himself about Black Panthers Case,” that Perez testified under oath before the U.S. Civil Rights Commission on May 14, 2010.  He stated

that the decision to drop the Black Panthers case  was simply “a case of career [Justice Department] people disagreeing with career people” and proof of the “robust interaction” his employees enjoy.

Mr. J. Christian Adams, the DOJ’s whistleblower, also testified that Perez provided false testimony to the United States Commission on Civil Rights, that was investigating the DOJ’s decision to drop all of the charges against the Black Panthers. In a FOX interview, Adams said, that Perez ignored his warnings not to provide false testimony.

“We made it very clear that continuing to say that the facts and the law don’t support this case would not be consistent with the truth.”

Perez perjured himself, and yet his report on Arpaio is supposed to be believed when only accusations are made, yet the DOJ states in their press release, “While no formal findings of pattern or practice violations have been made in connection with these issues, the investigation remains ongoing.” If there are no patterns or practice violations, then why make the report public?  Within the report, they contradict themselves. They also use the word of anonymous fired sheriff department employees as well as  allegations made by anonymous illegal inmates to make their case.

This appears to be a political report with little basis but to allege discrimination against Hispanics to satisfy the Democratic voting base. What it really shows is that the DOJ supports the rights of illegals over American citizens, and especially to denigrate the work of Arpaio’s department regarding immigration.

Not to show partiality, the DOJ also released a report against the Seattle Police Department on December 16 where they issued similar findings of discrimination and some cases of excessive force.

In support of the DOJ’s Report, Janet Napolitano, Department of Homeland Insecurity,  removed the ability of the Maricopa Sheriff’s Department’s ability to enforce its laws.  How does the federal government sever ties with a law enforcement agency?  The Washington Post reported,

“The fallout from the report was swift. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security [Napolitano] announced it is severing its ties with Arpaio, stripping his jail officers of their federal power to check whether inmates in county jails are in the county illegally, a move that was meant to speed up deportation.”

Homeland security officials also are restricting Arpaio’s office from using a program that uses fingerprints collected in local jails to identify illegal immigrants.

Will Arizona citizens of Maricopa County rightfully support Sheriff Joe and denounce both the Department of Homeland Security and the DOJ?

Is it even surprising that this report is being released while Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse is looking into the eligibility of the man illegally occupying the White House?

May the calls of impeachment for Attorney General Holder get louder and may all of these political appointments who support lawlessness have their day in court as well.

We the People have had enough of the Obama Administration’s Marxist corruption and lawlessness!

We Want a Return to Law and Order!


Department of Justice
Office of Public Affairs
Thursday, December 15, 2011

Department of Justice Releases Investigative Findings on the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

Findings Show Pattern or Practice of Wide-ranging Discrimination Against Latinos and Retaliatory Actions Against Individuals Who Criticized MCSO Activities

WASHINGTON – Following a comprehensive investigation, the Justice Department today announced its findings in the ongoing civil rights investigation of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO).  The Justice Department found reasonable cause to believe that MCSO, under the leadership of Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio, has engaged in a pattern or practice of misconduct that violates the Constitution and federal law.   The investigation, opened in June 2008, was conducted under the provisions of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Title VI implementing regulations.

The department found reasonable cause to believe that a pattern or practice of unconstitutional conduct and/or violations of federal law occurred in several areas, including:

*      Discriminatory policing practices including unlawful stops, detentions and arrests of Latinos;
*      Unlawful retaliation against individuals exercising their First Amendment right to criticize MCSO’s policies or practices, including but not limited to practices relating to its discriminatory treatment of Latinos; and
*      Discriminatory jail practices against Latino inmates with limited English proficiency by punishing them and denying them critical services.

The Justice Department found a number of long-standing and entrenched systemic deficiencies that caused or contributed to these patterns of unlawful conduct, including:

*      A failure to implement policies guiding deputies on lawful policing practices;
*      Allowing specialized units to engage in unconstitutional practices;
*      Inadequate training;
*      Inadequate supervision;
*      An ineffective disciplinary, oversight and accountability system; and
*      A lack of sufficient external oversight and accountability.

In addition to these formal pattern or practice findings, the investigation uncovered additional areas of serious concern, including:

*      Use of excessive force;
*      Police practices that have the effect of significantly compromising MCSO’s ability to adequately protect Latino residents; and
*      Failure to adequately investigate allegations of sexual assaults.

While no formal findings of pattern or practice violations have been made in connection with these issues, the investigation remains ongoing.   

“MCSO’s systematic disregard for basic constitutional protections has created a wall of distrust between the sheriff’s office and large segments of the community, which dramatically compromises the ability to protect and serve the people,” said Thomas E. Perez, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division. “The problems are deeply rooted in MCSO’s culture, and are compounded by MCSO’s penchant for retaliation against individuals who speak out.”

The department’s thorough and independent investigation involved an in-depth review of MCSO practices, as well as extensive community engagement.   Department attorneys, investigators and experts conducted interviews with more than 400 individuals including, 75 current and former MCSO supervisors and deputies, including Sheriff Arpaio, and 150 former and current MCSO inmates.   In addition, the department reviewed thousands of pages of documents.   Many of the interviews and much of this review was delayed when MCSO refused to provide required documents and access.   MCSO finally provided the required access and documents after the department filed a lawsuit under Title VI in September 2010.

Addressing the findings, and reforming MCSO, requires a sustained commitment to long term structural, cultural and institutional change.   MCSO must develop and implement new policies and procedures and train its officers in effective and constitutional policing.   In addition, MCSO must implement systems to ensure accountability, and eliminate unlawful bias from all levels of law enforcement decision making.

The department will seek to obtain a court enforceable agreement and will attempt to work with MCSO and Maricopa County officials to develop and implement a comprehensive reform plan with the judicial oversight needed to address the violations of the Constitution and federal law.

“Effective policing and constitutional policing go hand in hand.    Developing and implementing meaningful reforms will assist in reducing crime, ensuring respect for the Constitution, and ensuring that the people of Maricopa County have confidence in MCSO’s commitment to fair and effective law enforcement,” said Thomas E. Perez.   “We hope to resolve the concerns outlined in our findings in a collaborative fashion, but we will not hesitate to take appropriate legal action if MCSO chooses a different course of action.”

This investigation was conducted by the Special Litigation Section and the Federal Coordination and Compliance Section of the Civil Rights Division with the assistance of law enforcement professionals, including former police chiefs, a jail practices consultant and a consultant on statistical analysis.

The full report can be found here.

56 responses to “DOJ’s Report on Sheriff Joe’s Department of Real Justice

  1. I am moving some comments from another thread that are related to this article.

  2. I would vote Sheriff Joe Arpaio for President, I wish he would run. He’s a honorable man I know I could trust.

    Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio Press Conference Statements From 12/15/11

    Sheriff’s Response to DOJ Letter
    December 15, 2011

    (Maricopa County, AZ) The following statements were made by Sheriff Joe Arpaio during a press conference held on 12/15/11 in response to the 22 page Department of Justice letter received 1 hour prior to DOJ press conference.

    “Before we get started today, I want to say something to the citizens of Arizona and the rest of the nation.

    On the surface, it may appear that today’s findings and actions by our federal government are directed towards this Sheriff and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. The truth of the matter is that this is a sad day for America as a whole.

    Today, the federal government moved to do everything it can to put this agency out of the illegal immigration enforcement business.

    We are proud of the work we have done to fight illegal immigration. We have been responsible for finding and identifying 25% of the nation’s illegal alien criminal offenders through the 287G program. Sadly, much of that work will no longer be permitted by the Obama administration.

    Today the federal government cancelled our 287 G agreement. What that means is that we are no longer able to verify the immigration status of any criminal offender brought into our jails. This was a program responsible for detecting over 44,000 illegal alien criminal offenders since 2007, many of whom we can assume were deported by ICE officials back to their country of origin.

    Now with the cancellation of this agreement, illegal criminal offenders arrested and brought into my jails will go undetected and ultimately dumped back onto a street near you. For that, you can thank your federal government.

    By their actions today, President Obama and his band of merry men might as well erect their very own pink neon sign at the Arizona-Mexico border saying Welcome All Illegals to your United States…. Our home is your home.

    On Sept 28, 2011, President Obama was questioned at the White House, by Hispanic journalist and asked why there was no resolution in the civil rights investigation against me for allegedly racially profiling Hispanics. He stated that he had to be careful to comment on individual cases handled by the DOJ. The president stated he challenged the AZ Law (1070) that was supported by me, because he thought there was a great danger of naturalized citizens with Latino surnames could potentially be vulnerable to questioning.

    It is interesting that after 100 days in Office by President Obama, that the Democrat Chairmen of the judiciary Committee in Congress initiated this investigation.

    After all this time, the head of the DOJ Civil Rights Division, who reports to Attorney General Holder, held a press conference December 15, 2011, which is 2 days after the Supreme Court agreed to accept the 1070 lawsuit.

    It’s also interesting that Perez came to Phoenix for the press conference on the anniversary of the brave border patrol agent Brian Terry’s death, who was killed because of the failed Justice department’s “Fast and Furious” case, which is presently holding hearings this week on Attorney General Eric Holder.

    Cont’s @ FR Link –


    In response to the DOJ investigation and complaint, Arpaio vows to fight what appears to be typical liberal charges of racism against a white elected official. The timing of the complaint is also wrought with politically strategized accusations immediately following the Supreme Courts agreement to hear the case concerning Arizona SB 1070 Immigration Enforcement Law.

    ~ snip

    Just this week, two Democrat Latino US Congressmen from Arizona, joined by several other Latino Legislatures want me to resign my office. All of these same Democratic elected officials, throughout the years, have been criticizing my enforcement of State and Federal Illegal immigration laws.

    Candidates for President of the United States – Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann recently visited me in my office, Texas Governor Rick Perry and Mitt Romney also called me – all interested in my successful enforcement of illegal immigration and asked for my endorsement.

    Recently in New Hampshire, I endorsed Texas Governor Rick Perry for President of the United States. It should be noted that all this political activity made national news.

    The Justice Department takes issues with our policies in the jails – it should be noted, the US Marshall Office, under the Department of Justice, gave my Office high marks. In the past when we did a crime suppression operation in Guadalupe, high homeland security officials were present and praised us for my operations stating we performed in a professional manner, even though this operation caused some controversy in that town.

    We have a civil rights racial profiling case brought by the ACLU, which will be before a federal judge with oral argument on summary judgment next week. Is the DOJ press conference, among other reasons, geared to poison the court against our position in this civil rights case?”

  4. I read through the DOJ’s report and found it slanderous, but I didn’t expect anything else from the administration that has been after Sheriff Joe since the Marxists took office. They mostly used anonymous legal citizens and unnamed illegals for their report as their sampling. There were allegations or charges that they said were rampant in the department, but didn’t attach the names of “all” of these cases, identify the case numbers, nor cite the number of cases found to back up their allegations.

    If the DOJ sifted through about 1,000 pages out of the 45,000 cases per year and only found a couple complaints of abuse, that doesn’t sound like rampant to me. For a year, rampant discrimination would show something like, the DOJ found 25,000 cases to back up their claims. One thousand pages isn’t even 1% of a review of one year of cases. They apparently were looking for key words in their sampling. I also wonder if the cases they found were signed by any of the deputies who were fired.

    The Arizona Justice System is accused of being biased against Latinos, when most of the illegal immigration is committed by Hispanics! The numbers speak for themselves as to who is coming across the border! The Feds in the Obama administration are siding with the illegals and not the American citizens once again. Wasn’t it 75% of Americans want the borders policed and now the DOJ won’t let them do their job! The Upside down world under Holder continues to the detriment of the American people.

    It seemed the report’s most “serious”allegation was that Arpaio racially profiled illegal immigrants. That is, too many of the illegals he arrested were Mexican. That’s a surprise! They had to find “proof” of that since that is what the Left has been reporting for years. Who is coming across the border again? The majority are Mexicans!

    The Left is ramping up their attacks on Sheriff Joe now with this report as their ammunition. Nothing different really as they have been on a vigorous attack for 3 years, and the newspapers in AZ are the attack dogs sponsored by groups like La Raza.

    The citizens voted for Sheriff Joe, and like that he enforces the laws of this country. How novel. The Hispanic organizations that support illegal alien’s rights and the DemocRatic party that supports lawlessness are the hit men, along with Napolitano, Holder, and Obama. The DemocRatic Party needs those illegal voters…and they can get them if they let them go free to roam our cities.

  5. It’s disgusting–the amount of corruption in this administration and the lengths to which they’ve gone to POLITICIZE EVERY AGENCY IN THE GOVERNMENT. The report is a joke. Its summary/headline says, “Findings Show Pattern or Practice of Wide-ranging Discrimination Against Latinos and Retaliatory Actions Against Individuals Who Criticized MCSO Activities.”

    Then only later on, as Bridgette pointed out, they said there are NO FORMAL such findings. So obviously, the lying headline is what they wanted promoted and reported, depending on the fact that few will read the entire report. EVERY reporter who aped this language should be ashamed. Should call them to account for deliberately MISLEADING the media and the People. This is like with Sarah Palin, when they pored over boxes of her emails, but found nothing. Except it’s worse because they are libeling Arpaio by reporting that he discriminates when their own report shows otherwise. They simply want to SMEAR him so that people, in the future, when his February report comes out think (1) that he’s not to be believed and (2) that he’s just retaliating against Barry so, again, he’s not to be believed. No doubt, the spin has already been written and disseminated to the complicit media, in advance of Arpaio’s report. Another plus–they’ve shut down his enforcement, so more illegals can pour across the border, hopefully to vote for Barry next year. Illegally. And what can Arpaio do about it? This is a warning shot across his bow. Big Brother is watching. It’s like a slap suit on steroids. EVERY real journalist out there should be appalled. As should the ACLU. First, it’s Arpaio. Who’s next?

  6. Rosemary Woodhouse

    A nation without borders is no sovereign nation at all. The globalists are frothing at the mouth. This has been in the planning stages for decades while were were asleep, believing we would always live in the land of the free and home of the brave! Actually, the shame is ours to bear.

  7. I read this today that the 400 sex crimes the press is pushing against Sheriff Joe are allegations from 4 – 5 years ago, and they are reinventing old news to make it appear as if it just happened as in the paragraph below. This article also talks about some Latino who was arrested last Friday and is in critical condition. He became unresponsive while in the custody. ” The man is now on life support, and “brain dead,” say published reports. His family is deciding when to take him off life support.” [True or not?]

    Arizona Sheriff Arpaio Faces New Scandal After Arrested Man Clings to Life
    December 19, 2011 Snips

    “According to the Arizona Republic, [not a supporter of Joe] Ernest M. Atencio, 44, was arrested by Phoenix police on assault-related charges at 3 a.m. on Friday. Maricopa County sheriff’s officials say that Atencio became combative during the booking process, requiring the police and the sheriff’s deputies to restrain him.” He was taken to a safe cell where authorities hoped he would calm down. “When medical staff checked on him after a short while, they found him unresponsive and tried CPR and other efforts, the newspaper says.”

    Arpaio has also been under pressure from his opponents to resign in the last week after an Associated Press article brought new attention to his office’s bungling of sex crime and molestation cases in a predominantly Hispanic Phoenix suburb. His office said more than 400 sex-crimes investigations had to be reopened after the department learned of cases that hadn’t been investigated adequately or weren’t examined at all

    • This happens all the time, unfortunately. There’s even a name for the syndrome, but I can’t remember it. People get in a hyper state when restrained, especially if they’re on drugs of some kind. They collapse and sometimes die. It’s a hazard. A chance people take when they run afoul of the law. But the cops are always blamed. They’re just going to hype anything they can and try to pin it on Joe. Anything to discredit him before February. LATINO Fox News?

      It’s a civil rights violation to make a person wear pink underwear. Who knew? I ought to sue my parents.

      This reminds me of the politically motivated, exaggerated attacks against the Catholic Church, because of their stand on abortion and homosexual acts.

      • tHERE’S not room here to divulge all the stories I’ve heard from law inforcement. One could go anywhere in the country and pick apart a police or sherriffs department. I’ve seen all this before. You’re right Miri. There is a syndrome, but it’s far more likely that it was just a fluke of circumstances but when they’ve got everyone breathing down their back, we’re going to hear the unusual like this. Fact is everything that happens involving law enforcement is always on the complex weird side. But if you have media picking up on it , it always sounds bazarr and bad to everyday nice normal people .
        Law inforcement has it hard enough that they go thru phscyological tests, evaluations, political protocols and local political scrutiny almost constantly, at least most do. By the time they arrest someone they are thrilled ,only usually to know that they will get out in the long scheme of things. Someone is for sure watching every move this department makes. It’s easy looking from the outside to make any acusation the media wants. Law inforcement stays under scrutiny all the time. Yes , there are some unscrupulous ones, but the media has no idea of the real world of crime, unlawful acts against the people that are trying to protect others.
        This is totally a smear job. I have known journalist and others that have spent time with law inforcement,investigaters,or gone on scenes with law enforcement. They come away totally confused. They can’t take what law enforcement people deal with all the time. Some are blown away with what these people hear, see, and deal with everyday. It’s nothing like they think……This is for sure the media scoundrels on a hunting mission for Arpaio to not look good. Makes for hype journalism to feed to the masses and create an opinion but I know what is happening; Just hope others know.
        Miri, this is why I felt pretty sure that the woman who claimed rape or what ever from Staus Khan was not going to get away with it. Long Story, but I knew(imfaticaly).

        • Well said, about law enforcement. Who would want their jobs? Especially the way they’re viewed by media and too many in the public? If not for them, there’d be chaos. Law of the jungle. It’s a messy business and we should ALWAYS give the men and women in blue the benefit of the doubt. “Excited delirium” might be the term I was thinking of. It makes people more prone to asphyxia or dangerous cardiac arrhythmia during scuffles with or restraint by police. So what are the cops to do? Allow the guy to continue rampaging, endangering others, just so he doesn’t suffer potential consequences of his own irresponsible self-destruction and violent anti-social behavior?

    • Ernest Atencio — Latino Military Veteran Injured In Joe Arpaio’s Jail Taken Off Life Support. We seek outside investigation.
      Dec. 21, 2011 Snips

      We call on Arpaio to prioritize and expedite the investigation and release of the video. Things our getting out of hand here in the State of Arizona. Arpaio is equivalent to “Bull” Connor and our Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is equivalent to Alabama’s George Wallace. All four individuals are stains in American history and will be remembered as so.

      In our letter to the Director of the FBI, we seek an outside investigation with regard to the incident of Ernest M. Atencio, a 44-year-old Gulf War veteran who was recently booked into the jail in Phoenix, when he was allegedly tasered and suffered a heart attack according to his family. We have been told that an internal investigation is being carried out, however, we believe the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) should conduct a full investigation with regard to the possible excessive abusive actions by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) under the leadership of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

      Phoenix police arrested Atencio after he was seen kicking on the door of an apartment and then harassing a woman walking down the street. Manning said Atencio suffered from bipolar disorder and had been off his medication.

      • Unfortunately, the guy passed away. More unfortunate was the timing of this incident. The writer alludes to a video of the arrest and aftermath, perhaps that will help the investigators. In the article from another source, they say he was bipolar and was taken off his meds. I guess that explains why he was restrained and tasered. So this journalist is outraged. The first few sentences are gems…stains in American history. I can think of a bigger stain that no amount of bleach can sanitize or remove, and who will go down in history as such.

        • And again. The progressive complicit media have a different standard when it comes to Arpaio versus Holder. In Arpaio’s case, even if he didn’t have anything to do with it, they hold him personally and professionally responsible. In the case of Agent Terry’s unnecessary and outrageous murder? Holder and Obama are allowed to pretend, like Sergeant Schultz, to “know nussing!” The buck never stops at Holder’s desk or Barry’s desk. But with Arpaio, if some low-level jail trustee uses a nasty epithet, they call for Arpaio’s head. Get real. This is ridiculously obvious. I’m sorry the man is dead, but it certainly sounds like an unforunate result of a complex set of unavoidable circumstances. (And some avoidable ones–like take your meds.)

          As for the family: Were they there? How do they know he was tasered? Are they physicians? Has the autopsy been performed? Is it proved that he died of a heart attack? Is it proved that tasering occured and if it did, that it caused his heart attack? This unfortunately happens on a regular basis in every big city. Nearly every time, the family and the media accuse the cops. It’s a hell of a job. Who would want it? They’re always guilty until proved innocent.

          God bless our men and women in blue.

  8. The DOJ Report was written by Thomas Perez. On July 7, 2010, Michelle Malkin wrote an in-depth exposé of Thomas Perez. She described him as a far-left lawyer and activist in “Open-borders DOJ vs. America.” Her article is relevant now. This is just a sample…

    The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, headed by Assistant Attorney General Thomas E. Perez, took the lead in prepping the legal brief against Arizona. The son of immigrants from the Dominican Republic, Perez is a far Left lawyer and activist who worked for the late mass illegal alien amnesty champion Teddy Kennedy and served in the Clinton administration DOJ. While holding down a key government position there in which he was entrusted to abide by the rule of law, Perez volunteered for Casa de Maryland –a notorious illegal alien advocacy group funded through a combination of taxpayer-subsidized grants and radical liberal philanthropy, including billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Institute (not to mention more than $1 million showered on the group by Venezuelan thug Hugo Chavez’s regime-owned oil company, CITGO).

    • Well, I’m sure he doesn’t let his personal ideology and politics influence the results of his investigations. NOT! Just foolin’. 🙂

      What more could one ask for? Chavez and Soros at once! Amazing. You can’t make this stuff up.

  9. This really started because Arpaio stated he would release a statement in February concerning his findings on the pResidents birth certificate and other issues. We who know how this works cringed.

  10. Immigration Agents to Screen Ariz. Inmates
    PHOENIX December 20, 2011 (AP)

    The Department of Homeland Security says it will use immigration agents to screen jail inmates in Arizona’s Maricopa County after it revoked the sheriff’s authority to use its systems.

    Homeland Security assistant secretary Nelson Peacock said Monday in a letter to Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona that the 50 agents will “screen, identify, apprehend and remove criminal aliens” in the county jails.

    Arpaio says the letter is meant to pacify the public. He says agents won’t be in the jails and won’t deport all illegal immigrants.

    And those agents are having to deal with ICE’s policy of only prosecuting the criminals or high priority suspected illegal aliens, and letting the others go. So Homeland Security can afford to put 50 agents in the Phoenix jail, instead of putting them at the borders! Makes no sense. A power play by Obama and Company …Hopefully that Posse has come up with good evidence, and perhaps they will want to speak before February!

    • 50 Agents? So how many are in jail? Really, put them at the border.What, has Arpaio not been doing his job? What kind of agents are these/ Social Justice agents/

    • Sheriff Joe must have some really good stuff.

      The Gestapo is coming! The Gestapo is coming!

      Will Jan be there to give them a hug?

  11. A journalist that is against Joe tells truth in his article. Will wonders never cease? At least we know one person read the report and didn’t just publish the regime’s talking points.

    DOJ’s race claims are, alas, weak
    by Robert Robb, columnist – Dec. 21, 2011 12:00 AM
    The Arizona Republic Snips

    The most sensational allegation the Department of Justice has leveled against Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office is that Latinos are four to nine times more likely to be subject to traffic stops than similarly situated non-Latino drivers.

    It is also the most important allegation. It appears to provide hard evidence in support of the general claim that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office is guilty of systemic racial discrimination. At this point, however, the presumption has to be that the allegation is also based on junk science, since the DOJ refuses to release the “statistical study” on which it is based.

    The reason for that presumption, paradoxically, is the DOJ’s findings letter itself. Another allegation is that the sheriff’s office does not keep sufficient data on traffic stops to determine whether racial profiling is occurring. How can the underlying data be insufficient to determine whether racial profiling is occurring, but sufficient to conclude that Arpaio’s office racially profiles more than any other law-enforcement agency in the country?

    The DOJ says the sheriff’s office “frequently” arrests Latinos without cause. What constitutes “frequently”? The DOJ doesn’t say.

    How does the percentage of wrongful arrests of Latinos compare with that of non-Latinos? The DOJ doesn’t say. How does the record of the sheriff’s office compare with that of other Valley law-enforcement agencies with respect to wrongful arrests? The DOJ doesn’t say.

    Not all of the DOJ’s findings letter is so thinly evidenced or contradictory. The section on the treatment of Latinos in county jails does provide a facial case of the “pattern or practice” of racial discrimination prohibited by federal law.

    As a general matter, however, the letter is uncomfortably weak regarding evidence to back up its sweeping charges of pervasive racial discrimination.

    Arpaio, of course, contends that’s because the issue isn’t really racial discrimination. It’s an attempt by the Obama administration to stop him from enforcing immigration laws.

    This is the one immigration-enforcement program of Arpaio’s that incontestably is implemented in a racially neutral fashion. The immigration status of everyone booked is checked. The DOJ made no allegation that the sheriff’s office was misusing this authority for discriminatory purposes.

    Arpaio’s practice of checking the immigration status of everyone booked is now inconvenient and potentially embarrassing to the Obama administration, given the administrative amnesty policy it announced earlier this year. Under that policy, only serious criminals are to be deported. Arpaio’s office would be documenting the number of illegal immigrants accused of lesser violations the Obama administration would be ignoring.

    After a widespread outcry, the DHS retreated a bit, saying that Immigration and Customs Enforcement would do the jail checks. This, of course, makes no sense. ICE is highly unlikely to be as available to county prosecutors to make the case to deny bail to illegal immigrants as required by state law, or to be as forthcoming with the public about the number of illegal immigrants being booked into the jails.

    In my book, Arpaio wears a very black hat, and it would be great if some good guys chased him out of town. At this point, however, it’s far from clear that the Obama administration is wearing the white hat in this story.

  12. National Guard at Border Cut to Fewer than 300
    Tuesday, 20 Dec 2011 Snips

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration will keep a reduced contingent of National Guard troops working along the Mexican border for the next year, the Defense Department said Tuesday. Starting in January, the force of 1,200 National Guard troops at the border will be reduced to fewer than 300 at a cost of about $60 million, said Paul Stockton, assistant secretary of defense for homeland defense.

    The remaining troops will shift their focus from patrolling the border on the ground looking for illegal immigrants and smugglers to aerial surveillance missions using military helicopters and airplanes equipped with high-tech radar and other gear. Exactly where those troops will fly or how many aircraft will be used has not been decided, he said. [Drones?] “We are basically going from boots on the ground to boots in the air,” said David Aguilar, deputy commissioner for Customs and Border Protection.

    • Right on the heels of Sheriff Joe’s inability to check out the immigration status of people suspected of whatever crimes, we have this notification. Anyone see a pattern here of protecting those illegals and not taking care of the US? Remember Gov. Brewer asking for more Nat. Guard troops on the border? Now they will be leaving. As I recall she tenaciously begged for more federal assistance, those guards that arrived were given desk jobs. [those were the boots on the ground and propped up on a desk!) Now good old Naps etc., are removing 900 desk jockeys. Brilliant. Watch out Arizona, your troubles are just beginning. Thank Holder, Obama and your former governor, Napolitano. More power to the cartels, Yea! The propaganda begins on how smart and efficient they will be now.

      Cost of $60 million? What would be the cost of 5,000+ troops on the real ground not having to utilize all the expensive gear? Speaking of jobs…here was an opportunity! I don’t know how much border patrol agents make, but increasing the number of humans on salaries along the border would make economic sense. Hey, they could help build the fences too! Taking those 50 ICE guys out of Joe’s office, and assigning them to the new border guards might increase the deportation of the ones that are caught. I guess it depends on where the priorities are, and this administration wouldn’t know a real priority if it hit them in the …!

      • You know, as the GOVERNOR of AZ, isn’t Jan Commnder in Chief OF the AZ National Guard? She can summon her own militia to police her own state’s border. Why not?

        • AZ didn’t have the resources to pay them, that is why they wanted the Feds to come in on their dime, or give the state money to do the job the Feds are required by law to do.

          • Oh, I see. When did this administration ever allow the law to get in their way. One of the things they’re REQUIRED to do under the Constitution is protect states from INVASION. They’re not doing it.


    ICE won’t pick up the illegals from Sheriff Joe. So we see where Obama’s priorities are. More important to score political points with illegal alien voters and to punish someone who dares to question his lies than it is to fulfill his sworn Constitutional duty to protect our homeland from invasion.


    “Dozens of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s jail officers lined up at a news conference in Phoenix Wednesday to ceremoniously hand in their federal credentials a week after they were stripped of the ability to verify the immigration status of inmates.

    Arpaio spoke at the same news conference, saying he’s going to hold the federal government to its promise to send 50 federal agents to do such screening in his jail. But he predicted there will be illegal immigrants in jail who won’t be deported and will be put back on streets.

    “I want to see how many agents are going to be coming to our jail,” the sheriff said. “I want to see how long it will take for 50 agents from across the country to work in our jails.””


    “The sheriff also confirmed the Obama investigation has broadened beyond an examination of whether or not the birth certificate made public by the White House on April 27 is an authentic document. The probe, he said, is examining Obama’s history in regard to his eligibility to be president under Article 2, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution.

    He said his team has amassed hundreds of pages of documentation and taken testimony from dozens of experts in preparation for a final phase of field investigation

    In the interview with WND, he cited a tabloid’s report that the White House is in a “panic” over the investigation.

    That report comes from the Globe, which cited sources inside the White House saying that Michelle Obama “is in a panic” over the review by professional investigators.

    Arpaio said he has no reason to doubt the report, as the times he has been quoted by the tabloid, the quotes have been accurate.

    “Someone must pick up the Globe at the supermarket and deliver it to the White House,” he told WND.””

    And I wish MO a very merry, panicky Christmas. Well they should panic.

    • Anyone got an address in Hawaii? I’d invest the money for the Globe and postage to send them a copy to put under their palm tree. If not, why not have few thousand copies of the Globe awaiting their return to the People’s House. We could cause some additional panic both coming and going!

      A month to go before we hear the report from Sheriff Joe!

    • Joe was talking about the Globe article from earlier in the month. An article about the Panic is below. The author is not a fan of Joe’s.

      Joe Arpaio Cites The Globe’s “Inside”White House Sources About First Lady’s “Panic” Over Sheriff’s “Birther” Probe
      By James King Tue., Dec. 6 2011

      Arpaio, who applauds supermarket tabloids as having “the best journalistic stories,” is running with The Globe’s absurd claim, “tweeting” the following on his Twitter page this afternoon:

      “In this week’s Globe, inside sources in the White House stated the FLOTUS is in a panic over my investigation into Obama’s legal status.

      • I heard that Perry was campaigning with JOE! Way to go, Perry. Be not afraid.

      • Did anybody post this yet? The ACLU has a petition demanding Arpaio’s resignation. This petition, so far, is ahead of them:

        • I’ve seen multiple petitions against Joe. Was glad to sign the one supporting him! FYI, the site was really slow in opening. All those for law and order..let Joe know!

          The Left is on the rampage against Joe…doing what they are known for doing. They are attacking him worse than what they did to Sarah Palin. The Cold Case Posse is getting their goat! They don’t know what to expect. How dare a Sheriff not cave in to Eric the Corrupt and Bam Bam the usurper?

          • That’s why I was surprised to hear that it’s not working on Perry. He’s campaigning WITH Joe. So does Perry know how the wind is REALLY blowing, with regard to the immigration issue? I suspect so.

    Sheriff Joe targeted for ouster
    Faces ‘resign now’ campaign as Cold Case Posse prepares Obama eligibility report
    January 3, 2011

    Just as famed Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is preparing to release results of his investigation of Barack Obama’s eligibility for Arizona’s 2012 ballot, a top-gun activist who led a successful campaign to recall a key Arpaio ally is now targeting the sheriff himself.

    In the coming weeks, it will be decided whether transplanted radical attorney-activist and “community organizer” Randy Parraz can force Arpaio to resign before the sheriff’s Cold Case Posse has a chance to deliver a report in February. Parraz, who has made his career applying Saul Alinsky-style community organizer tactics for radical leftist movements in the U.S. and Canada, has told WND that Arpaio “has to go.”

    Arpaio’s response: “No way will I resign,” he told WND.

    Parraz’s skills as a leftist political activist are not to be underestimated. Last year, he helped lead the recall campaign that removed long-time Arizona State Senate President Russell Pearce after Pearce championed the passage of Arizona’s tough immigration bill, SB 1070. With Pearce gone, Parraz has set his sites on Arpaio. “Our focus right now is to hold Sheriff Arpaio accountable for what he has done – his abuse of power, the corruption, all the things he has done under his leadership,” Parraz told WND in a telephone interview. “We need to have a fresh start; we need to get him out. Parraz said “the only way we can do this is to engage the citizens in a way in which they have never been engaged before.”

    He has focused his strategy on the five-person Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, the governing body that directly oversees the operation of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. “We are going to the Jan. 11 meeting of the Board of Supervisors to get placed on the agenda the recent Department of Justice and the report of the 400 uninvestigated sex crimes,” he explained.A vote of three of the five supervisors or a decision by the chairman is required to get an item placed on the board’s agenda.

    Parraz’s maneuver is strictly political, since the Board of Supervisors lacks the authority to force the sheriff to resign.

    If at first you don’t succeed … This is by no means Parraz’s first attempt to pressure the Board of Supervisors to demand Arpaio’s resignation. A few weeks ago, Parraz tried his maneuver without success at the Dec. 14 board meeting. He appeared with about 100 members of his non-profit group, Citizens for a Better Arizona, to get his complaints against Arpaio placed on the agenda. Undeterred, Parraz now intends to make a repeat appeal to the board at its Jan. 11 meeting.

  17. Flaunting his resume and stance in the support of LAW AND ORDER and the support of citizens Against his opposition….Obama, the DOJ, Napolitano, ICE, and the lawless radicals associated with Parraz! Go Joe!

    Sheriff Arpaio announces reelection campaign!
    January 5, 2011 10:56 AM

    PHOENIX – Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced that he’s running for reelection Thursday morning.

    In an email to ABC15, MCSO said Arpaio’s campaign has raised $6 million so far for a sixth four-year term as sheriff. “It is an honor and a privilege to serve as sheriff of Maricopa County,” Arpaio said.

    The 79-year-old sheriff also considered seeking another office, such as the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Senator Jon Kyl, according to MCSO.

    MCSO said his campaign committee will actively fundraise until the November election.

  18. Supporters of Joe can smile at this one! Parraz’ isn’t getting many to support his protests..probably because they are all illegals and didn’t want to get caught by the Sheriff’s department! Tee Hee. ONE!

    Protest against Sheriff Arpaio FLOPS
    Jan. 10, 2012 Snips

    Supporters in full force, vastly out numbering single protestor

    WND News covers the failed protest — a single protestor showed up — that took place at the beginning of the 2012 legislative session yesterday.

    Radical activist Randy Parraz’s efforts to rev up a crowd fizzled although his group had a permit to assemble. Approximately 50 sworn officers were on-site.

    A crowd of supporters of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, former Senate President Russell Pearce and Gov. Jan Brewer were highly visible as pictures in the link indicate.

  19. The Left is continuing their assault on Sheriff Joe with Parraz and the DOJ colluding to bring him down. Parraz’s wife has joined him to create more chaos in AZ.

    Alinsky-style leftist ramps up effort to oust Sheriff Joe
    Launches 1-2 punch before lawman’s press conference on Obama’s eligibility

    Feb. 23 Jerome Corsi

    Having failed to disrupt the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors recent meetings, political operative Randy Parraz, a self-described “organizer,” and a small group of activists operating under the cover of Parraz’s newly formed organization are intensifying their efforts to force Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to resign.

    WND has reported that Parraz has not been able to bring out more than a handful of protesters in recent demonstrations organized by Citizens for a Better Arizona against the Board of Supervisors, the governmental body that oversees the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. Parraz’s latest attacks against Arpaio include a television commercial and the promotion of a young female associate — who according to records lives with Parraz — to run for a seat on the Board of Supervisors.

    WND previously reported that Parraz appears to be coordinating efforts with the Department of Justice to discredit Arpaio ahead of the sheriff’s March 1 press conference in which he plans to release the preliminary results of his office’s Cold Case Posse investigation of Barack Obama’s birth certificate and his eligibility to be president.

    WND examined a timeline in which steps taken by Parraz against Arpaio appeared to be working in conjunction with steps taken by Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez, head of the civil rights division at the U.S. Department of Justice, a former board member for Casa de Maryland, a Hispanic advocacy group affiliated with the radical national organization La Raza.

    Perez and the DOJ have brought a complaint against Arpaio, charging that the MCSO under Arpaio’s direction has implemented a systematic policy of discrimination against the federal civil rights of Hispanics. To date, Perez has refused to make public the evidence the DOJ claims to have assembled to support the civil rights complaint.

    New one-two punch

    This week Parraz orchestrated a new one-two punch against Arpaio.
    On Wednesday, Parraz and Citizens for a Better Arizona paid $6,000 to run a 30-second commercial against Arpaio for viewers in Arizona watching CNN’s coverage of the Republican Party presidential debate.

    On Feb. 13, Lilia Alverez, a co-founder of Citizens for a Better Arizona, filed to run for the Board of Supervisors in Maricopa County’s District 3 against incumbent Andy Kunasek, a strong Arpaio supporter. [Typical Leftist where the woman keeps her name yet she is the wife of Parraz.]According to public records, Parraz and Alvarez live together in Scottsdale. Informed sourced believe they are married.

    The Parraz-engineered TV commercial, seen below, charges without proof that Arpaio has “wasted over $50 million” in taxpayer money, while allowing violent crime,s including homicides, to rise in Maricopa County under his watch.

    In the Huffington Post interview, Parraz identified himself as an “organizer on the ground,” admitting that being a community organizer has been his “skill set and profession for the past 16 years.”

    Parraz also disclosed to the Huffington Post that his next target, after Arpaio, will be to run a recall election against Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, saying he was in Washington, D.C., “to hold all extreme politicians accountable in Arizona.”

    Using techniques perfected by radical community organizer Saul Alinsky, Parraz demonized Arpaio. Rattling off a list of Arizona political figures, he branded embattled Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu as having drunk “the same kool-aid” as former Arizona Senate president Russell Pierce and Arpaio, “using anti-immigrant, close-the-border, crack-down mentality to build his own political career.”

    Throughout the interview, Parraz made repeated Alinsky-like attempts to isolate and marginalize his political opponents, all the while asserting his values and the values of his organization were in accord with mainstream Arizonans. He dismissed supporters of Arpaio, on the other hand, as nothing more than “Tea Party extremists.”

    • Skill set. That’s rich! ROFLMAO.

      Hey, if this doesn’t work, watch for them to haul out some babe to say Arpaio hit on her. Or maybe they’ll send one to his room sometime. I hope Joe is NEVER alone and always has a witness. These people are ruthless.

      Perez and Parraz. What a pair.

      • It is really Perez, Parraz and Parraz now; the P3’s. Community organizers have a skill set? Well sure, we can see all those finely honed skills at work by the community organizer in chief. Is there a list of qualifications for this so called job? Is it really a job? Are these the personal qualifications or abilities that are necessary for the job? Divisive, antagonistic, irresponsible, argumentative, lying, conniving, cheating, thieving, and immoral? The ability to be an inciter is a plus!

        They represent Radical Racist La Raza, the group that is still trying to get their voices heard. These racists intent is to get back part of the US that belonged once to Mexico. They should put their energy into fixing their own native country rather than trying to dismantle the place where they are now living.

        Mexico is still a 3rd world country in my estimation, and they are located right next to one of the most prosperous nations, yet they haven’t learned anything. That country is in chaos and are bringing it to the US. What would they do with the land if they got it? Build a few more cinder-block homes? We only have to look south to see how socialism is working for them. But they get free health care and education!

  20. He will win re-election.

  21. I was just lookin at some of the Governors races and in my old home NC. That’s Beverly Perdue’s tromping grounds and she aint runnin no mo, thank goodness. But looks like nobody there of the democrat nature wants her job real bad either. I think after all the scandalous democrat “two steppin” that’s been taking place there for a few years now, things don’t look so good for a democrat to take the stage. I did see where Lt. Gov. was going to run for her seat, brave soul that he must be.I think there’s at least four republicans lookin to run for her job. Anyway with this news, Obama may not get that Southern Democrat hospitality he once got in North Carolina, and the unemployment is 9something percent. And there’s a republican(I think she’s a republican) from Charlotte also running for Gov., the mayor of Charlotte actually, which is where they plan the Democrat Convention this year, so what do you think the chances of Obama gettin what he got last time in NC? Well, anyway, I’ll be surprised if Obama can take North Carolina this time around…I think they’ve about had it with Dems. for awhile unless voter FraUD still works for NC.

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