Third World Style Corruption

Hunter Biden is waging lawfare against those who exposed the disgraceful and perhaps criminal contents of his forfeited laptop, in what Jonathan Turley calls a “dirty political trick.”

Turley references a column he wrote for

… the New York Post on the letters sent by Hunter Biden’s lawyer Abbe Lowell calling for criminal investigations, the removal of tax exempt status, and other measures targeting critics and media. It also appears to confirm that the laptop is indeed Hunter’s. However, the next day, Lowell told NBC “These letters do not confirm Mac Isaac’s or others’ versions of a so-called laptop.” It is a curious position when asking for criminal investigations like asking police to look for people who may or may not have stolen a car that may or may not be yours. The defamation and privacy claims suggested in the letter are dubious and ill-defined. However, Hunter is apparently asking for money to pay for his high-priced legal team. It is not clear if these donations would also be used to fund his cruel and craven effort to prevent his daughter from using his surname. Nevertheless, Hunter is outraged that the computer that he abandoned has been used for what his lawyer calls “this failed dirty political trick.”

This sort of thing, siccing authorities on political enemies, abusing power via connections to those who can inflict such damage on political enemies, is nothing new for the Biden family. Tucker Carlson recently compared the Bidens to the family of Saddam Hussein:

You know you’re living in a non-democracy when it’s dangerous to displease the ne’er do well children of the supreme leader. If you were, for example, at a red light in pre-invasion Baghdad and Uday Hussein came screaming up behind you, drunk in his Lamborghini, you got the hell out of the way, and you did not complain about it. And you didn’t complain about it because Uday’s dad ran the place and you did not want to make him mad. You might wind up like the members of his personal soccer team who dared to miss penalty kicks.

That’s what third world countries are like. All citizens are not equal in countries like that. Power derives from proximity to power, and that means the second most powerful people in a country like that are the children of the president. And very often they don’t have jobs and are addicted to something. That’s the way it works in places like that. And for a long time, that system seemed very foreign to most Americans. They were used to living in a democracy. They could barely even imagine it.

Carlson also talked about how the Biden administration inserted the FBI into the issue of Biden’s daughter’s abandoned diary, carelessly left under a mattress at a home had she lived in, as a guest, after drug rehab:

And in that diary, Ashley Biden recounted how her father had taken showers with her when she was young, and she attributed her later sexual compulsions to that experience with her father.

So by any standard, that seemed like clear evidence of abuse and yet no law enforcement agency, so far as we know, ever asked Joe Biden about it. Instead, once Joe Biden became president, his FBI raided the home of journalist James O’Keefe and seized the evidence. Ashley Biden’s diary was taken by force and has never been seen again.

Turley’s column brings to mind yet another incident of the abuse of power involving a Biden son. The bare facts of that incident are told in this article:

  • “Larry Sinclair accused then-Presidential candidate Barack Obama of engaging with him in drug use and homosexual acts.”
  • “Larry posted a video on YouTube regarding his specific allegations of sex and drug use with Obama.”
  • “Attorney General of Delaware (and the late son of Joe Biden), Beau Biden, filed an Indictment against Larry charging theft of less than $1,000 and, anomalously, for an extradition warrant.”
  • Sinclair organized a Press Conference in Washington DC. “Immediately after the … Press Conference and while still at the National Press Club, Larry was arrested on the Delaware warrant and subsequently extradited to Delaware … [Biden’s home state]”
  • “[O]n August 28, 2008, Beau Biden filed a “nolle prosequi” or dismissal of the criminal case against Larry citing to the Court: “Insufficient Evidence”.
  • Sinclair’s lawyer stated that he “ordered the actual file of Larry’s Delaware Criminal case and paid to have it retrieved from the Delaware Clerk’s storage.  The Prothonotary of Delaware has refused to produce the file for my review despite my repeated requests. I believe that file will demonstrate that there was no evidence in support of the Delaware Warrant but rather it was a way for the Bidens to shut Larry up until after the election. It worked.

Curiously (or not), that very same week, Joe Biden was announced as Obama’s running mate. Quid pro quo?

You can view the Sinclair press conference here. Commenters seemed to agree that Sinclair’s allegations seem very credible. Sinclair made a statement after the charges were dismissed. Excerpts from his statement:

I was arrested in Washington, DC on June 18, 2008 by DC Police without ever being shown any warrant of any kind. DC Superior Court, Magistrate Judge A. Melendez, in cooperation with the office of US Attorney Jeff Taylor, ordered me held without ever producing any warrant, denied me medical access to prescribed medication, phone access to counsel and more.

On June 23, 2008 I was turned over to the custody of the Delaware Attorney Generals Office [that would be Beau Biden] and driven to Wilmington, Delaware with no ID, no wallet (which the DC Police refused to allow me to carry with me upon my arrest on 6-18-08), where I was released on PR Bond. I was forced to remain in Delaware until July 4, 2008 to appear at a 7-03-08 arraignment, paid $10,500 in Attorney fees, forced to return to Delaware for a hearing on 8-11-08 (travel expenses), been accused by the Delaware Attorney General’s office of sending their employees threatening and disrespectful emails (completely untrue), and have been smeared by the Delaware News-Journal with completely false claims, with the same done by’s Ben Smith;; The New Republic; and more.

All of this by the way in the name of Barack H. Obama and Joseph R. Biden III.

To the January 6 arrestees, this would all sound quite familiar, being similarly treated as political prisoners by the Biden administration, in cooperation (once again) with the DC police.

A comprehensive overview of the case can be found at this link.

Political prisoners are nothing new with the Biden family, saintly deceased son included. Also nothing new is the recruitment/assistance of online trolls, aka “bloggers,” who were instrumental in having Sinclair arrested.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Typical M.O. for this “family.”



63 responses to “Third World Style Corruption

  1. Look! A squirrel!!!!!

    O, the quality of mercy. Whilst all were looking skyward, hoping to spot that balloon, Biden inexplicably frees a 9/11 terrorist:

    “As the whole country was preoccupied with the Chinese spy balloon last week, one of the 9/11 terrorist planners was quietly released from Guantanamo Bay in Cuba by the Biden regime.

    On Thursday, Majid Khan, now 42, was moved to Belize, his legal team announced.

    “Today, more than 16 years after he was brought to Guantánamo Bay and almost a year after he completed a military commission sentence there, pursuant to a plea and cooperation agreement with U.S. authorities, Majid Khan was transferred to Belize,” his legal team said in a statement.

    Khan is one of the few detainees to be relocated to the Western Hemisphere and the first to be resettled under the Biden regime. …”

    Resettled, huh. Surely he’s going to stay there in Belize. And not plan anything else or be in contact with other terrorists.

    Gentle dew from heaven.

  2. Oh, SURELY NOT!!! The Postal Service would NEVER do this, would they? I mean, helping steal an election is one thing but …

    “A lawsuit filed by the union watchdog group Americans For Fair Treatment (AFFT) alleges that the US Postal Service may have shared the private information of as many as 68 million households with labor unions. The information was gathered by customers who requested free Covid tests.

    Joe Biden touted his “free Covid tests” and encouraged tens of millions of Americans to sign up. The required form included asking for full name, email address and postal address. Because consumers wanted to receive the kits, the information was likely accurate and complete.

    But was this scheme really a massive data collection to help Democrats and unions?

    AFFT discovered language unique to the Covid test initiative that states that USPS is allowed to ‘disclose your information to third parties without your consent’, including ‘labor organizations as required by applicable law.’ …”

    What will they think of next? How’s about sharing that accurate information with ELECTION WATCHDOG GROUPS and/or those who are supposed to maintain accurate voting lists? Now that would be a public service that the post office ought to be happy to provide. After all, they’re the ones who are supposed to know where everybody REALLY lives.

  3. This story, if accurate, would seem to indicate that everyone should STOP BEING JABBED, ASAP!!!

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  5. These are the sort of people who are so beloved that they win elections in landslides!

    Must be a bunch of racist, bigoted, homophobic malcontents.

  6. The Latest Press >>> Defense of Hunter Biden Is Absolutely Shameless <<<

    Presidents and former administration officials almost always leave office and make lots of money due to relationships they forged while in office. Joe Biden himself went from being relatively poor for a politician to being a multi-millionaire in just a few years after leaving the Obama administration. Much of that came from sweetheart opportunities due to having been vice president. Obama himself is fabulously wealthy now, and it’s not because of his books.

    Secondly, Hunter Biden is accused of actual crimes while Kushner appears to have done everything legally. Further, Kushner also didn’t do crack while hiring prostitutes after allegedly buying guns illegally and cheating on his taxes. But details, am I right?

    • These people who make these false equivalencies have no actual belief in what they say. They know they’re lying but their entire purpose is to fool as many of the people they can, as often as they can. Sadly, our country is full of people who WANT to be fooled and/or are too lazy to find out the TRUTH.

  7. If Biden Blew Up Nord Stream 2, Should He Be Impeached for Committing an Act of War Against a Nuclear Power without Congressional Consent?

  8. If Y’all go over toRealrawnewsdotcom, you know what I mean,
    you can read their brief saying that the former surgeongeneral has been convicted by a military trybunal and a deth sentence imposed.

    Now the question has to be is this news source legit or are they the LameCherry of this decade?
    by which I mean Mr/ Cherry used to tell us that all the stuff thyat we always worried was true really was true. But in the end it all became more like counter-intel and I gave it up.

    With RRN almost no correlation checking is possible, with the exception of one recent story. They said that balloon was not Red Chinese (99 red balloons, by Lena) but actually our’s. Hmmm,
    every single mainstraem media station is covering it.
    Except news just emerged that the balloon has US electronic componentry inside of it!

    The MSM just ran with that too – saying it showed how deeply our country had been penetrated.
    UH? Deep enough to invoke that 1807 insurrection act? Nope, they didn’t ask that question.
    This is an example of what I call unintentional mainstream correlation.

    Durn! I sure am making a lot of speeling errors today! I hope I’m not being too corny. What a time – we need Rocky and Bullwinkle
    right here, right now.

    • This is on the “about us” page, so fwiw: “Information on this website is for informational and educational and entertainment purposes. This website contains humor, parody, and satire. We have included this disclaimer for our protection, on the advice on legal counsel. …”

      I haven’t read the linked article yet.

      • All the alternative news websites have that exclusionary statement. Well, wait, I can’t use the word “all” but x22report, healthrangerreports also protect themselves in the same way.
        Hold the Press!
        I just checked Amazingpolly and she does NOT use that just joking around statement.

        • Yeah, I wondered about that. I thought maybe it was a way to keep from being censored because “satire” is exempt from some social media bans and also from libel, iirc. Hey, maybe we should use it. I’m always “joking around.”

  9. ….GO JILLY >> GO BRANDON …. U suckers!!!
    Fans Blaming First Lady Jill Biden For Eagles Super Bowl Loss

  10. ‘Shoot Me. I’m Not stopping!’: U-Haul driver Mows down New Yorkers in ‘rampage’
    ‘High-speed chase veered onto sidewalks at times’

  11. .. HA’ BIG SHOT > Newsom, Inc. REALLY $$$$ a JOKE?

    “Legalized” pay-to-play in California – the Newsom’s create problems, “solve” them, and cash checks along the way.

  12. SILLy … SILLY …
    “Biggest Sellout”: Rihanna Ripped by Viewers for Super Bowl Perfomance

  13. HEY .. >BIG’ $PENDER !!!! .. > NANCY PELO$I <>> During >>> Pelosi’s Speakerships ….O’ $URE ha’

    Thus, during Trump’s administration the total federal debt increased by $7,804,591,681,202.28.

    That is 24.81 percent of the total federal debt of $31,455,106,801,791.45 that
    the Government maintained as of Feb. 7, 2023, the day Biden delivered his State of the Union Address.

  14. Laura Ingraham: Trans ‘Care’ Has Become the Left’s Latest CaSh COW > by Following the COVID Playbook … do > U SEE IT ?

    “And, let’s face it: Gender-Tran$ition $urgeries bring $$ ca$h-Strapped hospital$ BIG $ money. My friends, this is not $cience.

  15. House Oversight Committee Chair Questions if JOE Biden Is Compromised
    ….. &

    South Side Chicago Residents OutRaged as City Spends Millions Housing Border Crossers in Abandoned School ….B S !!!

    Earlier this month, Lightfoot’s administration began housing border crossers in Wadsworth Elementary School ???


    MSU mass shooting suspect ID’d: Man who pled guilty to gun crime but Avoided Prison

    ‘This truly has been a nightmare we’re living’ YEP !!! 24/7 !!!

    • Why is it that every time the perp is a “POC” they say the motive isn’t known? Whenever it’s a white person, WITHOUT EVIDENCE, they immediately play the race/hate crime card. It’s only a matter of time before they start in with the poor pitiful deluded oppressed mentally ill victim of white supremacy. Did Biden lower flags to half staff? (Or maybe only for the black victim(s)?) Why is it, also, that even though the media keep pointing out how many mass shootings there are recently, they NEVER lay it at the feet of Biden or connect any of it to his rhetoric, as they do with Trump? Well, in any case, no doubt all these incidents are Trump’s fault because he’s the “go to” scapegoat for anything that happens to diminish Biden’s poll numbers. btw, Trump probably caused that train wreck that’s currently polluting half the country and killing animals, wild and domestic. When’s Biden going to declare THAT a national emergency?

    WHAT a sneaky bunch of TURDS …. some LOOK UP 2 !

    Report: Jim Biden confessed he was hired ‘because’ he’s Joe’s Bro
    Secret $140 million deal was with Saudis

  18. Exclusive: Secret China Donations to University of Delaware Soared After Opening of the Biden Institute

    …Including over $1 Million from Chinese Government!

    Emails Reveal:

    -Hunter and Business Partners Planned Joe’s ‘Future Earnings Potential’
    -Biden Family Sought to Boost ‘Biden Brand’ and ‘Wealth Creation’
    -Joe’s Academic Ventures to Operate ‘Like the Clinton Global Initiative’

    White House: ‘No Indication of Aliens or Extraterrestrial Activity…’

  20. Letter to Jim Jordan, Chair of the Judiciary Committee,
    Request for Investigation
    February 13, 2023 | 12 Comments

  21. IS >> Donald Trump 2024 >>> Worth The Fight?

    TrumpWon …. Yes, yes, yes & more Yes.

    Any candidate now or later that is Infected with $wamp Disease
    or uni-partyitis will only continue the managed Decline of our country.

    MAGA is the only way to reform the current state of our nation.

    • He’s the ONLY one worth the fight. Don’t they know that by now? We the People CANNOT let the swamp win. If Trump were the WORST ever, it would still be worthwhile to put him back in office because he was OUR CHOICE in 2016 and WE THE PEOPLE rule, not the Deep State and all their minions, who DEPRIVED WE THE PEOPLE OF OUR PRESIDENT. btw, Trump was among the very BEST, even with more than one hand tied behind his back.

    • Yeah, well. It’s ABOUT TIME, isn’t it? They have known about this for at least as long as WE have, which is pretty long. “Possible.” That’s rich. No doubt, they’ll say it was “rogue” agents and fire some nameless people and that will be that. Where are the federal gun charges, though? Hmm? How is it that all the people who currently rot in prison on similar charges are not screaming about the double standard, especially, let’s say, about “white privilege” not to mention “rich privilege” or “Daddy’s little boy privilege?”

    • Keep in mind, too: WE THE PEOPLE PROBABLY PAID FOR ALL THIS HELP, by which I mean the air fare, hotel rooms, etc. for the agents who went to help little Hunter boy.

  22. This one is really something, although you won’t be reading about this in the mainstream media:

    The MAIN evidence against the Proud Boy defendant–the alleged PLAN for the insurrection/coup–was WRITTEN BY an intel asset and he told the defendant’s girlfriend to email it to the defendant days before Jan. 6. There’s NO EVIDENCE the guy even ever saw, opened, read, adopted this “plan.” In fact, from what I remember, the guy wasn’t even there on Jan. 6.


    Sen. JohNNY!!! Fetterman checks himself into hospital for Clinical Depression treatment

    Fetterman, 53, was Taken to George Washington University Hospital on Feb. 8 after Feeling lightheaded during a Democratic Party retreat. He was released two days later and was back in the Senate on Monday.

  24. Not the Bee ….. >>>> What a time to be alive

  25. >>> >>> >>> POLITICS
    Georgia grand jury recommends perjury indictments in Trump election meddling probe … 4 HOURS AGO

    @ DRUDGE
    INDICTMENT WATCH: Trump grand jury recommends perjury… Developing…

    Parts of Georgia report released…

    The Don’s desperate election meddling…

    Criminal charges remained sealed?

    • It’s a special, phony Grand Jury. They can’t indict. All they can do is “indict” in the news. It’s special so that they can get around the law about leaking/revealing grand jury information. It’s lawfare.

  26. Joe Biden. From C’mon Man <> to Nowhere Man !

    He’s as Blind as he can be
    Just sees what he Wants to see
    Nowhere man, can you see me at all
    Nowhere man Don’t worry
    Take your time, don’t Hurry
    Leave it all ’til somebody else
    Lends you a hand

    • Here’s Biden’s method of running the government:
      1. Hide
      2. Take orders from Barry over phone.
      3. When something happens, blame Trump.
      4. Insist it’s an inherited problem from TRUMP.
      5. Insist it happened under Trump, too, and he did nothing.
      6. Lie.
      7. Take a nap.
      8. Go back to 1. and repeat.

  27. Sen. Fetterman Checks Into Hospital 4 SeverE DepressioN


  28. >>>> …. NO to Nikki Harris …. LOVE IT!!!

    Policy is secondary for both, really. Like liberalism was for Kamala, conservatism is the fake hobby horse Nikki hopes to use to ride into DC and a gig as veep before taking the big step into the Oval Office down the road. But there’s no evidence she actually believes in conservatism as we understand it in 2023.


    … Finds MO’ Biden Documents After Search At University Of Delaware

    Over 1,850 boxes of DOC-uments from Biden’s time in the
    >>> Senate are stored in the University of Delaware library.

    Spread the love

    • All of this is what these balloons were distracting from. They had to beat Judicial Watch to the punch, BEFORE they got hold of the information buried at the Delaware University. I think it was Judicial Watch that’s been trying to get access to all that stuff. My guess is they were on the verge of getting that access so Biden had to send the FBI in to go through it all to disappear whatever makes him look bad or, worse, criminal. Just as the Secret Service was dispatched, on our dime, to help bury Hunter’s gun fiasco. I’m sure they got inside dope on how the Delaware courts would rule and perhaps knew that Judicial Watch would get access and so had to beat them to it to sanitize, “cauterize” the papers of embarrassing or criminal papers. They’re part of the ongoing investigation, they say, and so they WILL NOW BE ALL LOCKED UP UNTIL THE INVESTIGATIONS ARE OVER, WHICH WILL BE NEVER.

  30. Pitting us in ideological Battles, Amplifying hateful moments & stories in ALL of Humanity all of the time — it is a great way to Build an Audience & Sell ads. It’s also an effective way to make people FEEL’ ,,, angry, isolated, anxious, & distrustful of Others. And, just like a Slot machine, our social apps Reward the Pleasure centers in our Brains with likes, shares, & comments when we Participate — commenting on that divisive video or sharing that Snarky meme. … It’s systemic. … It’s diabolical. … And it works.


    We Must Defend Black History Month …… ??????? & ….

    • Have you noticed that it’s not black HISTORY but black reinvented history? Simultaneously they will praise an educated and accomplished black person, like scientist George Washington Carver, but then teach the “reality” that until very recently blacks were not ALLOWED to even learn to read much less go to school. They celebrate and preserve, for example, black schoolhouses while at the same time they teach the “reality” that blacks weren’t allowed to learn to read or be educated and all the little black children spent every waking moment slaving for “the white man.” They teach that ALL white people are to blame for slavery, one way or another, even those who descend from people who didn’t even come to this country until after the slaves were all freed. All lies, but taught as black “history.”

    • Do you ever watch old movies? We’re taught that blacks weren’t allowed to have jobs, were kept in the background, weren’t in schools, were ignored in the media. And yet, watch the old movies and you will see well-dressed black people in restaurants, among white people; black people in bus stations and on trains, with white people; black kids playing with white kids (Little Rascals, Our Gang, etc.); black kids who were STARS of movies and TV shows; black singers and dancers featured in movies; movies that featured only black people; black movie stars (like Lena Horne), etc. The narrative is contradicted every day on TCM. The blacks were not, btw, looked down upon or spoken ill of in the movies, either. Sure, there was discrimination and segregation and racism. But it wasn’t universal. Many, many, many white people were NOT racist and did not mistreat or ignore black people. When I was a kid, before the Civil Rights movement, whites worked with blacks and had black friends. In Catholic schools, white kids went to school with black kids, BEFORE schools were “desegregated.” That’s the kind of history that’s not taught–all the white people who did NOT behave in a racist, discriminatory way towards blacks. Instead, chip on their shoulders, the activists writing the fantasy “history” paint all whites with the same broad brush.

  31. … go > ANNIE … busy busy … > LADY …

    * A collection of essays on the over-arching psycho-spiritual pathology afflicting the world today: Diabolical Narcissism. From political, business and religious criminality, to sexual perversion, to abusive personal relationships – nearly every societal malady today can be traced back to the modern explosion in Diabolical Narcissism. This companion piece to Ann Barnhardt’s groundbreaking 2016 video presentation is a must for anyone interested in or victimized by the dark side of human nature – when human beings freely choose to purge themselves of love and truly become Hell’s Mercenaries.

    Diabolical Narcissism
    Ann Barnhardt

    • Very, very true, unfortunately. It’s obvious everywhere we look. So narcissistic and completely irrational in idealogy/cognition. The very same people who virtue signal as if they are simply the most caring, most loving, most unselfish people are the very ones who DEMAND that everyone around them pander to their “comfort.” THEY have safe spaces, but there’s no safe space for you. THEY have free speech, but you don’t. THEY can demand that YOU speak the way THEY want you to and THEY alone get to define what words mean, such as woman, man, sex, and gender, and THEY unilaterally get to change hundreds of years of English grammar, ordering everyone to use plural pronouns AS IF they are singular, forcing everyone around them to get their brains all tied up in knots trying to figure out who’s the subject or object of sentences! YOU have no right to determine your own reality, how YOU see the world. No, THEY ALONE get to reify their own delusions and then FORCE YOU, upon pain of losing your jobs, your friends, your family, maybe even your freedom, to not only accept their fantasies but to avow openly that they are reality and not delusions.

  32. ….. >>>> POLITICAL HAY ….. 4 S U R E !

    Pennsylvania Gov. Shapiro’s Fetterman Problem
    Senator, a stroke victim,
    …… & now hospitalized … 4 clinical depression.
    Time for A Resignation???? >>> …. R U ALL … NUTS ???

    • The entire situation is so ridiculous. OBVIOUSLY he wasn’t fit to run much less to serve. They just wanted to be sure to keep a Republican out of the Senate. They’ve managed that so far. All they need to do is keep Fetterman on his feet enough to show up to vote. Or are they going to allow him to vote by proxy? If they ever NEED his vote, they’ll probably wheel him in no matter what state he’s in to rubber stamp whatever the DemoncRATS demand.

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