President’s Day Weekend Open Thread 2023

This Monday we celebrate Presidents’ Day:

Presidents’ Day is an American holiday celebrated on the third Monday in February. Originally established in 1885 in recognition of President George Washington, it is still officially called “Washington’s Birthday” by the federal government. Traditionally celebrated on February 22—Washington’s actual day of birth—the holiday became popularly known as Presidents’ Day after it was moved as part of 1971’s Uniform Monday Holiday Act, an attempt to create more three-day weekends for the nation’s workers. While several states still have individual holidays honoring the birthdays of Washington, Abraham Lincoln and other figures, Presidents’ Day is now popularly viewed as a day to celebrate all U.S. presidents past and present.

We here take exception to the notion of including the so-called current POTUS in the Presidents’ Day celebration. Therefore, we shall instead celebrate President Lincoln as well as our former (and the real) president:

MAGA, Mr. President!

Happy belated birthday to President Lincoln:

And happy early birthday to our first president:

Enjoy your President’s Day holiday weekend.



30 responses to “President’s Day Weekend Open Thread 2023

  1. Wishing everybody a good weekend. Weather’s been pretty good lately. Get out there and get some sunlight. It does wonders for the immune system. Mardi Gras is Tuesday, too. There are parades for it this weekend. CELEBRATE! Spring is coming.

  2. Where is Greta Thunberg,
    Al Gore & …..
    John Kerry >>> O N Ohio disaster?: Tomi Lahren

    ‘The Big Saturday Show’ co-hosts react to FEMA announcing it will finally head to the Ohio train derailment site, two weeks after the disaster.

    • Good question! I read somewhere that 9 of the 11 cars lost all their toxic contents that soaked into the ground! Funny how Trump saying he’d go there suddenly got some action from Biden. Here’s their attitude: We don’t represent YOU unless you voted for us and support us. We represent ONLY those who vote for us. This is obvious with the DemoncRATS and Biden especially. The mayor of the city in which I live is black. She acts and speaks AS IF she only is the mayor of the city’s blacks. She makes no bones about it. You see this in the rhetoric of most black politicians. NEVER do they act as if they care about or represent the whites who live in their districts, whether or not they voted for them. It’s obvious. We have a U.S. representative who is a black activist. She, too, only acts as if she cares about and represents the black people of the district. In essence, anyone who is Republican or who is NOT black, is disenfranchised, has no representation whatsoever.


    And still they never learn and the never stop. You have to wonder about their shareholders. Do they enjoy not making much on their investments? How about their advertisers? Do they enjoy knowing that the potential audience is cut in half because of this bias? Is this a sensible business model?

  4. I REALLY cry bullshit on this one:

    First of all, where’s Jill? Second, where’s the Secret Service? He sits with his back to everyone and not to the wall, like anybody concerned with his safety would? They allow the POTUS to go into a public place, amongst the hoi polloi, and THEN they allow these notorious activists come in to shout at him and (allegedly) Jill, who’s nowhere to be seen. Again, B.S.! STAGED, if anything. But why?

    • Oh, ha, ha! She’s so white that she blends into the wall and so scrawny that I didn’t see her behind that guy’s head. Even so, a caring wife would put her at-risk husband with his back to the wall. Didn’t TV westerns teach her anything?

    • Sad to admit it, but I actually agree with Codepink’s take on the Ukraine War: END IT. STOP IT. NOW.

  5. I find it hard to believe that this is true. On the other hand, it’s not the first time and unfortunately surely not the last time Obama/Biden use their “pen” to flout the Constitution. He cannot make treaties all on his own! He cannot sign away our sovereignty. THIS alone deserves impeachment.

  6. Now I’m going to play devil’s advocate and at least try to be consistent in my ideology:

    I can’t stand the guy. He’s biased, obviously, and hateful and racist, among other things. But with regard to his stupid comment and sexist, too, about women being past their “prime” at a certain age, yeah. It’s offensive. It’s sexist, for sure, but it’s also very stupid. Very ignorant. Should be very embarrassing for him to have exposed himself for such a chauvinist, even though “gay,” but you don’t fire someone for being STUPID. His stupidity is its own punishment. He’s out there. He said it to the world and now he deserves and should be made to withstand the blowback, which he won’t do if he’s fired. Then he becomes a martyr and hero and victim. I don’t believe in this cancel crap. If we don’t want conservatives to lose jobs because of their free speech or opinions freely stated, then we shouldn’t be happy to see tit for tat and idiots like him get fired. EDUCATE him. That’s what free speech means. You talk. I talk. We educate each other to see things from another perspective. His lame apology shows he at least APPARENTLY “gets it” now. Even though a guy’s black and gay doesn’t mean he’s not way into that male supremacist ideology where men age “gracefully” but women are NOTHING MORE THAN sex objects (for men) and so are “past their prime” once they’re out of their 30s. btw, it’s not true. Women are only coming into their sexual powers in their 30s, while men are fading. Right?

  7. How about that clown show in Ukraine yesterday? What a joke. Nice touch, the FAKE air raid sirens. All to add a bit of atmosphere to their kabuki theater. Notice nobody flinched? Almost as if they expected it. This is what passes for a salute to the POTUS in “Keev?” Cute. Nice of Zelenskyy to dress up for the occasion and show a little respect to the representative (unfortunately) of the American People who are sending so many BILLIONS to him, while our own people (e.g. in Ohio) suffer, ignored by their POTUS all because it’s “red” country.


    Now since this wasn’t REALLY a grand jury, this may not apply; but the excuse that the illegality of the phone call, being taped from Florida, was hidden from the grand jury is sort of moot. A grand jury can issue subpoenas and ask for answers to anything, even things that aren’t pertinent to their purpose. The way I understand grand juries, they’re empaneled and can investigate ANYTHING they want to investigate. So they could have, if they cared and if they weren’t just a rubber stamp, hand-selected bunch of anti-Trump losers, ASKED for details about the recording. In fact, if I were on a jury like that, that’s the first thing I’d ask. Subpoena the recorder. Ask the purpose. Ask if it was legal. Ask to see proof that the parties were notified the call was being taped, ESPECIALLY since it was a call with the POTUS! Who set up the POTUS and what was the motivation? Of course, they’re not releasing everything from that special grand jury, are they? Maybe the jurors DID ask, but like with Jan. 6 committee, they’re cherry picking what they release.

    So this article implies that they only have “one topic” to investigate but can issue subpoenas. They’re supposed to look into issues around the 2020 election and the phone call. So did/would the judge allow them to subpoena and “investigate” how that phone call came about? Probably not, since it’s a kangaroo court designed to come up with one thing: hand picked, out of context information and allegations they could release to the media to smear Trump. Not to indict him, because they can’t and he can’t even be charged with perjury, which the grand jury IMPLIED, because they didn’t even question him. So it’s just more lawfare warfare with a complicit media to SMEAR Trump and try to damage him again.


    Illinois schools: “Just looking at 2022, 97.2% of teachers were rated excellent or proficient but only 29.9% of students can read at grade level. Meanwhile the new superintendent for schools statewide was picked from a district where only 2 out of 10 students can read at grade level. …”

    Teachers are ALL “above average” just like all the kids in Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegon. Actually, the NEARLY ALL OF THEM are excellent or proficient and yet they can only manage to teach, at best, a third of the kids to READ!

    This is where our tax dollars go again, and again, and again. How many times do taxpayers have to pay to teach kids to read? Once in elementary. Then “remedial” in high school. Then more “remedial” in junior college. Then even more “remedial” in university and guess what? They may not ever learn to read but they WILL matriculate with college degrees and then … Hello, DOCTOR Dumbshit.


    This sounds like a plan:

    “Speaking at a Club 45 rally in Palm Beach, Florida on George Washington’s Birthday, President Donald Trump explained what he would do to put an end to the war in Ukraine if he were reelected: “I would literally start calling, not from the day I took over, but from the night I won. And I’ll call two people… Putin… and Zelensky. And I’ll say we’re going to meet. I guarantee I could work that out. I’ll tell one guy this, and I’ll tell one guy that… We would have a deal made in 24 hours,” Trump said.

    Trump said that “continuing to pour money in” to Ukraine is delaying a peaceful settlement and “getting a lot of people killed.”

    “If you watch and understand the moves being made by Biden on Ukraine, he is systematically, but perhaps unknowingly, pushing us into what could soon be World War III. How crazy is that?” Trump wrote on Truth Social. …”

    VERY CRAZY and the MAJORITY of U.S. citizens agree with Trump.

  11. This is just such a sad, sad story. This beautiful, vibrant girl’s life is ruined because of “woke” policies of a Soros un-prosecutor:

    “A Tennessee volleyball player was walking in St. Louis City last week when she was struck by a car — and lost her legs after she was pinned to another car.

    It’s a horrible thing to happen – but it was preventable.

    Should the driver have been in jail?

    Daniel Riley was arrested for armed robbery, but Soros-backed prosecutor Kim Gardner and her team did not show up for the trial. They later refiled the charges and put the defendant on GPS monitoring. But the GPS monitoring went off 40 times before the crash — and the Soros prosecutor’s office did nothing about it. …”

    Not only is she silent about it, but the local paper didn’t even report about this case today. I wonder why.

  12. This is a brilliant use of AI, imho. The chatbot failures notwithstanding. (Latest news is they become like the most toxic troll on social media during conversations!)

    Someday soon, we may actually be able to speak intelligently with our animal companions. We’d have to be fools to believe that animals don’t have languages that THEY understand, even if we don’t. Anybody who pays attention knows that birds have vocabularies, at the very least. Even I, through experience and observation, can tell when a blue jay calls out whether it’s a hawk or a cat it’s warning its fellows about, based upon the type of cry it makes.

  13. W T F ?? … ??? GAMES R PLAYED as they PLAY W T P !!!

    DHS Secretary: A Secure Border Does Not Mean People Aren’t Able to Illegally Cross the Border

    #BAFTAsSoWhite? Ceremony Slammed for all-White winners three years after push to boost diversity
    Britain’s film academy previously changed voting procedures to help boost diversity among nominees

  15. Kyle Rittenhouse HIT with lawsuit from man he shot during
    2020 Kenosha clash: ‘Little bit of a shock’
    Rittenhouse says he will prove his innocence Again after he
    was acquitted on homicide charges

    • You can’t make this kind of stuff up. And yet, it will probably end up in court and cost him a lot of money, because judges these days don’t have the balls to dismiss cases like this out of hand.


    Remember this? We discussed it when it happened. It was ridiculous and unbelievable then and it’s not any better now. The UK paper (link in the story) doesn’t add anything to the tale except it sure sounds like the “finding” of the corpse was STAGED. Supposedly, cops were called because the staff at the place where he allegedly killed himself, where he was TRESPASSING for no known or logical reason (because why go there to kill himself?) … supposedly they didn’t call cops because they found a body. No, they were calling about his abandoned car. Then, the woman who reported the car just happened, while cops were there, to walk around to the back of the building that the car was in front of and suddenly spotted the body! Called the cops around to ask them if that was a person sitting there on the ground. The story at the UK paper implies that there was NO GUN FOUND, even though he supposedly shot (and hung) himself (talk about overkill!), but they did find a gun case and ammo in the trunk of his car. EPSTEIN connection, remember. Hey, whatever happened to the Epstein information that was going to be released? Anyway, just another one for the Clinton Arkancide dead pool.

  17. When Joe does it it’s okay, apparently. WHY NOW? Suddenly, Biden’s going to FOLLOW INTERNATIONAL LAW and tell asylum seekers that they can’t get it here if they passed through other countries first. Then, supposedly, I guess, he’s going to deny them entry or send them back. Guess the NYC complaints are making him look bad so he’s finally going to follow the law, if only to get poll numbers back up.

    Remember, this is TRUMP’S policy. When Trump did it, everybody in the mainstream and left “community” called him a racist bigot.

    • What I said elsewhere. He’s used this line before! And got criticized for it, but it doesn’t stop him. He’s back repeating, dwelling upon, relishing the story of the nurse who whispered in his ear. Seductively? In his mind, did she have a low cut uniform with a miniskirt? Was she like Marilyn singing “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” in her breathy voice? What a clown. Imagine if Trump said anything like this and repeatedly.

  18. Jill Biden hints strongly that Joe is running ??? REALLY???

    Video | Biden refers to Maryland’s black governor as ‘B O Y ’

    And speaks in Black Lingo when addressing him.
    What if a white Republican did this?
    From the man who used to praise Alabama segregationist George Wallace

    • It’s along the lines of Obama being “clean.” He is so clueless! He ranks up there with Don Lemon calling women past their prime at 30. What a couple of asses. At least Joe is an equal opportunity INSULTER.

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