Dead People Walking?

What’s behind the seeming rise of emerging and reemerging infectious and parasitic diseases, not only in the United States, but also around the world?

Diseases seldom, if ever, seen in the USA are cropping up with increased frequency.

Emerging diseases include HIV infections, SARS, Lyme disease, Escherichia coli O157:H7 (E. coli), hantavirus, dengue fever, West Nile virus, and the Zika virus.

Reemerging diseases are diseases that reappear after they have been on a significant decline. …

Reemerging diseases include malaria, tuberculosis, cholera, pertussis, influenza, pneumococcal disease, and gonorrhea.

Not mentioned above, another emerging disease in the news is monkeypox. Hitherto unknown in this country, monkeypox is a huge concern, so much so that researchers plan to test wastewater throughout the nation to get a better handle on its spread.

In addition, researchers will test for COVID-19 and its newer variants, influenza A and RSV. The latter is yet another infectious disease that is increasing its incidence as well as, unusually, showing up throughout the year.

Another emerging disease is melioidosis, which appeared in the U.S. this year.

Melioidosis is predominately a disease of tropical climates, especially in Southeast Asia and northern Australia where it is widespread. However, B. psuedomallei was also found in the environment along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi in the United States in 2022. CDC And state partners are investigating to determine how widespread the bacteria is within the continental United States.

Examples of recently reemerging diseases in the U.S. are polio and measles. A scourge of the mid-20th century, polio was eradicated here, but is now reappearing:

New York officials are warning that hundreds of Empire state residents may already be infected with the devastating polio virus after it was detected in wastewater of a second county in the state.

State surveillance detected presence of the polio virus in at least two different areas of Orange County, New York – around an hours drive from New York City – in June and July. It comes within weeks of officials announcing a confirmed polio case in Rockland County – just northwest of the Big Apple’s Bronx borough. The virus was also detected in Rockland wastewater last month.

Lyme disease is also on the increase, as are cases of “brain-eating amoeba” infection.

So what’s up?

The mainstream media, as expected, seem to be trying to get out in front of this phenomenon with their own narratives. For example, the COVID pandemic caused people to not get “required” vaccinations or to put off checkups.

Another narrative blames, of course, “climate change,” a favorite liberal bugaboo. [That post has held up well, just replace Agenda 21 with Agenda 2030.]

What one factor do they seem to avoid? COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.

Many doctors propose that these vaccines (which are not actually vaccines but are, instead, a form of gene therapy) have, perhaps inadvertently, damaged the immune systems of recipients. This damage, they suggest, explains the sudden increase in “excess deaths,” which are up by 40%.

It’s been observed that those who received mRNA therapy are now at greater risk from COVID-19’s newer variants than are the unvaccinated. This effect grows with the number of boosters received.

It’s posited that the jabs themselves act to desensitize individuals to the virus’s spike protein, in the same way that allergy shots desensitize a person to, say, cat dander. As a result, when a many-times-vaxxed person encounters a new COVID variant, “immune imprinting” prevents that person from mounting an effective defense against the virus.

With regard to excess deaths, however, the situation may be even more dire, with the emergence of new cancers and reemerging cancers thought to be in remission.

Even a layperson can hypothesize that this indicates damage to a person’s immune system. Consider:

“The ability to suppress the scope and scale of vaccine injuries is starting to slip,” Dr. [Pierre] Kory said. “The ERs, neurologists, cardiologists, and oncologists are seeing many diseases in young people that they’ve never seen before: heart attack, stroke, sudden death, and cancers. And you cannot suppress that – You cannot continue to suppress that…the safe and effective narrative is now being questioned – the number of people showing up for their boosters is at a plateau, if not decreasing.” …

What caused this damage? The same thing that caused a sudden, yet-to-be-explained rise in emerging and reemerging infectious and parasitic diseases in the USA?

It only stands to reason that if an untested gene therapy may damage the immune system, leading to cancer or the reemergence of cancer in remission, then that same damaged immune system may make a person more susceptible to any infectious agent encountered in the environment.

We will only find the answers to these phenomena if scientists are allowed to look, without censorship, for all possible answers. That’s what science is all about. Or at least that’s what science used to be all about.

To read more, this link has a comprehensive list of articles about excess mortality, and this link also contains information about these deaths.


167 responses to “Dead People Walking?

  1. And so it goes. They’re pulling the SAME tricks as in 2020. No wonder people are worried:


    “Sal Greco, a veteran police officer with 14 years of service to the NYPD, and an unblemished record was fired from the police force as a result of a months-long departmental review that was conjured up by the mainstream media and liberal politicians earlier this year.

    Greco is a longtime friend of Trump advisor Roger Stone and was in Washington DC with Stone on January 5th and 6th.

    Neither Officer Greco or Mr. Stone were involved in any of the illegal activities that took place on January 6th, they did not attend the speech at the Ellipse or march on the capitol. Both remained in a hotel suite at the Willard. …”

    Not to worry. NYPD will have all his text messages from the Jan. 6 committee by the time THEY’RE through with Alex Jones and then, by extension, Roger Stone.

  3. …… just the TRUTH… 4 a CHANGE ! … ha’

  4. Arkansas >>> Judge Found >>> Dead at the Bottom of Lake ???
    Judge Jeremiah T. Bueker 48 ….went missing Saturday night & his body was recovered on Sunday morning.

    What did he have on Hillary Clinton ???

    • It never fails but that as I’m writing and posting some inane screed, something YUGE happens. I would, obviously, have written about this outrage, had I known it was happening.

      I thought there wasn’t anything they more they could do, but they’ve topped themselves with this one.

      So they went there to MANUFACTURE a crime, to PLANT something that they probably brought from the Biden WH (unless Sandy Burglar swiped something from the Archives again, that they can use). I have NO FAITH that these a-holes will tell the truth. Allegedly, they used “taint teams” to sort documents. How credible are taint teams selected by themselves, by Biden’s DOJ? Such teams are supposed to be appointed by the judge and to be independent and unbiased. The judge isn’t even, apparently, seeing as how he worked for Epstein’s employees and was investigated himself for perhaps benefiting because before signing on with Epstein’s people, he oversaw a case involving Epstein. Other sources say they just loaded up boxes with anything they saw and took it away without examining it. They’ll do that offsite. Conveniently. So imagine the FBI coming into YOUR home, taking away anything they can find, and examining it at their leisure. Warrants are supposed to describe completely what’s to be seized and nothing else is supposed to be taken. They boil it down to him having classified information, but that’s not possible because when he took the documents, if he had any in the first place, he was president and ONLY PRESIDENTS can decide what’s classified or not. It’s so CORRUPT. It’s beyond belief. No surprise that the FBI guy who oversaw the BOGUS Whitmer kidnapping case just was sent to oversee the FBI in DC and the DC office is where this scam originated. Now we know WHY he was transferred there and now we also know WHY so many “whistleblowers” have been in touch with Grassley. Let’s hope that even more come forward now to expose the sheer corruption in Biden’s Gestapo.

      • Supposedly, these photos from a complicit, lying media a-hole who’s writing a book about Trump played a role in inciting the FBI to hurry up and go get the stuff before Trump destroyed it. First, is an example of Trump’s writing. Next are two examples of what’s supposed to be proof that Trump flushed documents down toilets, even though the stories where these images were posted admitted THESE WOULD NOT BE PRESIDENTIAL RECORDS.

        In any case, the reporter CLAIMS the notes in the toilets have Trump’s writing. Even I can see that’s B.S.

        Compare Trump’s small i’s and his small g’s in the three examples. The small e’s are different, too.

        The confirmed Trump writing does NOT match what’s in the toilets, even though it may be that somebody was trying to copy his printing style. Note that he dots the small i’s, but the examples in the toilets don’t have dotted i’s. This is a LIE and anybody could have rigged up photos of notes in toilets, claiming that it’s proof Trump flushed his notes.

  5. Of how Monday’s law enforcement action might affect Trump’s political aspirations, a person close to Trump said: “If he wasn’t running before, he is now.

    • What I don’t understand, and I’m not even a lawyer, is why ANY of Trump’s lawyers did not IMMEDIATELY file for a restraining order demanding that the judge appoint a special master to oversee whatever it is that they DID take from his home.

  6. Judge who approved Mar-a-Lago raid linked to Jeffrey Epstein
    Donor to Barack Obama represented aides granted immunity in
    C O N troversial deal

    Judge Bruce Reinhart represented several of Epstein’s employees, including his pilots, scheduler Sarah Kellen, and Nadia Marcinkova, who Epstein once reportedly described as his “Yugoslavian sex slave,” according to the Miami Herald.

  7. slam her AZZ 2 the GROUND & SMASH IT Twice … NO ONE ABOVE
    MONEY in YOUR POCKET$ …year after YEAR after YEAR$!!! HA’ !!!

    PELOSI PLAYS DUMB: Nancy Claims She Was ‘Surprised’ by FBI Raid
    >>>>> on Trump ….O’SURE NANCY …U BITCH of BITCHES!!!

    • She’s such an idiot. She stepped right into it, should the Chinese be smart enough (and I’ll bet they are) to know that, based upon the citation she made, that website ranked TAIWAN as one of the freest societies in the world. Not CHINA, as we think of CHINA.

      But to the Taiwanese, THEY ARE CHINA. They call themselves CHINA. They insist upon it, BUT it’s a huge insult and no no, so far as I know, for U.S. officials to refer to Taiwan as China. I could be wrong, but I do know, from experience, that Taiwanese do NOT want to be called Taiwanese. They want to be called CHINESE. They believe THEIR COUNTRY is CHINA. If you call them Taiwanese, they get mightily insulted.

    • I just really, really hope this brings the whistleblowers out of the woodwork, like roaches. You just KNOW there are many people in the FBI who are sick and tired of what’s become of their workplace and, especially, they MUST be tired of how We the People LOOK AT THEM now. They can’t be liking the calls to defund them or abolish them and reform them into small, satellite agencies within the states.

    • Yes, that’s another thing: The 1/6 “star chamber” is in recess for summer vacation (because you just know how important “insurrection” really is to them!) but they WILL NEED some new stuff to use to keep it up until the elections. THIS will provide them PLENTY of new information that they WILL CLAIM, falsely, to have discovered on their own or through anonymous sources. In reality, it will be leaked to the media and then they’ll pick it up from there. IT WILL BE LEAKED TO THE MEDIA. Watch for it.

      From the article:

      “I think the FBI absolutely has a personal stake in this. It’s too coincidental that this raid occurs soon after Sen. Chuck Grassley discloses whistleblowers’ assertions that the Wash DC FBI office tampered with politics (the very office who conducted the raid), and that on the same day of the raid Judicial Watch announces a lawsuit to release these materials.

      Grassley has the whistleblowers, Judicial Watch has the lawsuit and Trump said he wanted to release proof, and Trump sought to release the proof of FBI misconduct in the Russian collusion investigation.

      The FBI is looking to discover the identities of the whistleblowers, make them a deal they can’t refuse and seize the evidence of its own misconduct and bury it at the bottom of the ocean. When the FBI raided Mar a Lago, they weren’t just looking for classified materials. They took everything- personal papers, tax files, documents and all. There is no question that everything they’ve take[n] will find its way into the paws of the Jan 6 committee and leaked to the press. This is a large-scale operation involving a lot of the government.

      That’s why this raid happened. Biden didn’t know? Bullsh*t.

      Remember that no investigations 90 days from the election rule that saved Hunter Biden’s ass in 2020?

      It’s one more thing that doesn’t apply to Republicans …”

      YEP!!!! Great point about how they were looking to identify the Grassley whistleblowers. Whatever happened, btw, to the absolute protection of whistleblowers, even those who aren’t really whistleblowers, like the Ukrainian twins? Those a-holes on the 1/6 committee won’t think twice about outing the patriots who spoke to Grassley.

      They’re breaking all these laws and going for broke because We the People are breathing down their necks. Time’s running out on their regime. They have to try ANYTHING, by any means necessary, to keep the SUNLIGHT away. Corrupt crooks.

      This outrage OUGHT TO MAKE thousands of more patriots come to Grassley and expose the truth about how they stole the election from the REAL PRESIDENT.

    • I read somewhere that one goal of these people in persecuting Trump this way is that they thought it would scare off his donors. HA!

    • Some speculate it’s the judge who approved the warrant.

      I’m positive they were on a fishing expedition, even though now the mainstream media are downplaying this RAID as if it was just a nothing burger. Just the FBI wanting to get documents back. Implying nothing more will come of it. Walking it all back, as if it’s NOT the outrage that it truly is. They’re seeing how it serves to backfire on them.

      But the fruit of the poisoned tree is always possible. They have NO RIGHT to troll through ALL Trump’s papers, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t do it, photograph it all, copy it all, and WILL LEAK IT ALL TO THE MEDIA, if it will help smear or embarrass Trump. We can all wait to see what “sources” tell them about PERSONAL facts about the Trumps they gleaned by going through their personal belongings, including Melania’s “delicates,” as TCTH put it. My biggest fear is that they planted something like child pornography or even photos of bimbos. Remember how Sharyl Attkisson’s computer was HACKED by someone in the “intelligence community” and she watched it in real time? Her computer forensic investigator determined that they were PLANTING CHILD PORN on the computer, iirc. To use to threaten or prosecute her or probably more likely a family member, for more leverage against her. They are SNAKES.

      IF this purported mole told them exactly where the so-called papers were kept, and IF it’s true they “only” searched 3 areas (bedroom, basement store room, one office), then the people who reported otherwise are lying. For example, the arrogant lawyers claimed to have complete run of the entire building. The early reports said all the offices were searched. They wanted the security cameras turned off, too. WHY? What have THEY to hide, if it’s all legal?

      It’s not legal, so far as I can tell, because they didn’t SERVE the warrant. They finally, after an hour, let one of Trump’s lawyers SEE it, but not the pages with the justification for it, and then they took it back.

      IF Trump’s people aren’t lying, then all the media pundits ARE lying when they say Trump has the warrant and could release it. No. It’s been reported that nobody has that warrant.

      In addition, they didn’t leave an inventory of what was seized, apparently something that’s required, but I’m not a lawyer, so who knows? So they can “add” to whatever they claim to have found, and guess what? Many of the agents are compromised in that they and the DOJ lawyers are connected to the Crossfire Hurricane sham and so have grudges against Trump and reasons of their own to nail him and keep him from ever being in a position again to clean house and get all their crimes exposed.

      In any case, IF they only searched the 3 places the mole claimed to KNOW where documents were hidden, then what took them NINE HOURS? What were they doing ALL THAT TIME? (Besides sniffing Melania’s underwear during their PANTY RAID?)

      This has blown up in their faces. There were NO classified documents because Trump DECLASSIFIED it all, in writing, before leaving office. If they try to prosecute him, then won’t these documents they don’t want us to see have to come out in order to have a determination whether they’re “classified” or not? (They’re NOT because Trump, as president, declassified them. It’s totally HIS CALL whether they’re classified, top secret, or even (the morphing meme now) “defense information.” WTF?)

      I don’t know whether Biden has the capacity to reclassify what another POTUS declassified, but if he did, then that should be easy to prove, too, and they should then have told Trump about it and given him the option to return the information.

      Besides which, OBAMA TOOK TRUCKLOADS OF HIS PRESIDENTIAL RECORDS TO CHICAGO, WHERE THEY REMAIN. Some are classified. He doesn’t allow access to them.

      It’s said that ALL PRESIDENTS have ALL their records, including classified ones, returned to them after the Archives have done their thing with them. They allowed Obama to haul off ALL the records upon his promise that he was going to digitize them all. HE HASN’T DONE IT. So, I guess you could say he lied to the Archives, thus obstructing their functioning, and perhaps he needs to be raided, too.

      That obstructing the work of the Archives is yet another media meme. A hoped for “crime” they can charge Trump with.

      So, similar to the Archives allowing Obama to take ALL the documents to Chicago, didn’t they allow Trump to take documents to (or keep them at) Mar-a-Lago? They came and looked at them. They advised him to padlock the room, WHICH HE DID, upon their suggestion. That means, to any sane person, that they were GIVING HIM PERMISSION to keep them there. Right?

      Here’s my guess: Trump bought a safe. Some woke person who saw the safe arrive LEAPT to the conclusion that the safe is where he’s going to hide stuff. They ran to somebody like Schiff-less, who told the FBI, who ran to a woke judge in FL, who gave them the warrant based upon SPECULATION by a Trump-hating “confidential informant.” btw, isn’t it yet another outrage that the FBI has placed confidential informants in Trump’s home? Let’s hope Jim Jordan asks Wray about that. Are there similarly FBI CI’s in Obama’s mansions? Supposedly, this mole told the FBI that the documents were in the safe. That would be the EMPTY SAFE that Trump just bought!

      This is all a pretext for a fishing expedition. Wait for the NY Times and the WaPo to SUDDENLY have a huge number of “anonymous sources” who will feed them information that ONLY someone who just raided and looked through all of Trump’s personal information could possibly have. The FBI read the information. IF there’s anything they can use to rig up some charge, no matter how ridiculous, against him, they will now just go somewhere else to “legally” get support and then they’ll claim THAT’S where the evidence was found.

      Or else they will drip, drip, drip it out, and who would be able to say otherwise or refute it, even if they just MAKE IT UP, which they’ve done before. Drip, drip, drip. Death by a thousand media lies, all to ruin (they hope) his potential candidacy.

      WHY did they suddenly seize Scott Perry’s phone?


    Some amazing anecdotal evidence that backs up the premise of my post.

    I didn’t weigh in on his survey, but could have. I personally knew three people who died within a few months of getting the jab. One died from a heart condition that developed suddenly within weeks of the jab. Two died from sudden declines in mental function. SUDDEN. One was “diagnosed” with Alzheimer’s, even though just a few months before, before being jabbed, this person was completely competent. A stroke I could see, but SUDDEN Alzheimer’s? Impossible. The decline was very fast. Death within a few months of the jab. Another was jabbed, but supposed died in hospital of COVID complications. Relatively young person. Previously healthy. NONE of the usual warning signs for complications, like obesity, diabetes, etc. Know of several people who were cruising along fine in nursing homes (no terminal illnesses, iow) but died suddenly within weeks of the jab. Another had cancer in remission for years that suddenly reappeared. Now deceased. Homes in my neighborhood are going on the market because … owners died. Excess mortality is pretty darned obvious in my neck of the woods. I have no regrets about not being jabbed. It seems the risk of being an excess mortality statistic is far worse than the disease itself. btw, I know at least 17 people who got COVID, 3 of whom are in their 80s, and all came through fine. No hospitalization. Nothing. And this was before the anti-COVID pills like Biden took. None got antibody treatments, either.

  9. We seem to be having an epidemic of suicides that exhibit, shall we say, OVERKILL?

    “A body found burning and hanging from a tree in a popular park Tuesday is believed to be a suicide, authorities said.

    The body was reported about 12:30 p.m. northeast of Griffith Observatory, near a merry-go-round and the Los Angeles Zoo, Los Angeles police said.

    “There are no indicators of foul play,” LAPD Detective Michael Ventura said, adding there was nothing to suggest that someone committed an act against their will. …”

    It was a woman, other stories say.

    So this person hung herself AND set herself on fire?

    What other story does this remind us of? Oh, yeah. The Clinton/Epstein-associated man who hung himself at a ranch in Arkansas that he apparently trespassed upon, and for good measure SIMULTANEOUSLY shot HIMSELF in the chest with a shotgun!

    Wonder if his name was on Epstein’s list.

  10. Trying to be relevant again:

  11. Friend of Trump:

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