Transgender Accused Assassin?

The person arrested for plotting to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh was revealed, based upon court records, to have planned to kill at least three Supreme Court justices in order to “change the votes for decades to come …”

As revealing, according to journalist Andy Ngo, the would-be assassin admitted on social media to being a “MtF college graduate.” [MtF indicates a transition from male to female “gender identity.”]

Furthermore, the accused went by the female name “Sophie“, according to social media posts and this page from FBI court affidavits.

As Ngo deduced, the alleged perpetrator seemingly identifies as a transgender woman.

Interestingly enough, the mainstream media either haven’t deduced this fact or else they’re downplaying it, for political expediency. In the process, according to their own woke tenets, they may be guilty of misgendering the accused, quite offensively and very publicly microaggressing. One example:

The California man accused of plotting to assassinate Brett M. Kavanaugh spoke of killing two more conservative justices in a bid to alter Supreme Court votes for years, according to an FBI affidavit filed this week in court….

The case against [Nicholas] Roske broke open at 1:38 a.m. on June 8, when he called 911 from a dark street in Chevy Chase, Md., around the corner and about one block from Kavanaugh’s home, according to 911 recordings.

He spoke calmly, according to the recordings, and told the operator he had just arrived from California and had planned to hurt Kavanaugh and then himself. He said that his gun was locked in a case in his suitcase and that he needed psychiatric help, according to the recordings. Montgomery officers raced out and took him into custody without incident. …

Other mainstream media stories also may misgender the accused, even after these court filings revealed the accused plotter’s avowed gender identity (e.g., FBI says man accused of attempting to kill Brett Kavanaugh said he was ‘shooting for 3’ justices; Man charged with attempted murder of Kavanaugh ...”).

Now that official court documents have shown that Roske, at least at times, identifies as “MtF,” has anyone in the media bothered to ask for Roske’s preferred pronouns?

Now that these media outlets know Roske’s gender identification, will they issue corrections or at least clarifications?

Will they apologize for their potential offense to the LGBTQIA+ community?

Enquiring minds want to know.




140 responses to “Transgender Accused Assassin?


    So sorry. GUILTY as charged. In Russia, as here, you’re innocent until PROVED guilty. Griner ADMITTED the crime. Why is there a double standard and why does Biden, WITHOUT EVIDENCE, absolutely LIE about the circumstances?


    Griner KNEW he (oh, sorry) “she” was breaking the law; “she” would be with “her wife” now, had “she” not flouted Russian law and “mistakenly” brought not only the oil but also the paraphernalia into that nation. Every country has a right to enforce its laws. I’m sure that INTERNATIONAL LAW would differ with Biden who, once again, is LYING about this situation.

    Mr. Whelan has been left to rot in Russia but is only perhaps going to finally come home because of this deal that’s actually intended to free the transgender “woman” who’s black and a celebrity. Mr. Whelan’s family got NO PHONE CALL from Joe Biden, who obviously doesn’t give a rat’s ass about white males who are “cisgender.” In return for the “transgender woman,” THEY GET BACK AN ARMS DEALER!

    • * Mountain Man ….
      Griner is not being wrongfully detained. That’s fake a news. She Admitted to bringing a banned narcotic into Russia. You can argue that the sentence
      is harsh compared 2 the increasingly LAX standards of the US Judicial system, but U Can’t Claim that her detainment is Wrongful.

      * Baby Hurley
      But she had a Note from her Doctor /s .. hahahaha LIKE THEY CARE?
      But, to a liberal, detaining any Liberal is wrong.
      In Bulgaria it would be Death, they have a 0 Tolerance policy

      GLASS 1/2 FULL … HECK she’ll be OUT @ 40 …

      • If “she” did have a note from a doctor, I’ll bet it was after the fact. I wonder: From where did she fly out to Russia? Is it legal in that location? Any stopovers? Is it legal in those places, if any? It’s arrogance, is what it is. I’m SICK of them talking about how “she” is among the greatest WNBA players, when “she” arguably shouldn’t BE in the WNBA. “She’s” NOT a “top female” player.

    • Oh, ha, ha. I TOTALLY forgot and apparently he’s yesterday’s news because there was NO MENTION on my local TV news. Ordinarily, they LOVE to give Barry some sugar. He’s actually 63, btw. He’s lying about his birth year, as we know.

      • Here’s a fun poll: Which would you rather know for sure?

        1. Michael’s birth sex, or
        2. Barry’s birth place?

  2. U CAN CALL ME R A Y !!! … > then Stay far AWAY !!!!!!! O’ ???

    “RAY EPPS RECRUITED ME!” – Political Prisoner Writes Tell-All Letter From Prison About His Experience with the Notorious Operative Ray Epps

    WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? DOJ Denies FOIA Request on Ray Epps and Why He Was Removed From FBI Most Wanted List

    • They’re hiding plenty! Did you see how the guy who orchestrated or at least approved the FALSE FLAG/ENTRAPMENT meme of the Whitmer kidnapping is NOW overseeing the FBI office orchestrating with the 1/6 committee? Nice. Funny how that happens. And funny how judges SUDDENLY get replaced, without explanation, at the last minute, to judges appointed by Clinton, Obama, or Biden. So corrupt. They’re ALL in it together and I suspect that includes the SCOTUS, which DELIBERATELY ignored election lawsuits but now, AFTER they’ve got what they all wanted (Trump’s “defeat”), will finally take on an election procedure case to determine who controls elections–state JUDGES or the legislators.

    • One hand washes the other. Rinse and repeat.

      • And speaking of hand washing: RIGHT ON CUE, Biden declares the monkeypox national emergency and today there are questions all over the Web asking whether you can catch it from money or door handles. So, predict the effect on the mid-term elections.

        Can you catch it from a pen?
        Can you catch it from a voting machine screen?
        Can you catch it from the door to the election site?
        Can you catch it from a mail-in ballot or absentee ballot?

        Which of the above would be LEAST likely to spread it to you?

        So Biden says: Better safe and not sorry, so be sure to vote by mail.

        It’s an emergency so ALL states should suspend their in person and mail voting rules to allow the new cadre at the POST OFFICE to handle all votes BY MAIL. Oh, why not?

        Or even better: Let’s just vote by computer. Yay! All the better to rig the votes by, my dears.


    This is what I was pondering recently. What say you? Is that a man or a woman? Watch closely. Look at gait and mannerisms. Some say the perp is at times pulling up a bra strap.

    My initial take, months ago, was this is a gay man; but it could very well be a female. There is SO MUCH that makes no sense, especially that in today’s world, with our technology, in one of the most-videoed places on earth, the FBI has NO CLUE.

    The story asks a very pertinent question: Why don’t they show the public the FULL tapes? Obviously, they’re hiding the full tapes because they start the video in the middle (perp in mid-frame already) and because they also only show video from ONE camera and not the corresponding OTHER camera that was simultaneously recording and from a different angle, an angle from which, at the point of the planting of the device, the camera WOULD POSSIBLY HAVE SHOWN THE PERP’S FACE or at least more of it than we see in what they did release.

    I believe they KNOW who this is, and who that person serves, which is why they’re hiding the truth while, at the same time, PRETENDING to be looking for the perp, especially because Republican reps and senators are demanding briefings on the case.

    More video here:

    It occurs to me that the person has a sort of mincing walk because of those bizarre shoes, which look completely new. Maybe they’re stiff, or the person already has blisters from new shoes. Were they a required part of the costume, because they’re an “identifying” feature that will throw people off the track? But those shoes are CERTAINLY out of character for any white supremacist or typical MAGA supporter. You’d think they could trace the shoes because how many pairs like that could possibly have been sold by then? Especially since they look new and were probably sold to the person within only a few months of 1/6.

    When the person bends over, the person sticks his/her posterior out in a way that, imho, a woman does, butttttt not a man.

    It looks to me as if this person is wearing a baseball cap under that hood. The face mask looks like one of those N95 type that sticks way out in front, like this one.

    It defies common sense that they can use cell pings and GPS/location data to identify every one of the Jan. 6 alleged rioters, but NOT this single person who so often was ALONE in any vicinity and AT NIGHT when so few people were out.

    I’d think they would by now have identified the person who walked a dog past the perp. In which case, couldn’t a decent detective then use THAT person’s phone ID/pings to triangulate and arrive at the phone ID of the perp? How many other cell phones were in close proximity to that dog walker’s phone that night at that time?

    I really can’t decide on the sex. Sometimes it seems male, at other times female. That’s why I came up with: gay man/feminized male.

    Then again, it could be a very good, very practiced ACTOR.

  4. Latino …? what a CROCK of …

    I agree Kara & I am of Latino descent. I think James Looks like Him & will do
    a good job. Everyone wants to get caught up in these movements & will only make others resent them more rather than advance any understanding. Maybe he, (John) didn,t get the role? Move on. …..YEP !!!

    • Yeah, right. SO? Currently, the Muny Opera in St. Louis is putting on Legally Blonde. Do you know who the blonde is? A black woman. We have a Latino (?) POC male on Broadway playing WHITE Alexander Hamilton. There are many other examples, but I can’t think of them at the moment. White roles, obviously white roles, being played by black people. WHY is it that blacks and Latinos and other POCs can play OBVIOUSLY and HISTORICALLY white roles but the reverse can’t be true? It’s RACISM. Straight up.

  5. Gov. Abbott’s idea to Bus illegal migrants from Texas to NYC & DC is getting their Attention ?? …WHAT EVER IT TAKES!!! WAKE THEM AZZes …UP!!!

  6. Kamala Harri$ $pends up to $6 million on $taff ? WHY ? $$$
    But details > Sketchy as her office conceals details $$$$ ????

    * Why are we continuing to allow corrupt politicians to waste American’s
    hard earned tax dollars?

    * She needs all those people, because she can’t stop Laughing. How does anyone get anything done when all they do is laugh all the time & spread their legs.

    * “Kamala Harris Spends?” Correction. “We the People” R on the Hook to support that cackling trollop.

  7. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Condemns ‘Political Persecution’ of Alex Jones: ‘When Will Lying Dems, Media, Big Tech Pay Us Millions?’


    • You know, I still don’t know what his crime was. It seems they’re blaming him because OTHER PEOPLE allegedly harassed and threatened the families because Bannon suggested that the incident was a hoax, something lots of people suggested and believe. So why aren’t they prosecuting and demanding reparations from THOSE people, the ones who actually threatened and harassed the families, and who are the real (alleged) criminals? We know, of course why: They go WHERE THE MONEY IS and lawyers will help them to persecute Jones in order to bankrupt and, more important to them, SHUT HIM UP and shut him down.

      He has crummy lawyers, apparently. One thing that’s concerning, though, is how his own lawyer “accidentally” gave the opposing lawyer, during discovery, the ENTIRE CONTENTS of his cell phone, including all his texts for TWO YEARS. Far beyond what was necessary for this case.

      But WAS IT AN ACCIDENT? OR did someone deliberately make this “mistake?”

      Allegedly, it was a staff member of the lawyer’s. So, who was that person and WHAT are that person’s politics?

      Is it now also an accident that they’re going to turn these ill-gotten text messages, two years worth, OVER TO THE JAN. 6 COMMITTEE?

    Report: Vice President Joe Biden Met with CCP-Linked Energy Executives at White House in 2014

    * The Bidens, and the Clintons did a lot of damage to U.S. national security, while using their positions to build their family’s wealth, during the Obama Administration. You can’t seriously think that Obama Didn’t know.

    * Spot on Volley. Everyone has seen the size of Obamas mansions, right? That’s plural. They are all Rotten to the Core. George Bush & Cheney are included here also. …..HA HA HA HA !!! NAN ? REALLY

    Nancy Pelosi Says she’s always Felt a CONnection to China because when she Was a Little girl her parents told her I F ..she kept Digging a hole at the beach eventually she’d Reach China. >>> WE R truly led by Imbecile$. !!!

    • They accused Trump of being Putin’s puppet when the reality is that the DemoncRATS, including Pelosi and Biden, are Xi’s puppets.

      Can you believe that RACIST narrative Nancy told? That’s a great way to start WWIII, isn’t it (besides going to Taiwan). And, like Joe, she took her son along so he could make some deals, too.

  9. 1 WAY 2 MEXICO JOE … so …>> GET LOST!!!

  10. …. Oppressive Beauty Standards?

    * Charles Tate
    In my lifelong observations I see that Black people suffer greatly from a sense of inferiority. They exhibit insecurity & a sense that they are excluded. This insecurity is the focus of Democratic manipulation techniques and explains the exaggerated assertions that Blacks are saner, smarter, harder working, etc.

    It would be nice if our culture did not tell people they were unfit for participation. Consider the use of the term “Loser” in our society & the obsession with Money. But it seems a feature of human group Bonding.

    I wish that all Blacks could understand how eager white people are to include & welcome black people. Our separations are mostly false and contrived.

    women of all races have been using their guile on men since we all crawled out of the ocean. part of that (a very large part) is the painting of body & covering what isn’t appealing. that used to be called gussied up but it all boils down to one thing.. manipulation of image. there is No Doubt that black women have been given the short straw & black men, as the number one target, have to live with it. I’ve always felt a kindred spirit with black men for the problem they have finding attractive black women.

    as the article so well explained , obesity, needlessly long nails & weird hair transglottic eruptions coupled with that incomprehensibly idiotic loop earring fetish and the constant need to Shout & Scream to garner Attention, & so how does anyone NOT feel compassion for black men who (for some inexplicable reason i can’t figure out) decide they want to go through life attached to a black women knowing full well that means a lifetime of complete misery.
    * Remember the “Black is beautiful” craze of a few years back? I have never necessarily viewed Black as Beautiful. I have viewed beauty as beautiful. If it came in black, fine. If it didn’t, fine, too. But the longer black is Demanding We think it’s Beautiful, the less so it is.

    • “White beauty standards?” Is there something wrong with a race or culture having its own beauty standards? This same condition exists all over the world. What Chinese people find beautiful differs from what the Watusi find beautiful.

      Who would we be to tell them that THEIR standards are problematic and cause pain for people from OTHER cultures who happen to be living near or within that culture? If Europeans should move to Japan, do they have a right to DEMAND that the Japanese completely change their standards regarding what THEY find beautiful? Of course not. How the eff are “white beauty standards” a “global disease?” How ridiculous.

      It’s known to SCIENCE that there are UNIVERSAL human beauty standards. It’s why Nefertiti is considered a paragon of beauty. Anthropologists can explain why certain characteristics are considered beautiful–and mostly those are characteristics that women share with children. It’s YOUTH that’s attractive because younger mates are healthier and more likely to live long enough to raise children to adulthood. It’s SURVIVAL of the male’s offspring that makes certain women attractive to MOST men. Conversely, there are beauty standards for MALES, too. Mostly they’re characteristics that make one think a man is healthy, young, and STRONG, so likely to have strong offspring who will survive and likely to ensure the man will be more successful in helping to feed his family. I’m not explaining it well, but there are plenty of studies that show what I mean.

      Why is steatopygia attractive in Africa? That would be because over thousands of years, famine has been a scourge, and it’s HOT in Africa. Women who can store a lot of FAT in their butts (1) don’t suffer from overheating as much as women who are fat all over and (2) seem more “fit” as mothers because the fat in their butts help them survive FAMINE. Thus, they can feed/nurse their kids. As a result, to some men, steatopygia is a “super releaser” for sexual attraction.

      Why does Beyonce dye her hair blond? Why do men consider blond hair attractive? Because CHILDREN tend to have lighter hair, which darkens with age. Australian Aboriginals, oddly enough, have very blond hair when young. Blond hair is a signal of youth.

      There’s also the tendency to want to have HYBRID offspring because they are more fit, as a rule. More diversity = more beneficial genes that help a person, for example, fend off diseases. So, it’s common for dark-haired people to be attracted to light-haired mates. Ditto for eye color and other features that make a person seem to be genetically DIFFERENT from the person looking for a mate. This has also been proven by numerous studies and it’s a UNIVERSAL feature of all human beings, no matter their race.

      • I have a hypothesis about what that writer seems to be confounded by: Why do black women have their own standards of beauty that seem to be opposite from what black men are attracted by? Why do black women want to be married but so FEW are married now, when during slavery and right afterwards almost all black women were married? Here’s what I think: The New Deal programs made it too easy for black (and other women) to raise kids without fathers. In fact, the programs almost DEMAND that there be no fathers. More money for no fathers, you see. As a result, some black women have developed a matriarchal society in which men are necessary only as sperm donors and then are expendable. In that society, it’s what OTHER black women consider beautiful or fashionable that matters, not what men think. They’re competing to impress other women, not men. I would say that these things–weaves, nails, lighter skin, butt enhancements–signal STATUS, not beauty.

        I’m guessing that most men, no matter their race, would say that Iman is beautiful. But would Cori Bush think so?

  11. Monkeypox Vaccine is No Panacea — Change Behavior

    over grown Kids ..with NO kids party party 24/7 SICK

    • Nope. It’s ALL OF US who must change.

      This is like how everybody has to give up peanut butter because one kid is allergic. Heaven forbid we ask gays to stop their “behavior” for the good of, not only themselves, but also everybody else!

    • What’d I say yesterday? This was NO MISTAKE:

      “This week, a unexpected trove of information came to light during the defamation trial of longtime conspiracy theorist and Jan. 6 coordinator Alex Jones, when it was revealed that Jones’s lawyers accidentally sent two years of text messages from his cellphone to Mark Bankston, a lawyer representing the parents of a boy killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Conn. Bankston said the Jan. 6 committee had requested the messages and related documents. …”

      Whatever they can dredge up, legally or not, ethically or not, “fruit of the poisoned tree” or not, they WILL dredge up, DISTORT, lie about, and use to further smear the REAL president. Power is all they care about. They do not care about the rule of law. I’m guessing that this “staffer” on the lawyer’s payroll is compromised and perhaps even compensated because they hope that they will find SOME text between Jones and somebody, anybody, even many degrees of separation away from Trump. It doesn’t matter if it holds water. They WILL find “something” and then LIE about it, like Schiff lied for years about having “more than circumstantial evidence” that Trump colluded with Russia when he had NOTHING. The fact of the trove of texts provides the framework for the LIES. The plausibility, even when we will NEVER SEE THESE TEXTS IN CONTEXT OR EVEN IN FACT. We will have to take whatever they say at face value and you know they WILL find something to try to smear Trump with. Will these texts even be authenticated in ANY WAY? Doubt it.

  12. NEEDS That > MOUTH & MUG SHOWN ? ha’ IT SURE’s Done > ZERO with

    • Despite that she’s a DemoncRAT, I like Tulsi because she tells it like it is. I never mind an opponent who’s at least HONEST about what she thinks and will do. You know what? I do think people should be imprisoned for marijuana offenses because, guess what? They’re offenses because whatever they did, it’s still against the law. If you don’t like the laws, try to get them changed. Don’t just BREAK them. That makes you, what? A criminal. We don’t GET to decide what laws we’ll obey and what laws we’ll just disobey because WE don’t agree with them. Just effing obey the laws, follow the rules, until the laws are changed. It’s the same reason why Griner deserves to be in prison in Russia. “She” knowingly broke their laws. If you don’t want to do the time, then don’t do the crime.


    • Sad story. She’s a mess, always has been, despite that she really is a great actress. One of the best. It’s a shame she’s apparently so self-destructive. I remember her on some soap opera. She out-acted everyone. Sort of a prodigy, imho. She was similarly great in Donnie Brasco. (As was Johnny Depp, another great actor who’s a mess and apparently self-destructive. In a way, it’s rather amazing that Heche and Depp didn’t end up as a couple. She couldn’t have been worse than that other mess, not a great actress, whom he did marry.)

  14. Careful … the GAMES YOUR PLAYING .. U CREEPS ! YOUR NEXT ??? !!
    ..Ha’ COVID DOCTORS ??? … DEMO- RAT’S??? .. TOTAL B S !!! Sucker’s
    Jones -ing’ …I SAW ACTORS ACTING …UP Lot’s … Over & OVER SO ???

  15. As so many feared:

    “A [gay] Walton County couple has been arrested and are facing child sex crime charges for acts deputies say they committed against their adopted children.

    Last month, the Walton County Sheriff’s Office raided a home in unincorporated Loganville where they believed a man was downloading child pornography. When interviewing him, the suspect admitted to collecting child porn and identified a second suspect in Oxford.

    The suspect told deputies that the other suspect was making the child porn with at least one child who lived in his home. The first suspect’s identity has not been released.

    Deputies were able to get arrest warrants for both adult men living in the home, William Dale Zulock, 32, and Zachary Jacoby Zulock, 35. …”

    Ha' …OR ASK
    OBAMA ….$$$ 2 HELP U …. OUT … Thick as THIEF'S . 4 SURE !

  17. FOOL on the HILL … WE R NUT’S having IT 4 a prez ever

    • Old hair sniffer was at it again today. He was coughing up a storm, without a mask, causing the KY gov. to lean away. Too funny. What a rude a-hole. Two days ago, he was positive. Today, he’s walking around without a mask.

    • Why should she not be aggressive? They’re more than aggressive with conservatives; they’re outright hostile and rude.

    HE’s OLD & SMELLS OLD …GET A GRIP on IT … >>> FOLKS!!!

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