Dead People Walking?

What’s behind the seeming rise of emerging and reemerging infectious and parasitic diseases, not only in the United States, but also around the world?

Diseases seldom, if ever, seen in the USA are cropping up with increased frequency.

Emerging diseases include HIV infections, SARS, Lyme disease, Escherichia coli O157:H7 (E. coli), hantavirus, dengue fever, West Nile virus, and the Zika virus.

Reemerging diseases are diseases that reappear after they have been on a significant decline. …

Reemerging diseases include malaria, tuberculosis, cholera, pertussis, influenza, pneumococcal disease, and gonorrhea.

Not mentioned above, another emerging disease in the news is monkeypox. Hitherto unknown in this country, monkeypox is a huge concern, so much so that researchers plan to test wastewater throughout the nation to get a better handle on its spread.

In addition, researchers will test for COVID-19 and its newer variants, influenza A and RSV. The latter is yet another infectious disease that is increasing its incidence as well as, unusually, showing up throughout the year.

Another emerging disease is melioidosis, which appeared in the U.S. this year.

Melioidosis is predominately a disease of tropical climates, especially in Southeast Asia and northern Australia where it is widespread. However, B. psuedomallei was also found in the environment along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi in the United States in 2022. CDC And state partners are investigating to determine how widespread the bacteria is within the continental United States.

Examples of recently reemerging diseases in the U.S. are polio and measles. A scourge of the mid-20th century, polio was eradicated here, but is now reappearing:

New York officials are warning that hundreds of Empire state residents may already be infected with the devastating polio virus after it was detected in wastewater of a second county in the state.

State surveillance detected presence of the polio virus in at least two different areas of Orange County, New York – around an hours drive from New York City – in June and July. It comes within weeks of officials announcing a confirmed polio case in Rockland County – just northwest of the Big Apple’s Bronx borough. The virus was also detected in Rockland wastewater last month.

Lyme disease is also on the increase, as are cases of “brain-eating amoeba” infection.

So what’s up?

The mainstream media, as expected, seem to be trying to get out in front of this phenomenon with their own narratives. For example, the COVID pandemic caused people to not get “required” vaccinations or to put off checkups.

Another narrative blames, of course, “climate change,” a favorite liberal bugaboo. [That post has held up well, just replace Agenda 21 with Agenda 2030.]

What one factor do they seem to avoid? COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.

Many doctors propose that these vaccines (which are not actually vaccines but are, instead, a form of gene therapy) have, perhaps inadvertently, damaged the immune systems of recipients. This damage, they suggest, explains the sudden increase in “excess deaths,” which are up by 40%.

It’s been observed that those who received mRNA therapy are now at greater risk from COVID-19’s newer variants than are the unvaccinated. This effect grows with the number of boosters received.

It’s posited that the jabs themselves act to desensitize individuals to the virus’s spike protein, in the same way that allergy shots desensitize a person to, say, cat dander. As a result, when a many-times-vaxxed person encounters a new COVID variant, “immune imprinting” prevents that person from mounting an effective defense against the virus.

With regard to excess deaths, however, the situation may be even more dire, with the emergence of new cancers and reemerging cancers thought to be in remission.

Even a layperson can hypothesize that this indicates damage to a person’s immune system. Consider:

“The ability to suppress the scope and scale of vaccine injuries is starting to slip,” Dr. [Pierre] Kory said. “The ERs, neurologists, cardiologists, and oncologists are seeing many diseases in young people that they’ve never seen before: heart attack, stroke, sudden death, and cancers. And you cannot suppress that – You cannot continue to suppress that…the safe and effective narrative is now being questioned – the number of people showing up for their boosters is at a plateau, if not decreasing.” …

What caused this damage? The same thing that caused a sudden, yet-to-be-explained rise in emerging and reemerging infectious and parasitic diseases in the USA?

It only stands to reason that if an untested gene therapy may damage the immune system, leading to cancer or the reemergence of cancer in remission, then that same damaged immune system may make a person more susceptible to any infectious agent encountered in the environment.

We will only find the answers to these phenomena if scientists are allowed to look, without censorship, for all possible answers. That’s what science is all about. Or at least that’s what science used to be all about.

To read more, this link has a comprehensive list of articles about excess mortality, and this link also contains information about these deaths.


167 responses to “Dead People Walking?

  1. What I said. What I thought IMMEDIATELY. But, as I also said, it won’t matter because it’s not intended as court evidence with a provenance and chain of custody. It exists ONLY to be used to smear Trump through the media and illegal, unconstitutional kangaroo courts, where NO EVIDENCE is even required, where there’s no due process, where there’s no cross examination, where you’re GUILTY until proved innocent (which is impossible by their rules), and where you have NO constitutional rights.

    The goal is to stop Trump from being elected BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

    OBAMA knew, but they may not have told Biden.

  2. Some good news or is this judge covering his own ass?

    “A federal judge on Wednesday ordered the Biden Justice Department to produce a copy of a search warrant executed at his Mar-a-Lago estate, where the FBI conducted a nine-hour-plus search on Monday.

    Federal Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart ordered the DOJ to “file a Response to the Motion to Unseal” the warrant after requests were made by the Times-Union, a newspaper located in Albany, N.Y., as well as the conservative legal group Judicial Watch.

    The judge said that the DOJ must respond no later than Aug. 15, reports said. …”

    Shouldn’t he have ordered them to produce a copy for the victim?

  3. First a panty raid and now, they took NAPKINS and a birthday menu.

    AGAIN, it doesn’t matter what they claim to have been looking for, what they did take, or what the warrant said. Their purpose being there was FISHING. To SPY ONCE AGAIN on the REAL president. To see what they could suss out about his people, his plans, his strategy, who he associates with, who talks to him and how, etc. ANYTHING THEY CAN USE to get to him or to the people who support him to STOP HIM BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. We KNOW the raid was a farce. The PRETEXT is a pretext. It doesn’t matter because they had NINE HOURS of spying on the President and his family.

    IF you believe it, what does it say about the competence of Biden’s entire administration. They PULL SOMETHING LIKE THIS without even a HEADS UP to the (alleged) president?

    As the article says, “Either the White House knew about the raid and is now lying about it, or the FBI and DOJ deliberately executed the search warrant behind Biden’s back. …”

    Exactly. A heads up because he’ll have to explain HIS GOVERNMENT to foreign nations as well as to We the People, would be demanded and expected. Who will Biden FIRE now, btw, for leaving him to hang out to dry? Nobody and that’s because HE’S LYING. HE KNEW, as did Obama, I’ll bet you.

  4. O O P S – e .. FTHEMALL 24/7 … SICK-OS … LOCK Them ALL UP NOW !!!!!

  5. searched EVERY Drawer’ .. ha’ WHAT DICK-s THEY R RAPPING …..

    • It’s great. I love it. They just CANNOT help themselves.

    • “The raid on Mar-a-Lago was based largely on information from an FBI confidential human source, one who was able to identify what classified documents former President Trump was still hiding and even the location of those documents, two senior government officials told Newsweek. …”

      THEY NEVER LEARN. What was the entire Trump/Russia HOAX “based largely on?” Information from a (fired, disgraced, foreign) confidential human source who LIED at the behest of a law firm HIRED by Hillary Clinton. And yet the FBI didn’t BOTHER to investigate the source FIRST but just ran off half-cocked because they WANTED TO GET TRUMP AND WANTED TO BELIEVE THESE LIES. Or worse.

      “able to identify what classified documents former President Trump was still hiding …” SEE? STILL HIDING. They found nothing before. He showed them everything and turned over anything they wanted and yet they somehow just know and want to believe he’s “still hiding” things. How can he ever prove otherwise? You cannot prove you DON’T have something … somewhere. Maybe it’s at the north pole.

      I guarantee you there was NO EVIDENCE to suggest he was hiding anything. It’s just upon “information from a lying anonymous source” and their own “belief” that he’s hiding something because some whistleblower says he is and hey! That person knew what and where–in the new EMPTY SAFE.

      Egg on their face? Ya think?

    • A lifeline? Don’t make me laugh. Do these a-holes actually believe We the People would support ANYBODY against Trump?

    • Well, now we hear that’s not true. All we hear from the left and the mainstream media is the danger of misinformation and disinformation. Why is it, then, that the very people who lecture about that danger PROMOTE disinformation and misinformation? WHY does every story out there come in conflicting versions of “truth.” It cannot be true that Garland didn’t know but also personally signed off on it! We hear that Biden didn’t know but that defies common sense and also means we have to believe they left him out there, hung out to dry like a wet t-shirt. IF he didn’t know, it’s a scandal in itself. A huge blunder, if true, because this outrageous action can all by itself SINK BIDEN. Or, maybe that was part of their plan. It’s not as if they’re not chomping at the bit to ditch Ole Joe.

      However, they’re either parsing truth or making it up as they go along. Garland didn’t know. But it may be, according to parsing, that he “knew” knew but didn’t know the exact date and time. See how that works?

      OR it may be that once they saw the outrage of the possibility that he DIDN’T know, proving what a feckless, useless turd he is and how out of control the FBI is, they decided to either change the story and say, now, that he did know, or maybe he’s been elected to TAKE THE FALL.

      So now Garland’s saying he did know and they wouldn’t have taken this step without good cause. Trust them. RIGHT. We’ll NEVER trust them again. Knowing what we know now about Comey, Holder, Brennan, Clapper, would ANYONE “trust” THEM ever again? If their lips are moving, they’re lying.

      Oh, yeah.

      “Warrants are supposed to be limited in nature. If an informant told the FBI where to look and for what, that should be specified in the warrant and nothing else should have been touched. But that wasn’t the case. The removal of the Trump lawyers from the premises as it was being searched was wrong, but it does something precious for Trump. Trump can now, since there were no observers, claim that anything found in his home that might be incriminating was planted by the FBI- especially since it was acting without the knowledge of the President or the Attorney General. …”

      Exactly what I thought all along about this alleged “mole.” The mole, if that’s not another after-the-fact invention, allegedly told them exactly where to look (the new safe being one place, one office, and a bedroom). Yet they searched EVERYWHERE and Eric has it on video. AGAINST the search warrant, if you believe what’s been alleged to be true, and even though, conversely, the DOJ lawyers allegedly told Trump’s people that they have the run of the entire compound, which would NOT be true if the warrant were, as they are SUPPOSED TO BE, limited to WHAT’S to be seized and WHERE it’s supposed to be located, which is where they’re authorized to look.

      I really do think that somebody there, probably some infiltrating woke citizen or maybe even a planted FBI informant, heard about the new safe or SAW it being delivered and installed and then, on that flimsy “evidence,” told somebody in Biden’s administration about the NEW SAFE where they just KNOW he’s going to HIDE stuff from Biden’s administration. It was all, as usual, supposition. Based upon their own insane TDS, they acted without any evidence of probable cause whatsoever.

      It makes sense, in their way of thinking. A grand jury (pffft!) in DC issued a subpoena to Trump for documents. Trump COMPLIED with the subpoena. Welcomed the FBI into his home, showed them everything, GAVE THEM what they wanted, acted upon their instructions about how to secure the rest (which indicates, duh, that it was permissible to the FBI to let him KEEP that stuff in that store room), and even welcomed the agents personally into his home. Completely transparent.

      However, whoever above the agents suffering from TDS didn’t BELIEVE that Trump complied. He just MUST still have documents. So acting on a BELIEF with no foundation, and the fact that he bought a safe, they raided his home. Took the stuff, finally, from the store room. All of it, according to media, stuff they went through before and knew he had.

      So think about it: Trump is somehow supposed to prove he does NOT have any more documents that they want. How do you prove you don’t have something?

      Will it ever end or will they forevermore search his home(s) until they magically find something that doesn’t exist? He can’t prove a negative.

      They’re going to persecute him forever. They didn’t find what they wanted but that doesn’t mean they won’t just keep looking and looking because they are so warped in their view of Trump that they BELIEVE their FALSE BELIEFS about him.

      “He’s guilty, damn it. We can’t prove it, because we can’t find the evidence to prove it but we KNOW he’s guilty.”

      They’ll never admit that the reason they can’t prove he’s guilty is because he’s not, and the reason they can’t find the evidence is that there IS NONE.

    • Indeed he must. And on day one, he needs to TOTALLY CLEAN HOUSE, REPLACING ANY AND EVERY HOLDOVER THAT HE POSSIBLY CAN. He needs right now to start lining up his entire administration.

    • Human nature to just keep pushing the envelope. Ask any indulgent mother. You give a brat an inch and he’ll eventually take a mile.

    • And I suppose it didn’t enter into his totally ethical (ha!) head to RECUSE himself on this one? To appoint a special prosecutor for whatever “crime” he thinks the REAL President committed? Jerk. That’s all I can say about that bitter pill of a “man.”

    • “People can file requests via the Freedom of Information Act (a law Obama helped wreck) to access Obama records, but responses from presidential libraries can be delayed for years, even more than a decade, if the information is classified. …”

      PROVING the double standard. It’s KNOWN, according to the media, that Obama “trucked” all those documents, INCLUDING CLASSIFIED INFORMATION, to Chicago where he STILL retains all of it, against his promise to digitize it, which he hasn’t done.

      1. Why didn’t the archives ask the DOJ to investigate Obama? Because that would have been Trump’s DOJ?
      2. Why didn’t the DOJ RAID Obama’s warehouse, or wherever it is that he’s holding classified documents under who knows what security conditions?

  6. First things! . KEEP CALM COOL & COLLECTED 24/7 ! THINK USA !
    Posted by Radiopatriot in American Spirit≈ … Leave a comment
    Is this a preview of Draining the
    …. Kash laying OUT …. the Plan on HOW to take them OU T.

    Kash Patel’s advice to Republicans when they Take Back POWER: Issue Subpoenas and start investigations on day one, hold Vote for CONtempt
    of Congress when Democrats RE fuse to Comply & REfer them for Criminal
    >>>>> Prosecution.

    Subscribe to The Benny Show:

  7. HUNTER ….ha’
    The homeowner, Maria Allwin, is a big-time contributor to an array of political campaigns, supporting Biden in 2020.

    • It must really be nice. This is Obama redux. I wonder: Can the Republicans get Biden in the future on this as an unclaimed campaign donation? There must be SOME technicality in SOME law or even executive order that proves he BROKE THE LAW AND NEEDS TO BE RAIDED, INDICTED, CHARGED, TRIED, CONVICTED, AND FROG MARCHED INTO THE DC GULAG. Oh, wait. Let’s skip indicted through convicted and just go to the Biden plan: arrested, thrown into DC gulag without due process forever.

  8. The Benny Show *** BOMBSHELL: Trump Has The TAPES!
    * FBI STORMS Melania’s Closet, * PLANTED Evidence!? * A RAT on Team Trump! With Special Guest: Kash Patel

    The Benny Show by Benny Johnson
    FBI agents REFUSED to hand over warrant, kicked lawyer off the property, searched Melania’s clothes, & Mar-a-Lago
    >>> staff RE- Fused to turn OFF >>> Security Cameras <<< ha'!!!
    – Meaning Trump Has the Tapes. Special guest Kash Patel joins
    us to break it all down.

    Aug 10 2022

  9. a DICK a MINUTE … silly fool …. keep talkin’ …..ha’
    Rep. Cheney Blasts GOP Colleagues for ‘Sickening’ Attacks on FBI Agents

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