Why Are Strzok and Page Still On The Public Payroll?

Why do Peter Strzok and Lisa Page still have jobs in our government? You ought to recognize their names, but in case not, according to Wikipedia: [emphasis added to quotes]

Strzok was the Chief of the Counterespionage Section during the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server. Strzok rose to become the Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence Division, which is the number two position in that division, and led the FBI’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections.

Later on, Strzok was put onto special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Oddly enough, despite her notoriety, Page has no Wikipedia entry, so the UK’s Daily Mail will have to do:

Lisa Page, a lawyer for the FBI, looked somber … as she was spotted leaving the home that she shares with her husband and children in Washington D.C. …

Page was exposed as being the lover of Peter Strzok, deputy head of counterintelligence at the FBI, after it was discovered they exchanged anti-Trump text messages, which led him to be reassigned to the FBI’s human resources department in August.

Strzok, according to the Washington Post, was a key player in the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state. He was also responsible for changing the wording in then FBI director James Comey’s assessment from ‘grossly negligent’ to ‘extremely careless,’ and the probe into possible coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia in the 2016 election. Page was also working on Mueller’s Russia probe for a short time but had already left the investigation when the text messages were discovered.

Both still work for the FBI, despite their alleged bias against Trump and in favor of Clinton, and despite the fact that their alleged extramarital affair has become public.

Page now works for the FBI’s office of the general counsel, while Strzok works in the FBI’s human resources department, so both are still collecting government paychecks.

Both of these people were involved in extremely sensitive national security investigations. Strzok was second in command in the Counterintelligence Division of the FBI. As such, both were subject to blackmail had their alleged adulterous affair come to light. More facts about them can be found here and here.

Again, why are they still on the public payroll? Are there no rules, policies, or laws that address such behavior? Apparently so:

An agency [of the federal government] may discipline an employee who engaged in consensual adulterous behavior for conduct unbecoming of a federal employee. Suspension is the typical punishment for such misconduct, but removal may be justifiable under certain circumstances. 

That article explains that in some states, adultery is a crime.

According to the New York Times, 23 states criminalize adulterous conduct, and while it is a misdemeanor in most of those states, it is a felony in others such as Massachusetts, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Virginia, where Strzok lives, criminalizes adultery. Washington DC does not. It’s unknown where, exactly, the adultery in question took place, but the odds are that not all of it took place within the confines of the District of Columbia. Are FBI agents allowed to commit crimes, even misdemeanors, and keep their jobs?

Odd, isn’t it, how some people are held to the letter of the law while others skate?

From the same article:

Employees can also be removed on a charge of improper conduct if their extramarital affair interferes with the agency’s mission.

Even if federal employees with a security clearance are able to keep an extramarital affair from a spouse, they will have a harder time keeping that secret from the government, especially when their clearance comes up for review. Adultery is the kiss of death for federal employees with security clearances; it is very hard to prove … that an employee who engaged in adulterous conduct does not pose a threat to national security given the individuals’ susceptibility to coercion related to the affair. …

Guideline D cites as a disqualifying condition [“for Determining Eligibility for Access to Classified Information], “sexual behavior that causes an individual to be vulnerable to coercion, exploitation, or duress.” Guideline E similarly cites as a disqualifying condition, “personal conduct or concealment of information about one’s conduct, that creates a vulnerability to exploitation, manipulation, or duress.”  …

So many questions arise with regard to the above information:

When did the FBI (particularly Andrew McCabe and James Comey) and Robert Mueller learn about the alleged Strzok/Page adulterous affair?

Have Strzok and Page had their security clearances pulled? When was the last time either of them had their clearances up for review?

Did they swear under oath that they had not engaged in any behavior that would disqualify them from having a top secret security clearance? (Surely these two had to have top secret clearance.) If they did so swear (and facts seem to have proved otherwise), why do they still work in the government? How, exactly, does the FBI go about ensuring someone still deserves a security clearance?

What kind of organization was former FBI Director James Comey running for this alleged affair to be going on under his very nose, even if he didn’t know about it? If he did know about it, then when did he find out?

Did Robert Mueller know about the alleged affair even as he put these two on his team?

Why didn’t Mueller inform Congress and the public why he removed Strzok from his team? Why did he wait over five months to explain why Strzok was “reassigned?”

Did Mueller learn about the affair and/or the texts from the Office of the Inspector General? If it’s true that the biased texts messages were more concerning to Mueller than the affair, why is that so? Seriously.

Why was it “of greater concern” that their texts exhibited political bias than that two people who worked closely together on two of the most sensitive political investigations, perhaps in the history of this Republic, were engaged in an alleged extramarital affair?

Isn’t it plausible that they could easily have been blackmailed, for example, to use their positions to help ensure that Hillary Clinton was exonerated and/or to use their positions to help ensure that Hillary Clinton was elected (via that “insurance policy”)?

What seems more serious to you? Possible political bias against Trump or FBI employees potentially succumbing to blackmail?

Something’s not adding up here.

What impact does the pair’s behavior have on the credibility of the evidence they gathered that is being used to bring charges against Lt. General Michael Flynn, George Papadopolous, Paul Manafort, and potentially others?

What impact does their behavior have on the credibility of the evidence used to obtain FISA warrants to spy on candidate, President-elect, and ultimately President Trump and his team?

What impact does their behavior have on the incredible exoneration of Hillary  Clinton, who by all evidence belongs in prison like Kristian Saucier? (Did you even know about him?)

A recent case in the news brought even more questions to mind:

Lawyers representing four people accused of a deadly drug conspiracy in St. Louis were claiming that evidence collected by DEA agents in Atlanta had been tainted by an undisclosed affair between a DEA supervisor and a confidential informer. …

DEA agents are forbidden from even being alone with sources, or having a relationship closer than “arm’s length.” …

Cromer [the agent] has been suspended without pay, a DEA spokesman said Friday. Cromer also came under criminal and internal investigations, according to court testimony. There is no indication that he has been criminally charged.

A DEA spokesman said Thursday that Cromer is no longer with the agency.

So this raises a few more questions concerning Strzok and Page: Why weren’t they suspended without pay? Did they come under criminal and internal investigations?

Again, why are they still with the FBI?

That DEA agent was suspended without pay, criminally and internally investigated, and he is no longer employed at the DEA. How much more serious is the potential for taint in the Clinton (fake) investigation and the Trump/Russia witch hunt, given the potential for blackmail faced by Strzok and Page, who were critical members of both investigations?

If someone has access to the NSA database, what might be learned about just about anybody, which can then be used as blackmail to achieve whatever end is desired?

Again we see the double standard at work–how some people are held to the finest letter of the law while others get away, no matter what they do or how egregious their conduct.

It’s a travesty of justice that Hillary Clinton was not indicted for mishandling (at best) classified information and for putting our national security at risk.

It’s a travesty of justice that We the People are still funding this by-now totally discredited partisan witch hunt being led by Robert Mueller.

To add insult to injury, We the People are still paying their salaries, too.


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  1. Is it just me or do you see this entire story going the way of the birth certificate issue? Being buried. Being IGNORED. Being pooh-poohed. Being COVERED UP with the cover-up being aided and abetted by people like Paul Ryan and Jeff Sessions? I hope I’m wrong but fear I’m right and the only thing I can think of for WHY is the same reason WHY we speculated they looked the other way on the BC: Not to taint the legacy of the “first African-American president.” What say you?

  2. ~ tommy mc donnell •

    is it safe to call the Obama administration the Missing E-mail administration?
    it seemed like every time the administration was asked for records they were lost.

    • Yep. Or eaten by bugs. Or burned up in a fire. Or misplaced. Or checked out but never checked back in. Or the microfilm machine must have broken down years ago and just coincidentally erased the very records pertaining to little Barry Soetoro. What’s frustrating is that all of this that we KNOW about the Barry administration is virtually UNKNOWN to most of the country, thanks to the complicit media and the Democrat Party, which covered for him.

  3. Notes …^^^^^^
    “I spent almost 30 years in Chicago. It’s where Michelle, where she grew up, where our daughters were born,” he said. “Hawaii is home to me,” the president said, but Chicago was his real home.[7] …O’ REALLY NOW!

    • 30 years?!!!! How does he figure? Well, we know he’s no rocket scientist so he probably is puzzled by math, but no way does three years, approximately, between summer ’85 and fall ’88, plus about 12 years between 1992 and 2004, when he supposedly was a lecturer at a Chicago law school, and then 4 years when he was in state government and then the Senate, add up to 30 years. So if you spot him the 8 years he lived in OUR WH, even then it doesn’t add up to 30. 🙂

  4. James Comey to teach class on ethical leadership at William & Mary

    January 19, 2018 |
    Ousted FBI Director James Comey has been pegged to teach a class on ethical leadership at his alma mater, the College of William & Mary, according
    to a new report…. …WHAT ???? ETHICAL LEADERSHIP ….????

  5. White House to Release Legislative Proposal on DACA Monday ?? O’

    From a statement by the press secretary:

    The White House will release a legislative framework on Monday that represents a compromise that members of both parties can support. We encourage the Senate to bring it to the floor. This framework will fulfill the four agreed-upon pillars: securing the border & closing legal loopholes; ending extended-family chain migration; cancelling the visa lottery, & providing a permanent solution on DACA.

  6. “We are talking a massive conspiracy to take down a sitting US president
    that covers most branches of government, media and several foreign governments. Government officials were using burner phones and non-government emails, our spy agencies and foreign spy agencies to maneuver around US laws. I do not think people understand how huge this is.

    Trump was R I G H T when he said this election was the last chance to
    save the US.” ……… WE LOVE TRUMP…. or I DO !!!

    Sedition is easier to prove and document versus treason, like with their
    own words, emails on the internet or videos of them actually committing or conspiracy, acts of Seditious conspiracy in violation of US Code, like this
    mia Culpa by these FBI/DOJ maggot infested thugs.

    If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

    I think I understand W H Y … the FBI was so Ruthless against the Mafia
    in the 70s-90s. ….. They were Eliminating their Competition. !!!!!

    • Zenway, I believe you are on to something re: FBI vs. Mafia!! Good one;-) There is something kind of related that I was pondering yesterday reading up on Robert Mueller. He is of the elitist elite there is in the USA. His BIRTH announcement appeared in the NYTimes during WWII! Totally schooled at the best private schools from Day One. There is one honorable thing he did and that is to serve in Vietnam as a Marine officer. He got the Bronze Star which they pretty much did not hand out like candy then. His wife was from an elite background, too, the best girl’s schools/women’s colleges. No scandal here, not like John Kerry. So . . . this sounds like a perfect CIA-type doesn’t it? Bobby Three-sticks (nickname from prep school–he is RMII) goes to law school and ends up at top name white shoe law firms, like Hill & Barlow and Hale & Dorr. He’s kind of a Republican, resembling Bill Weld, who was Gov of Mass. Liberal, handsome so the ladies liked him, pro-choice etc. Red flags go up when he’s made FBI Director under “W” Bush, the old timers there are of an entirely different social class; lace curtain Irish guys from Fordham or Holy Cross, also Italians from the old neighborhood, St. Angela’s Parish, to bust on the mafiosi. That kind of thing. Sometimes this backfires, as it did in Boston vis a vis Whitey Bulger being an FBI informant and on the lam for years because FBI Connally would never close the deal. Having an Uber-WASP heading up the FBI just doesn’t seem right. The social class thing is something to investigate. Strzok was a Georgetown grad, Polish family in MN and WI; I am sure there is a deep-rooted dislike of Russia there.

      Maybe Bush appointed Mueller to clean out the rot from the other guys. Mueller returned the favor, probably thinking Bush a little bas-class with his Texas affectations, by answering the then-President who confronted him re: FBI failing to round up terrorists, saying about possible suspects, “If they don’t commit a crime, it would be difficult to identify and isolate them.” VP Cheney objected, castigating Mueller thus, “That’s just not good enough. We’re hearing this too much from the FBI.” I found this item yesterday in Mueller’s Wikipedia entry. Funny how Mueller has identified and is isolating Trump, who has NOT been accused of a crime. What Mueller refused to do to possible terrorists, he is doing to the President of the United States!

      Trump is not part of this “set.” I see the distaste for him among my own semi-elite “old” family (we lack the pots of money!). He represents everything they have been taught to disdain. He couldn’t get into their country club so he built his own!! I think to a certain extent, this is what happened to JFK. People like Ben Bradlee sucked up to him, but then accepted the findings of the Warren Commission and refused to pursue, like a good reporter should, the rest of the story because it might upset their boarding school classmates. I’m worried that Trump is being set up. Danger ahead.

    • By that definition, how are the mayors of sanctuary cities not guilty of sedition?

    • Maybe you posted this already, but they claim that now the IG has found some of the emails by seizing 4 phones from Strzok and Page. Now WHY hadn’t that been done before and WHY did it take an outcry from citizens, Congress, and even SAMSUNG (which was being blamed by the FBI) to think of this?

      The IG got the same BS letter from the FBI that Congress did. However, St. Horowitz didn’t seem to have bothered to get off his butt to retrieve the texts until the outcry. Why is that? They really do think we’re stupid. Dang that Internet. If people aren’t tech savvy, there are more than enough patriotic tech savvy wizards out there to tell the TRUTH about how things work. Those phones ought to have been seized LONG AGO, along with the equipment of ALL the top dogs in the FBI, especially those who have been persecuting our president and trying to OVERTHROW his legitimately elected government. THIS IS SERIOUS STUFF. They belong in prison. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/01/breaking-justice-department-located-missing-strzok-page-text-messages/

      A caveat, though: Consider that it seemed AS IF they thought we’d buy this “lost texts” BS until they realized we won’t. So now TGP says it’s not certain HOW MANY of their texts have been recovered. IG is turning them back to the DOJ, not to Congress. So more hands they’re passing through, instead of the phones being given to Congress so their own forensic people can examine them. They can easily disappear and/or edit any of the more problematic ones. Don’t be surprised to see most of the “recovered” texts to be namby pamby stuff like what’s for dinner or about somebody’s grandchildren.

      They TRIED this ploy. It didn’t work. So they’re on to the next ploy. But the FACT that they tried the ploy proves they have NO INTENTION of letting Congress or the People SEE THE INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE THAT WOULD PROVE THE ATTEMPTED COUP.

      It’s NOT ENOUGH in my opinion for them to oust these people and change systems to “make sure it never happens again.” THESE TRAITORS NEED TO BE PUNISHED AND WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO SEE IT HAPPEN, SO NO PROGRESSIVE EVER TRIES TO PULL THIS STUNT AGAIN.

      • Whoa, baby. You go Senators Grassley and Johnson. https://www.grassley.senate.gov/news/news-releases/grassley-johnson-ask-doj-ig-horowitz-about-missing-fbi-text-messages

        No wonder they suddenly “found” the texts. BTW, at the rate of 384 per two weeks, they should find at least 3840 for the 5 missing months.

        • More from the patriotic and wonderful Senator Grassley: https://www.grassley.senate.gov/news/news-releases/grassley-discusses-trump-tower-interview-transcripts-judiciary-committee-markup

          “Before I turn to Senator Feinstein, I want to turn to another matter.

          I have said all along that I favor as much transparency as possible in our investigations – but at the appropriate time, so we don’t undermine our work.

          I had hoped to speak with all the witnesses surrounding the Trump Tower meeting before releasing any of those interview transcripts. But the Ranking Member unilaterally released the transcript of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson. That has spooked other potential witnesses.

          As a result, it looks like our chances of getting a voluntary interview with Mr. Kushner have been shot. He has already provided his account to the Intelligence Committee.

          Senator Feinstein has access to the transcript as a member of that Committee, and I hope to be able to arrange to review it as well, as I have done with their interview of Mr. Manafort.

          Therefore, I believe this Committee’s interviews of the witnesses surrounding the Trump Tower meeting are complete. That section of our investigation is done. So, now it’s time to start officially releasing the transcripts of all witness interviews we have done related to that meeting.

          Let’s get them out there for everyone to see. …”

          That was her plan, probably. To “spook” the witnesses and to taint their interviews so they all know how to conform their remembrances to each other’s.

        • Just one more: https://www.grassley.senate.gov/news/news-releases/hiding-tough-questions-no-way-reassure-public

          “As part of our investigation we have requested documents and other information from the Department of Justice and FBI. Much of that information is classified. The Department has provided very limited access to those classified materials. It has limited the Judiciary Committee’s review to the Chair and Ranking of the full committee and the Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism. The government has also tried to severely limit the number of appropriately cleared staff who can review documents and take notes.

          We have reviewed some information related to whether the FBI used the so-called Trump dossier and the extent of its relationship with its author, Christopher Steele. As we know now, Mr. Steele was hired by Fusion GPS to research Mr. Trump’s alleged ties to Russia. His work was funded by the DNC and the Clinton campaign. Remember, it took a subpoena and a court battle with the House Intelligence committee to force that fact out into the open.

          Lawyers for the DNC and Clinton Campaign officials denied it to the press for months. They lied. The founder of Fusion GPS denied that his firm was “Democrat-linked.” That was untrue. When the news finally broke, New York Times reporters actually complained that people who knew better had flat out lied to them about who funded Mr. Steele’s dossier.

          But, back before the 2016 election, it is unclear who knew that Steele was gathering dirt on Trump for the DNC and the Clinton campaign. Many of his sources for claims about the Trump campaign are Russian government officials. So, Steele, who was working for Fusion GPS, who was working for the DNC and the Clinton campaign, was working with the Russians. So, who was actually colluding with Russians? It’s becoming more clear. …”

        • I sure hope that the OIG answers all of his questions and that Senator Grassley the Wonderful releases the answers to the public. Remember this? http://www.delmarvanow.com/story/opinion/columnists/2014/07/20/illegal-instant-message-trick/12915239/

          “It was so brazen. Right there, over email, Lois Lerner warned her colleagues “Congress has asked for emails … so we need to be cautious about what we say in emails.” Then she asked whether the IRS’s instant messaging application was being archived, and was told that — contrary to law — archiving had been disabled. She responded: “Perfect.”

          Specifically, IRS staffer Maria Hooke told Lerner “messages are not set to automatically save as the standard; however, the functionality exists within the software.”

          I asked the leading force for government transparency in the country, Chris Horner of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, whether it was legal for the IRS to disable the archiving function. “It’s unlawful to not enable it, and if it is default-enabled, it is unlawful to disable it,” he told me. ...”

          So Grassley needs to find out and then, depending upon the answer, refer for criminal investigation: Did the software get disabled? If it didn’t came disabled, who failed to enable it? It’s a CRIME.

  7. http://dougpowers.com/ … The Powers That Be …. U’ …

  8. Ding Dong the WITCH IS DEAD. the wicked witch! which witch? the wicked witch of the EAST. The one with the shriveled up legs in striped stockings under the House of Gore? Yep. That one.


    • Well bake my brownies!

      Richards expanded political advocacy at Planned Parenthood. Her background was in politics, not health care. Previously, she worked for pro-abortion House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and the liberal advocacy group America Votes. She is the daughter of former Texas Gov. Ann Richards.

  9. Hope this helps, a bit
    Jackson Browne
    Before the Deluge

    This made my cry.
    I used to play this song in a band but
    I only heard it today.
    Thank you God.

  10. Is the finger being taken out of the dike? Let’s hope this is just the beginning of the big reveal: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/01/democrats-covered-2005-photo-grinning-sen-obama-louis-farrakhan/

    Photo of Barry with Farrakhan in 2005. Photo deliberately suppressed and photog says he was “AFRAID” of the Congressional Black Caucus, which made him SUPPRESS the photo for over 11 years. Farrakhan also says he and the “fruit of Islam” helped, promoted, and FUNDED the career of little Barry.

  11. I really wish he would NOT allow any of these people in Davos to touch him. Did he not see what happened to Un’s uncle half-brother?

    I fear for his safety. Pray for him to be safe. I’m serious. Where is the Secret Service and WHY did they allow that person to touch our President? He should know NOT to touch ANYONE in public.

  12. My President!!! ❤

  13. of that, about which she is speaking, I have no idea:

    A year ago on January 20, 2017, President Trump took his Oath of Office.

    An Office in the Territorial Government is a Public Trust.

    Trusts will not become law for a year and a day.

    His Office, his Trust, would’ve turn into law on January 21st of this year- but that did not occur, due to the fact Chuck Schumer counterfeited to shut down the government for 3 days at exactly the critical moment.

    This is known as “breaking the continuity of the evidence”.

    Because of this, nothing that President Trump did throughout his whole first year in Office, all the laws and Executive Orders and Directives he signed– from a technical perspective, did not cure.

    Right now, possibly he did this to himself due to the fact he wished to void out mistakes made in the course of the first year of His Presidency, or, far more probable, the Dems found their opportunity to “win” by technicality and are Machiavellianing to circumduct everything he has done and everything he will do this coming year and after–just by sitting back and not revealing to him that his Office never cured.

    These are extremely devious, incredibly skillful, pretty evil men he is engaging with, folks who have been educated in the black arts and ecclesiastical law. He absolutely is contesting with Evil in High Places, so


    never bothered B.O.

    • facebkwallflower

      Bullshit. Just another rewriting of law, making it look like it has always been necessary to “cure”. It is a creative way to use the word trust. Duh, The American people have the free will to TRUST in or TRUST elected officials. Or not. That is not the same as “A” Trust, as in the kind of the likes of Barry’s mortgage is held by “A” Trust, which in NOT the same as the word “trust” meaning one has confidence in another, having faith in them. So, Bullshit.

  14. Great!
    I hoped someone could say it was rubbish.
    Thanks so much.

    • Good news to go with all the other good news (skyrocketing stock market, e.g.) while the media prefer to talk about insults to Crying Chuckie and why Melania didn’t go to Davos (as if it looks like a fun event for her, anyway. Did MOOCH ever go?)

      Anyway, consider this one, which may partially answer my question about why they’re still on the payroll and why Mueller didn’t seem concerned with the affair, when that seems to be the most risky behavior here–putting national security and the investigations at risk via BLACKMAIL potential. Maybe there WASN’T an affair. On the other hand, maybe it’s all disinformation, a double disinformation. Now that people realize how SERIOUS that affair might be in the context that maybe somebody under investigation KNEW ABOUT IT and used that fact and the threat to disclose it to get a result she wanted in the investigation.

      If it’s true he was moved to Human Resources after being the number 2 in counterintelligence, well. That seems like a YUGE come down. Don’t you think? That’s a career ending move, isn’t it? All the years invested and he blew it with this affair? You telling me that’s not something that he’d want to avoid at all costs?

      There’s a big thing I noticed in the latest round of texts revealed. In one of them, they talk about how many and which “agents” to put on the Clinton investigation, which was being run by Strzok. Seems there was a dispute about whether 2 or 3. One of them says that the higher ups are asking for the two “best” agents. One of them says something about how it’s hard to tell what’s meant by “best” in this “context.” Later on, one of them clarifies that by “best” the higher up didn’t mean actually the BEST, most effective agents but instead the agents that would cause the “best outcome!” Now what do you suppose that meant? Reads to me that they wanted the agents that would go along to get along, meaning who would go along with EXONERATING HER WITHOUT ANY INVESTIGATION IN THE FIRST PLACE. That’s what happened. That was the “best outcome” that they were looking for before they’d even made up the “skinny team.” It’s beyond corrupt. Pray that these traitors are taken down.

  15. perhaps you’ve already heard this former FBI prosecutor, but if not listen to this interview with him and you’ll get the full scope on “Russiagate” and who the criminals are. He mentions a name I’d not heard of as the culprit for the plan to take down DT. I love how he characterizes Comey . Here , to me, is the best rundown of the situation.


    • So I read an editorial in the WSJ today in which (not kidding) it appeared that the writer accepted that it’s common knowledge and only to be expected that Clinton would never face charges and anybody with common sense ought to know it and not be upset. Seriously. That was the gist of it. They KNOW the truth will come out–that the investigation was a sham, that Comey lied, that Lynch and the Clintons and Barry conspired–so it seems the current narrative will be that only the naive would expect otherwise and not realize that politically, of course she wouldn’t be charged with anything. What are you? A child? Unsophisticated?

      It made me sick.

  16. The DMIC’s grip on their fervently devout audience & consumer base is so airtight that I suspect that Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi minister of propaganda, would gushingly marvel at just how effective the DMIC are in mass-controlling their sheeple followers. As WikiLeaks confirmed for all the world to see in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election, the real colluders & co-conspirators were DMIC organization after organization. Never forget Rule Number 1 of propaganda: accuse your opponent of what you yourself are guilty of.

    (Saul Alinsky, the Lucifer-admiring author of Rules for Radicals, had his own version of this, called “the issue is never the issue.”
    No wonder President Obama & Hillary Clinton worshiped .. Alinsky.)^^^

  17. Is Trey on our side?

    • Good question.

    • Trump does NOT have to sit down with Mueller. Trump is the boss. Mueller is NOT the boss. Presidents have executive privilege. Rulings have shown they don’t have to be interviewed. He can always take the Fifth and who would care? He and his lawyers should INSIST on the very same deal Hillary had. No oath. Lawyers (multiple, even some who weren’t her lawyers but WERE witnesses), and no recording or transcript. Why should the PRESIDENT be treated by a special counsel “loaded for bear,” to borrow a phrase, when a FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE was treated with kid gloves simply because she “might” be the next president? I don’t think in any way that Mueller is “fair.” Everything points to him being biased.

    • As for Gowdy kissing Mueller’s butt, it’s all politics and flattery. They KNOW that Mueller isn’t going anywhere, so the best thing is to publicly praise him and hope for the best.

    • As for the “calendars” text about the “secret society,” Wallace uses the DemoncRAT and corrupt media talking point: It was only one text. HOW THE HELL does he know that? There are still many missing. They won’t TURN OVER THE MOST INCRIMINATING ONES, ESPECIALLY IF THEY RELATE TO MUELLER’S INVESTIGATION. We don’t have them all. They’re being censored. So how does Wallace know there aren’t many more about the secret society?

      It’s in the interest of the DOJ, the FBI, the GOPe, the Democrats, the uniparty, even arguably “national security,” to NOT EXPOSE all of the corruption, not to mention the protection of Barry’s legacy. Deals are probably being made. The reason it’s so damaging if the entire scheme comes out is that with such a corrupt DOJ and FBI for over 8 years, EVERY INVESTIGATION THEY DID is put in jeopardy. Every conviction will be revisited. EVERYTHING.

      Either Kimberley Strassel or Sharyl Attkisson wrote about that. I haven’t found the story again but will link it if I do. They want to protect what they think is more important to protect than our Republic. [It was Kimberly. Here’s the link: http://thehill.com/opinion/white-house/370717-as-walls-close-in-on-fbi-the-bureau-lashes-out-at-its-antagonists btw, did you ever notice it’s the women reporters doing the most on this story? Herridge, Strassel, Attkisson.]

      The DEEP STATE must be cleaned out, drained, gone. I don’t even know if it’s possible but it’s understandable that they would like to “fix it” (they say) and then MOVE ON.

      btw, what do they mean Strzok and Page bought Russian calendars as a joke? Where do they get this from, Page’s complicit corrupt media contacts (like Devin or Devlin or whatever his name is)? I thought, because it was getting close to the new year, they were referring to perhaps calendars that would now have Trump’s photo on them instead of their darling Barry’s. This was election day, was it not? Nov. 6, 2016? Oh, wait. It was 3 days 1 day later that they talked about their calendars; election was on the 8th.

      Gowdy is invested in looking “fair.” In a way, he’s right about how some Republicans overstate and do damage. That said, it was also reported that they have an INFORMANT talking to them about the secret society and how it met off site.

      • Page and Strzok are going to pull a Lynch. Their “defense” will all be second hand. They will likely take the Fifth and NEVER be interviewed.

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