What the President Said (Or Not)

Public toilet in ancient Greece

Last week, we were treated to another typical mainstream media firestorm. This time the controversy concerns whether or not the President used the term shithole to describe certain countries from which he doesn’t believe we need more immigrants. African countries and Haiti were particularly mentioned in the discussion that took place in the White House. Only one person, a very partisan Democrat with a history of lying about what’s said behind closed doors in “private” meetings, alleged that the President used that epithet to describe certain countries.

If President Trump did use the word, one must wonder whether he perhaps read a very pertinent article from the August 2017 issue of National Geographic magazine. Oh, it’s a fascinating read. A disgusting one, too. Here’s a preview: [emphasis added to quotes]

Defecating in the open is as old as humankind. As long as population densities were low and the earth could safely absorb human wastes, it caused few problems. But as more people gathered in towns and cities, we gradually learned the link between hygiene and health and, in particular, the importance of avoiding contact with feces. Today open defecation is on the decline worldwide, but nearly 950 million people still routinely practice it. …

In 2015 the United Nations called for an end to open defecation by 2030. …  Diseases caused by poor sanitation and unsafe water kill more children, some 1.4 million per year, than measles, malaria, and AIDS combined. …

Flies breeding and feeding on feces are one of the main vehicles delivering infectious organisms back to humans; one gram of feces can contain 10 million viruses, one million bacteria, and 1,000 parasitic cysts. They infect us through tiny openings in our skin or by contaminating food and water.

According to the World Health Organization, these countries have the highest rates of “open defecation”: Eritrea, South Sudan, Niger, Chad, Burkina Faso, Sao Tome and Principe, Solomon Islands, Benin, Togo, Namibia. Nine of the top ten are in Africa, although Haiti is not far behind. (Refer to the map at the link.)

If reading about this disgusting practice is not, in itself, disgusting enough, please look at this photo, the caption of which is:

In Port-au-Prince [Haiti], Exilien Cenat stands above the hole in a communal outhouse. Working at night to avoid public scorn, he empties the pit with his hands and a bucket, collects the waste in bags, and dumps the bags into ditches or canals. Flush toilets and sewers would be a more sanitary solution, but they’re simply too expensive.

Cholera is one deadly disease that is spread by raw sewage. That disease is epidemic in Haiti, because of the lack of sanitation.

Evidence shows that illegal immigrants into the United States are bringing diseases that pose a dire threat to our population. Some of these diseases have never before been seen in the United States, while others have previously been wiped out in this country. Chagas Disease, leprosy, malaria, Dengue fever, Ebola, TB, are among the diseases.

So, yes, it is of grave concern to the President of the United States whether or not it’s advisable to bring into the U.S. persons from countries where unsanitary toilet practices are the norm.

Immigrants and refugees, whether legal or illegal, bring with them their cultural practices, including unhygienic practices like open defecation. You think not?

Read this article from last September, which supplies “visual evidence” of disgusting toilet practices–unhealthy and dangerous practices–brought into Western countries (Italy, Scotland, England) by foreign immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries. Again, refer to the map at this link to see where unsanitary open defecation is practiced.

No matter what words President Trump used to describe the problem, We the People should be very, very grateful that he’s doing his job, which is to look out for the good of this country and the welfare of its people.

Nobody has a right to come into our country, and nobody should be allowed into our country if their cultural practices pose a danger to the very lives of our citizens.



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