Maya Angelou’s Words?

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Beginning as early as 2001, according to my research, perhaps even before, this quote by writer/illustrator Joan Walsh Anglund began to be falsely attributed to Maya Angelou:

A bird doesn’t sing because he has an answer–he sings because he has a song.

Barack Obama himself famously and falsely attributed Ms. Anglund’s words to Maya Angelou.

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A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.

The above quote was posted on Maya Angelou’s facebook page without attribution on November 23, 2013. That same year, she was interviewed and she repeated the quote, without attribution, as if those were her own words. An op-ed in the New York Times was too cute by half to claim that this was not a case of plagiarism:

… it doesn’t seem that Ms. Angelou, who died last year, claimed the words as her own.

“It doesn’t seem?” Well, I beg to differ. Things are not always as some would wish them to seem to be.

On Angelou’s facebook page and in her interview, the quote was modified from the original, with “he” changed to a more politically correct, gender-neutral pronoun (it), thus stymieing any attempt to search for other instances of the quote, which would have revealed Ms. Anglund’s copyrighted poetry from her book A Cup of Sun, which was published in 1967, two years before Angelou’s book I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.

I’m not alleging the modification was deliberate. It could as well have been made through political correctness or an attempt to avoid anthropomorphism.

It’s interesting to consider that Ms. Anglund was correct to use the pronoun he, given that on our continent most avian songsters are indeed male, which birds sing to mark their territories and attract the opposite sex. In any case, as the true author, she knew which sex she was writing about.

Even so, Angelou’s was an interesting modification. Run searches on the two different versions and see what turns up.

Recently the U.S. Postal Service issued a stamp in honor of Maya Angelou, which included the quotation that had been, for years, falsely attributed to her. Ms. Anglund’s granddaughter was quite surprised by the slight:

Emily Anglund, Anglund’s granddaughter, said she had no idea that the quote has been attributed to Angelou for several years, or that it is featured on her forever stamp. “We didn’t realize it until you brought it to our attention now. Wow,” Emily Anglund said.

Last year, in remarks at the presentation of the 2013 National Medal of Arts and National Humanities Medal, President Obama attributed the quote to Angelou:

“The late, great Maya Angelou once said, ‘A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.’ Each of the men and women that we honor today has a song — literally, in some cases. For others, it’s a talent, or a drive, or a passion that they just had to share with the world.”

Joan Walsh Anglund also was hearing about the Angelou stamp for the first time Monday night.

When told of the “mistake”, which the USPS isn’t going to correct, Ms. Anglund graciously said,

It’s an interesting connection, and interesting it would happen and already be printed and on her stamp. I love her and all she’s done, and I also love my own private thinking that also comes to the public because it comes from what I’ve been thinking and how I’ve been feeling. I don’t know about the stamp and I hope that it’s successful.

We could say that Joan Walsh Anglund writes because she has a poem, which expresses what she thinks and what she feels. In other words, that’s her song.

Michelle Obama and other celebrities failed to mention this “mistake” at the dedication ceremony for Angelou’s stamp. It probably goes without saying that Ms. Anglund likely was not invited to attend.

In my opinion, a great many people owe Ms. Anglund a very sincere apology. Obama himself ought to apologize to her. Perhaps his administration can make it up to her by putting her image and her poetry, correctly attributed of course, on a “forever stamp”.

Ms. Anglund is certainly as prolific a writer, if not more so, than Maya Angelou. One could easily argue that Ms. Anglund has had as big of an impact on people around the world as has Maya Angelou. If no stamp is forthcoming for Ms. Anglund, then at the very least the Postal Service should pay her royalties for (mis)using her poetry.

A little more about the lovely and multi-talented Joan Walsh Anglund:

Joan Walsh Anglund is the author and illustrator of more than 120 books that have sold over 50 million copies around the world in 17 languages. …

Famous Fans of J.W.A. – Eleanor Roosevelt, Queen Elizabeth, Cary Grant, Jackie (Kennedy) Onassis, Ethel Kennedy and Children, Carol Burnett, Helen Hayes, Phyllis Diller, Julie Andrews, Margaret Whiting, Dick Van Dyke, Rosemary Clooney, Shirley Jones, Emperor of Japan, Elizabeth Taylor …

It appears that Ms. Angelou made a habit of “borrowing”. Consider this excerpt from the poem, Sympathy, by Paul Laurence Dunbar:

I know why the caged bird sings, ah me,
    When his wing is bruised and his bosom sore,—
When he beats his bars and he would be free;
It is not a carol of joy or glee,
    But a prayer that he sends from his heart’s deep core,   
But a plea, that upward to Heaven he flings—
I know why the caged bird sings!

Dunbar died in 1906. On her facebook page, Angelou does acknowledge that she borrowed that theme from that other African-American poet. One wonders why she didn’t acknowledge borrowing from Ms. Anglund.


112 responses to “Maya Angelou’s Words?

    • 🙂 Why does the caged Tweetie Bird sing?

      • “It” tawt it taw a putty tat sthufferin sthuccotasth?

          • I would argue that there’s a monetary harm to Ms. Anglund, but for the publicity that is extant about the fact that the quote on the stamp really is hers and not Angelou’s. But there is harm done. If the quote was correctly attributed on the stamp, then anybody seeing the stamp and liking what they read might seek out Anglund’s books to read, not Angelou’s. Giving Angelou the benefit of the free publicity provided by the USPS is harmful to Anglund, imho. So Anglund has been harmed many times: First by those who attributed her quote to Angelou (I’d love to know how that first happened); then by Angelou herself who used the quote without attribution, put it on her facebook page, and SURELY knew that she was being given credit for the quote; and finally by the U.S. government itself! It would seem to be a slam dunk case, BUT Ms. Anglund will probably continue to be the gracious lady that she appears to be. Even so, it’s NOT FAIR and the USPS should apologize and do SOMETHING to make it up to Anglund INSTEAD OF SPINNING AND TRYING TO EVADE RESPONSIBILITY. That’s the most infuriating thing: They will NOT admit their mistake in the first place and so they feel they owe her no reparations at all. It’s probably likely they won’t reissue the stamp because they know what an outcry they will receive if they try to make the TAXPAYERS “fix” what was their mistake. And then We the People would expect heads to roll and if we’ve learned anything from the Obama administration it’s this: NOBODY IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING, EVER.

  1. 😆

    • Did you happen to see this outrageous story?

      “No college has taken more flak after running afoul of the gay rights movement than Gordon College, but it turns out the small Christian institution in Wenham, Massachusetts, also has some supporters.

      One of them is Lori D’Amico, a parent in Lynn, Massachusetts, who submitted petition signatures last week to require the city’s school district to hold another hearing on its vote to bar Gordon undergraduates from serving as student teachers in the Lynn system. …

      The uproar was spurred by Gordon President D. Michael Lindsay’s joining a July letter from religious leaders to President Obama, asking him to carve out a general religious exemption from an executive order banning federal contractors from discriminating based on sexual orientation or gender identity. …”

      So because the Gaystapo believes that the college president doesn’t have the right to free speech or to petition his government (in the form of Obama) for redress, they demand that the local government PUNISH the students who attend that college by not allowing them to participate as student teachers in the public schools!!! Even worse, they go on to compare the college to the KKK:

      “Their volunteer involvement was very limited. You have to draw the line somewhere,” Mr. Gallo said. “If the Ku Klux Klan, for example, made the best school lunch in the world, we’re not going to hire them to make the school lunch in the Lynn Public Schools.”

    • Religious freedom laws are dangerous? Then what does he think of the U.S. CONSTITUTION, which is the SUPREME LAW of the land and which expressly protects RELIGIOUS FREEDOM? imho, “thinkers” like him are DANGEROUS.

  2. In reading the Indiana statute, critics like Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, cast it in the worst possible light. Thus he writes: “The original Indiana bill says that individuals can cite their personal religious beliefs to refuse service to a customer or resist a state nondiscrimination law.” “Citing” will not get the job done unless they can point in good faith to the set of religious beliefs that drive that conclusion, which won’t happen with standard business transactions. Next, Cook does not mention that the law required that the state law “substantially burden” religious activities. No one has ever held that this test is satisfied by having to sell groceries to a gay or lesbian person. Nor, of course, does Cook even acknowledge the trampling of religious interests in cases like Cakemaster and Elane’s by ideologically militant state Civil Rights Commissions.

    Cook has a clear ulterior motive. His grand proclamation that Apple is “Open to everyone, regardless of where they come from, what they look like, how they worship or who they love” is a smart marketing strategy. But it is also cheap theater, because he does not have to repeal the Indiana law, which lets him serve whom he wants, to implement his strategy. The same applies for WalMart, General Electric, and every other large public corporation that is happy to climb on a bandwagon by pressuring governments to ratchet up the pressure on little people in order to make themselves look good.

  3. Some people are punished for plagiarism; some are not. Some have the media tripping over themselves making excuses for what “seems” to be; others are excoriated by the media and the likes of Oprah Winfrey for plagiarism or for making things up. Here’s another example of a double standard. Some are punished for CHEATING; others are not. These are SUPPOSED to be educators and role models:

    “Retired teacher Lavonia Ferrell changed answers on students’ standardized tests but she didn’t plead guilty to any charges in the Atlanta Public Schools cheating case.

    Investigators did not charge Ferrell, who is now retired.

    They also didn’t charge Sharon Pitts, who admitted in a court document that she destroyed copies of an internal investigative report about teachers and administrators changing answers on student tests, or Kathy Augustine, who investigators said lied about helping former Superintendent Beverly Hall cover up cheating by teachers.

    Pitts now heads human resources for public schools in Grand Rapids, Mich. Augustine runs a consulting business out of her metro Atlanta home.

    But for 10 lower-ranking former administrators and teachers, even getting to spend another night at home could be years away. They took their chances by going to trial rather than admitting guilt or turning on former colleagues, and they face the possibility of 20 years in prison when they’re sentenced today.

    Those who opted for trial are a small fraction of the original 178 educators and administrators named in the governor’s investigative report of teachers changing answers on the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test.

    Thirty-five were eventually indicted. Eighty-three were named unindicted co-conspirators. Sixty of those were given immunity. Ten of them testified. …”

    178 named as cheaters in the governor’s investigation. MOST get off. What sort of example does that set for children? What if the vast majority of these educators had been white?

  4. A city coming to your Neighborhood sooooon!

    (operative word: WAS)

    • Put on your red shoes and dance the Blues … Let’s dance. Let’s sway. Let’s swing…

      How many Capitals are there in America, exactly?

    • There is no way Detroit has 700,000 residents. Just not so. The reason the number is that high is because of welfare fraud; two, three, four, five, etc., names per person to collect the bennies. Then you you another, who knows how many, imaginary recipients with the city “admins” getting the monies. Ain’t no census takers gonna do Detroit by actually counting each household……

    • Uh, wouldn’t allowing the public loudspeaker system to be used to issue the “call to prayer” five times a day violate the CONSTITUTION? Why has nobody (like the ACLU and those groups that sue for “freedom from religion”) sued the town of Hamtramck?

  5. Shariah is incompatible with the American Constitution.

    It shatters the Bill of Rights (extinct circa 2010).

    Don’t lose your head over it.

    Rise. Just say No. And mean it.

  6. admission? Kudos 2 Cherry 4 being Transparent of sorts … or does
    it just allow US to Ponder on Lame Cherry ~ “My Cherry” rocks me

  7. Get your BLACK Stamps Collection NOW… BUTT’ where’s Maya’s
    with Emily Anglund’s grandmothers famous poetry from A Cup of Sun?

  8. Did Oprah come out of her bout with James Frey unmarked? Each viewer will judge for himself, but I was made uncomfortable by how many times I heard her say HE ”Embarrassed” HER. In the book world, Ms. Winfrey is
    a person of Great Power. The unstated warning of her cool & methodical dismantling of James Frey seems to have been Embarrass the Book Queen & the Book Queen will get U back Double, in Front of Millions…
    & …. your editor, too.
    ~ ( I Remember … Million Little Pieces.. ha )

    So what say OPRAH over the Love of HER LIFE… like a MOTHER….?
    buying her expensive.. ear jewery…. Maya CHEATED … so did MAYA
    make U EMBARRASSED OPRAH also? I think NOT! color her a pass

  9. Take a Walk on the WILD SIDE

  10. More at BR:

    Suddenly, there’s “history” of Barry, from 1995. The guy who introduces this newly released video describes Barry as a “law school student,” even though it’s supposed to be from 1995, by which time Barry was already in Chicago, working, allegedly, at the U of Chicago as a “constitutional scholar”. Why doesn’t the tape INCLUDE the introduction that he received THAT DAY, when the tape was made? Barry refers to the introduction in his speech, and yet the video was released WITHOUT the introduction. Why?

    My, oh, my, but I do believe I see that little curly-headed boy who’s in the photo with Mark.

    Listen to the first few minutes. Does this sound as if it’s 1995; he’s married and working in Chicago; but somehow he’s still talking about Cambridge and what they do at the law school, meaning Harvard? I’m confused, but it’s not the first time.

    This gets very interesting. Barry refers to Madelyn and Stan and talks about how there’s a photo on the cover of his book (Dreams from My Father) wherein they look like something right out of “American Gothic”. Now, is there any photo of Stan and Mad on the cover of his book? This would have to be the first edition, but has anybody ever seen one or its cover?

    His spiel sounds so very much like Mark’s: Mom was a “white American”; Dad was a “black African”.

    He’s wearing “the ring”.

    He is so condescendingly RACIST when he ridicules his white “friends” who had to “try to” tap their feet to the beat of the (presumably black) music at a party he took them to. Feeding into the FALSE stereotype that whites don’t have rhythm. What a freaking liar, too. He says that the whites, being in a black environment, can’t even put up with for a day with what he’s had to put up with every day of his life! NOT!!!! The fool grew up in Indonesia and then in a plush, elite environment in “multicultural” Hawaii. He pretends that as a half-white person, growing up in Hawaii and Indonesia, he suffered from racism “every day” of his life.

    He’s talking about when he was in high school, so long before he ever set foot on the mainland or ever even POSSIBLY experienced what many inner city blacks experience every day. Oh, isn’t it interesting? It’s almost like his taking white friends to a black party was an attempt to make them “uncomfortable.” Sound familiar? He’s such a freaking phony.

    In this lecture he does explain that Toot is short for the Hawaiian Tutu. Madelyn thought she was too young to be called Granny. The kicker of the video, according to Kincaid and BR, is that Barry admits that “Frank” was his mentor and WAS Frank Marshall Davis, which probably explains why this video was suppressed during the campaigns, because Barry didn’t want to be associated with communist Davis.

    • At about 25 minutes in, after extensively reading from “his” book, Barry starts taking questions. The first question is funny. A woman asks how he could work full time and “organize” himself “in order to write a whole book.” Well, that’s easy! He had Ayers do it for him!

      Ok. So now within his answers to the questions, he mentions being in Chicago, working as a community organizer and “civil rights attorney”. He also mentions, interestingly, that for the first two years of his marriage Mooch didn’t see much of him! Hmmm. He says he had to take a leave of absence to “polish it up”, meaning the book. He said that as a community organizer and somebody from an African-American and African tradition, TELLING STORIES was important to getting people to come together. Yep. How well we know about his STORIES.

      He’s asked about whether or not there should be a multi-ethnic or multi-cultural or multi-racial box on census forms and he doesn’t agree. IOW, he wants people to choose and be one thing–in his case, black. It’s “naive” and “damaging from a political standpoint.” He launches into his black accent. It’s disgusting. What a phony. He pretends that he’s a victim when if only those students knew what a privileged little boy he always was.

      At about 33 minutes, he talks about how politicians need to tie voters’ “self interest” to voting. To make sure to tell them scare them that their welfare will be cut off if they don’t vote for–you know, Democrats. Isn’t that a lovely sentiment? Don’t the commie left always pretend that they’re AGAINST selfishness (such as in the form of capitalism)? They claim that everybody should be egalitarian and SHARE! But here he is, talking about how politicians need to appeal to people’s SELF-INTEREST, which is exactly why they claim to hate capitalism, because it’s so “selfish”.

    • Its a goldmine! bwahhaaa. “Gggramps” … gotta love he always stumbles on the first word of any sentence. He’s has to stay in Sidney Poitier mode. Wonder where he picked up his southern Baptist dialect.

      What a moaning, groaning ingrate.

      Communist with a capital c and NOI.

    • Yes, the baby with the toddler. The toddler is not Mark N.

      • I’ve never thought the older toddler was Mark. He’s not that dark and he really looks nothing like him. Maybe that’s Barack and a brother David. They sure like to include David that “died” in all their stories. Wonder why?

    • Can’t wait to watch the whole thing. A very small point……actually a question if there’s anyone here from Kansas. I know local pronunciations are often not what the rest of the country would say, so does anyone know if Peru, KS is really pronounced “PeeeRu”? Or El Dorado is El DorAYdo? Just curious. They stuck out when he said it. I live near a Louisville that is said “Lewis-ville” so I know those could be correct.

      • I wondered about that, too, SEO. I noticed the pronunciations, too. The local pronunciations do differ in lots of places. I know of Cairo, IL, which is pronounced like Karo syrup. Salina, KS, which is pronounced Sa-LYE-na, not Sa-lee-na, as from the Spanish. The list goes on and on. So Peee-Ru wouldn’t surprise me.

      • No, Peru sometimes is said like the word ‘perhaps’ (which seems to be acceptable) but it actually is correct to make it sound like pa ru . If you were to look it up it gives the pronunciation sometimes like pe-roo, but that’s the spanish pronunciation and the e is not a long e….they do not say their e’s like we do…the e’s sound like a’s. So Obama must have had to look it up and this tells me he doesn’t know his spanish too well either. Maybe he knows urdu or russian or something, but not spanish. The work means rock…..and Peru Kansas was probably named peru for the same reason Peru Illinois was named that, because some man name Peru Illinois that name because the people were industrious like Peruvian people , and a Man from Illinois named Peru Kansas so I assume for the same reason.
        I know that’ s a longwinded explanation , but it’s really quite telling how Obama doesn’t really know some interesting tidbits like that. Even, in Illinois, I’d be interested to know who calls Peru Illinois Pee roo!

    • Miri, here’s a link to a 1st edition for sale, and it does have a picture of Stan and Mad on the front (the military years).

      • Wow. Do they seriously want $7 LARGE for that one? Impossible. Who would be that stupid? btw, does that look like Madelyn to you? Looks more like SAD, if you ask me. Well, she’s supposed to be SAD’s mother, but I never saw a resemblance before. SAD resembles Stan’s family, imho. She looks like Aunt Ginger and the other Aunt, too. Eleanor? What say you?

      • I know the photo of the Black women with child in the chair has been altered, as I had seen it back in around 2009 (and saved it) , more of that original photo and here in this book cover you can tell the location where another childs hand is on her arm. There was another child standing next to her left with his hand on her arm and all around her were young natives, possibly more children, standing beside her on both sides with tribal attire on and spears or batons (looked like spears). Does anyone remember seeing that? I just figure if that photo had to to altered and most definitely was, then surely they could have altered Stan and Mad there too.

    • Remember that one interview about the book, I assume also around this time, where he had the crooked teeth with the big gap? They look straight here, don’t they?

      • Yes, they do look straight there. I thought the same thing. We’re on the same wavelength. Was that other tape earlier than ’95? I sort of think so, but I do believe he was in Chicago at the time. So either somebody punched his lights out after this, breaking his teeth, or he had a bad accident, breaking his teeth, or else the other tape was made before somebody paid for his teeth to be nicely repaired, so he could go on his little speaking tour.

        • Or, maybe that one screenshot is just an optical illusion? When they do the close up in this video (the one you just put up, the interview) his teeth look ok i think.

        • What I don’t see is his left cheek bone. If you notice now Obama has a slight dip or raised area on his left cheek , like he cracked or hit his cheek (or like you say maybe somebody pouched his lights out at some time or another), just below his eye. He either had acne or chicken pocks at some time in his life, thus the few pock marks in his skin when the light hits just right.
          He does have a crooked or shortened tooth just past his second tooth from front, but I can’t see a gap.
          The one video from 1991 where he looks blurry almost appears as though someone dubbed him or just his head, over another person. The one where his voice is deepened.
          The interview tape and the long speech he made are both 1995 and the verbiage is almost word for word, even the antidotes (his-“I’ll give you a little story”) are all the same in both videos. ANd of course he lied so splendidly about him being a law Professor….he didn’t just say he taught law….he said he was a law professor and the students called him professor. So, just like all things with Obama….the stories, such as one that he was a professor or that he hails from Kenya likely came out of the jack ass’s own mouth!

          • I’ve thought in the past that maybe he has some kind of cosmetic device he wears and can take out, which hides that gap in the teeth. A removable bridge or something. Probably he got dental work done to help him on his book tour and in politics. I remember analyzing another video where he did look as if his teeth were very bad. It’s entirely possible that videos have been “fixed” in the same way photos have been fixed or had heads swapped out, etc.

          • Looking again at his cambridge library talk and his interview with the lady?(forget her name) he has the same pimples on his forehead in both , so I would assume those two are right close in time together.

        • Barry is there about 14 minutes in. I had read somewhere on the blog that when he was a state senator, his teeth were messed up. This is from when he was a state senator, but I can’t really tell how his teeth look.

          • He also says he was a law “Professor” and his students called him “Professor” ! Hmmmm?

            • Probably so. He was a lecturer, but I can totally see him making his “students” (who were probably close to his own age) call him “professor”. This, at a time when most professors (PhD’s) asked their students to call them by their first names!

              • Miri, up above….in that video, go to the 14 minute Mark. It will only take about 30 seconds to hear how clearly he lies….he doesn’t insinuate, but imfatically states he was a constitutional law professor.

                • He has no compunction about lying. He says he taught all kinds of constitutional law as a professor. He wasn’t even an assistant professor. He was a LECTURER.

                  • So, I think we saw this before. Look how they spin for him:

                    I looked for a definition of a senior lecturer. The title is typical of BRITISH colleges and universities and over there, wherever, the person IS a professor. It’s the equivalent of adjunct professor or associate professor and most have PhD’s. (Obama does NOT. He doesn’t even have a license to practice law.) Their “senior lecturers” engage in RESEARCH.

                    “However, in the United States, Canada, and other countries influenced by their educational systems, the term is used differently, generally denoting academics without tenure who teach full or part-time but have few or no research responsibilities within the institution where they teach.”

                    They’re NOT professors, although the U of Chicago says he was “regarded as” a professor. He was NOT a professor. I would challenge them to show us anybody else who had that title who was “regarded as” a professor. He was not even on the faculty. The best they could say was he was “considered to be” a member of the faculty. By whom? OFFICIALLY?

                    This reminds me of that 1790 law where they mistakenly said some born overseas were to be considered “as” natural born citizens. They bend the rules and the language for him. He inflated his resume so they dutifully protected him. It all depends upon what the meaning of “lecturer” is.

  11. OK!!! first things SAID … my Father , then at 2:00 MY MOTHER…
    “was a ? MUSLIM?” what was he about 2 SAY? interesting 2 ME!
    nervous ?… my muslim faith … another obama slip ? ^^^^ ??

    • mmmmehmmeh mmmmother.

      • Listen 1:47

      • I know. He couldn’t spit it out, could he? Major “tell”.

        • OK…. what if he was going 2 SAY ….. MADELYN ???
          FMDavis & Mad… Mad was no angel Scorpio chick … 4 sure …
          as he went back 2 visit his .. real .. MOM..? at the end but Mad was
          so kind to let him live with her …if he stayed out of trouble…. a lie ?
          we did all this before …but does it have legs… again so Maya might
          belong to Stanley Ann only ? …

          • From the Vault • Barack Obama • SEP 1995
            22-CityView – Cambridge, MA ~249 views
            Published on Mar 12, 2015

            22-CityView presents Barack Obama speaking at the Cambridge Public Library. Recorded on September 20,1995, this originally aired on Channel 37 Cambridge Municipal Television as an episode of the show “The Author Series.” In this episode Obama discusses his book “Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance,” which at the time had just been released a few months previously.

            HAS IT BEEN SCRUBBED … can’t open 3 sites… ??

        • Rosemary Woodhouse

          Yes, major. I thought the exact same thing! Almost, but not quite. 😦

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      BINGO! Exactly what I noticed.

  12. ( Audio via Larry Kudlow. Hat tip Harold. ) @ BR
    Team Cruz thus far raised 31 million dollars even though he clearly is
    not an Article II “natural born Citizen” as constitutionally required to be President under the United States Constitution. Which is still the Law of
    the Land.
    How is raising funds for an office you’re legally not eligible to hold not fraud?
    This could get eerily similar to the Abdul Hassan saga, which isn’t over.
    As U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan noted in his 2012 ruling:



  14. ~ Guest · 4 hours ago @BR
    I have been inundated with Rubio announcements today. He wants me
    to become a “Day One Supporter.” I sent this reply:

    YOU are NOT eligible to run for President because your parents were citizens of Cuba when you were born. If you believe in the Constitution & America as a land of laws, you will withdraw your presidential candidacy. I will Not help to destroy the Constitution by supporting a NON-NATURAL-BORN-CITIZEN for President. Obama, the first NON-NATURAL-BORN-CITIZEN has frauded America as an Usurper of the presidency & is destroying the Constitution & Ameriica.


  15. ~ Jan April 10, 2015 at 12:52 am @drkatesview

    Okay, all of us here, or the large majority, already Know this, ..but maybe friends or family need a Refresher Prior …… to touting Rubio or Cruz because if either ONE …. of them is Voted in for Pres, (USURPER)
    there will NEVER……. be ….. any Turning BACK….. EVER AGAIN!!!!

    Again then what on the NEXT ELECTION & the NEXT ONE ….. WE will

  16. ~ ObamaScare – Now available in paperback & Kindle!
    Philip J. Berg

    What Obama has done to this country is scary. It should scare you as well. The Obama Socialist movement will continue if not stopped. It is scary that an unknown man with sealed records about his entire existence became President of the United States. Don’t you find that scary! Given his association with communists & terrorists, a military background check would have long ago disqualified Barry Soetoro (Barack Obama’s birth name) for the job of United States President. With his associations, the Chicago Police Department or hundreds of other agencies could not employ Obama. Yet, he is president – something is very wrong with our focus! Barry Soetoro would not be authorized for access to the White House toilet much less access for the codes for US nuclear weapons. The USA has surrendered to an enemy within. A divisive America has accepted fiction as fact & lies as truth. A secret war rages across America!

  17. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Why are all of these videos emerging…….now?

    • Cashill is always on top of things and spot on. Great catch on his part that Barry didn’t know how to pronounce Du Bois.

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