Happy Easter. He Is Risen.

501px-The_resurrection_day - Copy

Today is a day of great joy:

After Jesus was crucified, Joseph of Arimathea had Christ’s body placed in his own tomb. A large stone covered the entrance and soldiers guarded the sealed tomb. On the third day, a Sunday, several women went to the tomb at dawn to anoint the body of Jesus.

A violent earthquake took place as an angel from heaven rolled back the stone. The guards shook in fear as the angel, dressed in bright white, sat upon the stone. The angel announced to the women that Jesus who was crucified was no longer in the tomb, “He is risen, just as he said.” Then he instructed the women to inspect the tomb and see for themselves. Next he told them to go inform the disciples.

With a mixture of fear and joy they ran to obey the angel’s command, but suddenly Jesus met them on their way. They fell at his feet and worshiped him. Jesus then said to them, “Do not be afraid. Go tell my brothers to go to Galilee. There they will see me.”

Do not be afraid. Let not your heart be troubled.

Happy Easter, everyone!


80 responses to “Happy Easter. He Is Risen.

  1. Peace. Joy. Love.

    • Happy Easter, James, and thank you for the excellent link. We love CW.

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        Yes, excellent information. I always thought the imprint on the shroud depicts what Jesus actually looked like- even more so than the computer image. Isaiah 53 states that he had no “comliness” I am NOT insulting Jewish people when I write the shroud depicts a man who has stereotypically Jewish features. I am now compelled to watch the documentary.

        • Looks very handsome to me.

          • Rosemary Woodhouse

            In the eye of the beholder. Am just quoting scripture as I am known to do. God tells is not to be lofty of “puffed up with pride” . I reiterate I am definitely NOT being, nor will I ever be anti Semitic. So many are, overtly or covertly.

            I hope you had a wonderful, happy Easter, Miri.

            With appreciation for all that you do, RW.

            • I understand, RW. It must be that standards of “comeliness” have changed over time. I was going by the image on that site that extrapolated his face from the marks on the Shroud. We know you’re not anti-Semitic. Not to worry. Thanks for your appreciation. 🙂 We appreciate you, too. I had as good of an Easter as possible, all things considered. Weather was certainly beautiful and so was the food!

          • The Shroud depicts a Jew who was scourged and nailed to a cross. I was once admonished for bringing up the Shroud in a liturgy meeting and chastised for “leaning on It” as a matter of Faith. Though I was taken aback, I did get the point. This was back in the ’80s. I still find it astonishing and awesome, nonetheless.

            And, also the word/ name Barabbas. It translates to Son of God. Another mystery to me.

            • Do I take this as meaning that the people who chastised you expect us to check our logic, reason, and intelligence at the door? Those also are gifts from God, so why would He not expect us to use them? I get the point, but they seem to be taking the point to an extreme, imho. But what do I know?

  2. Happy Easter!

    • TY, Foxy. Happy Easter. Cute photo.

      I have a question: If you plant an Easter egg, do you grow a chicken or a bunny?

  3. For our Jewish friends. ❤

  4. As predicted. He WILL do whatever damage he can, extralegally, while he can:

    “Why else does the Obama administration want to create a ridiculous “pilot program” wherein U.S. government employees travel to the “donor” countries (such as Honduras) to screen “children” in situ for entry into the U.S., presumably as refugees? Setting a precedent, creating a behemoth of a refugee infrastructure, and preparing these new refugees for citizenship are the answers to that question!

    If individuals are labeled as refugees in their home countries and then enter the USA as refugees, they can more easily and quickly become eligible for citizenship than can legal immigrants who enter under the usual path.”

    And once the children are refugees and then citizens, all the illegal family members can become citizens, too.

    In the story about the pilot program:

    “The president (OBAMA) met for about two hours with Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina, Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez, and El Salvador President Salvador Sanchez Ceren, a day after they had talked to leaders on Capitol Hill. At the meeting, Obama proposed a pilot program that would begin in Honduras before being expanded to other countries. In it, those applying for refugee status would be screened in their own countries before making the dangerous trek to the United States, rather than after arriving here.”

    • And where are they getting the money and WHAT will Congress do to STOP THIS INSANITY?

    • http://dailycaller.com/2015/04/01/state-department-to-fly-central-american-children-into-us/

      Any permanent resident, parolee or illegal immigrant granted or in the process of being granted a work permit under President Barack Obama’s recent executive order or his deferred action policy, who has children under 21 living in Honduras, Guatemala or El Salvador can apply for the program.

      If their application is approved, the child will be granted a special refugee status and flown into the U.S. where they will receive “resettlement assistance” and be eligible for taxpayer benefits. If the child has children under 21 they can come too, as well as a parent of the child who is married to the applicant.”

  5. Why nobody will EVER accuse progressives of being geniuses: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2015/04/liberal-heads-explode-as-donations-top-840000-for-memories-pizza/

    “One loon, Kandyce Brothers, managed to accuse the GoFundMe site of being a “Koch” conspiracy and “dirty GOP trick” where all those rich conservatives donated an average of $29,000 each.
    Here is her response:

    Kandyce Brothers gogfundme raised just over 840k with almsot [SIC] 30,000 donors. do the math that would make each donor giving approx almost $29,000.00?????? ooooh come on now that anyone belieces [SIC] this wasnt a dirty GOP trick to garner support for conservatives. This was koch brothers funded and media manipulated to make liberabls [SIC] look extremely bad. The right wing propaganda machin [SIC] strikes again. …”

    A third-grader could do that one EASILY.

    840,000/30,000 = ?

    It’s sure NOT EQUAL to 29,000!

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      “Koch Brothers” and/or “Bush” are their.Orwellian “Goldstein” .All they need is the compulsory Two Minutes of Hate

  6. Poor things them Dims. 😆

  7. His “hometown” paper: http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/daily-southtown/opinion/ct-sta-kadner-president-st-0403-20150402-column.html#page=1

    ” … As everyone knows, President Barack Obama has been accused of failing to meet the natural-born test, whatever the test is. The main focus initially was on whether Obama was actually born in Hawaii or a foreign country.

    Critics initially ignored the fact that his mother, Ann Durham, was born in Wichita, Kan. Some so-called birthers, responding to the “mother is all you need for citizenship” claims, eventually suggested that she wasn’t Obama’s mother at all.

    I’m not going to rehash all those arguments here. You can find most of them on the Internet where there are plenty of folks still claiming that Obama lacks the constitutional qualification to be president. …”

    • That really gets me because the truth is the “main focus” was that he had a foreign father. The ‘born in Kenya’ tidbit was a subsequent rumor and as of today is still unknown. It all began with the fact he claimed to have a foreign father, thus, ineligible for the Presidency. It wasn’t until much later that Lucas Smith presented the “Kenyan” Birth certificate.

  8. Through a Devious Plan …. I “embellished” ……
    my Application to Indicate that I WAS…… African American.
    so says… Vijay Jojo Chokalingam
    This small enhancement gained me admission to the St. Louis University School of Medicine in 1999. I successfully completed my first 2 years of basic sciences at SLU & then, in 2002, passed the United States Medical Licensing Exam, Step 1. However, due to poor academic performance & realizing I wasn’t chasing after my dream, I left medical school in 2004.

    • Hmm. That sounds familiar. Barry’s a “desi”, too, remember? Or so he says. Maybe THAT is one time that he did tell the truth. The thing is, Mindy’s brother is, TECHNICALLY, African-American seeing as how he was born in Nigeria. So like Ms. Heinz-Kerry, he’s “African” American.

  9. Almost BLACK…… which one got into Medical School?


  10. What’s more, many so-called conservative pundits in the media are very quick to express their support for the various and new-found “rights” (including marriage) of homosexuals. Fox’s Megyn Kelly & Bill O’Reilly have both been sympathetic to SSM & the “rights” of homosexuals for some time now. David Brooks captured well the current “progressive” thinking that has infected some conservatives in this matter when he recently wrote, “If denying gays & lesbians their full civil rights & dignity
    is not wrong, then nothing is wrong. Gays & lesbians should not only be permitted to marry & live as they want, but should BE honored for doing so.” (Imagine that. We should “Honor” a lifestyle notorious for Disease, Depression, & Promiscuity.)

  11. http://www.latimes.com/opinion/opinion-la/la-ol-anti-obama-fake-email-john-waynes-daughter-20140331-story.html

    Putting aside the question of WHY the lamestream MUST continue to dredge up these old stories that have been DEBUNKED already, and BY “BIRTHERS“, isn’t this new info about Madelyn?

    “In under a minute, you’d find that by the time the French immigrant died, in 1981 — a death that was duly noted by the Social Security Administration — Obama had had his own Social Security number for several years. And his grandmother, as a court observer, arbitrator and probate aide for the Oahu Circuit Court’s juvenile monetary restitution program, had volunteered in the probate court five years after Ludwig died.”

  12. Are they sure those aren’t FLIES? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/barackobama/11518786/Bees-interrupt-Barack-Obama-storytelling-as-children-scream.html

    ” A group of unwelcome bees disrupted US President Barack Obama’s storytelling session for children at the launch of the White House Easter egg roll on Monday.

    As the president was reading from ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, bees began buzzing around the children seated on the South Lawn. …”

  13. 😀

  14. Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose,

    And nothin’ ain’t worth nothin’ but it’s free, ……

  15. ~ TonyUnplugged 104p · 6 hours ago
    Coach LOSES JOB after sharing ‘open letter to Obama’ challenging Islam’s part in American history
    Dear Mr. Obama:
    Have you ever seen a Muslim hospital?
    Have you heard a Muslim orchestra?
    Have you seen a Muslim band march in a parade?
    Have you witnessed a Muslim charity?
    Have you seen Muslims shaking hands with Muslim Girl Scouts?
    Have you seen a Muslim Candy Striper?
    Have your seen a Muslim do anything that contributes positively to the American way of life????

    The answer is no, you have not. Just ask yourself WHY???
    Read more at http://therightscoop.com/coach-loses-job-after-sh
    Read more at http://www.birtherreport.com/2015/04/must-hear-dr-savage-savages-pretend.html#HjMzbUTgT23HDvTG.99

  16. Carly Fiorina … can she FLY?

      • ~ usrnm03111925amd 23 minutes ago +more @comments ^^^

        “The GOP has finally found a new queen”. Perhaps they have. Liberals, progressives, facists, and their lapdog media persons may wish to take a second look at the “old Queen” … of the Democrat Party. No, it’s not Barney Frank…… For those Democrats who persist in playing identity politics, routinely engage in profiling, and do their best to keep the dialog on it’s most superficial level (no doubt to meet the minimal attention span of their burgeoning low-information followers) lets look at the old cow, er ….. the old queen of the Democrat Party, Hillary Clinton.

  17. O’ …. so very…. interesting … DID she NOT BUILD that Quote?
    such BLURRED LINES …. so do poets think alike?

  18. “There goes Peter Cottontail” !!!! White House replaces Easter bunny with Miles the Bat !!!! http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/70970

  19. Batting ZERO sounds about right ^^^ YIKES!

  20. More fraud from the Re-educators in the Federal Government, and gender neutral, of course.


    • This is such a hilarious story. Remember how they got the MLK statue quote wrong, too? The thing is: They make out as if this is a huge mistake on the part of the Post Office AND YET Ms. Angelou herself went around plagiarizing this quote (did she attribute it when she spoke it?) and BARRY HIMSELF attributed it to her during a ceremony in her honor. So, like Winston Smith, the media will probably simply rewrite history and ATTRIBUTE to Angelou a quote she didn’t write!

      Oh, her “family” approved the use of the quote. BUT, it wasn’t her quote and they didn’t get approval from the REAL author! Fo shizzle, the true author will have no choice but to agree that her quote be misused to honor Angelou. Otherwise, she’ll probably be branded as a racist! No royalties for you, white lady!

      They’re going to ALLOW Angelou to get away with plagiarism and give her credit for the “popularity” of the quote. You cannot make this priceless stuff up! Spinning, spinning as fast as they can.

      What sort of research do these people do? NONE? When you use a quote on something as public as a postage stamp, do not LAWYERS vet it to ensure they’re not infringing on copyright? Does not SOMEBODY WITH AN OUNCE OF SENSE make sure the quote is SOURCED? I suppose that now they’ll say it’s not specifically stated to be a quote FROM HER. Note that the original quote uses “he” instead of “it”, referring to the bird, so the PC POLICE (including Angelou herself?) were there at some point, making sure it was “gender neutral” when she stole it without attribution.

      1, we have a plagiarist (And you know, I have to point out, if you change words in the quote, you will defeat an attempt to check its authenticity via the Internet, won’t you? Use the correct quote, and you get this (p.113) and this. );
      2. we have idiots in the media, on blogs, in “reference” sources, MIS-ATTRIBUTING TO Angelou something she cited without attribution;
      3. we have idiots at the Post Office who design and create a stamp with a mis-attributed quote, paying no royalties to the author, dissing HER;
      4. we have idiots wherever it is that they print stamps who did no “fact checking” to ensure that the quote was hers;
      5. we have a so-called president who attributes to Angelou a quote she plagiarized; and
      6. nobody’s apologizing to the real author OR TO THE TAXPAYERS who, no doubt, will have to pay AGAIN for this “mistake.”

      It appears that Angelou, back in 2013, furthered the mis-attribution her very own self because it was on her FACEBOOK page without attribution to Ms. Anglund. They even have a classroom poster with the mis-attribution!

  21. We have only 3 weeks. We have to make sure that these Attorneys General do not Succumb to the Temptation. WRITE to them. Let them know you will be watching the arguments they bring up & minding whether or not they are really presenting ALL the evidence against Gay Marriage, particularly where it deals with Children & the three briefs submitted by dissident COGs.

    Tennessee attorney general Herbert H. Slatery III
    Michigan attorney general Bill Schuette
    Ohio attorney general Mike DeWine
    Kentucky attorney general Jack Conway

    Maybe we don’t have a chance, & ALL is Doomed. But maybe, just maybe, there’s a glimmer of Hope. Either way, we have to look at ourselves in the mirror the morning AFTER…. SCOTUS announces its decision. If we know in our hearts we gave up too soon, we have only ourselves to blame.

    Robert Oscar Lopez is the lead editor of Jephthah’s Daughters: Innocent Casualties in the War for Family ‘Equality.’ @AT

  22. Walter L. Scott had … 4 children .. 24 -22 -21 -16 years old all boys
    was Engaged & had been honorably discharged from the U.S. Coast Guard. There were no violent offenses on his record, Stewart said.

    He also speculated that Scott may have tried to RUN … at 50 years old because he owed $$$$
    child support, which can lead to Jail Time in South Carolina until it is paid.

  23. ~~ Barry Soetoro, ESQ 122p · 1 hour ago …TRUTH ???
    Fake Shooting Of The Week™ = Walter Scott (black guy).

    Pulled over for broken tail light, then in broad daylight, cop decides to shoot him in the back for no reason in a suburban setting where 10 or 20 witnesses might be around, while Random Bystander videotapes the whole thing from the chain link fence. How convenient.


    Sharpton (aka FedGov) wants their Federal Police (aka Nazi SS) and stunts like this are how they push BodyCams for all cops so the Regime can control all Policemen by recording their every move on NSA servers in Utah.

    Result? Honest/smart cops would get the hell out, leaving the Police profession to lowlifes and morons dumb enough to walk around in uniform waiting for DC to blackmail them with real or altered ‘video’ of their next traffic stop or interaction with a minority.

    It’s a pile of crap and it’s growing every day. .. ? ANOTHER ONE???

    Read more at http://www.birtherreport.com/2015/04/shock-audio-trevor-loudon-flubs-article.html#AXHDqmzDH9WZpWLp.99

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