1961 Hawaii Department of Health Registrar Identified! – Updated!

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Extra, extra, read all about it! 


Our Hats Are Off…to


an EXTRAORDINARY crack researcher/commenter at WTPOTUS who has solved the riddle and discovered the identity of the registrar who allegedly signed Barack Hussein Obama II’s “long-form birth certificate.”

The reveal:

An entry in the 1961/62 Polk directory reads:

LEE Verna K L Mrs. clk State Dept of Health r1228 a 16th av


There you have it, boys and girls.   Mrs. Verna K. L. Lee,  and NOT  Mr. Ukulele!

It remains for computer experts to explain why on the birth certificates she allegedly signed (those we know about–Obama, an anonymous male born May 1959, and Edith Coats, born June 1962) her first initial looks more like a U than a V.  Or why she signed her name with initials instead of her full name.

Signature of Verna K. L. Lee on Obama’s White House Release of the Birth Certificate April 27, 2011


Signature of Verna Lee on Anonymous Male’s Birth Certificate dated April 14, 1960


A BIG tip of the hat to the extraordinary researcher who tracked down this information!

UPDATE:  Copy of the Polk’s Directory Page                   

    Click to enlarge images.

Polk’s 1961 Directory, Page 790

Verna K. L. Lee



166 responses to “1961 Hawaii Department of Health Registrar Identified! – Updated!

  1. New Rule:

    “No Person except a Citizen of the United States shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

    The stupid founders were blowing bubbles making a distinction in the original clause and blowing smoke up your butt when they made a further distinction as to eligibility in holding other elected offices.

    What a pompous, verbose pack of windbags, the founders were.

    I guess the twelfth Amendment regarding the VP sprang from boredom on a dog’s day afternoon.

  2. Barrack Muluka To Barack Obama–Kenya Will Do Just Fine Without You
    July 12, 2009

    As I read through the accompanying article I couldn’t help but get the feeling that the writer, Barrack Muluka, had so much more to tell us about Barack Hussein Obama but for some reason decided, or maybe someone made the decision for him, to hold something back.

    One thing is certain, Muluka is no fan of his fellow Kenyan and he makes no bones about it calling Obama “an ordinary human being who is gifted with above average abilities” who merely happened to be in the right place at the right time at this particular moment in history.

    I happen to agree with the ordinary part but there really is nothing above average about Obama except his well honed skill utilizing the fact that his father’s side of the family provided him with the skin color which allowed him to take every advantage possible under affirmative action policies this country provides and has helped him avoid any serious scrutiny by a fawning mainstream media self paralyzed with way too much white-liberal-guilt-trippin’-synthetic-adoration going on.

    Probably the two most interesting sentences of the entire article are these,

    He already came to Kenya to sanitise his own ancestry ahead of his successful presidential bid. He did not want this to be an election issue.

    Sanitize his own Kenyan ancestry huh? Now I have to wonder exactly what Muluka means by that statement? Not that I don’t have my strong suspicions.


  3. Another day, another birthplace!

    World Guides website claims Obama born in Kisumu, Kenya
    July 21, 2011


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