Obama’s Slick Upper Lip; Open Thread


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Barack Obama has perfected the strategic sneer, from long practice.

It comes, frequently, when he answers a reporter’s question about something House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has said:  Obama’s lip curls up on the left side and a look of disgust and arrogance washes over his face. This week, he has been coupling the sneer with lines such as:

“How in the world can you even accept that notion?”
And, “That is laughable on its face.”
And, “That doesn’t make sense. . . . That again is just nonsensical.”
And, “Eat your peas.”
And, “Pull off the band-aid.”
And, “Don’t call my bluff. I’m leaving.”
Obama, who is establishing himself as a preeminent socialist dictator wannabe who pretends to negotiate with Congressional leaders as the bogus Aug. 2 default deadline approaches, is answering calls for compromise with contempt. He shook his fist, pointed a long index finger, and scratched his face with his middle finger when Cantor’s name came up during a news conference, saying that Cantor’s thinking is “unfathomable to me.” As indeed it probably is.

Obama draws out his vowels in a style that is part phony southern black and part smarty-pants. He lisps as if English is his second language or he wears ill-fitting dental appliances.

Had young Obama spoken like this at his very expensive prep school in Honolulu, the bigger boys may well have wiped that sneer off his face. Yet even then, Obama was accustomed to having things his way. According to Obama’s hometown newspaper, he demonstrated early on his philosophy of “I want what I want when I want it” and “I should RULE because I’m The One” by carving “King Obama” in fresh cement on his elementary school playground.

Further proof: As a child growing up in Indonesia, he avidly watched Dictator Suharto’s speeches on TV, writing notes, which he later used to reenact the events: Himself playing Suharto the tyrant, while forcing his adoptive sister Lia to stand behind him for hours on end, play-acting as his requisite henchman/bodyguard.

What Obama wants now is absolute power — and he is prepared to risk destroying the full faith and credit of the United States to get it (or perhaps that destruction is his goal in the first place).

In a primacy struggle with House Speaker John Boehner, he has done a deft job of aligning himself with Marxists, Communists, far-left progressives, avid followers of Saul Alinsky, and anyone else who hews to the idealogy of tearing down the economy of the USA, by any means necessary, in order to recreate this country into a progressive wet dream: the (imaginary) ideal socialist state, with Obama as Dear Leader for Life, of course.

He shot down the outline of any compromise that Boehner attempted to negotiate. Now Obama, after pretending to lead by holding command performances, aka talks or negotiations at the White House, has called the whole thing off–sending the process back to Congress (where it always belonged). But only after “dressing down” his equals and storming out like a spoiled, willful brat, in essence picking up his marbles and running away, because he didn’t like how this “game” was going.

Obama flashed the trademark facial expression even before taking the podium at a recent news conference. Asked whether he would offer any concessions, Obama responded by saying that the tax increases he demanded were in fact concessions by him.

“Nobody relishes the opportunity to go and raise these taxes,” said the man who famously told Joe the Plumber,

It’s not that I want to punish your success. I just want to make sure that everybody who is behind you, that they’ve got a chance at success, too… My attitude is that if the economy’s good for folks from the bottom up, it’s gonna be good for everybody. … I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.

Since that telling encounter with Joe, now-president Obama grabbed the power to turn budget-cutting into a Marxist game. Like an evil bad-seed-of-a-child who gleefully pulls the wings off flies, he now owns the aptly-named bully pulpit, which he adroitly employs. From his pulpit, he can terrorize elderly voters by threatening to cut off Social Security checks upon which they survive. A lie, of course, but one he can use to demand tax increases, which he claims are necessary to avoid a terrible orchestrated crisis.

The search for an Obama concession continued. “In terms of shared sacrifice across the country, do you see that one as necessary?”

Obama thrust his chin into the stratosphere and raised his upper lip. “I think behind this notion of ‘We want shared sacrifice’ that they continue to say really means, ‘We want to throw elderly ladies off a cliff, starve (obese) children, make more veterans homeless, and make IED-disabled heroes do without prosthetics,’ ” he said.

Claiming that there have been “concessions made already” by his side, Obama was pressed to name some of them. “I don’t want to get into specifics now,” he said.

Leaving the White House one morning, Obama approached the microphones, flashed the cameras a good-morning sneer, chin in air, smug look on his face, and demanded to know “why in the world” Boehner wants to kill old ladies.

NBC’s Luke Russert asked what “sacred cows” (or bulls) Obama would be willing to sacrifice. Obama repeated his call for new “investments”, meaning more taxes on the wealthy, the top 10% of whom already fund 70% of entire US budget, while fully 49% of “taxpayers” actually pay no income taxes at all (just like GE).

“Where do the Democrats feel pain here, though?” Russert persisted.

After a long and contemptuous day, the president probably feels it most in his upper lip and a weary neck, forced to hold his head up in that unnatural pose.

He feels no emotional pain, certainly.

NOTE: Only some quotes in this article are real. Most incidents happened, but to another person–Eric Cantor. Editorial positions are mine. This is a parody/satire of a recent column by Dana Milbank. No disrepect to my distinguished colleague/opinion columnist intended.

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    • I can’t stand that woman, Carolyne Heldman, from Occidental College, Barry’s alleged college. Every time she is on FOX, I want to kick her in the teeth. But I didn’t know she was a communist, I thought she was just another idiot leftist. Her views on everything are bizarre and convoluted, yet I hadn’t labeled her.

      “It’s an Obama world! FOX News’ “Bulls and Bears” Show now includes committed communists on the panel to discuss the latest economic news. Carolyne Heldman was on “Bulls and Bears” this past weekend to give the commie perspective. Is this what they mean about fair and balanced?”

  1. Back at ya Miri! Note hubby named. Was she using the same Turbo Tax program as Geithner? Fast and furious takes on new meaning as does not paying or reporting now becomes “routine housekeeping.” Where’s the investigation? Also there is a scroll bar in the comment box..see it before it disappears again.

    Claire McCaskill amends FEC filings

    7/19/11 1:25 PM EDT Snips

    A few months after Sen. Claire McCaskill was entwined in a scandal over the use of her personal plane for campaign travel, the Missouri Democrat has released amended campaign finance reports dating back to 2006. [Only 5 years of unpaid taxes!]

    According to the new filings with the Federal Elections Commission, McCaskill’s campaign committee had failed to account for 143 contributions in the ‘06 cycle, totaling nearly $277,000. The committee also missed about $277,000 in disbursements. During that cycle, McCaskill raised $11.5 million.

    The discrepancies, her campaign said, could be attributed to the fact that donations were coming in at a furious clip at the end of the race, shortly after a plane crash killed McCaskill’s top campaign-finance aide and five other skydivers in July 2006.

    A campaign spokeswoman downplayed the amendments as nothing more than “routine housekeeping.”

    Apart from the unrecorded donations, McCaskill filed four amendments to account for instances where she personally paid for plane trips that included a political event for her 2012 campaign. FEC rules require self-funded political travel to be listed as an “in-kind contribution,” but McCaskill had not previously reported the trips. No tax dollars were used for any of these trips, a campaign spokeswoman said.

    The St. Louis Beacon first reported the new amendments filed by McCaskill, a first-term senator and one of the GOP’s top targets in 2012.

    In March, McCaskill reimbursed the Treasury than $88,000 after POLITICO reported she had used taxpayer dollars from her Senate office account to pay for nearly 90 flights on her private plane, a single-engine turbo-prop Pilatus PC-12. That same week, POLITICO reported that at least one of the trips was political in nature, which prompted the Missouri Republican Party to file a Senate ethics complaint against McCaskill.

    Weeks later, McCaskill said that she and her husband, St. Louis businessman Joe Shepard, had failed to pay nearly $320,000 in state back taxes and penalties on the plane over a four-year period. She promptly vowed to “sell the damn plane,” though so far there have been no buyers. [It has to be for sale for there to be buyers…anyone checked on this sale?]


  2. Wonders will never cease. Now there’s a sea serpent in Alaska:

    Cool video. WTH is it? 🙂

  3. Found this at Hillbuzz and I hope they don’t mind my sharing. It’s too good not to. h/t melp526

    “Marx is my shepherd…M.O. shall not want
    he maketh me fly over green pastures
    he helpeth me to avoid water & sand traps
    he restoreth my tax & spend plans
    he leadeth me to Obamacare for his name’s sake
    yeah, though I walk through the halls of the Republican house
    I shall fear no repercussions
    for the press is with me
    thou prepare a table for me with wagyu beef & arugula
    thou givest me ice cream and french fries
    hopefully, no subpoenaes will follow me all the days of my life
    and I will dwell in the White House forever… “

  4. melp526 did beg forgiveness for any offense. None taken. This was funny. I’m sure He has a sense of humor, since we’re created in His likeness.

  5. Oh My: Allen West Absolutely Unloads on Debbie Wasserman Schultz — “Vile, Unprofessional, Despicable”

    First, watch DWS’ hyper-partisan, distortion-filled floor speech opposing ‘Cut, Cap, and Balance’ earlier this evening. Note well her rather unsubtle swipe at West around the 42 second mark:

    • “Now, feast your eyes on the furious personal letter West fired off in response. The Beltway overfloweth with false decorum and feigned camaraderie. West, a military man at heart, has little appetite for those games:

      From: Z112 West, Allen
      Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 04:48 PM
      To: Wasserman Schultz, Debbie
      Cc: McCarthy, Kevin; Blyth, Jonathan; Pelosi, Nancy; Cantor, Eric
      Subject: Unprofessional and Inappropriate Sophomoric Behavior from Wasserman-Schultz

      Look, Debbie, I understand that after I departed the House floor you directed your floor speech comments directly towards me. Let me make myself perfectly clear, you want a personal fight, I am happy to oblige. You are the most vile, unprofessional,and despicable member of the US House of Representatives. If you have something to say to me, stop being a coward and say it to my face, otherwise, shut the heck up. Focus on your own congressional district!

      I am bringing your actions today to our Majority Leader and Majority Whip and from this time forward, understand that I shall defend myself forthright against your heinous characterless behavior……which dates back to the disgusting protest you ordered at my campaign hqs, October 2010 in Deerfield Beach.

      You have proven repeatedly that you are not a Lady, therefore, shall not be afforded due respect from me!

      Steadfast and Loyal

      Congressman Allen B West (R-FL)



      • Mr. West…you have spoken for many!

        • Heard that on radio this morning. It was Grrrrrrrrreat! Spoken like a true officer and gentleman. It’s about time that we had people who speak the truth and stand up to these idiots. The great thing about people like West, Rubio, and now Labrador is that by having them speak out, it turns the tables on the politically correct progressives who continually play the race card. They can be tarred with the same “racist” label IF they counterattack these guys. I love it.

          • It also shows Americans of Hispanic or African descent that they DON’T have to be Democrats to have power in this country. In their hearts, they’re more likely to be conservative than progressive. It’s time to throw off the hand that the paternalistic Democrats keep on their heads, to keep them down and to keep them voting Democrat. The American Dream is for everyone. The Democrats DO NOT, at all cost, want the American Dream to be realized by everyone because if “people of color” come into their own, then they will no longer be under the thumb of the Democrats.

  6. Workers for Contractors at Government Lab Used Dead People’s SSNs
    7/20/2011 Snips

    Two employees of contractors working at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory used dead peoples’ Social Security numbers, according to DOE’s Office of Inspector General. Four others used Social Security numbers the government has not yet issued, and two shared the same Social Security number.

    The fact that workers for contractors at DOE’s Berkeley lab were misusing Social Security numbers — and thus, by definition, working under false identitieswas revealed in a report DOE’s IG completed on April 15.

    That means it came almost six years after the same IG’s office revealed — as reported in this column on June 23, 2005 — that it had discovered that 16 illegal aliens had been working for contractors at DOE’s Y-12 facility at Oak Ridge, Tenn. “The mission of Y-12 includes the manufacture of nuclear weapons components; weapons dismantlement, storage, and evaluation; and, the warehousing of enriched uranium material,” the IG had explained in a June 14, 2005, report.

    “Specifically, we determined 16 foreign construction workers were illegal aliens,” said the report. “Some of these workers acquired facility access badges and were permitted access to the main Y-12 site, and others were permitted access to an adjacent Y-12 leased facility.


    • In 2005, they identified the problem of the 16 guys and supposedly took steps to prevent it happening again. Yet now, under Obama, they find two more infiltrators. What’s missing in THAT story? The countries of origin! I would like to know. I suspect I already do, and I don’t mean Mexico.

      “Berkeley’s subcontractors, it turned out, had signed their contracts before September 2009, when a 2008 executive order signed by President Bush requiring federal contractors to use E-Verify went into effect.

      ‘Also, instead of instituting the E-Verify requirement for contracts awarded on or after September 8, 2009, Berkeley selected February 1, 2010, as the E-Verify implementation date,’ said the IG report.

      [How could Berkely “select” a implementation date later than ordered? It would be very interesting to KNOW exactly WHAT contracts were being exempted by their apparently illegal choice to change the implementation date.]

      ‘Thus, only contracts awarded on or after February 1, 2010, were required to participate in E-Verify. … Had E-Verify been voluntarily used, Berkeley’s contractors likely would have identified a number of other anomalies that we discovered during our testing,’ said the IG report. ‘For example, we identified eight Form I-9s containing duplicate Social Security numbers, the use of Social Security numbers that belonged to deceased individuals, or the use of Social Security numbers that had yet to be assigned.’

      The IG referred this ‘possible misuse’ of Social Security numbers to the Social Security Administration, the Department of Homeland Security, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It should surprise no one that a government that will not adequately enforce the immigration laws within its own Energy Department facilities will not adequately enforce them anywhere else.”

      So are they WILLFULLY looking the other way?

      Hmm. Has Orly Taitz reported Obama’s and his “mother’s” possible misuse of SS#s to the Social Security Administration, the Dept. of Homeland Security, and ICE? Good tip for Orly.

      Don’t they do a STRINGENT FBI background check on such employees? They don’t need to use E-Verify to find these possible misuses. The FBI should be able to find them. IF not, of what use is the FBI?

      It seems that any clerk who handles the I-9 forms should spot 9 uses of the SAME SS#.

      How the hell do you write a payroll program to pay employees that allows multiple employees to have the same SS#? That SHOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE.

      The SS Administration ought to notice when they receive payroll taxes from multiple individuals using the SAME NUMBER. This is Computer Science 101.

      Nobody even has to check; the computer will do the checking for them and spit out a report of these exceptions. Congress should investigate this pronto. This MUST BE willful. They are either complete incompetents or they deliberately ignore the law. In the first instance, they all should be fired. In the second, they all should be arrested. National security, Napolitano. Issa? Do your job.

      “… we learned that the Office of Counterintelligence was not aware of the presence of foreign construction workers at the Y-12 leased facility.”

      Similarly, they’re probably not aware of the presence of a foreign “worker” in the White House.

      • But hey! What the heck. Not only are the computer people at the SS Adminstration and DOE and its subcontractors apparently INCOMPETENT, Obama’s new cybersecurity team for the Pentagon (think to prevent Wikileak/Manning “attacks”) has a member who lied about her credentials, so is likely unqualified, and was involved in the “loss” of subpoenaed emails under Clinton.

        “In 2004, [Laura Crabtree] Callahan was forced to resign from Homeland Security after a congressional investigation revealed she committed résumé fraud and lied about her computer credentials.

        Investigators found that Callahan paid a diploma mill thousands of dollars for her bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees in computer science. She back-dated the degrees, all obtained between 2000 and 2001, to appear as if she earned them in 1993, 1995 and 2000, respectively. She landed the job of deputy DHS chief information officer in 2003. [Great vetting job, GWB.]
        Previously, as a White House computer supervisor, Callahan threatened computer workers to keep quiet about an embarrassing server glitch that led to the loss of thousands of archived emails covered by federal subpoenas pertaining to multiple Clinton scandals. Former co-workers say they’re shocked that Callahan passed a security background check and landed another sensitive post inside the federal government.

        ‘She’s a security risk,’ said a government computer specialist. ‘I don’t know how she got clearance.’

        ‘We’re fuming about it,’ said another federal employee. ‘Knowing her, I don’t see how she could ever be 100-percent honest.'”


        Now, just guessing here, she was put there to pay her back for services rendered to the Clinton Administration. She has to be coddled lest she squeal. And also because dishonesty may be a qualification for this job: they had to set up this committee to pretend they’re doing something about the Wikileak/Manning/China/Russia leaks and hacks, and they need THEIR kind of “watchdog” to watch over the committee to make sure nothing untoward turns up. Ya think?

        Judicial Watch is the group that subpoenaed the Clinton emails that conveniently went missing because of a “computer glitch”. Callahan was very heavy handed in threatening jail cells for anybody who spoke out about the supposed “glitch” and also threatening employees who “questioned” her qualifications (which obviously were lacking). It sounds as if she threatened to charge one co-worker with sex discrimination for creating a “hostile work environment” simply because he referred to an example she gave as “simplistic.” She also lied to Congress, thought better of it, and “corrected” herself later.

        Maybe she is just the sort of employee that fits into the culture of the Obama administration. They won’t tell anyone what her title is. I imagine nobody’s going to find out how much her taxpayer-funded salary will be, either.

  7. Casino Mogul Steve Wynn, CEO, Chairman of Wynn Resorts, Las Vegas said Obama’s economic policies are a “wet blanket” on business community. He also said that Obama keeps talking about wealth redistribution and he’s only heard that kind of talk from Socialists! His wife is a democratic bundler, and Steve Wynn has supported Harry Reid and calls himself a democrat.

    Wynn’s Rant: One Among Many
    July 19 Snips
    Business: Las Vegas CEO Steve Wynn drew attention for a boardroom rant denouncing the intolerable business climate fostered by the White House. He’s hardly the first. What’s happening is emblematic of a bigger problem.

    In a Monday conference call, the casino magnate credited with revitalizing Las Vegas blasted President Obama, declaring him “the greatest wet blanket to business, progress and job creation in my lifetime.”

    The blast was remarkable for two reasons: Wynn has been a staunch supporter of the Obama administration from the beginning and still considers himself a Democrat. But even more remarkable, it’s been out of character for CEOs such as Wynn to express their views in such blunt terms on political matters.

    “A lot of people don’t want to say that,” he said. “They’ll say, ‘Oh God, don’t be attacking Obama.’ Well, this is Obama’s deal, and it’s Obama that’s responsible for this fear in America,” said Wynn. “The guy keeps making speeches about redistribution, and maybe ‘we ought to do something to businesses that don’t invest or (are) holding too much money.’ We haven’t heard that kind of talk except from pure socialists.”

    Business is being hammered, he said. “And I’m telling you that the business community in this country is frightened to death of the weird political philosophy of the president of the United States.”


  8. White House operative heading ‘birther’ smear campaign?
    Former Fannie Mae chief allegedly manages 100-strong attack team from Pennsylvania Ave
    07/19/2011 at 8:21 PM

    Third in the WND series of identifying the Obots that attack birthers on the blogs. The first was Foggy from Fogbrow, the second his cohort, Rikker, and the 3rd one, JimBot, who leads or heads over 100 obots! Will Dr. Con and his group be exposed next?

    Ed Hale, the Texas-based creator of Plains Radio, has told WND that Johnson, posting on various OBOT websites under the username “JimBot,” managed for the White House some 100 paid operatives around the country. Their primary job was to attack, refute and publish disinformation on any prominent “birthers.”

    Who is James A. Johnson? Known as JimBot and NeonZX.

    From 1991 to 1998 Johnson was chairman and CEO of the government-sponsored mortgage giant Fannie Mae. WND reported that Johnson earned $21 million in his final year alone at Fannie Mae, despite irregularities cited by the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight as constituting accounting improprieties.

    The current New York Times bestselling book by Gretchen Morgenson and Joshua Rosner, entitled “Reckless Endangerment: How Outsized Ambition, Greed and Corruption Led to Economic Armageddon,blames Johnson for engineering much of the sub-prime housing crisis that led to the financial meltdown in late 2008.

    Johnson has contributed to Obama since 2004. In 2008, he was a bundler responsible for raising in excess of $200,000 for the Obama presidential campaign. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the American Friends of Bilderberg.


    • So who is paying these bots? Are they on the WH payroll? I guess Jimmy has a direct line to the White house as well as to the Podesta group.

      When will Frannie and Freddie be investigated..since it appears the ring leaders walked off with millions.. and one is now the mayor of Chicago.

      • This is unbelievable, even though we have long suspected it. Either Barry’s campaign, the DNC, Soros, or all of the above probably pay for this. Yes, as long suspected, we individual, independent, citizen bloggers have been arguing with idiots, aka BOUGHT AND PAID FOR OBOTS. THIS, Sirs and Ladies, ARE WHY YOU GET BANNED. We’re for FREE SPEECH, NOT PAID SPEECH.

        I thought I recognized his name. Remember Franklin Raines and the “Friends of Angelo” who got the sweet deals? Unbelievable. http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=75998

        “Johnson was appointed to head Obama’s vice-presidential selection committee, but he was forced to step down when a controversy surfaced in June concerning alleged millions in questionable real estate loans he had received on favorable terms from Countrywide.”

        Looks like they found him another career. I wonder if it’s AS LUCRATIVE? What’s the going rate for obot shepherds?

        Did he help orchestrate the crash of 2008, too? Just askin’.

        Let me ask another question: IF there’s no “THERE, THERE”, then why in the hell would someone waste money employing hundreds of people to counter the “birther” allegations? This in addition to spending millions to prevent production of a document that is alleged to be real, contemporaneous, authentic, and proof of Barry’s natural born citizenship?


        Check out the comment by Ed Hale where he says he got a call from Johnson. Hale had the number on caller ID. He called back and got the WH switchboard, which means Johnson, although no longer supposedly connected to the WH, was using WH resources for his “job”.

        Hale got them because, “The White House switchboard told WND that until recently, it answered calls for Johnson but that the practice had been discontinued.”

        Yep. Figures. Caught, so hurry up and “discontinue” the practice. Hey. Here’s an idea. We the People send Mr. Johnson an invoice so he can pay us back for the services he illegally got from OUR EMPLOYEES AT THE WH SWITCHBOARD.

        • http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=327369#ixzz1TkgJ1plS

          In this followup to the original article at WND about Johnson, Bill Bryan admits that Ed Hale correctly identified Johnson as “the boss.” What’s interesting, although probably not true, is that he also claims that Barry and MO post on his foggy “forum”.

          Pay especial attention to the gay-bashing comment he makes about Corsi. That’s what kills me about these progressives. They criticize people, who for religious and logical reasons, say gay behavior is wrong (or at least not normal) and they excoriate them as bigots. Yet, see what bigots they are. If Barry does indeed post there, my guess is that he is not amused. Unless, that is, like many Muslims, he considers that only if one “receives” is the person “gay”. Similarly, Bryan brags about how Johnson’s wealth and connections will protect him. Aren’t progressives the ones who rant against connected wealthy people who use their money and power corruptly? If Johnson truly has a hundred million dollars, then it would behoove investigators to find out exactly how he collected such a huge sum. Might I guess from the US taxpayers, in some form or another?

          Bryan asks why it took the rest of drooling “moron” birthers 2 years to identify Johnson. Might it be that we don’t give a rats ass nor do we bother to read their befuddled, illogical rants? If Hale enjoys arguing with idiots, that’s his particular fetish. Most of us are too busy trying to save this Republic from a false prophet.

    • Oh this is getting good…real good! Foggy and crew feeling repercussions, are they? If they lied…can we say it may have BACK FIRED? Or is this their latest cover up for being exposed? Dey be da Punks! Ha!

      ‘OBOTs’ admit lying in scheme to punk WND
      Now deny ex-Fannie Mae chief James Johnson is their White House contact

      August 09, 2011 8:50 pm Eastern Snips

      By Jerome R. Corsi

      This is the fifth in a series of continuing articles aimed at exposing the “OBOTs” – radical supporters of Barack Obama dedicated to disrupting people who question his eligibility to be president.

      Editor’s note: The following article, including the taped telephone recording, contains sexually suggestive language that some will consider offensive.

      NEW YORK – In the disinformation world propagated by the radical Obama supporters known as OBOTs, ” short for “Obama Robots,” participants typically post their strongly partisan and frequently acerbic comments under a user name to hide their identity.

      Following WND articles exposing the OBOT claim that James A. Johnson, former head of Fannie Mae, was their White House contact, organizer and funder, OBOT posters on Fogbow.com have changed their story and contend they lied in an effort to “punk” WND.

      Foggy denial

      Currently Bill Bryan, the creator of Fogbow.com who posts under the username “P. J. Foggy,” has issued repeated denials that Johnson is involved with the OBOTs posting on Fogbow.com.

      In his various posts, Bryan justifies the lying as part of an elaborate campaign the OBOTs conduct to “punk birthers,” with tactics that have included falsifying documents, influencing court proceedings and harassing ordinary citizens who dare to question Obama’s eligibility to be president.

      Bryan’s current theme is that by lying in his posts on Fogbow.com, he convinced WND to publish a story falsely identifying Johnson as “JimBot” on Fogbow.com.

      Despite repeated phone calls from WND, Johnson has not commented. [I guess he doesn’t want to be interviewed and admit he is da boss!]


      • We need a Congressional investigation. Sounds like Watergate to me. Does Obama report all these as “in kind” campaign donations/activities?

        “influencing court proceedings?” Do courts look kindly upon that kind of influence? Is this legal?

        It occurs to me that this issue might prove useful in Corsi’s suit against Esquire. Look to see if any of these same tactics are involved there. Punking “birthers”, I mean. Who ordered that punking? To deep six Corsi’s book? Subpoena them!

      • Is anything hitting the fan yet?

        Larry Sinclair charges NeonZX with death threat (James A. Johnson!)

        Larry Sinclair, the author of the book “Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder,” has filed criminal charges against NeonZX that resulted in an FBI investigation.

        As WND reported in February 2008, Sinclair alleged that he used cocaine and engaged in homosexual acts with Barack Obama when Obama was an Illinois state senator. In 2009, NeonZX taunted Sinclair with a photo of a Fox News report on a Daytona Beach resident burning down a rental home in an outdoor grill fire, as seen in Exhibit 7.


  9. State Dept. contract officer steers $52 million to secret husband, daughter

    A special investigation by The Daily Caller has discovered that a State Department contract specialist participated in awarding more than $52 million in taxpayer-funded contracts to a company owned and operated by her husband and daughter.

    Kathleen McGrade helped their company, Sterling Royale Group, win 43 federally funded contracts over the last few years. McGrade acted as the Contracting Officer (CO) for awards to Sterling Royale Group. McGrade’s husband, Brian Collinsworth, serves as the company’s Vice President. McGrade’s daughter, J.L. (Jennifer) Herring, is its president and CEO

    When TheDC first reached Collinsworth for comment, he denied being married to McGrade. Collinsworth also denied that Herring is McGrade’s daughter, and his stepdaughter….But wedding photographs and other personal pictures Collinsworth posted on MySpace.com suggest otherwise.


    • Ha! Maybe this answers an earlier question about why these women don’t take their married names. So will there be an investigation of THIS crime? Considering that Parliament and the progressives expect to make Rupert Murdoch personally responsible for the actions of a few among his 53,000 employees, will Barry and Hillary be held personally responsible for this nepotism and “possible misuse” of taxpayer money?

  10. GOP congressman to Chris Matthews: ‘This is what you do on your show … you bully guests.’ Illinois Republican Freshman Rep. Joe Walsh went head-to-head with Matthews about the debt-ceiling debate

    WALSH: Hey Chris, your president who sends a tingle up your legs — your president…
    MATTHEWS: Here we go.
    WALSH: … has not been serious in six months. Why do you ignore that, Chris? Why do you ignore that?


    • FRESHMAN congressmen. These are the ones (male and female) that we’ll have to rely on, whilst the RINOs capitulate and hand Barry YET another unnecessary “win” while We the People lose.

  11. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/jul/19/fbi-arrests-man-as-agent-of-pakistan/

    How about this story?

    “A Virginia man was arrested Tuesday by FBI agents in a suspected influence-peddling scheme to funnel millions of dollars from the Pakistani government, including its military intelligence service, to U.S. elected officials to help drive India out of the disputed Kashmir territory in South Asia.

    Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai, 62, a U.S. citizen and resident of Fairfax, was charged with participating in a long-term conspiracy to secretly act as an agent of the Pakistani government in the U.S. without disclosing that affiliation as required by law.

    Mr. Fai, executive director of the Kashmiri American Council (KAC) in Washington, is accused of submitting annual strategy reports and budgetary requirements to his Pakistani government handlers to secure U.S. congressional support to encourage the executive branch to support “self-determination” in Kashmir.

    According to an FBI affidavit, he received “approximately $500,000 to $700,000 per year from the government of Pakistan” for contributions to members of Congress. But the Justice Department said there was no evidence to show that any of the elected officials who received the donations were aware the money originated from the Pakistani government.”

    There’s no EVIDENCE to show that. Where have we heard that before? Oh, yeah. Hillary famously said (falsely, as it turned out) that there’s no “evidence” that Bill did what he did with Monica. No evidence, in lawyerese, doesn’t mean they didn’t do it. They think they are “innocent” if you don’t find the EVIDENCE.

    Notice that this guy was living in VA, round about where all the Obama clan hung out since the 90s. How freaking cozy for all of them. The newspaper I read with this story implied that this guy was illegally “lobbying”. No mention of the potential BRIBES, which MUST BE DISTINGUISHED from “donations.” Quid pro quo? Congressional investigation? Mr. Issa? Do your job. btw, they “donated” to Republicans and Democrats. Dan Burton was “shocked, shocked” to hear about this. Right.

  12. Breaking: GOP passes Cut, Cap, & Balance Act
    9:16 pm on July 19, 2011 by Ed Morrissey

    John Boehner and the Republican caucus in the House passed the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act as promised on a near-party-line vote tonight, 234-190. The move puts the onus back on the White House to propose an alternative or assume responsibility for killing the debt-ceiling hike it contains: Defying a veto threat, the Republican-controlled House passed legislation Tuesday night to slice federal spending by $6 trillion and require a constitutional balanced budget amendment to be sent to the states in exchange for averting a threatened government default….

    Either way, Republicans have now passed their second bill this session that attempts to address the exploding deficits and the debt crisis, the first being Paul Ryan’s budget plan in April. Meanwhile, Democrats in the Senate haven’t bothered to pass any budget resolution in over 800 days, and the White House still refuses to offer any specific idea.


  13. Amazing the media is going after Michelle Bachman for her migraines and if she missed any votes on the House floor because of them, yet no one questioned Obama about his present votes or his medical record consisting of one page. “Is this candidate capable of handling the job because she has headaches?” Brian Ross from ABC. What could affect her handling the presidency is what he wants to know. After all they have to be available 24/7 and they are in charge of the nuke button! Anyone feel comfortable with BHO having control of that button? How about asking Obama how that cocaine use affects his being available 24/7! Is he available after each and every one of their soirees?

    • Bridgette: I saw O’Reilly begin to interview that reporter who seemed so smug and pleased with himself for asking Bachmann whether she missed votes and then her security people pushed him aside. I had the EXACT same thought you did: WHY don’t they ask Obama how many votes he missed in the state and federal senates and WHY he voted “present” nearly 100% of the time, NEVER taking a stand on most anything? WHY don’t they ask Barry, btw, about the anonymous reports concerning his psychological makeup and how he’s increasingly unbalanced? Does it make him miss meetings? Is this why he can’t develop a PLAN to lower the deficit? Is this why instead he takes the kneejerk position of scaring senior citizens instead of prioritizing? Yes, the COCAINE! Does he still use? If not, WHAT exactly DOES he take? I’m sure it’s something. Is THAT why he can’t speak clearly and loses his train of thought SO OFTEN? What’s he on? He has his hand on the nuclear (make that nukular) button.

      Their sexism is obvious. Did you hear how Andrea Mitchell did a 3-minute smear/hit job on Murdoch’s wife, because she had the audacity to defend her husband? Interestingly enough, they say Mrs.. Murdoch has become an instant celebrity in the UK. They admire her left hook! Turns out, the “comedian” thought he was humiliating Murdoch but instead it worked to Murdoch’s advantage–getting him sympathy. People felt as if the Parliament went too far forcing an 80-year-old man to, in effect, grovel.

      Another point about the hacking: I read today that Piers Morgan of CNN has finally been Drudged into the issue. Oh, no! CNN! This cannot be. Better drop it lest it tar CNN. Anyway, he wrote a book within which he talked about how easy it is to “hack” into voice mail by using (or trying) the 4-digit default code. A conservative in Parliament pointed this out–that years ago Morgan was writing about hacking, when he himself worked for News of the World. Whoops! Don’t want libs tarred with this meme. What interested me, though, was that point about the default code. IS this the extent of what they’re calling “hacking”? imho, hacking is when someone has a secure voicemail box and some jerk breaks the password code and illegally accesses the messages by breaking the SECURITY. IF, however, the “victim” didn’t even bother to set up a secure password, is that hacking? It’s like having a Facebook page with no privacy settings on it. That makes it public. IF you don’t bother to set a password on your voicemail, then you’re, in effect, making your voicemail box public. Aren’t you? It’s a fine line, of course. Like leaving your front door unlocked. Or your car. What does an insurance company say if your car is stolen but you left the doors unlocked and the keys in the ignition? Of course, it doesn’t mean the thief isn’t a thief, but it does mean that YOU SHARE responsibility for the crime. Whatever the case, HACKING involves more than just trying to see if someone ever changed the voicemail password from the default that’s set by the phone company. What is it? 1234?

  14. The Ft Hood assassin, Hasan, was arraigned today. Any news on that?

    • In today’s news, they say he unexpectedly changed lawyers. Fired the one he had and is going with military lawyers, who apparently say he can’t get a “fair” trial at the base.

    • Is Hasan still receiving his salary and is it the taxpayers who have paid for all his medical bills? No doubt. Why has it taken two years to get him to trial? Perhaps he doesn’t want to face those like 53 +/- witnesses at Ft. Hood, so they want a change of venue? If he does still get a salary, is anyone checking his bank account to see where the money is being sent and to whom? Before he went on his assassination spree didn’t he clean out his bank account? Paralyzed waist down…only to get rehab, and hopefully death by a firing squad who aren’t accurate shooters.

      Tough job for military lawyers..wouldn’t want the responsibility of defending him after he killed their brothers in arms.

  15. Hey, folks. I’m sorry that I could not participate here. I have been working from 5am to 1am every night for a year working on my book. Volume One is now finished.

    The mystery of the COLB has been solved and the people behind this conspiracy that got an imposter elected to the White House are now exposed. This is not like other books out there – mainly because I am the only one who has gone after all of the phony fact-checkers Factcheck.org, Politifact.org, Snopes.com, Fight The Smears, Media Matters, and Politifact-wannabe Politico.

    These sites advertise themselves as “independent, nonpartisan political fact-checkers” who are “consumer advocates” for “sorting out the truth in politics.”

    They are. in reality, leftwing political activists pumping out propaganda in support of Barack Obama, his ideology, policies, appointees, and every piece of legislation he backs. They are also character assassins of conservatives while running cover for Obama anf protecting him at every turn.

    They flat-out lie when they are not using every propaganda trick in the book or they decide that verbal chicanery is not strong enough.

    They are no different than Fight The Smears or Media Matters and are about as “independent” and “nonpartisan” as the former KGB, Obama’s czars, and Josef Goebbels.

    To put it bluntly, they, along with Obama, his Campaign, his Administration, and the State of Hawaii are the players behind Obama’s identity fraud.

    No doubt that Zero got some tips from his friends and neighbors: “retired” identity theft experts, Billy Ayers (stolen dead baby birth records) and wife, Bernadine Dohrn (stolen social security numbers, credit cards, and driver’s licenses).

    I also have a section “dedicated” to Markos Moulitsas by answering the questions he successfully ducked:

    “Who sent him the COLB?” and “Why and what did he trim the image?”

    Turns out that Markos discovered (or was told) that the forger had f**ked up the forgery and ol’ Markos did his part by trimming off the evidence. He is not the forger since he did not fix the problem. But, he is the one who left the Photoshop CS3 for Mac signatures.

    Alias Barack Obama: the greatest identity fraud in history

    In case you’re interested, it is an eBook – an interactive PDF (includes embedded video) that will play on all computers having Adobe Reader 7 and up (I recommend Reader 10, aka Reader X). It is also viewable on Android devices using ezPDF.

    Here is the link:


    Alias Barack Obama: the greatest identity fraud in history

    • Good luck with your book. You’re preaching to the choir here. You wrote, “This is not like other books out there – mainly because I am the only one who has gone after all of the phony fact-checkers Factcheck.org, Politifact.org, Snopes.com, Fight The Smears, Media Matters, and Politifact-wannabe Politico.” Key part of that sentence is that you wrote a book. But there are MANY people, including all of us here at WTPOTUS, who’ve “gone after all of the phony fact-checkers.” Just sayin’.

    • If I understood it correctly you can tell the identity of the photoshop software, camera or video from the embedded coding of jpgs. This could lead to the identity of the forger. That is what I gleaned from the study that you cited.

      So Dr. P, you captured the original online forged document and replaced it with another one that was used throughout the blogosphere too..is that correct?

      Best of luck on your book.

      • The way I read this, Dr. P had the image in his photobucket in July 2008 but somehow created it from copies he collected beginning in October 2008. Huh?

        Or is Dr. P saying he created the SFCOLB? If that’s not what he’s saying, then how would it be that everyone is referencing the image he created and not the one posted by Obama’s campaign?

        This needs clarification:

        “However, the copy that these people have seen has been in my Photobucket account since July 2008. For the past year, hundreds of thousands of people have referred to it, posted links to it, mostly on the “myth-busting site,” Snopes.com, and have insisted this was Obama’s authentic COLB (Snopes’ changed it when I broke the story).

        What they have been seeing and referencing is a fabricated image that I created from scratch that uses genuine COLB’s that I have collected since October 2008, and without any part of any image copies of Obama’s COLB.”


        • Dr. P: Are you saying that instead of using the Kos version of the SFCOLB, Snopes was referencing your personal photobucket, which contained a SFCOLB that YOU created while doing your investigations?

    • Exclusive: Dr. Ron Polland Provides Preview of His Online Book

      (Jul. 21, 2011) Snips

      What began as a simple study of the online image posted on June 12, 2008 by the Daily Kos blog and the Obama Campaign had mushroomed into a full-blown research project consuming more than 4,000 man-hours of work into what was nothing less than a well-orchestrated conspiracy to subvert the Constitution and the free election process. The maxim, “One thing leads to another,” is the best way to describe how Dr. Polland used his 30+ years of doctoral-level research skills to follow the trails wherever they led him.

      More than any one factor, the online image purported to be Obama’s Certification of Live Birth (COLB) is the key that links the collaborators together. As the days turned to months, and the months turned to years, the COLB was the one constant for which so many people and organizations had engaged in illegal activities to suppress the truth about Barack Obama. For Dr. Polland, the issue with Obama was not his eligibility, but his identity and his treachery in lying about his legal name, his biography, his education, his accomplishments, his associations, his religious ideology, and his place of birth.


  16. Did we miss this story? Barry had his mouthpiece instruct and lecture the WH Press Corpse about “shouting” questions at the POTUS. Seems he doesn’t care for their behavior. http://www.politico.com/politico44/perm/0711/shout_of_bounds_729191ad-6922-4221-8711-77a68d3802df.html

    It upsets Barry, you see. In his delicate psychological state, you never know what might happen. After all, his hand on the nukular button.

  17. Will the Obama clan join the lawsuit? Why did they wait so long to file a lawsuit?

    Kenyans To Sue UK For Colonial Torture
    Jul. 21, 2011 Snips

    A British court has ruled that four elderly Kenyans can sue the UK government for torture they endured in the 1950s and 60s, reports the BBC. The ruling came after documents were released earlier this year showing the British government was aware of the torture of Mau Mau rebels while they were colonial authorities over the African state.

    Torture during the Mau Mau uprising was widespread. Barack Obama’s grandfather was imprisoned and tortured for two years for his role, reports the Daily Mail.


    • Oh, I can’t see those grifters letting this opportunity pass them by. Is there any evidence of his grandfather being imprisoned and tortured for being a Mau Mau terrorist? Other than Barry’s Bill Ayers-written biography? It’s a good story. Why let truth get in the way of a good fable?

      The crime is that the UK “was aware,” allegedly, of said torture. BUT “The Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the UK had argued that they could not be held responsible as Kenya had its own government at the time. However, a judge at London’s High Court felt the case should go to trial.”

      On that basis, can US blacks sue the UK for reparations if their ancestors were slaves while we were still a colony? How about if the UK was “aware of” their slavery even after the US became a free Republic?

      Wait! They cite this story: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1091499/Barack-Obamas-grandfather-tortured-British-Kenyas-Mau-Mau-rebellion.html

      It’s Granny Sarah’s word. Nobody would ever suggest she doesn’t ALWAYS speak the truth. Right?

      Say, didn’t she also say she was present at Barry’s birth in Kenya?

      I can believe Onyango was in jail. But for what, exactly?

      Barry’s bio says Onyango was jailed for 6 months; Sarah says 2 years. As usual, no such thing as documented FACTS in that family.

  18. Soros machine steps up assault on Murdoch’s empire
    Using U.K. phone hacking scandal to go after Fox Ne
    ws Channel
    July 22, 2011

    A slew of organizations funded by billionaire George Soros have been utilizing the alleged News of the World phone hacking scandal in the U.K. to call for investigations of News Corporation’s U.S. interests, particularly Fox News Channel.

    The Center for American Progress, heavily financed by Soros, said it gathered 12,000 signatures demanding to know whether News Corp. reporters violated U.S. law by obtaining phone records in the U.S. The center is reportedly highly influential in helping to craft White House policy. It is led by John Podesta, who served as co-chairman of Obama’s presidential transition team. Podesta this week told reporters his group wants the U.S. division of News Corp. probed for other possible offenses, including violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which prosecutes for bribery of foreign officials. “We’ve called attention to the fact that – News Corp. is a U.S.-based corporation; that could implicate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act,” he said.

    Already, Podesta’s signature drive was cited in part for Democratic Sens. Jay Rockefeller and Barbara Boxer sending a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder requesting an investigation into claims News Corp. may have hacked the phones of 9/11 victims.

    The center’s offshoot, Think Progress, has been leading Twitter and Facebook campaigns calling for investigations into Rupert Murdoch’s U.S. media empire.

    Think Progress even alleged News Corp. could have been involved in the November 2009 email hacking of a climate research institute that showed climate scientists conspiring to rig data in the direction of so-called global warming. “But we still don’t know who hacked the emails!” contended Think Progress in an article entitled “News Corp and the Hacked Climategate Emails: Time for an Independent Investigation.”

    Podesta’s center is also going after the Wall Street Journal.

    ClimateProgress.org, a project of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, this week published an article entitled “Connecting the Dots from News Corp Scandal to the Lies of Fox News and the Wall Street Journal.” Think Progress also published the piece.


    • I guess going after Glenn Beck gave them the belief they could go after FOX entirely. The Left propaganda machine is hard at work. I guess they are upset they have been so exposed, and that the leftist global warming scam was one of those scams. Lots of people lost money on that revelation..well, many made money before that as in Al Gore and company.

      Once again, the group is led by the man that should be considered a terrorist as he gets others to do his bidding for cash. The Left are bought and paid for criminal terrorists whose goals are to destroy our nation and put in their idea of a government run by those who have the cash to buy their way in. So typical of how third world countries operate. Remember this is pure fun for George. Soros should be number one on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List.

    • Gee, what a surprise! Fishing expedition? Use the power of the DOJ against political opponents to shut them up? Nah. These moral progressives would NEVER do such a thing.

      Did you hear that Andrea Mitchell did a 3-minute hit piece on Murdoch’s China-born wife? Implying that she’s nothing more than a money-grubbing golddigger. Her crime? Gobsmacking a liberal “comedian” and expecting her children by the mogul to share equally in any inheritance. Sounds criminal to me! Oh, and she’s 38 years younger. They’ve been married for 12 years and have two kids. These are the same progressives who applaud “Hef” for having several live-in faux wives. And Clinton for messing with a young 20-ish intern. What a MAN! The list goes on. Different strokes for differently ideological folks.

      EVEN BETTER: Mitchell herself is 20 years younger than her connected husband, Alan Greenspan. Was she a money-grumming debutante when they started dating? She was 38; he 58. They married, however, in 1997. Prenup? Enquiring minds DEMAND to know whether Andrea was just out for his money and power.

  19. I guess he wasn’t towing the Leftist line enough.. so he is under the bus. Will he join the other ousted anchor Keith Olberman? Al Shapton to take his place? I don’t know who this ousted guy is that was an anchor; from comments I suspect he was Cenk Uygur. Was it Phil Griffin, the president of MSNBC, who made the comments below?

    Ousted MSNBC Anchor Reveals ‘People in Washington’ Influence On-Air Content

    The head of MSNBC says to the guy, A person in Washington is concerned about your tone! Regarding MSNBC, he said, “We are insiders, we aren’t outsiders. We are the Establishment!”

    [I guess it really is the State Run Media just like Russia’s Pravda! I guess they want to replicate Venezuela, China and Iran so only their voices are heard and dissent means death. What would you expect from followers of Marx, Lenin, Che, Castro and Mao?]


    • Concerned about his tone. Ha! I can guess who that was. His “tone”. That’s hilarious. It reminds me of Jay Carney warning reporters not to “shout” questions at the POTUS. He gets upset by their tone, you see. They should have due respect for his augustness. August 4-ness? 🙂

  20. I guess Col. West could call them racists now! Who is really the extremist? Yo Deb..I’d say you are lucky to be female at this point. Col. West was being kind in his use of adjectives to describe you.

    NBC Touts Democrats Claiming Allen West Guilty of ‘Sexual Harassment’ Against Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
    July 21, 2011

    On Thursday’s NBC Today, congressional correspondent Kelly O’Donnell reported on a war of words between Republican Congressman Allen West and Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz: “…West, a freshman Republican who hit ‘send’ on a nasty e-mail to Wasserman-Schultz….Democratic congresswomen accuse West of sexual harassment.”

    While O’Donnell quoted from West’s email – in which he referred to Wasserman-Schultz as “vile, unprofessional, and despicable” and “not a lady” – O’Donnell failed to bring up past offensive comments Wasserman-Shultz directed toward West. In the fall of 2010, Wasserman-Schultz personally led a protest outside West’s campaign office, calling him an “extremist” who “wears his extreme disrespect as a badge of honor” and “thinks it’s okay to objectify and denigrate women.”

    O’Donnell did highlight a sound bite from Democratic California Congresswoman Jackie Sperier proclaiming: “In any other employment environment, he [West] would be subject to a sexual harassment claim for creating a hostile work environment.” O’Donnell later noted:

    ‘ West declined our request, but in an interview with Fox said, ‘Liberals want to play victim. She is not a victim. She’s been attacking Allen West for quite some time.'” If only O’Donnell had mentioned some of those past attacks.


    • So is Wasserman-Schultz a RACIST? I think she is. She’s RACIST AND ANTI-MILITARY to attack a decorated retired Colonel, a BLACK MAN. RACIST BIGOT!

      Yes, if only O’Donnell had been “fair and balanced.”

      btw, West wrote an email to Schultzy. SHE’S the one who chose to publicize it. However, SHE personally attacked West in public, on the House floor, and in the past, outside his office.

      Schultzy, by playing the “hostile work environment” card, is an embarrassment to all women who TRULY face sex discrimination. If she wants to run with the big dogs, she needs to learn how to fight and keep up with the pack and not be a WHINER. There was NOTHING sexist in Colonel West’s straight-forward comments.

      Savannah was in on that unbiased report about Schultzy’s hurt feelings. She can dish but she can’t take.

  21. I guess he didn’t get the message from Obama to unclench his fist! This man is filled with vile. Yes, I’d say he is an enemy of the worst kind. It is easier to turn off the sound and read his words.

    VIDEO: Syrian Tribal Leader Threatens TO BARBECUE The U.S. Ambassador–’With Or Without Salt’
    He also has a lot to say about the American flag, our superpower status, and Islam. Be sure to watch the entire video.

    Syrian Tribal Leader Ahmad Al-Shlash on Al-Dunya TV (Syria) July 15, 2011


  22. http://www.thestar.com/opinion/editorialopinion/article/1022295–mallick-time-for-someone-to-speak-up-for-shy-young-girls

    A PUBLIC school in Canda. Muslim Prayer Time. Boys IN FRONT. Girls SEGREGATED and SEPARATED BY BARRIERS. See the girls in the way back who AREN’T ALLOWED TO PRAY? Wanna know why? They’re “unclean” because they’re having their periods. Another story about this outrage that progressives excuse and will probably be coming soon to a Dearbornistan near you. http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/sharia-in-toronto-the-muslim-girls-on-their-period-have-to-sit-in-the-back/?singlepage=true

  23. http://news.yahoo.com/explosion-rocks-central-oslo-norway-pms-office-134903379.html

    That was fast. Al Qaeda reported to be setting sights on Europe because supposedly it’s too hard to attack here, so there’s an attack today in Oslo.

    “A massive bomb shattered Norway’s main government building in Oslo Friday, killing two people police were quoted as saying by local news agency NTB.

    There was no claim of responsibility, though NATO member Norway has been the target of threats, if not bombs, before, notably over its involvement in conflicts in Afghanistan and Libya. Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was safe, NTB said.”

    • Probably some natural born Norwegian grandmother taking time out from baking, gardening and knitting caps and sweaters is responsible.

      You just cannot trust your own countrymen these days.

  24. Excuse me, but when has he shown any competence in any forum? It must be visible to just the insiders, for we outsiders haven’t seen any.

    White House Insider: Democrats Disgusted Over Obama “Incompetence” On Debt Ceiling Debate

    July 19, 2011

    A recent meeting at White House between Barack Obama and high ranking House and Senate Democrats results in the president walking out on members of his own party following accusations of incompetence against the president.


    • hnmmm, another good mystery…

      i give credence to this one because last Thursday/ Friday Pelosi said, “there’s no way we’re going to Camp David”. She wasn’t up for s’mores.


      What day last week did a Dem meeting take place?
      Who are the Dems involved? (Remember Pelosi demanded a seat at “the table”.)
      Who would barky be inclined to “welcome” when he entered the room 30 minutes late?

      Did barky actually go to Camp David last weekend? I thought he was on his knees at church and thereafter sitting munching down on his hopey changey peas jinxing the US Women’s soccer team – in a white business- shirt with rest of the First Feet of the USA.

      hmmm, I love a good mystery.

      Did anyone notice the article was accompanied by photos of Scary Rahm and Daley? How come?

      Who was welcomed? Who confronted the bogus POTUS? Did the mystery guest sign in? Who is relaying the info to Deep Nose?

      Why is it a mystery, your paid representatives were on duty working in your behalf?

      • You’re on a roll..!! Cash for Clunkers should go underneath the story about Obama Sr.’s car that Leza just posted.

    • They have cried Wolf, wolf to many times now. Our economy won’t end, our seniors and military will be paid; what will end is Obama’s pure intent to destroy our economy however he can. Give the snake an inch and he takes a mile. We are all suffering now, so what’s a little more to put a stop to the spending in Washington D.C. Keynesian economics is a total failure and they keep doing the same thing over and over according to the Marxists who are doing nothing to make the economy better. Their policies have allowed our economy to remain stagnant and jobs have not increased. They do not wear crowns and their intelligence is questioned.

    • He’ll see to it that EVERY American EXCEPT his favored ones suffer. Did you notice how the lamestream spins this? Barry SHOWED THEM who’s boss. He ordered them back to the WH today. SINCE WHEN IS ANY POTUS “THE BOSS” OF OUR REPRESENTATIVES? WE THE PEOPLE ARE BOSS. TIME TO TELL BARRY, “YOU’RE FIRED!”


    First Cry Baby Marxist expected to brief his pea-eating peasants any minute.

    Watch your tone… no sighing. Chin Up! Stiff upper snarled lip!

  26. L I A R

    Yo American Middle Class, what programs are you going to miss out on?

    I’ll wait.

    • L I A R

      Cash for Clunkers was your priority, pinhead.

      Students? Researchers? Winning The Future? Punk.

      How about contributing your 2012 Campaign Funds, barky?

  27. Texas Congressman Goes Undercover at Houston National Cemetery
    The result?
    July 23

    Confirmation that the Director of the Houston National Cemetery is censoring freedom of speech and freedom of religion at the funerals of our veterans.

    …the Houston National Cemetery Director, Ms. Arlene Ocasio, was requiring grieving families and volunteer groups to not use the words “God” or “Jesus” at any funeral ceremony without her prior approval. This has been a hot topic here in the Houston area, but Ms. Ocasio remains in her position as are her expressed requirements carried out by her employees to ensure prayers are more inclusive of other religions.

    Earlier this week, the Department of Veterans Affairs defended Ms. Arlene Ocasio stating the accusations in the current lawsuit against the Department of Veterans Affairs and Ms. … were categorically false. Congressman John Culberson, U.S. Representative of Texas District 7, took it upon himself to go undercover at a recent military hero’s funeral and found the truth. He personally witnessed censorship of freedom of speech and freedom of religion at the funerals of our veterans.


    • They linked to a story about the government response:

      “The document is the government’s first detailed response to a lawsuit that accuses VA officials and cemetery director Arleen Ocasio of closing the cemetery chapel, banning volunteer groups from saying the words “God” or “Jesus” at burial services, and forbidding the groups from religious recitations or prayers during the services unless families submitted the texts to her for approval. The lawsuit’s claims are factually inaccurate, argues assistant U.S. attorney Fred Hinrichs in the 21-page document filed Friday in Houston’s federal courthouse. Ocasio and other cemetery employees never banned religious words such as God and Jesus, do not censor the content of prayer or religious speech from burial services, do not require written approval for religious rituals, and are not engaged in unlawful religious discrimination, according to the document.” http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/metropolitan/7658895.html#ixzz1SxoQCLn3

      That’s pretty clear, isn’t it? FILED with the court. No way to parse his way out of it now.

  28. 6,700 to 9,000 NASA employees out of jobs thanks to Obama gutting the space program. Rick Perry objects.


  29. Lame Cherry Yes, Gram Babs Bush has told Lil’ Jeb to get into that GOP primary.

    First………and last……….

    Let me thank all of you Tea Party / Birthers for so pissing up Karl Rove’s plan to re elect Barack Obama that it is so certain now that Obama will be out of office and in prison, that Jeb Bush has to rush in and try to grab all of your efforts for his own.

    Yes, we will honor Lil’ Jeb now with the new title, Flip Flop Jeb, as he was telling us in 2009 we all had to like Barack Obama………..that Reagan was road kill……..that he was running…….that he wasn’t running………that he was running for Senate……………that he was not running………….now he is thinking about running for President in 2012………so don’t count me out.

    I will translate this, as this blog broke this story exclusively in what the Bush dynasty was plotting for over a decade. Jeb was supposed to jump in on Mitt Romney’s tails in 2012 to be defeated and emerge after Obama was handed another election in 2016 as the next installed President.

    Romney would get the blame for stealing the primary from Sarah Palin, the rest of the field would be all too old……….and 4 more years of Rove doing political rape on Sarah Palin the Bush boys figured Jeb was a shoooooooooooooo in.

    Strange thing happened on the way to Karl Rove’s Richard III and htat was you, Tea Party / Birthers would just not go away.
    Yes we were called extremists, tried to be hijacked by Limbaugh and called kooks by plant all over the internet, but you just kept on the line in being sappers in the wire and you now have so scorched earth Obama that he could not be elected President of Kenya……..well he stole the 2008 election, but that is besides the point in he couldn’t steal a Kenyan election either.

    This is why Babs told her boy to quit that Senate thing as Sarah Palin was going to be elected in 2012……..that means 2020 would be the first opportunity for Flip Flop to try for the White House, and frankly by the Jorge would be up to dynasty bat.


    From Lame Cherry

  30. And from Citizen Wells;

    July 25 2011 Blagojevich appeal deadline, Wiretaps sealed, 2 percent of recordings reveal Obama connections | Citizen WElls#co
    Cabby – AZ | July 23, 2011 at 9:25 pm |

    Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate and the History of Political Image Tampering


    Cabby – AZ – In that blog there is the article about Rubio being a nightmare. I am wondering if the plan is to see what the Dems would say about Rubio’s eligibility???.


  31. Money quote of the day:

    “I know the president is worried about his next election. But, my God, shouldn’t he be worried about the country?”

    John Boehner


    ‘Super Congress’ floated to solve debt crisis

    Republican, Democrat leaders suggest new group not mentioned in Constitution
    Posted: July 24, 2011
    10:27 pm Eastern © 2011 WND

    As part of ongoing negotiations over whether or not to raise the U.S. debt ceiling, Republican and Democratic leaders are floating the idea of a “Super Congress,” a special committee comprised of members of both the House and Senate and both parties.

    The idea is being pushed by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and would have special powers not present in the Constitution now.

    According to Britain’s Daily Mail, legislation approved by the proposed committee is intended to move quickly through both chambers and could not be amended by lawmakers by casting an up or down vote.

    The group would be a 12-member panel, consisting of six members each from the Republican and Democratic Party.

    House Speaker John Boehner has reportedly made a Super Congress a priority, according to several news agencies.

  33. http://www.statesmanjournal.com/article/20110724/UPDATE/110724022/1001

    WU, WU! This guy’s being helped by everyone focusing on the debt limit debate and the terror attack in Norway. Congressman Wu, DEMOCRAT, from Oregon. Another sex scandal:
    “Oregon Democrats are waiting for word from Rep. David Wu on how he plans to respond to calls for him to resign in the face of a scandal.

    But Wu stayed mum Sunday about the allegation reported by The Oregonian newspaper that a young woman reported “aggressive and unwanted sexual behavior.”

    Wu’s opponent in last year’s Democratic primary plans to ask party activists in Washington County, the core of the congressional district, to approve a no-confidence resolution this week.

    But some county Democratic leaders in Wu’s district say they’re waiting for him to respond to the allegation before making up their minds.”


    GP says Pelosi wants to investigate Wu. What is she, racist or something? Hasn’t she noticed that he’s a person of color?

  34. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2011/07/black-tea-partiers-to-protest-naacp-national-convention-in-la/

    Another good story from Gateway Pundit.
    Black Tea Partiers are going to picket the NAACP in LA! 🙂

    More similar news: http://www.move-on-up.org/conference.html
    A convention of black conservatives. Allen West to speak, as well as Andrew Breitbart. I love the name of their organization: Move On Up.

    “Move-On-Up.org, a social network of African American conservatives, will host convention to network and strategize for 2012 election season.”

    • I told you about those black, conservative grandparents. Sit up straight, pull up those pants. They have worked too hard to see it all go down the drain too. Good catch Miri.

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