Clueless in DC

Apparently, Joe Biden really did say this

Look at what I’ve inherited and what I’ve done!

… thus seemingly removing all doubt about whether or not he’s demented; but if not, then surely he’s beyond clueless.

This chart says it all:

What Biden’s Done                                                    What Biden Inherited

Here’s more:

Prices have increased by 12.8% since President Biden took office.

Food prices increased by 15.4% since President Biden took office …

Energy prices increased 39.4%

More specifically, gasoline prices have increased by 48.4% since President Biden took office. …

The situation is so bad that as was reported earlier today, more and more Americans are considering obtaining a second job in order to get by.


Enough said!


77 responses to “Clueless in DC

  1. Note: I found that amusing chart somewhere and saved it and now, unfortunately, I can’t figure out the source, in order to credit the brilliant person who created it. I will add a credit, as soon as I find the source. I hope the creator doesn’t mind. Tineye, for some reason, doesn’t give me a clue.

  2. Forgive me for thinking there’s a direct connection between them trying to send Bannon to PRISON for 4 months for “contempt of Congress” (of which most citizens are guilty) and the Unselect Committee voting to subpoena the REAL President Trump. They actually think they’re going to send President Trump to prison for having contempt for them.

  3. At least some judges STILL judge fairly:

    “Here is a list of five decisions Judge Swarzle made in favor of the Plaintiffs:
    #1: MI SOS Jocelyn Benson cannot prevent poll challengers from bringing their cell phones into a room where absentee ballots are being counted.
    #2. Election workers, by law, must permit and record ANY and ALL objections made by poll challengers related to absentee ballots.
    #3. Election poll challengers cannot be told they are unable to address concerns directly with election inspectors or be told they must make challenges or objections related to ballots or the processing of ballots with Jocelyn Benson’s made-up “Challenger Liaisons”
    #4. Benson does not have the authority, through her new guidance, to have poll challengers thrown out of the counting facility for asking too many questions.
    #5. Election poll challengers can be credentialed on Election Day and are not required to fill out a special form created by the SOS office.”

    And at least the plaintiffs weren’t ruled to have “no standing.”

    • Jill Biden: ‘I Know> Hunter is IN-No-cent’ > STOP the DOC!
      ‘Everybody & their brother? has INV-estigated’ president’s son ?

      FBI Possesses Significant, Impactful, Voluminous Evidence Of Potential Criminality In Biden Family Business Arrangements
      Grassley seeks specific records from FBI related to Biden deals with foreign nationals & companies connected to the communist Chinese regime

      • How can she say that with a (presumably) straight face? The LAST THING he is is innocent. All the photos attest to that. Of course, legal innocence and common sense “innocence” might be two different things. What mother would call that guy “innocent?”

        POTENTIAL criminality. They outright call Trump a liar and a criminal. No “potential” or “alleged,” and CERTAINLY no evidence, because there IS NONE. Investigation after investigation ends up showing one thing: Trump IS innocent and has been all along. He’s the VICTIM, not the perp.

    • That’s just their McGuffin. (spelling?) It’s the distraction. It’s the implausible “plausible explanation” for when they STEAL the elections across the country. It’s going to be their narrative for why, completely implausibly and without credible evidence, people didn’t vote their wallets and against the economic disaster Biden’s DELIBERATELY causing but instead voted to save ABORTION on demand, which 70 percent OR MORE people do not support!

  4. TGP Truth …. love IT!

    The Gateway Pundit is a national leader in providing true & accurate news, commentary & opinion. TGP Truth provides a catalogue of exclusive breaking reports. As the mainstream media repeatedly Fails & Loses public Trust, TGP has continued to offer accurate & timely reporting for almost 2 Decades.
    >>> Please check back for updates.

    • So true. Was an article in my local paper today, wherein J.B. Pritzker, the extremely wealthy governor of IL, said it was never in his intentions to go into politics to make money. HOWEVER, another article on the same page reported that he made a RECORD AMOUNT of money this past year (despite the pandemic and recession?) and it’s the most he’s made since 2017, which is about the time he became governor. So despite his “intentions,” those millions just happened to pour on in!

    “BETTER” that this DICK !!! …. > PLEASE!!!!!
    WAKE UP USA …. >>> WAKE your AZZES UP!!!
    I’M SICK of this BEING … OK-ED! IT’s NEVER EVER O K !!!

    Creepy Joe Strikes again! Biden sneaks up behind girl, Grabs her

  6. The Hill
    Midterm Rankings: Here are the 7 Senate seats most likely to flip

    • This election is no different from times past. ALL the polls are rigged towards predicting the DemoncRATS win or, miraculously, pull off a win when it was a “tossup.” Notice how ALL races are tossups? This is statistically impossible BUT, as with in the past, all Republicans have to get 10%, at least, more votes just to counteract all the DemoncRAT FRAUD. The pollsters favor DemoncRATS for one reason: To make the results seem at least plausible, despite ALL EVIDENCE of our own eyes and common sense to the contrary, when they STEAL the election from the obvious front runner.

  7. BUTT’ …. NOT 4 >>>> THEE’ !!!
    Mark Zuckerberg uses private jet frequently despite climate activism …… O’ SURE MARK….really?????

    • Of course he does. He’s among the elite. Rules for thee but not for me. They’re SO important that it’s good for all of humanity for them to pollute and change the climate.


    Sunday Talks, Kari Lake Describes the Ongoing and Escalting Arizona Border Crisis, 227,547 Illegal Aliens in September Alone


    Biden ‘NOT competent’ to BE president? after appearing to
    ZONE OUT > During MSNBC interview: Rep. Claudia Tenney


    Biden, who is less than a month away from turning 80, said it’s ‘totally legitimate’ for voters to question whether he can serve a second term …. WHAT A FRIGG-IN’ JOKE HE has BEEN!

  11. WANT A GLASS’ .. of “PUNCH” KIDDIES ? get in LINE!!!
    VIDEO: Liberals Screech “Threat To Democracy” as Red Wave Looms
    YouTube ^ | DUmmie FUnnies…. by PJ-Comix

  12. Nolte: DEM’s Fret over Turnout of Black Voters They’ve FaileD
    >> 4 >> 60 YearS…. YEARS YEARS YEARS!! W O W !!!

    That’s why Democrats are Worried about black turnout – there is an aAwakening, not just with Black America. White suburban moms, Hispanics They all SEE!!! > that Democrats WANT to Pervert their children, Flood the streets with Violent Criminals, flood the country with cheap & ILL-egal Labor, unleash their Brownshirts in Antifa & Black Lives Matter, & keep poor people Poor, Dependent, Angry, & Stuck in terrible schools. YEP-YEP

    There is a reckoning coming & N O >> amount of >> desperate wishcasting (like its 2008) from a Disgraced outlet like Politico will S T O P <<< IT !!!!! <<<

  13. Whoopi Goldberg SAYS> ‘I Don’t Know What an Antifa Riot Is,’
    So Rep. Byron Donalds Gives HER ‘a Reminder’

    “@WhoopiGoldberg said today that she ‘doesn’t know what an Antifa riot is.’ I can promise U that Americans in Kenosha, Minneapolis, New York City, Washington, D.C., & across the nation remember What those >>> Riots Looked Like.

    “Here’s a reminder, Whoopi and @TheView.”


    Critics of President Biden raised their eyebrows?? Monday night when they learned he sat down with a trans activist who wants to “NORMalize” women having Visible “bulges” in their Crotch Area after months of infrequent sit-down interviews with journalists.

    • He’s just in our faces all the time, isn’t he? He’s clueless so probably doesn’t even know what a dupe he is and how Barry is likely snarking about this. THIS is the very same “girl” who caused the outcry on the Ulta cosmetics social media because they featured him on some podcast about what “girls” want or like or something. REAL WOMEN got fed up, blasted the cosmetics firm, and promised a boycott. We’ll see if their investors sit up and take notice. I’m so happy that women are fighting back against this SEXISM, misogyny, and stereotyping of females. As I have said for years, this is the EQUIVALENT of social media featuring a white person in black face talking about how hard it is to be black, whilst eating fried chicken, watermelon, and collard greens, perhaps wearing a Superfly pimp outfit to boot. SO RACIST and by comparison SO SEXIST. It’s the epitome of being disrespectful of half the population. We have the economic power and it’s time we used it.


    Takes me back to the Carter years. My gosh, I feel for people who bought when prices were high and now the value of the homes upon which they may be paying for 30 years are dropping. They’re stuck paying that mortgage and whatever rising taxes and insurance they’ll have on those homes and they won’t be able to sell to recoup their down payments, at the very least. Besides which, rents are skyrocketing, so what would be the better route? In addition, those Trump interest rates are history, so even if they downsize they’ll be paying higher interest rates on loans for smaller, cheaper homes. This is what Biden and the globalists want:

    You’ll own NOTHING and guaranteed you’ll NOT be happy.


    Democrats are now Hostage to the TRANSgender extremists, &
    it is going to C O S T >>> them dearly… ALINSKY’ S RULES!!!
    By Thomas Lifson

      • Biden really did sit down with this “girl” and gave him an audience, AS IF this thing would have anything useful to add to the national conversation and help Biden guide “policy.” It really does, though, redound to our benefit, except that most of the media DON’T report that it happened. Most people who tsk tsk about all those bigots who oppose transsexual “rights,” have NO CLUE what it all means. They tsk tsk about book censorship in school libraries, but they have NO CLUE what those books contain, mostly because the media constantly throw up as examples of books “bigots” want to ban books like The Handmaid’s Tale or The Bluest Eye. They fail DELIBERATELY to mention those “how to” gay books about … well, I’m not going to even repeat what they say. Here’s a link:

        Gender Queer and Lawn Boy are particularly singled out as being in many school libraries or on required or suggested reading lists.


    “We will do whatever it takes as I said. He will not be president again.””

    That’s Cheney talking about REAL President Trump.

    Will the Secret Service please investigate her for this THREAT against the president? “Whatever it takes?”

  18. STAY ….OUT …of OUR PANTS!!! BUSTER!!!!!

    DC Public Schools Hires Controversial Consulting Company To Survey Students About Their Transgender Identities

    • This is child abuse. The parents should be asked to opt IN, not required to opt out. This is how these people usually roll, though. When I went to college, there was a “public service” alleged not-for-profit, non-partisan organization that somehow persuaded the college to collect a FEE from EVERY student who enrolled in classes. To get the measly $3 back, each student had to go to a certain office, fill out a form, stand in a long line, and then face the disapproval of the clerical staff who then were required to refund your crummy $3. Add it all up, though, and it’s a nice chunk of change for LIBERAL groups. These same people would go door to door asking people to sign some petition about something truly non-partisan, while TALKING about GOOD politicians who support this good cause and uniformly, they would SHOW photos of 100% DEMONCRAT politicians. iow, they would use OUR MONEY to campaign FOR these DemoncRATS. Never, ever did they mention or show photos of Republicans who I know were also for the cause they were promoting. Most kids would NOT go to the trouble of getting their $3 back.

      DC schools probably administer the “survey” during class time in order to SHAME the students would would OBVIOUSLY not be participating when their parents opted them out. That’s the not-so-subtle social “persuasion” they use, deliberately.

  19. Inflation? What Inflation? Crime? What Crime? Porous Borders? Gas Prices? ……… ? ? ?
    The Democrat P L A Y – book is willful denial.


    • The most head shaking caption over a letter to the editor that I saw recently said something like, “If elected, Republicans will destroy the economy.” Seriously! How DELUDED does a person have to be to believe this? Do they so quickly forget how the economy was just a few years ago, when the REAL president ran things?

      Today, I saw a TV ad for Tammy Duckworth where she was actually arguing for reelection by complaining about how the middle and lower class folks can’t even afford to drive to work. AND WHOSE FAULT IS THAT, Tammy? These DemoncRATS are shameless. They deliberately destroy the economy and then they shake their heads and commiserate with the lower classes, USING their fear and pain as campaign LIES: Elect me and I’ll solve all your economic problems. The REALITY IS that these people have CAUSED all the economic problems we have had since they usurped the entire government. And the destruction of the economy is DELIBERATE!

    • That article is a masterpiece. With all that ammo, you have to ask yourself: How exactly will the RINOs snatch defeat from the jaws of victory this time? And if they stand by and watch these elections STOLEN once again, will they FINALLY do something about the theft?



    • You can explain their pyramid in another way: At the top are those who recognize that sex and love are ONE. Those at the bottom divorce sex FROM love. There’s NO LOVE whatsoever in most of the deviant sexual relationships. It’s a RARE homosexual relationship, especially among males, that is based upon LOVE. Most are promiscuous and the relationship doesn’t even exist except as a transient encounter. God’s plan was for LOVE. Satan’s plan is for sex to be SELFISH and only about pleasure, the more perverse the better.

    • Do you notice the SEXISM inherent in their queer theories? Women are replaced. MALE transvestites, transsexuals, dominate. MALE pedophiles are explained. Not female pedophiles. Because this is just paternalism in another, more perverted form. It’s all FOR males and against females.

      They say that pedophiles “love underaged youth.” No, they do not. They want to USE and exploit underaged youth. They do NOT love them. They use “love” where they mean subjugation, exploitation, dehumanization and USING the person as an OBJECT. There’s NO LOVE involved in this. Sex and love are not the same thing, just as murdering a child is not simply “choice.”

    • That’s a great one! It’s so simple and yet the RINOs will probably blow it. Simple graphs will easily show how EVERYTHING went south when Biden took office, except the illegals, who all came north.

  21. Here’s a shocking revelation. NOT! As if we don’t know ballot harvesting isn’t how it’s always done in inner city areas:

    “In late August, former Orange County Commissioner candidate Cynthia Harris filed an affidavit with the Florida Secretary of State’s office alleging that ballot harvesters showed up at her home attempting to collect her ballot when she shut them down. Harris claims they are part of an illegal ballot-harvesting operation that’s been going on for years in the black community in the Orlando area. According to Harris, ballot harvesters are paid $10 for each ballot they collect. …”

    The mainstream media are already helping the DemoncRATS with their newest narrative about election tampering by claiming that Republicans are trying, via lawfare, to suppress the vote in certain areas, when in reality all they’re trying to do is ENSURE FAIR ELECTIONS and that the people everywhere FOLLOW THE LAWS. Imagine how awful that Republicans are finally waking up to and using the same tactics that DemoncRATS have used, especially in 2020, to steal elections. However, in their case, all they’re trying to do is ensure that LAWS are followed. The DemoncRATS know they CANNOT “WIN” if laws are followed. To “win” they MUST CHEAT.

  22. More evidence that Biden is clueless in DC:

    “More lies!

    Joe Biden on Thursday traveled to Syracuse, New York to deliver remarks on Micron’s plan to invest in CHIPS manufacturing.

    Biden falsely claimed gas was over $5 per gallon when he took office in January 2021.

    “The most common price of gas in America is $3.39, down from over $5 when I took office,” Biden said.

    Biden also falsely claimed “the price of inflation is down, real incomes are up, and the price of gas is down.”

    More lies!

    Inflation is 8.2% and real wages have been wiped out by rising prices. …”

    He’s either clueless, DEMENTED, or he’s (as he’s always been) a LIAR. It’s probably a combination of all but these are LIES and they’re easily refuted. THESE are the BIG LIES.

    The thing is: How many VOTERS are as delusional and cannot even remember back a few years when HAPPY DAYS WERE HERE, when the economy was great, when prices were low, when housing was affordable, when we had disposable income, while the REAL president, Trump, was making America great again?


  23. It’s the boys’ turn now. Girl wanting to use the boys’ locker room. Boys don’t want to be changing clothes in front of a girl. Who can blame them? Teacher who refuses to let the girl in gets suspended!

    • Wow. The father makes a good point. Should the male student happen to be 18 or above, if he drops trou in front of the 14-year-old girl, a minor, can the male be charged with a crime? It would behoove all those males 18 or above to NOT undress in front of a girl. Will the school accept liability? What if the girl decides to press charges of sexual abuse?


    Well, if you can self-identify as a female when you’re a biological male, then I guess you can self-identify as a citizen when you’re an illegal alien. Right? Sheesh!

  25. >>>> ha’ …>>>PETER
    So it’s 2am and the cops are called or “alerted” to PAUL Pelosi’s residence. There they find Paul Pelosi and a 42 year old man in his underwear both of whom are holding or perhaps struggling over a hammer. The cops then observe Underwear Man assault Pelosi with the hammer. Underwear Man is charged with a slew of offenses including attempted murder and elder abuse. HE WAS NOT CHARGED WITH BREAKING AND ENTERING. Something doesn’t add up here.

  26. ….??? ^^^

    * SUSAN
    Paul Pelosi reportedly told 911 dispatch that the individual who allegedly attacked him with a hammer in his home “is a friend,” according to a police dispatch call early Friday morning.

    Biden blamed honest hard working Americans for the attack
    Will Biden now apologies to the American Public
    “Depends Biden” the worst President ever

  27. ..O’ > S P A R E US ALL the > DUST’ harry-boy’ PLEASE!
    Harry Agonistes

    * Charles Wallace
    They tossed any honor or “dignity” on the set of Ophra’s show. Boo fecking hoo.

    * John Watson
    * He is, uh, controlled by his Failed actress Wanna-Be gold-Digging Wife. To gain & maintain fame, she will do Anything.
    Yes, I feel sorry for Harry but for a Different reason. Sadly, he made a Poor choice.

    *Robert Cunningham
    “…whom she seems to lead around on a Leash…”
    Rush used to call it a >>> .. Testicle Lock Box. !!! PERFECT!!!

    * Amy Hall
    I’m sorry, but I couldn’t disagree more.
    Harry remains in the public eye because he has made sure He stays there.
    Any hurt feelings he may have experienced in his privileged life do not compare to the suffering most other people experience in their lives. It cannot – as he has maintained – serve as a catalyst or inspiration to help others with mental health issues. In this context, his Nauseatingly unending complaints sound Childish
    & petulant. (I understand his book is already being offered at Half the Price so maybe I am not the only one Tired of listening to him.) …. a SAP BORN in the MIST!!! WHAT a WASTE!
    Especially because he presumably knew better, he should never have aired his family’s dirty linen in public. And he should not have been surprised that his banking on these disclosures fundamentally changed and permanently damaged his relationships with his family.
    I have zero sympathy for him. I believe every adult must own his choices & accept the consequences, one of which will be -quite predictably – that after the book is published, he will have effectively & finally destroyed any good will he had previously from his family & the British public. And they did – all of them, both his family & his countrymen – hold great affection for him his entire life. They don’t anymore, & it is he who has made sure of that.
    * Charles Wallace
    I would add that his choice of a spouse was less than optimal.

  28. Listen up, Harry – here’s how other royal ‘spares’ are coping with Not being Number O N E !!!!!!!!! ha’

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