More On the Pelosi Incident

People are still talking about the curious case of the alleged attack on Paul Pelosi. Why? Because, yet again, the story has morphed. Is there something here that’s being overlooked by everyone? Are there curious facts that together may hint at facts not yet disclosed?

Excerpts from news articles are presented below, followed  by commentary. Highlights were added to emphasize specific “facts.”

First, from this story:

According to [Assistant District Attorney Allison Garbutt] Macbeth, DePape smashed his body through a window to break into the Pelosis’ Pacific Heights home, while carrying a hammer and several plastic zip ties. After breaking in, he allegedly confronted Paul Pelosi at his bedside at around 2 a.m.

DePape then allegedly threatened to tie him up—the first of about 10 such threats, the court filing says. …

Eventually, Paul Pelosi called 911. …

Two police officers arrived and, seeing both men with their hands on the handle of the hammer …

In DePape’s backpack, police allegedly found another hammer, a laptop, and bags of zip ties.

From this article:

Hulking DePape, 42, wore a prison issue orange sweatshirt and sweat pants for the brief hearing and had his right arm strapped up in a sling – said to be the result of last Friday’s early morning struggle with Pelosi.

According to the criminal complaint, the day after the attack, authorities traced DePape to a home on Shasta Road in Richmond, California, around 18 miles north of San Francisco. …

Investigators said that inside of the home, they found additional hammers, a sword, and pairs of gloves. …

On Friday, DePape walked into a bedroom of the $6million San Francisco home just before 3am on Friday, woke Paul Pelosi up

DePape also explained that he broke into the house through a glass door using the hammer. …

DePape was also found to have run the website

DePape would also share some photos from a construction site he worked at

From this article:

After the hearing, DePape’s public defender Adam Lipson said … his 42-year-old client’s shoulder was dislocated during the arrest.

The court filing said DePape smashed his shoulder through a glass window early Friday in the back of the Pelosis’ Pacific Heights home and confronted a sleeping Paul Pelosi, clad only in boxer shorts and a pajama top. …

Paul Pelosi was eventually able to call 911 …

Pelosi then told the dispatcher that he did not need police, fire or medical assistance but he instead asked “for the Capitol Police because they are usually at the house protecting his wife.

Did Paul Pelosi ask for the Capitol Police because he knew from sad experience that a report by local police would become known, whereas the Capitol Police are under the control of his wife and are exempt from FOIA?

Did DePape’s shoulder/arm get injured when (1) he “smashed his body through a window;” (2) during the “struggle with Pelosi;” or (3) when the police “dislocated” his arm “during the arrest?”

Did DePape break the windows to get into the house by (1) “using the hammer” or (2) by smashing “his shoulder through a glass window?”

Did DePape wake Pelosi up (1)”around 2 a.m.” or (2) “just before 3 a.m.?”

Among the items DePape reportedly had on the scene were a backpack (left on the back porch near the broken windows), zip ties, tape, rope, gloves, and one or more hammers. Other hammers and Home-Depot-like items were confiscated from his home, where he lived with (or in the garage of) another 80-something-year-old San Francisco celebrity. Allegedly, on social media, DePape had posted at least one photo from “a construction site he worked at.”

The felony complaint is embedded in this article. Two odd details stand out.

“… and trailer coach?”

What trailer coach? From this site, two legal definitions:

Trailer coach means a travel trailer, truck camper, fifth wheel, motor home (recreational vehicle), or similar vehicle designed for temporary accommodation.


Trailer coach means a vehicle designed for human habitation or human occupancy for recreational, industrial, professional or commercial purposes, for carrying property on its own structure or for being drawn by a motor vehicle and includes a camper, camp trailer, house car, mobile home whose tongue and axle have not been removed, park trailer, recreational vehicle, trailer, trailer coach and travel trailer as these terms are defined in the Health and Safety Code and the Vehicle Code.

Interestingly enough, most news stories show the broken back door but crop the scene, omitting the tarps, ladders, containers, and other construction equipment, all of which indicate that some sort of construction, landscaping, and/or repair work was going on at the back of the home. Why is that?

Some videos, including this one, show the full scene. Oddly enough, several items near the tarp resemble backpacks or another type of fabric bag (it’s hard to tell), maybe rolling suitcases? What are those? (See below.) What do they contain? Tools? From the video, these still shots:

Where is the trailer coach referred to in the felony complaint? Is it in the garage or some storage area not visible on the video? If there is none, then why is a trailer coach referenced in the complaint?

Is it possible that DePape was employed temporarily to work at the Pelosi residence? Was he staying in a trailer coach? It’s known he was at times homeless. It’s reported that he worked construction (at least once). He had a backpack with all sorts of items a person might need while doing odd jobs here and there. If DePape wasn’t working at the Pelosi home, then who was? Obviously, someone was, going by the ladders, bags of what looks like garden debris, pails and other items. Did DePape work there? Was he dismissed at some point?

Another detail from the felony complaint:

Legal definition of a “particularly vulnerable” person from this site:

“Vulnerable victim” as a person (A) who is a victim of the offense of conviction; and (B) who is unusually vulnerable due to age, physical or mental condition, or who is otherwise particularly susceptible to the criminal conduct. The term “susceptible to the criminal conduct” has been interpreted as being primarily concerned with the impaired capacity of the victim to detect or prevent the crime, rather than the quantity of the harm suffered by the victim. United States v. Bailey, 405 F.3d 102 (1st Cir. Mass. 2005)

Would DePape have known Paul Pelosi well enough to be able to determine that he was a “particularly vulnerable” person? (Apparently it’s an element of the charge that the person knows or should have known the victim was particularly vulnerable, but it would take a lawyer to explain the nuances.)

If someone who was only vaguely a “friend,” if that, should have known Pelosi’s vulnerability, shouldn’t his wife and other family members have known this, too? In which case, wouldn’t they be quite remiss to leave him alone, as we’re to believe that he was, in that big house in the middle of a dangerous city, with no blaring burglar alarm in case of a break-in?

Finally, there’s yet another new version of events, which was suddenly pulled from the Internet upon its many discrepancies being noted.

In the disappeared video, the reporter states that DePape was in the home with Paul Pelosi for 30 minutes. If police were dispatched, as stories have stated, about 2:27 a.m., then it fits that DePape woke up Paul Pelosi “around 2 a.m.” (from the first linked article), if he spent 30 minutes there before the police arrived. Obviously, he couldn’t have woke Pelosi up “just before 3 a.m.” if the police were dispatched at 2:27 a.m.

Yet 30 minutes within the home doesn’t comport with what’s been reported before, particularly by a witness who allegedly heard the break-in and then police sirens within a “minute or two,” which is probably why the story was pulled.

It seems likely that if DePape threatened Pelosi at least 10 times, he was probably there for more than just a few minutes. Why, then, would glass be audibly broken only moments before the police arrived? Was it broken as part of a coverup? From the story:

Police report DePape had two hammers, zip ties and tape. …

NBC reporter Miguel Almaguer reported on the Today Show that accused attacker David DePape and Paul Pelosi were alone in the Pelosi home for thirty minutes, that Paul Pelosi answered the door and did not tell police he needed help and try to leave the house but instead walked away and back to DePape while DePape told police who asked “what’s going on?”, “Everything is good.”…

[L]aw enforcement searched DEPAPE’s backpack at the Pelosi residence, and they found, among other things, a roll of tape, white rope, one hammer, one pair of rubber and cloth gloves …

About the frenlyfrens website that DePape allegedly created. The Gateway Pundit has been debunking that allegation for some time. You can verify for yourself that the website seems to have been created after DePape was already in custody and deleted the next day. Using Tineye, you will discover that the photos first appeared on the Internet on October 28 and seem to have existed nowhere else on the Internet before they appeared on the frenlyfrens site on October 28, the day of the incident.

Curiouser and curiouser.




57 responses to “More On the Pelosi Incident

  1. Added here without comment. The headline says it all:

    “How REPUBLICANS weaponized the Paul Pelosi attack!”

  2. Remembering the competing stories about the Smollett affair, I’m banking on THIS reporter’s anonymous sources being TRUTHFUL versus the equally anonymous and unverifiable sources the rest of the mainstream media use.

    This guy analyzes the SF “filings” and the narrative given, without quotes apparently, in the charging reports:….this-is-weird..html

    I missed that they changed finding a “journal” to finding a “laptop.” Now, given how they MORPH the details and the narrative, based upon what is being questioned on the Internet, it would make some sense that they now claim a laptop. Why? Because people have been questioning how a homeless, couch-surfing or garage-living or (now) trailer-coach invading guy could possibly have been maintaining a prolific Internet identity, including running TWO blogs, posting on Facebook, AND (now) being on 4Chan. Let’s answer that one! We’ll add a “laptop” to the backpack. Easy peesy.

    • Here’s something else I missed. The guy mentions that the filings opine (apparently) that despite RING CAMERAS being all over the Pelosi home, DePape apparently wasn’t concerned during the incident about being videotaped! We’re supposed to believe that the Pelosis, who already have been reported to have numerous CCTV cameras, high tech deals, beyond anything your ordinary person can have, which are monitored 24/7 by the Capitol Police (or should be), use RING CAMERAS at their home? So were those also an epic fail? This stuff all should be in the cloud, somewhere. Nobody’s going to release any of the video?

      Really, though. The more I think about it the stupider it becomes. We’re to believe he was ALONE, a “particularly vulnerable” person, in HIGH-CRIME San Francisco; that presumably his entire family would know he’s alone there but they didn’t care to ensure somebody would be in attendance, particularly because the Capitol Police aren’t there when Nancy’s not; that he slept THROUGH this guy bashing in the windows of the patio doors; that he slept through the guy looking for an occupied bedroom; that the guy somehow found the stairs and didn’t use the elevator because, hey!, he didn’t know what that was, thought it was a “panic room;” that NO AUDIBLE alarm went off to alert Pelosi of the intrusion; that because there was no audible alarm, Pelosi just slept on until awoken by the burglar, because otherwise, he’d lock himself in the bathroom or, better yet, that elevator and call the cops, who would probably be on the way already given that no doubt an audible alarm would also have silently alerted them; that these wealthy people, putting aside who Nancy is, didn’t bother to have an audible and/or silent alarm that would alert them and/or the cops to a burglary, even though wealthy people like the Pelosis no doubt have TONS of valuable jewelry, antiques, artwork, and other expensive items (not to mention classified information) that they should want to protect from burglars; and that apparently nobody in the Biden administration considered it important to absolutely ensure that NOBODY can access that home when Nancy’s there or not because any number of “bad actors” can do all kinds of bad things to the NATIONAL SECURITY of this country if they can easily get in.

      How stupid do they think we are?

      • Oh, I love that one. Layers on layers. btw, the USPS is SO partisan and SO corrupt at this point that it’s just another agency that needs a scrubbing from top to bottom, if any sane person ever gets in control of OUR government again. You know, they talk constantly about diversity and groups (like sports teams) lacking it because they don’t have “proportionate” representation of certain groups, with the subtext being that the reason MUST BE racial discrimination and white privilege. So explain the demographics of the USPS.


          Looks like they discriminate against women! Only 40% of the workforce but what? 52% of the population? OVERrepresentation of blacks: 21% of the workforce but only about 14% of the population! (Or only 12% according to this article: I’m guessing that the reason people are so off on their estimates/impressions about the actual percentages of various groups is because the media OVERREPRESENT these groups constantly on television, in ads, in shows/movies, in newspapers, in magazines, in catalogs, etc. They’re deliberately trying to disappear white people, although this writer ridiculously says it’s the opposite: that because white people fear being replaced, then they deliberately emphasize these groups in the media in order to sympathetically counteract the (bigoted) fears. How freaking silly. How to explain that blacks think they’re 52% of the population!?) btw, whites are 59% of the population according to that site I linked, but that excludes white “Hispanics.” The USPS doesn’t report on the percentage of their employees who are white. 17% of the population is Hispanic, and yet the USPS has only 8% Hispanic employees. Asians are a bit overrepresented, they’re 8% of the workforce at USPS but only 6% of the population. Native Americans are underrepresented, too, apparently, but not by much.

          So why are blacks so OVERrepresented at the USPS? Doesn’t this require investigation and correction? Why are women underrepresented?

    • so Paul bring’s home BOY’s from the BAR’s OFTEN-DO TELL!

  3. …. ^ …. How Stupid do They Think We are? ^

    Were Falling Flags at John Fetterman Rally Ironic Symbolism or a Sign From God?



    Registered Democrat Arrested for Voting Machine Tampering – Allegedly Inserted USB Flash Drive into Voting Machine

    • Wow! That’s as creepy as that photo of the demon that looks like Lori Lightfoot. You can’t make this stuff up. I’d vote Plan 9, actually. They look more sane.

  5. LOVE is in the A I R!!! * GO TRUMP GO * WTP R WAY READY

    • Ha, ha. I’m loving that one. Unfortunately for DemoncRATS, it’s so true. They don’t have a solid brain among them and collectively they don’t make a solid brain, either. Not exactly rocket scientists. Affirmative action for some, of course. Yeah, I’m talking to you, Fauxcahontas.

    • So true because the very essence of science is inquiry, questioning, TESTING hypotheses and throwing out disproven ones while continuing to TEST those not yet disproven.

  6. DAVID Wayne De Pape ? 1-22-1980 ? 42 ? British Columbia ?

    • Wayne. I love it. Surprised his middle name isn’t Gary.

      Why do they pronounce that last syllable Pap instead of Pape? Curious. Is that how you’d pronounce it in French? Is it a French name? I suppose. Never studied French, so can’t say for sure.

      It’s interesting. I’ve read inklings about him having a criminal record. Funny that nobody seems to go into that.

    • Now this is an interesting one that was linked in the Wikipedia article. This one says, suddenly, that maybe Pelosi was hit once with the hammer BEFORE cops arrived. This narrative seems to have been created to cover for the story that said he actually walked back to DePape instead of going towards the cops for safety after opening the front door.

      Suddenly, too, they got a search warrant to look in the backpack. Seems weird to me. Is this normal? If you watch the live cops show on TV, they just go through cars and bags and backpacks without warrants. I saw an episode just the other day where they opened a backpack a guy had dropped on the ground before he took off running. If they WATCHED this guy allegedly hit Pelosi in the head, did they need a WARRANT to open the backpack? Whatever happened to HIPAA? They’re saying all kinds of stuff about Pelosi’s injuries. What a bunch of BS saying his backpack had things just like the Jan. 6 protesters. Yeah, and just like hundreds of thousands of workers in construction, home repairmen, and regular people who work on their homes.

  7. Washington Post says Nancy is going to give an interview on, of course, CNN, this evening at 8. (Assume eastern time, but who knows?) OF COURSE she is. And she’ll use this as a last ditch attempt to sell the “vote for DemoncRATS or the entire “democracy” is doomed.” She’ll blame Republicans, yadda yadda yadda.

    Excerpts from the story:

    “Pelosi told CNN that she was sleeping in Washington when she heard her doorbell ringing around 5 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 28. She had just flown back from San Francisco the night before … ‘I’m thinking, my children, my grandchildren. I never thought it would be Paul because I knew he wouldn’t be out and about, shall we say.'” …

    The Washington Post confirmed that a blog written under DePape’s name was filled with antisemitic writings and baseless claims as well as pro-Trump and anti-Democratic posts. It was registered to a house in Richmond, Calif., where DePape lives, according to neighbors. …

    Nancy Pelosi, who has vehemently denounced political violence in the past, including the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, has so far not linked politics to the attack on her husband. …”

    Oh, I love all that. We’ll see if she waited for the eve of the election to link “politics” to the attack.

    We’re supposed to believe that it was over two hours from the time of the attack/police response until she was told? The Speaker of the House? It took two hours or more?

    What does she mean when she says she “knew he [Paul] wouldn’t be out and about, shall we say?”

    How could he be “out and about” in DC if she’d only just left him at home alone in SF, all the way across the country, just hours before? “Out and about?” WTF? “Shall we say?”

    Wouldn’t she more likely say he wouldn’t have flown alone, in her wake, to DC?

    Maybe I’m misreading this. Maybe “the night before” didn’t mean the evening of Oct. 27, but the evening of Oct. 26. If it were 5 a.m. one day (28th), though, and I said, “the night before,” then I’d mean less than 12 hours before,the 27th, but who knows?

    I love how WaPo parses and says they “confirmed that a blog WRITTEN UNDER DEPAPE’S NAME” contained bigoted stuff. How cute! They didn’t confirm HE wrote it, only that it was “written under his name.” Yeah, by Deep State agents or DNC operatives who don’t know much about tech stuff.

    For example, one problem: It’s a complete lie that the blog was registered in Richmond, CA. It was registered in Richmond, AL. Alabama! It’s bogus. There aren’t any posts. All the headlines were created the same time. All the images first appear on that site, and nowhere else on the Web, on Oct. 28, AFTER the attack and after DePape was in custody. The entire thing was deleted the next day. It was created ONLY for the narrative, which the butt-kissing media fell for or else just accepted and repeated the LIES about the narrative. Why else do they carefully say, not that HE wrote this or said this or ascribes to this, but that it was “written under” his name? As I said before, anybody can set up accounts under anyone else’s name unless, of course, it’s Twitter and you’re going to pay Elon Musk $8 A MONTH to get a blue check mark. But even then, as Elon’s said, if trolls want to pay for accounts under assumed names, it’s more money for him. 🙂


    How we miss El Rushbo. A voice of reason in a hurricane of nonsense noise.

  9. This is typical. When they know they’re caught, they release a sanitized version of the truth, like “truth lite,” eliminated most of the DAMNING details and information.

    This lawsuit with TGP and the AG of MO is sneaking by most people but stands to be nuclear IF it continues to the natural end of the process. They have discovery. Now they need to proceed ASAP to the end. I had no idea that Omidyar, our old “friend”, was behind The Intercept. Remember him from the Obama days?

  10. So they will count and count and count until they find enough “votes” to put this person who belongs in a sanitarium or hospital, for sure, into office. Well, they got people to agree that Biden, demented as he is, who hid in his basement instead of campaigning, who has to have his personal “doctor” Jill spoonfeed him and lead him by the hand everywhere, got more votes than even Obama in the most secure and fair election in U.S. history, so why not? Will the PEOPLE of PA buy this B.S.?

    Oh, yeah. Isn’t this the place where just COINCIDENTALLY their entire voter registration database went kaput yesterday?

    They’re going to STEAL this one, too. Dr. Oz, popular as he has been, LIBERAL that he truly is, is going to be beaten in liberal PA by this guy who, to be kind, is brain challenged at best?


    So this story says that many Americans will skip Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings because of BIDENFLATION. But you know, that’s a WIN for them, too, because Thanksgiving is a CHRISTIAN holiday, a TRADITIONAL AMERICAN holiday, and THEY WANT TO DESTROY TRADITIONAL, CHRISTIAN AMERICA.

    By any means necessary. This is just icing on their cake.

  12. Hi Miri,
    I skimmed this story, I admit. I didn’t notice anything about when the police arrived they found the two men both not wearing clothes? And a third man opened the door for them?
    X22report had a lot on that.
    Anyways – Good Luck to everyone today and just passing along the Mike Adams warning that the election could be blatantly stolen so as to precipitate violence afterwards. So if you hear anything about violence completely avoid it and don’t join in.
    I had to use a mail in ballot and I always wonder why I bother because Caly is sort of so Caly but I still do it.

    • Hi, Dave. Good to hear from you. This is my second post on the Pelosi incident. I may or may not have mentioned those issues in the previous post. I know we did have it in comments somewhere, but of course the story has changed so many times. Yeah, originally somebody said that the alleged perp was in his underwear. Later, it was reported that Pelosi was in boxer shorts. But they retracted the allegation that the perp was in his underwear, but of course, what’s originally reported is usually the truth. When it becomes inconvenient, they change the story. “Mistakes were made.” What’s funny is that the guy who put the story out that was retracted, the one about the 30 minutes in the house and Pelosi walking back to the alleged perp after opening the door for cops, relied on anonymous or unnamed source(s) who supposedly had inside information about the event. The other media, who constantly rely on anonymous sources who are supposed to know inside dope, actually criticized that other reporter for using unreliable sources! This, after ALL OF THEM used unreliable anonymous sources who turned out to be completely lying about the Trump/Russia collusion. What’s good for them is not good for that poor schnook at NBC who now, for Pelosi’s sake, is having his reputation damaged. I hope they pay him a big bonus to compensate him for them covering for Pelosi.

      They also changed the story about the “unknown person” who opened the door. You just have to know that this was likely a maid or servant of some kind, but somebody they DO NOT WANT to have involved in testifying because then the person would tell the TRUTH. Like maybe that this alleged perp either had a key or the key code to the security system or was let in by Pelosi. No way did this guy break in without setting off an alarm, because nobody believes there were no alarms there or set. There’s also no way, imho, that Pelosi, in his state, with his inability to drive because of the DUI, was all alone in that house. Well, I guess if his nifty sports car is all repaired and set up with the breathalyzer, then maybe he could or would drive, but it’s more likely, imho, that he just had a driver, especially because he likes to drink, apparently. I’ll look at that X22report to see what they have. I always like to see what other people think and what they have. So far, nobody that I know of has picked up on that weird line in the charging docs about him breaking into a “trailer coach.”

      Oh, I believe they ARE blatantly stealing the election or trying to or at least not hiding their shenanigans. Look at how, conveniently, the tabulators are breaking in conservative areas all over the country, which then requires them to just box up the ballots and move them elsewhere, probably under cover of night with no security or Republican observers, to be counted in some central location with DemoncRAT election employees. Yes, they do want election violence for an excuse to FEDERALIZE elections and crack down on U.S. citizens.

      And yeah. Of course. Last night, Nancy Pelosi DID compare the attack on her husband (if there was one) to Jan. 6. So she’s no saint and she DID politicize it, the night before the election.

    >>>> No Denial, >>>> Just Proof
    Forget 2020. We’ve Caught them in the ACT in 2022!
    6 hours ago

    One printer, Runbeck, provides ballots for two of the most populous counties, Pinellas and Hillsborough, where their “records” show 90% of all voters “requested” mail-in ballots. You may recognize the Runbeck name as having been flagged for suspicious activity in the 2020 elections. Oops, sorry, not allowed to talk about that.

    • My favorite story from the Gateway Pundit election coverage was the one where a state paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for special ballot paper, so that software could test every ballot to ensure that it was legitimate and not just printed off on a home computer. Surprise! All the tabulators had their software set to DISABLE the feature that checks the paper! A double whammy of wasted tax dollars for the citizens PLUS their votes get stolen in addition to their tax dollars!

  14. ALEX LAINS …….. LOVE the GAL!!!

    After all the damage that’s been done to peoples lives since 2020, now they want to call a Truce?
    Forgiveness requires repentance and I haven’t seen a single apology.
    Amnesty < Accountability.
    #pandemicamnesty #TheAtlantic

    Alex Lains … October 8 ·
    We have bigger things to worry about than what an artist Wears on the back of his T-shirt.
    Put away your racism and need to control and leave people alone.

    • Yeah, well, good thing he put in the FRAUD caveat. FRAUD it is; fraud it was. Isn’t it cute how the Senate is, once again, turning out tied?

  15. Ha’ WE CAN GO 2 the MOON? BUTT’ ha’ CAN’T COUNT?
    DOJ Monitors Polls in 24 States to >> Ensure ‘Compliance
    with Federal >>> Voting Rights LAWS’

    • Remember back when we’d know who won the election the evening of the vote? I’m so sick and tired of the RINOs who ALLOW the DemoncRATS to rig elections, year after year after year. WHEN will they wake the eff up? 2020 STOLEN. Now 2022 STOLEN.

      Just as the Pelosi incident is beyond common sense, so is the alleged “win” by the DemoncRATS and the supposed fizzling of the Red Wave.

      The highest gas prices ever, all because Biden and his complicit DemoncRATS PLANNED FOR INFLATION, THE DESTRUCTION OF THE ECONOMY, THE HIGHEST PRICES FOR EVERYTHING IN HISTORY, AND THE DEATH OF OUR REPUBLIC. And we’re supposed to believe that, even though the vast majority of voters said the ECONOMY was why they voted and said it’s the most important issue facing the country, even so they voted DemoncRAT. It’s like they voted to keep getting beaten–“Thank you sir, may I have some more?”

  16. WHY the Red tsunami seems to have hit only Florida

    *Donn Reeves
    Awfully hard to believe the tsunami was isolated to one state. Just as hard to believe the coincidence of the updated voting systems put in place after 2000. Kinda like the Coincidences of all the IN>credibly Close Races always coming up with JUST enough blue >>> Votes at >>> 3AM. ???????

    *Richard Rail
    There was no red tsunami bc the Democrats CheaTed Again,
    & More effectively than ever.

    • She’s becoming more and more in the news. I suppose they’re the new annointed ones. RINOs, GOPe, Never Trumpers, and even many DemoncRATS support DeSantis. Why is that? It’s not that I don’t like him. He speaks well. His head is in the right place. He espouses the positions I most often agree with. His wife and family are lovely. She’s a cancer survivor so that checks a box for the woke crowd who just love “victims” of one thing or another. It’s almost a prerequisite! Is she of French extraction? She studied it in school. Maiden name Black. Could be any ethnicity, other than AMERICAN. She’s quite pretty and poised looking. Even so, I’m always suspicious when someone gets annointed, especially when it’s a conservative because you just KNOW that the left already have their oppo research ready for the smears. Remember how they’d kiss McCain’s ass until they all went after him during campaigns? Same here.

  17. DePape indicted by a federal grand jury. Here’s the indictment. It will be interesting to see if there are differences, because one article I read says this supersedes the previous complaint:

    Isn’t it interesting that the story goes from Pelosi calling “David” a friend to DePape saying in the background that he’s their friend?

    No mention that Pelosi asked the dispatcher to call the Capitol Police and said he didn’t need local police, EMTs, or fire dept. help.

    OMG. They describe Pelosi as wearing a “long-sleeved shirt” and DePape in shorts and a sweatshirt but no mention of Pelosi wearing boxers, as has been reported, or any other pants!

    Now we’re back to a “journal” and no mention of any laptop in the backpack.

    No mention of “Where’s Nancy?” Just narrative saying DePape asked Pelosi where his wife was.

    Supposedly a recorded transcript of the interview of DePape says he used the hammer to break in, which differs from shoving his shoulder to the glass. Again, he didn’t say he said, “Where’s Nancy?” Just asked where “Speaker Pelosi” was. Said he threatened Pelosi while he was on the phone and they repeat the crap about the Founders. Talked about his “target list” and how Nancy was on there. They introduce the idea of “Target 1” (unnamed, of course) who was to be lured to Pelosi’s house by holding them or her hostage. (Newsom? Why won’t they say? Or perhaps was it a Republican, so they don’t want to ruin the narrative?)

    Seized evidence from the garage of the photographer, where DePape is “confirmed” to live. New: They claim he electronically “researched” the Pelosis and Target 1 two days before the attack. Also researched another target on the list, who’s not getting a pseudonym, apparently.

    The charges are attempting to kidnap Nancy and assaulting a member of her family.

    I see no mention of that “trailer coach,” but I think that’s in the local indictment.

    This new indictment doesn’t mention Witness 1 who allegedly saw DePape walking wearing all black clothing, carrying a backpack, and then within moments heard what sounded like (my interpretation) a break-in and then police sirens in a few minutes. Is this witness being dropped so he’s not questioned under oath on the many discrepancies his narrative reveals?

    Note that DePape wearing all black doesn’t seem to correspond with the description of his clothing in the new indictment, although they don’t say what COLOR his shorts and sweatshirt were, nor do we ever see the mug shot or any other photos that might indicate the truth of what he (and Pelosi) had on.

    The first complaint makes no mention of any laptop or computer or HOW they later on deduced that he researched three people on his target list.

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