Not Unique but Quite Curious

Robert E. Crimo III, 21 years old, has been arrested as a “person of interest” in the mass shooting yesterday in Highland Park, IL.

Crimo was described by police and apparently (and curiously) by eye witnesses, as “male” even though police subsequently stated that Crimo was dressed in women’s clothing during and after the shooting, to help him escape:

Officials said Crimo was wearing a dress and long-haired wig — possibly to hide his distinctive neck and face tattoos — and was able to blend into the crowd, posing as a bystander. After the shooting, he went to his mother’s home where he took her car and left the area. He was caught after someone recognized him and phoned North Chicago police.

In this video, a police spokesperson clearly states that Crimo was in drag during and after the shooting, that he wore makeup to hide his facial tattoos, and that he “blended into the crowd” to escape. So it’s curious that any eye witnesses would report seeing a thin Caucasian male with longer black hair.

At what point did Crimo ditch the women’s clothing?

The photo below allegedly shows Crimo dressed in women’s clothing. He appears to wear makeup that covers his tattoos.

The image doesn’t seem to have been confirmed as taken yesterday at the parade, although it may have been.

Instead of a dress, Crimo had previously been described by police as wearing a light blue or white tee shirt, which he was not wearing when arrested.

Is “Bobby” his “trans name,” as some imply?

Does Crimo, in fact, identify as a woman, or is he perhaps “gender fluid?” Have the police verified Crimo’s pronouns? Are they protecting the “transgender community” by obfuscating this issue, if it is an issue?

Early on, the shooter was described as having shot at parade goers from the top of Uncle Dan’s, a sporting goods/outfitter business. Later, however, the shooter was said to have climbed a ladder onto the roof of a cosmetics store. Or maybe it was a medical building. Curious.

(Note that online news articles that you read one day get edited/updated/corrected by the next day, making it nearly impossible to verify what the story said yesterday versus what it says today.)

One eye witness stated that she sawone of the shooters” on the roof of what “used to be” Uncle Dan’s. The witness later indicated that she subsequently got some of her information from Facebook! Perhaps much of what was reported by the media as eye witness accounts were only Internet rumors.

It’s curiously unclear, however, where the police did get their description of the person of interest:

a male, approximately 18 to 20 years old with longer black hair, a small build, and wearing a white or blue t-shirt

If the police got their information by tracing the gun or from a positive identification via a tip, then wouldn’t they have known Crimo’s exact age?

Why did police think that he was wearing a white or blue tee shirt? It seems likely that this description was given to them by an eye witness or person with knowledge of the shooter himself.

And yet why would an eye witness identify someone with long hair and makeup, wearing a dress, as a male and not as a female? (However, what is a woman, after all?)

Was Crimo the shooter or was Crimo an accomplice of the shooter? Was he the only person involved, or was there another person who was wearing a tee shirt, not a dress?

Unsurprisingly, wasting no time in politicizing the shooting to push for more gun control, Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker falsely stated that mass shootings are a “uniquely American plague,” even though these past few days have seen mass shootings in Norway and Denmark, in addition to three mass shootings in other European countries earlier this year.

In Europe alone, there have been at least thirty three mass shootings between 2016 and 2021.

Unique to the USA? Hardly.

But to say otherwise doesn’t help the Democrat narrative, nor does the fact that these European countries already have far stricter gun control laws than here in the U.S., yet mass shootings over there continue.

Joe Biden wasted no time in politicizing the event, either:

I recently signed the first major bipartisan gun reform legislation in almost thirty years into law, which includes actions that will save lives. But there is much more work to do, and I’m not going to give up fighting the epidemic of gun violence.“

Did Pritzker and Biden have much to say, specifically, about this?

Gun violence spiked over Fourth of July weekend, with shootings reported in nearly every U.S. state that killed a total of at least 220 people and wounded close to 570 others …

How about this?

At least 10 people were killed and 62 others were wounded by gunfire over the Fourth of July weekend in Chicago. …

At least 16 other people were shot, two fatally, in a violent eight-hour span late Saturday into early Sunday in the city, according to Chicago police.

I’m hearing … crickets. Why is that, do you suppose?

What makes some mass shootings more notable, more execrable, than others?

Do some victims of mass shootings matter more (to politicians) than others?

Or is it that some perpetrators are somehow worse than others?

As is typical, the UK media has much more comprehensive coverage of the Highland Park shooting than does our own media.

That’s curious, too.



183 responses to “Not Unique but Quite Curious

  1. EXCLUSIVE VIDEO — Rep. Mayra Flores: Biden Admin Encourages …
    …. Illegal Immigration
    O’ …. sure JOE …COME …then he dies … just GREAT

  2. GOP Calls Hunter Biden ‘National Security Threat’ O V E R
    ScandalouS LeakS, UrgeS >>> Investigation

    “There’s a MASSIVE cover-UP being directed by the highest levels of our government to protect the Biden Crime Family,” wrote Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX). “How many crimes will Hunter have to commit for someone to pay attention? It’s ENDLESS!”

    “When Republicans > Win Back Congress, >>> THERE > WILL >>> BE INVESTIGATIONS!” he added.

  3. Sen. Daines: Biden Should Be Talking First With >> U.S. Oil Producers,
    NOT With Saudi Crown Prince
    …… >>>> O’ another …> TRIP 4 Dr. JILLY ??? ha’ O’ $$$URE!

    House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) tweeted, “Why would President Biden plead for more Saudi Arabian oil ??? when WE could be producing more domestic energy Right Here in America? Our country
    should be producing more oil by Americans, for Americans.”

      • They are SO living in their elite bubble that they do not realize that Hispanic people do NOT like the term Latinx. It’s a fundamental thing to be allowed to “identify” yourself. Not all Hispanics are “woke,” nor do they tend to recognize or care about LGBTQ+ “rights.” Along with the rest of the country! But the woke who write “Dr.” Jill’s speeches for her, who don’t even BOTHER to give her a pronunciation guide or at least verbally prep her for the “hard” words she’s supposed to narrate, don’t seem to realize that they’re hurting their cause instead of helping it.

      • Wow. That IS news and the kind you will NOT see in the mainstream media. Hispanic TV host QUIT their jobs at stations that Soros takes over, in order to add more left-wing propaganda to our media. How is it that Soros is able to be approved to buy out Hispanic stations in order to, basically, take over and likely censor what they’re “allowed” by leftists like him to see?

        • “The formation of the Latino Media Network, a new network set to be made up of 18 Hispanic radio stations including Radio Mambi, was partially financed by Lakestar Finance, an investment group affiliated with Soros Fund Management. The stations, currently owned by Univision, would be controlled by Jess Morales Rocketto, a former Hillary for America and AFL-CIO employee, and Stephanie Valencia, a former Obama White House staffer, if the venture receives FCC approval. However, many believe that the 17 other stations are small potatoes compared to Radio Mambi, which is historically linked to the Cuban exile community and offers an anti-communism view. …”

          It’s not enough to control one big station, he’s going to MONOPOLIZE Hispanic talk radio. And, of course, Biden’s FCC will probably “approve.” Hell, they’re probably going to somehow use our tax dollars to subsidize it, under the guise of “diversity.”

          NO COINCIDENCE that Radio Mambi is in FL and part of the CONSERVATIVE Cuban community. They want to defeat DeSantis, they want to break up the sway that conservatism has among Cubans, and they want to turn FL “blue.”

          Soros never gives up. He had his secretary of state program. He’s working on all state offices across the nation. He supported local prosecutors (leftists) to ensure that laws WON’T BE ENFORCED in inner cities. And now this–taking over Hispanic talk radio. It’s outrageous. Imagine if Elon Musk, who’s not even really a conservative, had tried to do the same. Or imagine if Rush Limbaugh had tried to buy up all “black” talk radio stations throughout the country in order to impose his philosophy on inner cities. Imagine the outcry!

          The left can’t even stand the THOUGHT of Elon Musk (again, not actually a conservative) controlling ONE social media company and HE only professes to want a level playing field–not to make Twitter wholly conservative.

    • Not to worry. Mexico is going to liquify its own gas, drill its own oil, generate its own electricity from THOSE fossil fuels, and then sell the electricity to us, who are going to pretend, then, to be “green,” all the while they starve our own oil and gas and coal companies to death. Joe’s motto: Make every country but America great again.

  4. Like WTP ..HAD. …NO CLUE ???/.. BIG ZEROS TOP 2 BOTTOM 24 /7

  5. I V A N A … RIP …she’s TOAST …. 73 & left us HERE!
    Ivana Marie Trump (née Zelníčková, Czech: [ˈzɛlɲiːtʃkovaː]; February 20, 1949 – July 14, 2022) was a Czech-American businesswoman,
    media personality, fashion designer, author, & former model as well as
    .. the Ex-wife of former U.S. President Donald Trump.

    • RIP. What happened to her? I’ve heard cardiac arrest and I’ve heard a fall. Maybe both? She was relatively young. 73 is too young, imho.

  6. Proposed law would L E T ??? people Switch Gender Annually
    Just go down to government office & have name changed


    API: Biden Rejects Invite to Visit Domestic Oil, Gas Operations as He Heads to Saudi Arabia Seeking Fossil Fuels

  8. RAY EPPS ??????????? WHO …is HE????

    Why did the N.Y. Times defend Jan. 6 Mystery man Ray Epps?
    Buried lede in ‘puff piece’ cites him admitting in text he ‘orchestrated’ events

    Beattie finds irony in the Times’ feature on Epps. The paper’s own Video documentary about Jan. 6, “Day of Rage,” refers to Epps as among the rioters for whom “Storming the capitol was part of the Plot all Along.”

    “If it turns out Epps was acting on behalf of some government agency on January 6,” says Beattie, “the entire official narrative collapses in one fell swoop.”

    • That’s a lot of good background. I read something by him yesterday where he basically said that early on, the Times was accusing Epps themselves!

    • “Getting back to the Times piece, it’s also important to note that the piece contains no explicit denial by Epps of association with military intelligence, DHS, JTTF, or any cutouts or intermediaries. We have references to “lies” and Epps’ wish that “the truth come out,” in addition to denial of association with law enforcement. …”

      This is what we said when Epps originally made that denial. He left out SO MANY other organizations he could be working for. There’s the CIA, too, and numerous other agency “security” groups. Haven’t we seen how many federal agencies have what amount to armed cops in their personnel?

      OR is Epps fixin’ to become one of those who testify AGAINST the REAL POTUS, claiming that he, too, was deluded into leading the charge on behalf of Trump’s “lie?”

    • The thing is: Epps was ON the FBI most wanted list of Jan. 6 “potential domestic terrorists” for a LONG time. Why doesn’t the reporter ask WHAT Epps did to get off that list? He just up and disappeared off it. It’s complete bullshit to say that he told them he was helping the cops deescalate and so that’s why he was there. So did the Proud Boys from KC and it’s not helping THEIR case even though the FBI informant embedded in their group AGREES that they did NOTHING WRONG.

    BEATEN .. 2 DEATH ??? SICK & SAD … WHY???

    Philadelphia female teen, 14, becomes second to face murder charge in traffic cone beating of elderly man ….
    James Lambert was attacked on June 24

    • Sick, sick, sick. Will they even consider charging the parents? Nope. That only happens to white parents. If it’s not mentioned in the stories, then they’re not going to charge anyone.

      There was a case in MO, near Ferguson, where a 13-year-old stole a relative’s car, drove it something like 90 mph, and ran into a tree. In the car with him, all killed, were two friends (13 years old) and his 9-year-old cousin, iirc. The driver who stole the car was injured BUT cops don’t intend to charge the mother or grandmother, with whom, OF COURSE, both the cousin and the driver lived. Grandma is standing behind the grandson. Obviously, this is another case where a grandmother has kids from multiple of her own kids dumped on her to raise. This happened in the middle of the night while Grandma was passed out on a “pain pill” because of some medical condition. (This is the story reported by the media and what, apparently, she told the cops. No mention in the story whether or not these were prescribed drugs.) The twin sister of the 9-year-old who was killed ALSO lived with Grandma. No mention whether she knew her cousin stole the car and took off with her brother. So here’s a “disabled” Grandma left in charge of AT LEAST 3 kids who “sneak out”, steal her car, and run it into a tree, killing one kid and the driver’s two friends. One has to wonder how they got together with the two friends in the middle of the night. Bottom line, though: Kids are not being supervised and this happens, but in certain communities, adults are NEVER held responsible.

      btw, the kid who stole the car has stolen other cars before and the family, including Grandma, knew it.

    • Not to worry, though. Nancy’s standing up to China. At least, that’s the MEME they’re creating. The Kabuki theater. All for show. No substance, though. Who gave China a script? Did they give them a heads up so they’d know to pretend to be outraged at her pit stop in Taiwan, all to HELP Joe’s poll numbers? And hey. Joe’s tough on Al Qaeda terrorists, too. After all, he killed Zawahiri for what? The third or fourth time? Is there any corpus? Conveniently blown to smithereens, if you believe the meme. What was that guy by now, anyway, 90?

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