Cesar PsyOp?

An excellent post at The Conservative Treehouse recalls to mind how many viewed the Cesar Sayoc “domestic terrorist bombing” affair as a potential false flag.

From the post:

Everything about last year’s headline story just two-weeks before the mid-term election was weird; including the refusal of the FBI to state what ‘specifically’ was the material suspect Cesar Sayoc was accused of using to create his Acme-looking pipe bombs. [Full Indictment Here]

You might remember: FBI Director Christopher Wray outlined during his remarks that the devices consisted of PVC pipe, clocks, batteries, wiring and “energetic material that can become combustible when subjected to heat or friction”.

The FBI director went out of his way to state: “these were not hoax devices.” 

We also were skeptical. When things don’t add up, they don’t add up, and enquiring minds want to know why not.

As Judge Judy Scheindlin often astutely states,

If it doesn’t make sense; it’s not true.

Wouldn’t you love to have Judge Judy adjudicating Sayoc’s case?

We were immediately skeptical. It behooves everyone to recap the Sayoc affair, in light of the most recent progressive (false flag) hoax: The Jussie Smollett affair.

We discussed the Cesar Sayoc affair at length, beginning with comments at this link. What follows is a summary of facts we thought particularly suspicious:

  • The immediate attempt by the alt-left, progressives, Democrats, the media and even some of the alleged targets (Soros, e.g.) to blame President Trump for the incident(s).
  • That it happened only two weeks before the critical mid-term election, not to mention how deliveries were spread out over time to keep fresh incidents in the news until the elections.
  • The list of alleged targets: A veritable who’s who of the anti-President-Trump “resistance,” including CNN’s Jeff Zucker, George Soros, the Clintons, the Obamas, John Brennan, James Clapper, Kamala Harris, among others.
  • How it’s questionable whether the packages were actually mailed: insufficient postage, stamps not canceled, no bar codes, packages not labeled with weight, for example.
  • Obviously nonfunctional devices. If a false flag, then perpetrator(s) wouldn’t really want anyone on the list to be hurt.
  • Devices were subsequently referred to by the government as IEDs (when perhaps they were actually sulfur-powered LED clocks).
  • Deceptive photos that made the “devices” appear much larger than they actually were.
  • The obvious Hansel-and-Gretel-like “bread crumbs” lending false credence to the contention that Sayoc was inspired by Trump’s rhetoric and other alt-right deplorables (e.g., note the “parody” ISIS flag, use of Larry the Cable Guy’s slogan, Sayoc’s ridiculously “pristine” photo-and-slogan-wrapped van, that conveniently plays into virtually every anti-Trump narrative and meme imaginable–a vehicle that someone just happened to consider so curious that he or she took multiple photos of it before the event, for the media’s use. A vehicle that was ostentatiously in public view but was never vandalized, unlike most vehicles sporting only a Trump bumper sticker.)
  • The alleged Trump-supporting alt-right perpetrator, Sayoc, who was historically a Democrat, according to this researcher.
  • Cesar Sayoc (a play on psyop?) isn’t his name. His true name is Cesar Altieri Randazzo, or some combination, according to the same researcher. Sayoc’s true ethnicity is also in question.
  • The many photos showing Sayoc at Trump events that seem obviously photoshopped, again according to the same researcher.
  • The anti-Trump Southern District of New York (where James Comey’s daughter works) handling the prosecution of Sayoc (unfortunately, not Judge Judy).
  • As with most of the usual suspects in potential false flag events, Sayoc pleads guilty instead of having a trial where evidence is put to the test and where discovery and transparency occur. (Interestingly enough, Sayoc is now going back on aspects of his guilty plea, by claiming that the “bombs” were never intended to harm anyone and he knew it when he sent them, even though he previously told the judge otherwise, because his lawyer told him to.)
  • Sayoc’s history of steroid abuse and financial difficulties, including bankruptcy, and the fact that he suddenly registered as a Republican in 2016, after having previously been a Democrat, as multiple screenshots show.
  • The MAGA hat. (Just like with Jussie Smollett. Just like with other fake hate incidents that turn out to be hoaxes designed to smear President Trump and his supporters and turn Trump’s slogan into a “dog whistle” for hatred and political violence.)
  • Sayoc’s long arrest record, despite which he mysteriously was not in jail and so was free to commit these crime(s).

Surely there’s a lot more that’s curious about this affair that deserves notice.

If this was a false flag, as many suspect, is there more to it than just a desire by partisan persons unknown to influence the mid-term elections?

Or worse, could it have been an illegally run psyop, within this country, by government actors unknown, designed to help oust a president that the Deep State dislikes or fears?

Was this just another part of the insurance policy? If the players were ever exposed, would they claim “justification” based on a (false) “sincere” belief that the current president is a foreign agent? (See here for an explanation of what the Deep State may consider “justification” for any unconstitutional, illegal, or un-American activities.)


85 responses to “Cesar PsyOp?

  1. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/04/07/devin-nunes-announces-eight-criminal-referrals-for-submission-next-week/#more-162233

    Another great analysis.

    btw, here’s the badge of a U.S. psyops unit:

    From Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychological_operations_(United_States)

    “In the 1979 film, Apocalypse Now, during the famous helicopter attack on the beach, actor Robert Duvall, playing LTC Bill Kilgore says over the radio, “Put on psy war op. Make it loud….Shall we dance?”, at which point the helicopter mounted loudspeakers start playing Richard Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries”.”

    Thus the photo at the top of this post.

  2. & SO they THINK .. TRUMP causes NUTS 2 REACT ??? WTP
    NOW WTP a LONG LIST …of shit …disturbers .. IT ain’t TRUMP!

    Ilhan Omar: New York man charged with Threatening to kill Muslim congresswoman …… really???
    A man has been charged with threatening to kill 1… of the First Muslim women to serve in the US Congress.

    Patrick Carlineo Jr was arrested after placing a call to Ilhan Omar’s office
    in which he allegedly called the Democrat a “terrorist” before threatening
    to Shoot H E R , federal prosecutors said.

    The FBI said that the 55-year-old sounded angry during the call to the Washington DC office of the of Minnesota representative, but he
    “spelled his name correctly & provided contact information” to a staffer.

  3. ….so CORK the BORDER ….. TIGHT!
    Open border hemorrhaging
    open Border hemorrhaging
    open border Hemorrhaging
    Open Border Hemorrhaging ……


  5. The Queen is set to invite Donald Trump for a full state visit including a carriage procession down the Mall to coincide with the 75th anniversary of D-Day this June


    • Interesting! I hope the Secret Service is up to snuff. It makes me nervous any time POTUS is in public out of country (and even in country). Btw, what’s up with this? https://www.cnbc.com/2019/04/08/secret-service-chief-is-fired-nbc-news.html

      POTUS fires head of Secret Service (whose name I don’t ever remember hearing). He decided to fire the guy BEFORE the incursion by the Chinese woman at Mar-a-Lago.

      What I’m wondering is what this firing, and that of Nielsen, MAY have to do with the END of the Mueller investigation. What’s potentially there, maybe, is their role in ALLOWING (perhaps) SPYING on the POTUS within the WH Oval Office. Ya think it’s possible? And now that investigation is over and Barr is in charge, POTUS is learning everything that went on? Giuliani suggested that he knows of lots that Mueller and his team did, which they wouldn’t want to come out. Does this relate to WHAT they did and/or were allowed to do?

  6. facebkwallflower

    I offer this out-of-the-blue observation: Ilhan Omar Looks related to Barry. She may even have his lying purple lips, too. Most pics of her look like lip color photoshopped on.. …….

  7. YEP ….OUR MAIN MAN! ….ha’ ….or WOMAN GO GET U TRUMP!!!
    Much can happen between now & November 2020, but if Trump pushes onward with his agenda, he will be Tough > 2 >> Beat.!!! The nail in the Democratic coffin is Trump building the wall, stopping illegal immigration, declassifying the FISA warrants, & punishing those who seditiously lied to Congress, the courts, and the American people.

    This election is his to lose & despite the incessant whinging from Democrats & the media, his poll numbers & momentum favor a big win in 2020.
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  8. ..just like ..BLACK MAGIC??? or just melt – down the TUBES?..O’ ha’
    SPEAK the TRUTH ….& see where it gets him <<< … RIGHT -ON!

  9. In Short, USCMO’s focus on (comparatively) domestic issues is purely tactical. The very same people R involved in both sides of the Equation, & lawmakers need to recognize that. The particulars of USCMO’s lobbying agenda seem innocuous if you R of a progressive bent, but that very innocuousness is meant to solidify its claim to represent all American Muslims, including those who adamantly disagree with Islamism & its activist networks. DON’T ….. FALL 4 IT!!! <<< OK …over & OUT!!!
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  10. Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx recently attempted to deflect criticism of her handling of the Jussie Smollett case by insinuating that her critics were motivated by racism. In an anonymous letter published on the website CWB Chicago, a Chicago prosecutor speaks out against Foxx &
    her demoralizing attacks on her own law enforcers.

    The State’s Attorney’s Office in Chicago is an international laughingstock,
    as politicians, ­comedians, scholars, legal pundits & regular citizens blast
    its handling of the case against Jussie Smollett. The criticism is pointed Squarely at > Kim Foxx, the first African-American woman elected to serve
    as Cook County state’s attorney.

    In the wake of this criticism, Ms. Foxx recently claimed she can’t run an office “driven by anger & public sentiment.” SHE added that the “goal posts change” when an African-American Takes the Position of chief prosecutor, insinuating that the Critique of her handling of the Smollett case is Motivated BY …. >>>>> Racial animus.<<<<< …..REALLY ??? ha… get a CLUE!

    black black black black … WHO gives a RAT's AZZ? O' they DO DO DO
    little miz FOXY ..TAIL .. hangs in NO MATTER .. "GET OUT" hear them!

    YEP ….$1,000.00 .."FOX" HOLE! WHAT a FRIGG-in' JOKE on USA & all
    PEOPLE .. I think the KAMEL HARRIS…also did that 2!!! NASTY-NASTY!

  11. SLOP ..B-BOP …QUEENS …line them ALL UP! not worth a DIME’ a DOZEN …as she ALSO refused 2 STEP DOWN …WHO R these bitches? LOSERS<

  12. Donald Trump: ‘Cages’ for Child Migrants … >>>‘Were Built by <<>>10,335
    Border Patrol officers escort Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson & Gov. Jan Brewer through the department’s Nogales processing facility for immigrant children. (Photo courtesy Barry Bahler/Department of Homeland Security) Barry Bahler/Department of Homeland Security

    President Donald Trump said Tuesday that illegal immigrants & migrants continue flooding into the United States and defended his enforcement policies, telling reporters that the infamous “cages” used to hold migrant children were “built by President Obama’s administration.”
    “They are coming like it’s a picnic, because [it’s like], ‘Let’s go to Disneyland,’” Trump said, expressing his frustration with the ongoing
    struggle to secure the border.

  13. ~ Piano Lady •
    Democrats haven’t Accomplished anything in 3 months with the
    House … except to make even Bigger Fools of themselves.

    ~ Jim Piano Lady •
    On the positive side, popCorn sales went up.

    ~ marjorie137 Piano Lady •
    And spend, waste and squander taxpayers’ money on nothing but more empty, Hateful, Vile talks & stupid Investigations, inquiries trying to impeach & or overthrow our duly elected president. Also, these demonRATS should stop Funding Planned Parenthood – the monstrous & biggest baby Killing machine in the country today.

  14. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/04/ag-barr-fisa-abuses-to-spy-on-trump-campaign-are-being-investigated-report-out-in-may-or-june-video/

    Attorney General Bill Barr testified before the House Appropriations Committee on Tuesday morning.

    During his testimony Barr told Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-AL) that the Inspector General Horowitz is investigating the FISA abuse during the Obama administration to spy on Trump. The Attorney General said the report will be completed in May or June.

    AG Bill Barr: The Office of the Inspector General has a pending investigation of the FISA process in the Russia investigation and I expect that that will be complete sometime in May or June I am told. So hopefully we will have some answers from Inspector General Horowitz on the FISA warrants.

  15. Rep. Lawrence tried to BE- Rate the Attorney General on the increase in hate crimes in the United States during the Trump administration. Barr quickly corrected the liberal Democrat with the fact that hate crimes have Been IN – creasing Since 2013 — During the Obama years.


  16. LET’s …DO IT! ….can TRUMP MAKE it HAPPEN …?

    • Hasn’t he disappeared or been disappeared? Seems I remember reading in one of the released transcripts or maybe in some other document that was released, that someone was mentioned by their true name and then immediately also by their “official informant alias” (for lack of a better description; I forget what it said specifically), but both names were redacted, one after the other. (Sources and methods, you know. Conveniently.) It was in regard to someone spying on the Trump campaign. Some informant who infiltrated or supplied information for the dossier or the “investigation.” Is Halper even a real person? Is that his real name? Has he been “witness protected?” (Or worse?) How do you investigate someone who’s disappeared and did so almost immediately when his name was first hinted to be connected to this spying on Trump’s people, trying to ENTICE them, to ENTRAP them, as if they were common criminals already engaged in nefarious activity? Wasn’t it Halper who made a suggestion to Papadopoulos but who in turn was outraged, saying to do something like that (collude with Russians for dirt) would be “treason?” Or was that Mifsud, the other plant?

  17. Great Article. Glad to see it on the front burner again.

    Here’s something interesting…


  18. Yea, but they can’t “cure” cancer, i.e., invasive, abnormal cell growth.

    Amazing what they can do… and yet, fail to do.


    Happy Birthday Specimen!

  19. STILL PACK-in’??? those folks will never get what WTP SEE…. yikes!
    LEG in the AIR? glad she had PANTS on!!! HOW LOW DOWN is THAT?


    ‘These people never thought they Weren’t going to GET Away with I T !

    “Monumental.” That’s how radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh is describing Attorney General William Barr’s statement that he believes the OBAMA Administration was >>>>> “Spying” on the 2016 Trump Campaign.


    “I honestly don’t think that what has happened today has SUNK in yet,” Limbaugh said Wednesday on his national broadcast. “For over 2 years the entire reason for the existence of CNN and the New York Times & all the rest of these media people was to propel, to amplify, to solidify the idea that Trump colluded with Russia & is therefore an illegitimate president & maybe a traitor, for 2 years. & ….. they did it with Certitude.

  21. REALLY? REALLY? BLAME the GAMES? U PLAYED on Children?
    PASS the BUCK ? …I ain’t Going 4 it >> ‘POPE – E’ … NEVER EVER!

  22. Susan Rice’s Justification Memo & James Comey Investigation Memos – Beware ……>>>> The Outrage Trap… <<<< ???

    ~ Bogeyfree says:
    Totally agree with this Angle. It Could GIVE Barr the “political Out” to Look
    but conclude NO foul & sweep this ALL Away if they don't dig deep enough.

    I sure hope Sundance has SENT these 8 action Items to PT, Don Jr. PT attorneys, Graham, Meadows, Nunes, Hannity, Rush, Bongino, Powell, Undercover Huber & anyone else who will Echo these keys.

    I can just hear Barr now, we looked & these folks had every right to
    mislead PT, …. N O ….. foul & the End!

    ~ Jeff says:
    These people have been Evil for a very Long time, & they’re very Good at it.

  23. ~~~~~~~ Blexit Founder CANDACE OWENS : ~~~~~~~~
    ‘I Don’t WANT … a >>> Green New Deal. I Want a >>> Black New Deal.’

    Candace Owens, director of communications at Turning Point USA &
    founder of the Blexit movement
    >>> Encouraging Blacks to >>> EXIT the Democratic Party,
    She doesn’t want a Green New Deal, She wants a BLACK NEW DEAL.!!!

    “First & foremost, STOP Selling US our OWN oppression. STOP taking
    away O U R Self confidence by telling us that we Can’t because of Racism, because of Slavery.

    I’ve Never B E E N >>> a Slave <<>> in THIS Country. !!!
    Stop telling us that we Need to be obsessing over our Past when we should be Obsessing over our Future & the Potential that WE Have,” she said.

    “Stop having a culture which tells US that we should Want 2 B’ hip hop artists & basketball players, when we should want to be doctors and lawyers. We need to STOP idolizing people like LeBron James & start idolizing people like >>>> Dr. Condoleezza Rice & >>>> Dr. Ben Carson,” Owens said.

    Owens explained HER Own decision 2 become a CONservative 2 years ago.



    ‘And They G O T >>>Caught. & what they did was Treason,’ says president

    President Trump responded to Attorney General William Barr’s assertion that the Obama administration Spied on his 2016 presidential campaign, claiming

    “This was an attempted coup. This was an attempted take-down of a President & we beat them. We beat them,” Trump told reporters outside the White House on Wednesday. “So the Mueller report, when they talk about obstruction, we fight back.”


    • “Tim’s father Don, a brilliant Rhodes Scholar, was employed by the U.S. government in Washington, D.C. Don and Tim’s mother Mary were members of the Communist Party USA …”

      LOVELY. Openly hiring commies to work in the U.S. government.

      “It turns out Tim attended the University of Washington with Barack Obama, Sr. …”

      What? Did we ever hear that BHO Sr. went to U of Washington? We knew SAD supposedly did, but her “husband?” I do remember hearing about that ride in the car down the coast. Wasn’t it supposedly SAD sort of running away from home on Mercer Island? This is supposedly when she would have been 6 months preggers with Barry? The way I remember the story is that some friend of MAD’s said SAD ran off during high school. But, again, my memory of all these details is shot.

      Good find!

  25. Anthony Hamilton invoked the spirit of a church service when he performed in Hussle’s honor. Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan hailed Hussle’s ability to bring different factions together. And blogger & media figure Karen Civil read a Letter Sent by former U.S. President Barack Obama.

    YEP ..black? ..could be his SON? finger in the pie…always ABOUT ME!

    “I’ve never meet Nipsey, but I’ve heard his music through my daughters, & after his passing I had the chance to learn more about his transformation & his community work. While most folks look at the Crenshaw neighborhood where he grew up & only see gangs, bullets & despair, Nipsey saw potential. He saw hope. He saw a community that even through its flaws taught him to always keep going. He choice to Invest in that Community rather than to ignore it,” the Obama letter read. “He set an example for young people to follow & is a LegacY WortH of celeBration. I hope his memory inspires more good work in Crenshaw & communities like it. <<… ha' Michelle & I send our sympathies to Lauren, Emani, Kross & his while family & to all those who love Nipsey.”


  26. YEP …NOT GUILTY SIR ??? & what about Kerry L & Shermi V???
    https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2019/04/04/nipsey-hussle-eric-holder-murder-charged-shooting/ …BLACK shoots BLACK ? not a PEEP?

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