Annoying Progressives

Here’s something I read today that struck a note and which seems altogether necessary to share with you all. Hopefully the author, Kurt Schlicter, will not mind. Schlicter advises us to “Annoy Liberals By Refusing To Care About Their Stupid Fake Outrages.” I couldn’t agree more.

These days liberals, whom I prefer to label progressives, seem to believe they get to dictate the “conversation,” meaning the national conversation, with regards to, literally, everything.

They believe they get to decide what we are all supposed to care about. Even though, face it, most of us don’t give a rat’s patoot about their causes. We have better things to do–like survive. Work. Raise our families. Put food on the table. Worry about important things.

Progressives probably got the idea that they are the anointed ones because, for the most part, they control the mainstream media and now even social media.

But  Schlicter is right. More than right. Who the hell cares what progressives think we all should care about? Back in grade school, we would have said, “Who died and left you boss?”

Let’s annoy progressives even more than they’re already annoyed by us (We the Deplorables).

Speak up. Speak out. Talk back. Isn’t that what the former president advised his progressive minions to do? Get in their opponents’ faces?

Let’s take a page from Obama. Thanksgiving is on the horizon, after all. Make the most of it if you have some annoying progressive relatives that need to be annoyed.

We’re supposed to care about illegal immigrants being separated from their children? Why? Whatever happened to “You made your bed, now lie in it?”

We’re supposed to care about that “journalist” who was (or wasn’t) murdered in Turkey by Saudi Arabians (or someone)? Why? Why don’t progressives wring their hands in anguish about the tens of thousands of Americans who are murdered every year on the streets of our own cities? (Why didn’t they care about our own people who were murdered in an embassy in Benghazi? How times change.)

We’re supposed to care about lesbians who can’t find a way to force a Christian baker to make a wedding cake for them? They’re “offended.” The Christian’s no doubt quite offended, too. In my experience, there are plenty of gay cake decorators out there. Find one. Cope. It’s what most normal people do.

We’re supposed to care about the horde of “migrants” who fully intend to break into our country illegally to take the jobs that President Trump, our president, has created by his policies for our people, to make America great again? Why should we care more about poverty, crime, joblessness and hopelessness among Central Americans than we do about the same situations faced by citizens of our own country?

Schlicter sums up his post this way, and I agree wholeheartedly. We all should tell progressives this, when they cluck their tongues at us and virtue signal:

I don’t care. And if you think that makes me a bad person, good. Then you won’t try to hang around me.

See, I reserve the right to decide what I care about. My caring, my choice. And I think I’ll care about things that matter to me, not things that liberal snobs care about.

I care about the interests of the United States of America more than the interests of foreign countries.

I care about Americans not being murdered here more than foreigners being murdered somewhere else.

I don’t care about the media’s peeves and whining. It brought all its misfortune upon itself with its bias, incompetence, and general scuzziness.

I don’t care about global warming. I’ll drive a gas guzzler if I feel like it.

I don’t care about someone’s preferred pronouns. He or she – pick one.

I don’t care about illegal aliens’ sob stories. Go home.

I don’t care about people who feel unsafe, unhappy, or unloved because of what I think, do, and say. Too bad. I will think, do and say what I please.

I don’t care, because I don’t feel like caring about your pet outrages, and you can’t make me.

Here’s the thing. We all need to take back our rights. To stand on our rights. It’s not only progressives who have the freedoms of speech, choice, and association. We need to remind all of them that all of us have those same rights, that we intend to exercise them, and that we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore when they try to strip us of our freedoms under the guise of social justice warrior virtue signaling.

Let’s all become “militant normals.” At the very least, it will help us to keep our sanity in this crazy world.

Some food for thought on a day when I’m too overwhelmed by my own outrages to think straight enough to come up with a fabulous post of my own. 🙂


159 responses to “Annoying Progressives

  1. Here’s an outrage for you. Can you believe this? After dictating the special circumstances under which he will deign to answer questions from his OVERLORDS, Rosenstein backs out of even that testimony!

    Well, that’s what the headline says. You have to read the post to figure out what’s happening, if you even can. I can’t. WTF is going on?

  2. Today the fake news media, in lockstep, hyped about how POTUS doesn’t have any “evidence” that there are criminals or terrorists amongst the invading horde on its way through Mexico. No evidence, despite that foreign reporters have said as much. And does the fake news media really believe that the president doesn’t have much more reliable sources about threats to our country than THEY DO? Meaning this “intelligence community” they love to get leaks from, when it suits their narrative?

    So sorry. DHS CONFIRMS what POTUS said. Where’s the apology they owe him?

  3. Criminal Investigation Into Texas Democrats Asking Foreigners to Register
    to Vote as U.S. Citizens

    Charlie Daniels: ‘Unless These Radical Voices and Financed Mobs Are Called to Heel, There Will Be Blood’

    CNN Fake Newser Jim Acosta ‘Asks’ Trump: ‘What You Really Mean Is
    That You’re a White Nationalist’

    [Now Do Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, Keith Ellison & all the Other Marxist Black Supremacists, Jim!]

    The Conservative Alternative to the Drudge Report

  4. ..go home ..stop having kids.. we can’t give 2 U … if we don’t GIVE 2 US
    I’M …sorry your county is a shit-hole MESS…. ALL of them !!! wake UP!

  5. GET WELL …. MY CHERRY’ !!! … I can’t go on with-out U …
    TUESDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2018 ~ The Question & the Answer …
    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter….. etc.

    I have been very sick since the first of October which I have posted on this blog, in Warning people that their Money will NOT Protect them from Plague.

    I have been exhausted as I do not have the financial luxury of only doing this, as I have a most interesting parent who is more work than a Honduran caravan,.. along with trying to get things ready for winter here, as I have been delayed in being ill & 2 weeks of monsoon autumn in trying to keep things from dying 2 months from now…..

    • Ditto. Say a pray for LC and family. I can relate to being exhausted getting ready for winter and dealing with monsoon autumn.

    • Cusack, as with most actors, is no rocket scientist. “We are all immigrants,” he says. We are? That’s news to me, who’s never strayed (but for vacations) more than 3 miles from my place of birth. I’m indigenous. I’m “native.” I’m here, but not queer–get over it. 🙂

      • BUTT’ of course HE’s helping…I see IT ..I feel IT ..Get STRAIGHT!
        Caitlyn Jenner admits she was ‘wrong’ in thinking Trump would help LGBTQ community

    • Regarding the comment that says “you can’t define gender with a birth certificate,” I begin to grok the inner workings of the progressive mind. I suppose they’d also say that Barry proves you can’t define citizenship with a birth certificate. He apparently “identifies” as a natural born citizen, in the same way a transgendered individual identifies as other than his/her genetic, scientific, biological sex. If sex is mutable, then they must also believe that natural born citizen status also is mutable and able to be “self-identified.”

    • ~ kong1967 • ….^^^^ surprise – surprise
      Do we know yet if they were Real bombs?

      ~ Texas Chris kong1967 •
      None exploded, which indicates Either rank amateur or Never IN-tended
      to detonate. ….. BOY O’ BOY ….can’t wait TILL they R FOUND!!!

      • The more they report about the “bombs,” the more it becomes obvious that they’re FAKE, hoax “bombs.” For one thing, look how small they are. Supposedly, they have a clock attached for show. It can only BE for show because it has no timer. There’s no detonator. The “explosive” is reported to be sulfur. Sulfur burns, yeah, but does it explode with such force that it can do damage? Not according to experts I’ve read in the media these past few days. It wasn’t gunpowder, it was sulfur. I wonder if they mean the kind you use to repel chiggers? Anyway, they also HAVE TO BE FAKE NEWS LYING about the packages going through the mail because … no postmarks. And yet, read this story:

        “Investigators were looking into whether some of the packages … were sent from a mail facility in Opa-Locka, north of Miami, senior law enforcement officials told NBC News.

        The facility, the largest in South Florida, handles only packages — not letters — that are being sent into and out of South Florida from and to all parts of the country. …”

        Um. Okay. These weren’t packages. If they were, then they’d be bar coded, weighed, have correct postage and labels. These were obviously stamped with insufficient postage and put into a mailbox somewhere. NOT REALLY MAILED because — no postmarks on any of them!

        “The CNN package arrived by mail at a screening facility in Midtown Manhattan before it was delivered by courier to CNN’s offices, an official said. The package wasn’t screened because it was relatively small. …”

        So even if it came by mail to a “screening facility” for CNN in NYC, then where are the postmarks? There would still be postmarks. Why wouldn’t they screen a package just because it’s small? If it’s too small to potentially be dangerous, then didn’t they just admit that they’re SMALL and not dangerous? It’s not some very explosive plastic explosive, you see. It’s sulfur in a little 4″ tube with some useless wires and a useless digital clock on it. And do notice: They announced there’s video of the “courier,” so now … don’t get excited. The screening facility sent the courier, so it’s likely just a guy, like the postal workers, who had nothing to do with it. Right? I’ll bet you anything they already KNOW who it is and it’s not an answer that the progressives, the resistance, or the Deep State like, so … cover up time!

        Now this is playing out exactly the way all the other suspected false flags have done. AS QUESTIONS are raised on the Web, the story morphs. Questions are “answered” but then the answers themselves don’t compute or they contradict something said earlier. Now check out the earliest version of the story and see how it differs from the one linked above:

        I read a story somewhere, earlier, that said that ALL the packages had gone through the mail. That makes NO SENSE AT ALL because there are no visible postmarks on any of them!

    • What is amazing to me is the sheer number of people who see through this and, as we all surely do, suspect it’s just another example of “fake hate” and a false flag, being run by progressives. It doesn’t even seem like a serious investigation. If it were, then WHY would the cops allow the media to publicize the exact nature and content and looks of the only piece of evidence they have–the “device” itself and the envelope? It’s almost as if (just imagine) they want a bunch of people falsely claiming they did it OR they really don’t want to catch who’s behind it. I wonder why that might be.

    • BOY …do I know WHERE I would LIKE 2 stick them!!! Guess where!

  6. Actor James Woods, a frequent commentator on politics via Twitter, thought it was MOre Likely that someone on the L E F T …. would be Motivated to carry out such an Act.

    “Who gives a rat’s a** about the #Clintons enough to do this?” he wrote. “Obvious political stunt…” ….YEP YEP YEP WHY NOT …. take the
    peanut Minds off the CARVAN ….Knocking’ @ OUR DOORS!!!

    Savage said the SAME thing …. & a Phone in thougth he was NUTS!!!

  7. BUTT’ of course R DESPERATE…as a P A C K of STARVING WOLF’S!!!
    ….. ^^^^^

  8. could IT have BEEN …the shape of a CIGAR 4 BILLY? 2 play with again?
    YOU LIGHT UP “MY LIFE”…. just ponder-in’ …

  9. …..YEP YEP YEP …

    RUSH: Okay. Let us review what we have been told today. We could sum this up by saying that many Democrats today have been targeted by bombs. CNN was sent a bomb. Bill and Hillary Clinton were sent a bomb. Barack Hussein Obama was sent a bomb. George Soros was sent a bomb yesterday. Eric Holder has been sent a bomb. And Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz, the former chairman of the Democrat National Committee, was also said to be recipient of a bomb.

    Two of the bombs that were sent had her address as the return address made to look like she had sent the bombs. Now, we here at the EIB Network are very concerned. And as I stated at the beginning of our program, we condemn the use of bombs in politics. We do not condemn the use of bombs in war such as declared hostilities. But we declare and clearly condemn the use of bombs in American politics or any other domestic circumstance.

  10. Not so, the Democrats. …..<<<<<<

    The dog whistles have indeed been activated by the Democrats. If the Republicans succeed at the polls in a few weeks, it will only get worse for anyone who supports Trump.

    This lies with the Democrats. It is up to Pelosi, Waters, Booker, Harris, Warren, the Obamas and the Clintons, and all of the ridiculous pundits who twist their logic to somehow justify this behavior, to call off their attack dogs and condemn this behavior.

    It is up to us, to let them know “We’re not gonna take it. Never did and never will.” Do not lose your resolve. Do not let these animals back you into a corner. Punch Back.

  11. The Left sees all individuals as members of a group, not as individuals; we are either victims or perpetrators/oppressors, thus the move to indict “white privilege” no matter how nonsensical. As for the basic tenet on which this country was founded, individual liberty, the left has contempt. To quote Mark Levin in Ameritopia,

    “…equality in misery — that is, equality of result of conformity — is advanced as a just, fair, and virtuous undertaking. Liberty, therefore, is inherently immoral, except where it avails equality.”

    The Left hates Hillary’s deplorables, non-elite Americans, just as much as Hillary hates them. ….
    The Democratic Party is dying by its Own Dishonorable Hand.

  12. is no longer available.. I’LL SAY!!!
    The authors have deleted this site. ….

  13. operation …. 2 HELP???

    ~ P C Sr.
    My first reaction was, “It’s just as phony as Hillary’s smile & Chuckie Schumer’s tears”. !
    My second reaction confirmed my first reaction.
    Liberals aren’t very smart, are they ?

    ~ R A W
    I think they should do a really thorough CSI investigation to see where they came from, I would bet it will lead back to the Democratic Party. There side
    is the only ones to do something this stupid lol. ….

  14. ~ 🐀
    The most IMPORTANT thing WE can do as Citizens is Vote, & get everyone we know to vote. President Trump will handle the Invasion, WE need to handle giving him MAGA in both Houses so we can get those new common sense laws & the WALL!!! ….

  15. Trump Condemns Violence, …..Blames the Media for ‘Hostility’
    Don’t compare ‘opponents to historical villains,’ he tells Republican rally

    MOSINEE, Wis.—President Trump on Wednesday condemned political violence and called for a more civil political discourse, while also blaming the news media for “negative 7 false attacks.”

  16. IF they RIOT ??? IF they KEEP COMING at US??? YEP !!! GO BACK
    GET in the RIGHT LINE …2 ENTER !!! WAKE UP USA!!! WAKE UP!!!

  17. This war between the far right and the far right is destroying America. Please stop.

    Second day of devices target Dems, critics of Trump…
    De Niro Gets One…
    Sent From Florida?
    Cuomo Calls In National Guard…
    IEDs packed with shards of glass…
    Featured parody ISIS flag…
    Mass of forensic clues…
    11 DAYS IN USA…
    Woman holds ‘Fake News Fake Bombs’ sign outside Florida debate…
    Trump ‘trying to be nice’…
    NYT Publishes Assassination Fantasy…
    SCALISE: Media Need To Take Accountability…
    SOROS: The Hate Is Consuming Us…
    POLL: Most see sharply divided nation…
    MSNBC Suggests Mail Bomb Suspect Reads DRUDGE REPORT…

    NO FEAR! … says MAD -MAX!!!

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