Hypocrite Pelosi

010917-N-7479T-509<br /> Ground Zero, New York City, N.Y. (Sept. 17, 2001) -- An aerial view shows only a small portion of the crime scene where the World Trade Center collapsed following the Sept. 11 terrorist attack. Surrounding buildings were heavily damaged by the debris and massive force of the falling twin towers. Clean-up efforts are expected to continue for months. U.S. Navy photo by Chief Photographer's Mate Eric J. Tilford. (RELEASED)

In response to a tweet by President Trump, which rightly and pointedly criticized Representative Ilhan Omar’s flip characterization of the worst terrorist attack in American history, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said,

The memory of 9/11 is sacred ground, and any discussion of it must be done with reverence.

Exactly, Ms. Pelosi. That’s why the President criticized your colleague from Minnesota who, while speaking to a radical Muslim group, said:

For far too long we have lived with the discomfort of being a [sic] second-class citizen, and frankly I’m tired of it, and every single Muslim in this country should be tired of it. … CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.

Putting aside Omar’s falsehood about when CAIR was founded (1994, after the first World Trade Center bombing, when some other Muslim “people did something”), it’s obvious that Omar has done exactly what Pelosi states must not happen. Omar has not spoken “with reverence” about the events of 9/11/2001:

some people did something?!!!

Note Omar’s other falsehood: that “all of us (Muslims) were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.”

Would the representative kindly name even one civil liberty to which “all” Muslims are losing access?

It’s hypocritical, but not unexpected, to hear Pelosi criticize President Trump for rightly responding to Omar’s trivialization of the horrors inflicted upon our nation on 9/11/01. One writer pointed out:

Ilhan Omar recently presented the 9/11 attacks as humdrum and acted as if the real issue [were] a backlash on Muslims. There was almost none, but the radical Islamists like Omar want us to believe Americans reacted viciously and in a retaliatory manner. They — RADICAL Islamists — play the victims. It works for them.

Omar is not smart or clever, but she is devious and committed to a very far left ideology. Her compatriots will always defend her. They want to be in power and they stick together.

The Democrats, including Pelosi, are now trying to spin President Trump’s criticism as an incitement designed to make Omar “less safe.”

Considering Omar’s own controversial anti-white and anti-Semitic rhetoric, of which there is much, might anyone be even partially justified in accusing her of inciting incidents like what happened at Minnesota’s Mall of America recently? (There is far more to that incident than most stories report. Imagine if the accused had been white and the victim black.)

Might anyone be justified in accusing her of inciting violence against the President when, for example, she claimed that President Trump is not even “human?” That’s the sort of rhetoric that has been used in the past to “justify” genocide.

The representative ought to know better, but apparently does not.

Now, after all the insulting and dangerous things that Omar and other Democrats have said about the President, Pelosi loses it completely:

Following the President’s tweet, I spoke with the Sergeant-at-Arms to ensure that Capitol Police are conducting a security assessment to safeguard Congresswoman Omar, her family and her staff. They will continue to monitor and address the threats she faces.

The President’s words weigh a ton, and his hateful and inflammatory rhetoric creates real danger. President Trump must take down his disrespectful and dangerous video.

Apparently, the Democrats believe this is a winning strategy for 2020. If they keep it up, they will ensure the President’s re-election.

KAG, President Trump!

And by the way, we WILL never forget.




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  1. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/04/trumps-attack-ilhan-omar-trap-democrats/587128/

    A backhanded compliment for the POTUS, courtesy of the reliably progressive Atlantic. Keep it up, Dems.

    • I can’t let this one pass. Consider the writer’s FALSE EQUIVALENCY (aka talking point), which is something progressives and liberals constantly try to do, no matter how strained their “logic” becomes:

      “Some have urged that Omar’s “some people did something” words about 9/11 be understood in context. Let’s try that. After the Christchurch massacre in New Zealand, Trump tweeted: “My warmest sympathy and best wishes goes out to the people of New Zealand after the horrible massacre in the Mosques. 49 innocent people have so senselessly died, with so many more seriously injured. The U.S. stands by New Zealand for anything we can do. God bless all!”

      By using died rather than were murdered—and by describing the crime as “senseless”—Trump abstracted a politically motivated act from the politics that motivated it. The crime became a ghastly tragedy, requiring no words from him about the white-nationalist beliefs of the killer or the larger international movement that shared those beliefs.

      “Some people did something” performed exactly the same exonerating service for Islamic extremism as Trump’s tweet about Christchurch did for white nationalism. …”

      Nope, sorry. Does not compute. Is NOT equivalent.

      Yes, President Trump used the word “died” but he also, prior to that, said unequivocally: “HORRIBLE MASSACRE in the Mosques”. There’s no mistaking THAT characterization and no mistaking those he named as the VICTIMS: “Innocent” Muslims in their mosques. It’s simply a fact that if one is massacred, one has “died.”

      Did Omar call 9/11 a “horrible massacre” of innocent people at their desks, at work? NO, she did not. She didn’t even call it a massacre. She called it “something,” ignoring the victims altogether!


      This also implies on the writer’s part another false equivalency. Ilhan Omar is Muslim. So were the 9/11 terrorists. EVEN IF Tarrant is a white nationalist, which he is not, POTUS IS NOT A WHITE NATIONALIST, and so POTUS has no reason whatsoever to try to give a non-existent “white nationalist MOVEMENT” any “exonerating service.” (Note to writer: Just because you say it’s so, doesn’t make it so. There IS no international white nationalist “movement.”)

      Was the massacre in New Zealand “senseless?” That’s a matter of opinion. If one believes that Tarrant actually believed the incomprehensible stuff in his so-called “manifesto,” then surely it is senseless because what he wrote, if he wrote it, makes no sense. On the other hand, there may be a lot of sense to what happened, if, for example, it was a false flag that never did happen. But I digress …

      This writer is twisting himself into pretzels to try to excuse Ilhan Omar. Notice that he cares nothing for the families of the thousands of victims who were injured by Omar’s flip characterization of their loved ones’ deaths. What he’s worried about, instead, is the effect Omar will have on the 2020 election and beyond. Tough.

      You on the left, the progressives, the liberals, the white-guilt-wallowers, have created these “diverse” politicians, now you will have to live with them and the damage they do. You made them, you embraced them, live with it.

  2. Pelosi just upped the DRAAAMA over risk to Ilhan Omar from Trump’s Tweet: ‘I have spoken with…Capitol Police’

    Oh My, things must be very Serious indeed. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has conscientiously (or do we mean ostentatiously?) “spoken with the Sergeant-at-Arms” to make sure that Capitol Police are on TOP….. of any Threat Ilhan Omar faces now that President Trump has tweeted about her comments marginalizing 9/11 as just some stuff that happened this one time. BSBSBS

    I’m so sure the people who protect our government officials needed a reminder from Pelosi to, you know, DO THEIR JOB.<<<<<<


    • And now the left-wing biased media all report that POTUS bowed to her demand and removed the video. FALSE.

    • In comments at that link, someone asks about the perpetrator at MAll of America. He’s black. His name sounds Hispanic, but it’s next to impossible to find out anything more about him. There are stories alleging he’s Somali and a Muslim who changed his name. Possible, but I’ve seen no evidence one way or another yet. He was born in Minnesota in 1994, according to his long rap sheet. He previously attacked a woman at the same mall. Would be interesting to know if it was a white woman. This is the same mall that a few years back was profiled as being full of Somalians in burkas, so much so that one would think he was in Mogadishu instead of Minneapolis.

      As usual, they are discounting (actually not even reporting) that the victim was white and (again, as usual) focusing on the perp’s alleged “mental illness.” You NEVER hear them talk about the mental illness of perpetrators who are white or “right wing.” Instead, they focus on gun control or “white nationalism.”

      This incident shows that terrorist attacks don’t have to include guns or even weapons of any kind. What is the motive? Was it a hate crime? Why isn’t this being explored? Pray for that poor child and his family.

      btw, has Ilhan Omar made any comment about or given any expression of sympathy to the family of the victim of that horrific attack at the mall? Every time such an incident happens with the victim being black (or some other minority), the media run to ask POTUS for his take on it, and they also try to spin it to blame HIM for it happening. Why the double standard?

      It would be quite easy to argue, using the left’s own narrative, that Omar’s anti-white and anti-Semitic rhetoric causes hatred of whites by blacks and so, there in her own state, maybe she incited this incident and ought to, in the future, be more circumspect and careful about her words.

    • Yeah. And what about that federal case against him for mail fraud? Crickets. Do ANY laws apply to progressives?

    • These sort of passes are being given to criminals all across the country, thanks to Soros and leftist activists from places like Ferguson who have instituted a plan to put non-prosecutors into prosecutors offices in cities everywhere.

      Just as all laws, every tiny letter of every tiny law (no matter how old), ONLY apply to Republicans and conservatives, now, thanks to progressives, not many laws apply to “persons of color” or progressives, anymore.

      People are dying all over the country because progressive non-prosecutors are refusing to prosecute criminals (based upon race) and/or are just letting them out of jail free.

  3. Just last week. Pelosi appeared to take aim at Tlaib’s and Omar’s sister-in-arms, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), complaining that real policy cannot be made on Twitter.

    This is a battle Pelosi is likely to lose.

    • She remains Speaker on their sufferance, and she knows it. Time for the DemoncRATS to stand up, but who believes they ever will? In a way, it’s delicious to watch. Unfortunately, POTUS suffers from the same thing coming from the RINOs and GOPe who will not support him and what THE PEOPLE WANT.

      Isn’t it funny to suddenly see Cher whinging about how they (in California) can’t take illegal aliens from Central America because they have their OWN people to take care of, many of whom, she says, are veterans?

      Yeah, Cher. What we’ve been saying while you call us bigots and racists. It’s what most of the people in this country, regardless of race, color, or creed, have been saying for decades. BUILD THE DAMNED WALL. And stop letting people abuse the asylum system.

      Mexico is the first country in which these people set foot. Therefore, under international law, that’s the country that must give them asylum instead of a bus pass to our border.

    • Of course they’re mad at Pelosi. They don’t consider Ground Zero to be “sacred ground.”

  4. LALALA …..Goldman Sachs: Trump has ‘narrow’ shot in ‘close call’
    ….. election bid

    President Donald Trump gestures as he speaks about the deployment of 5G technology in the United States during an event in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, Friday, April 12, 2019, in Washington.

    President Donald Trump holds a “narrow” electoral advantage heading into 2020, according to Goldman Sachs, with his chances buoyed by a resilient U.S. economy and a crowded Democratic field in which a clear frontrunner has yet to emerge.

    In a comprehensive report released late Saturday, the investment bank
    gave its preliminary Thoughts on a general election that’s still more than
    a year away. ………


    While Trump reelection is far from assured, Goldman’s economists believe the president is bolstered by “the advantage of first-term incumbency & the relatively strong economic performance,” in what is sure to be a “close call” election.

    • Ha, ha. And POTUS pointed out how powerful he is when he tweets because he ends up making his “enemies” admit the truth. Love it. He’s the MAN alright.

      And a blast from the past: 2014, under Obama. http://time.com/2952093/murrieta-california-undocumented-immigrants/

      Note the difference: They got through the entire article without ONCE mentioning Obama, who was POTUS at the time and whose policies these were. I don’t see anything mentioning Obama being a bigot, racist, nationalist, protectionist, unfeeling hater. Do you?

  5. https://caldronpool.com/new-york-mufti-says-muslims-cannot-integrate-muslims-should-hate-non-muslims/

    And this explains it all. First from Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mufti

    “A mufti (/ˈmʌfti/; Arabic: مفتي‎) is an Islamic jurist qualified to issue a nonbinding opinion (fatwa) on a point of Islamic law (sharia).The act of issuing fatwas is called iftāʾ. Muftis and their fatwas played an important role throughout Islamic history, taking on new roles in the modern era. …”

    So he’s no ordinary imam. He’s a “jurist” who interprets sharia law.

    Here’s his opinion:

    ““The general principle… is to love and to hate for the sake of Allah,” he explained. “Which is simply summed up as, loving the Muslims and hating the non-Muslims. Being loyal to the Muslims and not being loyal to the non-Muslims. Supporting the Muslims and not supporting [the non-Muslims].”

    Muneer later expanded on his remarks, saying Muslims should not treat non-Muslims as friends, or maintain close relationships with infidels, and that they should only maintain contact in order to convert them to Islam. … “…it’s a word game. We say ‘friends’ or ‘close friends’, but it’s nothing more than an associate.” …”

    This is the “Islamic principle of Al-Bara Wal-Wala (disavowal and loyalty).” Combine that with taqiyya, which is lying and dissimulation in order to advance islam, and when dealing with non-muslims, “in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.”

    So even if they pretend to be your friend or to “love America,” they could very well be lying and it’s justified in their religion to lie. How, then, does a country like ours assimilate such adherents without losing our own culture, religion, way of life, love for TRUTH and JUSTICE? Just a question.

  6. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/04/15/notre-dame-central-cathedral-is-lost/#more-162552

    Holy Week. A muslim woman was sent to prison on Friday for an attempt to firebomb the same cathedral about a year ago. FOX news reporters (Cavuto and Smith) cut off anybody who speculated that perhaps it’s a terror attack. The spire and building were being renovated, thus the scaffolds. The catastrophic fire began in the attic, it’s said by some, near the spire. However, how does an entire huge building like that go up so fast? Who were the workmen? How easy would it be, when you think about the potential demographics of people allowed to get into the attic to “work?” IF it’s a terror attack, will we ever learn the truth?

    Again, Holy Week. What are the odds? One of THE iconic symbols of Christianity in under-siege Europe. I hope the Pope is beefing up St. Peter’s. Don’t they have sprinkler systems, btw?

    Gateway Pundit reports that a French official on Smith’s show mentioned that churches in France are vandalized and worse (burned) on a WEEKLY BASIS. The population of France is now about 10% muslim, if not more.

    The UK is always more on top of stories: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6925015/Fire-breaks-historic-Notre-Dame-cathedral-Paris.html

    Strategically placed? The spire burns, ignites other parts of the roof, collapses onto the roof, igniting the entire upper structure which is built from 52 acres of wood. You can see the progression in photos at the above link and see how fast the entire thing happened. Shhhhhhh. Don’t speak. Don’t say a word.

  7. Heartbreaking:

    “By 9.30pm there were claims from fire fighters around the cathedral that the priceless stained glass Rose windows in the Cathedral had been destroyed.

    ‘They exploded because of the heat of the blaze,’ said one, referring to the Rosette West, which was created in 1225, the Rosette North (1250) and the Rossette South (1250). …”

  8. And a never-Trumper stoops to ridiculing both the POTUS as well as devastated CATHOLICS this Holy Week. Amazing. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/04/just-awful-ben-shapiro-mocks-catholics-and-trump-after-fire-destroys-notre-dame-cathedral-in-paris/

    Thought twice afterwards and deleted his tweet, but the Web is forever. Making JOKES about this tragedy. Thank God nobody was injured. At least that.

  9. DEVELOPING….. French Media Confirms There Were
    .. >>> N O <<>> TIME of FIRE <<< !!! REALLY???

    Holy Week Horror.
    A FIRE engulfed the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris Monday Evening — people around the world watched in horror as the iconic spire collapsed.


    • take ..a SPIN … if walls could Talk … sad sad day 4 us ALL

      • SAFE is GRAND … WHO DID THIS? How DID it HAPPEN???
        Notre-Dame fire: Treasures that make it …. S O …. Special
        A major Fire has destroyed the roof of Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, toppling its spire & leaving the remaining structure of the building in a weakened state.

        France’s culture minister Franck Riester said the “most precious treasures” have been saved, including what is said to be the Crown of Thorns worn by Jesus & the tunic of Saint Louis.

        • Interesting timing all around. Barry in Paris. They took the copper statues off just in time. They saved all the relics. As with other such events, delay in arrival of responders. A “hero” who saved the Crown of Thorns. A call for unity. (Macron’s leadership in question and under fire (no pun intended) by the yellow vest crowd. He, of course, is critical for the NWO/globalist agenda; heaven forbid, not any “nationalist” like Le Pen. Again, BARRY in town.) A precipitous declaration that there was no arson or terrorism. Somehow, there were two separate fires burning, but that’s not suspicious. There were NO workers in the building, according to media AND the company that is doing the renovation. A guy IS seen walking on the balcony. The fire alarm went off but they couldn’t find a fire, so nothing. About 40 minutes later, ANOTHER fire alarm and suddenly they find the fire, but it’s too late to save the roof. Somehow, it just burned to smithereens in a little more than an hour. Given that there’s nothing left of the attic or roof structure, how the hell can they decide BEFORE THE INVESTIGATION BEGINS that there’s no arson or terrorism? If there were evidence of it, would they tell us anyway? And let’s not forget: Holy Week. And Catholic. Even “worse” than simple Christians, in the left’s opinion.

    Many believe catastrophe bears witness to truth of Islam

    Social-media users with Muslim names are celebrating the catastrophic
    fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on Monday.

    The American Mirror blog provided a sampling of the names of Facebook users who responded to a Video of the fire with a Laughing Emoji. <<???


    • ~ Pam a S …
      This comes is absolutely no surprise to me, I’ve known this for years. And in 1977 I was accosted by a young man had a filling station while pumping gas who screamed epithets & spoke of “we will study here in the United States we were in everything we can about you and then we will destroy you!”
      Had I had the sense in those days I would’ve called the state department, however it scared the lights out of me & I merely left. Nicaragua has been training Terrorists for years, under the guise of being Latinos. Plan was & is to infiltrate United States through the southern border. Wake up America!


    Many believe catastrophe bears witness to truth of Islam

    Social-media users with Muslim names are celebrating the catastrophic
    fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on Monday.

    The American Mirror blog provided a sampling of the names of Facebook users who responded to a Video of the fire with a Laughing Emoji. <<???


  12. T R U M P …. TRUMP …. T R U M P ! ….SEND in the GREENS …YEP!
    Here’s something to give the Trump-hating left some heartburn, from Axios:

    The Trump campaign told the AP on Sunday that it raised more than $30 million in the first quarter of 2019, bringing its total cash on hand to $40.8 million.

    Why it matters: The AP notes that this is “an unprecedented war chest for an incumbent president this early in a campaign,” especially with the Republican National Committee also raising $45.8 Million in the first quarter — bringing the pro-Trump effort’s total cash on hand to $82 Million. 99% of donations were $200 or less, with an average contribution of $34.2 …SUPER USA!

    With this revolting spectacle, and it’s just Monday, is it any wonder the money is Rolling in for Trump? Is it any wonder that even lefty Goldman Sachs is forecasting a re-election victory for Trump? Democrats can change their ways to improve their odds if they’re serious about reversing these headwinds, but I’m not placing any bets on it.

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  13. I KNOW what makes WTP SICK .. & it ain’t OUR LEGAL TRUMP-ER
    MOOCHIE ..U think your COOL? .sorry U R NOT at ALL! get over IT

  14. nope ….not ready 4 it….TRUMP will RISE AGAIN! YES HE WILL !

  15. take ..a SPIN … if walls could Talk … sad sad day 4 us ALL

    BIG BABY .. they R DARK …just like YOUR FAMILY! What’s WRONG?

    De Blasio Threatens to SUE if Trump Sends Immigrants to Sanctuary City NYC .. GET BIT …U DISTURBED DEMOCRAT’S … U R really SICK!

    New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio Blamed <>> illegal immigrants <<>> Never had to live with Their Decisions BE-fore….. now its Butthurt Time!
    They said they were a sanctuary city, let them have the uncontrolled mob of invaders crossing the border! …….. !!!! ….Finish The Wall !!!

    ~ NYC is Racist!!!! …… Why are you SO racist, Bill?
    That’s Mayor Butthurt to you
    Why would De Nazio sue? These Clowns love illegals- right? Oh, you want them Cramping in My backyard & not Yours. Got it !
    It’s not that they’re racist against illegals, they just don’t want them as neighbors Lowering Property Values & such … <<<< YEP YEP !

    …but illegals Ruining RED…… States is O K ????????? BILLY BOY???
    The definition of racist. They don't want them in their 'hood. I get your point about shifting the voting block. This would end that. And to really tick them off, they can't count them for representative seats.

  17. ~ Alex Jones’ InfoWars
    Despite this trend, MSM refuses to entertain possibility of Notre Dame blaze being intentional
    Feces smeared on walls, intentional fires & theft plague churches across France as police figures show 875 of the country’s 42,258 churches were vandalized in 2018.

    As Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson reported just hours before the Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire, “The number of anti-religious attacks against Jews & Christians in France continues to rise, while attacks Against Muslims are at their >>>> lowest for 9 years.” ??? proTECTED MUCH???

    The church attacks have some politicians saying France’s Christian heritage being threatened by “militant secularists.”

    • They have gone all out to suppress any “conspiracy theories” about this event. They particularly cite Infowars and Prosobiec and others, but of course don’t refute what they say.

  18. “THEY” …all KNOW what they R DOING .. the BAIT is the “DEAD FISH”
    they plotted … 4 YEARS … 4 this DAY … thanks 4 your help>OBAMA!
    ~ ~ ~ PLOT ….
    a Secret plan or Scheme to accomplish Some Purpose, especially a Hostile, unlawful, or Evil purpose: …. a plot to overthrow the governmen…USA!???
    Also called story line. the plan, scheme, or main story of a literary or dramatic work, as a play, novel, or short story.
    a small piece or area of ground:. a (green) garden plot? or OUR burial plot !


    THEN AGAIN .. this LOOKS like ^^^ #JUSSGOTaFREERIDE???

  20. as WTP ….follow the CRAP AROUND & AROUND .. never ever STOPS!
    …SIT BACK ..4 the END of EACH STORY TODAY … IS ODD .. & worse!

    • “These cathedrals and houses of worship are built to burn. If they weren’t houses of worship, they’d be condemned,” said Vincent Dunn, a fire consultant and former New York City fire chief.

      below … I alter it some & they alter it more… ha’ …words R missing
      just as is some of… me-brain! ^^^^ this makes more sense…
      plus… open below @ the church photos …more 2 read
      SO MUCH …going down daily .. fasten OUR bumpy-ride-belts TIGHTLY!

    • The perp, it’s said, is the son of the Democrat town marshall. He’s NOT a conservative or a white supremacist/nationalist. THAT explains WHY this story was on a back burner or totally squelched. If it doesn’t fit the narrative, it’s ignored. More fake hate, if anything.

  21. The crowd gasped & cried in horror when the Spire Fell.
    “Paris is beheaded,” … sad 2 say ….this is the NEW NORM …2020′

    “Vincent Dunn” a FIRE consultant & former New York City fire chief, Said
    that Fire Hose streams could not Reach the Top of such a cathedral, & that reaching the TOP on Foot was often an arduous climb over winding steps.

    “These Cathedrals & houses of Worship are Built 2 Burn,” he said. <<>> Condemned.”
    This ^^^^ makes a lot of sense ….

  22. BURN BURN BURN …. as H E ….. was NOT HILLARY .. ???
    https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/andrew-mccarthy-why-isnt-assange-charged-with-collusion-with-russia ….. WHY?????

    The Russians were rooting for someone all right – and it wasn’t Trump. One can only wonder now what the Russians have planned for the man now that he’s the frontrunner in this coming election, too.

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    • He knows why. Because to introduce Russia collusion with Assange in any trial would mean that Assange could present his defense–namely that he knows and can PROVE that Wikileaks didn’t get the documents FROM Russia but from, as we suspect, a leaker from the DNC or at least from one of their compatriots. This was a total lie that “the Russians” hacked those emails and they know it. Crowdstrike knows it. The FBI does NOT know that Russia did it because they never saw one iota of evidence. Any “evidence” they could present in court against Assange would be second-hand, at best. There’s NO chain of custody, and they know that, too. They’re trying to tie Assange up on a bogus charge in order to keep his evidence from coming to light. They have nothing else against him, but this “investigation” and “ongoing trial” b.s. will also serve to allow them to say they can’t reveal evidence on account of the ongoing investigation, which is what they’ve said all along, for the past 2+ years, about documents with regard to the POTUS.

    • Let’s never forget, either, that Manning is now free as a bird–commuted by Obama. Isn’t that special?

      btw, I lose admiration for McCarthy when he claims he believes that Russia was behind the so-called “hack.” Of course, this guy also, iirc, didn’t believe Strzok/Page, etc., until he spent an entire weekend reading all the texts. Is he a computer expert? Doubtful. I’m not, but I have more expertise in that field that he does and I can follow the logic of the tech experts who did say that without doubt it was NOT a hack but a download onto a thumbdrive (most likely) from somebody in the same city as the server. That means it was a LEAK, not a hack.

  23. Former New York Police Department (NYPD) Commissioner Bernard Kerik called Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) “infatuated with al Qaeda” on Fox News Monday night.

    Kerik told Fox’s Sean Hannity that Omar, one of the first 2 Muslim women elected to Congress, was addressing “a terrorist organization” when she spoke before the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in March.

    “She is infatuated with al Qaeda, with Hamas, Hezbollah,” Kerik said. “I personally think she should be Removed From Congress. She should be voted out for sure, but she shouldn’t be on the Foreign Relations Committee.” >>>>>> ???? (Omar sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.) <<<

    Kerik also accused Omar of asking a federal judge for “leniency for a convicted terrorist,” an apparent reference to a 2016 case when Omar, who had just won a state legislative seat, wrote to a district court judge that “a restorative approach to justice” would be a more effective deterrent to radicalization than “a long prison sentence” in the case of a Minnesota man convicted of attempting to join the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

    Kerik served as NYPD commissioner during the 9/11 terror attacks & was nominated as director of Homeland Security by then-President George W. Bush in 2004 at the recommendation of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R).
    (Excerpt) Read more at thehill.com …

    • Without a doubt she was laughing about Al Qaeda and Americans’ fear (for want of a better word) of the organization, as well as Hamas and Hezbollah. She seemed to take delight in most Americans’ reaction to those terrorists groups and then tried to equate America and Britain with them, as if to muslims that’s how THEY feel about us.

  24. Notre Dame (Our Lady) Cathedral fire.
    Interesting how within 3 hours the government issues a statement confirming that it is not terrorism nor is it arson.
    Wow, they mush have Speedy Gonzalez as their forensic fire investigator.
    We got fires here that they are still investigating months later.
    But anyways:
    Video emerges of mysterious lone man running along the outside of the Cathedral as the fire takes hold. Now all the renovation is over and the Cathedral is empty. Must have missed this on CNN

    at 22 minutes and fifty-eight seconds in.
    See what you think.
    Just Sayin’

    • It’s a Comey decision: Exoneration first; investigation second.

      Very suspicious to say it’s “accidental” and then a day or two later begin the investigation with 50 investigators! Of course, if there’s some wealthy company they can blame and then sue …

      No sprinkler system. No insurance. Brilliant, huh?

      I did see that video yesterday. They claim it’s a firefighter.

    • Patriots step up.

    • Why in the world are the organizations who CONSPIRE with illegal aliens to help them illegally cross the border and LIE to get asylum hearings (and release into our country in the meantime) ALLOWED to continue with their illegal and un-American activities? Surely they should not be allowed to continue to collect money under the guise of being not-for-profit organizations, when, at least imho, they’re committing criminal conspiracy. What else do you call it? Not to mention, it’s probably defrauding the people who support these groups, thinking they’re doing humanitarian work when actually they’re just promoting the policies of the DemoncRAT party.

      • https://amgreatness.com/2019/04/13/border-crisis-the-system-is-on-fire/

        “Federal law gives the administration ample discretion over how and whether asylum is applied. Different administrations have had different levels of discretion in adjudicating asylum claims. (President Obama’s lax standard resulted in asylum cases octupling from 2009 to 2016.)

        The Trump Administration, through both DHS and the Department of Justice, can require its agents to do as the law expressly requires and make a “credibility determination” about the alien’s claim. This also requires asylum adjudicators to take into account whether or not the alien passed through other countries while en route to the United States where asylum also could have been granted. This is the standard in international law, which requires that those seeking asylum in the European Union assert their claim in the first EU country they enter.

        The United States has an agreement like this with Canada, but Mexico has refused to follow suit, despite passing a generous asylum law in 2011.

        That said, nothing prevents U.S. agents from using migrant’s failure to claim asylum in other countries as part of their discretionary determination about the credibility of their asylum claim in the United States. …”

        IOW, like Obama, Trump has a phone and a pen and he DOES have the authority to let U.S. agents use their own discretion and Trump’s guidelines to determine the credibility (or lack thereof) of the asylum claims. The VAST majority of these people crashing our border have NO legitimate claim to asylum and OBVIOUSLY they first crossed into Mexico, where (as I’ve been saying) international law says they must FIRST claim asylum.

        Explains how we got where we are, courtesy of DemoncRAT presidents and judges: https://cis.org/Report/History-Flores-Settlement

  25. See Contact Us. 🙂

  26. On another subject, that we haven’t discussed much. There’s so much that’s NOT being told about this college admissions scandal, but one thing that I keep waiting to hear about is: Who’s the person who gave $6.5 million to get a kid in college? https://people.com/crime/everyone-charged-college-admissions-cheating-scandal/ Will this end up like Jussie with all the records sealed if the perps take a plea bargain, all to protect that one rich ass sob who must have a really dumb kid? This stinks to high heaven, imo.

  27. They had 66 minutes.The First Alarm sounded at 6:20 p.m., silencing the priest & a few hundred worshippers and tourists inside.

    “Everyone was immobilized by shock for maybe a minute,” said Johann Vexo, who was in the organ loft as usual for the daily Mass on Monday. Shock, but NO Panic. The rear doors opened & within a few minutes, the cathedral was empty. Vexo, who had never before even heard the alarm go off, lingered for a bit then made his way home.

    For 23 minutes, it seemed like a false alarm. Then at 6:43 p.m. a Second Smoke Detector went off & the fire showed its face, flickering in the wooden timbers & visible to anyone looking north from Paris’ Left Bank.

    The first firetrucks lumbered through rush-hour traffic, blasting their two-tone sirens at full volume to reach the island that is the historic & geographic heart of Paris.


    • Of course, it may well have been a false alarm of a false flag. I’m just sayin. Considering what the goal might be, it may not have been to have anyone actually harmed but just the building. What better way than to have the alarm, clear the church, secure the relics and valuables, and then …

      Well, you could always just do it at night, but it wouldn’t be as plausible then to blame the construction crews and call it an accident.

  28. HUGE!… John Solomon: OBAMA……. Administration Spying on Trump Began in January 2016 — Evidence Is Coming (VIDEO)


    ~ mongo ExtremeRC •
    I Dream of the DAY Mr. Hopey Changey’s lies & deceit the furtherance of
    the collapse of the United States are fully exposed. Hey, there’s a chance…


    GUNS AND CRIME Border patrol >>>>>>> N A B S
    >>> Mexican Mafia member ‘La Bestia’ <<<crossing the border illegally


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