Where Won’t the Birth Certificate Be?

In case you haven’t heard yet, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is running for the Senate office being vacated by Jeff (the Flake) Flake. Yesterday, Sheriff Joe took the opportunity to remind the world that the FBI still hasn’t done much to investigate Obama’s fake birth certificate.  Apparently, they’re too busy looking into the equally fake Trump dossier.

Sheriff Joe said,

I want to get it [his evidence of the forgery] to Congress so they can pass some type of law. … A regulation, that when somebody runs for president, you oughta check their background, so this won’t happen again. But I can’t get anybody, anybody to even look at it. …

You know, you got that situation with [former national security adviser Michael] Flynn and all these guys in Washington they’re going after, because they didn’t check a box in a government report? OK, they didn’t check a box. Why don’t they check another government report? A forged document. …

I’m not gonna back down on this. I don’t care if I lose elections or anything. … You gotta do what you feel is right, and not have these cover-ups and people not willing to look at everything we got. Why won’t they look at it? We sent it to the FBI two years ago. With a lot of other information. Where is it? They’re too busy talking about Russia.

Because this is our absolutely most favorite subject–our very raison d’être–the topic deserves yet another post, our first WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE post of 2018. Another installment of Obama Mystery Theater!

So where is it, folks? Where’s the birth certificate? Well, we know now where it isn’t ever likely to be.

The plans for Obama’s Presidential Center in Chicago are getting so extravagant, the proposed structures now include a basketball court, a yoga room and even a test kitchen.

The facility will also include “a children’s play garden, sledding hill, green spaces for picnics and outdoor gatherings … and even a recording studio,” the Chicago Tribune reported. …

Obama’s team is apparently aiming to create an activity-center vibe at the center where visitors will be able to play basketball, join yoga classes and even enter a test kitchen where they will be taught “about the full production cycle of nutritious food,” courtesy of Michelle Obama’s healthy-eating campaign.

Unlike other presidential libraries, there’s one thing the Obamas didn’t want the presidential center to include: hard copies of Obama’s letters, manuscripts or other documents.

According to the plans, the center will feature only a digital archive of Obama’s records.

Remember when we all wondered what would actually be in Obama’s presidential library and whether it would include the infamous hard copy, 3-D, “original” birth certificate that was presented to the media in that odd 2011 press “gaggle“? Well, there’s the answer. Not on his life!

To date, nobody (except, allegedly, Savannah Guthrie) has seen the alleged real birth certificate and it’s not bloody likely that anyone else ever will. Everything in his library will be digital. All the easier to photoshop “documents” to suit whatever narrative is necessary. And who will be the wiser?

We’re told that the original documents will be in the National Archives. Let’s guess whether or not anyone will ever be allowed access to the originals, especially to the infamous, alleged “original birth certificate.”

President Trump?

But back to the presidential center. One can already imagine the images that might appear on walls in the various areas of activity.

For the basketball court:

For the yoga room:

For the test kitchen:

Oh, how wonderful it shall be!

We’ve taken the liberty of modifying the current design for the presidential center (yet to be finalized) to make it more in keeping with Obama’s attitude about his birth certificate, exposed when he griped that he can’t walk around with his birth certificate plastered to his forehead.

Let the building do the talking.

Yes, that incredibly bizarre, monolithic, lily-white structure is Obama’s proposed presidential center. And yes, those are supposed to be letters of the alphabet carved into the upper left side of the building. What they’re supposed to spell out or represent is yet to be determined; but surely Obama’s favorite letter–“I”–will feature prominently. It’s up to you to deduce the symbolism intended by this particular edifice and all its features, but there must be plenty there to find.

For some reason, we’re reminded of this:

Nothing is real.



121 responses to “Where Won’t the Birth Certificate Be?

  1. ~ Crazy Like A Fox ? ……Never ~ CRAZY ! ….just O U R “FOX” 24/7

    Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Think how proud Dr. King would be to see so many black people in Congress today. Well okay, he might have a problem with some of them who got there solely on the Basis of the Color of their SKIN rather than the Content of their Character. I don’t want to mention any names (Maxine Waters) but I think (Elijah Cummings) you know (Sheila Jackson Lee) who (Keith Ellison) they (Kamela Harris) are (John Conyers-emeritus).

    Today will come as a disappointment for those who became accustomed …
    to it being presided over ……. by “USURPER” O’ for the past 8 years.

    • You know, it’s funny. Right now the media, DemoncRATS and even some in the Republican party, are DEMANDING that the governor of MO resign because he’s supposedly now unfit for office because he admits to an affair a few years ago. Adultery, you see. AND YET there were the same people on Monday praising to high heaven Dr. King (who, btw, has multiple monuments all over the country) when Dr. King was a KNOWN and notorious adulterer. Why the double standard?

  2. OUT.. GET IT ? NOW GO SPREAD ..”your’ SHIT-AROUND < dick!

  3. It’s ALL the “RAGE” … RAGE on ….POOF 2 ya’ BOOKER -BABY
    U all think IT’S WORKING?…. as WTP ….LAUGH HARDER DAILY!

  4. ~ williaml • ……^^^^
    Cory Booker needs a real ……job

    Not a tear for the thousands of Mexican men, women, and children killed by weapons from Obama’s Fast and Furious program. So he must be a bigot and a racist.

    So you heard a report that may not even be true but you are Seething in Anger. Well, well, isn’t that just too bad. Typical liberal ass who can’t figure out what his job is! Attacking our President is certainly NOT why he was elected.

    Every white racist dem and elitist bigoted black dem like Cory ….ALL claim low income blacks are too Stupid, Poor & Incompetent to GET a Simple photo ID to vote.
    And their racist left wing media agrees with them. ….WE SEE U ALL!

    • What’s worse? That President Trump rightly calls those places shitholes (if he did) OR that people actually have to live in them? What is Booker doing to help Haiti and those countries (not to mention Chicago)?

    • This never gets old. Back in 2007 this all came to light and by the end of the year TUCC members were being assassinated. TUCC also scrubbed their website… which is when the word “scrubbed” was coined.

      • Great work by Citizen Wells. Now it’s being reported, suddenly, that Oprah wouldn’t beat Bernie in a match-up. Guess she’s getting a clue about the kind of “vetting” she’d be in for.

  5. Happy Birthday Benjamin Franklin.



  7. Here’s a Blast from the Past… the Day we all got together and remain today.

    Happy 10th Anniversary WTPOTUS, you Darlin’ Texans!

    Revelations ~


    Thinking about dear ole Larry with the Limo… I wish they’d make a movie about THAT… laffin

    P U M A

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