Culture of Racist Hatred?

Recently, alt-left culture warriors turned their ire against a clothing store in TN, threatening the proprietors (one of whom is a country singer). They vandalized the shop and then the hate-filled activists stole an expensive-looking teepee that the owners used as a symbol of their “tribe” (the tribe being those who like and buy their wares). Theirs is a small business, the type usually loved by anti-capitalists. The owners apparently strive to ensure that all of their offerings are made in the USA. You’d think they would be the darlings of progressives. But, they’re white.

In a threatening screed posted on an alt-left Antifa website, the alleged vandals (is that adjective racist?) explained: [emphasis added to quotes]

On the 127th anniversary of the Wounded Knee Massacre, an anonymous indigenous group reclaimed a large Tipi from outside of ‘Tribe Kelley’ in Nashville, leaving in its place a banner reading OUR CULTURE IS NOT A FASHION STATEMENT and a letter (image attached [at the link]). They also ripped the Tipi cartoon out of their storefront sign. …

Speaking of the store co-owner’s professed (self-identified) Native American ancestry, the activists offensively proclaimed:

It’s obvious just by reading it that she has no connection to or knowledge of her ‘native heritage.’ Using terms so vague that group all of our nations into one giant plains ‘indian’ noble savage stereotype is racist.

Where to begin?

  • Can one be racist against one’s own heritage?
  • To “reclaim” something implies that it was yours to begin with. Did the “anonymous (allegedly) indigenous group” own the tipi they stole?
  • Are these alt-left, antifa-associated activists not themselves creating and perpetuating a racist stereotype? How can they know the proprietress has “no connection to” her heritage (which they put in quotes as if they don’t believe her self-identification)? Why do they disbelieve her? Because of her skin color?
  • Are all people with white skin responsible for Wounded Knee, even those whose ancestors weren’t even in this hemisphere at the time?
  • Isn’t it racist to group all of the white nations into one giant murdering oppressors stereotype?
  • Aren’t these activists akin to domestic terrorists?
  • Isn’t this the epitome of a hate crime?

Then there’s this:

A tipi is a chum is a goahti is a lavvu is a …

You’ve got the picture. Or do you?

There are people besides the ancestors of this “anonymous indigenous group” whose own ancestors lived in tipi-like structures, in the New World as well as in the Old World.

Even without Native American blood, the store proprietors look as if  they may descend from some of those other groups, although who can tell without knowing their family trees or seeing some DNA test results?

Might the store owners be of Scandinavian ancestry? They very well may be.

The image at the head of this post is not of a Native American tipi. It’s the coat of arms of the Kautokeino municipality. That’s in Norway. As in Europe. As in an area that’s the ancestral homeland of a good many white or whitish people (including some of my own ancestors). The aboriginals of that European region lived in tipi-like tents called lavvu, which are depicted on their coat of arms.

Below is an image from 1900 showing some of these white Europeans in front of their “tipi”:

Here’s another image for comparison:

These tents very much resemble a Native American tipi. They were/are the homes of Scandinavians. Finns. Sami. Lapps. People who speak Uralic languages. European languages. White people. Actually, you can’t get much whiter.

When you consider that Scandinavians arrived in the New World before some Native Americans (and some white “tribes” arrived perhaps long before many Native Americans), when you look at the similarities between Scandinavian and aboriginal European dwellings (like lavvu and long houses) and Native American structures and dwellings, then you might begin to wonder which culture appropriated from the other.

How did the antifa vandals in TN know that the store owners weren’t hearkening back to their own aboriginal European ancestry when they put up that tipi?

Why do progressives, alt-lefters, antifa haters–or even just this one “anonymous indigenous group”–behave as if they speak for all Native American “nations,” as if everyone in or descended from any of these tribes thinks and feels as they do? I can tell you: they don’t speak for me. I honor all my ancestors.

What unites these activists isn’t “culture” or “nation.”  Not unless you define culture as sharing a common hatred for those of another skin color.

Don’t be confused: What unites them all is their anti-white hatred. That’s becoming their culture. It’s beginning to look as if it’s all they have to cling to.


When (if) the authorities catch the guilty parties, will they be charged accordingly? Will they be charged with a racist hate crime, as they should be?

Don’t hold your breath.



178 responses to “Culture of Racist Hatred?

    This may get VERY … INTERESTING … #TimesUp… ya’ ALL!

  2. ~ califjim •
    Oprah Had To inject ……White Racism into her Speech by talking about the 1944 rape of Recy Taylor a black woman in Alabama who was raped by
    4 white men. What does a 74 year old rape happening in the deep south have to do with what has been going on in Hollywood and DC over the
    past 30 years? …… Nothing!

    If Oprah were really interested discussing interracial rape & murder maybe she should have talked about Channon Christian & Christopher Newson of Knoxville, TN. Something that occurred exactly 10 years ago. Christain & Newsom were Brutally Raped & Murdered by 4 blacks over a period of several days. In today’s America blacks rape whites on a frequent basis. It
    is extremely unusual when the opposite happens. When it supposedly does happen the NY Slimes makes fools of themselves with the completely fake news of the Duke lacrosse team gang raping a black hooker.

    In short Oprah like Obama S E E S …. Racism in everything and anything & can’t let a big speech go by without making white privilege & racism part of the narrative!

  3. ….the OPRAH ~ PHANTOM …. slick as WILLIE & BARRY !!! F – U – O’ 2

  4. YEP …the G G’s …”GOOSED: … “HER” … W W …$hare$…. #Up

  5. ~ VonMisesJr califjim • …..^^^^^
    And while most Republicans seem to live by Aristotle’s “Reason,” she immediately loses half the nation’s votes as they do not find any logic in electing a fat, black “Racist” who speaks of blacks marinating in racism insinuating that there will be no justice until they are dead or Killed? Have
    we not seen enough violence in the streets due to the First Islamist President instigating BLM to murder Police & importing MS-13 & Islamists into America to terrorize the nation?

  6. I love irony. Here’s my question. Because I’m dense.

    When all this crap hit the fan in 2015 and henceforth, why wasn’t the CIA’s FBI investigating the shenanigans. Why are we trying to deduce it when the FBI should have already diffused it and resolved it by prosecuting> Like John McCain, for instance.

    I used to say from the get go that we were being Coup’d. Now I say its TREASON in the First Degree.

    • Exactly. And I would actually have no problem with an HONEST FBI keeping an eye on foreigners interacting with (and possibly trying to infiltrate or corrupt) candidates or their campaigns, SO LONG AS THEY DID IT TO EVERYONE. Is there ANY evidence whatsoever that the Comey FBI surveilled the CLINTON campaign to keep tabs on all the foreign connections between Clinton, her people, and the DNC? Did FISA issue warrants to allow CLINTON to be surveilled? Did Comey even ask for them? IF NOT, then WHY NOT? Or is this just another case of the double standard? Clinton is a DemoncRAT, so it’s a given that she’s good, no threat, honest, can’t be corrupted, is a patriot. On the other hand, anyone who ISN’T part of the uniparty (Trump) is automatically suspect and so MUST be carefully watched because HE cannot be trusted. GUILTY until proved innocent (or set up).

      I have always thought that Flynn was a plant. I also believe Papadopoulos OBVIOUSLY was because it seemed that all he did was telegraph by his actions that he was trying to spring a trap on them. Why else did it seem that all he ever did was to try to trick Trump or any of his people into meeting with Russians? He sang one note: I can get you meetings with Russians who have dirt on Hillary.

    • The biggest takeaway from the released Simpson testimony is that he admitted that the FBI (in ROME, somebody in Rome) told Steele information about an ONGOING investigation, which is unethical if not criminal (that they had another source inside Trump’s organization), and then Steele carried that FACT back to Fusion GPS, which probably told Clinton but hey! Clinton et al already knew about him, didn’t they, since he was their employee. OBVIOUSLY, the FBI (in Rome, however he or she was) was COLLUDING, CONSPIRING, COORDINATING this Russian dossier sting on the Trump campaign WITH STEELE (btw a FOREIGNER interfering in the U.S. election and colluding with U.S. people so Steele should have been “caught up” in FISA, too) as well as with Fusion GPS, good ole Perkins Coie, Clinton, her campaign, and the DNC. Remember how Chuckie warned Trump how the “intelligence community” can get you if you cross them? Well, how do you think he KNEW? All we can hope is that Trump and Sessions, with the help of Nunes and Jordan, can actually drain this swamp. But I really do fear that we’ll be left with NOTHING DONE to these snakes but the Trump administration and Congress will assure us that now they’ve “fixed the loopholes” and made sure this “never happens again.” Right. It WILL happen again if we ever get another POTUS as corrupt as the one prior to Trump. I, for one, and probably for many, am not and will never be content to see Obama and Hillary and all their “help” skate on this. Feinstein is trying to taint the upcoming testimony to the HOUSE committee. She wanted to let the Strzok krewe get their stories straight with what Simpson already testified to. Why else release the transcript? There’s really nothing new in it. They will, however, at all costs want to protect the “legacy” of the first so-called African-American president. Surely they will take that into account–how THEY will be blamed if his legacy is harmed, no matter if he brought it on himself. Try to imagine convincing DemoncRATS and blacks, AT THIS POINT, after they’ve destroyed Trump’s reputation, that ANYTHING Obama did to “protect the country” was WRONG. These people have no conscience and live by the motto “by any means necessary” ANYWAY. Their entire “resistance” is based upon the premise that whatever they do to “protect” the country (as they perceive it to be or as it should be) is okay. EVEN VIOLENCE, they say, is okay, even virtuous, because they know better how this country should be run and who best to run it (DemoncRATS). I have no doubt that Republicans will fear trying to get the low-information voters (as Limbaugh calls them) to try to comprehend the enormity of the treason the Obama administration committed. No, it’s Trump they believe is a traitor.

    • Because I’M dense: What does he mean when he says that they tried FISA twice and maybe got turned down so in late August they had to take it to Barry and he “signed off on it?”


  8. Civics 101

    The Way We Were.

    RIP Lavoy Finicum

    Please take a few minutes and meet the man.

    • The lost story of this entire outrageous affair. The lost life. RIP. They can free Bundy but how can they give Finicum back his life? Unfortunately, the gummint has a long history of murdering citizens in the name of what? Ruby Ridge. Waco. Now the Bundy Ranch. And Lombardo! We’re still waiting to hear the TRUTH about whatever happened in LV.

      • yes, Lombardo… just recently learned that the LV Coroner is the highest law enforcement agency. He could actually arrest Lombardo. In fact, I think I learned that he is the only one that can arrest the Sheriff. Then it turns out that only half of the murdered people were given an autopsy.


    Watch that. Speaking of racist hatred. Isn’t it good to know, warming to your heart to hear, that likely FOREIGNERS are the ones making the algorithms that CENSOR Twitter feeds on BEHALF of the people whose politics THESE FOREIGNERS (with their foreign sensibilities and cultures) agree with? iow, Trump is a hater because he doesn’t like immigration. They’re immigrants, so they use THEIR power to censor Trump and his supporters. Just wondering though about your take on this. Is it xenophobic of me to resent the hell out of, first of all, all these foreigners having high-tech jobs in CA instead of Americans and then THEY are controlling what We the People see on social media and how we use social media in order to promote THEIR OWN IDEAS and not American values (whatever those values are). I mean, FREE SPEECH is a totally American value and yet these foreigners, with their power, their opaque power, btw, can use our own technology against us and against our country and against the constitutional rights of our citizens! It’s outrageous. They ADMIT that they mostly look for and ban what they believe are conservative “bots” because they think most bots are conservative. I guess they also don’t mind allowing through liberal bots because it serves their political purpose. Note how the company itself can get away with this. First, they can claim the “machine learning” does it and they aren’t responsible for AI that develops what appears to be “bias.” They can blame the machine or the opaque “algorithm” instead of the reality. And also because it’s not WRITTEN down but is “understood” to be the policy (ban conservatives as automatically haters and in violation of the rules, let liberals through), then they’re not responsible for any informal process that develops among the staff. They can just (as Google did during Barry’s elections) CLAIM when caught that they reeducated the person and it won’t happen again. Trust them.

    • WHAT I SAID!!!

      “Twitter filed 869 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 241 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2014 to 2016.

      In total Twitter applied filed applications for 1,110 foreign workers.
      Twitter reportedly has 3,900 employees.
      How many of the 1,110 foreign employees are working at Twitter to silence US conservative speech?

      In a culture like Twitter that has institutionalized hatred against Republicans the foreign workers may not have bias against Republicans when they come to work at Twitter but they will when they leave. … Twitter engineer, Pranay Singh show his disgust for the American flag, guns and God. He also calls Trump supporters “rednecks”. He is bragging about censoring and shadowbanning people on Twitter. Let that sink in. …

      Foreigners working at Twitter who draw a paycheck from an American company, ban American citizens from the platform for supporting their American President. …”

  10. ditching the hats. 😆

    • Thanks for this, Foxy! It’s amazing, isn’t it? They don’t care if REAL women are offended, but fake ones? They’re “special.” Anyway, I was planning to discuss this very thing today. And here they’re ditching them as offensive just as they go “mainstream?” Check out today’s Hi and Lois cartoon:

      Cartoonist, though, was CLEVER ENOUGH to not call it a “pussy hat.” Nope, he had Dot call it a “protest hat.” So little girls aren’t to be using that word, you know? I mean, then moms might have to EXPLAIN the allusion to them. I wonder if there’s some similar allusion that I don’t get, with regard to all the boob flashing at the awards show the other night. Anyway, don’t you love how liberal propaganda MUST be interjected into EVERYTHING now, including the comics pages, and especially an old-timey one like Hi and Lois? The comics and the sports pages may be the only things that stand between these libs and the unemployment line, yet they still don’t get it. They’re making their own bed and I hope they enjoy lying in it, all alone and unemployed.

    • OMG. I almost missed the part about how they’re offensive to women whose you-know-whats might not be PINK. You can’t make this crap up.

    • They’re all nuts. They are hatful of contradictions. Stupid nonsense day in day out.


    That was probably linked by someone else, but I wanted to point out something. The first “takeaway” from this writer is allegedly that what Simpson said about the FBI having a “source” in the Trump campaign is “not true.” BUT, Simpson said it, then thought better of it, and backtracked on it. Then (haven’t confirmed this but read it somewhere) Simpson REPEATED the tale in his op-ed for the NY Times the other day. But now some source tells NBC (complicit DemoncRAT network) that he misspoke. He misunderstood. He was talking about George Papadopoulos, he says now. But …

    HOW DO WE KNOW that it’s NOT TRUE that there was a spy? I think he slipped and it IS true. I think the whole thing about Papadopoulos (as leaked to the media weeks ago) was a COVER UP. It wasn’t Papadopoulos. I would bet on that.

    That testimony was a tell. A Freudian slip. I’m convinced that the FBI actually DID plant someone in Trump’s campaign (or Clinton’s people did and then funneled it to the FBI). The insurance policy?

    Simpson would deny this now for several reasons. First, the obvious–Obama/Comey FBI spying from WITHIN the Trump campaign! Second–probably illegal for Simpson to even know about the spy within. How did he/could he know? Surely somebody’s going to ask him. So the FBI TOLD STEELE who told Simpson? That’s NOT illegal? At least on the part of whoever in the FBI told Steele? There are already too many illegal leaks to count. Simpson just gave up another one. Third–if true, and if Congress tries to find out WHO the spy was, that person’s life may be in danger. Gosh I hope that Jordan is on this like a cat on a mouse.

    I sort of recall reading somewhere that Simpson did or somebody did “out” the name of a CIA agent in testimony or in leaks to the media. Being befuddled by flu, I can’t remember where I read this or if I’m misremembering. If I ever do remember, I’ll let you know.

  12. Comey and McCabe should be arrested in broad daylight and kept locked up until they spill the beans. Their mission was to overthrow the government of The People for one thing… but that breach of Oath should be enough to prosecute . Treasonous Traitors.

  13. Larry Elder ..Hour 3 .. if you can listen, I just got it on the radio

  14. It is very tempting to ask: “Why didn’t someone do something?” Each and every one of these talented women should be reminded that she qualifies as “someone” now doing “something.”

    McGowan has written her memoir, Brave, released this month, calling out not just the sexual predators, but the “whole ecosystem” of Hollywood enablers.

  15. … ^^^ Larry Elder talks about … O’ said it Bill said it… & T said …BUTT’ !

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