Where Won’t the Birth Certificate Be?

In case you haven’t heard yet, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is running for the Senate office being vacated by Jeff (the Flake) Flake. Yesterday, Sheriff Joe took the opportunity to remind the world that the FBI still hasn’t done much to investigate Obama’s fake birth certificate.  Apparently, they’re too busy looking into the equally fake Trump dossier.

Sheriff Joe said,

I want to get it [his evidence of the forgery] to Congress so they can pass some type of law. … A regulation, that when somebody runs for president, you oughta check their background, so this won’t happen again. But I can’t get anybody, anybody to even look at it. …

You know, you got that situation with [former national security adviser Michael] Flynn and all these guys in Washington they’re going after, because they didn’t check a box in a government report? OK, they didn’t check a box. Why don’t they check another government report? A forged document. …

I’m not gonna back down on this. I don’t care if I lose elections or anything. … You gotta do what you feel is right, and not have these cover-ups and people not willing to look at everything we got. Why won’t they look at it? We sent it to the FBI two years ago. With a lot of other information. Where is it? They’re too busy talking about Russia.

Because this is our absolutely most favorite subject–our very raison d’être–the topic deserves yet another post, our first WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE post of 2018. Another installment of Obama Mystery Theater!

So where is it, folks? Where’s the birth certificate? Well, we know now where it isn’t ever likely to be.

The plans for Obama’s Presidential Center in Chicago are getting so extravagant, the proposed structures now include a basketball court, a yoga room and even a test kitchen.

The facility will also include “a children’s play garden, sledding hill, green spaces for picnics and outdoor gatherings … and even a recording studio,” the Chicago Tribune reported. …

Obama’s team is apparently aiming to create an activity-center vibe at the center where visitors will be able to play basketball, join yoga classes and even enter a test kitchen where they will be taught “about the full production cycle of nutritious food,” courtesy of Michelle Obama’s healthy-eating campaign.

Unlike other presidential libraries, there’s one thing the Obamas didn’t want the presidential center to include: hard copies of Obama’s letters, manuscripts or other documents.

According to the plans, the center will feature only a digital archive of Obama’s records.

Remember when we all wondered what would actually be in Obama’s presidential library and whether it would include the infamous hard copy, 3-D, “original” birth certificate that was presented to the media in that odd 2011 press “gaggle“? Well, there’s the answer. Not on his life!

To date, nobody (except, allegedly, Savannah Guthrie) has seen the alleged real birth certificate and it’s not bloody likely that anyone else ever will. Everything in his library will be digital. All the easier to photoshop “documents” to suit whatever narrative is necessary. And who will be the wiser?

We’re told that the original documents will be in the National Archives. Let’s guess whether or not anyone will ever be allowed access to the originals, especially to the infamous, alleged “original birth certificate.”

President Trump?

But back to the presidential center. One can already imagine the images that might appear on walls in the various areas of activity.

For the basketball court:

For the yoga room:

For the test kitchen:

Oh, how wonderful it shall be!

We’ve taken the liberty of modifying the current design for the presidential center (yet to be finalized) to make it more in keeping with Obama’s attitude about his birth certificate, exposed when he griped that he can’t walk around with his birth certificate plastered to his forehead.

Let the building do the talking.

Yes, that incredibly bizarre, monolithic, lily-white structure is Obama’s proposed presidential center. And yes, those are supposed to be letters of the alphabet carved into the upper left side of the building. What they’re supposed to spell out or represent is yet to be determined; but surely Obama’s favorite letter–“I”–will feature prominently. It’s up to you to deduce the symbolism intended by this particular edifice and all its features, but there must be plenty there to find.

For some reason, we’re reminded of this:

Nothing is real.


121 responses to “Where Won’t the Birth Certificate Be?

  1. Back to the future. Back to our roots.

  2. the BEAUTIFUL … “WALL” … WTP … USA NEED that WALL!

  3. ~ Treder • …..^^^^^^
    Miller gets it. US citizens must come first.

    ~ Stan •
    He Wouldn’t let Tapper Carry his narrative. If you ever watched a Good debating devilcRAT panelist on the cable news shows, that’s Exactly what they DO. It’s sort of like Trump is using some Alinksy tactics by Be-littling
    his Rivals & Enemies…
    ..YES & THAT’s WHAT’s.. KILLIN’ them DEMO’S< burn-BABIES-BURN!!!

    ~ ROAED •
    Finally — a real Warrior. We need 100 more just like him. !!!!
    BRING um ON!! ….. anybody want 2 JOIN ???

  4. Enjoy!!

    • Those are great! I didn’t know he does video.

      What I love about Trump is how his responses succeed in FURTHER infuriating the idiots who attack him. He turns it back on them like Voldemort’s curse on Harry Potter rebounded on himself! He’s simply a genius!

    • VSG, MAGA, por favor!

  5. From past records:
    He says during the 2008 campaign when the issue of Obama’s constitutional eligibility first arose, the elections office was inundated with requests to verify the birthplace of the U.S. senator from Illinois.

    “I had direct access to the Social Security database, the national crime computer, state driver’s license information, international passport information, basically just about anything you can imagine to get someone’s identity,” Adams explained. “I could look up what bank your home mortgage was in. I was informed by my boss that we did not have a birth record [for Obama].”

    At the time, there were conflicting reports that Obama had been born at the Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu, as well as the Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Children across town. So Adams says his office checked with both facilities.

    “They told us, ‘We don’t have a birth certificate for him,’” he said. “They told my supervisor, either by phone or by e-mail, neither one has a document that a doctor signed off on saying they were present at this man’s birth.”

    To date, no Hawaiian hospital has provided documented confirmation that Obama was born at its facility.

    Well you could ask Loretta Fuddy, she was the Hawaiian registrar for birth and deaths,
    only you can’t
    she sorta died,
    And of course, the resource for how she died in the water is:
    This old stuff but just a reminder of how mmuch work was done on this.

    • Thanks for all that, Dave. I wish that I had the speed reading skill and the incentive to go back through all our old stuff. Indeed, we all did a LOT of work on this, didn’t we? It’s so illuminating to read old stuff and then see things we didn’t realize or understand back then. I’m still, however, waiting to arrive at a unifying theory. Haven’t yet. Leaning towards: He was adopted. That was my VERY FIRST THOUGHT way back when I first heard Rush Limbaugh talk about the birth certificate and introduce me, at least, to “PUMAs”. Was he born in Hawaii? WHO KNOWS? He may have been, but his parents are NOT the people on the so-called birth certificate. He was adopted, which is why he couldn’t (if you believe him) get his “real” original birth certificate (if he has one there). He could have been born in Indonesia somewhere and adopted there by SAD and then sent home to be raised by her parents when she had a biological child. He could have been born in Canada, given up for adoption (as the records indicate was the plan), and then somehow she regained custody. He could have been BHO Sr.’s child but NOT SAD’s, but SHE adopted him to give him all the benefits of U.S. citizenship. He could have been hers, by someone, and adopted by Lolo, as the Indonesian records indicate. There’s something on that BC that he’s hiding the truth about. It’s not something embarrassing, because as we’ve seen, he can’t be embarrassed. It’s something disqualifying, which is why it had to be hidden and will continue to be hidden, unless or until some brave soul decides to finally tell the truth (if there’s anyone left alive who knows it). I used to think that there’s no way they could pull off a massive scam like this, but now that I’ve seen the Trump dossier gambit and what Clinton and Obama have managed to get away with, I’m convinced that they ABSOLUTELY could have and did pull this off. Brennan.

      • facebkwallflower

        Americans really let the Left define the issue and completely script the whole thing. Everyone was looking to prove the bc fake when it should have stood tall and unwavering that his claim to parentage disqualified him. We have let Usurpers redefine our constituiton by letting them redefine nbc with screaming the cert is fake but holding true IF not fake would make him eligible. The certs and all his claim and self-documented records says his father was a foreign national. This is where Hero Sheriff Joe worked hard in the wrong, in the scripted and planned, direction. I don’t give a fookah anymore about whether the bc is fake or not. AS PRESENTED, on Barry’s word and parentage claim, he is not elegible.

        Mosr of us here tried and tried all over Net to say, ONE Parent, not qualified. We tried again with Justiagate and most, especially the conserv bloggers (CTH would moderate commenters off if did not drop the subject and did NOT want to be associated with it. SD came up with some gobblegook on how if ruled inelligible there would be a Constituitional Crises and the country could not survive. The GOP Alynskied those within their own party, while many Dems I knew that hated on Hillary were screaming he was not qualified on one-parent basis. Remember how lonesome it seemed?

        But we hung in, did not let programming get into our heads and continued to plug away. I personally, am going to NOT go down the same rabbit hole again. I want to focus on getting Barry for the criminal aspect of attempting to defraud the country with a fake bc as part of his Justiagate usurping of These United States of America. I want to focus on showing the world (OK, the USA, as the World already knows) that Our history has over and over validated, with Supreme Court decisions and elections that the definition has always been TWO parents. Once we prove, through education and elightenment, and pull people away from the fake bc that Barry used to prove he was qualified, as the issue, we will start to make progress.

        If we do not take care of this NOW, and I think President Trump NEEEEEEEEEDS to do so, we will have fake, usurping, freedom-destroyers running in the next elections that will get to run as legitimate. For me, this is the single most important thing that has to be addresseed and accepted by the American People if this current releasd from tyranny is to be maintained.

        • Of course, you are correct! Occam’s razor. Take him at his word and he’s still ineligible. But then they fall back on that they need SCOTUS to rule because it’s “unclear.”

  6. sorry cut n paste trouble
    the first link should have been

  7. Speaking of Hawaii: What a shithole. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Can you believe they terrified their own populace for 38 minutes today? Unbelievable incompetence. Are they really part of the USA? Say it isn’t so. Here’s another conspiracy theory for you. NO WAY that was just a mistake–a case of someone hitting or bumping the wrong button.

    SURELY, surely, no sane person would program such a system without a fail safe. I mean, you can’t even delete an email or document without the program asking if you’re sure you want to do that. We’re supposed to believe that someone can broadcast an incoming missile warning by himself? No higher up having to okay it? No double click for goodness sakes? WHY did they wait so long to rescind it? WTF?!!!!

    • Maybe you should consider,
      maybe a real nuke was on it’s way to Hawaii?
      Not saying from NK but as a false flag?
      Maybe the Navy managed to take it down?
      No evidence at all – just sayin’
      It wouldn’t be a surprise for a false flag, would it?
      Probably just a crazy conspiracy theory?
      Why would it take 38 minutes to cancel a wrong button pussh?

      • Their excuse, from what I can tell, is that there was no option for cancellation of a mistake. Just, I assume, a pre”recorded” warning message. This sounds to me as if it’s something the state government only just decided to initiate. Who knows? Are they going to tell us the truth? Doubt it. It’s appalling, though, that the entire populace was terrified of incineration. Their lame apologies aren’t quite enough, I would think. Heads should definitely roll. If not the person who made the “mistake”, then whoever designed this system and was the boss, ultimately responsible for the lack of “redundancy.” Supposedly, now, they’re going to have a “two person” system. One would think that would already be a given. I mean, wouldn’t you think by now that civil defense organizations have a template for this kind of thing? Why is a state putting out cell phone missile attack warnings, anyway? Under what scenario would THEY know first instead of the feds?

  8. Here are a few interesting statistics, ^^^^^^ straight from the U.N.:

    – Around 60% of the global population – 4.5 billion people – have
    either no toilet at home or one that doesn’t safely manage excreta.

    -862 million people worldwide still practi[c]e open defecation.

    • ~ White Bear • …^^^^^^
      Nothing says “liberal” like a Pile of Crap (SHIT)…. on the sidewalk.

      Yeah, but I bet there’s a $500 fine if your Dog leaves a pile on the sidewalk!

      The fines are only there for people who Work, Pay Taxes & are there Legally. .. 4 – SURE !!!! ….. Politicians Hate American Citizens.

  9. Shima Gaijin • ….. ^^^^^
    The establishment is PO’d that Trump told the truth. Truth is though,
    that Trump is a Genius, & now the whole world is Talking about s-hole countries using the s-hole word. The first step to solving a problem, is first to realize that there IS A …..PROBLEM-o’ !!!!!!!

    The U.N., a global organization which promotes the Soros agenda of open borders, terrorism, & the destruction of the US economy & society. This is of utmost importance to Soros. The Bank of England, Malaysia, were a warm up. He’s pragmatic, forming BLS, Antifa, financial backing
    of many corrupt officials. Sponsoring marijuana laws, paying for protestors/rioters. It’s too early in the morning to list the manipulation George Soros has achieved, via the UN (his tool, as are many), to systematically breakdown our Constitution, our country. MAGA.

    ~ Open borders = Open Sewers ~

    Our city is experiencing a Hep A outbreak. Two reasons: illegals preparing food & the homeless who openly defecate.

    name the city please so i can scratch it off my bucket list.

    San Francisco would be a pretty good (bad?) start. ….. ha’

    FCC launching full inquiry…


  11. O’ … happy 13TH … THE “big boys” R ….SLIME-balls !!!

  12. To put this in perspective, we spend around $70 billion on food Stamps each year, or more than $700 billion total over ten years. Why don’t we read that ten-year number in the press? ….WHY NOT ??????

    We give over $500 million to Planned Parenthood each year. Why isn’t that reported as Democrats asking for a ten-year figure of $5 billion?
    The answer, of course, is that the media & Democrats like spending
    on Planned Parenthood, so they don’t want that # … 2 Sound BIG. Meanwhile, they don’t like the wall, so they want that number to sound HUGE REALLY HUGE !!!… + NO- ENTER.. NO-VOTE 4 DEMO’S

    It is intentional deception. …YES IT IS!!! …. Game of FOOLS!!!

  13. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/01/breaking-federal-documents-reveal-stephen-paddock-likely-accomplices-seven-different-cellphones/

    “On Friday a federal judge made public hundreds of pages of court documents that had been filed by the FBI in the days and weeks after the Las Vegas concert shooting. …

    According to the federal document — “Subject offenses have been committed by Stephen Paddock, Mary Lou Danley, and others yet unknown.”

    The document also explains that there was “probable cause” and cited the following violations A through D:

    a. Destruction/Damage of Aircraft or Aircraft Facilities – 18 U.S.C.A. 32(a);

    b. – Violence at International Airport – 18 U.S.C. and

    c. Unlawful Interstate Transport/Delivery of Firearms by Non Federal
    Firearms Licensee 18 U.S.C. 922(a)(3) and

    d. Aiding and Abetting 13 U.S.C. 2. …”

    So Danley is a suspect in some offenses AND there are other accomplices unknown.


    “Additionally, the affidavit confirms that both Mandalay Bay 32nd-floor hotel rooms 134, and 135 were, in fact, rented by Paddock which raises the question: Who locked the adjoining door between the rooms from the 134 side? …

    Furthermore, the affidavit reveals that Paddock’s girlfriend Mari Lou Danley regularly helped Paddock load magazines with ammunition and that her “fingerprints” may be present on some of the ammunition or shell casings that were recovered by investigators.

    The affidavit also confirms that Danley was identified by agents “as the most likely person who aided or abetted Stephen Paddock based on her informing law enforcement that her fingerprints would likely be found on the ammunition used during the attack.”

    This aspect within itself raises suspicion because it makes no sense that Danley would be allowed to travel back to the Philippines if she was a suspect or even a ‘person of interest.’

    Additionally, it was mentioned in the affidavit that Danley provided a DNA sample to authorities after the shooting. …”

    https://www.scribd.com/document/369030587/Paddock-Affidavits#fullscreen&from_embed OVER 300 pages!

  14. If y’all keep an eye on whatever alt-media site you visit,
    you’ll see all kinds of little flowers bobbing up –
    Hawaii was not a mistake
    Opinions vary:
    False flag detected and stopped
    Actual NK attack shot down and hushed up
    some kind of psyop test of public reaction
    Early days
    What’s the difference between Las Vegas and Hawaii?
    We had no warning about Las Vegas
    We were told this nuke false flag was going to happen

    We have been told the flight time from NK to Hawaii is 20 minutes.
    How could it then take 38 minutes to decide there was no further threat?

    Two possibilities:
    One, oh sh.t, pushed the wrong button, go find the boss and get him to authorize a cancellation,
    what? the boss is asleep? don’t wake him up. He will be in a bad mood, just have to wait…
    Incoming threat started from much further away than NK
    just sayin’
    no proof or nothin

    • Whatever the truth, what I do NOT believe is that it was just a mistake by an employee who’s going to be “retrained” because he just “hit the wrong button” at shift change. It makes no sense, unless (which is possible) you buy into the theory that the entire state government over there is full of incompetents, which, as I said, IS entirely possible. It’s what Sheriff Joe says.

      What’s infuriating, if y’all haven’t seen this or reported it here yet (I haven’t read comments yet), is how Judge Pirro actually claims that the “long form” was “FILED,” which is an interesting way for her to put it, in and of itself. But bottom line: She disputed with Sheriff Joe and argued with him that it’s settled that Obama was born in Hawaii and his bc is real.

      Everything she said, of course, MAY BE TRUE. It’s just there’s no PROOF yet supplied and so: upon what does she base her supposition? Nay, her insistent argument? This from a woman I completely respect.

      The “long form” MAY HAVE BEEN FILED, just NEVER ACCEPTED (which was one possibility we pointed out long ago, which is consistent with some of the phrasing presented by them as well as media). IF it was filed but not accepted, it may exist but WOULD NOT APPEAR AS THE THING HE PRESENTED.

      Or if it was filed and only “accepted” decades later, when he decided to run for POTUS. Or if it was only FILED and ACCEPTED decades later, when he decided to run for POTUS and the lax laws over there allowed his “grandmother” to simply attest that she knows that he was born there (somewhere, maybe at home), and so they gave him a late birth certificate without ANY subsequent investigation.

      Again, all those possibilities exist but WHAT HE PRESENTED would not appear as it did, which is why they photoshopped/forged it. It would indicate that it was filed late, based upon an affidavit, etc. Just many, many possibilities. But WHAT does the Judge know that she’s NOT saying?

  15. Everything you wanted to know about the clinton-obama-russia investiagtion in one clear timeline:
    Check it out

  16. ~ Jonathan Swan ~ ~ ~ Shithole translation challenge

    Foreign media outlets are having trouble translating “shithole,” the word
    of the week, into their languages. Here’s how a few outlets have tried to describe the uniquely American obscenity:

    China: “Cesspit.”
    Taiwan: “Countries where birds don’t lay eggs.”
    Japan: “Countries that are dirty like toilets” or “dripping with excrement.”
    Korea: “Beggars’ den.”
    Croatia: “The place wolves like to f–––.”
    Tanzania: “Dirty countries.”

  17. ….Definition of shithole in English:NOUN
    vulgar slang
    An extremely dirty, …..shabby,….or otherwise unpleasant place.
    ‘this place is a shithole, I hope you know that’ ….YEP 4 SURE!

  18. NOT JUST ..ONCE …He PUSHED the BUTTON …”2” TIMES ???


    • That is the most twisted and brain-dead “logic” I’ve ever read. What the HELL was wrong with the GOVERNOR? Well, it’s like with Katrina. If the state officials in charge are people of color, then just keep going up the chain until you find a white male to blame. For 13 minutes, between when Gabbard “corrected” the error and the false alarm went out, NOBODY THOUGHT TO ENLIST THE LOCAL TV AND RADIO STATIONS AND BEG THEM TO BROADCAST THAT IT’S A FALSE ALARM? Not the governor? Not the idiot in “charge” of the emergency alert system? NOBODY? How the hell long does it take to call the news directors and beg them to do whatever they can to help stop the panic? Btw: How the HELL does the state/local agency even KNOW about incoming missiles, anyway? How would they know? Why would it be THEIR job, in the first place? Does the local agency have RADAR trained on NK?

  19. THIS is the WAY …”THEY” …LIKE IT!!! SICK CREEPS!

    • I hope they are worried and that they should be worried. I hope it’s true that this will be investigated and not swept under the rug like all the rest of her crimes. And his. And their precious kid’s.

  20. FAKE ….FAKE ….. FAKES YEP ……. WTP SEE U ALL!!!!

    • This is just another version of the same old ploy. They want what THEY want and not what Trump and the American People want (closed borders, no illegals, no amnesty). They believe they will get what they want and NOT what Trump wants by threatening to shut down the government (because they believe that once again people will blame Republicans–but last time there was no TRUMP) and also because they think they soften Trump up by accusing him (falsely) of being a racist and so challenging him to just give in to prove he’s not a racist.

  21. Sad!

  22. https://www.axios.com/the-presidents-vital-signs-1516135799-003bc77a-cca9-454c-955f-6e8357628a02.html

    A preemptive strike! In his physical, Trump requested a COGNITIVE TEST. He scored 100%!!!! No sign whatsoever of dementia. Would Durbin pass? He ought to now challenge Pelosi, Schumer, and the rest to take the same test and publicize their results.

  23. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/01/armed-antifa-professor-admits-chasing-charlottesville-driver-rifle-deadly-crash/

    Wow and wow! The Charlottesville driver was being CHASED by an ARMED ANTIFA ACTIVIST at the time of the accident. There’s a reason he was fleeing for his life. And let’s remember. He killed NO ONE. Heather died of a heart attack after being trampled by panicked protesters.

    “In a Facebook post by Dixon on January 7, obtained by the Gateway Pundit, he wrote:

    “I take perverse pleasure in having carried this Spike’s lower in the defense of Justice Park on August 12th. I used this rifle to chase off James Fields from our block of 4th St before he attacked the marchers to the south. Spike’s needs a good lesson in ethics and antifascism.” …”

    He’s scrubbed the page, but it’s been saved. One has to wonder whether or not Fields’s lawyer is aware of this.

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