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The relatively unknown New Age religion (or cult) of Subud has been in the news ever since the unexpected and untimely death of Loretta Fuddy, the Hawaiian official who vouched for the authenticity of Barack Obama’s so-called “long-form birth certificate” (LFCOLB).  Fuddy, it was learned, was once chairperson of Subud USA.  Inexplicably, it’s also reported that Fuddy was a very devout Catholic. How is that possible?

Anyone with even a passing familiarity with the Roman Catholic faith would have to wonder how a woman described by her parish priest as a devout Catholic could possibly also be an official of a group like Subud.

A website that researches religions and cults from a “Christian perspective” has flagged Subud as a dangerous cult.  While the site focuses upon organizations in New Zealand, their research and analysis concerning Subud is nevertheless valuable: [emphasis added to quotes]

Once a very secretive New Age cult, Subud is now expanding and becoming more open, and no longer hides its teachings behind password-protected web sites.  …

Subud was founded in the 1920s in Java, Indonesia by Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo (b. 1901, d. 1987), who is normally called Bapak (“Father”) by Subud members. … 

The founder’s daughter took over leadership when her father died. From Indonesia she picks names for many children and some adults, which helps reinforce group identity (another sign Subud is a cult). This leader is considered to have all the power of her father, who proclaimed himself to be a Christ-like/Muhammad-like figure and was believed by some to be the second coming of Christ.

Central to Subud practice is the latihanan occult activity like transcendental meditation which according to Dr Stephen Urlich, a Christchurch scientist who wrote an article published in a journal of the American Psychological Association, involves “uninhibited weeping, shouting, writhing, moaning and speaking in tongues” and that “laughing, jumping and dancing can occur”. …

Some Subud members call the latihan “getting opened” which is appropriate for an activity that involves opening oneself to demonic manipulation.

Subud has been known to practice strong relationship control, and in a 1964 study cited by Dr Urlich, 24 cases linked Subud to “schizophrenic episodes requiring hospitalisation”. … This is not true of most religious experience and is strong evidence of cultic practice when it occurs. …

Roman Catholic teaching about the occult is straight forward:

Don’t dabble, for the sake of your own soul. 

For example, here’s a Catholic perspective on Ouija boards:

… The Ouija board is far from harmless, as it is a form of divination (seeking information from supernatural sources). The fact of the matter is, the Ouija board really does work, and the only “spirits” that will be contacted through it are evil ones. …

On the experiential side of the issue, we have the testimony of the Church’s exorcists. …

Some investigating supernatural phenomena from a Catholic perspective have gone so far as to say that 90 percent of their very worst cases involving demonic activity have been linked to the use of the Ouija board.

Simply put, nothing positive can ever come from the use of the Ouija board, and God warns us against such things for our own spiritual safety.

One of the most infamous cases of demonic possession involved a Ouija board, through which a young man was “getting opened” to supernatural entities, while trying to contact his deceased aunt.  A Catholic demonologist explained:

The enemy almost never appears in their true form, they lie and deceive constantly. We know from experience that many cases of demonic oppression and possession start with a “harmless” or “helpful” spirit haunting or interaction.

They sometimes start with communications with what seems to be a dearly departed relative or helpful spirit guide, or a pitiful soul that needs your help. …

There is always an act of free will involved in letting a demon enter your body; you just might be unaware that it is a demon. Your permission might be given in response to a deception, but the door is opened nonetheless. You should never assume that you can get something out once you let it in. … 

It seems rather obvious that the practice of latihan after “getting opened” in Subud is inconsistent with Catholicism (and with other Christian faiths, as well).  That the founder of that cult was believed by some to be the second coming of Jesus Christ should certainly turn inconsistency into absolute dichotomy.

Loretta Fuddy was known by another name, which is consistent with Subud practice.  She went by Deliana.  Was this a Subud name bestowed upon her by Ibu Siti Rahayu?  If so, that name was used in both her obituaries as well as at her funeral, so it was known to her pastor.  What gives?

See no evil; hear no evil; speak no evil. 

Or at the very least don’t seek it out!  Sometimes there’s a lot of wisdom in those old adages, although we might add:

Recognize evil; reject evil; repulse evil.



260 responses to “Some Thoughts on Subud

  1. ppsimmons:

    “SHOCKER! Loretta Fuddy – The Cult of Subud – Barack Obama and His REAL FATHER?”

    • I am in subud. I was opened in 1975 at the Blackheath group in south-east london when I was eighteen.Meaning I received the Power of God or the Holy Spirit which brought my body to life and led me to move spontaneously with every part of my body with full consciousness and you’re not forced but to consent to be moved freely. The reasons for these spontaneous movements is to allow purifications or cleansings of one’s inner to occur as well as spontaneous healings inside and outside to occur in all areas of ones life. Now that doesn’t mean it’s always going to be smooth sailing, especially when it comes to people, but otherwise I have led a charmed life and blessed with many things up to now. Things have gone relatively my way. I can’t really complain. This Subud Contact was brought over to the West in the 1950s by an Austrian jew named Hussein Rofe. He was a muslim convert before he met the founder of Subud .now the founder Muhammad Subuh has categorically stated that Subud is not islamic in any way otherwise it could not accept people of other faiths who can continue to practise their faiths in the normal way that they have been doing before they joined the movement. I mean the spiritual experiences you can have can be all most limitless depending on your racial, cultural, religious, artistic, scientific, business background even! It can be practically useful in your everyday life. Many people of many faiths have come and gone during the existence of this movement taking the contact with them – the inner workings of the Holy spirit and letting it work privately in your life, whether they be christians, jews, muslims not many outside muslims other then indonesians and a few english converts within the movement. Certainly not many arabs. Orthodox islam regards Subud as heretical. They have been many catholic priests and nuns in subud in the past. The Catholic church knows about the movement and I have been told that even Mother Mary foretold the coming of this movement; spoke of a muslim who would bring both christians and muslims togather. Now I don’t know which children are these -at fatima or the other place in Medjugorje bosnia. Now subud has spread in many countries, mainly in the west and eastern europe – russia, ukraine. few middle-eastern countries like Israel, Dubai. Also certain countries in Africa, like south Africa etc. Mediterranean countries etc Asia etc smaller numbers. In the group exercises you have christians receiving individually spontaneously, sometimes in a muslim way and muslims in a christian manner. I am from a muslim background and I constantly speak out the name jesus in Spirit or speak out Christos spontaneously and also move spontaneously and I’m not a christian

  2. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Very good article, Zen. What jumps out at me in all of these articles is… Mansur Madeiros and Khalid al-Mansor (who approached Percy Sutton re: “a very interesting man interested in admission to Harvard” one and the same?

  3. Soros works quickly Valerie Jarrett just got demoted & David Plouffe received his pink slip & will be leaving tomorrow. Simas will handle the upcoming campaigns & elections while Podesta will try to hypnotize America & lull us back to sleep pretending that all is well while he works by candle light with Obama and Soros to take us down the lonely path of Socialism. …… O

  4. The State Of The Disunion is coming up.

    I Hope people have the Audacity to stand up and walk out.

    99 problems and carbon isn’t one of them.

  5. Bully n’ Chief. 👿
    In recent days, the federal government has gone after several high-profile conservatives. In Virginia, former Gov. Bob McDonnell was indicted along with his wife over gifts and loans he allegedly received from a political donor in exchange for influence.

    In New York, filmmaker and author Dinesh D’Souza, whose work has criticized Obama, faces indictment for alleged election fraud in a case over his political contributions to a friend and U.S. Senate candidate.

    The IRS, which was already under fire for targeting tea party groups seeking tax-exempt status, recently came looking into the nonprofit activities of a group of elite Hollywood conservatives, Friends of Abe.

    Read Latest Breaking News from

    • The irony of this is that they’re indicting McDonnell and his wife because a friend (?) gave them jewelry and her dresses. (Which puts me in mind of the uproar over Governor Palin’s pitiful wardrobe.) HOW many EXPENSIVE “gifts” do the Mooches in Chief get? How much is that yearly vacation in a multi-million-dollar compound worth? Can we look forward to Oprah being indicted for HER gifts to Barry and Mooch? What’s the diff? I wish someone would tell us. Does this column by a black opinionator/Barry supporter sound just a TAD RACIST?

      ” … How did it happen? The most popular explanation seems to be what I’ll call the Dragon Lady Thesis — the scenario that McDonnell, previously known as a man of courtliness and rectitude, was led unwittingly down the path to perdition by his flashier, more status-conscious spouse.

      Maureen McDonnell seems to fit the profile. She grew up in modest circumstances with eight siblings — an origin that amateur psychologists might say could have instilled a desire to stand out, to be noticed. She has blond hair, lots of it. She once was a Washington Redskins cheerleader. News reports have noted that she insisted her official portrait as Virginia’s first lady be touched up to make her look younger and thinner. …”

      Imagine Krauthammer, for example, writing something remotely like that about Mooch. What would happen? Is Mooch “status conscious?” I should say. Mooch has biceps and lots of them. Does Mooch insist that her photos be touched up? Wanna make a bet?

  6. Still blaming Bush!!! 😡

  7. Interviewer: What did you mean by the statement – “Don’t put your dirty karma on me”

    WSB: Well just that. There’s no reason for anyone to accept anyone else’s bad karma (just) because we have enough of our own. That’s one of the oldest tricks in the industry, you try to unload your bad karma on somebody else.

    • You know what’s scary? LC mentions Manson and somebody mentioned the 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon. I just figured out I have only 4 jumps to CM. Freaky.

  8. Has ObAMA’s….past …been Decoded??? Is this HIS DADDY????

    • How interesting. New photos on the cover of his book:


      We may have seen this one, but does it look like she has a head game going on?


      Label at UK paper: “Troubled childhood: The President’s half brother Mark Obama Ndesandjo as a baby with his mother Stanley Ann Dunham</strong>. …”

      The seldom seen cone head:

      Here’s Mark and who?

      • For reference:

      • Doesn’t the baby in the photo with Ruth/SAD/? look MORE like the boy on the left than the one on the right?

      • Don’t know about the head job but that is one expensive fitting suit Mr.BOsr has on.

        • It is, but then Ruth had money.

        • THat photo has been worked on. Who knows if it’s the people it purports to be, but aside from that the shadows don’t work. Note the soft edges of some of the shadows, but then notice how the shadow behind’s leg is not blurry edged at all. Shadows from natural light don’t change direction so where are the shadows for Ruth…Note the length of the shadows from something in front of the couple and the softness of a shadow on Ruth’s clothes, but the same soft shadows are not on O. . The length of shadows from the couple should follow suit somewhat but they don’t. What’s the deal with the extreme dark shadow on O.’s suit. I would say something else no longer in the rigged photo made that dark spot.

          • Yeah, those shadows are all wonky. Where the heck are they supposed to be? Did they have a car breakdown on the way to the soiree, so decided to have some glamor shots done while the chaffeur changed the tire or something? They’re standing on the side of a road! What’s up with that? I have to tell you that the face on Ruth there, in that photo with Sr., does look oddly like the face on that woman up above, walking with the Subud guy. Pretty weird. Coincidence?

            Know what? If the sons got their ears from Ruth, then how is it that Barry’s ears resemble Mark’s and “David’s”?

            In the photo where Ruth’s holding a baby with VERY curly hair, that baby looks more like “David” than Mark, doesn’t he? (I think we decided that last month!)

          • honestly, those children don’t look like any body to me. Maybe only the child on the left resembles another photo of the two children that stand with and the supposed Ruth. Those two photos have resemblances, but no photo resembles Mark and we have one Creative photo of David as a boy(which looks like a composite of some sort), so we really have no idea what David if he ever existed looks like. I don’t buy that photo of the little baby and the mom either. Not EVEN the same person.

            • What gets me are all the coinkidinks in timing and even in clothing. Both SAD and Ruth apparently took to the “headband” craze. If you look at the milestones in their early life, they almost always conform. Dates of marriage. Dates of moving to another country. Ages of husbands. It’s so familiar. Ya know? alfy, I was thinking about the woman in the wedding video last night. She looked glamorous, like the Ruth-by-the-highway woman. But the woman we see at Madari is not glamorous. Now you could argue that she cleans up well, but there’s a limit, isn’t there? The Ruth at Madari looks her age. That woman in the video didn’t look as if she were in her 70s. Not without a lot of plastic surgery, which we see Ruth hasn’t had. So what’s the deal?

          • Miri, The woman in wedding video is most definately the lady at Madari. I’ve got plenty of photos ect. to verify that…..however….the various other photos of Ruth with O. ,Ruth as a younger woman with O. or the children, now they are more or less composites I think. For instance the headband girl with the babies of Africa look nothing like the Ruth at Madari or the wedding.
            Ruth at the wedding had grown her hair out somewhat and she had it colored…that was around 2007 or sometime close to that, maybe 2008 , I don’t remember. SHe is not short, she was wearing low shoes as dress shoes go, probably so she wouldn’t tower over the little black dude who accompanied her. It was Ruth, from head to toe. The next time we see Ruth is around 2008 in Africa and her hair has been cut …notice her color is slightly still there, but it’s grown out somewhat. She always wears earrings. Her hair has been colored again in her latest Madari shots. Although i have one photo of her at her piano and her hair has grown again. Don’t know when that was taken, but it looks to portray her as more feminine again. Like I had said sometime back, she’s got a new website since the 2012 elections there abouts. Her new photos are a good picture of her hair. I would say her natural haircolor just from how it grays…looks like people who have light brown hair and it gets much darker underneath with age, till it grays almost like a brunettes does.
            Now if you needed to make some old photos of yourself ,but you don’t have any you wanted anybody to see (for various reasons)you could maybe take your sisters old photos and play around with them and make a acomposite of yourself. i know that is weird thinking but I have my suspicions.
            THe main characteristics that don’t match from photo to photo are the noses…they don’t match to what she looks like now at all. The distance in eyes and her brows….notice what the distance is now compared to other photo. THe actual bone structures are wrong. People as they age…the nose elongates often and can grow thicker, but the boney eye structure doesn’t leave.
            I have even done a comparison of Ruths hands to someone elses hands and it’s quite astonishing. I’ll have to find the picture, but I’d have to send it to you some other way because that would have the obots clammering big time.

            • I’ll take your word for it, alfy. I thought you said something the other day that made me think that you thought the woman at the wedding WASN’T Ruth (which could be true, depending on who Ruth is)! Anyway, I don’t have any wedding shots to compare to because we lost the video and I think we may have saved only one crummy screen shot. This was before we knew how to do screen shots well. The woman in the trenchcoat is the one who looks the least like the lady who plays piano today, but who knows? I sure would LOVE some of that facial recognition software.

          • the woman in the trench coat….right, that’s not Ruth, at least I don’t think so. There was a woman who worked in Africa at orphanges , schools or something like that…whose husband was an ambassador back then. They came back to Nairobi with their daughter (it may be the daughter’s husband is some dignitary too). They were both killed when leaving some important reunion thing. THeir car was hijacked(four of them) and just the two ladies were shot. THe older woman, who I could only find one photo of in her seventies….I felt it could have been her. SHe was killed around time of first presidential election. This lady had short hair in the only photo I found of her , with her husband. i really wondered.

            • alfy, would these be the missionaries? Have you run across any implications that the American Red Cross is tied up in this somehow?

          • I haven’t done a lot of research, not lately anyway, on Ruth and her pictures but my conclusion is the one that Mark provided, of her with Sr. and the two children (with the short bobbed hair, somewhere in Africa(?)) looks nothing like her but the portrait with the long hair and headband, holding Mark/David/whoever, looks to me exactly like a younger version of the woman at Madari. JMHO. 🙂
            The latest photo I found on the Madari website I did think she looked more feminine and attractive than the other recent (last 5 years) photos.

          • I just saw that new one yesterday, if you got to the Madari website and look under Photos I think it is there; she is at the piano.

  9. January 27, 2014 at 4:51 am

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

  10. AMERICA ~ coming soon 7/4/14

    and a debate with Bill Ayres coming up, too?

  11. Still a lot of unanswered questions about Barry. 😦

    • Not to worry. This is ALL the effect of man-caused global climate change. My local weatherman, on NBC, of course, told us so last night. It took them a while to come up with an implausible-but-plausible-to-low-information-viewers MEME. No doubt, the meme was developed to counteract the effect their own research shows: cold weather makes global warming skeptics of us all, but especially “independents”.

      They made up this explanation about polar vortices. That’s the cause of this cold weather and we’re the cause of the vortex dropping so far south, itwo (in their warped opinion). However, one story I read said that these vortices have been known and studied since 1853. Were there jet planes, SUVs, and smoke-spewing factories in 1853? “Global warming” began 18,000 years ago, btw.

  12. This link contains a variation on Fuddy’s name: Delianah. One wonders why the spelling change, although there’s Halima and Halimah.

  13. D-Code-D.. at end two Video’s .. D D’s New Trailer “4 AMERICA”
    ps have they been reading… WTPOTUS???? !

    • ROFL wouldn’t that be a dream come true! i would absolutely love it.

      laughing so hard. its hilarious. please Dear God, please.

      Arpaio where are you? How many days til March?

      RIP Andrew Breitbart, last words.

      • Having your “16th” birthday fall on July 4th 2014’… could be a real
        bummer, what with ………. “America” stealing your thunder & all
        BUTT’…. Ms Malia Obama lucked out: for her Fourth of July Birthday
        2014…. she will Share…. what Dinesh D’Souza has planned
        a giant party … 4 the U S of A…. United …ONE & ALL!!! bring it on

  14. Top DOG… with the TOP JOB! & just HOW does THAT HAPPEN???


  15. SOEBARKAH… WHO? ….BUTT’… the Son of SOETORO of course ….. 5/31/2011

  16. Wonder if the people in the Sr.O beach group pic can be cross referenced to subuddie and we can add names to some of the faces.??

  17. I had access to this morning; Will again, just not right now but I’d wanted to see the manifest for the ship carrying the Fuddy family from Honolulu and finally could. The date was March, 1949: At the time, Lewis Sr was 28, Evelyn was 24 I think (going on memory now), Loretta was 11-12 months (so…that would suggest an April birthday after all) and Master Lewis

    Paul Fuddy Jr was 3 mos. Which makes Loretta the oldest, not “2nd of 3” as her obit said, FWIW. Evelyn and the two children were listed as born in the Territory of Hawaii. Lewis Sr’s home address was listed as Hazelton, PA.
    For some reason Lewis Sr was on a different page of the manifest; anyway it was sailing from Honolulu to San Diego. I don’t know if any of that is interesting to anyone, I plan to do some more digging when I get the chance.

  18. Was there more than one Fuddy family from Hazelton, PA living in Hawaii?
    There is this info, but the name is Paul Lewis Fuddy and spouse is Marjorie:
    From Hazleton Standard-Speaker
    8 June 1995

    Name – Paul Lewis Fuddy
    Died – Tuesday
    Place of birth – Hazleton
    Place of death – Honolulu, HI
    Date of birth – 13 Feb 1922
    Church – Scottish Rite, Honolulu, HI
    Spouse – Marjorie
    Father –
    Mother –
    Undertaker – Borthwick, Honolulu, HI
    Place of burial –
    Occupation – U.S. Army
    Age – 73
    Other residence –
    Comments – veteran

  19. And wasn’t Evelyn supposed to be from Portugal or something? I’ll have to re-visit that I guess.
    So here’s a theory, Loretta was born in Canada in December, then “reborn” in April as a citizen of Hawaii! 🙂

    • 🙂

      which reminds me of an early rumor, soebarky was born in a Home For Unwed Mothers in BC, Canada where SAD was sent.


      • I’ve always thought that was an intriguing possibility. I’m not THAT old, but I remember a time (or maybe it was gossip from elderly aunts) when it was almost TRADITION that an unwed mother-to-be was bundled off to relatives who lived far away, so that the whole thing could be hushed up. Baby born there, given up, mother returns from extended vacation and who’s the wiser? Usually it was an aunt’s home. The stuff of novels.

        • My mother was just telling me the other day that a lady in town, what was adopted, but that as a baby she literally was left on the families doorstep, so stranger things are where the fiction comes from. Seems the twist in the story is my mother and many were most certain that the baby was the actual daughter of the man who adopted her. ANyway the child grew up with the real father most likely, but never knew who her real mother was…..crazy things happen.

          • Oh, yeah. That happened, too. In fact, I heard once that in some Catholic families, especially Irish ones, if there was an inconvenient child born to a married man, then the wife was expected to take it in and raise it as her own. The church would, of course, lean on the woman to do so, for the sake of the child and she was also supposed to forgive and forget. Working with genealogy, I’ve run across at least three cases where an illegitmate child was raised by another relative, as if it were her own. In two cases, it was a grandmother raising her daughter’s child. The oral history is hilarious, in hindsight, of course. Relatives being “surprised” when they visited and found the “mother” in bed with “her” newborn, attended by her own teen-aged daughter (the real mom). Single mothers who gave birth, conveniently, while a war was going on so they could say their “husband” was killed in the war. A child is a grandchild in one census and suddenly a son or daughter in the next. A child named in a census as a “son” to a “father” who would have been far too young to sire him. There were all kinds of crazy things going on in those days.

          • We have one of those genealogy mystery children in our family and drives me nuts not being able to figure out.

    • I was just on checking again for an entry for Loretta on the Social Security Death Index. Still not there.
      Also, was thinking again about her birthdate, and as I mentioned earlier the passenger manifest from March 1959 lists her age as 11/12 or 11 months old. That would, again, strongly suggest an April birthday. She would have been barely 3 months if her bday was December.
      Soooooooo, that facebook page for Deliana Antone still really confuses me. WHY is she thanking people for their birthday wishes on Dec 4? I understand how that date could be confused for her real birthdate by others, (12-4-48 or 4-12-48) but SHE wouldn’t be confused by that.


    President Obama does not go to church, neither his family. Although he says he is a true Christian and he prays in every morning and every evening.
    He never stated that to which Confession he belongs, however he attended in numerous confession’s church.
    His father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was a Musulman, born in Kenya, Africa, so along the rules of the Islam Obama Jr. is a Musulman too.
    Obama says he has a Christian faith, but the religions doesn’t play serious role in his life.
    He always mentioned this state during the election campaign.
    Formally he is a member of the United Church of Christ Confession, but he never attends to worship and doesn’t participate in the church life

  21. LOOKS LIKE the aging O’ … 2 me! ………. Bapak ?

    • Of COURSE he would reappear while the REAL POTUS IS OVERSEAS AND IN THE NEWS. He MUST steal Trump’s thunder and where better than there? And CNN, of course. Such a SMALL LITTLE MAN in so many ways.

  22. I was “born into” & grew up in Subud. I grew up in NYC and met some of the nicest, kindest people there. I have no bad memories, only good: going out to dinner as a large group after Friday night Latihan, babysitting younger kids during Sunday afternoon Latihan, weekend retreats… And when my mother passed two years ago, despite not joining myself nor seeing anyone for over 20 years, it was the members of Subud who gave me the most comfort.
    I’ve been seeing people online claiming they had “bad experiences”, but won’t go into detail. I even considered joining after my mom passed, but I’m disabled and getting there would be hard. I just wanted to say that I’ve spoken to at least six others in my age group and not one has a single bad memory of growing up in Subud — a few even joined at 18. Maybe it’s the people in other locations, but the NYC Subud from the 70’s – 2000 was good.

  23. ^^..yep …I ..2 was a Subud queen … BUTT’ that’s for another DAY!
    when I think about IT ..I wore MANY CROWN’s in my DAY …even STILL’
    maybe ? less than a year? …all was good as a friend was …Searching
    for his truths …back then WE pondered & tried 2 crack the nut of LIFE
    I enjoyed the people but they were clickish ..who were believers of Bapak
    old hippy days & females needed to wear ..skirts … I preferred PANTS!

    just found this … ? O’ so long ago …,42034,page=8

  24. GO PENCE …. GO TRUMP!!!

    T H A N K S ….. O B A M A !!! U > USURPER … F’ UP!
    Thanks, Obama – Iran Can Pay $80 Million Bounty on Trump with Their Obama Cash

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