Good Monday to Lurkers

Because sometimes, believe it or not, I’m speechless.  …

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Tako Poke Photo courtesy of Stu Spivack  Source:

consider yourself poked!!


Tako Poke Photo courtesy of Stu Spivack; Source:; licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.


124 responses to “Good Monday to Lurkers

  1. ~ CORY Remsburg. A Brave Army 1st class MAN… holding UP…O
    ~ srdem65 ~
    NO commanding officer would ever point to a wounded warrior to make himself seem competent & worthy, BUTT’ this President didn’t hesitate or consider anything other than how he can use this young man’s disabilties
    to his political advantage.
    I salute this young warrior, & call his C in Chief… a Disgrace.
    ~CiscoKid January 29, 2014 at 2:51 pm ~
    In agreement with you on this one.
    Obama uses Human ” props “, Children, fake Doctors & that woman
    who fainted. ….. as The man has no shame.
    ~~ As People CLAP!!! LONG & LOUD!!! a sick world… we honor a fools

  2. So last night Barry said “the son of a single mother” grew up to be president of the USA, speaking of himself. How does he consider SAD “single” when she was married for most of his “growing up” lifetime until she divorced Lolo in 1980? She’s married for most of his childhood. He was raised for 9-10 years by his MARRIED grandparents.

  3. CLAP?… they ALL makes me ILL as they stay FAR away from HARMS
    …. way…. each & every one of THEM… ALWAYS! ….
    As they PARTY … like IT’S a WAR ZONE! GRIN-ing ear to EAR….
    Biden & Obama sitting on their Perch… 4 ALL 2 SEE! & admire??? O

    • ” This speech was written and rehearsed so as to position the president as an energetic man of action, to make you forget that the country is in deep trouble, to make you forget that a tremendous fraud has been perpetrated on the American people.”

  4. It’s settled….the Bieber will NOT B deported… O said the girls said
    he should be given the GREEN LIGHT…It’s AMERICA!!! after ALL…

  5. go check out Drudge… the drip with his new hat 2 funny..

  6. Just another reason for us to hate MSNBC:

    MY multi-racial family is “right wing” by their definition. How’s about yours?

    This says it all; pithy and to the point:

    “Here’s MY family, you bigoted, sanctimonious pricks.”


  7. Subud Forum from ORYR … Reporter: O’s single mom…. in comments

    • Thanks. The comments clarify something that was in the back of my mind, too. I THOUGHT there was another Ray. The other one is the guy who’s on his way to prison. A friend of Barry’s only two years older. Kakugawa or something like that. Then there’s “gay Ray” the dope dealer.

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