An Insoluble Problem?

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He can only have wanted it as a way of creating a mystery. Then I saw that this applied to all the other outrageous details. They were devilish enough; but it wasn’t mere devilry; there was a rag of excuse; because they had to make the mystery as contradictory and complicated as possible, to make sure that we should be a long time solving it — or rather seeing through it. …

They had to give us an Insoluble Problem.

G.K. Chesterton

One of our regulars, Zenway, tipped us to a new article concerning some of Barack Obama’s lies, but specifically the one “big lie” involving Obama’s supposed original birth certificate. With regard to the incuriosity of the mainstream media, Nick Chase asked,

Do you suppose we could get them to take another look at the big lie of April 27, 2011? The lie that is central to Barack Obama’s identity? The lie the dinosaurs not only glossed over, but for which they excommunicated from the human race anybody who dared to point out it was a lie?

I refer, of course, to the long-form “birth certificate” forgery for Barack Obama released by the White House to the world as a digital image on April 27, 2011.

I’d venture to guess that hell will freeze over before the mainstream media truly analyze Obama’s so-called birth documentation.

We’ve written numerous articles ourselves, trying to make sense of the complicated and contradictory details handed to us in the form of Obama’s several birth certificates.   (See here, here, here, here, and here.)

It remains to be seen whether or not the mystery surrounding Obama’s birth certificate is an “insoluble problem”.  Despite unending attempts by Obama’s supporters to obfuscate, which speaks volumes, the Cold Case Posse claims to have found “hard document evidence” that will shed light on (perhaps even solve?) this mystery.

By now, we’re only too familiar with the many “outrageous details” associated with this man known as Barack Hussein Obama II (aka Barry Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, aka Soebarkah.  See here for more possibilities).

We also know how they try so hard to

make the mystery as contradictory and complicated as possible.

It’s their modus operandi

Who are “they”?  That’s part of the insoluble problem, too.

It’s hard to pin them down.  Obots, for starters.  That’s a given.  Obama’s campaign workers. His lawyers. His supporters in local, state, and federal government.  His supporters in the “global community”, specifically those who want a New World Order with one global government, preferably run by the global elite.

We see a plethora of contradictory, confusing, conflicting, complicating details surrounding nearly every big issue or event associated with Obama, his presidency, his administration.

Most recently, reports of the mysterious death of Loretta (aka Deliana) Fuddy, the woman who was responsible for vouching for Obama’s so-called original birth certificate, abound with confusion.

Our own O Timeline illustrates many of the conflicting details we found while trying to document Obama’s ever-morphing life story and his confusing “family”.

Controversy and contradictory details surround Obama’s passport(s)school transcripts, Social Security application and number, Selective Service registrationBritish National Archives records, Indonesian records, state senate records, tax returns, college transcripts (loans and scholarship information), and his (at least) three citizenships.

Two different hospitals were given as the location of his birth, even though the actual country of his birth remains undetermined. His mother’s name was originally reported as Shirley, not Stanley. His “autobiography” has been proved to be full of lies (aka contradictory details.  Deliberately contradictory details.)

As for events, there are discrepancies surrounding the alleged Sandy Hook massacre.  There are discrepancies surrounding the terror attack at the Boston Marathon. There are numerous discrepancies and many conflicting details surrounding the terror attack on our mission in Benghazi.

Nearly every non-existent scandal associated with the Obama administration is rife with the devilry of contradictory and complicated details.  Day by day, we’re deluged with details that do not make sense.  Distracting details.  Distractions.  Anything to distract us and keep us spinning our wheels.

The “Washington soap opera.”  That’s what Rush Limbaugh famously calls it when the media focus on Obama “plot lines” instead of reporting the news.  This tendency of the mainstream media, most of whom support Obama, plays right into the plan to keep us all spinning our wheels, trying in vain to solve the many insoluble problems that Obama and his minions delight in presenting to us on a daily basis.

The thing is:  WHY all the obfuscation?  Why all the conflicting, infuriating, distracting details?  There can only be, there must only be, one very simple explanation.  Ineligibility.

That, along with the main goal, which is to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America, by any means necessary.


The photo at the top of this post is an illustration by Leonardo da Vinci, who was trying to solve (perhaps did solve) the Delian Problem as well as other constructions, thought by ancient mathematicians to be insoluble.  The Delian problem was named for the Greek island of Delos.

The aforementioned, late Loretta Fuddy’s nickname was Deliana, so we have a Deliana problem.  There’s some indication that the name Deliana is of Indonesian origin.  Ms. Fuddy herself was born in British Columbia (or Hawaii–take your pick) to parents of Portuguese and Austrian ancestry, and apparently grew up on Molokai.  Nevertheless, Ms. Fuddy was an adherent of Subud, an Indonesian mystic tradition, so it’s quite possible that her nickname had its roots in Indonesia, rather than the Greek isle of Delos.

Obama, remember, was raised in Indonesia, in or very near the royal compound, because his adoptive father, Lolo Soetoro, was related to the Sultan, who was related to the founder of Subud, whose work was centered in Yogyakarta–the royal compound.

Oddly enough, Obama once told some classmates in Hawaii that he himself is an Indonesian prince.  An insoluble problem?



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  1. I’ve been trying to find a definitive answer to this question: can an autopsy detect arrhythmia as a cause of death (you also alluded to this, Miri) IF it isn’t due to a genetic or other defect. They claim she died from STRESS-caused arrhythmia, right? Seems it would be part of it if she had an underlying condition they uncovered.

    this article is the best I’ve been able to do
    Here’s the applicable part: “Many of these deaths are the result of
    cardiac arrhythmias – problems with
    the electrical functioning of the heart.
    A standard autopsy will fi nd nothing
    wrong with the heart because these
    often inherited conditions may leave
    no physical traces in the cardiac tissue.
    This is where the ability to do a genetic autopsy becomes critical”.
    Apparently Orly has requested the autopsy report.

    • Genetic autopsy. That’s a new one on me. You’d need to see the death certificate, but of course we won’t see it. They put accidental death, cardiac arrhythmia, allegedly. Some death certificates list two causes of death–like the real cause and then the underlying cause. For example, Pneumonia (immediate cause) and then maybe COPD as the secondary cause. Or renal failure as the immediate cause with nephritis as the underlying cause. I suppose it’s possible they found some condition that caused her stress-caused arrhythmia, but would her brother then complain that she had no heart condition? He ought to find out, in case it is genetic. I still wonder if the family will file a wrongful death suit.

  2. OOO COOKIE.. Keith is a baker? & Rudy is his Partner? 9/17/1999

    • Oh, good find, Zenway. I guess he gave up cookies (and maybe Rudy, too?) in order to return to a state job. Hmmm.

      • Was it Leza or Papoose that found those other Bakers in Texas? And then those two ladies that were bakers, belonging to that Bakers’ guild thingy…yu know the lawyer Bickeil that helped Elizabeth Duke , Bickeil’s sister. They seemed gay. Is everybody gay in Hawaii. By partner you mean that kind of partner?

    • Oh, that kind of partner.

      • I’m not sure what kind of partner. 😉 Seems business partners will have to get a new word for themselves, so as to avoid confusion, unless they don’t care, feeling like Seinfeld–“not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

        • i was thinking the same thing miri. Especially if we use the term partner for life now, They will have to start teaching these new terms in class i guess like ‘ebonics” remember that?

          • listen to these people this morning….not all are racist and not all blacks are prisoners anymore of the rhetoric of the left.

            • Excellent. They need to start a Tea Party in their community. Who elected all those DemoncRATS that run the community? They DO vote Democratic, anyway, so why don’t they hope for some change and vote Republican? It can’t get any worse, can it? Of course the “black leadership” don’t live in the community. Most of these “elite” so-called “blacks” (actually mixed) live in EXPENSIVE neighborhoods, like the Obamas and the Jarretts. The woman at 3:40 GETS IT. The community organizations take the money and then “shuffle papers” and don’t use the money for the intended purposes. It’s a scam, no different than over in Africa and the Middle East where the thugs take the aid we send and don’t use it for the reasons they get it. They steal it and buy themselves luxury goods and reward their friends. It just goes down the rat hole.

  3. who would have thought… maybe he’s cookin’ or baking right
    about NOW! ? is this our Keith the recluse?

    • Interesting. Probably just a coincidence but there was a Horst connected to the travesty of a trail against LTC Lakin.

    • The mole tells the tale. I believe it’s he.

      • Wonder where Yamamoto took his extended leave. Maybe he’s looking for another state to sell his cookies. When is he due back, anyone know? You think he’s shook up from a wild plane ride or something else? it will be interesting to see what transpires when he returns , unless we hear he choked on his own cookie dough or his neck tie got stuck in a giant egg beater. Remember that Alfred Hitchcock thriller , the necktie murder, and it had that very large chef in it? i think it was the nectie murders???
        Keith does seem like such a sweet guy to get mixed up with the like of the Department of health…. The word health in hawaii sure takes on a new meaning doesn’t it.

        • Guess he doesn’t want to talk to the media. He lets the priest do his talking for him. Being a sweet guy, maybe he’ll go back to making cookies.

          • I want to answer many questions you brought up, but where to start . i think i can answer many of them ,but don’t forget when i write long winded the spelling gets awful cause i can’t see anything and it jumps around so . The sort of sad problem with trying to look into these troubling mish mash of twisted details is disability in communicating things all at the same time. As much as the internet has put us all together;as much as we may feel like we’re just sitting around talking over stuff, we could have solved most of our questions that we seem to have in a couple hours, not days, if we really could eplore this all together and see in unison what’ls going on. We could point out the discrepancies in real time.
            I’m going to try and answere some more.

          • That’s the drawback of a blog…..they can be wonderful, informative and they can be decieving too, as we can see.

  4. ok….here goes. first of all here’s a given….there are several cameras. In some vids one can see a camera in the seat pouch, some vids shows him get it out, others show him holding it, some don’t show it in the pouch. Puentes has lots of different gear. Don’t get caught up in what it exactly all is, because it’s too much trouble to explain what goes with what, but getting out of the plane one see’s a stick he claims his go pro was on. Maybe, but Puentes also has a wrist band which one can use too. As he is getting out of plane there is an underwater camera and in some vids one can also see a yellow housing for a camera or it is another camera. We can also see some sort of make shift taped rigg going out the door…not sure what that’s taped to. Notice all the red things going out the door and at other various spots in vid. My guess is they are floats for various camera gear or other gear that one doesn’t want to lose in the water(so you attach them to floats that you can spot). Notice that they are always blurred together with other frames in the vid. Any way we know Puentes is not the filmed of lots of this,period.
    Early on I noticed various things blurred out in the water. One that I tried to follow, I knew was a person, but who. Never was sure, but one thing for certain ….a person with a very white tee shirt dives out of the way,goes under water and there is writing on the back of the tee shirt…very visible but blurred too much. THink….no one in the plane has a white tee shirt on that we know of.
    Here’s another important detail.. Jacob key…we assume is the guy with a spiderweb tattoo..yet when Jacob was interviewed, I looked for his tattoo. He moves his arm a few times in the interview and I could not be sure, but couldn’t see one. Remember also his strong accent(I’ll try and address that later).But also in the interview he is certainly not dressed in his gray shirt any longer, if we are to assume that he was sitting beside Rosa in the plane. In the interview Jacab is wearing a red hat (there was a blue hat in the seat beside Rosa) and dark shirt now and flip flops , not tennis shoes like the person in the plane beside Rosa. Yes, he could have changed clothes, but Rosa is in the same clothes that she wore in the plane.?????So there’s a question as to when this interview was done. Were they just leaving the next day after the ordeal or what…we don’t know. After the interview they walk away . Rosa is a bit she starts heading one direction like she doesn’t know what or where to go> Jacob points a direction and they walk on another direction across the street. That’s when I look again for his tattoo, check out his flip flops as he is not wearing tennis shoes any longer if that was him in the plane. I see no signs of a tattoo on his left elbow (I checked the vid again and the tattoo does continue past the very point of his elbow and down the back of the forearm).So that again leads me to wonder what the significance of the tattoos arm in the plane was about, but it may not have been this Jacob…a twin of Jacobs maybe but not Jacob. So that is a troubling conundrum. So who was in the plane sitting there and where was Jacob on the plane.One item of clothing that Jacob did have on that the person in the white tennis shoes and probably with the tattoo , was blue (possibly denim, not sure) cargo type WRANGLERS. I read the label at least on the pants of the guy that gets out of the seat beside Rosa.. Jacob had a pair of these on at the interview. Well, several people can wear those pants , so that still leaves me inconclusive, but here’s the confusing situation. The guy that gets out of that seat, one would assume is the guy in the white tennis shoes blue wranglers, so we might assume it’s Jacob, but it appears to be a guy, not in a gray tee shirt but a white tee shirt. OK, now that I’ve probably confused you, I probably can’t straighten that out tip I study that again real hard BUT here’s more to confuse you…….
    When we see the guy go out the door in front of who we assume is Puentes…..there is much editing going on right there. One can even get turned around as to which way they are coming out of the plane and all that. Don’t worry, just know that the edit machine is working miracles before your eyes and you needn’t think your brain just can’t discern well anymore. There are so many things in those seconds leading up to getting out and while getting out that have been cut out/edited over and blurred that you will never figure it out. Our eyes deceive us. One has already probably forgotten that Early on we saw Rosa’s body go out the door, but most now only see a guy in those cargo shorts go out the door and then Puentes.
    If one stops and starts the vid over and over you will sometimes capture many nuances ,but not complete scenes of what is going on.One blip even captured part of a person in a very white shirt with light brown skiing and a white band(watch?) on his arm with his hand near a camera right in front of the ladder/ and a partial face with dark hair> I tried over and over to see where it was and sometimes don’t even get it at all…it just goes into oblivion of water and stairs and equipment…………But to the left of the doorway after the cargo pants guy goes into the water….we see what looks to be him going or coming back out of the water and the vid cuts again, but to the left is a very white arm and white tee shirt going towards the side of the door like grabbing on to something and getting out of the way. Very early on I thought I got a glimpse of a light skin blonde person, but now I don’t ever see that and so I think I could be mistaken, but I am not mistaken that this person who we would assume was the guy with the tattoo…..does not have a tattoo, because that is the left arm and there is absolutely no tattoo. Its a white tee shirt, so no one that we know of, at least not it the forward part of the plane is wearing one that we can see, and besides there are only three males in the forward part of the plane…one with a sort of rust colored shirt….one person we can’t see, but assume is Yamamoto…who we never really see, and one person with a gray shirt and tattoo….and Puentes with yellow on. Of course the pilot…is not wearing a tee shirt. That’s five of the men….and the only man we don’t see is Philip who has not gotten out of the plane yet, as assuming that was him in the back of the plane with blue pants on and brown deck(?) shoes as punts and the cargo pants person goes out the door…so that’s all the men that we know were on the plane……….So WHO’s in a white shirt?????
    Also who wore a blue hat (not like Jacobs red hat in his interview) and sunglasses in the seat with the person beside Rosa. At the point I see the guy with the spider web and keep looking I see a blue cap at the top of the seat in front of Puentes seat. Just before the scene changes to the window scene, the hat is clearly visible at the top of the seat…………..As a matter of fact, this hat only for one instant looks to be on the head of the person actually sitting in the seat. The head is actually turned too much to the side in the final frame and I can see dark hair, part of an ear and it is very blue…then the view switches to the windows. Now too me something is cut out there and for good reason because I think we would see a person leaning in the corner of the seat almost as if he’s a stow away you could say. Is that the guy who slips out of the seat past the guy with tattoo that has a white tee shirt on and cargo pant’s?
    Miri you ask something about the camera was on a MOUTH ….they probably said the word MOUNT like a camera mount. Hope that clears up what you were asking about. I didn’t hear it but I bet that’s what they were saying.
    A go pro as you can look up yourself….has ,like Robin said incredible accuracy and picks up lots around it.
    Notice it seems the only major voice we hear is Puentes. Is he the director in this scenario? Why would he be so stupid; to only after the fact say the splash down camera captured some of the footage? Why did he wait an entire month to show us his famous edited version of a “splash down” as it most aptly was, and not a crash landing at all. Why was Puentes fired with an earpiece in his right ear? Why are there a lot of bulky item floating in the water that are partially blurred out but are visible at times? What did the man in dk shirt retrieve from the plane that was long and dark ? Why have they cut out parts where a man is clearly seen at the door forever getting something from the plane…..he cannot retrieve anything from the plane in that position so someone must still be in the plane to help him. Why did I see him with two arms sticking out around his sides at the door, yet now that video has been yanked? If he was helping someone from the plane, surely they would capitalize on this saga. Why does Rosa spend a lot of time blowing up a life jacket inside the plane and then not put it on herself. If one stops and starts scenes inside the plane where Rosa appears to have dashed to the other side, one will actually see that she is in her own seat just as the men are coming out ahead of her. The scenes get one turned around , but you can see this. Did Puentes scold Rosa and tell her you must put on your lifejacket even if you aren’t really in danger, because we must film this to appear like you are in survival mode. We later see Rosa in her lifejacket. At no time do we see Yamamoto; yet we do see a person that APPEARS to look like Deliana Fuddy….only appearance mind you.
    Now I want you to think back about the interview with the sweet woman from the Kalaupapa community. “We all us We don’t want no trouble”. Was she confused, does she talk poorly or what does she think is going on?????? Did someone like Boogie (who is some leader in the Kaulapapa community who was the one awarded with something big on behalf of the government, it was Boogie who accepted the award) tell her something was going on to protect ms. Fuddy so she wouldn’t have any troubles and it means a lot to our community not to have any troubles. WHAT? Why did she say what she said.

    • Great job, alfy!

      I saw those red things floating and didn’t know what they are. So you think they’re floats for other pieces of camera equipment. Now that’s interesting, if it’s true, although he’s already “explained” that he came prepared to shoot the landing and takeoff. Convenient rationalization.

      I saw a person underwater in a white t-shirt, too. Check this out for some “meanings” of spiderweb tattoos. I had a hunch, but wasn’t sure. Of course, it proves nothing, because as one commenter says, tattoos are personal, with meaning known only to the person who chooses them. However, I wouldn’t choose one with this connotation:

      Is the guy on the wing Jacob? Does he have a tattoo?

      I also thought that if Puentes was wearing an earpiece, it was in his right ear. I saw something white in or near that ear in the part of the video where he’s floating away and his vest looks overinflated. There’s someone floating way off behind him, about half way to shore. It looks like a woman and might be Fuddy, but who knows?

      You’re right. She probably did say “mount”. A snorkel mount. So would that muffle sound? She made it sound like something the camera was put INTO and that’s why the sound was muffled. I’d consider the stick a “mount”. I defer to you because I know nothing about these cameras or their equipment.

      I’ll have to go back to the videos and listen to the interviews again, in order to answer your questions. I did think I saw another person at the door, fwiw. First, I think I’ll have to sort the videos out and label them and put them somewhere we can all easily find them. I was busy this morning writing a post for the weekend comments. I have stuff to do this afternoon, but will try to gather up all the links and put them together to make our job easier. Maybe others can help us sort this out? What do y’all think of alfy’s analysis?

      • I don’t know if this means anything but I was reading your comments about the “spiderweb” tattoo and it brings to mind the symbol I’ve repeatedly seen as I’ve been reading the different articles about Loretta Fuddy and the Subud cult. So I typed in “symbol for subud” and sure enough the symbol they use looks exactly like a spiderweb.

    • there is a clip showing Rosa and Jacob and maybe someone else getting in and ambulance,Remember…….so when we see them again they have just flown back to honolulu and are interviewed. Rosa has the same purple sweatshirt she had on at the ambulance and same clothes. Notice too she has her flip flops on……so where exactly did she have her flip flops…she was with out shoes in the water….yet I think she has them on getting into the ambulance and I think Jacob may be seen at the ambulance with tennis shoes on or barefooted, but not with flip flops on like he has when he arrives at honolulu airport with his red hat. Sure some one could have given jacob this hat (but it sure fits like it’s his) and his now blue shirt……but why would they need to do this since it was stated that they went to Molokai hospital and washed and dried their clothes. Did someone give him some flip flops too? Why does he not have his tennis shoes? Things don’t add up at all.

  5. Orly needs help….. do we know some of the classmates?

    • from a comment over there;
      January 17th, 2014 @ 7:19 pm
      Lum – as of LAST UPDATED: 01:58 a.m. HST, Nov 07, 2012
      “The last four years have been hard on him, but it’s been the same way for his friends,” said the 51-year-old Lum, a second-grade teacher at Punahou who had trouble sleeping the night before the election. “I couldn’t sleep. When he is hurting, we hurt, too. I feel for him.”
      Growing up in Hawaii, Obama developed an inner strength — “an underdog mentality” — that the people of Hawaii embrace, Lum said.
      “Resiliency is how you could term his time growing up here,” Lum said. “He was very resilient, and through those times he created some strategies and skills that sway people his way.”
      There are some things the president can’t do anymore, even when he comes home, Lum said. He can’t just walk down the street with his children. He can’t hang out at a park or go bodysurfing at Sandy Beach like he did when he was a teenager — like he did during his first campaign.”

      OK… What did a privledged kid need to be very resillient from?????? “and through those times he created some strategies and skills that sway people his way.” Is this the moment in time he developed psychopath manipulative skills to sway people to “his way”. Or was it when he learned the fine art of control through blackmail?

      Obama bady surfing?????/HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

      • Not as hard on him as on us. I’m just sayin’. He should KNOW “hard”.

        Yep. He was talking about that skill with NLP.

  6. Judge names monitor to oversee Arizona sheriff in profiling case
    Saturday, January 18, 2014 11:15:45 AM · by moonshinner_09 · 12 replies
    Chicago Tribune ^ | January 17, 2014 | David Schwartz
    PHOENIX (Reuters) – A veteran lawman who oversees embattled police departments in Detroit and Oakland was appointed on Friday to monitor the operations of a controversial Arizona sheriff whose deputies had racially profiled Latino drivers. Robert Warshaw, a former police chief in New York and North Carolina, was appointed by a federal judge to enforce a sweeping court order against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a prominent but divisive figure in the national debate on immigration reform. A federal judge ordered Arpaio in May to stop using race when making law enforcement decisions, in response to a lawsuit that tested…

    • Dang, that’s a Phish site!!!!

    • “Gallups stated that when Obama visited Hawaii in 2008 before the presidential election, he visited “two people: his grandmother and Loretta Fuddy.” However, Fuddy was not health department director at that time, as she was appointed by Gov. Neil Abercrombie in early 2011. Dr. Chiyome Fukino had held the position under Gov. Linda Lingle prior to Abercrombie’s election in 2010.”

      How does Gallups know this? Did we ever hear this before?

      • Also interesting:

        She used her mother’s maiden name on Facebook? Remember the Maui county spokesperson: Rod Antone.

        • I know, that’s weird. I tried a google search limited to before Dec 10 and could find no references to Deliana Antone, not even the facebook page. But, as a test I tried a similar search with another name and their facebook page didn’t come up either, although other people’s pages with similar names did. I don’t understand, but I still think it odd she was using two completely different names

          It’s not like she was hiding who she was on her FB page either, she has the Dept of Health link on there and photos with her colleagues.

          • And you allude to this in your article, but Loretta Fuddy, according to HER facebook page went to Sacred Hearts Academy and UH Manoa, Lives in Honolulu and is FROM Honolulu. Deliana Antone went to Molokai High and Intermediate School, no college mentioned, lives in Honolulu but is FROM British Columbia.

            Also, Deliana is thanking people for their birthday wishes on Dec 4 and 5, but according to her obituary her bday is April 12, 1948.

            • This partially explains the “fact” that she has two places of birth. I remember reading early on, somewhere, that she grew up on Molokai. IF anybody can reconcile this, more power to them. Two places of birth and two dates of birth would tend to indicate two different women but …


            D: I511284
            Name: Loretta Jean FUDDY
            Sex: F
            ALIA: Deliana//
            Birth: 4 DEC 1948 in British Columbia, Canada
            Event: Appointed 2 MAR 2011 Director, Hawaii State Department of Health
            Death: of plane crash 11 DEC 2013 in Hawaii

            That is crazy! In the Declaration she was born in Dec.1948 in Canada and then in the narrative below it on the very same page she’s:

            Loretta was born on April 12, 1948 in Honolulu, Hawaii to Lewis Paul Fuddy and Evelyn Mae Antone; she was the 2nd of three children.

            Bizarre and totally par for the course. Was she born in that B.C., C. Unwed Mother’s Home in April and then adopted in December when she was 8 months old?

            Did she screw up her records when she was the boss at the HDOH? Did she forget to retract something?

            What name and date of birth is she going by today? Is she a guy or a gal?

            • Those trees at Rootsweb are researcher supplied. Another drawback: Once submitted, they can’t be corrected. At least it wasn’t possible a few years ago. Whoever made that tree apparently resubmitted a new one, with the “correction”; but didn’t know to fix it in the other place. She’s not old enough for her records to be public record. She wouldn’t be in the 1940 census, for example. So the only way anybody would know her birthdate would be (maybe) the Social Security Death Index, which has been redacted since sometime in Barry’s career as POtuS (for obvious reasons) or if the family supplied the information, citing a birth certificate. Possible, I suppose, that someone found her birth announcement in the paper. I wonder if Canadian birth records are public?


              We discussed that there as well as the discrepancy in the names of the kids. The person who puts out that HUMONGOUS tree updates it somehow, because it’s changed since I saw it when I made that comment. The discrepancy appears to be between the date of birth that person originally had for Loretta and the one in the obit that is copied into the notes. So either the tree was always wrong or her family is putting out disinformation. People OUGHT TO cite sources for their information, but they don’t. Many of these trees are submitted by family members who, it’s assumed, know when their living relatives were born. Since most living people don’t have public records to cite (like a link to a census record 1940 or before), you end up taking their word for it. It’s possible to add a “post-em” to add your own note or you can contact the person who oversees the tree to ask about the discrepancy. (Who dares do that, though?)

          • Papoose, did you also notice that in the Obit they list her as a second of three children, then list 1 brother and 2 sisters?

            • I found this earlier and linked it. This has a 1970 birth date for a “Loretta Jean Trust” alias Loretta J. Fuddy. What I think this might be is a TRUST–a legal entity named after her. What say you? The possible relatives link this to Deliana herself. It’s from a public records search, so might be one of those “typos”.

      • I know, I caught that too. My assumption (unfortunately…and I hope I’m wrong) is that Gallups didn’t really know what he was talking about and had heard or knew that Obama visited the Health Dept and either didn’t know or somehow forgot that Fuddy wasn’t director then.
        UNLESS he knows something we don’t…but I feel like it was just a “fact” he

        maybe pulled out of his arse?

        • He repeats things he “hears” or “reads” and doesn’t seem to do any independent fact checking. When he makes a statement like this, he ought to back it up. I do believe, iirc, that he did say (or it was implied) that Fuddy wasn’t director of health then.

  7. Vernon JARRETT….the dad of william Robert Jarrett the X of Val J

  8. Valerie Bowman Jarrett…. yes, we”ve done this dance before…

  9. More on Fuddy… at the end….it has some about… Fuddy & her Mom
    may also been into Subud…. did we know this …?

    • I wish these guys would get a good editor. It detracts from their argument when they misspell names, especially of key players like Corley. That being said, this is an excellent summary of what’s happened so far.

      • It talks about Obama’s mom and Subud, not Fuddy’s mom, in comments. (Unless I read it wrong.)

      • ~~~ The CRASH & NTSB ~~~~ (above at canadafreepress)

        Loretta Fuddy was one of 9 people aboard the Cessna 208B traveling between the islands of Hawaii on December 11, 2013. She was making a much publicized, well known, annual trip to Kalaupapa, where the state exiled leprosy patients until 1969. That area is accessible only by plane
        or mule.
        By plane, the travel would require travel over the
        ~~~~~~~~ “Alenuihaha channel”,
        ~~~ also known as the ~~~~~“I’ll-end-you, (ha-ha”)~~ channel. ! O

        Out of ALL the places around the Hawaiian Islands for a Water Landing,
        it is the WORST of all possible locations due to the “Wind Funnel” effect
        in the channel. The channel is more than a MILE in depth at its deepest point & is generally regarded as ONE of the
        ~~~~ most treacherous channels in the world ~~~~~~
        by the United States Coast Guard. O ! …(who would of thought?)

        Were it NOT for another aircraft flying in the vicinity of the water landing, it is possible that the passengers of the plane would NOT have been found until they failed to arrive at their destination. Josh Lang & Jaimee Thomson witnessed the Cessna making the water landing & were able to call for help. Within 90 minutes, a C130, two U.S. Coastguard rescue helicopters, one U.S. navy rescue helicopter, & one fire department rescue helicopter were on the scene.

        • It’s interesting and it does somewhat match the early report that the gummint thought the plane would be unrecoverable. But it apparently settled close to shore, on a shelf of land (iirc) and, even though broken by wave action, was able to be salvaged (more or less).

        • Not sure that I accept that Josh and Jaimee just happened to be there; but if not, then I don’t know how they fit into any hypotheses. WERE they even there? We have the photos they claim to have taken, but they don’t seem to match the storyline. I see NO people floating in the ocean, for example. In addition, in some photos there’s NO plane and NO people visible, either. Jaimee is a model and, dollars to doughnuts, an actress, too, if only aspiring, as they all seem to be.

        • ya’ll may know this, and it may not matter, but just so you know Maui’s mayor Arakawa is the mayor with jurisdiction on Molokai. I’m not sure but I feel I was lead to believe Fuddy was THE acting mayor, like they didn’t have a mayor.

          • Good point. And Rod Antone works for him. This is the probable explanation for why SAD’s documents give two places for her marriage to Lolo: Molokai or Maui. Maui is the county that Molokai is within. I read two different narratives about Fuddy being mayor. One said she was mayor of Molokai, being the director of the HDOH, which has jurisdiction, apparently, over that peninsula where the leper colony is/was. The other said it’s just an “honorary” thing, for the same reason.

          • yeah, It just seems like the narrative of Fuddy being acting mayor (probably just over the lepor colony area) and her coming to hear their needs,and then going by Father Damien’s grave (over kill to me) was just to build a story of this wonderful giving person. Molokai is a strange place…there seems to be this pristine out of the way native Hawaiian preserve, but seems like the whole place is subsidized to the hilt. Then there’s Monsanto’s 1,200 or more acres of GMO crops. This island before is where many of the growers like Dole, United fruit , Delmonte were overlords to this sleepy little island. Tree huggers abound . Seems to have all the trappings of Agenda 21. Just a weird place. A mysterious paradise. Governor Lingle lived or grew up there too. And there’s lots of FIRES there too.

            • Does it make sense to anybody that Ann would have married on Molokai? Was it, in the mid-60s, the kind of place that people could/would go to to marry? Not the leper colony, but the rest of the island?

              Was it accessible to tourists, for example?

              Where would they have married? In that priest’s church? In a “native” ceremony?

              Is the index record that we see (provided it’s even legitimate) evidence of a LICENSE or an actual completed marriage ceremony?

              Did they get the license on Maui or was there a courthouse that issued licenses on Molokai itself?

              Back then, there surely was the blood test requirement, so that means days between when the license was applied for and the test results returned (which gives me another thought. Maybe (?) she would have passed a VDRL, but would her potential hubbies?)

              So one could apply for a license (maybe get an index record for the application alone?) and possibly get turned down, or get a license and never marry? Isn’t that possible?

              How do we know that any marriage took place? How would it work, if they got the license on another island, and then went to Molokai (How? By boat?) to get married?

              Would the person who performed the ceremony issue the certificate that went back to Maui to “complete” the process and confirm a legal marriage?

              Lingle had ties to Molokai, too!? Amazing.

          • Oh there’s other old churches on molokai in the same vicinity. Father Damien’s church may not have been the first church even, althought I can’t remember which was first, but there’s two other real old churches, one is a protestant church and i saw where it was completly destroyed by fire, not salvagable i don’t think. I just skimmed the photos and articles, but I thought, wow, how does a lazy little cared for church burn completly out? It burned somewhere around 2007—till now, i can’t remember what date the local molokai paper I was reading said.

          • So I wonder if all the church records burned too? It’s just a hunch….the thought came to mind anyway.

            • Or eaten by bugs. There’s ALWAYS that possibility, too, in the tropics. After all, bugs ate Barry’s school records, too.

          • Back then, in the uS you got a TB test usually and upon visiting Molokai at anytime you got oKed to go via the Health Department so supposing you were getting married on Molokai seems you’d have gotten tested for Leprosy too. Unless you got just the test to go to the island ,so someone might assume they had a marriage liscense if they had their health deartment test. No Clue what I’m saying exactly…..

          • in reference to getting allowed on molokai one must have verification from the HDOH….I posted about that somewhere, and I don’t remember how it was stated, but I assumed the whole island because once there you might go anywhere. By the way…..most of the old airports there were built and run by the army/airforce and were later given back over to the people of Molokai, i forget what years…so even a military plane could have flown someone to molokai???

  10. January 22, 2014

    Jason Kissner:

    “Barack Hussein Soebarkah?”

    “Ann Soetoro and Loretta Fuddy appear to have one very odd thing in common: both have been linked to the Subud cult, which originated in, of all places, Indonesia and was founded by the Javanese Muslim Muhammed Subuh.
    The smallish cult appears to have had, at least circa 2001 and according to this profile of sorts in the Honolulu Advertiser, 20,000 members worldwide. Notice the picture of Deliana Fuddy, then “regional helper” and member of the faith? Let’s return to her Subud status in a second.
    Note also that the World Subud organization seems to have been based in, of all cities….wait for it…Chicago. Indonesia…Chicago…Hawaii… three locales linked to Obama’s life.
    Next, observe that the Advertiser article states that Subud was introduced to Hawai’i in the 1960s (more on this in the conclusion).
    Now to Ann Soetoro. She was linked to Subud by her biographer (and New York Times reporter) Janny Scott (Harvard ’77) in the book A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mother,” reviewed by the New York Times here.
    Loretta Fuddy was more than merely a follower of Subud; she worked her way up the ranks and became chairwoman of Subud USA, based in Seattle from 2006 to 2008, and was known to Subud not merely as Loretta Fuddy, but as “Deliana” Loretta Fuddy. In fact, you can see that in its headline, the official Subud “memorial” page drops “Loretta” and refers simply to “Deliana” Fuddy.”

    • “In the event of death or accident notify (name in full, relationship, street address, city, state)” Ann put simply, “Stanley Armour Dunham, Bank of Hawaii, Honolulu”
      What went on at that bank that the passport officials overlooked no information in lieu of “Bank of Hawaii, Honolulu”?

    • Nick Chase surmising again:

      …Nick Chase has concluded that this signifies that Ann Soetoro had improvidently decided to exclude Barack from her passport renewal. Chase thinks that Soetoro changed her mind about exclusion after having been informed by the Consulate that doing so would leave Barack passportless…

      Quite frankly, the woman was following the procedures in completing the passport section to include (exclude)… its that simple. And that is also why the 1965 and previous passports were destroyed.

      • He could not be included, perhaps, because it was not merely a name change for Barrybut a citizenship change. Maybe if he was included it would mean NOT a renewal but a whole new passport process for Ann.

        • Yes, I see what you’re saying. I am just basing my thoughts on the purpose of that application section and the directions, themselves.

          I imagine that back in in the 60’s when it was drawn up it was being used to make an amending declaration and that yes, if Indonesia did not permit dual citizenship that they needed to nip that in the subud, so to speak.

          I am thinking that since there was an effort to amend, it went like this:
          Include BHO II and Exclude Soebarkah. Somewhere in that space of time they needed to establish the Kenyan person as a minor American.

          And, again, What A Hoot, I appreciate your pulling that SAD DAD next of kin located at the Bank of Hawaii. I have been screeching about it for years! Sum Ting Wong.

      • Also, another note regarding that entry – those strikes going through Include (Exclude) entries were not necessarily made at the time of the application and I would think, there would be notations and an initialed signature if they were in any way pertinent at the time. Seems to me she was merely changing the kid’s name from the original name on the previous passport.

        Nick Chase should read our Blog more thoroughly before he opines.

        • Yep. My sentiments exactly. Haven’t we even seen such INITIALED changes on other records? If she changed her mind, wouldn’t she just get a new blank page or just throw that page away? If you’re making no changes, then you’d just hand in a blank page, right? Why bother? As I said before, if she were INCLUDING him, then there should be an up-to-date photo of the kid in the place provided. Didn’t we determine before that one used to have to go to the passport office to get a photo taken? You didn’t just send in a photo like you can do now. It may be that she was making a name change. That post talks about the passport file. I just found that in a link within the article at American Thinker–the one about Subud, Ann, and Fuddy. It talks exactly about the photograph requirement and it’s supposed to be a group photo, this woman says.

          • From that link:

            “I only asked Mitch Mcconnell to go get the Passport Legal Officer who released this file, to come over to his office and explain how little Barak Obama managed to get on a plane in Hawaii, walk thru customs and immigration, and board a plane for Indonesia, without appearing on his mother’s passport.

            I’m a reasonable person. If there is a logical explanation, I’m sure the Passport Office has one. Children did not travel on separate passports, they traveled as an addition to their parent’s passport. And how hard was it for Ann Dunham to go drive over to the hospital and get the birth certificate?

            How in the heck did she take her son to Indonesia, without a US Passport?”

            I would suggest that either he went there on his father’s passport (an Indonesian one), his own (again, an Indonesian one that Lolo got for him during that year that SAD and Barry waited in Hawaii for immunizations and passports–see his book, iirc), OR little Barry was never in Hawaii in the first place, prior to (perhaps) when he first showed up at Punahou.

        • Somewhere yesterday I posted an really good post on visas and citizenship lots of info it it was perfect for this topic.I haven’t seen where the post went but… has always been able to come and go to Australia with just a visa…if you are an American citizen. And when yu travel from Indo, you go via Australia….remember the two consulate people I posted? They sort of explained that. And remember Barky somewhere mentions he’d been to Australia and how nice the people were…I think he said he was there as a child.

    • Glad to see that people read our blog. HA!

  11. Miri, I recall there were discussions on Loretta when she first took over as DoH, and also I’m sure when she “OK’d the birth certificate release”. In all of that research, did the name Deliana (w or w/o Antone) come up at all?

    • Trying to answer my own question I’ve been going back through the Fuddy-related threads. Found this comment from Eugene in August, 2011…just found it interesting, considering…
      August 8, 2011 at 9:33 pm | Reply
      Is Loretta Fuddy still alive??? 2 weeks ago she “left Hawaii” ; then “no she is really in Hawaii”. Marxists are murderers. Who has seen her ???

    • Not that I recall. Ever. Never. I think we’d remember.

      • Apparently she was always “Deliana” to the Subud community (put Deliana in the search box)

        • Good link, SEO. Notice how Subud is connected to batik and silk artistry and that was SAD’s specialty? So Deliana is Deliana as far back as 2005. I wonder when she first got involved in Subud. Do we know?

        • And who was Marjorie? A second wife to Loretta’s father?
          Marjorie Fuddy, 70, of Kamiloloa, Molokai, a state Department of Health computer programmer, died Sunday Aug 24, 1997. She was born in Leichhardt, Australia.� She is survived by daughters the Rev. Lynette Schaefer, Loretta Fuddy and Cynthia Bunch; sons Philip Golderman and Lewis Fuddy; brother Keith Ireland; sisters Sylvia Laverly and Dollie Bierley, seven grandchildren and a great-grandchild. Scattering of ashes: 10 a.m. tomorrow at Camp Mokuleia.� Memorial services: 4 p.m. Wednesday at Grace Episcopal Church, Hoolehua. No flowers. Donations suggested to Camp Mokuleia Campership Fund.��� [SB 29/08/1997]

          I cannot find Evelyn in the SSDI; Can’t find Loretta either but it may be early for her, Evelyn died in 1973

          • And, I meant to say, can’t find Marjorie either but do find Lewis P Fuddy.

          • She was the second wife of Loretta’s father. The first wife’s name was Antone and she was Loretta’s biological mother. The sister who was a minister on Molokai is the one missing, iirc, from the family tree.

          • Maybe Deliana Antone is LF’s birth name from when the “first wife” gave her up for adoption in BC Canada back in December 1948. Maybe she has an amended Birth Certificate of some sort.

            🙂 🙂 🙂

          • here’s more on ancestry…. 1879 prrtugal Jacinth Antone married in
            Hilo HI Dec 1909 …child was Evelyn Mae Antone 1-25-1925


          • I guess maybe neither Evelyn nor Marjorie needed to sign up for social security? It’s just a little odd to me that neither one shows up in the SSDI.

            • That COULD be the explanation, but … Marjorie was a computer programmer for the HDOH. She didn’t have to pay Social Security?

              “… According to a December Government Accountability Office (GAO) report, SSA systems do not accurately note and confirm the deaths of beneficiaries, resulting in payments being made to dead people—sometimes for decades. …

              The SSA receives and processes death reports from a variety of sources, including states, family members, funeral directors, post offices, financial institutions, and other federal agencies. It’s a big job: In 2012, seven million deaths were reported to the SSA; overall, they manage the death records for some 98 million people.

              The GAO reports that the agency does not verify the death reports from all of its sources. The SSA has no clue how accurate the unverified reports are because, according to the GAO, the agency has “never performed an analysis validating the accuracy of the various sources of death reports.”

              The GAO checked on a random sample of the SSA’s death reports and found problems:

              Notice of about 500 deaths came to the SSA long after the person’s death; in fact 200 were 10 or more years after the fact, meaning that all kinds of benefits could have been flowing unchecked for years.

              Another 150 people were apparently engaged in “back to the future” time travel—their date of death was BEFORE their date of birth.

              Almost 2000 broke or nearly broke Guinness records—living between 115 and 195 years. …”

              It doesn’t help that they have made it hard to verify deaths. What WAS public for decades is now locked up, confounding genealogists, reporters, and researchers, for no reason except (imho) to protect Barry.

    Here’s several of the churches On Molokai. Lots of these are on Molokai, but as you go on some on Maui and Honolulu are on here, but if you look far enough you’ll see the burned out church. it was quite an old church.
    Then in 1929 there was even a Buddist church…still there. Zen buddist…I’ll get that in just a minute.

  13. In comments at ORYR.

    Saska Mare:

    [go to links]

    “Is this the “EARTH SHATTERING NEWS” that Zullo promised us?”

    “How about this?


    This photo is the MOSLEM founder of the Subud Cult (in Indonesia). His name is Mohammed Subud. DOES HIS FACE REMIND YOU OF ANYBODY? BOTH Obama’s MOTHER and Loretta Fuddy (murdered after Hawaii plane crash, and after certifying Obama’s forged birth certificate) are CONFIRMED MEMBERS of this same Indonesian (Islamic) cult.… This is just developing. Loretta Fuddy was a member of the Subud cult (Indonesian origins) in Hawaii — Ann Dunham also associated with Subud cult. The photo is the founder of Subud — Mohammed Subud — resemblance is pretty shocking/striking. I would appreciate any thoughts any of you might have about this.”

  14. David Arquette …. was born in a Subud commune 9 / 8 / 1971 is 42
    which had no electricity, no bathrooms & even no running water in Winchester, Virginia. He is the son of Brenda Olivia “Mardi” (née Nowak), an actress, poet, theater operator, activist, acting teacher & therapist, & Lewis Arquette, an actor. Arquette’s paternal grandfather was comedian Cliff Arquette. David Arquette’s mother was Jewish, the daughter of a Holocaust refugee from Nazi-occupied Poland, & Arquette’s father was a convert to Islam. Arquette’s siblings are actors Rosanna, Alexis (born Robert), Richmond, & Patricia Arquette. The Arquettes had a dysfunctional upbringing, with a mother who was physically abusive & a father who abused substances, mainly marijuana.

    • Yes that area in Winchester Va. is the same place as other stuff you’ve found on the subject. They moved to “——-Royal ” can’t remember but it was Royal something Va.

  15. ~ Personal life …. the Hollywood Web….

    Arquette married actress Courteney Cox on June 12, 1999. Their
    only child, a daughter Coco Riley Arquette, born on June 13, 2004.

    Jennifer Aniston…… (Cox’s Friends co-star) is….. Coco’s Godmother.

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