Trump’s Offer of $5 Million Answered by Obama’s Silence – No Records Released! (Open Thread)

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Did Anyone Expect Obama to Reveal Himself?

With 5 days Left Until the Election?


Donald Trump


Donald Trump’s offer to Obama to release his college records was answered by silence –  except for Obama’s joking snarks on Jay Leno’s show on October 25  that was reported by the Associated Press.

Obama talks Trump, debates, baseball on ‘The Tonight Show’
Oct. 25, 2012

BURBANK, Calif. (AP)  What’s real estate mogul Donald Trump got against President Barack Obama? The president says it’s an old grudge that goes back — way, way back — to their childhood days in Kenya.

“We had constant run-ins on the soccer fields,” Obama told “The Tonight Show” host Jay Leno during a tongue-in-cheek knock on Trump Wednesday night. “He wasn’t very good and resented it. When we finally moved to America, I thought it would be over.”

Obama was given until today to produce his college records or other documents to receive $5 Million Dollars to give to a charity of his choice.    Obama missed the deadline, and Donald Trump just issued a press release via Facebook  about a half hour ago.

The emphasis is mine.

November 1, 2012 – New York, NY

Today, President Obama failed to take advantage of Donald Trump’s five million dollar offer to a charity of the President’s choice by not being transparent and revealing his basic college and passport applications and records.  In addition, the President is spending millions of dollars to continue to keep these records hidden.  Mr. Trump stated, during the time of the offer, that he would have been willing to substantially increase the amount to a much higher number of dollars if the acceptable records were presented.  If the President would have accepted Mr. Trump’s offer, these funds could have provided substantial aid to a variety of great causes including the victims of Hurricane Sandy (separately and unrelated, Mr. Trump is already in the process of supporting the hurricane victims).

Millions of people want to see the President’s college and passport
records and applications because, if the records are different from what the President has said, under the Constitution, he would not be allowed to be President.  For President Obama not to accept five million dollars (or much more) for his favorite charity can only mean one thing — the records are very bad.   Obviously, he wasn’t born in this country or, if he was, he said he wasn’t in order to receive financial aid and in order to have a clear and very easy path into a college or university.  Only a very stupid person would believe otherwise.  There can be no other reason that so much money would not be so easily and routinely collected for charity.

The fact is, this may go down as the greatest con in the history of American politics or, perhaps the greatest con of all time.  Vast numbers of Americans want to know the truth.  When these records actually do surface in the future, people will say, “Donald Trump was 100% correct.”  The Press should no longer protect this President, but should demand immediate transparency!


How Many Will Vote for  Obama Who is a Liar and a Con-man?

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  1. Moving Gordo’s comment from another thread to here.

    “Donald Trump’s Response To President Obama’s Lack Of Transparency”
    Published on Nov 1, 2012 by trump

    • Five million could have gone to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. I heard that Romney wrote a huge check. All Barry had to do was to take Trump’s money. No explanation why he wouldn’t other than: “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.” (Is that the ORIGINAL “Dr. Hodges tell” or what?)

      Oh, good one, Donald–$5 million for the relatives of the VICTIMS of Benghazi.

      No, Donald. People will say “birthers” were right. FORWARD, BIRTHERS!!!!

  2. Moved from another thread.

    Donald hasn’t been silenced by Barbara Walters or the Left.

    H/T CW – Donald Trump extended his offer and challenge to Obama to noon today. Trump has offered $5 million to Obama’s charity of choice for simply releasing his college and passport records. Of course, Obama will not comply.
    And there are reasons.

    As more Americans are discovering due to this challenge, Obama has kept his records hidden with the help of US Justice Department attorneys at taxpayer expense. What most people, including college students did not know, is that Obama attended Occidental on a full scholarship. He was helped by Khalid Al-Mansour financially and with influence to get into Harvard. Mansour worked closely with the Saudis for years to raise money for college students.
    Watch for a Trump announcement today.
    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump I will soon be releasing my response to the fact that President Obama refused to show his applications and records to the public. 1 h

    Donald J. Trump Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump President Obama missed the deadline! 1 h

    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump It’s 10 AM: Two hours to go for Obama to easily pick up millions for charity! 3 h

    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump President Obama, if it is important to you, I will substantially increase the $5M offer! 20 h

    Donald J. Trump Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump President Obama, please take the $5M check for charity tomorrow. It is so easy and could do so much good! 20 hr

    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump There is nothing I would be happier to do than to donate the $5M to a charity of Obama’s choice, once he releases all of his records. 21h

    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump [Oct. 31] The President has until tomorrow at 12 noon to pick up $5M for his favorite charity. Looking like he won’t be doing it. What is he hiding?

  3. Ozero will NEVER release his records. 👿

  4. Rosemary Woodhouse

    I really thought we were going to win. I still hold out hope, but with the storm and the celeb-u-thon on Sunday (sigh) (I didn’t realize Sting said “Obama was sent by god”…little “g”…I refuse..)well, never let a good crisis go to waste and all that chit.

    I have never been a HAARP person, and I still am not. If, GOD (capital G) forbid he does win well, then this storm was…..intentional. Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in heavenly places. In other words, this was NOT man made.


    And then, finally, there will be no doubt as to who he is and who we, as a nation, are…. as is written. (Not to go all LC on y’all 😉 ) and sorry to be a bummer, but I call it as I see it. I PRAY I am wrong. I so dearly want Romney to win, to breathe a huge sigh of relief and get this nation back on track. There is so much work to be done, beginning with getting a non PRAVDA/non government run media and forcing our pols to the realization that the entitlement mentality ends! It must. The Bible truly is the Guide.

    THIS doesn’t have to be The Time. We shall see……

  5. I just checked and it appears the MSM has silenced Donald or Google has put the information in their scrubbed archives. Only one picked up Donald’s press release yesterday. The NY Daily was the only one reporting and they didn’t repeat the Press Release in its entirety. How surprising. Usually whatever he says is headline news. I guess Obama not wanting to release his university records isn’t news to the MSM.

    Trump takes $5M offer to President Obama off the table after deadline expires
    New York Daily News‎ – 10:44 pm

    The Donald promised to pay the money to a charity of the President’s choosing in exchange for him releasing his college records and other paperwork. Obama steered clear of accepting Trump’s proposal. The real estate mogul claims he will be vindicated for his belief that the President wasn’t born in this country — or is lying about it.
    The Obama campaign, which previously ridiculed Trump’s offer, didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

    • What I was hoping for was that The Donald’s next step would be to release whatever it is that he has.

      I love the way they put it: “Obama steered clear of accepting.” Steered clear, as if they KNOW it’s a dangerous obstacle? As if it were wise for him to “steer clear?” The lamestream were sympathetic to calls for Romney to release more tax returns, although it would have seemed more nonpartisan for them to demand the same number of tax returns from Obama, particularly those crucial ones from the 80s and 90s. They never said that Romney “steered clear” of releasing those papers.

      Notice that they deflect from the college and passport records and go back to the “long-form birth certificate” as if it’s a real thing! A real reporter would have mentioned WHY the passport records would be interesting, considering that John O. Brennan’s employee was allegedly involved in “cauterizing” them of “embarrassing information.”

      They do quote Trump’s speculation that Barry lied about being born in Kenya in order to get foreign-student scholarships. I guess reporters wouldn’t go after any Republican candidate who might have done the same thing? Nah!

      The usual suspect is outrageous and disingenuous, but if he were paying attention, he’d know that this Trump offer PREDATES THE HURRICANE:

      ““Good thing there’s no charity that needs $5m right now!” said MSNBC contributor Dave Weigel on Twitter. “Seriously, though, pulling a charity donation stunt when countless fellow New Yorkers are recovering from a disaster is monstrous.””

      What’s MONSTROUS is a partisan hack like Weigel the weasel who’s been complicit FROM DAY ONE!

      ““Why are they not criticizing the president for his continued lack of transparency? Why aren’t they criticizing him for failing to release the information and collecting $5 million from Donald Trump? These are the questions that I see coming from critics,” Cohen said.”

      Good questions, but in the Obamanation, logic and common sense are turned on their heads.

  6. Checking Donald’s Tweets today. Barbara Walters who called him a fool on national television for issuing the $5 million to Obama wanted his star power to help her out on election night. Slap him nationally and then say, “help”, takes some nerve.

    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump .@BarbaraJWalters called my office to ask me to do election night coverage with her–sadly, I won’t be able to do it. 1 h

    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump What is your thought as to why Obama refused millions for charity and did not show his records and applications? 2h

    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump Everybody knows why Obama would not show his college applications — they are just not willing to say! 3h

    Donald J. Trump Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump If I would have offered Obama a billion dollars to show his records, he would have refused. 3 hr

  7. If Republicans take over the Senate, Harry will be silenced by losing his power. He hasn’t worked with the Republicans for 4 years. He has held up valuable legislation and not brought jobs legislation or a budget to a vote. He is a menace to our Republic.

    Reid says he can’t work with Romney
    November 2, 2012, 12:40PM Snip

    Five days before the election, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has ruled out trying to work with Mitt Romney should he win next week.

    “Mitt Romney’s fantasy that Senate Democrats will work with him to pass his ‘severely conservative’ agenda is laughable,” Mr. Reid said in a statement on Friday, trying to puncture Mr. Romney’s closing election argument that he’ll be able to deliver on the bipartisanship President Obama promised in 2008 but has struggled to live up to. [Harry the Liar should be concerned since he was the spreader of unsubstantiated stories that were unquestionably lies about Romney during the election.]

    • What a jerk. And Obama claims that the Republicans won’t work with him and they’re stubborn and that’s why there’s gridlock. One thing we can be sure of: Romney won’t approach working with others as Barry does: My way or the highway. I myself am no fan of compromise for the sake of compromise, however. It’s a matter of standing on principle–like the CONSTITUTION. It’s not negotiable.

      This is hilarious. Four days before election day and Biden accidentally tells the truth in a hilarious Freudian slip:

      There’s never been a day in the last four years I’ve been proud to be his vice president.”

      • That should be highlighted and played over and over! How funny, and it was probably supposed to be a takeoff of MO’s famous statement that she was never proud of America until her husband was nominated.

        Add this to Biden’s statement. His own very words from the debate. ROFL!

        “I always say what I mean,” Biden said with emphasis.

    • Rosemary Woodhouse

      From your keyboard to God’s Throne

      You all obviously know I am a believer, but IRL I am by no means a “religious zealot”. I just know what is written as well as the correlation with what I see unfolding. Who am I going to believe: God’s Word, my own eyes or the media? And if you ever want me to stop, let me know. Thx. RW

      • S’alright with me. Who can argue with His Word? I was thinking about that HAARP stuff last night and trying to decide which is more believable: That a Minion of the Evil One just called it up OR that they used HAARP to cause it OR that it’s just a “natural” event. I also never believed in that HAARP stuff, but this sure was a convenient storm.

  8. Breakdown of people’s emotions and consequences of their situation are being shown in the headlines on Drudge. It will get worse. NY marathon is supposed to run and the citizens are outraged. Millions of people without food, clothing, housing, gas, and he doesn’t stop the run? The marathon brings lots of money to the city, but it will be using police that would be better utilized elsewhere. Is there a brain in Bloomies head? Hotels are housing those left homeless so don’t want the runners.

    Drudge Headlines:

    Drivers Waiting 6 Hours For Gas in NYC…
    Tempers Rise in Wake of Storm…
    ‘They forgot about us’…
    CUOMO: ‘No reason to panic’…
    Utility workers pelted with eggs…
    Mile-long lines, price hits $6…
    Residents Furious RED CROSS Offering Cookies & Hot Chocolate, Not Blankets Or Clothes…
    Two massive generators power NY media, not masses…
    Staten Islanders Plead for Help: ‘We Need Food’…
    ‘Please don’t leave us’…
    VIDEO: Stranded New Yorkers Defecating in Apartment Buildings…

    Non-union crews turned away from NJ…
    Gun Sales Surge In Fear Of Obama Re-Election…

    • Outrage grows over decision to run NYC marathon
      Nov. 2

      As Mayor Michael Bloomberg defended the decision to run the New York City Marathon in superstorm Sandy’s aftermath, a growing number of residents, politicians – and even some marathon runners – blasted the decision and called on the race to be postponed.A backlash grew against Bloomberg’s decision to hold the race on Sunday as scheduled, with some New Yorkers complaining that going ahead with the 26.2-mile race would be insensitive and divert city resources at a time when many are suffering.

      Bloomberg defended the decision to hold the marathon, saying electricity is expected to be restored to all of Manhattan by race day. [Who believes all will be well in 2 days?] On Friday, he said New York has to show that “we are here and we are going to recover.”
      The marathon brings an estimated $340 million into the city. [That is in the good times when people won’t be consumed by the disasters surrounding them.]

    • Breaking News on The Five – The Marathon will NOT take place. Who came to their senses? The People. A backlash from NY citizens harmed by Sandy made Bloomie change his mind.

      • I figured.–sector.html

        Orders from above? Methinks so. Guaranteed that as soon as somebody asked Carney about the “optics” and they found out about the boycott and backlash, Barry knew this might hurt HIM and so ordered his minion Bloomie to call the whole thing off. Money probably promised in return. AFTER the election.

        Here’s part of the explanation. Runners threatened to boycott the race, further embarrassing the idiots who run the asylum:

        “A New York City Marathon boycott is growing after a runner spoke out against the city’s handling of Hurricane Sandy efforts, urging other runners to join her lead.

        Many residents and runners have been critical of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s decision that the ING New York City Marathon will go on, with the New York Post calling it an “abuse of power.” The race is scheduled to continue, but a growing number of runners are pledging not to run and many are choosing to volunteer in clean-up efforts instead.

        One of the leaders of the New York City Marathon boycott movement is Peny Krakoff, The Huffington Post noted. A social worker from Crown Heights, Krakoff has become a vocal critic of the marathon and the city’s handling of it. Krakoff said she intends to use her place in the marathon to gain entry to Staten Island, where the race starts, so she can spend the day volunteering in the community,Gothamist reported.”


  9. Whoa, Biden really messed up this time!

    Biden: ‘There’s Never Been A Day In The Last Four Years I’ve Been Proud To Be His Vice President’

  10. Gasoline situation increasingly dire in days after Sandy
    Nov. 2 Snip

    Jimmy and Barbara Dwyer drove 30 miles to find gas in Manahawkin, N.J., to run their generator at home. Asked how much of a lifeline gasoline is now, Barbara Dwyer said, “When you have no power — and it’s getting really cold now — so you need power. You have no lights, we have no heat.”

    That desperation is why there is so much panic buying at the pump. One fuel buyer said, “This is crazy, it’s like post-apocalyptic scenarios, you know with this gas. It’s as important as food and water to people. It’s a dogfight out here.”

  11. “Wealthy Columbia University Alumnus/Donor: University Told Me Barack Obama Had 2.6 GPA”

    “The source for the 2.6 number is a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur and a Columbia alumnus who maintains good ties with the university.”
    “Obama don’t know much about lots of stuff”

    Published on Oct 29, 2012 by TheObamaFile

    • His “observable smarts?” Hardly observable to the attentive observer.

    • Wealthy Columbia Univ. donor: School told me Obama had 2.6 GPA
      3:56 AM 11/02/2012 Snips

      The shroud over President Barack Obama’s college records — recently spotlighted by Donald Trump’s $5 million challenge — is prompting Americans to share what they’ve got, and The Daily Caller is getting its share of leads, including one story that the president scored a GPA of only 2.6 at Columbia University.

      The 2.6 grade can’t be confirmed, is contradicted by some evidence, and it doesn’t say anything about the courses, professors and associations Obama was immersed in during his two-year stay in Columbia.

      But the source is credible, and he’s contributing to the collective effort by Americans to find out more about their president — who is a champion of a greater role for himself and other government officials in Americans’ personal lives, social norms and career opportunities.

      The source for the 2.6 number is a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur and a Columbia alumnus who maintains good ties with the university. In 2004, after Obama’s successful speech at that year’s Democratic convention, a Columbia University official told him Barack Obama’s GPA, he explained to TheDC. “This person told me that he [Obama] was a pre-law, poli-sci major, had a lot of incompletes, and as best could be determined after sorting through the incompletes, had a GPA of 2.6,” said the businessman, a former Marine Corps combat veteran. The source asked not to be named, but TheDC has verified at least one $2,500 contribution he made to Columbia.

      Obama told author David Maraniss that he earned a B+ GPA in two years at Occidental. But it also clashes with other evidence, including Obama’s observable smarts, and his claim to Maraniss that he earned a GPA of 3.7 at the Ivy League school.

      Charles C. Johnson contributed reporting for this story. [I think this is the same guy that was working for the Blaze who reported on Michelle’s radical background.]

  12. Is this a little too late? Focus suddenly on the waste for the WH parties:

    I’d still like an explanation about how much it costs to give Valerie Jarrett Secret Service protection, upon WHAT BASIS, and who pays for the protection? AND WHY? Who the hell is she that she’s more important than an ambassador in Benghazi?

  13. You know, the LEAST Trump can do is turn the $5 million offer into a BOUNTY for the damned records. For PROOF beyond a reasonable doubt as to who this pResident is.

  14. From that story at the Examiner:

    “Federal law bars universities from releasing former students’ college records without their permission, so Obama’s will likely remain secret until he approves their release.”

    This totally is at odds with what I reporter before about how the media instantaneously had information about that alleged potential bomber in NY recently–the one who went to Southeast MO State University. They had his dates of attendance, etc. HOW did they get them if FEDERAL LAW bars releasing them?

    So the New Yorker broke federal law when they published a “leaked copy” of Bush’s transcript? Did they ever FIND THE CRIMINAL who leaked it?

    • Weren’t they going after Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman’s grades and wanted those released too?

      • Yep, they were. I even think I remember that they got them. This is nothing new. I read all the time about the grades people in the news made and details about where they went to college. We know the grades of Bush and Kerry (although that was a mistake of their own making. They released them by accident with his military records.) Remember how they cited tradition to try to get Romney to release more tax records (which wasn’t even true, btw)? Well, it’s certainly recent tradition to have college transcripts. So let’s see them.

    • federal law did not prohibit records from being released during the years Obama was in any school though. It’s only been the past few years that it has changed, so I wonder if it applies to them…..just like we got Bushes records. Just wonder if that law could be argued and not pertain to students before the law was passed.

      • And if that’s true how come we got Annes records and Obama sr.’s records? Can’t be exactly right.

        • Good point. The colleges released their information, but perhaps they will say it’s because they’re dead. HOWEVER, I clearly remember in one of the court cases that they still extended privacy to Ann’s records, even though she’s dead. Why? Because what they say would prove whether or not she gave birth to any son in Hawaii, when they claim she did.

      • They stole Bush’s records and released them. Somebody did, at least. Stole them, I mean. A minion at the college, probably. Kerry accidentally released his own, when he released his military records. They PRESSURE Republicans to release everything. They IGNORE it when DemoncRATS refuse. Remember, too, that in all these ineligibility cases, they’ve ruled that either we don’t have standing or the records are private, etc. However, look how quick that judge was to release Romney’s testimony in a private sealed divorce case, when the DemoncRAT obot toadie argued that what he said under oath in a 20-year-old case is critical for the public to know.

        There’s NOTHING in the Constitution about candidates testifying under oath (although obviously if perjury could be PROVED, it would disqualify someone). However, there are very CLEAR REQUIREMENTS in the Constitution for ELIGIBILITY for the presidency, requirements that BARRY HAS NEVER PROVED THAT HE MEETS. All the objective evidence found by reporters, bloggers, researchers, private detectives, etc., over the past 4 years casts doubt upon his eligibility. (Most critical is his own publisher saying, in his official biography, for over 16 years, through numerous revisions, that he was BORN IN KENYA!)

        NO INDEPENDENTLY OBTAINED EVIDENCE PROVES HIS ELIGIBILITY. It all lacks provenance. NONE of it has been presented to any judge in the court cases, because that would be a crime if it’s not legitimate (which we know it’s not).

        The lamestream refuses to vet Obama. Why? Because they KNOW he’s a fraud.

  15. If Barry was a B+ student, which he admits to so it was probably lower, even so, he would NOT have been one of the top several students at Columbia. NEVER. And they admit that they lowered standards to admit minority students. NO WAY was BARRY among the TOP students at Columbia with only a B+ average. No way.

  16. Is Bloomie now trying to make up for endorsing Obama by doing stupid things to make Barry’s response look bad?

    Nevertheless, it’s good that he’s linked with Barry in people’s minds at this critical point. NY’ers are livid that Bloomie’s going on with that marathon. Now Drudge reports that people who took shelter in NY hotels are being kicked out of the rooms by marathoners! They’re using two huge generators to run events for the marathon, instead of using them to help victims. Staten Island, where many died and where people have no food and say they’re afraid that they’re going to die?

    That’s where the marathon BEGINS! They always tie up the bridges with runners, too, so how’s that going to impact people needing to get in or out of the city, with the subways flooded or not running?

    Are these people IDIOTS or what? It’s beyond belief.

    • Kevin DuJan:

      “DOOM ANTIDOTE: How the NYC Marathon could be the biggest mistake Democrats ever make.”

      “Chaos In The City That Thinks They Are Smarter Than You.”

      • We really shouldn’t help them when they’re on the verge of doing something incredibly stupid. Let’s stand back and allow their total cluelessness sink them. The WH calls it “a local issue”.

        After usurping the role of state and local officials to supply disaster aid (who runs the state militia?), Barry suddenly thinks the marathon and diversion of relief supplies is a “local issue”?


        As for NYC, what difference does it make if he does manage to get the electricity back on in Manhattan? Are they prioritizing Manhattan for that marathon? In any case, electricity or not, there are still HOMELESS and hungry people and there are still people MOURNING the loss of their loved ones. Is it appropriate, all things considered, to have an event like that marathon?


      Breitbart says Bloomie diverted FOOD meant for hurricane relief to the marathon, too. Some even point out the number of first responders needed to secure that marathon who might be needed elsewhere to, like, look for bodies.

      • Staten Island Borough President Jim Molinaro blasted Mayor Bloomberg’s decision to divert needed supplies from Staten Island to this Sunday’s New York City marathon
        Bloomberg’s decision to divert needed supplies, were they supply’s from FEMA diverted to the New York City Marathon? If so Heads should roll over this.

        Obama say’s this is a state issue? “If” he was allowing FEMA emergency supply’s meant for the victims of Sandy such as generators, water, ect. too have been diverted to the New York City Marathon via Bloomberg heads should roll. FEMA is FEDERAL. FEMA supply’s are meant for FEDERAL EMERGENCY’S. It is the discretion of the PRESIDENT where FEMA supply’s are needed, and then sent too the states in need. So if these were FEMA supply’s Obama must have approved FEMA emergency supply’s too Bloomberg for New York City Marathon via Bloomberg’s request. If this is the case many people need too answer too this, because laws have been broken. Also, under FEMA the rate FEMA pays too haul emergency freight during a national emergency nearly triples. So not only are the victims of Sandy being deprived of emergency aid that was meant for them, Bloomberg was willing too also tax them and US for the extra costs that were involved so he could enjoy what he and other liberals they hate so much capitalism that the New York City marathon would have brought too the city.

        • It took weeks for the FBI to go to Benghazi. It took hours, too late to help anybody, for military teams to get to Benghazi. All they did was collect the corpses (but not sensitive documents). It took a week for Barry to go to Joplin, after over 158 people died in that tornado. It took Big Sis mere HOURS to rush to Staten Island as soon as the uproar and anger of its residents were reported on Drudge. It took mere hours for somebody who claims it’s a local issue to order Bloomie to cancel that race, because it made Barry look bad. It took mere days for Barry to come out with an ad for the Red Cross (which the New Yorkers are excoriating for offering cookies and hot chocolate instead of real help. An ad that looks very suspiciously like a campaign ad and which made me wonder WHO PAID FOR IT? The Red Cross, which famously was alleged to have misused donated funds after 9/11.

          • Did you see that telethon last night for the victims of Sandy? Again, my first thought was: Why don’t these RICH narcissists just quietly write huge checks to the funds, like Romney did, and then stop preempting our favorite shows to put on a show designed to make us all praise them for their “compassion” while they try to get US to give money. Their contribution being simply showing up so we can admire them? Guess what? They used assets to put on this show that might have helped the stricken.

            “In Michael Bloomberg’s Manhattan, just as in Barack Obama’s Washington, D.C., the political and media elite seem to think that talking about something, holding a press conference or televising a party amounts to doing something to solve a problem.

            The residents of Staten Island, desperately in need of food and power generators three days after Hurricane Sandy hit, know differently.

            So far, neither the Red Cross nor the supposedly “new and improved” Federal Emergency Management Administration have provided them with much assistance, if any.

            Meanwhile, NBC executives have made the situation worse for Staten Island residents. NBC has decided to divert needed supplies and power generators away from Staten Island and to their Manhattan studios, where” they broadcast “a star-studded party/fundraiser Friday night. … Here’s a common sense idea no one at NBC apparently considered: Why not host the event at NBC studios in Los Angeles rather than New York City? By insisting the event be broadcast from New York City, NBC executives and the participating stars are getting in the way of — indeed they are making more difficult — the provision of assistance to thousands of people on Staten Island who are in need right now.”

  17. “Voting’s the best revenge.” Revenge? Revenge against Romney. For what? For daring to run against The One?

  18. Obama is cheesy – she got that right! Love the operational motto!

    Poser of the United States: The Photo-Op Presidency

    The official Obama 2012 campaign slogan is “Forward. The operational motto of the Obama administration is “Cheese.” As in “say cheese.” From hollow Greek columns to strategically released Situation Room candids, the Paparazzi President has put self-serving optics above all else.

    What did we get after four long years of expertly staged Kabuki-theater-meets-Potemkin-village productions? Sixteen trillion dollars in debt, a pile of dead bodies, troops at increased risk and a gallery of tax-subsidized Kodachrome pictures creating the grand illusion of leadership.
    America can’t afford another four years of empty gestures and exploitation at the expense of our economic and national security. It’s time for the poser-in-chief to exit stage left.


    “Campaigning in Iowa, October 24, 2012, President Barack Obama said, in front of God and everybody, that he’s no flip-flopper: “There’s no more serious issue on a presidential campaign than trust. Trust matters. … You know that I say what I mean and I mean what I say. … And you can take a videotape of things I said ten years ago, twelve years ago, and you can say, ‘Man, that’s the same guy.'”

    How about four years ago…or five years ago?

    The tendentiously recreant hacks in the fourth estate aren’t going to risk their standing with the port-listing elites to accept Obama’s videotape challenge. But that is why we are all journalists now. (Calling him “President Flip Flop” in April, The Right Sphere provided what amounts to a dozen pages of topically sorted, fact-checked examples of Obama flip-flops.)

    From among the many Obama tergiversations and reversals that could be provided on subjects great and small, one “evolution” in particular begs scrutiny. This example is sort of a twofer, because embedded in the videos that reveal this unusually venal flip-flop is an especially vile prevarication — a lie which illustrates that the campaign for president by the first-term senator from Illinois was far more about the audacity of Obama than the audacity of hope.

    Lies like snow…”

    Rest at the link.

  20. Smile….
    Canada Beefing Up Border Patrol In Event Romney Wins Presidential Election
    Nov. 2 Snip

    CANADA, (The Global Edition) — Governor Romney’s surprising victory in first Presidential debate between President Obama and the Governor has had a surprising effect on the United State’s neighbors to the north, North American media reports. The border police gave out a warning about “a flood of American liberals seen sneaking across the border into Canada“, which sparked calls for increased patrols to stop the illegal immigration.

    Media outlets report that the possibility of a Romney Presidency has prompted the exodus among left-leaning citizens who fear they’ll soon be required to “hold down a job, hunt, pray, and agree with Bill O’Reilly.”

    Canadian border farmers noted that dozens of sociology professors, animal rights activists and Unitarians crossed their fields last night. “I went out to milk the cows yesterday, and there was a Hollywood producer huddled in the barn,” said Manitoba farmer Red Nesterenko, whose acreage borders North Dakota. The producer was cold, exhausted and hungry. “He asked me if I could spare a latte and some free-range chicken. When I gave him some fresh warm goat milk he tossed his cookies and left. Didn’t even get a chance to show him my screenplay, eh?”

    In an effort to stop the illegal aliens, Nesterenko erected higher fences today, failing to stop the liberals who dug under them. Mr. Nesterenko also tried installing speakers that blast Rush Limbaugh across the fields. “Not real effective,” he said. “The liberals still got through but many were crying as they ran through the corn fields.”

    • Ha! Funny.

      This is a story that will make you mad:

      As we feared, the troops being prevented from voting.

      “TAMPA BAY, Florida – Local service members who have spent years serving the country are discovering this fall that they aren’t allowed to vote in the presidential election.

      Valrico resident and Navy Captain Peter Kehrig, who has been abroad for five years tells 10 News he feels cheated by a system that removed him from the rolls.

      Florida State Law requires county supervisor of elections offices to perform regular “maintenance” on its voter rolls to eliminate voters who have been convicted of felonies, moved out of the county, or may have died.

      Voters who miss two consecutive general elections (2010 and 2008, for instance) are mailed a letter to their residence warning them they will be removed from the rolls. But since the post office only forwards mail for six months, Kehrig never got it.”


    “Michael Barone, the seasoned precinct-by-precinct analyst who has anchored Fox News election coverage for years, has made a bold prediction: not only will Mitt Romney win the presidency on Tuesday, he will win it in a landslide. Barone says that Romney will win Indiana, North Carolina, Florida, and Virginia, of course. But then he calls the following states for Romney: [Ohio, Iowa, New Hampshire & Wisconsin]”

  22. Now what happens?
    White House blasted for classified information leaks
    Citizen grand jury accuses administration of using secrets to bolster political standing
    Nov. 2 Snip

    Members of a citizen grand jury meeting in Ocala, Fla., have produced a multi-count indictment alleging Barack Obama and Joe Biden failed to protect the secrets of the U.S. and its allies. The jury concluded “loose lips” led to the deaths of dozens of members of the U.S. military and the imprisonment of a Pakistani physician who helped locate Osama bin Laden.

    “The information leaked was done so intentionally and wantonly without regard to, or concern for, the national security of the United States and whose only purpose was to bolster and promote Defendant Obama’s and Biden’s political agenda, and harm U.S. national security,” the indictment charges.

    The examination of Obama White House activities over recent days was assembled by attorney Larry Klayman, a former Justice Department prosecutor.

  23. Taitz V Obama Hearing Held in CA Superior Court in Santa Ana
    GeorgeM at 3 November, at 03 : 43 AM Snip

    Motion to compel release of Obama’s college records denied, as was everything else. Dismissed with prejudice. Taitz was sanctioned for $4000….

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio stuff painstakingly documenting birth certificate as a fraud is “hearsay (!!!!)

    • Whatever any law officer testifies to or submits reports on, then, is hearsay.

      If the issue was incorrect issuance of the subpoenas, then why would a judge dismiss WITH PREJUDICE?

      At Orly’s site, she says she understands that the Occidental application and registration records were DESTROYED already.

      One of my supporters sat nearby and heard everything. As I sat at my spot across the isle, Botterud told Rudd “Courts don’t like to rule on things that do not exist”. My understanding is that this record does not exist. When he said that the courts do not like to rule on things that do not exist, he clearly indicated that this record does not exist and the judges know about it. … I feel like I am in Nazi Germany in 1930s.”

      Yeah, we do, too, Orly. It’s an amazing indictment of this government by a woman who knows a communist dictatorship when she sees one!

      “Also, suddenly, after conducting trial and allowing all the testimony of Irey and Papa, the judge in Indiana rubber stamped the proposed piece of garbage from the treasonous and antiAmerican Attorney General and ruled that she wants to vacate trial that already took place and strike down the testimony of all the witnesses who testified that Obama is using the name not legally his and who testified that his birth certificate is a clear computer generated forgery. Luckily, we have their testimony on audio tape, I asked for the official transcript for the appeal, they quoted me $700 for the transcript.”

      So more scrubbing/destruction of the records. Just “vacate” the trial so there’s NO HISTORY OF THIS TESTIMONY FOR FUTURE CITIZENS OF THE USA, IF THERE ARE ANY TO READ THE HISTORY OF THESE SAD TIMES.

      It’s not clear that they destroyed the Occidental records; it’s possible that they NEVER existed because he, whoever he is, never went to Occidental. Or that the person whose records are at Occidental is not the same person who claims he went there, so it may be true that no records exist there FOR THIS PRETENDER, because those records belong to the person whose identity he stole. If this is known to the judges, then this truly IS a conspiracy. As Orly said,

      “We are a nation occupied.”

      In which case, Tuesday will be a sham and Kabuki theatre, too.

  24. John Drew:

    “How I Confronted Obama Biographer David Maraniss”

    “I pushed the envelope of citizen-journalism a little further this week by introducing myself to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Maraniss. According to Maraniss, his research for Barack Obama: The Story took him to Hawaii, Indonesia, and Kenya. Unfortunately, he did not have the time to Google search me or review any of the five books, multiple blog posts, YouTube videos, or hundreds of websites that feature my take on young Obama’s ideological extremism.”

  25. November 1, 2012


    “President Barack Obama has sealed his college records to cover up shocking lies and scams, GLOBE has learned. Sources claim Obama registered as a “foreign” student to get special breaks and scammed schools out of aid, basically stealing money. And a “college pal” claims student Obama used and sold cocaine. Learn all about the shocking revelations only in the new GLOBE.”


    “The old Divider-In-Chief returned with a vengeance when in the middle of an attack on Mitt Romney he told a crowd at a campaign rally to stop booing and, ” Vote! Voting’s the best revenge!”

    What he obviously meant was that voting is the best revenge against Mitt Romney.

    What kind of divisive, ugly rhetoric is this coming from a sitting president? It’s easy to sympathize with the fact that Obama’s record gives few reasons for anyone to vote for him; and that for that reason, he’s been forced to attempt to destroy his opponent with a half-billion dollars in negative ads — but now the President of the United States is publicly telling a crowd of Americans to vote for revenge. And not just revenge, but revenge against another American.

    But what else are we to expect from apresident who spent weeks on binders, Big Bird, birth control, and bull shit — the president whose surrogates have used the word “felon” to describe Romney and accused him of murder?

    This behavior isn’t just unpresdiential, it’s un-American.”

    Romney answered this:

    “VIDEO TEXT: “11.02.2012”

    ** PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: “And at the time the Republican Congress and a Senate candidate by the name of Mitt Romney—no, no, no, don’t boo, vote. Vote. Voting’s the best revenge.” (President Barack Obama, Remarks, Springfield, OH, 11/2/12)

    VIDEO TEXT: “11.02.2012”

    ** MITT ROMNEY: “Instead I ask the American people to vote for love of country.” (Mitt Romney, Remarks, West Chester, OH, 11/2/12)”

    • “When I read the blow-by-blow account of what happened, I was in tears. The revelations that have come out since have only served to enrage me. You don’t have to be a soldier or have loved ones who are in the military to feel deeply betrayed by this event. You don’t have to be a Republican. You don’t have to be an independent. You just have to be an American. The truth about Benghazi penetrates to one’s soul.”

      Exactly how I feel.

  27. This was sent from a friend in PA. It’s a great ad/commercial. Please watch and pass it along.

  28. kitty… I watched…… defendingthedebt……above….. in my life time!?!
    CHINA….. So NOW they WORK 4 US!! mindblower… F-ed UP!
    PRAY…..4 MITT Pray 4 barry 2 B Jailed soon….. disgusting ..2012

    • Four years later and we’re only now meeting the Obamas? This is nauseating. Do they have a similar article so we can “meet the Romneys?” I’m always amazed by how fashion forward! Mooch is. I mean, back to the future. 1950s house dress or what? Paging Barbara Billingsley (although June kept her upper arms tastefully covered). The USUAL photoshopped images. OMG.

      • Look at the youngest child, being dressed like Mooch…how gauche. Pray the children don’t follow in their mom’s six-toed footsteps. House dresses were prettier, so were rugs, and drapes than the dress the woman in our house is wearing. She is definitely the first woman in our house that has absolutely no redeeming fashion sense no matter how the left tries to lie about it. I can’t imagine which dresses of hers will make it to the Smithsonian. I would prefer a space to indicate her spot. Remember the gaudy lime green and gold she wore for inauguration. It reminded me of the film the Exorcist…and the spew that went forth from the possessed.

        • It’s bad enough that Mooch is so far behind the times, but now she’s making a laughing stock out of the kids, dressing them that way. She’s channeling Jackie Kennedy, but Jackie had much better taste and her clothes were appropriate to HER time–the Sixties. Mooch dresses as if it’s still the Fifties.

  29. Ronald Jay Polland [Polarik]:

    “Obama Revealed More Than His Birth Certificate Last Year”

    “The White House wanted to prove that Obama’s citizenship was “a settled issue.” They wanted to prove that Obama’s birth in Hawaii was “a settled issue.” Finally, and most importantly, they wanted to prove that Obama’s presidential eligibly was “a settled issue.”
    The only issue that Barack Obama and his White House staff had settled was that he used a fake birth certificate image to convince voters that he was born Hawaii, that he is an American citizen, and that he is eligible to be president.
    But Obama cannot be president. He is an imposter and usurper who refuses to provide any concrete evidence of his born identity, his birthplace, his citizenship, his parents’ names and citizenship, or his own eligibility. If these were made public, they would prove that Obama is usurping the office he now holds.”

  30. These polls that say it’s tied are truly troubling. How is it possible, based upon the past four years, based upon the shellacking in 2010, based upon the events in Wisconsin with the recall, based upon what we SEE with our own eyes (tens of thousands rally for Romney and only hundreds of paid supporters for Barry)? It’s NOT possible but they are likely leaning on the pollsters to force them to present the illusion that it’s plausible that Barry wins and doesn’t STEAL the election Tuesday.

    They’re already filing suits with their usual shenanigans. Got a judge to extend early voting in a county in Florida:


    “The Secret Service appears to be playing politics by ignoring threats of riots and violence against Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney made by leftist filmmaker Michael Moore and the liberal group MoveOn.

    The threat was made via a web ad video released earlier this week in which Moore and MoveOn hide behind elderly women who make scripted terrorist threats against Romney and the nation over the presidential election.

    One woman is shown inciting riots if Romney defeats Democratic party President Barack Obama, “I want the Republican party to know, if your voter suppression throughout this beautiful country enables Romney to oust Barack Obama, we will burn this mother****** down!” (Expletive edited from original.)

    Another woman says she’ll attack Romney in his genitals, “If the Republicans steal this election, I am going to track down Mitt Romney and give him the world’s biggest ****-punch. What’s the matter sonny, you never heard that phrase, ****-punch? Right in the *******.” (Expletives deleted from original.)

    Several phone calls to the Secret Service public affairs office about the threat to Romney, who is under their protection, over the past few days have not been returned. Detailed messages of inquiry were left with the voicemail of spokesman George Ogilvie.

    A search of news sites shows no articles reporting a Secret Service investigation in to the threat. … “

  32. Read this to learn how well polls can be run in Texas. NOT! The NAACP illegally takes over a polling station, goes into the building, hands out water and tells people how to vote, and moves people to the front of the lines. Judges who were advised all this was unfair and illegal simply ignored the complainant.

    Illegal? Yes. Does anybody care? Apparently not, so long as it all benefits Obama.

  33. Bloomie bans National Guard from NYC because they carry guns. Barry bans air support and armed security guards from Benghazi because they carry guns. No wonder Bloomie endorses Barry. Another brilliant move by Bloomie–turn down help for political reasons.

  34. And here’s how they plan to steal it and they will probably get away with it, as they have in the past, and as they also get away with gross violations of campaign finance laws:

    “Democrat Jim Turner, who lives in North Carolina, stated on Facebook that he had voted four times already and plans on voting again. Another woman was offered to vote in the same state after voting in Tennessee.

    The democrat explained that he proudly voted illegally “to save our country from the world envisioned by Mitt and his fear mongering followers.” You can read the original post below: …”

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