Blackberry Brambles: Tales of Obama’s LFCOLB, Part Two

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In part one of my analysis, A Tangled Web: Tales of Obama’s LFCOLB, I introduced you to Savannah Guthrie, who remains, so far as we know, the only member of the media who claims to have actually seen, touched, and photographed the original paper document that is said to be a certified copy of Barack Hussein Obama II’s original long-form certificate of live birth (LFCOLB).  No other member of the media has come forward to say she or he has examined the document.  In addition to logical inferences anyone can derive from the back-and-forth conversation during the news gaggle, Jake Tapper of ABC News later wrote,

At an off-camera gaggle with reporters this morning, [White House Communications Director Dan] Pfeiffer held up a certified copy of the President’s original Certificate of Live Birth. A copy is now on the White House website. [Emphasis added.]

This further evidence backs up my assertion that other reporters saw the certified copy only when Pfeiffer held it up and flashed it from a distance at the press conference. The copy posted on the White House (WH) website, in Portable Document Format (PDF) form, is referenced below.  Being a digital image, it is insufficient.  In fact, it’s useless as evidence because no citizen could possibly use an image on a website as proof of identity or citizenship, much less natural born citizenship.

Reporters were given one-sided copies of the LFCOLB, printed out on what looks like white paper.  No reporter but for Guthrie says he or she was allowed to view the original up close and personal, or to photograph it.

Savannah Guthrie, lawyer and NBC journalist–who attended Georgetown University Law Center and probably knows very well the incoming White House Counsel, Kathryn Ruemmler–claimed that she photographed the LFCOLB and even felt the “raised seal” on it. Below are her photographs:

Photo 1

Photo 2

Click to enlarge.

Guthrie said that on April 27, 2011, “today,” she took two photos.  In the White House?  She didn’t specify.

Unfortunately, the metadata from the photos contain no date/time stamps. Below is a transcription of the EXIF data for the second photo (the one showing the full LFCOLB):

Flash: No flash function
File: 450 x 600 JPEG 92,237 bytes
Image compression 88% (versus 113,506 bytes; compression 86% for photo #1)
Camera Model Name:
Orientation: Horizontal (Normal)
Software: Rim Exif Version 1.00a
Y Cb Cr Positioning: Centered
Exposure Time: 0
Exif Version: 0220
Date/Time Original:
Components Configuration: Y, Cb, Cr, –
Exif Image Size: 600 x 450
Modification Date:
Subject Distance: 0 m
Light Source: Unknown
Flash: No flash function
Color Space: sRGB
Device Setting Description: (0 bytes binary data)
Resolution: 72 pixels/inch
File type: JPEG
MIME Type: image/jpeg
Exif Byte Order: Little-endian (Intel, II)
Encoding Process: Baseline DCT, Huffman coding
Bits Per Sample: 8
Color Components: 3
File Size: 90 kB (versus 111 kB for photo #1)
Image Size: 600 x 450
Y Cb Cr Sub Sampling; YcbCr4:4:4 (1 1)
Shutter Speed: 0

Software: Rim Exif Version 1.00a apparently means that the photo was taken with a Research in Motion Blackberry–the same device Anthony Weiner used to snap photos for his most unfortunate tweets.

The first photo raises several questions:  Why is it cropped just above where the alleged raised seal should be seen on the document?

The seal is cropped out of view in the only photo that’s a close up.

Why is the color of the paper so off? It should be bright green security paper, but looks gray-green, at best. Don’t Blackberries capture color accurately? Or does this happen because there’s no flash function?

The first photo indeed appears to be a photograph of a paper document, because the paper seems distorted by the angle from which the photo was taken. That is, what should be parallel straight lines are not parallel. Would or could any other method of imaging produce that result?

One of our ever-helpful commenters, bdwilcoxreported that the photos were downsized, with reduced resolution, and the EXIF data was modified. Any reader with expertise in “metadata” is welcome to interpret the data transcribed above. (Share it in comments, below, or use the contact box at the top, for a private message.) My own research shows that there are many software programs available for changing or removing what was originally captured in EXIF data, including dates.

The second photo, the photo of the full document, also raises questions: Why is it so dark?  Too reminiscent of the infamous FactCheck photos of the questionable Obama short-form certification of live birth (SFCOLB).

Again, why is the green paper so gray? With ordinary room lighting, would a photo taken by a RIM Blackberry look so–let’s face it–bad?  But it, too, appears to be of a paper document because the paper seems bent in places, from being handled.

Take a look at that photo again, after modification of the contrast and brightness:

Now you can see that the document appears to be placed on a wooden table, next to a stack of other papers. An oriental-style rug is visible in the lower right-hand corner, beneath the table (again reminiscent of a FactCheck photo).

Zoom in and look closely at the papers in the stack to the left of the document. Do they not also appear to be pages of green, cross-hatched security paper, or do my eyes deceive me? Odder still, under magnification, the table itself appears to have a pixelated, cross-hatched pattern, quite like the pattern on the security paper.

Judith Corley, Obama’s personal lawyer, hand-carried two certified copies of his original LFCOLB back to the WH (if you believe the story). But there appears to be more than one (other) page of security paper in that stack on the left. How could this be? Does the WH staff keep a stock of green, cross-hatched security paper on hand?

I’m open to other explanations.  Is this a photographic anomaly? Can colors bleed over onto other objects within a digital photograph? Can patterns?

The document in Guthrie’s photo is wider than the image in the WH PDF, which is cropped on both sides. Guthrie’s photo of the document is not actually a full view of the paper (again reminiscent of FactCheck) which can be seen by comparing it to the WH image, below. She cut off the top and bottom of the document (if she photographed the same item represented by the WH PDF).

WH PDF in JPEG form

A question for technically savvy readers: Does that paper actually rest upon the table, or does it look more as if it was superimposed upon a photograph of a wooden table? I ask because to me it looks as if it’s floating in space, perfectly straight, above the table.

Now look closely at the edges of the “paper” in Guthrie’s image. They are very, very sharp. The stack of papers casts quite a shadow. Zoom in to see how the edges of the document itself do not pixelate.

Why are there flares of light along the edges of the paper, especially on the right side? (See full image above.) The light comes from which direction?

Going by the shadow thrown by the stack of papers, the document looks as if lit from the left; but there’s light along the lower right side as well as the lower left.  Granted, these effects appear only after the brightness and contrast are changed, but something looks strange.  Notice the bright light on the table surface, which does not seem to extend across the paper itself.  Notice how the light that falls along the lower right-hand edge of the paper seems not to strike the table.  How strange.

Refer to the full image:  Does the perspective look right? Does the paper look too large? Closer to you, the viewer?

Now let’s look at that “raised seal,” which becomes apparent only when the contrast and brightness on the image are radically changed.

See it? Right there!

You can indeed see something that looks like a seal on that image, but merely a hint of the outside circle of the seal, not any of the details that are crucial for proving whether or not it’s a legitimate embossed seal of the state of Hawaii.  That’s a cropped section, enlarged by 230%. The “seal” looks more like a ring left by an errant coffee mug!

If this is truly an embossed, raised seal that Guthrie could feel, then why did so little of the embossing catch the light? Just that ring. Very little of the center. No way to compare it to the official seal of the state of Hawaii. Convenient.

As usual, our friend and fellow blogger butterdezillion has done an excellent analysis of that darned seal.  butterdezillion points out that the seal is a different size than the seal supposedly embossed on the FactCheck SFCOLB. And so it is. Easy to see. Just count the crosshatches between the top and bottom of each seal. Different size.

Surely the Hawaiian Department of Health (HDOH) uses uniform seals when they emboss, even if there are multiple embossers, in order to be official.  Surely there are uniform specifications for the seal.

The “raised seal” is practically non-existent in the WH PDF and it is truly non-existent in the copy posted by the AP, replicated from the one-sided papers handed to the media.  (See images above for comparison.)

Guthrie’s photograph could be a photo of a printout made from the WH PDF; and the WH PDF itself could have been put together from scanned images, at least one of which was a scan of an actual piece of paper that contained an embossed seal, but not necessarily any document belonging to Obama.

In other words, she may have taken a photograph of a printout made from a PDF that came from a scan of a document that had a raised seal on it. It does appear to be a photograph of a paper document, because of the dimpling that appears on the page, from handling. The process may have gone like this:  PDF created, printed out, then the printout was photographed by Guthrie. In which case there was no raised seal to feel, unless somebody put one on it at the WH.

However, since Guthrie says she felt a raised seal, perhaps the process was reversed. She may have photographed a document with a raised seal (but not necessarily the seal of the state of Hawaii, especially since the entire center of the seal is missing in her photo.  A circular “seal” is there, but barely embossed.)

Whatever that piece of paper was, perhaps it was scanned (before or after the photo session) to create the WH PDF. If so, the embossing must have been very light indeed, since the scanner didn’t pick out any details.

The image, for some reason, was cropped in the WH PDF from the full width evident in Guthrie’s photo; and Guthrie’s photo, for some reason, cut off the top and bottom of the document, evident by looking at the WH PDF.

Does Savannah Guthrie have a clue what the official seal of the state of Hawaii looks like? Miss Tickly, another fellow blogger, asked her; but so far she has not responded.

Anybody can go to a stationary supply store and buy a contraption that will emboss paper with an official-looking seal.

What do you make of that stack of paper sitting on the table, next to what Guthrie claims is the official, certified LFCOLB? Paper that looks like the security paper used for COLB’s, (unless my eyes deceive me).

butterdezillion has shown that the seal on Guthrie’s LFCOLB is a different size from the seal on the FactCheck blog SFCOLB, when logically, they should be the same size. (btw, the FactCheck “seal” does not match the official seal of the HDOH, either.)

But there is one similarity between Guthrie’s LFCOLB and FactCheck’s SFCOLB:  There seems to be a lighter impression along the bottom of the circle on each seal.

Guthrie seal – bottom only

FactCheck SFCOLB seal – bottom only

From these facts one can conclude that

  • the embossing machine at the HDOH has a problem, meaning that it always fails to completely indent the seal right along the bottom edge (in which case there ought to be other examples we can compare to) and somehow it can also emboss two different size circles; or
  • the “seal” was cut and pasted from another document and in the process mistakenly was enlarged or made smaller (LFCOLB versus SFCOLB); or
  • perhaps the embosser with the problem is the one purchased for this purpose alone. Used perhaps twice. To deboss rather than to emboss. See Miss Tickly’s post about the issue of debossment versus embossment.

Based upon butterdezillion’s experiments, as well as images of other Hawaiian COLB’s extant on the Internet, if the seal of the state of Hawaii was indeed impressed upon the paper in Hawaii, by Hawaiian officials, to certify its authenticity, and later on photographed by Guthrie, then the full image of the seal should be readily apparent in her photograph. But it’s not apparent.

During the news gaggle, Pfeiffer was asked whether or not the LFCOLB he held up had a stamp on it. Instead of answering that question, he spoke about the seal. Did he intend to focus reporters’ attention on that seal so they would believe that it proved the document’s authenticity?

Sleight of hand?  A magician’s trick?  Pay attention to the seal, not the stamp.  (Was the stamp missing, too?)

Obviously, the reporter who asked the question was looking at the reverse side of the LFCOLB, where Onaka’s stamp should have been, or at least would have been on a SFCOLB. (Onaka’s stamp was allegedly placed upon the reverse side of the SFCOLB that was released in digital form to partisan blogs in 2008. The reverse side of that document, despite WH disinformation, has never been seen in its entirety by the media or the public.)

Even if Guthrie felt something (besides a tingle), that something doesn’t make it the official seal of the HDOH registrar.

A very important point, in my opinion, is that Obama’s lawyer used the fact that they were going to make a certified copy of the long-form available to the public in order to obtain a waiver.


A commenter at Citizen Wells’s blog stated his belief that the WH PDF was made by scanning the document that Guthrie photographed:

Sadly those pictures Guthrie posted online prove that all the analysis of the PDF on the WH website are USELESS because that PDF is a poorly done scan of the Document she held in her hand and photographed. … The real question is WHY was such a horrible scan done and published? A two year old could have done a better job. Was it to keep it from being studied too closely or was it done to keep the controversy going? … the only way to determine if there is an original is to have experts examine the real paper document in Hawaii. 

jerome introduces speculation that, if true, says much about the character of the people in this administration.

Of course, Obama supporters would explain that certainly the WH PDF was made from the document Guthrie photographed, because Guthrie photographed one of the two official, certified LFCOLB’s that Corley hand-carried back to the WH.

Except the document she photographed cannot be one of those two LFCOLB’s, because WHAT the document SAYS and what it does NOT say makes it an obvious fake.  See Bridgette’s take on the LFCOLB.  Many other blogs and news articles document its inauthenticity. Most notable is the statement by much-decorated, retired Major General Paul Vallely, regarding the Obama LFCOLB:

We’ve had three CIA agents, retired, and some of their analytical associates look at it, and all [10] came to the same conclusion, that even the long-form was a forged document.

It’s BOGUS.  At this point, does anyone but a rabid Obama supporter believe otherwise?  It’s almost like beating a dead horse to write this (promised) analysis of the LFCOLB photos, but I did it, anyway.

There’s no official seal of the state of Hawaii on that LFCOLB that Guthrie photographed.

If there were, it would show up as clear as day. It would also be the same size as the seal on the other “real” Obama birth certificate–the SFCOLB.   But it’s not the same size, which fact cannot be explained, other than perhaps it was computer generated or copied and pasted from another image. 

WorldNetDaily (WND) asked the governor of Hawaii whether or not the documents given to Judith Corley were exempt from the embossing rule; Governor Abercrombie did not respond.

Similarly, the HDOH wouldn’t answer WND’s questions about whether the vital records on file at the HDOH match what was released to the public and the media by the WH . . .

and allegedly photographed by well-connected Savannah Guthrie.


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  1. I am putting this article here because there are a couple paragraphs that refer to Guthrie, that I don’t remember reading about and don’t know if it was noticed. Did we know that the fields didn’t match?

    Bennett’s loss of resolve versus Zullo’s new ‘shocking revelations’
    ‘The information is going to be breathtaking when it’s released’
    BY LINDA BENTLEY | MAY 30, 2012 Snips

    Bennett concluded last week that Hawaii’s verification satisfies Arizona’s requirements and Obama will appear on the November ballot.

    Zullo responded, “It will be. The information is going to be breathtaking when it’s released.”

    Last week, Gillar released another video where he documents how NBC’s Savannah Guthrie, who was allowed to personally view Obama’s purported long form Certificate of Live Birth on April 27, 2011, unintentionally proved the document had been tampered with.

    He noted Guthrie took a photograph of the document presented. However, her photograph of the document presented during the press conference contains fields not contained in the document posted on the White House website.

    • Seems that I posted something here about some allegation that the version of the LFCOLB that Guthrie posted had a “mask” over it (or removed from it) and that there were actually pencil marks on the side of the original image. I might have put it on another of the LFCOLB posts. It’s within the comment I posted right above. It’s at ORYR.

      • Is a mask the same thing as a field? Field I would think would be another line or box that wasn’t on the original. Masking I thought was a cover over an area. Perhaps I misunderstand the terminology. I was thinking a field was like the one that was missing on Stanley Ann’s that gave her sex.

        • You’re thinking correctly or else we’re both thinking incorrectly. It seems like the writer misunderstood or misphrased the issue. I would say a field is information. Sounds as if the writer said that information was covered up by the mask, but pencil marks aren’t coding and they don’t seem to me to be information, unless the person is arguing that those little dots are from coding for the birth certificate that’s next on the roll after Barry’s (as IF there is a roll!).

      • If you don’t have illustrator, or anything like that (I don’t): I just discovered that if you go to the bc pdf, click on the pdf of the bc to select the contents, right click to “copy” and then paste it into a word document you get the “bare” version with only the partial SAD signature, the Dr Sinclair signature, the UKC Lee (part of it anyway) signature and a few stray letters….plus the two pencil marks off to the side appear.

  2. This was posted elsewhere but I’m parking it here, too, until I have time to read it. It fits with the discussion on this post and it would help to have all these theories together:

    • How can this guy write this?

      “A reasonable assumption would be that the forgery was created in Hawaii by conspirators, or, possibly without the president’s knowledge, by pranksters in the Hawaii Department of Health, or as a Republican dirty trick designed to blow up a week or two before the November elections — then the printed image was copied onto real security paper and embossed with a real seal before being sent by courier to the White House.”

      That is a TOTALLY unreasonable assumption! That either Obama was UNAWARE of the forgery even though he appeared at the presser releasing it OR that somehow Republican tricksters created the bogus image, somehow spirited it into the WH and then TRICKED all Obama’s operatives and Obama himself into having a press conference about it and putting it on the WH blog. What is that guy smoking? REASONABLE assumption? Obama’s personal lawyer was the courier and the image on the blog isn’t what she couriered out of Hawaii (if you believe their tall tales).

      Neither official has at any time identified the digital PDF released by the White House as being identical in appearance or containing information identical to the Obama birth certificate on file in the bound volume at the Hawaii Department of Health. They are prohibited by Hawaii state law from doing so.”

      They haven’t? They are prohibited? Then what are those two so-called letters of verification that claim the documents MATCH in information?

      • That writer reports that the green pattern was added to the WH LFCOLB for “security purpose” and asks for the source of that information. (I would first find the source before reporting it as fact, but that’s just me.) I find this reported all over WND, and other blogs that cite WND, but of course, since WND seldom, if ever, LINKS to their sources, who knows where they got the info that the “Obama administration” admitted to ADDING the security pattern to the bogus LFCOLB?

        After reading this guy’s article, it occurs to me that it’s possible that the HDOH supplied the computer-generated special-by-virtue-of-waiver LFCOLB PDF in electronic form, outside the usual procedures, because they say the director can determine the form of these things. They may have given Corley the ACTUAL certified bc, with the alterations, amendments and “late” notice on it and ALSO gave him a “for public eyes” PDF file that “matches” the “final answer” on the bc (after it was fixed to match Barry’s fabulous, fantastic, fictional biography). As Bridgette astutely noted yesterday, that electronic image of a LFCOLB says NOTHING about alterations making it invalid and, of course, we know it also doesn’t say that “TXE” image is a truthful representation, as other certified copies do.


    This blogger has found a very interesting difference between the WH blog PDF version of the LFCOLB and the photos taken by Savannah Guthrie. To see the anomaly, you have to display both images (WH and Guthrie’s) upside down and then compare Barry’s middle name Hussein. As soon as you do, it becomes apparent that the PDF is not the same as whatever the hell it was that Guthrie photographed. The difference is in the middle three letters of Hussein: sse (upside down ess). Check it out!

  4. You tell me, is this man right or is he wrong? If it truly reads “Huwaii” then that proves that one or the other is bogus.

    • Well, it looks like Bonolulu, Buwaii to me. 🙂

    • You’re not going to believe this, but it’s true. Here’s some background, relating to the statements by some of his school chums that they thought he was Ambonese.

      Now keeping that island of Ambon in mind, the resemblance of that dude whose photo I found, and this theory that the LFCOLB image Guthrie photographed says Huwaii, check out this map:


      The bubble on the map represents HUWAI (Maluku Tenggara) in or close to Indonesia. Look to the northeast and you’ll see Ambon noted on the map. What a freaking coincidence! h/t chatter4 at Free Republic.

      • The original name of that place was Huwai with “diacritics”. I remember some discussion about birth certificates and the diacritics in Hawaiian names, but now I can’t remember the details. It had something to do with the SFCOLB. Seems like it was a discussion we had at TD’s.

        • Huwai Map — Satellite Images of Huwai

          original name: Huwai
          geographical location: Maluku Tenggara, Maluku, Indonesia, Asia
          geographical coordinates: 7° 36′ 30″ South, 127° 24′ 30″ East

          detailed map of Huwai and near places

          Google Local — Huwai mapWelcome to the Huwai google satellite map! This place is situated in Maluku Tenggara, Maluku, Indonesia, its geographical coordinates are 7° 36′ 30″ South, 127° 24′ 30″ East and its original name (with diacritics) is Huwai. See Huwai photos and images from satellite below, explore the aerial photographs of Huwai in Indonesia.


          Maluku (province)

          Country Indonesia
          Capital Ambon

          • Ethnic groups Significantly mixed ethnicity; Melanesian, Kei (11%),
          Ambonese (11%), Buton (11%), Malays, Javanese, Chinese

          One researcher, who has done an extensive investigation of Obama’s background in his articles, “Three Stooges Go to Washington,” stated in his September, 2008 report, “Considering the “Obama” name is Maluku
          in origin and his physical traits, BHO was likely born in Papua, New Guinea—not Hawaii.” It appears he might be right.

          “Considering the “Obama” name is Maluku in origin…!!!

          • This site shows a map and talks about the Maluku Islands. But something I found very interesting also at this site is this – The name Maluku is thought to have been derived from the Arab trader’s term for the region, Jazirat al-Muluk (‘the island of the kings’).

            Maybe where Barry got the “King Obama” from, why he called himself King Obama growing up? A Possibility.

            Map of Maluku Island


          • Leza, you have a great memory. Maluku in origin. How bizarre is that?

            That one guy I found who’s Ambonese, first guy who popped up on the image search, looks straaaaangely like Barry. Then we have the testimony where even fellow Indonesians THOUGHT he was Ambonese, based upon how he looked.

            Now, remember the video where Barry says, in that snarky, droll way, sly grin on his face, “I was born in Huwai?”

            He said it more like Huwai that Huh-vah-eee, like many Hawaiians do. It stuck in the back of my mind how odd it was–the way he said Hawaii.

            So was he reveling in telling the lying TRUTH, as he made fools of all listeners who he depended upon to hear Hawaii when he said Huwai?

            When “Eny” told Lia that she was going to Huwai to “pick” a “brother” for her, did Eny go a hop, skip, and a jump to the island of Huwai and NOT thousands of miles to the US island of Hawaii?

          • Miri, Bingo! yes, yes, and yes!

            Also – take into account the Moluccan Islands, the Spice Islands or simply Maluku are an archipelago in Indonesia, and part of the larger Malay Archipelago, they are located on the Australian Plate!

            Yes Lolo was a geographer and cartographer, a mapper who worked for Pertamina, Indonesia’s Government owned oil Co. Now, mind if I go back again to this – SOEBARKAH, H. 1978 Australia oil exploration Esso Australia Ltd.

            As a side note, have you had a chance to read some of my other research into more that all connects into this?


            No? ohhh, let me start it off for you 🙂 enjoy!

            Roy Michael Huffington

            Huffington graduated from Southern Methodist University and earned both Master of Arts and Ph.D. degrees in geology from Harvard
            University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. After serving as, first ensign and then lieutenant commander in the
            United States Navy from 1942–1945, he returned to Texas in 1946 and worked as a field geologist for Humble Oil,[1] now known as Exxon, U.S.A.
            (Occupation Oilman; Geologist)
            Terry H. Dittman
            Michael Huffington

            In 1956, he set up his own oil and natural gas exploration company known as Roy M. Huffington, Inc. (Huffco).[1] Huffco grew to be a major independent international oil company active around the world. In 1966 HUFFCO signed production sharing contract with Pertamina to explore oil in the Kutai Basin of the Mahakam River delta in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Initially the exploration object was oil, but finally Huffco discovered a giant natural gas reserve in 1972 at Badak Field. Then Huffco and Pertamina initiated to build an LNG plant in Bontang. First shipping was in August 1977, only five years after discovery.

          • Also – One more mention 😉 did you notice the Island of Barakai? Barak-ai, it’s in South Maluku. Another coink-a-dink?


            • OMG. I didn’t notice that island. VERY interesting. I noticed people with the surname (or first name) of Huwai and Tenggara, so it could be a custom to take the geographical names as personal names. So interesting and look how it’s spelled: Barak. One of the most common “mistakes” in spelling his name, especially on legal papers!

          • That is interesting. Was thinking about how Lolo was a geographer and cartographer. Anyway, for kicks, I looked up more about those islands. What a gorgeous place! If I were born there, I’d never leave. [If born there, I’d be a “desi” like Barry claimed to be.] Check out these links. A photo of a stone carving that looks an awful lot like that Hanuman god trinket he always wore as a child (memory of his home?):

            Look at the face and body type of the little girl standing in the back:

            Check out the face of the guy in the middle. Does he not look VERY MUCH like that tiny little face in the Indonesian school class that’s supposed to be Barry? The Tanimbar are the EXACT people who populate the island where Huwai is located:



            Finally, this link has a lot of videos of those islands.

            I watched the first one on the list to the right. Examples of the people who live on those islands. They are very much mixed with other ethnicities who come from surrounding areas (New Guinea, Java, China, Arabs, etc.) The people supposedly were Muslim all along; one of their stories says that they became Muslim while Mohammed still lived. All fits nicely, especially having a anthropologist “mother” who wanted to adopt and who spent the bulk of her life living in Indonesia and studying the people of that entire area.

          • not sure where my comment will go,but the Moluccan islands, Huwaii is in or near Lombok, where one of Stanley Annes photos is taken with the local people.

          • alfy June 23, 2012 at 8:24 pm

            alfy, you are so right. I thought about that also. Do you remember which link that picture of Ann is posted on?

          • Interesting school photo. Every time I see it I notice the girl in the lower left side of the photo (above the one who only has a head showing). She is the weirdest little girl, all done up like an adult with all the hair piled up. Or is that a hat? I notice the ears, then the face and end up marveling how this little girl looks like a child version of the present-day Barak playing dress up as a girl.

            • What a Hoot! I never noticed that child before but she looks like Obama and look who she’s standing next to! The little girl who I BELIEVE looks like Lia. Ann went to “pick” a “brother” for Lia, but remember how that Indonesian word translates to brother no matter what sex? Translations call Lia Barry’s brother. We just always change it. Now what if the “embarrassing” information is that he was born other than what we see now? WHY did they choose a transsexual nanny for a little boy? Why did they have a female child as his companion? A girl who slept in the same room with him? Thinking of Margaret Mead and her studies. Could Ann have been interested in other “genders” in other cultures back then? That little girl’s hair DOES look very strange. Her dress looks like expensive silk brocade, too. Another explanation could be that Turdi cross dressed Barry. Maybe Ann wanted a girl instead of a boy. What an amazing catch. It would make sense for Barry and Lia to stand beside each other, being siblings. That kid at the top, who they say is Barry, doesn’t look like him, if you ask me. Could this be why the other photos of him in Indonesia seem obviously photoshopped, too? OMG. What a possibility!

              • facebkwallflower

                Here we are seven years later. So much I forgot. Let’s look at the strangely dressed girl. Are any other girls’ hair layered? Photoshopped on? I used to have computer that would bring up pixels but cannot do on tablet. Could this girl be Child Soabarkah and the back kiddo be the twin or brother we speculated about who Soabarkah became? Anyone else remember something about Barry or sister saying the trannynanny used to dress him up?

          • In that picture of all the INdonesian kids, no way the kid in the back is barry. I saw the whole picture somewhere and there was another kid in the front kind of sitting that I thought was barry. He was kind of chunky. Do you have the uncropped photo somewhere?

          • Miri, look at how the little girl you think looks like Lia. Why is she standing away from the “girl” like she does not want to be a part of him or near him? The “Obama Girl” looks just plain weird. That is more of an adult or party dress she is wearing. It looks like the pic started as a full grown man dressed as a woman for a ball or something and then the pic was shrunk down to be a kid. That girl is the only pic I have ever seen that actually looks like the adult Barry. Weird. And we are probably just being played for fools “noticing” all these things in all the pics. It is like a group of friends are sitting around somewhere laughing and thinking up new ways to mess with photos to mess with our heads. Who first identified Barry as the kid in the back? Was this photo originally found to be his class pic but he was not identified and the kid is the back was assumed to be him? The hair on the little girl and the dress just hit me why it all seems so familiar. Hillbuzz, I think it was, used to run a painting/drawing of Obama as a french woman in a big, frilly ble dress and a white wig piled high. This little girl pic reminds of the satirical image.

            • That is very weird. Was Ann such an indulgent, liberal mother, schooled in the ways of the multiple “genders”, that she allowed Turdi to dress Barry like Turdi loved to dress himself?

              It is just plain BIZARRE that Ann would hire a cross-dressing transsexual to be Barry’s nanny. If Barry had the proclivity, if HE wanted to do it, I can see it. It may be that they are messing with these photos to mess with our heads. Anything’s possible. But Turdi, apparently is REAL. So was Lia, who does look like she is leaning away from her classmate. I have no clue who first circled that child as Barry. That child DOES look like kids from those southern islands, who have a different genetic makeup and more closely resemble “negroid” races.

              The little girl with the piled-up hair and the fancy dress has a nose that looks MORE like Barry’s nose than does the nose on that kid in the back.

          • Miri, another thing. When you blow up the pic there are shadows of suit lapels, at least looks like it to me, in the mystery girl’s dress. If this is the case, Barry’s authentic picture was wanting to be hidden, and not that he was dressed as a girl. If pic started as boy, what was little boy wearing on head that required that ridiculous hairstyle when converting to a girl?

            • I noticed that, too, and also what looks like a chain holding a pendant, that you can’t see because of the kid in front of her. Remember Barry always wore that Hanuman (monkey god) pendant? Maybe s/he was originally wearing one of those Muslim hats like you see other Indonesians, like Sukarno, wearing:

          • Was Barry insisting on going to school dressed in his tribal king/prince attire ie., a “hat” and big chunky necklace of some sort that seems to be there when blown up?

            • I had the impression that Lia is perched on the arm of the chair the teacher is sitting in. What is that teacher doing? Feeding her face?

          • Sorry to be so obnoxious in posting instead of saving everything up for one post. Someone needs to “unpaint” this pic to show this little boy and then circulate as Barry’s pic with this kid circled, instead of the not-barry in back row. I do not think anything was pasted into this pic but strictly painted over. I don’t know how to do it.

          • Now we are back to twins……..look below the new Barry at the two girls sitting down. The one on the left in the photo — head is way too large and her dress does not blend in properly on the sleeve. Weird.

    • On Guthire’ pic in the video — Is that “H” in Honolulu a “B”?? Funny, I always noticed it spelled Huwaii but thought maybe that was how it used to be spelled or something, like before it was a state. “Huwaii” an actual place. Interesting, to say the least. I always remember those lying purple lips when people refer to the narrative that Obama is half black and half white……NOT. It is looking more and more like Ann Dunham was his mother —-adopted mother that is.

      • Not only is Huwai an actual place, coincidentally, it’s also in INDONESIA, where he was a citizen, a Muslim, and where he was raised. Where his friends thought he looked Ambonese! Lying purple lips. Characteristic of New Guineans?

        I read somewhere yesterday, and maybe this is true and maybe just a snarky rumor, that he uses sunlamps and sunbathes to keep his visible skin darker. I do remember seeing a photo of him where he had obvious tan lines, so his natural color may be even lighter than what is visible to us. Like most presidents, he might wear makeup, too. He can just use that wipe on self-tanning lotion.

          I looked up Lombok indonesian children images and got the one with Obama on the grass with these friends. this one was also there of him. Gee he stands out doesn’t he?

          • WordPress is acting all wacky again! I had a heck of a time trying to reply to your comment Alfy.

            The picture of Ann you and Miri posted of Ann (Lombok) was the same one I was thinking of. Seems she visited many of the Islands Of Indonesia, I have no doubt she spent time in Huwai/Maluku. Below is a picture I came across of two native children from the Island of Huwai/Maluku. The child on the left – what say you? I think there’s similarity’s, especially the purple tone to the lip color.

            Miri/Bridgette, does this picture look familiar to you? The railing, mountain around the crater (background)? It’s a picture of the crater lakes of Kelimutu. I seem to remember a picture of Ann and Barry that was similar.

          • Alfy, I found a you tube video of LOMBOK it shows some of the natives there in the video. Be sure to turn down the volume, its a loud video!

          • Miri | June 24, 2012 at 1:42 pm |

            Both look photoshopped!

            The picture I posted looks photoshopped? I guess we maybe should notify the Guinness Book of World Records!

            That picture was taken by this couple that entered their trip of Indonesia and the Islands into the Guinness Book of World Records.


          • Translated

            Dekopin cooperative board of Central Java Indonesia

            JL. Pamularsih No. 65 – Semarang 50148 Telep/Fax

            Decision of the board of the cooperative leadership of the Central Java Indonesia

            anaomor; \ 11.00 – L / IV/2011

            Anniversary of the establishment of the executive committee of cooperative KE-64 tahhun 2011 the central Java

            chairman of the board of cooperative central Java Indonesia

            that based on Indonesia to a cooperative congress on 12 July 1947 in taskimalaya, sala set a decision date of July 12 as the day before the cooperative Indonesia commemorated by the cooperative movement in Indonesia

            that based on the point a, then the 12th of July 2011 is the obligation of the cooperative movement in central Java to commemorate the efforts to build a people’s economy as the basis for the national economy of an independent and sovereign through the cooperative movement.
            Top Of Page 4 of the PDF

            H. Sutoro, SH, MBA
            Koordinator Sesksi
            Pengerahan Masa
            KSP Pamardi Utomo / Ketua Askosindo


            Coordinator Sesksi
            The deployment of
            KSP Pamardi Utomo / Chairman Askosindo

            Click to access panitia.pdf

            (Name connection – Semarang)

        • I think he uses darkening makeup depending on audience and topic. Some days he is “white’ and other days, “black”.

        this is all in Indonesian, but the Lombok photo is near the bottom and likely the other village photo is there. Note the name on the book Alice Dewy presents too. Lombok may be a probince, I’m not sure, but all these places are in the same area.
        I am especially glad you posted that photo of the natives above too. Now look at the photo of the lady on Baraks’ book….the supposed mother of Barak Sr…….I have looked and looked for tribes with the white bracelets. The only ones I have found in were not Luo, but found an old photo of the other tribe (what’s the tribe of the Pres. of Kenya, can’t think right now). The photo above, what tribe are they? They wear the thin white bracelets like the woman on the cover of B’s book and she looks like these people too. An early photo I found of this clearly showed that some native people were standing on both sides of her with spears and bracelets and had been cut out of the picture. The photo has since disappeared. She doesn’t look altogether african to me. She’s in this group of photos on this link so you can look for yourself.

        • Wow, Ann looks weird. Her right ear is so white and she has the one big round eye and the one slanty droopy eye. the woman on the far right side of the photo has familiar ears maybe???? Her facial expression familiar as well??

          • Oops won’t link to translated version so here in English
            “Remember the Ann Dunham Obama, Hero of Humanity Without Merit


            Obama Elegant Black Retarded Ras Realize Dreams

            Jakarta 20/3/2010 (KATAKAMI) Who does not know is whether the figure of Barack Hussein Obama? Many years before he sits in the White House, America’s political action in the world already bears his name.

            But who (outside of immediate family) that can be equally well known figure of Stanley Ann Dunham (Barack Hussein Obama’s mother)?

            People only associate the name Stanley Ann Dunham as the most influential and most meaningful in itself and kehidupanBarack Hussein Obama.

            Not many know that the real figure of Stanley Ann Dunham, had already been doing business in Indonesia significantly. While it is, not specifically wandering in the political platforms.

            In Indonesia, Ann – call Stanley Ann Dunham – used to live very long. Especially after his first marriage with a male descendant of Kenya (Barack Obama Senior, red) aground.

            Her love is linked to an Indonesian man (Lolo Soetoro, red), opening the way for Ann to get to know, come, stay, work and eventually totally loved Indonesia.

            Ann does have a career and professional in Indonesia.

            Between January 1968 to December 1969, Ann worked as the Director of the Institute Asistem Indonesia – United in Jakarta.

            Photo: Barack Hussein Obama (Sr.) and Stanley Ann Dunham Obama was holding (Jr.)

            Month of January 1970 until August 1972, Ann was Director of Management Development & Educational Institutions whose primary job is to supervise the publication of books and educational management.

            In 1977, Ann returned to Jakarta and worked as an instructor at the Institute of National Development Planning (Bappenas). A year later in 1978, he became a consultant in the Office International Labour Organization (ILO) in Jakarta.

            Year 1978 – 1980 also, Ann became USAID rural development consultant at the Ministry of Industry. In the past this was a USAID Consultant, Ann actively visit isolated villages in the interior of the island of Java to specifically help poor WOMEN.

            1981 – November 1984, Ann became Program Supervisor of Women in the FORD FOUNDATION SOUTHEAST ASIA marriage who has an office in Jakarta.

            Then in 1988 (after working in the Asia Development Bank or ADB in Pakistan), Ann returned to Jakarta and became Coordinator of Research and Consultant at Bank Rakyat Indonesia.

            He fell straight to training employees in 7 provinces and assist micro-credit schemes for poor people and analyze the data.

            This week, the name Stanley Ann Dunham suddenly “famous” in Indonesia.

            First because of all the mass media review of who and how Ann – ahead of President Obama’s state visit to Indonesia, but eventually the White House announced again that the planned visit was postponed because of President Obama inevitably must remain in the country for a domestic affair of great importance to America is “guarding” the legislative process “Bill of Health (Health Care Reform).

            Second, Ann’s name mentioned for this week too, held an international seminar to discuss the dissertation of Stanley Ann Dunham-called Swordsman Swordsman Iron Nusantara (Studies Anthropology About Blacksmiths in Indonesia).

            Swordsman – Swordsman Iron Net

            Photo: Keynote Speaker & Member of the International Seminar Ann Dunham (18/3/2010)

            International seminar entitled “Ann Dunham Soetoro, and Economic Democracy” has been successfully implemented on Thursday (18/3/2010) and in Jakarta.

            Teguh Santosa, Chief Editor of the People’s Independent News Site Online) which is a “junior Ann” at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (Uhm), should be given a rousing applause and appreciation for the initiative and introduced the world to care Ann Dunham Soetoro – without having to piggyback the name of Obama Elected as President of the United States -.

            The international seminar was also, section for free books in Bahasa Indonesian translation of Ann Dunham’s dissertation.

            The role of Teguh Santosa also the – relating to an international seminar was – brought in a speaker that is critical of Hawaii PROFESSOR ALICE Dewey.

            Then, go into the speaker is a close friend of the late Stanley Ann Dunham is Julia Suryakusuma, La Ode Ida (Regional Representative Council) and Senior Journalist Budiarto Shambazy Compass.

            Attending the event was actor Ikranegara and wife, Melly G. Tan, communications expert Effendi Gazali, Adhie Massardi Political experts and others,

            Prof. Alice who has a name that is odorless Indonesia this SURATMI, Ph.D is the Chairman of the Committee for Ann Dunham.

            Come all the way from Hawaii to Indonesia to be the main speaker at the international seminar, Alice is still hale and hearty and very energetic at the age of 81 years – it was the most instrumental figure in the life of Ann Dunham when lead and eventually won title Ph.D from the University of Hawaii.

            It must be admitted that the figure of Ann Dunham was not so well known in Indonesia.

            As has been revealed at the top of this article, Ann Dunham’s attention was suddenly just because his favorite son became President of the United States.

            And this week, the figure of Ann Dunham’s demand for a consumption of mass media coverage is solely because of the planned state visit by President Barack Obama.

            And to be honest, Ann Dunham is much more worthy to be discussed as “himself” with all the work and values ​​kepejuangannya in Indonesia.

            Ann Dunham was a Indonesianists.

            He was called as a Indonesianists, not because he was married to his second marriage to Indonesian man named Lolo Soetoro.

            Second marriage with a man to be Indonesia’s only “entry point” for Ann Dunham to know, love, work and devote themselves to humanitarian values ​​given are sincere to Indonesia.

            Photo: Prof. Alice Dewey

            In the preface to the book Dissertation perngantarnya Ann Dunham, Professor Alice Dewey writes as follows:

            “In 1967, Ann Dunham (also known as Ann Soetoro) moved to Indonesia with her son Barack Obama (from his first marriage) and her husband are ethnic Javanese, Lolo Soetoro. At that time, Ann had received a BA from the University of Hawaii in the field of Anthropology and is a skilled weaver. Therefore, it is easy to understand why Ann is very interested in the cultural diversity of Indonesia and on a variety of crafts, especially the elegant batik and ikat “.

            Subsequently Professor Alice Dewey also wrote:

            “Ann became acquainted with the villagers, especially the craftsmen. Ann not only appreciate the complexity of the craft, but also its economic value as a source of income. Ann did a lot of research in Indonesia in a variety of craft before, mainly includes iron crafts, fabrics (batik, ikat and so on), skin (kulut puppets, etc.), ceramic (kitchen utensils and sculptures) and the basket “.

            What exactly is the interesting part of the figure of Ann Dunham?

            Photo: Lolo Soetoro, Ann Dunham, “Barry” Obama and Maya Soetoro

            Is it because she married an Indonesian man – so the match between the nation’s very touching – brought Ann became very devoted himself to humanitarian values ​​in the study and throughout his career in Indonesia? Is it because Ann Dunham the mother of an American President?

            The main thing that makes it worth it to Ann Dunham is known and remembered in Indonesia – not because she was the mother of President Barack Obama -!

            Ann Dunham deserves to be recognized and remembered in Indonesia because he had a real service. Services or roles that are constantly and continuously Ann has done during his stay in Indonesia.

            He fell directly into the villages, the rural-inland, to the outposts, and brought him to the real villagers.

            Photo: Compass Senior Journalist, Budiarto Shambazy

            To KATAKAMI.COM Thursday (18/3/2010) on the sidelines of the International Seminar Ann Dunham Soetoro, and Economic Democracy, Senior Journalist of Kompas, Budiarto Shambazy expressed his views on the figure of Ann Dunham

            “The Obama family has a tradition as intellectual. Look at Barack and Maya, they were all intellectuals. If this is considered the Indonesianists Ann. Ann is down to the bottom, she went to Market Bringharjo (in Yogyakarta), kasongan, kasongan now we fuss because kasongan advanced industry in Bantul. While Ann had written it first many years ago “said Budiarto Shambazy.

            According to him, Ann Dunham was a true scientist-rooted.

            “Ann is an activist whose access is much better than other scientists who usually just sit in the library and interviewing people. Well, this is a typical Indonesianists Ann, hard-working, he was active in the field. Ann was dealing with the poor. So if we want America to know, do not just know America because of George Bush doang, or Holywood doing. Ann is an example you know “The Real American”.

            Then, in the eyes of Budiarto Shambazy who is also an American political analyst, Ann Dunham was a private figure who was very impressive.

            “Ann’s courageous fight of his time. He must not marry a black man but he was opposed. Though the risk is great. Fortunately he lived to be a nest diHonolulu liberal. Ann is the type of a brave woman. After his first marriage failed, she was married to Indonesia. He has never and do not like the Caucasian men. All this shows Ann Dunham braved the storm, against the flow “continued Budiarto Shambazy.

            Budiarto Shambazy also add that Ann Dunham was worthy of respect.

            “I personally have heard this directly in the market there Bringharjo. There are many, villagers are still familiar with Ann. It can not be denied. Ann Dunham is legendary role there. Perhaps more than hundreds of little people in the market there are still Bringharjo remember and commemorate Ann Dunham. I interviewed people in Paku Alaman there, and they all still remember very well remember the figure of Ann. They never forget Ann. Yes indeed, who knew and remember Ann there are helpless people, who have no identity. They are not famous people. But that’s where Ann is known and remembered as legendary for decades is “Shambazy Budiarto said.

            Photo: Barack Obama and Maya Soetoro Ng

            Ann Dunham died in November 1995 due to ovarian cancer.

            President Barack Obama is so loved ibunya.Ini very common and can be understood because, since of the age of 2 years, Obama (Jr.) was separated from the Father. “I know, she was the kindest, most generous and I am indebted to him for The best things in myself, “said President Obama on many occasions.

            From the book Dreams From My Father, written by President Barack Obama, Obama tells how the forms of stories he heard from his mother about his biological father is Obam Sr.

            Although sometimes tell something “negative” side of the negativity but it is the humanists who would be very nice to hear.

            Ann is evident here that the noble-hearted woman.

            Ann does not teach children to hate the father who left his wife and their only child, just for the sake of defending the homeland to build a strong spirit in Africa.

            Because in many instances, wives who were disappointed over cracks or destruction of households do not often make “brain-wash” or “brainwashing” their children to stay away, and forgetting to hate the father.

            “Your father is a driver of a car that bad,” my mother explained to me. “He used to driving in the left lane, as the British drove the car, and if you make comments, he would just bitch about the rules of the American people are stupid!” (Included on page 26).

            And one of the chain of life that diuraikannya Obama in the book Dream From My Father is the figure which his stepfather Lolo Soetoro, and the story of his childhood when hidupselama several years in Indonesia.

            In the book Dreams From My Father is very well illustrated with clear, how the strong foundations established in the personality of Ann Dunham Obama.

            “We lived in Indonesia for three years time, as a result of her marriage with a person’s nationality Indonesia named Lolo, she met another student at the University of Hawaii. His name means “crazy” in Hawaiian language, which makes Grandpa always laughing. However, the meaning of these names do not correspond to lelak because Lolo has a good behavior and gentle toward others. (Contained in page 53).

            One that is quite interesting in this book – which is quite amusing as well – is when Obama tells how his grandfather and grandmother are very busy helping to prepare Junior Ann Dunham and Obama moved to Indonesia.

            “Toot (meaning Tutu in Kenya or be interpreted as a call to my grandmother) still insisted that we bring a suitcase full of supplies, pliers, milk powder, tins of sardines. “You never know what they were eating,” she says firmly. My mother sighed, but Toot put some candy box in order to defend me more than my mother (contained in page 54).

            And in the next section of this book is very interesting is when Obama told also that during his stay in Indonesia, he had made up bumps thrown by a playmate who bercurang cheating. As a result of events that is very unfair on the child’s stepfather, Lolo Soetoro Obama taught the baby how to protect themselves by learning or practice boxing.

            Photo: Obama on the South Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

            President Obama also said that one of her favorite belongings as a candidate for President of the United States is a photograph of the cliffs on the South Shore, Oahu, Hawaii, where his mother’s ashes in the scatter.

            If a child, sincerely commemorate his birth mother, then that is something that is very reasonable and humane.

            But we in Indonesia, sometimes delayed or even reluctant to commemorate and sincere appreciation to others who actually contributed significantly.

            Stanley Ann Dunham in Indonesia meritorious.

            Ann was not deserving of your flesh on Indonesia’s political elites of his day.

            Ann is also not credited on the platforms of power in Indonesia.

            Photo: Ann Dunham visiting a familiar and industrious artisans in rural

            Ann services, it feels real to the little people, the grassroots and the abject poor, helpless and was marginalized by the hands of power in Indonesia.

            When the authorities in Indonesia as arrogant and pompous to ignore and marginalize real urgency to pay attention, help, care and help the little people in villages, rural-rural and throughout the region in Indonesia, Ann Dunham would do it sincerely, and REAL. “

            • Thank you for translating that. There is a timeline for Ann right there in the story! I have updated our O Timeline with these dates and the information. If anybody notices some good coinkidinks, let us know. One thing I noticed is that the word “Tenggara” is in there with regard to her working for USAID. Now, I wonder if this meant Tenggara as in the adjective southeast, OR Tenggara, the PLACE, that includes all those southeastern Indonesian islands where AMBON, HUWAI, and LOMBOC are located? It talks about an office in Jakarta. So did she GO TO TENGGARA for field work (get photographed with women in LOMBOC)? These places are only a few miles from BALI, where Barry and Mooch spent MONTHS while he was supposedly writing his memoirs, but was really just blowing that huge advance while Ayers wrote it for him. Why THERE? Why THERE? Going home, Barry? Also, Ann worked for that bank IN PAKISTAN for years, between about 1984 and 1988. I thought I remembered they said 5 years. Before that and after that, she lived in Indonesia. Barry allegedly visited Pakistan in 1981. He allegedly visited Kenya around the time mom was in Pakistan. Typical crap about how BHO Sr. deserted them so he could go home and help “build” Africa. Sheesh! Those places mentioned: An international market in Yogyakarta, where Lolo’s family compound was. “Pakualaman (also written Paku Alaman) is a small hereditary principality within the Sultanate of Yogyakarta. It was created in 1812 when Natakusuma (later Paku Alam I) was rewarded for helping the British quell the conflict in Yogyakarta in June 1812. It became the mirror-image of the Mangkunegaran principality in the territory of the Susuhunanate of Surakarta.

              A Pakualaman Corps of 100 cavalry (later 50 cavalry and 100 infantry) was established, but was never to become as significant as the Mangkunegaran Legion, and disbanded in 1892.

              Due to Paku Alam VIII’s role in the Indonesian independence movement, a law was passed to give the position of vice-governor of the Special District of Yogyakarta to the ruling Paku Alam prince at any particular time. Meanwhile, the Sultans of Yogyakarta were to hold the governor’s office hereditarily.”

              Again, where Lolo’s family compound was. A SULTANATE. With hereditary sultans. They say Ann was well known there and is still well known there and remembered by many.

          • This is a part of the article, at the end, that google would not translate with the rest of the url. I had to translate copy/paste to get this part.
            “The little people in the villages, and rural-rural areas in various parts of Indonesia – who ever knew directly and assisted by Ann Dunham – and of course put the store name at the bottom of my heart and Ann themselves in a special memory.

            They recalled Ann Dunham, Ann Dunham was not because the mother of an American president.

            Photo: Ann Dunham in Lombok (NTB)

            Ann Dunham because they remember a dozen or dozen years ago, women born in Kansas 29 November 1942 it had become part of their lives sheets are painful, sore and completely lack the portraits of poverty that seemed to have become a standard sight in Indonesia.

            So that now, some people get to know and remember Ann Dunham – just because of the presence of Ann Dunham the mother of U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama – then this is a mirage.

            In vain.

            Recalled, Remember the Stanley Dunham, as Humanitarians in Indonesia.

            Ann Dunham was Humanitarians for the little people, people who are poor, helpless women and hurt the roots of grass and scattered in various parts of Indonesia.

            Ann Dunham was Humanitarians unsung.

            That is why, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono did not bother and quasi kindly wish to bestow STAR SIGNS SERVICE figure of Stanley Ann Dunham.

            As announced by Minister of Fisheries & Maritime Affairs Fadel Muhammad as a “sudden” want to talk and want to open the International Seminar Ann Dunham Soetoro & Economic Democracy (18/3/2010 ago), the President was “considering” that during the State Dinner President Obama’s visit to Indonesia on behalf of the President will confer the STARS INDONESIA GOVERNMENT SERVICES SIGNS to Stanley Ann Dunham.

            But it turned out fancies and ambitions of the president has failed.

            For the White House has officially announced that President Barack Obama to delay returning to the second state visit to Indonesia plan. Delay first performed in November 2009.

            Delay state visit of President Obama’s more because President Obama had to concentrate on the legislative process the bill of Health (Health Care Reform) which will be voted on later this week. GOVERNMENT OF INDONESIA also do not have to bother with the choir to defend themselves and save face.

            There is a rambling, this delay is not due to terrorism.

            There are also those who say that the delay is precisely because the suggestion of President SBY.

            This government elites as a big mouth and impressed all desperate to save face.

            Just a disgrace!

            If it was the President who is very ambitious use of the services to be exhibited Stanley Ann Dunham before President Obama was aware of the importance of cooperation with the United States first then do the important things are the best for the people of Indonesia.

            Reduce poverty and poor people do not make it to be added POOR!

            Do not bother showing batik collection of Ann Dunham during his lifetime, from one city to another, and from one country to another.

            Do not bother ordering police to aggressively dar dar der der there bam bam here on behalf of the handling of terrorism.

            Do not want to bother exploiting the role of Stanley Ann Dunham and services during devote himself totally in Indonesia as an activist, researcher and influential officials of international organizations in Indonesia.

            For Stanley Ann Dunham was from the first and had already been dianuheragi a hero of humanity in the hearts of the helpless little people – the first is continuously cared for, helped, assisted, defended and empowered by Ann Dunham.

            Unsung heroes of humanity, does not require STARS SIGN OF SERVICE of President SBY.

            What is certain is desired by Ann Dunham-defense, note, please, empower and love the little people that are real and endless.

            What is certain is desired by Ann Dunham gave the best service and the totality of the little people serve the powerless – a life full of emptiness, of poverty and destitution.

            He certainly did not need that ALERTS SERVICE and fully loaded with the formal political country (Indonesia).

            He certainly did not need that ALERTS SERVICE suddenly going to be – just because you want to search for the face and figure seem pretentious attention to Ann.

            Imitate the good things of great pride, that had been done in Indonesia, Ann Dunham.

            Imitate the things that are very humane, who once performed in Indonesia, Ann Dunham.

            For Stanley Ann Dunham, – once again, is really a fighter Humanity Without Merit.

            Thank you Mrs. Ann, to love, sacrifice and dedication that has touched your heart for Indonesia. For the little people who until now recall and remember you are in sincere in villages, in the outposts and at various inland Indonesi.

            Indeed, we thank Mrs. Ann.”

            • That’s hard to interpret, isn’t it? So did Ann NEVER get that medal that the president of Indonesia planned to award to her at that dinner that Barry was SUPPOSED to show up for in Indonesia, but he canceled multiple trips there? Hmmmm. It sounds like the writer blames the president of Indonesia for shooting off his mouth about something (terrorism?) and that somehow had something to do with Barry not coming. That might be, but not for the reason this writer might think. Maybe Barry didn’t want his mother praised but himself. Or maybe he surely was uncomfortable being at a ceremony where LOTS of people who REMEMBER ANN would be there, asking questions. Is the writer saying that the fear of terrorism in Indonesia is what caused them to cancel the trip, and they used the health care bill as the excuse?

              • Nope. He accepted the award in Indonesia, but 8 months later, at an abbreviated ceremony on a very quick visit to Indonesia: It was that VERY FAST trip that they cut short, using the eruption of a volcano as the excuse to bug out fast. That Indonesian president got outed for corruption via Wikileaks: Two of a kind?

                “SECRET US diplomatic cables have implicated Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in substantial corruption and abuse of power, puncturing his reputation as a political cleanskin and reformer.

                The cables say Mr Yudhoyono has personally intervened to influence prosecutors and judges to protect corrupt political figures and pressure his adversaries, while using the Indonesian intelligence service to spy on political rivals and, at least once, a senior minister in his own government.

                They also detail how Mr Yudhoyono’s former vice-president reportedly paid millions of dollars to buy control of Indonesia’s largest political party, and accuse the President’s wife and her family of seeking to enrich themselves through their political connections. …

                The President’s wife and relatives feature prominently in the US embassy’s political reporting, with American diplomats highlighting efforts of the President’s family “particularly first lady Kristiani Herawati . . . to profit financially from its political position”. As early as 2006 the embassy commented to Washington that “first lady Kristiani Herawati is increasingly seeking to profit personally by acting as a broker or facilitator for business ventures . . . Numerous contacts also tell us that Kristiani’s family members have begun establishing companies in order to commercialise their family’s influence.”

                Highlighting the first lady’s behind-the-scenes-influence, the embassy described her as “a cabinet of one” and “the President’s undisputed top adviser”.

                Other leaked cables indicate Mr Yudhoyono has used the Indonesian State Intelligence Agency (BIN) to spy on his political allies and opponents. …

                According to a senior Indonesian intelligence officer, Mr Yudhoyono directed BIN chief Syamsir Siregar to instruct his officers to conduct surveillance on one of the most senior cabinet ministers, State Secretary Yusril Mahendra, while he made a secret trip to Singapore to meet Chinese businessmen.

                The President also reportedly tasked BIN to spy on rival presidential candidates.”

                Sounds familiar.

        • I just had a moment of ” a puzzle piece fitting” maybe. After reading something while looking up Lombok I found the renound (evidently) microfinance queen who looks like she pretty much wrote the book on the Microfinance Revolution. An anthropologist / Harvard grad/ Harvard cohort of microfinance and USAID of Harvard. Her name Marguerite S. Robinson. She has been with Bank Rakyat at least since 1970…still is it looks like. Now she must know Anne.
          But what just struck me is, maybe how Ann knew Barak Sr. was that he was to take Microfinance back to Kenya? Just a thought. Kenya was also in Mauerites’s writings. She is also an anthropologist.
          The reply box is messing up so I can’t see what I am writing so I won’t elaborate, but , the Phillipines, Kenya, and Indonesia,and Bolivia, central and South america are all discussed in MArguerite Robinson’s Bible on Microfinance and Indonesia is the largest success with her help. She appears to be old enough to have been Barak’s or Anne’s protege’. ford Foundation and USAID are major players. And George Soros Open Society ,World Bank are the global players.
          I’ve been pretty sick and my computor was down, and my conversation level is about that of a fifth grader so excuse me.

        • facebkwallflower

          Almost all pics gone from article. Seven years later.

      • And…just to point out we have probably been looking so long for Barry that we are seeing him everywhere, I lead you to the pic of the boy with glasses (in the bigger pic) in the front row, center right……………I really have to quit this for awhile as I am close to seeing little Barry in my own kids’ pics!

        • The one with the BIG GRIN? The big mouth? Yes. The fact that so many of these INDONESIAN kids look so much like Barry says something, even if none of them is him.


      Ya think they read our blog? The man that made that video was on radio on the 26th and he noticed that Huwai is in Indonesia, too. (But he didn’t say that on his original video, iirc.)

        • Amazing how other researchers have suddenly found “answers” after the fact. When ever we post the research it shows up on the search engines and “they suddenly” have found their answer! yeah, here at WTPOTUS! Which is completely fine, but at least do a mention to where you have found the work, because ummm, it kinda makes ya all look like a thief 😉

          Damn those time stamps they all say Miri 🙂

          • It is curious. I was watching more of that guy’s videos on You Tube and seems there are other things mentioned on them that I know we mentioned here, maybe exclusively. He has his own version of a “grandparents and Barry on the bench in NYC” video, which is like Dr. P’s video only not as entertaining. Dr. P always amuses us with music, too! It’s not unique in that it’s obvious that Barry was inserted between Stan and Mad. Obvious to anybody who looks close enough. He also analyzes that photo of SAD, the two kids, and Stan in Hawaii. They’re standing in a place that looks like an airport or bus station waiting room. SAD has on a long green and white dress and Stan has a Hawaiian shirt. Maya is just a toddler and Barry is in a striped shirt and is fat. The guy points out that SAD’s hand is BLACK! Now, I know we talked about that here, somewhere, long ago. More power to him, though, if he can get more publicity for these anomalies. You won’t hear me on the radio! 🙂 I don’t know who that Boyle guy is or where he has his show.

          • Damn those time stamps they all say Miri 🙂

            I do not know how that happened! Was supposed to say – Damn those time stamps Miri 🙂 (as in shows the time and day where the information was first posted)

  5. But look at “BARACK” (the baby, not the father) on her copy vs. the digital copy.
    Look closely at the relationship of the letters “ARA”
    I won’t influence you by telling you what I see…I want to know if anyone else sees it first.

    • What I see on the PDF image is that the “AR” are closer together. You don’t see that on Guthrie’s photo.

  6. It’s easier to see with the “copy” that was handed out, since it is much clearer than Guthrie’s phone-shot. For what I am looking at, the copy and Guthrie’s photo of the “real” BC match, but they do not match the digital version from the white house. If you enlarge the “BARACK” from each one and put side by side……
    Still testing if it’s just me, but if you don’t mind trying one more time 🙂 😉

    • It looks like BAK to me.

    • What I said before. The ARA on the WH PDF the AR close together, then a sort of gap, and then the next A. Also, the letters aren’t the same height. The R looks shorter. On Guthrie’s photo and the copy that was handed out, the letters are even and the same height. If there’s something else, just tell us.

    • OK SEO, I’ll play along. This is out there, but this is what I see. I think the R is an N. It also looks like the first B may have been an L that was typed over. The C actually looks like a G. Look at the G in the hospital name. My guess would be LANAGK. What say you? This makes no sense to me.

  7. No, that’s it. What I thought was most obvious is how the R “drops” signicantly on the WH digital version. Even clearer at the bottom edge of the letters than the top. It is also lighter, but that is hard to tell if there’s a difference just because one is a photo and one a digital image so differences in light and dark could be artifcacts.
    Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be the riddler, I just wanted someone else to notice so I could be sure I wasn’t “leading” you to seeing it.

    • Well, I noticed the difference in the darkness, too. There are so many differences among all these different versions except we’re supposed to believe it’s the same document, which is ridiculous. They just laugh in our faces, knowing that they have the vast majority fooled and especially the media, who are in their pockets. I looked again to see if it looks like Huwaii and it’s so hard to tell. On Guthrie’s photo, yes, it sort of does. But it pixelates so much that it’s hard to distinguish distortion from what it actually says. On the Applewhite hard copy, which is the handout to the press, it’s clearly Hawaii. Everything on what they handed to the media is clear except there’s no security paper, which is even more ridiculous. The HDOH would not have produced a certified paper copy on anything BUT security paper. And yet some report (yet I can’t find the source of this contention) that the WH admitted that they added the security paper image to the PDF for “security” purposes. Another one of the LFCOLB analysts claims that the security paper was “whited out” or somehow deliberately taken out of the PDF image before it was printed for the media. Why would they do that? Nothing makes sense and it’s probably just their little Alinsky games that obots play. They KNOW it’s all fake. They KNOW he’s ineligible and a liar to boot. They’re rubbing it in our faces because the fix is in, for whatever reason, and they know they will get away with it, because they can.

    • Sorry if I sounded testy. I’m trying to balance my checkbook and it’s not working out. 😦

  8. Understood. Actually I’m looking at the two copies in this article, and don’t see it as clearly. Before, I was comparing the Guthrie photo from here, to the one I have saved on my computer…which I was sure I got directly from the WH. Just not, to be sure, I went back to the original, on and enlarged it on my computer. I still see it clearly on that one.
    I noticed however they have changed something on the PDF file there..before you could not copy/paste it without losing most of the print. NOw it WILL copy and paste normally.

    • I think they changed it soon as people started analyzing and then when Trump and others started bringing more attention, they changed it back. Just like FactCheck, actually.

  9. I meant, “Just now” not “Just not”

  10. Hey Miri…. I’m testy 2 ….&… a zillion reasons 4 …. it!!!!
    “Sick & tired” the hamster wheel…. going nowhere (fast)
    Let’s research “out loud”…. dirty laundry /dirt on ALL the creeps
    (SO good doing “research” … & while were just killin” time…)
    who keep voting 2 create this going NOWHERE & still smiling BIG… & getting paychecks $$$ from US… 4 it! We know the FIX is IN!!!
    They KNOW we KNOW also…. all are slime/bs-ers ! Add fire to their
    butts & wake them UP!!!!
    Let’s trail um like bloodhounds!!! Sniff um “OUT” What else can we DO?
    TRASH gets…. TRASHED!!! WAKE um up a little????? Say U?
    ( m & b got mail? )

    • “Before the cries of “he’s pulling the race card!” are shouted, let’s have some disclosure. I grew up as a mixed-race military brat and lived overseas for many years. I was also once a registered Democrat. I consider myself now independent, although admittedly a little left of center. And I voted for Barack Obama in the last election after Sarah Palin became the VP nominee.”

      So, is this guy admitting that he’s sexist? Or does he only hate WHITE WOMEN?

      See how easy it is?

      • Reading that article has left me, literally sick, with the comments rolling around in my head and heart tasting like the lingering vomit scent of my breath. And I don’t know why this article, this time, is the one that got to me……..

    • Here’s a photo with a funny caption. It’s about how Mooch is going be in the opening ceremonies for the London Olympics! Isn’t it just like her to horn in? Well, while she’s there “cheering on” our athletes, she can cheer for Ann Romney’s horse, too. And a better looking creature it is.


        The guy who writes that WH dossier believes Mooch will take the girls to London with her and this will be her big vacation for this year, following the Spanish and African trips of years past:

        “Michelle and the girls each year take an exorbitant vacation without Barack to some far-flung locale, mostly at taxpayer expense .

        In 2009 they went on a luxury trip to the “Spanish Riviera,” staying in what must qualify as a SIX STAR hotel in gorgeous Marbella.

        In 2010 they went to southern Africa, this time throwing in some “official” events so that the safari and other exciting activities they engaged in didn’t look quite so tourist-like. Michelle brought her nephews and her mother along to help represent the United States of America.

        It’s not clear why the United States needs to send a delegation to the Olympic games, but nevertheless, Michelle has decided she will bear the burden. The trip is also ostensibly an opportunity for her to promote her “Let’s Move” kids’ fat reduction program, though it’s hard to imagine this will take up a lot of her time.

        “The First Lady is working to turn the inspiration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games into action by getting more kids healthy and active,” the White House said in a statement.

        Personally, I’d like to have the taxpayers send me to the Bahamas so I can draw attention to the erosion of the coral reef.”

        Yeah, me, too. We here at WTPOTUS would all like to spend a couple weeks, courtesy of the US taxpayers, on, say, Tenggara, Lomboc, or Banda. How’s about Huwai? Followed by a few weeks in Hawaii. A REAL public service. We’ll take all our crack researchers, readers, and commenters with us. The invasion of the birthers! What a movie that would make.

  11. Beginning with research done by Ann Dunham Sutoro in 1990 called the KUPEDES Development Impact Survey. Dunham’s work was acknowledged and used in both a paper and a book written by Marguerite Robinson, titled ‘The Paradigm shift in MicroFinance’ – The reference to Dunham Sutoro can be seen on page 32.

    Click to access 510.pdf

    Upon further research into Marguerite Robinson, still alive today, it appears she actually worked with Dunham in Indonesia at Bank Rakyat of Indonesia, however, I’m unable to find absolute proof to support the claim. Robinson’s book is titled ‘Microfinance Revolution’.
    Her book has been published by the World Bank AND The Open Society Institute, AND Robinson acknowledges funding from Open Society Institute for the book. Robinson acknowledges Dunham Sutoro in her book as ‘the late Ann Dunham Sutoro’. – She even mentions ACCION International frequently.
    Robinson is a speaker at The Fletcher School – funded by Tuft’s University. You can read her bio here: – again, she acknowledge the Open Society Institute.

    Robinson has a special thanks acknowledgement to a Constance E. Dunham. I’ve no idea who that particular Dunham is…could be purely coincidental?

    • What year was book published/written?

    • Thanks, Elle. It almost sounds as if these friends are creating a “back story” for SAD, too. Some believe that Alice Dewey actually wrote the dissertation for which Ann got (possibly) a posthumous PhD. In other words, she didn’t get one while alive. Seems to me that I remember a story about Maya “finding” all these computer disks with the dissertation materials on them, in a drawer, after Ann died. So then voila! They decided it was enough to give her a PhD.

      Because the link with her bio is disappeared, I copied it from The Wayback Machine:

      “Marguerite S. Robinson received her B.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Harvard University and served as Professor of Anthropology and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Brandeis University before joining the Harvard Institute for International Development (1978-2000). Now retired from Harvard, she is an independent consultant in international development, with a specialty in commercial microfinance. Dr. Robinson has worked extensively in Asia, in rural and tribal areas and among the urban poor. She served for many years as adviser to the Indonesian Ministry of Finance and to Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) on the development of BRI’s microbanking system—now the largest financially self-sufficient microfinance system in the world. She also works in other countries in Asia, and in Africa and Latin America, advising governments, banks, microfinance organizations becoming regulated, donors, and others. The author of many papers and books on development and microfinance, Dr. Robinson also has extensive teaching and public speaking experience. The first two volumes of a four-volume series, The Microfinance Revolution, have been published by the World Bank and Open Society Institute. The two additional volumes are in progress. These volumes explore and analyze the demand for microfinance and the history, theories, controversies, practices, and future of the emerging commercial microfinance industry in countries and institutions around the world. Dr. Robinson is a Director of the MasterCard Foundation, the Boulder Institute of Microfinance, and the Equity Bank Foundation.”

      Tufts University. Seems we found another connection to that place. Anybody remember?

    • There’s a Constance R. Dunham at the Office of the Comptroller of Currency, which sounds like the one. She wrote a paper on the “benefits of being banked.” (No initial given for her name at that link.) Her bio is here:

      “Constance R. Dunham is a senior financial economist at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, where she currently heads the agency’s “Expanding the Financial Frontiers” project on nonbanked households. Previously, she was senior economist for domestic finance and overseas development issues at the President’s Council of Economic Advisers. At the U.S. Agency for International Development, she managed the agency’s principal project on microenterprise and small business finance and development. Previously, at the Urban Institute and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Dr. Dunham carried out policy research and wrote numerous articles on U.S. and overseas banking and methods of expanding access to finance. She holds a Ph.D. in economics from Stanford University and B.A. in economics from Yale University.

    • If you go back in time, the original references to that KUPEDES booklet cited the Bank, not ANN DUNHAM SUTORO as the author. There are references to that booklet prior to 2000. They don’t seem to mention Ann Sutoro. They cite the booklet, but NOT the author. Later, there’s a reference around 2001 that says “processed” in January 2001, which lists Ann with a co-author named Roes Haryanto. I have found a paragraph cited FROM that booklet. Oddly enough, Ann, a US citizen, born and bred in the USA, EDUCATED in the USA, spells “program” as “programme” and “generalize” as “generalise”. Did she write this or is it just another case of posthumous resume polishing? This explains what KUPEDES is and where the name came from:

    • thanks Elle, I was going to post more on Marguerite S.(? wonder what he S stands for) robinson. I noticed too, I think one of her publishers is a John robinson, which I have also seen in connection with some captions about Obama. Haven’t followed that yet, but may later.
      I also tried connecting Marguerite to some socialist or marxist causes,and found a bit, but nothing conclusive yet.
      It looks like Ann Dunham and thousands of her type are or were the early researchers on the poor and their cultural behavior in relation to their needs and also (as I have found info on as far back as 2008) what people these poor look to for advice and governance,their structure of hierarchy in the families.This is an important infuential factor for microfinance to take hold.
      Like you have shown, Open Society is mentioned right off in her Microfinance Revolution book.
      I do think Marguerite is worth persuing and her many connections.
      I think one of her 2 volume books was publised Sept. 9 2001. I’ll recheck

    • I think volume 2 is 517 pages. I read alot and skimmed alot of that one. Volume 2 are lessons from Indonesia and her experiences in Asia and Bank Rakyat. The worlds most effecient microfinance institution is Bank Rakyat. Wonder why? Which volume did she mention Ann?

  12. Marguerite S. Robinson is a social anthropologist and internationally recognized expert on microfinance. She received her B.A. and Ph.D. from Harvard University and served as professor of anthropology and dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Brandeis University before joining the Harvard Institute for International Development,where she worked from 1978–2000. She has worked extensively in rural areas and among the urban poor in India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia—where she served for many years as an adviser to the Ministry of Finance and to Bank Rakyat Indonesia. She has also worked in Latin American and Africa, advising governments, banks, and donors, and is the au- thor of many papers and books on development and microfinance.

  13. Tufts University….Pierre Odimyar..Sunlight Foundation, connected also to George Soros.

  14. Oops….forgot this little tidbit.

    Pierre worked as a consumer software engineer at Claris, a subsidiary of Apple Computer. Today, Pierre serves as founding partner of Omidyar Network, a trustee of Punahou School, a Commissioner on the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships.

    Omidyar was born in France, of Iranian descent.


    Thought everyone would be interested in this little tidbit. Proof there are more scoundrels making potential POTUS if they get their way. We knew they existed, and the very reason for defining NBC in our Constitution. Hope others will push this out in the blogs. The Admins can move this to a more appropriate place if necessary.

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