A Tangled Web: Tales of Obama’s LFCOLB, Part One

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Why is Savannah Guthrie the only journalist to see the original, certified Obama birth certificate in three dimensions, up close and personal?

By now the world knows that on April 27, 2011, 8:48 am, EDT, White House (WH) press secretary, Jay Carney, held a “gaggle” to introduce the media and the public to what he implied was President Barack Hussein Obama’s

long-form birth certificate from the State of Hawaii – the original birth certificate.

In another post on this blog, that press conference was dissected and some still-unexplained curiosities were noted.

At the presser, reporters received copies of Obama’s short-form certification of live birth (SFCOLB), originally released in June, 2008, as well as a recently issued “long-form” certificate of live birth (LFCOLB).  The copies were one-sided, on white paper, and contained relicts of other documents that must have been stacked all together on the scanner or copy machine. See blogger butterdezillion’s excellent explanatory post about this curiosity.

At 9:16 am that same day, AP photojournalist J. Scott Applewhite posted a copy of the media’s copy of the LFCOLB at the Muscatine Journal, an online publication.

There’s been confusion about this image because of its creation date. Apparently Applewhite photographed or scanned the black-and-white version of the LFCOLB that the media received. That white page is not the same green-hued “document” that the WH placed on its website, in PDF form. The media copies were not created by directly copying the certified LFCOLB, as demonstrated by butterdezillion. It’s likely the PDF was printed out and then copied multiple times.  So there is the one-sided white version; and there is the green version, in PDF form, but allegedly printed by the Hawaiian Department of Health (HDOH) on green, cross-hatched security paper. This explains why the creation dates on the digital images differ.

Sometime later that same day, NBC reporter Savannah Guthrie tweeted this message:

I saw the certified copy of long-form POTUS birth certificate today, felt the raised seal, snapped this pic.  

Click to enlarge.

She must have snapped two photos.  Now there are (at least) three different digital images of the LFCOLB on the Web. Her photo(s) will be the subject of my next post.

In addition to copies of the two COLBs, the press received copies of correspondence between Obama’s lawyer and the HDOH. Obama’s personal lawyer, Judith Corley, a partner at Seattle-based law firm Perkins Coie and decades-long colleague of soon-to-be-former WH Counsel Robert Bauer, obtained a waiver from the HDOH, contending that this would

allow my client to make a certified copy of his original birth certificate publicly available.

But no certified copy is publicly available.  So far, Savannah Guthrie is the only member of the media who claims to have seen the LFCOLB close up. If any reader knows of another reporter who stated that she or he examined and photographed the “real deal”, please let us know. The certified LFCOLB was not even made available for examination by reporters at the brief press conference, based upon their comments; the document was removed from the podium before Obama arrived to speak.  No cameras were allowed at the presser.

So no certified, three-dimensional, paper LFCOLB has been made available to the public, although this was the excuse Ms. Corley gave when she requested the unnecessary waiver. Unnecessary, unless there’s something about Obama’s original records that differ from the ordinary—such as a sealed adoption.

So again, why was Savannah Guthrie the chosen one? Why was she the sole mainstream media reporter allowed to see, feel, examine, and photograph the supposed Obama “certified long-form birth certificate”? The green version, the one on security paper, allegedly hand-carried back to DC by Judith Corley?  Who is Savannah Guthrie? She’s a lawyer and a journalist.

Savannah Guthrie received her undergraduate degree in journalism [in 1993] from the University of Arizona before receiving her Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law Center [in 2002], where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. … She worked for the law firm Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld … Guthrie was a Law Fellow at Georgetown University Law Center.

As a lawyer/journalist, Guthrie worked at Court TV, NBC, and ABC. She covered Sarah Palin for NBC during the 2008 election (fairly?), becoming NBC’s WH correspondent at the end of 2008,  just after the election.  Elle Magazine wrote about the “lovely and amazing” Guthrie.  She now reports for all NBC entities, including MSNBC.

Guthrie married Mark Orchard, British-born former Los Angeles bureau chief for the BBC, who at the time was married to journalist Anne Kornblut. After his divorce, he and Guthrie married; but they separated in 2009 and later divorced.  Orchard is now a producer and editor for Al Jazeera. Since then, Guthrie entered into a relationship with political consultant and erstwhile Al Gore senior aide Michael Feldman, of the Glover Park Group, “a strategic communications firm.” This firm’s website openly states,

Interaction between government, business, NGOs, the media and the public is more dynamic than ever. Old lines between public and private sector, journalist and civilian, outside agitator and inside power broker are blurring.

Exactly!  Savannah Guthrie worked for Akin-Gump. Keep that in mind. She received a law degree from Georgetown University Law Center. Keep that in mind, too.

Recently, while researching another topic, I ran across this comment at the Post & Email News by KenyanBornObamAcorn:

[S]omeone beat me to the Valerie Jarrett connection to Vernon Jordan. Did you know that Vernon is senior counsel at Akin Gump, which just happens to be the firm that runs the SCOTUSBlog…this is why you have not seen one shred of info about a single case that has gone to the Supreme Court on the eligibility issue. I mean nothing at all on any of the cases and I’ve searched nearly every day, from the time when the first case showed up there, til the last one left there. We’ve got a case there now … but you’ll never see a word about it, on ScotusBlog.

Akin Gump:  Vernon Jordan is senior counsel at Akin Gump.  I trust that readers know who Valerie Jarrett is. Some believe she’s the de facto president.  Journalist and writer Trevor Loudon just yesterday documented Valerie’s journalist father-in-law’s many connections to Chicago politics, Frank Marshall Davis (Obama’s “Uncle Frank”), Barack Obama, and the Communist Party.  (h/t Bridgette)

That’s Vernon Jarrett, not to be confused with another connected guy, Vernon Jordan, who is Valerie Jarrett’s great-uncle, as well as Bill Clinton’s lawyer. Valerie Jarrett and Vernon Jordan have many long and varied associations with the Democrats, the Clinton and Obama administrations, as well as numerous large corporations, lobbyists, not-for-profits, and left-leaning political organizations, not to mention communists.  And yes, even Bilderberg Conferences.

So Savannah Guthrie, only admitted media visitor to the original LFCOLB, worked for the same law firm at which Vernon Jordan is senior counsel. Her former husband works for Al Jazeera and her current (?) paramour worked for Al Gore but now works for a firm he founded that promotes strategic communication.  Vernon Jordan’s grand-niece, Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, is Obama’s most trusted “advisor” in the WH.

Guthrie, Jarrett, and Obama moved into the WH, so to speak, right around the same time.  Access. It’s all about access.

The Akin Gump law firm is indeed associated with the SCOTUS blog, through the blog’s founder Tom Goldstein, who once also worked at Akin Gump but left to start his own firm, which now oversees the SCOTUS blog, which explains a lot, as far as what is not discussed or reported there.

Am I finished yet? Nope. Remember Robert Bauer, who leaves as WH Counsel at the end of June? He’s the lawyer most responsible for fighting the Obama ineligibility lawsuits, which are studiously ignored by the SCOTUS blog. (KenyanBornObamaAcorn  is correct that the Hollister case is not mentioned there, as a simple site search today proved. Not surprising–it would seem pro forma for a progressive-run blog to ignore ineligibility suits, given that even the docket of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) was infamously fiddled with, way back during campaign 2008.)  Bauer may soon be called upon to give testimony in one of Attorney Orly Taitz’s Obama-related cases.

Bauer is replaced as WH Counsel by his Deputy WH Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler, profiled in Washingtonian Magazine in July, 2006. Ruemmler attended Georgetown University Law Center, and was editor of its law review.  She was 35 at the time; she’s now about 40, the same approximate age as Savannah Guthrie. It’s likely they knew each other at Georgetown University Law Center, probably knew each other well, given that Guthrie was a Law Fellow, and Ruemmler (who graduated in 1996) was editor of the law review.

Access, access, access.  That’s what it’s all about in journalism, especially so with the WH press corps.

Thomas Goldstein was also profiled in that same Washingtonian Magazine article. He was then 36, so is a contemporary of Ruemmler and Guthrie, although he attended a different law school—American University. But he did work at Akin Gump.

 Goldstein’s talent for constitutional law brought him attention. Harvard professor Laurence Tribe used Goldstein as second chair in the landmark Supreme Court phase of Bush v. Gore … Despite being in many ways a legal outsider, he was hired this year [2006] to build a constitutional-law practice for Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld.  

Goldstein edits one of the most widely read Supreme Court blogs on the Internet, which on a big case day has gotten as many as 92,000 hits. He named his daughter, Nina, after his favorite NPR correspondent, Supreme Court reporter Nina Totenberg, who has quoted Goldstein for years and helped build his reputation.

Nina Totenberg?  Don’t get me started.  Laurence Tribe? He’d require an encyclopedia-sized article to fully explain his “progressive” ties. Here’s a taste from Wikipedia:

Tribe is noted for his extensive support of liberal legal causes. He is one of the co-founders of the liberal American Constitution Society, the law and policy organization formed to counter the conservative Federalist Society, and is one of a number of scholars at Harvard Law School who have expressed their support for animal rights. He has argued many high-profile cases, including one for Al Gore during the disputed U.S. presidential election, 2000. … He actively supported the candidacy of President Barack Obama and described Obama as “the best student I ever had,” a phrase he also used to describe Kathleen Sullivan. Alongside Harvard’s Cass Sunstein, Tribe served as judicial adviser to Obama’s campaign. In February 2010, he was named “Senior Counselor for Access to Justice” in the Department of Justice; he will lead an effort to increase legal access for the poor. 

All these brilliant, young, progressive lawyers, law review editors, and journalists.  I’m reminded of Sarah P. Herlihy, another well-connected progressive lawyer, who famously wrote a preemptive treatise in 2006 about how the US should get rid of that outdated natural born citizen requirement for the presidency, given the reality of the evolving “global” community.

So here we are.  A tangled web of associations (that provide access) with one “spider” sitting in the center of all.  As the Glover Park Group rightly, and sadly, proclaims:

Old lines between public and private sector, journalist and civilian, outside agitator and inside power broker are blurring.

Is this “blurring” a good thing for America?  For our Republic? Is this what the Founders envisioned when they enshrined freedom of the press in the Constitution?  Could they ever imagine such a blurring of the lines between journalists,  outside agitators, and inside (and outside) power brokers?  Power brokers such as far-left billionaire George Soros?

Fox News recently published a two-part expose of how Soros uses power and $48 million (and more) to “influence” the media.  Read it and weep, here and here.

Back to the roll out of the LFCOLB:  For those who have followed the birth certificate saga from the beginning, this is an old familiar plot.  Well-connected reporter Savannah Guthrie, alone, was allowed to visit the purported real certified LFCOLB.  She alone, so far as we know as of this writing, was allowed to photograph it.  She says.

Same song, second verse. Well-connected FactCheck blog representatives, alone, visited the SFCOLB in Chicago and photographed it.  They said.  The visitation took place in August 2008, yet the exif data on the photographs say otherwise.

Once again, We the People must take someone else’s word (but not under oath!) that the particular COLB in question is real, three-dimensional, certified, stamped, and embossed with the official seal of the State of Hawaii.

In every instance thus far, the persons whose word we are expected to accept are suspect, because of connections to Obama, members of his administration, his previous employers, his family, even his lawyers and long-time friends.

Neither document, SFCOLB or LFCOLB, has been submitted to any court of law in any of the ineligibility cases.  Neither document has been made publicly available so that it can be authenticated forensically.

Now that Obama has produced his alleged certified, original long-form birth certificate, there remains no logical explanation for why it took him more than two years to produce it.  Instead, he spent much money maneuvering in court to keep from producing this same document.  His lawyers fought discovery, when a subpoena from a judge would have brought the document to light long ago.  Obama allowed a decorated military physician to be tried and sent to prison rather than to show this LFCOLB.  Saving a patriot from prison didn’t warrant producing this document in court, but jibes by Donald Trump brought more Kabuki theater.  Same play, second act, complete with trickery and “dramatic revelations“.

We the People, despite what amounts to a promise by Obama’s lawyer Judith Corley, do not have access to a certified copy of Obama’s LFCOLB, in three-dimensional paper form.  The HDOH, as with the SFCOLB, will not comment about the authenticity of the LFCOLB IMAGE that was placed on the WH website or the copies distributed to the media, nor will the governor of Hawaii.

In a press release, Obama family friend and Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie spoke about the paper documents given to Corley, not digital images or white, one-sided copies released by the WH.

Blogger Miss Tickly wrote to Savannah Guthrie to ask specific questions about the “raised” seal that Guthrie “felt” on the document. So far, Guthrie has declined to respond. As a lawyer, Guthrie ought to be able to determine whether or not a document is legitimate. Her tweet didn’t testify to the document’s authenticity, although she assures us that she “felt” a “raised seal.” Take her word for it.

Guthrie’s word.  FactCheck blog’s word.  Connected people with access to one of the least transparent administrations in history.

Their word.  That’s apparently all We the People are going to get, until something changes.

Part two here: https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2011/06/22/blackberry-brambles-tales-of-obamas-lfcolb-part-two/

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  1. Superb! Boy were the dots ever connected! All of the progressive links exposed!

  2. Reposting here for reference.

    Valerie Jarrett’s Father-in-Law Was a Communist – Worked With Obama Mentor Frank Marshall Davis
    June 6, 2011 snips

    Senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett’s late father-in-law and Chicago Sun-Times columnist Vernon Jarrett, was a key member of the South Chicago communist left of the late 1940s.

    After graduating from Knoxville College in Tennessee, Jarrett moved to Chicago in 1946 to work as a journalist. On his first day on the job at the radical Chicago Defender, he was sent to cover a race riot. The Defender was heavily influenced by the Communist Party USA and included on its roster well known Chicago Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis. Jarrett and Davis worked on the Defender around the same time. They certainly knew each other through the Communist Party and its fronts.

    In June 1946, Vernon Jarrett was elected to the Illinois Council of the Communist Party’s youth wing, then known as American Youth for Democracy. This is according to Testimony of Walter S. Steele regarding Communist activities in the United States. Hearings before the Committee on Un-American Activities, House of Representatives, Eightieth Congress, first session, on H. R. 1884 and H. R. 2122, pages 75,76. It is the first hard evidence tying Vernon Jarrett directly to the Communist Party. Frank Marshall Davis, incidentally, was an official sponsor of American Youth for Democracy, along with confirmed communists Howard Fast, Langston Hughes, John Howard Lawson and Dirk Struik.
    Later that year, Frank Marshall Davis left Chicago for Hawaii to work on the Honolulu Record, then edited and run by Communist Party member Koji Ariyoshi. A member of the “Dixie Mission” to Yenan, the HQ of the Chinese communist forces in the 1940s, Ariyoshi spent nearly two years in China as an officer of an all-Nisei psychological warfare unit. The unit’s job was to direct propaganda against the Japanese civilians and troops in China at the time. Immediately after the war, Ariyoshi worked New York City with accused “Amerasia” spy John S. Service and Ed Rohrbough – who would become business manager of the Honolulu Record, in an effort to steer U.S. policy towards the Chinese Communists and against the Nationalists.

    Davis was also later observed by the FBI on several occasions photographing remote shorelines and beach fronts, possibly for intelligence purposes. The FBI continued to monitor Davis into the 1960s and he was placed on the “Security Index.” This meant Davis was marked for immediate arrest should war break out between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.

    While the Communist Party in Hawaii faded into the Democratic party and the International Longshore Workers Union, there is no evidence that Frank Marshall Davis ever stopped being a communist. As late as 1973, three years after Davis met and began mentoring the 10 year old Barack Obama, he was still listed as an endorser of one of the party’s oldest fronts, the Committee for Protection of Foreign Born.

    • American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born

      The American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born was an organization between 1933 and 1982, based in New York City. It was founded by the Communist Party. It was active regarding immigration legislation, individual immigration litigation, and public education of these issues. The General Counsel in the 1950s was Ira Gollobin.


      The American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born (1933-1982), based in New York City, was founded for the purpose of defending the rights of the foreign born, especially radicals and Communist Party members, thereby filling a void left by other civil rights defense groups. The Committee’s formation was initiated by Roger Baldwin of the American Civil Liberties Union.(ACLU) The Committee pursued its aims through litigation, legislation and public education. In its early years, the Committee’s activity focused of campaigning for asylum rights for those refugees who had fled European fascism in the 1930s and were facing deportation.

      The advent of the Cold War saw increased efforts to deport foreign born trade unionists and Communists, and attacks on the ACPFB itself. In June of 1948, Attorney General Clark added the ACPFB to his department’s list of “subersive” organizations.

  3. Democrats declare that it is time to end the culture of corruption prevailing through all levels of government. We are committed to immediate change to lead this country in a new direction, to put an end to business as usual, and to make certain this nation’s leaders serve the people’s interests, not special interests. Our responsibility to our constituents and to our nation is to represent all of the people, not just the powerful.

    Our goal is to restore accountability, honesty and openness at all levels of government. To do so, we will create and enforce rules that demand the highest ethics from every public servant, sever unethical ties between lawmakers and lobbyists, and establish clear standards that prevent the trading of official business for gifts.

    Honest leadership is not a partisan goal. It is the key to a stronger union. We must all work together to put the progress of all Americans ahead of the special interests of the few. With honest leadership and open government, America’s leaders can once again focus on the urgent needs of the American people: real security overseas and at home, economic strength and educational excellence, affordable health care, energy independence, and retirement security.

    – Nancy Pelosi, House Democratic Leader, 2006

    • This is satire…right? Oh, ROTFL.. I just saw the date…2006! Now we know for sure it is a joke!

      Guess it all depended on how they redefined words such as honesty (cough, cough), “honest leadership”, economic strength, highest ethics (barfing), etc. Their Marxist/progressive definitions don’t match known usage of the terms. But then again, they are changing definitions in all dictionaries regarding natural born citizen, so we can assume there will be new definitions for truth, liberty, and freedom soon too.

    • Still waiting . . .

  4. Expert: Obama doc is ‘proof’ – of fraud
    Typeface analysis shows images come from different machines

    June 07, 2011 Snips

    Paul Irey, a retired professional typographer with 50 years experience in his business, says an analysis of the typefaces used in the Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate that the White House released on April 27 reveals it absolutely to be a forgery.

    “My analysis proves beyond a doubt that it would be impossible for the different letters that appear in the Obama birth certificate to have been typed by one typewriter,” Irey told WND. Typewriters in 1961 could not change the size and shape of a letter on the fly like that,” he said. “This document is definitely a forgery.”

    Additionally, he argued, IBM only introduced the Selectric in July 1961. Such machines were in short supply in August 1961, when Obama’s birth certificate purportedly was prepared by the nurses or clerks at Kapiolani Hospital, and few government offices could afford to make the switch from manual typewriters to the expensive top-of-the line Selectric typewriters when they were first introduced.

    Obama long-form birth certificate given to press April 27, 2011…From this source, Irey extracted individual typed letters and prepared a chart listing each typed letter in the document.

    [Then] Irey compared different individual letters, producing a chart, seen here as Exhibit 3, in which the different typefaces used in the document are evident by comparison:


  5. “I saw the certified copy of long-form POTUS birth certificate today, felt the raised seal, snapped this pic.” — Savannah Guthrie

    Too bad that pic, even magnified many times over, doesn’t show any indication whatsoever of any seal of any type…raised, lowered, printed, etc.

    • RacerJim: If you play with it a lot, enhancing brightness and contrast, a hint of a “seal” shows up in the lower left corner, but you have to look at the full page image, not the cropped image. That cropped image just cuts out where the seal is. I have a theory. I hope I remember to address that in my next post.

  6. Great article, very well done. Also, no idea whether the seal is debossed or embossed…aka Miss Tickly.

    Superb research.

  7. Great post Miri. Some of this links across the hall to my work. I am adding this there also. Will post the connections here too. Good job.

  8. A big hat tip to Renee and all of our regular commenters and researchers, who find the facts that the authors pull together to (try to) make sense of what’s going on. Thanks to one and all.

    The truth is out there. Keep digging.

  9. Sharon Rondeau at the Post & Email News noticed Trevor Loudon’s great article about Valerie Jarrett’s father-in-law. She writes about it here, tying it in with the Ulsterman’s latest post from inside the WH about Democratic disenchantment with Obama and Jarrett, and investigations into Eric Holder.

    • I’d like to remind EVERYBODY that Hillary Clinton is a CHICAGO DEMOCRAT, too. So’s Daley. Just sayin’. For future reference. Even if Barry leaves, Hillary’s no better. Different face, same regime.

  10. Miri, Here is what I want you to note. Comments above this one explain further.
    Pine Tree Trail | Wtpotus Research Blog#comment-23627#comment-23627#comment-23627#comment-23627#comment-23627#comment-23627#co Renee | June 8, 2011 at 12:36 pm | Reply
    Miri ?

  11. This one runs together too Miri.
    Colors Of A Rainbow: Just Chasin Rainbows Here | Wtpotus Research Blog#comment-23630#comment-23630#comment-23630#comment-23630
    Renee | June 8, 2011 at 12:36 pm | Reply
    Miri ?

  12. Miri, Excellent post and research. I keep trying to post Research / Connections related to your post on the research blog and aol bumps me before I can post the information. Everytime I click on the link where Renee has started the research into this, or when I try to submit the comment, poof, aol zaps me. Is this a known problem on the research bolg? I’ve reboted my computer and am still having the same thing happen. Can someone look into it please! let me know if you have the same problem? TY

    Im sure it’s aol….They hate us, lol 🙂

    • Leza, recently Word Press did something to the comment box. I don’t like it, either. It has problems. I copied and pasted something and it wouldn’t let me “roll back” to see the beginning of my comment. It was as if it disappeared, as if I accidentally cut out the top part of the comment, but it was still there. I just couldn’t see it. There was no arrow on the side to scroll up or down. It now allows you to sign in and comment from your Facebook account, from WordPress, or from Twitter. I don’t know what AOL would have to do with it. Are you commenting from some device other than a computer? The research blog works just like this one. Maybe you can ask WordPress? It’s new to us, too. I have problems with it, too. It just showed up like this, so far as I know, yesterday.

      • I agree Miri, I also do not like the new comment format wordpress has come out with. I hate not being able to scan my comment before submitting it. I do not have any problems commenting here, only on the research blog, and the problem only started today. No, I do not comment through anything other than my computer. Facebook, never! My kids can’t even get me to join!

  13. you’re right miri, My spelling is bad enought but when I can scroll back up to check what I’ve written it will probably only get worse. Who owns or controls wordpress? I don’t know anything about wordpress.

    • true that, alfy, your spelling really is a little… well ummm

      but its all good.

      I usually leave how whole words.

      • I can tolerate Alfy’s spelling, she seems to tolerate mine 🙂 . I love her short stories! Im still wondering if Wal Mart took her bra back, she left us hanging on that part, Alfy?

        lol, Ya know we lov ya 🙂

  14. The only thing I like about the new comment box is that I really look cute.

  15. Too cute. 🙂

    of course we do. it’s me, papoose!

    got garter snap thingies? , they work in a pinch if Walmart is closed or something, like, tornado, flood, avalanche… they come in handy -in a pinch. That’s why I haven’t sold them on ebay yet. Walmart sells bras?

    • WalMart sells evvvvvverythang. I LOVE WalMart, not just because they sell evvvvverythang but also because that’s where the REAL people shop and the libs love to hate on WalMart. Ergo, I love WalMart and go out of my way to shop there. I heard today that Target is losing money because they changed their brand in the sense that they carry more food and have prices that are more competitive with WalMart, meaning better deals, lower prices. But why would they LOSE money? Guess what? The yuppies don’t like places that are associated with good, low prices. They prefer to be taken to the cleaners and overcharged for “designer” stuff or what passes for designer stuff at Target. They think WalMart is for the proletariat. Target tried to be more young and hip and classy. So when Target lowered prices, the “elitists” went to Kohl’s, where they could be overcharged for the same cheap stuff from Indonesia, Malaysia, or China. It cracks me up. For the same reason, people who won’t be caught dead in an Aldi store flock to Trader Joe’s. But guess what? They’re the same company. If you shop both, you’ll see the same items at Trader Joe’s as at Aldi’s, just with a different graphic on the packages and a higher price! Again, it cracks me up. I like Aldi and WalMart because that’s where you see the REAL people and actually REAL diversity because people of all colors, creeds, and social status are there, getting great deals and not getting screwed out of their hard earned dollars.

      Why doesn’t this damned comment box have a scroll bar? Arrrrrrgh. If I made any grammatical or spelling errors, tough t***ies (no pun intended, alfy). 🙂

  16. And so we have gone far afield from the topic of this here post. 🙂

    • Far afield ,but not left field at least. But hey, what did ya’ll do, wait till I went to bed last night to gang up on me and my situation, leave it to you guys to extract the least important of my “short story” and now be discussing my bra when I wake up. “Hanging ” is a fine word Miri. Without my bra my shoulder blades stand out better than than my other attributes.All the years of nursing. And it wasn’t the Walmart I got my bra from. I love Walmart too and it is the diversity capital of the world I think. On any Saturday in our town Immigration could locate all the Mexicans that ever crossed the border in the Walmart.
      Speaking of Boobs and Hangin, and I could help think the other day,and as you’ll notice I haven’t injected a word about the “Weiner” story,I’ll leave that to others, but I couldn’t help thinking that “MEMBERS” of congress has taken on a whole new meaning!
      This really sucks that I can’t go back up and see what the heck I have actually just said.

  17. As I posted on Mario Apuzzo’s blog here:

    “This is another rope-a-dope to keep us chasing our tails. Another crappy, low quality image in poor light that’s been res’d down and exhibits what kind-of, sort-of looks like a stampy-thingy on it. Is this the best they can do? How about releasing the actual document to the FBI or Federal Elections Commission for forensic authentication instead of a sycophant reporter who salivates at the sound of Obama’s name? If Obama handed Savannah Guthrie a handful of dog-mess (as Whoopie Goldberg calls it) her eyes would sparkle and she’d claim it was the greatest dog-mess she’s ever held. Why would I trust her with the task of authenticating this document and double-checking that the seal was a real HDOH seal? The White House has already released what appears to be a fraudulent long form on the web so why wouldn’t they let some doe-eyed ‘reporter’ handle a copy with a phony seal? Does anyone think she’ll compare it to an actual HDOH seal? Yeah, I won’t hold my breath for that.”

  18. Also note that Savannah Guthrie’s photos were down-res’d and their EXIF data scrubbed. Whether that was the website manipulating the metadata or if it was done intentionally I don’t know.

    • bdwilcox: Do you know much about exif data? If so, can you interpret this?

      Flash: No flash function
      File: 450 x 600 JPEG
      92,237 bytes Image compression 88%
      Camera Model Name:
      Orientation: Horizontal (Normal)
      Software: Rim Exif Version 1.00a (apparently a Blackberry signature http://slashdot.org/~steveha; same contraption Weiner used)
      Y Cb Cr Positioning: Centered
      Exposure Time: 0
      Exif Version: 0220
      Date/Time Original:
      Components Configuration: Y, Cb, Cr, –
      Exif Image Size: 600 x 450
      Modification Date:
      Subject Distance: 0 m
      Light Source: Unknown
      Flash: No flash function
      Color Space: sRGB
      Device Setting Description: (0 bytes binary data)
      Resolution: 72 pixels/inch
      File type: JPEG
      MIME Type: image/jpeg
      Exif Byte Order: Little-endian (Intel, II)
      Encoding Process: Baseline DCT, Huffman coding
      Bits Per Sample: 8
      Color Components: 3
      File Size: 90 kB
      Y Cb Cr Sub Sampling; YcbCr4:4:4 (1 1)
      Shutter Speed: 0

      That’s what I got off one of the Guthrie pics. The one with the table in it. I gather she took the photo with a Blackberry (Research in Motion) h/t to that steve guy whose link I gave. He wrote in regards to Weinergate photos. Not Guthrie’s but it apparently applies.
      Is there any explanation for the fact that the photo is so dark–obviously no flash on a Blackberry but still, is that the best it can do? How about the color or lack thereof for the document itself?

  19. I just found this in my “Old Mail” file I had saved from 2008 I had copied and pasted the entire article, but the “Link” is no longer there. Im sure I had saved the link also.

    “Holds both American and Kenyan (since 1963) citizenship.”

    Rockey Mountian News

    Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama speaks in July at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

    More Barack Obama
    60,000 Coloradans jam Obama ticket phone lines
    Ritter says he won’t be Obama’s running mate
    Massive phone bank to set stage for Obama speech

    What is this?

    Entered Harvard Law School in 1988, was elected the first African–American editor of the Harvard Law Review. He graduated magna cum laude in 1991.

    Won two Grammys for Best Spoken Word Albums for an autobiography in 1995 “Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance” and his second book, “The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream,” published in October 2006.

    Mother Ann Dunham died of ovarian cancer in 1995. Father Barack Obama Sr. was killed in a car wreck in 1982.

    Spent four years in his stepfather’s native country of Indonesia.

    Is the fifth African-American senator in U.S. history

    Is the first presidential candidate to come from Hawaii.

    Favorite movies: “The Godfather” (Parts I and II) and “Lawrence of Arabia.”

    In his early years he was known as Barry.

    According to his memoirs, he admitted using alcohol, marijuana and cocaine in his youth.

    His first name comes from the word that means “blessed by God” in Arabic.

    At his wife’s suggestion, he quit smoking before his campaign to win the Democratic nomination began.

    Holds both American and Kenyan (since 1963) citizenship.

    Named one of Time magazine’s “100 most influential people in the world” list in 2005 and 2007.

    Chosen as one of “10 people would change the world” by New Statesman magazine (2005).

    Source: biography.com, Internet Movie Database, Atlanta Journal Constitution

    Subscribe to the Rocky Mountain News
    August 6, 2008
    12:25 p.m.

    Denverbusinessman writes:

    He’s an academic, no business experience, no military experience, has served little time in the Senate. He got a free ride in life and in college due to his affirmative action status.

  20. Looking over our shoulder to drive libs nuts: Did Obama spend millions to keep Birth Cert secret?

    Oct 22 2010

    Items are organized chronologically, then in order of discovery . . .

    Robert Bauer — Obama’s Mouthpiece

    Robert Bauer, the chief of the political law group at Perkins Coie, the Seattle law firm hired by the White House to defend Obama in court cases challenging his “natural born” citizenship status in the United States and thus, his eligibility under the U.S. Constitution to be president.

    Bauer has done his best to prevent the American public from seeing a wide range of Obama’s records that could prove, or disprove, his eligibility to occupy the Oval Office under the Constitution’s requirement that the president be a “natural born” citizen.

    Documents concerning Obama that the White House has refused to release to the public include his long-form birth certificate and his passport records, as well as other records that may possibly be relevant, such as records regarding Obama’s possible adoption by his Indonesian stepfather or college application and tuition financial aid records which would reveal whether Obama was ever registered as a foreign student.

    Federal Election Commission records show $1,352,378.95 in payments were made by Obama for America to Perkins Coie while the law firm was representing Obama in various court cases which have sought to obtain Obama’s long-form birth certificate to determine if he is a “natural born” citizen under Article Two, Section 1 of the Constitution.

    Bauer, a Democratic Party partisan, has a long history of defending Democratic Party presidential hopefuls.

    A biography for Bauer posted on the Perkins Coie website indicates he was general counsel to the Democratic National Committee during the presidential campaign of Sen. John Kerry and that he served as counsel to Sen. Tom Daschle, the Democratic leader in the impeachment trial proceedings of President Bill Clinton.

    During the 2008 presidential campaign, Bauer functioned as an “attack lawyer,” threatening with FEC complaints groups wanting to run anti-Obama television ads.

    Also during the 2008 presidential campaign, Bauer as counsel for the Obama campaign wrote letters to television station managers and to Department of Justice Assistant Attorney General John Keeney arguing that airing an anti-Obama ad pointing to the known association between Obama and Weather Underground radical Bill Ayers would violate federal election rules.

    Also during the 2008 campaign, Bauer intervened on behalf of Obama to block the California-based American Leadership Project from running a television ad campaign over support from unions, including the Service Employees International Union.

    Again, Bauer filed a complaint with the FEC alleging that the union-funded television campaign the American Leadership Project planned to run in Indiana against Obama was illegal under federal election laws.

    In addition to representing Obama on eligibility cases, Bauer also is hired as legal counsel to represent the president in the criminal probe going on into the activities of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

    Last year Bauer was at the center of the controversy over Obama’s decision to reverse course on his promise to accept pubic financing for his presidential campaign after a meeting with Sen. John McCain’s attorney, Trevor Potter, when Bauer claimed McCain did not want to reach a compromise on the issue.

    The McCain campaign sharply criticized Bauer’s characterization of the meeting.

    It was in June 2007 when Bauer authored a piece in Huffington Post regarding Vice President Dick Cheney’s aide, Scooter Libby, arguing that liberals should not oppose a White House pardon because a pardon would draw President George W. Bush directly into the case, with the potential the “presidential fingerprints” could become politically explosive.

    Snip ~

    And Bauer landed the mother of all accounts — Obama’s presidential campaign — even before the campaign officially began, which led to his being appointed this year to the coveted position of lead counsel for the Democratic National Committee, a position that also made him the lawyer for Obama’s political network, Organizing for America.

    Plus, he represents Obama and his family in personal matters, such as the federal investigation of disgraced former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, but Bauer’s number one priority is to keep Obama’s bona fides hidden from the American People.

    Bauer is married to recently resigned White House Communications Director, Anita Dunn.

    Continue reading here . . .

    Tells you something about where eligibility issues rank with Obama

    Obama Campaign Disbursements To Perkins-Coie

    2nd Quarter, 2010, FEC report for Obama for America
    Perkins Coie: $248483.94


    1st Quarter, 2010

    Perkins Coie: $261,206.69


    October 2009 quarterly:
    Perkins Coie: $314,018.06

    July 2009 quarterly:
    Perkins Coie: $270,754.18

    April quarterly
    Perkins Coie: $688,316.42

    Year-End 2008
    Perkins Coie: $173,052.52

    Amended post-general election:
    Perkins Coie: $205,323.00

    That adds up to: $2,161,155.11

    Cont’s @ Link



    Obama Admits: Sometimes I Think ‘One Term is Enough’
    June 14, 2011 Snips

    WASHINGTON (The Blaze/AP) — President Barack Obama says his wife and daughters aren’t “invested” in him being president and would have been fine had he decided against running for re-election. But he says they believe in what he’s doing for the country. [To bad it is rotten for the country!]

    Asked about his family’s reaction to his wanting another term, Obama said: “Michelle and the kids are wonderful in that if I said, `You know, guys, I want to do something different,‘ They’d be fine. They’re not invested in daddy being president or my husband being president.” [Nor is the country invested in you running again!]

    He also said “there are days where I say that one term is enough:” [Keep saying that to yourself! How can we help you get the he## out of our WH? We are doing all we can. Prison is just ahead.]


  22. From ORYR: Video: 50-year typographer and document expert Paul Irey explains in detail his computer analysis of Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate posted on the White House server. Says ready to testify. The interview aired on TruNews radio 6/14/2011.

    Imposter in the WH
    A criminal syndicate is in charge of our government

  23. Action Alert From Commander Kerchner Regarding Obama’s Latest Criminal Act Using Government Resources To Commit Fraud

    11 June 2011 via FAX to #202-225-0704 (Washington DC office)
    To: The Speaker of the House of the United States – John Boehner

    Re: Report of criminal activities including identity theft of a Social Security Number and placing a forged PDF file of an alleged long form birth certificate on to government property servers at the White House by Obama and his operatives.

    Dear Speaker Boehner:

    When will you publicly call for congressional investigations into the criminal activities of the putative president Obama? See the attached for more details into the citizen charges filed against Obama.



  24. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=313617

    This article at WND contains a pretty good roundup of all the vetting bills that states tried to pass in their legislatures since Barry was “elected”, with the sad news about how most, if not all, have been stymied, one way or another.

    Since so many of the ineligibility cases were dismissed because of supposed lack of “standing”, I wonder if this recent ruling by the SCOTUS will change the arguments?
    “The U.S. Supreme Court may have just opened the floodgates to individuals wishing to challenge various federal laws on the grounds that they violate the 10th Amendment. In a unanimous decision, the court ruled that individuals do have standing to make such legal challenges if they can demonstrate that they will suffer harm if the laws they are challenging are applied to them.”

    Ya think? Dare we hope for change?

    • Despite questions about its authenticity, the recent document issued by the Obama regime is a well dressed copy of a form of birth documentation created, once again, by the Hawaiian Department of Health, not a hospital, which is the same record commonly triggered by Hawaiian vital records laws upon the registration of births in that state, regardless of the location of the birth.

      Officially, births can be registered in the state of Hawaii regardless if they actually occurred there when a doctor is able verify and sign an administratively originated “Certificate of Live Birth” from the Department of Health. The doctor does not have to be the actual birthing doctor.

  25. Another viewpoint about the symbols embedded in the LFCOLB. An interesting analysis. He sees Malcolm X in the supposed error of TXE and butterflies in the dots as symbols by the forger. Butterflies are used in reference to Malcolm X and to Obama. (Remember the statue of young Obama in Indonesia with a butterfly on his hand..statue removed from the park by irate Indonesians.)


    Thursday, July 28, 2011 Snips

    Recall, if Obama’s real “Certificate of Live Birth” actually exists in its original form, the original paper document would have simply been removed from the 1961 vault file at the Hawaiian Department of Health, where we were told this one originated in this exact form in 1961, then officials would have copied it, not scanned it with a digital imager, then authenticated the copy with an official seal and signatures. It then could have been copied and disseminated to the media and the public. The process is very simple and straight forward.

    Now, however, The Daily Pen has researched powerful evidence suggesting that the document image was intentionally constructed or altered with cryptic symbology and graphic remnants in order to reveal a message about Obama’s past and insinuate a theme about the “butterfly effect” of his historical significance. These symbols are rooted in historical references to African diaspora (disbursement of African races by the Atlantic slave trade), Black Nationalism of the 1960s as well as references to the CIA.

    The misspelling of the word “TXE” in the offical DOH stamp may intentionally elude to the identity of “a specific individual long suspected, but never confirmed of having an association with Obama.”

    The idea is that the document counterfeiter is conveying an inconspicuous, but plausible, idea that the fraudulent presidency of Barack Obama is an ‘abstract’ of a radical ideology. Whether the association is political, ideological or biological is undetermined.

    In terms of the use of the symbol “X” in reference to Obama’s biography, it is important to remember when Obama was born and, thus, that such symbology is not necessarily an indication of linkage to any one individual. The “X” moniker was an identifier taken by black activist members of the Nation of Islam. Many of them changed their surnames to “X” as an expression of their protest against the idea their given names were the geneological product of their enslaved African ancestors being stripped of their identity and being forced to take the names of their white slave masters. One such individual who took the name of “X” was Malcolm Little.


    • Johannson continued, “When I first saw the ‘dots’ it reminded me of screened images used to print photos in newspapers in the 1960s. If you look at it with ‘lazy eyes’, it resembles the outline of a butterfly in flight its body below and the wings extending above.”

      • The writer says that the LFCOLB was “personally and publicly endorsed by Obama making him politically, criminally and personally liable, ironically, for its lack of legitimacy and deceptive content…much like the man himself.”

        But as I pointed out, his spokesmen at the press gaggle specifically told the media that the LFCOLB would be taken from the podium BEFORE Obama arrived to speak and that he would NOT be holding it. It would not even be present in the same room as the POTUS. In addition, as WND pointed out, when Obama spoke, he referred ONLY to the SFCOLB and NEVER mentioned the LFCOLB. This, they say, gave him “plausible deniability”. He NEVER owned that allegedly FORGED document. As always, he has six degrees of separation and willing minions to throw under the bus, should events take a Barry-unfortunate turn.

        • Daily Pen mentions that Barry went on Oprah and talked about the LFCOLB. But did he? What exactly did he say?

          “Sitting alongside the first lady, Obama said, “Can I just say I was there, so I knew,” adding, “I knew I had been born. I remembered it.”

          The president noted that baseless skepticism raised by critics regarding his birthplace has been an issue for more than two years. He said that the decision to release the records came with the hope that the ordeal could be put aside.

          “I said to my team, look, even though this is not usually what the state of Hawaii does,” he explained, “even though the Republican governor of Hawaii, the Democratic governors of Hawaii, all the various officials had confirmed that I was born here, let’s ask them for a special dispensation where they will go ahead and provide us with the original to see if we can put this to rest.””

          He never said they did provide him with the original. And whatever was provided was given to his personal lawyer.

    • “In 25 years of working with hundreds of thousands of official documents processed and authenticated by state, county and city agencies, I have never seen a spelling mistake in a pre-molded rubber press (stamp),” says Johannson, “They are checked and rechecked…and then rechecked again, by multiple individuals from the vendor, the agency, the document recipients and the stamp owner. The idea that this is an innocent mistake by the DOH is absolutely ridiculous.”

      Indeed it is, so why doesn’t somebody confront the HDOH with this false stamp and ask them for an explanation? Seems to me they’d be very concerned if someone is impersonating their registrar.

  26. Daily Pen says this is poking fun at birthers. What’s frightening about it is the fact that Obama uses such symbols continually to thumb his nose at his opponents in a way that suggests he KNOWS he will NEVER be called to account. Remember the black and red, commie family outfits on election night? Remember how he gives everyone the finger while pretending to be merely scratching his nose? This is an old trick of Malcolm X, too. We’ve discussed already the symbolism in his signature. It’s not even symbolism that, once again, he’s off on vacation soon–during RAMADAN. The worse symbolic incident was the flyover/reenactment of the 9/11 attack by Air Force One. This ceases to be funny.

  27. I believe the “X” inside the stamp is what gives deniability to the complicit people in Hawaii and to the forger. Seems to me that it’s “obvious”, by virtue of the misspelling, that the registrar’s stamp that vouches for the authenticity of the document and data contained therein IS ILLEGITIMATE. Therefore, it’s OBVIOUS that the document is not legal and should not be taken as such by a rational person. I suspect that’s how forgery laws can be evaded. Like Monopoly money. Obviously not real; therefore, nobody can charge the makers of the game with counterfeiting money. That they added the snark of Malcolm X is probably just another part of their game. That stamp is NOT legitimate. It is NOT the stamp of the Hawaiian registrar, as any logical “journalist” should be able to SEE and REPORT. The HDOH is complicit in that they allow this forgery to stand and allow the WH to continue to fool the bulk of people into believing that this document was authenticated by the HDOH. It obviously was not.

  28. Maybe Barry’s a hermaphrodite and the X means he has two X chromosomes in addition to (possibly) one Y. 🙂

  29. http://obamafake.blogspot.com/2011_08_01_archive.html

    More about the analysis of the bogus LFCOLB.

    “The burden of actually creating it probably fell to a younger person that knew computers pretty well but did not understand that typewriter type comes in different styles and sizes. This person apparently worked in or through someone at the Hawaiian dept. of health. This was important because he would need documents from the era to find pieces and type to assemble for his creation. I think he realized that when scanning letters … he could never use the same scan of a letter more than once because every time a letter is scanned the scanner engages the letter in a unique way. So for example if the forger scanned a lower case “t” and used that scan all over his document … a forensic examiner could see that exact sameness … viewing the original print under a microscope. By original print … I mean the print out on a computer printer from the forger’s file. This print would have been placed face down on the Xerox copier to copy and then stamp and send to the White House. Why we would still see the curve of the form into the binder is because a scan would have been made from a Xerox of an existing certificate. Then all the old text was removed and replaced with new text. I believe that using old documents of the era in order to get the exact typed letters that needed to be matched … tripped the forger up. The forger apparently did not realize that all the documents in the files were not typed on one typewriter. The hospitals typed the forms up … they were signed and sent to the dept. of health. Different typewriters had to have been used. The forger did not blow up the letters to inspect them.”

    I like this in particular,

    “I think that first of all … the chances of actually seeing it are less that 20%. If we do see it … the chances of it suddenly looking genuine and needing this kind of test are less than 10%. Some will call that bias. Good. Obama has overwhelmed most of us with the sense that he is hiding something. Just as the media has overwhelmed us all with the sense that they are protecting him. There were so many legal challenges to Obamas eligibility that were all struck down by judges. In every case the judges made the determination that the case could not be heard because the challenger did not have the proper “standing” to make the challenge. OK … judges decision and no evidence was heard. But when the media finally covered each case … only after it had been dismissed … the press always ran the same headline … “Proof Obama Born in Hawaii … Judge Throws out Case.” Then the media aggressively attacked the “Birthers” as tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists. Who among us can say that the media is not biased? The media and their reporting have given me bias against them and against Obama. In other words too many lies make me suspicious. Is that bias or just suspicion?”

    Just a sample; there’s more in the interview. This man is accompanying Orly Taitz to Hawaii next week.

  30. http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/assets/FigureOFS%20comp.jpg
    This analysis contains information about the photos Savannah made, so it’s worthwhile putting it here on this post, too, for further consideration.

    “… In the many hours I have spent analyzing the PDF, I observed one of the most important pieces of information it reveals, and one which would survive most any deliberate image degradation: The (invisible to us) grid on which the “typed” characters were laid out is perfectly aligned with the computer screen – it is perfectly vertical, right to the last pixel.

    Why is this important? Because it tells us for sure that this digital document is a forgery, because the odds that a scanned piece of paper containing a microfilm image would have typed letters that are perfectly aligned with the horizontal and vertical axes of your computer screen are minuscule.

    Secondly, it tells us that entering and aligning many “typed” characters was of great importance to the forger, and indicates that most, if not all, of the microfilm-image part of the “birth certificate” was created from scratch, rather than being a genuine microfilm image which was modified slightly to remove some inconvenient detail. …”

    • Which reminds me…that Saturday night they killed Osama Bin Laden again. We had to watch Georgetown U and Geraldo show up at the White House Fence. What a crock… of bullpucikies. April 28 – May 1, delivered to you from “Judith” at P-C… a photocopy… and buried at sea…bwhahahaha ha! Usurpers/Coup.

      We all know Hillary won in 2008. Super-delegates—> closed Convention at New York — Michigan and Florida… LOL…. What a hoax. PUMA!

      Even Turd Kennedy went after incumbent President James Carter… all the way to Wyoming. 1980.. Hostages in Iran…11/4/79…

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