TWO… (Open Thread)




48  HOURS!



We want to feel relief that the end of the blight

on America is over. 

We are counting …

Never fear.


This IS the “beginning of the end.”




28 responses to “TWO… (Open Thread)

    I am aghast and amazed at how the election coverage
    is of no issue of substance at all.
    If America re-elects the killer, then I am afraid it deserves
    all that is coming to it.

    • Amen.
      And I can’t understand people voting for him anyway.

    • Those people who were misled by the mainstream media because they were not born skeptics like us? I don’t think we ought to blame them. It’s the complicit lamestream that deliberately goes out of its way, for whatever reason, to keep the populace uninformed.

  2. I hope no readers on this site are caught up in the East Coast collapse.
    I remember reading a day before hurricane sandy hit, someone giving the advice to get out now because in five days time there would be fighting in the streets for food and fuel.
    What I wan to say is that if Obama is re-elected, he will give Iran the atomic bomb,
    and once that happens, Iran will use it.
    Look up Hojattieh Islam for it’s prescription for bringing about the end of time.
    Iran believes in this sect.
    What do you think NYC will be like after the first Iran nuclear detonation occurs?
    This will look like mere inconvnience/
    I am not fear mongering!
    I am trying to save lives.
    I may not succeed but please, please try to do all that yu can/
    The Canadian Free Press Tag Line:
    Without America there is no free world.

  3. America held hostage. Will we rescue ourselves in two days? I hope and pray so.

    • That’s a candle burning as a prayer for the United States of America.

    • “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”

      “Out of Darkness Comes Light”

      Our prayers will be heard. I know it. I feel it.

      Pray for all those left stranded because of Hurricane Sandy. The election is the farthest thing from their minds.

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        Not all Bridgette. I communicated with a dear old friend who lives in a badly affected, very pro Romney area. She said, the residents will get the vote out despite the fact that their neighborhood has been decimated!


    I thought the progressives were all for keeping religion (even fake religion) out of politics. Barry has an ad attempting to fool Christians into voting for him.

  5. ….. OUT with the dude that has accelerated us ALL to near ruins….& still desires to finish us OFF with re-electing his A*S! …our excuse 4 the TOP DOG….USURPER…. in OUR WHITE HOUSE!!!!
    …WHAT A MAN!!!!!! …. where is CLINT!!!! ?

    VOTE like your life depends on it …. & PRAY that they COUNT IT…

    • Yes, three honest journalists, all female, reporting on Benghazigate:
      “Maybe he thought no one had caught on to the way this administration had failed Ambassador Stevens and those trapped in Benghazi, but three women journalists, at least (Fox’s Jennifer Griffin and Catherine Herridge and CBS’s Sharyl Attkisson ), have not forgotten those acts of incompetence, treachery and mendacity. They are being helped by countless whistleblowers that share our outrage. And it is obvious even more are coming forward every day fueled by the anger we all share at this failure to “stand together, providing the help that is necessary”.”

  7. Check this song and video out by The Voters:

    Sue sent it. It’s great!

  8. From an email.

    Obama has been compared to Abraham Lincoln.
    What is the main difference between the two?
    Lincoln GREW his beard; Obama MARRIED his.

  9. OK, Strata kicked me off his website twice, but no malice
    Here is his analysis:

    AJStrata’s Election Prediction

    Published by AJStrata under 2012 Elections,All General Discussions

    Never have so few, waited so long, for so little. But after seeing this I am prepared to make my predictions for tomorrow’s presidential election results [click to enlarge]:


    If Scott Rasmussen is even close in this result, tomorrow is going to be a really bad day for Democrats (and he has been very good at this before). This is a historical level for GOP partisan ID, and is much higher than seen in the 2010 blow out. 2008 was D+7, so this would mean a 13% swing away from the left in 2012.

    As I said before, the 2010 insurgent voting bloc is NOT responding to pollsters and will send a clear, unfiltered message to the Political Industrial Complex tomorrow. We have never seen an R+6 election as far as I know, so this should be something else.

    So here are my swing state predictions, based on what is a more likely an R+6 nation (not some D+8, D+9 or D+11 nonsense):

    Governor Romney will win:

    North Carolina
    New Hampshire

    President Obama will win:


    Therefore, the EC count will be: 321 Romney, 217 Obama [click to enlarge]

    • I think Michigan is still in play and Mitt grew up there. Many Michiganians were not thrilled that the government took over GM. Millions lost their pensions after working for GM for 25 – 30 years. The state has suffered greatly especially in Detroit under Democratic corrupt mayors, and under Democratic governors. I would think that Michigan has had enough, and they would like to thrive once again.

  10. radio talk today said…. Californian’s are mad over Jerry Brown….
    & may go RED?? Now that would be something to see…

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