What Does the Inspector General Know about Obama’s SSN?

Did the Inspector General Detect Fraud?

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E-Verify Update

©Linda Jordan
March 16, 2012

Acting as one of Barack Obama’s 313 million employers, I wanted to check his “employee” status with the U.S. Government’s E-Verify System. Was he legally eligible to be employed by me?

I was determined to find out if my “employee” was eligible to work in the United States.   On August 17, 2011, the Social Security Number that Barack Obama uses, 042-68-xxxx, was imputed into the government run E-Verify System.   This program allows employers to determine if their potential hires or employees are legal to work in the United States by validating their social security number (SSN), name, and birth date.

When Obama’s SSN was entered into the E-Verify System, the government returned the statement “Notice of Mismatch: SSA record does not verify, Other reason. SSA found a discrepancy in the record.”

Obama’s SSN FAILED the E-Verify check!

This specific reason means that Obama’s SSN was flagged with a Special Indicator Code (SIC) by the Social Security Administration (SSA) or the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) . 1

Social Security Administration Special Indicator Codes

There are 9 Special Indicator Codes:

1. False Identity

2. Noncitizen Not in Status

3. Multiple SSNs with Different Identities

4. Scrambled Earnings with New SSN Assigned

5. SSN Obtained Using Fraudulent Documentation

6. SSN Assignment Based on Harassment /Abuse/Life Endangerment

7. Fictitious Identity

8. Fraud-OIG Investigated

9. Fraud SSN Misuse

It is believed that the SSN that Obama is using was flagged with Special Indicator Code #8, Fraud OIG Investigated based on the following research of government documents.

The Inspector General’s Report, August 26, 2009, 2 “Effectiveness of Special Indicator Codes on the Social Security Administration’s Numident File, ( A-08-09-19099) ,” states:

SSA added two codes in 2007 in response to the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, which required that the Agency add death and fraud indicators to its SSN verification systems for employers, State agencies issuing driver’s licenses and identity cards, and other verification routines that the Commissioner of Social Security determines to be appropriate.

During the replacement SSN card application process, automated systems alert SSA field office personnel to the presence of Special Indicator codes on the Numident. SSA has similar alerts when issuing SSN printouts. In addition, SSA uses Special Indicator codes 8 and 9 in its SSN verification systems, which return a non-verified response to employers and other third parties.”

SSA Inspector General's Report, Aug. 26, 2009, Pg 1.

Page C-2 of the Report reads:

SSA “Processed 25 SSN’s with Special Indicator Code 8 on the Numident and 25 SSN’s with Special Indicator Code 9 through SSA’s Enumeration Verification System to determine whether the System generated the proper response (that is, SSN does not verify-other reason).”

SSA Inspector General's Report - C-2

Remember,  that was the very reason the government failed Obama’s SSN. Therefore, it appears that SIC 8 and 9 are directly tied to “SSN does not verify-other reason.”

An earlier report from the Office of the Inspector General provides additional information. “Social Security Administration Social Security Number Misuse for Work and the Impact on the Social Security Administration’s Master Earnings File, September 2008, (A-03-07-27152) Audit Report Page 8: Special Fraud Indicators:

In March 2007, SSA established two new fraud indicators that can be placed on the Numident record if it has been determined an SSN has been obtained fraudulently or if a [Number Holder] has been a victim of SSN misuse and disadvantaged. (17)

The placement of these two indicators will block the issuance of replacement SSN cards and prevent the SSN from being verified by the Agency’s verification programs.

The fraud indicators will result in a “no match” if an employer tries to verify the name and SSN combination using either E-Verify (formerly the Basic Pilot) or SSA’s Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS). Moreover, the assignment of fraud indicator 9 allows the issuance of a new (different) SSN to victims of SSN misuse if they meet specific criteria. ” (18)

(17) Special indicator 8 identifies an SSN that was determined to have been assigned based on fraudulent documents or no documents and is only based on an Office of Inspector General (OIG) investigation.

Special indicator 9 identifies an SSN that was originally assigned to an individual when SSA assigns a new (different) SSN because of SSN misuse and disadvantage.)

(18) For example, the individual must provide proof of age, citizenship and identity. Further, they must provide evidence that they are being disadvantaged.

SSA Inspector General's Report, September 2008, Page 8

These two reports from the OIG indicate when employers run a verification check on a SSN with E-Verify, and that number gets flagged with a Special Indicator Code, two SIC codes  specifically tied to an employer search are the numbers 8 and 9.*

SIC#8 appears to be assigned by the OIG only after the indication of fraud is so strong that they choose to investigate and conclude that the SSN number is fraudulent. (They also have the option not to investigate).

SIC#9 is reserved for people who meet the requirement for getting a new SSN because of “misuse and disadvantage”.   If they meet the requirement, SIC#9 is automatically assigned to the allegedly misused SSN.      (RM 10205.185 ‘Coding and Certifying an Application for an SSN Card’).

If Obama was issued a new SSN based on SIC #9, it was given to him after submitting his 2009 IRS Tax Return that showed he used SSN 042-68-xxxx. When Obama’s tax return was placed on the WH government website for public viewing, the SSN was accidentally revealed. After discovering their error, the WH redacted the SSN, but not before people downloaded the information.

For Obama to be granted a new SSN based on SIC #9, “misuse and disadvantage,” he needed to prove his case sometime between April, 2010 [date of tax return] and August, 2011 when his SSN was entered into E-Verify. This scenario is not very likely.

How difficult would it be for Barack Obama to obtain a new social security number? The following information from “Protect My ID” describes the process.

“Although SSA does not routinely assign new numbers, they will do so when a victim requests a new SSN and provides evidence that he/she has tried to resolve the problems brought on by identity theft but continues to be disadvantaged by the SSN misuse. Disadvantaged by misuse of the SSN means that the misuse has caused you financial or personal hardship within the past year.

The following information comes directly from the SSA. It shows the strict standards one must meet for consideration as a candidate for a new SSN.

Examples of disadvantage by misuse of the SSN:

  • Past SSN misuse causes a recent application for a home mortgage to be denied.
  • The IRS questions a tax return because of unreported earnings, a result of someone using another individual’s SSN to work.
  • An individual’s SSN was misused to obtain credit several years ago, but documented attempts to correct his/her credit record have been unsuccessful.
  • Past SSN misuse causes an individual to be arrested whenever he/she is stopped for a traffic violation.

Examples that are not disadvantage by misuse of the SSN:

  • An individual’s SSN was misused to obtain credit 2 years ago. The credit bureau corrected the credit report and/or added a cautionary statement to contact the victim first. The victim’s SSN has not been used subsequently, nor has the victim been denied credit.
  • An individual who has been a victim of identity theft in the past, and has had fraud alerts placed on his/her credit record, has to wait while a store employee verifies his/her credit card with a bank before processing the transaction.
  • A credit card holder, who has had identity theft problems in the past and opened new credit, receives a call from the credit company to verify that he/she charged a large purchase recently.”

What Must Barack Obama Do to Apply for a New SSN Number?

  • Complete an application for a Social Security card: Form SS-5
  • Show documents proving U.S. citizenship (or immigration status and work eligibility) and identity.
  • Show evidence to support his need for a new SSN.
  • Take the completed application and documents to a local Social Security office. All documents must be either originals or copies certified by the issuing agency. They cannot accept photocopies or notarized copies of documents.

It is my opinion, based on the government information provided above, that the SSN Obama was using on August 17, 2011 was flagged with Special Indicator Code #8 because the Office of the Inspector General had investigated the SSN in question for fraud.   It appears they found the indicators of fraud more than credible, and based on their investigation they assigned SIC #8 to the SSN that Obama used.

An independent investigation and review of the  Social Security Application (Form SS-5)  that accompanied the issuance of the original Social Security Number,  042-68-xxxx, as well as records from both the Social Security Administration, and Office of Inspector General concerning the SSN in question could verify and prove my research.




3   OIG.SSA.GOV         


*Linda clarified the sentence after publication and added the words, “specifically tied to an employer search.”  This correction was added.


Additional Reading:   Linda’s Work was profiled at the link below.  The original screenshot and information is there.  Click on the article.

Barack Obama Didn’t Pass E-Verify System!
September 12, 2011 by Bridgette



Our friend Al, at The ObamaHustle, who exposed Obama’s real estate housing fraud  in Chicago states in an article of March 12, 2012 – only 4 days ago, that Barack Obama is still using the SSN that did not pass E-Verify.  So, it appears that #8 is the identified code and validates  Linda’s research!  

A snip from his article:

“The many SSN’s that he, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are currently using in their voter fraud schemes across the country as of the last election and that they are still in use as of today.”

Continues here.

UPDATE #2 : from Linda Jordan

3/16/22   It has been confirmed by Albert Hendershot at The Obama Hustle that Obama is still using the same SSN he was using when I ran the E-Verify check on August 17, 2011.    This takes SIC 9 off the table; he was not assigned a new SSN.    This means the SSN he uses was flagged with SIC 8  which is a fraud code that is assigned by the OIG only after an investigation for fraud.

Great Investigation and Research!  

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  1. Excellent research Linda! Way to go. I totally agree with your findings.

    Here’s is one proof positive that he hasn’t gotten a new one..because he would have to: “Show documents proving U.S. citizenship (or immigration status and work eligibility) and identity.” Plus you say, that they don’t take copies just originals! Up a crick without a SSN of his own!

    How could he dare talk to them to request a new one when they have the original SS application of whomever the number was given to.

    Somebody depose the people at the SSA! Those are criminal charges for the guy from who knows where!

  2. Very interesting. The timing is important, too. The codes that caused the system to kick out that specific warning message about OBAMA’S SS# were created in 2007. So, he wouldn’t have been “caught” using a possibly bogus SS# until after then. Would be interesting to know if somebody other than Linda “caught” this error with E-Verify. Where was the identity theft and when did it happen? We know he never lived in CT, if we believe his bogus biography, which the media tells us we must, else we’re racist. We suspect that the number originally belonged to a man born in 1890. We know when Barry used this SS#. How is it that, suddenly, the SSA flags it as possible fraud? If he fell under the #9 category, then he’d be the victim, not the perp. And if they assigned him a new number, it wouldn’t be a number previously used. So, did he get a new number since Linda noticed this error flag?

    • That part “if we believe his bogus biography;” Let’s just suppose for a bit that don’t have his phony bio….but we are told he grew up in Hawaii, then we could guess a few scenerios that could make it possible to have a ss# from CO. We could suppose that he spent a few summer vacations in Connecticut with some family or friends there. Heck , he could’ve toured the New England coast all that summer, maybe even visit Martha’s Vineyard and checked out the Black Beach. While visiting he got himself a SS# and used an address of the people he was staying with for his application.
      That’s one scenerio, how about this one, where throught his radical Mom and her friends and associates knew Obama needed an identity card, so they contacted some friends of the W. Underground sort, and they said sure no problem ,we’ve got several floating around here that we aren’t using. The WU had safe houses in many states all over East coast, West Coast, Cuba, South America, and Canada. So they got him one…simple as that, but they reminded him they might need him for some extracurricular events now and then, you know like a few bank robberies in most any of the East Coast States, take your pick Obama Bounel. These are just a couple ideas when you get off the dictum of the fictionalized life of the ONE, but one thing is certain, it wasn’t issued to him in Hawaii so you got to change the story.

  3. We have an answer. Al posted this on March 12, 2012 – 4 days ago. Obama is still using the SS Numbers! So he hasn’t tried for a new one! Note the words “many SSN’s” that the Duo are using!

    Obama Fraud
    By AL Hendershot, March 11, 2012 Snips
    Barack Obama and Michelle Obama

    The Dynamic Duo

    Last summer I had a conference call in which I disclosed through a “Live Database” search how:

    Barack Obama’s alias Harrison J Bounel was associated with his bogus SSN and the house in Chicago.

    How Barack Obama is committing Tax Fraud and Real Estate fraud as of present day.

    The many SSN that he, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are currently using in their voter fraud schemes across the country as of the last election and that they are still in use as of today.


  4. Open letter to America: We are a nation in distress. Our rule of law is being subverted for political purposes. Criminal investigators in Arizona have found probable cause that Obama’s birth certificate is a computer-generated forgery, that his Selective Service registration form is also forged, and that his Social Security number is stolen. Either Obama is a fraud or Sheriff Arpaio and his investigators are frauds. We deserve to know who is lying, as one or the other MUST be. Obama’s narrative and the Cold Case Posse investigation findings are in direct conflict. If we want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, we must DEMAND a full, nationally broadcast hearing to examine the evidence. Sunshine is the best disinfectant. If responsible parties refuse to comply with our demands, we must also refuse to comply… Perhaps a National Strike will change their attitudes. Let’s make tax day, April 16, 2012, our Truth Day. If you agree, please help spread this message far and wide. For more: https://www.facebook.com/pages/We-Want-The-Truth-Now/257828667639607.

  5. E-Verify job-check system is underutilized, agency says
    By Stephen Dinan The Washington Times
    Thursday, March 15, 2012 Snips

    U.S. immigration services have the capacity to handle additional requests if more states mandate that businesses use E-Verify — the government’s voluntary system to check employees’ legal status — but would need time to accommodate a nationwide program, the agency’s director said Thursday.

    “We have the capacity currently to process far more queries than we currently handle. And so we can right now handle the expansion of E-Verify to additional states. But if it was mandated across the country, it would take us some time to ramp up for that exponentially greater volume,” said Alejandro Mayorkas, director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the agency that handles legal-immigration benefits.

    E-Verify allows employers to check names against information from the Social Security database to see whether potential new hires are authorized to work in the U.S. It is currently voluntary under federal law, but four states have passed mandatory E-Verify laws for all their businesses: Arizona, South Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi.

    The Supreme Court has upheld the Arizona law, turning back a challenge from the Obama administration.

    More than 17 million checks were run through the system in fiscal year 2011.[and ONE THAT FAILED WAS OBAMA!!}

    The agency earlier this year expanded a pilot program so that people across the county can now check themselves to see whether the system says they are legal workers. Self-checking gives users a chance to clear up any potential errors, such as a name change or immigration-status update, that could delay approval when they apply for a job in the future. Mr. Mayorkas said 102,942 people had self-checked their status as of Thursday.


    • I’d like to know how Social Security goes about verifying birth documents and other documents give to them supposedly to prove citizenship or legal status in the USA. When it’s KNOWN that birth certificates ARE forged, then how accurate is their E-Verify database in the first place? Uncle Omar, Obama’s uncle, had a SS#. He was illegally here, had been ORDERED deported, and yet he remained and WORKED. Did he not pay into Social Security? He’s STILL working while out on bail. He’s still in the USA, although ordered deported. Would Uncle Omar or, for that matter, Aunt Zeituni pass E-Verify? To new readers: We have several posts about Omar under the category “unclegate”. See the front page of our blog.

  6. Linda, was all of your info shared with Sheriff Arpaio’s investigation? I thought that it was reported that e-verify &/or SSA have eliminated the ability to do same search with them now and the “posse” was therefore prevented from doing the same check. But if the previous info that you have is documented couldn’t that investigation team use it??

    • I remember seeing Linda testify in the GA ballot case. Didn’t she? I can’t imagine that the other investigators aren’t aware of this. Sheriff Joe should be able to access E-Verify himself. Can’t he? I mean, he’s law enforcement. But there are probably laws about people accessing it without reason. Linda’s reasoning, with which I TOTALLY CONCUR, is that WE THE PEOPLE are OBAMA’S EMPLOYERS. I’ve said that from the very beginning. The dude WORKS FOR US. We are his employers. Itooktheredpill has pointed out that Obama should have filed an I-9 form, as all federal employees must. Did he? If not, why not? http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/i-9.pdf You could almost read the DHS rules as REQUIRING We the People to obtain this form FROM Obama!

  7. Linda,

    Can you run his number again and take a screen shot of the failure?

    Then email the screen shot to members of the media or post it on a website
    I’m sure it would go viral

  8. Very good job of investigation.

    In my opinion, here’s what we need. The original application for the card in the ss system. The reason? Because the social security admin and all involved will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING except help Obama cover this up by telling us all kind of things as excuses for what has been found. They will say that the ssn was flagged because they were protecting the president from fraudsters, etc.
    So, we need the original application to see if the forgers (and there will be an app in his file, don’t kid yourselves) made a mistake on it like they did on the selective service card. Even then, of course, the media will ignore, but at least those of us who care about the truth will know facts!

    • Yo, that is the SS-5 Form that would be the original application and it would tell who was assigned that number.

      If they know it is fraud, why aren’t there charges being made against Obama? Are they creating and aging a brand new document with what’s his name on it? …no doubt.

    • I believe someone tried to get his application but can’t. The only ones I’ve seen on the Web are for deceased persons.

      • A person has to be deceased to file a FOIA. I recently had to request the original copy of a minor son’s application. SS kept telling me I had to file under the FOIA. I had to teach the local office that, no, I could not do that. It is required to file under the Privacy Act and the request has to made to your local office. Only Obama can apply for a copy or someone he authorizes. Today I went on the site and I do not remember seeing this eight months ago when trying I was at the site. “Please Note: We will not disclose information about any person in our records who is under 120 years old, except in those cases where we have acceptable proof of death (e.g., death certificate, obituary, newspaper article, or police report).

        Also, under our current policy, we do not release the parents’ names on an SS-5 application unless the parents’ are proven deceased, have a birth date more than 120 years ago, or the number holder on the SS-5 is at least 100 years of age.”

        Now, it could have been, but I do not recall it. Will check on that or maybe someone already knows??

        • I think that has always been the policy (maybe the time period was shorter) about only releasing the SS-5 if they have proof of death and “redacting” the parents names.
          What has changed recently is the SSDI is no longer easily accessible and apparently the head of the SSA has been testifying before Congress to do away with the service of providing the SS-5 altogether.

          • Genealogists are in an uproar about that. It’s a misguided attempt to keep what should be public information from the public. This is why Rootsweb SSDI is no longer available. Instead, there’s a note about “sensitive” information. There’s still the search at Ancestry (a subscription site). Supposedly, it’s to stop identity theft. I have my suspicions. If a new administration comes in, then the stonewalling might end. They want to lock things up until long after all of us are dead.

    • Old article, but the comments are right on target for this topic of E-verify and Sheriff Joe following illegal aliens all the way to the White House!

      There are some gems!

  9. Sheriff Joe on Obama Investigation: We Have Tons of Information; Media Silent

    • I noted that during this interview, Sheriff Joe, doesn’t respond to the SS# questions. Makes me wonder if this is the Ace of Spades.

  10. Great work, Bridgette, as always!

    Much respect and gratitude to Ms. Jordan. In a word. Courageous!

    as for me, chilled to the bone.

    this is frightening, all things considered.

  11. It is a frigging John Grisham novel. How is it possible for this many people to obviously be involved, actively or by turning a blind eye to the fraud and forgery. It’s like a mob mentality but in slow motion. And it affects the likes of Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, and Laura Ingrahm. As wild and crazy as she is there was at least one bleached blond willing to put her law degree where her mouth is. Linda J.


  13. I have been reading everything for the past week and my head is spinning. We know the reason that no one is following the story….Obo has the dirt on all of them…from the day they were born and he will use it. If we take down obo, we take down the federal government. That’s one way to downsize.

      • “Most people also don’t want conflict; they may fear a constitutional crisis. But know that if Obama is peddling a forged document, it may simply be another example of how we already are in a constitutional crisis. The only question now is whether we’re going to fight the fire or continue to fiddle while the Constitution burns. “

        • Oh, sure. The EASY way out, they think, is to defeat him at the polls. But they misunderestimate the power of the cabal and the corruption that already is set to be unleashed at the polls. Vote fraud. Why else is Sharpton running around the country, campaigning against voter ID laws? If Soros’s Secretary of State project bears his evil fruit, there will BE NO defeating his candidates at the polls.

          • Also, to avoid the issue now, and wait for an election to remove him from office, is to think we are a Democracy rather than a Republic.

            We are a Constitutional Republic, ruled by the rule of law. Not a Democracy ruled by the rule of the majority.

            I’m looking for a few members of Congress who care more about supporting and defending our Constitution and our Constitutional Republic than about preserving their own seat in the next election.

      • Buried in the comments at the above article there is this snippet:

        Alan Keyes had it about right when he said:
        “The man that you CALL Barack Obama . . . .”

        Alluding to the covered past of the one as the real reason for the BC side show. Did you guys do any posts with what Alan Keyes? Is there anything there that we should look at again? It’s been awhile but he ws the one in a debate about obo where there was a statement about his birth in Africa and the video supposedly disappeared.

        • Keyes was the one that made a statement that Obama responded to and said, but I am not running for president. That is what was on that missing video.

          We haven’t written specifically about Alan Keyes but have talked about him before.

          • I didn’t check them out, but when I saw that clip of O saying he did podcasts before anyone else in the world did (i’m paraphrasing) i looked them up and I remember seeing either audio or video of the Keyes-Obama debates. I’ll look them up again when I have a chance.

          • I Read Allen Keys articles a few days ago as well. While I don’t right off see the correlation that this could be the sort of video that Breitbart might have something on,but wouldn’t that be wonderful if Breitbart did have a snipet with Obama’s exact words? It’s got to be out there somewhere. I’ve forgotten now which event Allen and Barack were but wasn’t Allen specific about the event that it occured?

          • Alphy, if I remember correctly, the vid was replayed on cspan. Keys, in an offhand statement said…”you aren’t even a NBC”, to which O replied…”I’m not running for president, I’m running for…” You can bet someone has it! Joel Pollak said during the Solidad interview, that the CRT (BELL) vid. wasn’t the bombshell. Also can anyone else remember or have the vid of O’s g-mother with an O camp poster (2004?) in the background? haven’t been able to find it again. scrub-a-dub-dub! The poster said Kenan born Obama?

        • Cynic Submitted on 2011/04/07 at 9:23 am | In reply to Leza.

          I just came across this discussion from’08. It had to do with Alan Keyes questioning Obama’s eligibility. The comments were very interesting, as well as the links! Pay particular attention to comment #46 regarding Odinga and his cousin Obama. #105 and #108 are also interesting.


          • Same comments then as now and nothing has changed.

          • Excellent! OMG the stuff we find in our own archives. It takes on new meanings three years after, doesn’t it? Once we’ve seen him in operation.

            Another relative? Vatalis Alec Ogombe. (Sounds Russianesque, doesn’t it?) Is this the VO who is Sarah’s other step-grandson and Barry’s “cousin”?

            Bishop McRae, who attested that Sarah said Barry was born IN KENYA, is a Christian bishop and he swore under penalty of perjury and BEFORE GOD that he was speaking the truth. Anabaptists. Devout people.

            To believe this man is lying, you must believe that his entire purpose in life is a sham, that he does NOT fear His God, and that he has some ulterior motive that outweighs his fear of God’s judgment upon him for lying.

            Who is more believable? Who has a conscience and who does not? Bishop McRae or Barry Dunham Soetoro Obama?

            (Infamous obot smrstrauss, our nemesis, was at work, even then. Did you notice?)

          • Research woman corrects the scrubbed link from comment #46 about the bishop:

            http://web.archive.org/web/20090225110849/http://israelenews.com/view.asp?ID=3324 (Not much I can do about a totally disappeared video clip. The “mask” remains; the video is GONE bye-bye.)

          • See video and comment below about Obama and Odinga…

      • That’s brilliant logic. See here:

        “The regime of the world’s most powerful nation — a republic that prides itself on adherence to the rule of law — is likely peddling a forged document. What say you, citizen?

        Note that I didn’t claim that the president isn’t natural-born. Rather, I claim nothing but am only stating a fact: there is now no denying that the birth-certificate matter warrants further investigation, and it is time for other law-enforcement agencies and the media to show due diligence. And I will spell out the possibilities here:

        1.The Arizona investigators are correct.
        2.They are mistaken.
        3.They are lying.

        For the record, I don’t believe the last for a moment, but I do want to cover all the bases. And home plate is this: the answer may be number one or two, and it’s incumbent upon us to find out through further investigation. And, for those who dislike Sheriff Arpaio, what if the answer is three? Well, if a major law-enforcement agency is producing fraudulent evidence for the purposes of damaging a sitting president, wouldn’t that warrant investigation, too? The undeniable, irrefutable fact here is that there is smoke. And we need to find out who started the fire.”

        EXACTLY SO! Brilliant! If it’s TRUE that Arpaio is just trying to smear the potus, then WHY aren’t they calling to investigate him FOR THAT? Why are none of them calling HIS EVIDENCE false? They avoid even talking about or asking about or LOOKING at his evidence. The media and the powers that be avoid THAT topic because to say Arpaio’s evidence is FALSE is to invite a REAL investigation that will show exactly WHO’S lying and WHO’S telling the truth.

        • More: “In point of fact, on the part of the media and citizenry, he must be held to a higher one. We’re not talking here about some kid who forged an ID so he could drink at 18 in a bar. This is the most powerful man in the world, who, it appears, is passing off a forgery for some mysterious — or not so mysterious — reason. This mystery needs to be solved.”

          Yes, he SHOULD be held to a higher standard but THE SAME STANDARD AS THE REST OF US WOULD BE A START! All 18 year olds who have to present an ID can relate, as I said. Why is Obama different from the rest of us?


    • As in those 900 FBI files that Hillary got on Day One as FLOTUS?

  14. Bloodless Coup

    Big Govt. Tells Birthers Sorry You’re On Your Own.

    Breitbart Editor Ben Shapiro: Guilty Of Contempt Prior To Investigation And Afraid He Will Be “Marginalized” For Reporting On The Forged Documents.


  15. A bit to ponder 2011’s
    also a new read,
    Political Liars, Be gone!!

  16. well I know Gerald Walpin. And he was fired because of his investigation of Kevin Johnson. So I ask will there be outrage to the fact that Obama fired someone for political reason.As Bush did for firing 7 attorneys.

  17. I found it very bothersome that a new, approved-by-breitbart site was up and running within days of his death and don’t trust anything form the site. If it was legit, breitbart stuff would not have been turned over to Hannity to be the media presenter. Things appear to have been rushed from the moment breitbart spoke with the Sherrif. I do not think Andrew would have abandoned his original color scheme and go with the presented scheme that resembles a combo of Beck’s site and the Right Network. Most bloggers and sites when they revamp keep some identifying marks of the first site. Breitbart readers are in the first stage of being programmed, which is to gain trust (through the vetting articles). This announcement by Shapiro is a water-tester to see how the programming is progressing. Yeah, I read like a conspiracy theory……

    • they couldn’t get more obvious.

      the interview captured above comes across at first as not making any sense and in a split second it makes all the sense in the world.

      “i don’t believe it.” ~ Ben Shapiro

      neither do I.

      • Confusing, but I’ve gotten so I don’t know what is a believable site.

        • I listened to the Mark Gillar interview of Ben Shapiro, and I agree Ben comes off sounding like a bit of a tool. I was very impressed on the reasoned, calm way Mark Gillar kept going after it (he said exactly the things I would have wanted to say!) and told him how disappointed he was and how he couldn’t believe they wouldn’t even want to look into it. I was also very disappointed in him for having such a closed mind on this. However, in my opinion, that doesn’t make it a conspiracy or mean that they really DON’T intend to vet him. It’s really inexplicable to me, but there does seem to be a fear of this issue and maybe they feel like they are just starting to get traction on the “radical” stuff and don’t want to be derailed.
          And I can’t wait until they are all proven wrong.

          • It’s explicable. They’re making a POLITICAL decision to stay away from the issue. They believe it has “legs” in the sense that it can be used to tar the eventual Republican nominee with the feather of RACISM. Barry knows how to play the race card. He’s done it before and he will do it again. He WILL do it again and, unfortunately, it will work to a certain extent with some people.

            He needs to get back the 20-30% of blacks who are disenchanted with him. He has to get back the many women who voted for him last time who are also disenchanted with him. It’s a game to Barry, and guys like Shapiro think they need to play his game. I disagree. You disagree. Most of us disagree, but that’s at least part of their reasoning. At least Shapiro didn’t go out of his way to ridicule us. He said he’s not criticizing people who choose to spend their time looking into it; but he said even if it’s true, nobody can do anything about it. (Which looks to be true because we’ve been trying for 4 years now. Courts won’t even look at the evidence, either.)

            We see the same attitude in Rove, McCain, Boehner, basically all the Republican “leaders”. The race card worked in 2008 and they don’t want it to work again.

            Breitbart’s group is vetting Barry’s ideology, not his paperwork. It’s a decision they made. Dana Loesch also will not touch the subject. She has a radio program and perhaps doesn’t want to risk that forum. Most of the radio and TV people, even conservatives like Hannity, won’t touch it. They’re all afraid of that racist label. Or their bosses. Or the bottom line.

    • I am a tad behind on reading, so what site is this you are referring to that is a fake?

  18. Thanks to one of our readers who put Linda’s article on Bill O’Reilly’s Membership Only Message Forum! At least we know that information is being sent to him. His “crack” researchers aren’t doing their jobs!

    Will O’Reilly report on Obama not passing E-Verify? Waiting, waiting, waiting.

    Let’s do get the message out there by posting information! The MSM sure won’t do it.

    I should change the title to “The Inspector General Knows that Obama’s SSN is Bogus!” Now that we know from Al that he is still using the number not assigned to him and it was flagged and investigated by the IG.

    • Would that be his butt crack team? He has his head so far up Barry’s …

      Man crush, isn’t that what Rosemary said?

  19. http://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/senator-obama-goes-to-africa/id294946247
    Might be interesting viewing?
    Plot Summary
    Part personal odyssey and part chronicle of diplomacy in action, this timely film follows Senator Barack Obama as he travels to Africa, the land of his ancestry. In South Africa, Obama visits Robben Island, the home of the infamous prison where Nelson Mandela was jailed for 21 years. At a Darfur refugee camp in Chad, we see through Obama’s eyes the devastating effects of genocide. The heart of the film is an emotional homecoming to Kisumu, Kenya – land of his father – where thousands turn out to greet him.

  20. Robben Island…
    Miri, Do you have a pic you can post of Nelson please ? I just want to see….

  21. Here is an older age pic Miri, but I wish we could see him young.


  22. Sheriff Joe: Obama Investigation Could Lead to Ballot Denial for Obama, Tons of Shocking Information

    • Rob, I still laugh EVERY TIME that I see the opening moments of any of their videos. That would be a great campaign ad all by itself. Short, to the point, effect, AND funny. Forged!

  23. Media Cover-Up Of Obama Impeachment Exposed!

  24. http://stuartbramhall.aegauthorblogs.com/2011/04/13/the-ford-foundation-and-the-cia/

    Attorney General Robert Kennedy was the first, in 1967, to investigate the use of the Ford Foundation and other foundations as “conduits,” “pass-throughs,” and “fronts” to disguise CIA funding for domestic operations (it’s technically illegal for the CIA to operate on US soil under federal law). The investigation ended with Bobby Kennedy’s assassination in 1968 but in 1976 was taken up by the Church Committee, a Senate Select Committee formed in the aftermath of Watergate. The Church Committee found that between 1963-1966, 164 foundations gave out 700 grants over $10,000. Of these, 108 involved partial or complete funding by the CIA (Frances Stoner Saunders, Who Paid the Piper?: the CIA and the Cultural Cold War)

    • Fascinating reading, as seen through a “liberal” lens, huh? Seems to me like their version of tin-foil-hat conspiracy theories. In this one, Obama is a creation of the “right-wing”. He’s a sleeper agent and infiltrator FOR the capitalist right, and so is Ayers’s dad! Amazing. Sounds like rationalization. It’s got a lot of food for thought, though. We need to consider ALL sides when trying to plumb the depths of THIS mystery.

      So even the Ford Foundation is Nazi sympathizing, Nixon loving, and right wing. That’s a new angle. I tend to believe that the left has infiltrated all these organization and that Barry is a true believer in the stuff he spouts. I don’t think he’s any right-wing Manchurian. And I suppose the CIA is STILL “right wing”, too. How then can they explain Wilson and Plame? I catch a whiff of OWS mentality, as I read. Worth considering, though. Everything is WORTH CONSIDERING. Free speech. Open minds. We report; you decide.

      • I was confused by this also. I believe what is really happening is any means necessary to eliminate anyone from banding together to fight them. There can be no united people’s movement. You can call it left or right wing but what it really is is brokered cooperation to gain power. These are not people with a moral conviction. They are not even ideologs, but they will use whoever they can to control the people. Ayers is a fraud. He doesnt believe in anything but anarchy. That’s what this is about. Maintaining anarchy and controlling money.

    • I’m mesmerized, tdr! That story somehow links to a VERY “progressive” site, which proves that even lefties can be “birthers”, although they seem to limit that term to those who believe Barry was born in Kenya, which is merely a deliberate misrepresentation by those Alinsky commies who coined the phrase to marginalize us in the first place. Check out this article: http://www.opednews.com/articles/The-President-with-No-Past-by-Dr-Stuart-Jeanne-B-110411-30.html They seem to have no problem with plagiarism, either. 🙂 QUOTATION MARKS, lady! Some interesting new information in there about Barry, if the source (if you can figure out the source) is believable.

      • From the article:

        “In my view, the transcript of Dr Manning’s trial makes a pretty convincing case that Obama didn’t attend Columbia University in 1982-83, the years he claims to have been there. He’s not listed in the year book or the graduation roster, and no one in the political science department (his major) recalls ever seeing him there. “

  25. Does anyone know how to save a copy of a current YouTube video (so that if it later gets removed, you still have a copy?)

    I’d like to save a copy of this:

    Why did Obama violate the Logan Act and travel to Kenya in order to influence an election there in favor of Odinga?

  26. Odinga, after he lost the December 2007 general election, called for protests over alleged voter fraud. The resulting widespread violence killed an estimated 1,000 people, displaced an estimated 500,000 people from their homes, and destroyed or damaged 800 Christian churches (but Mosques were left completely unharmed).

    Kenya edged closer to tribal warfare last night after more than 100 people at least 80 of them children burned to death as the church they had fled to for refuge was set alight. More than 200 people, mainly Kikuyus, the same tribe as President Mwai Kibaki, were sheltering for safety in the Kenya Assemblies of God church five miles outside Eldoret in the Rift Valley. An armed gang of young men drawn from the Kalenjin, Luhya and Luo tribes ethnic groups which backed the beaten presidential candidate Raila Odinga stormed the church compound yesterday morning and set it alight.

    “Those were the ones I could see. There were also others who were covered by the building itself which was burning. The whole church was on fire. It had collapsed. Outside the gates there were six dead bodies. They were cut with pangas [machetes]. They had been running away, running for their lives.

    Witnesses said most of the business properties owned by Kikuyus had been burnt down. The marauding gangs were now attacking residential areas. “They stormed our house at night and burnt everything,” said Margaret Wanjiru, a Kikuyu. Her 90-year-old grandmother and 75-year-old mother were both too frail to run. They perished in the fire.

    Obama was in telephone communications with Odinga on nearly a daily basis during the Democratic primary in New Hampshire in January [2008, the time of the Odinga-inspired riots in Kenya].

  27. http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/03/what_the_mailman_knows_about_ayers_and_obama.html

    “According to Hulton, he encountered the fellow on the sidewalk on the front of the Ayers home. In that it was extremely rare to see a black man in this tony neighborhood, Hulton believes that the man felt the need to explain his visit to the Ayers household. Hulton describes him as friendly and neatly, although casually, dressed. Hulton tells Corsi, “I am absolutely positive that it was Barack Obama.”

    Hulton was sympathetic. After he had come out of military service, he was a supporter of Martin Luther King, who had pressed for fair housing in the Chicago area in the 1960s. “I took some flak about my support for civil rights from my fellow workers at the time,” remembers Hulton.

    Obama explained to Hulton that he had taken the train out from Chicago to Glen Ellyn in order “to thank the Ayers family personally for helping him with his education.” What shocked Hulton was that when casually inquiring into the young man’s plans for the future, Obama answered, “I am going to be president of the United States.” As Hulton tells Corsi, “[i]t came across like this was something that’s already been determined.” Adds Hulton, “I was speechless.”

  28. Got this comment at FR:

    “You might want to take a goodlook at this woman named Anne Stanley (yup, pappa Dunham named his daughter “Stanley Anne” ~ probably with good reason).

    The Obama heritage is much more than you imagine it to be. The Ann Stanley situation is disturbing”

    Did you guys look at Ann Stanley? I’ll do a search in the meantime.

    • tdr, I have written on the Lavender name for years as well as the Stanley connections and more. Go to the St Pats day post across the hall as well as the Tartain Plaid and Butterscotch Dreams post. There is alot of it there tdr. I will add some addl links in a little while. Also fyi, look up Godolphin-Stanley Stables in England and the Saudi Sheik that now is owner. These people are also covered in the post Peering In On An Adventure. BOUCHER*
      The peerage. It is huge and royal TDR. Lavender…I remember that from someone else’s kitchen table…. That is when I found them. Before this blog. That info is now gone from that blog. They like pony games.

  29. President Obama will be forced by circumstances to apologise: Genuine Birth Certificate surfaces – Americans have been led to believe otherwise, revelation to change the political landscape

    Posted by African Press International on March 9, 2012

    By api

    Now it is here and places the president in the African continent. The debate surrounding it will now end after the revelation, and those who have not been telling the truth will have to be made answerable one way or another.

    The revelation, however, coming during this election year 2012 is doing no good to the democratic party.

    API on Tuesday the 6th March evening received President Obama’s genuine birth certificate. API decided not to hurry in publishing it immediately because we wanted to be sure of the content value.

    Now that the scrutiny has been done, the publishing of the Birth certificate that will clear the air once and for all is being done without prejudice. This may force the US president to apologise to the American people for having been kept in the dark on the issue for a long time now on demanding the publishing of the birth certificate by President Obama.
    http://www.africanpress.me Coast province? Check it out

    http://www.africanpress.me Coast province? Check it out

    API will scan in here a letter from Coast Provincial Birth Registration Office in the next few hours or days, depending on how quick API is cleared to do so.

    The purpose of scanning the official letter is to ensure that what we have received as you see here is fully collaborated officially.
    http://www.africanpress.me : Obama registration sir edward of lavender was the colonial registrar in Mombasa in 1961? Check it out and satisfy yourself by weighing the facts individually.

    http://www.africanpress.me : Obama registration sir edward of lavender was the colonial registrar in Mombasa in 1961? Check it out and satisfy yourself by weighing the facts individually.

    Everyone knows that the documents are very sensitive and are not for misuse by any person to gain upper hand in political games.

    It is, however, fair that the whole truth is brought to light and have the whole saga put to rest once and for all.

    Many people seem to be of the opinion that there is a plan to hide from them the real thing. The US President says he is born in Hawaii. Many documents being circulated worldwide says otherwise. Therefore, it is very important to be outright and get the real thing on the table without witch hunt or without trying to malign the president’s name, unless the truth is not what he personally has said.

    A duly signed official letter and a very special document will be scanned here for all to see – this comes in a few hours or days, depending on how quick API gets the clearance to do so. The two documents will put the issue to rest and clear the air once and for all who wish to know the true facts of this case file that has bothered a section of the American people!

    It is only reasonable to continue working on this case in order to reveal the truth of the matter.

    Another issue important to consider is why many are so interested in this. If Obama has ruled now for three good years and is now in his fourth year – and already asking for another term that will give him new 4 years in the White House, is there any wrongdoing when he actually has delivered leadership and continues to do so? He has not run down the country, so what is all the farce about where he is born? After all, he has lived in the US all his life.

  30. I personally would never believe the API. . .

  31. Let’s face it. Everybody know barky’s an anti-American fraud.

    U S U R P E R suing his own “beloved” States. What POTUS does that?

  32. BREAKING: ELECTION FRAUD? Why Did ABC-TV Post Illinois GOP Primary Results 24 Hours Early?!

    • OMG! I guess they will have to change the numbers now that this information is out! I saw it, but still can’t believe this is being done. Who will investigate? Who sent out the information to the stations? Santorum is the winner?

      I am trying to think how they will spin this..it was a template to use to input the “real” numbers so there would be uniformity in presenting the information?

      Banana republic – this is far worse because this is the USA. What an alert guy – he took screen prints – way to go! What can we do? Makes me want to cry.

      • Likely they will say it was only a test. A test of how to rig the numbers? Remember, that’s CHICAGO, Mayor Daley’s town, where rigging numbers on election night is an art form. Ask Nixon. Well, you could ask him but won’t get much of an answer. 🙂

    • thanks, Rob.

      good one!

    • Well, Romney won the Illinois Primary – 50%. Santorum 32% – showing on FOX. So the information in the video didn’t come true.

  33. Here’s a funny video. Well not really funny knowing that Obama is making us the laughing stock of the world.


    • That was hilarious. The keyboard stuck on his speechwriters’ computer! Ha! Good one. Maybe the implant was stuck. Or TOTUS is in an endless loop.

  34. Miri, I love the ‘implant comment!

    Hee hee hee!

    Love you all!!!!!

  35. Check this out. You all already know this stuff but it’s a quick summary. Some good reading.


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