What Does the Inspector General Know about Obama’s SSN?

Did the Inspector General Detect Fraud?

Zero's Social Security Card

E-Verify Update

©Linda Jordan
March 16, 2012

Acting as one of Barack Obama’s 313 million employers, I wanted to check his “employee” status with the U.S. Government’s E-Verify System. Was he legally eligible to be employed by me?

I was determined to find out if my “employee” was eligible to work in the United States.   On August 17, 2011, the Social Security Number that Barack Obama uses, 042-68-xxxx, was imputed into the government run E-Verify System.   This program allows employers to determine if their potential hires or employees are legal to work in the United States by validating their social security number (SSN), name, and birth date.

When Obama’s SSN was entered into the E-Verify System, the government returned the statement “Notice of Mismatch: SSA record does not verify, Other reason. SSA found a discrepancy in the record.”

Obama’s SSN FAILED the E-Verify check!

This specific reason means that Obama’s SSN was flagged with a Special Indicator Code (SIC) by the Social Security Administration (SSA) or the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) . 1

Social Security Administration Special Indicator Codes

There are 9 Special Indicator Codes:

1. False Identity

2. Noncitizen Not in Status

3. Multiple SSNs with Different Identities

4. Scrambled Earnings with New SSN Assigned

5. SSN Obtained Using Fraudulent Documentation

6. SSN Assignment Based on Harassment /Abuse/Life Endangerment

7. Fictitious Identity

8. Fraud-OIG Investigated

9. Fraud SSN Misuse

It is believed that the SSN that Obama is using was flagged with Special Indicator Code #8, Fraud OIG Investigated based on the following research of government documents.

The Inspector General’s Report, August 26, 2009, 2 “Effectiveness of Special Indicator Codes on the Social Security Administration’s Numident File, ( A-08-09-19099) ,” states:

SSA added two codes in 2007 in response to the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, which required that the Agency add death and fraud indicators to its SSN verification systems for employers, State agencies issuing driver’s licenses and identity cards, and other verification routines that the Commissioner of Social Security determines to be appropriate.

During the replacement SSN card application process, automated systems alert SSA field office personnel to the presence of Special Indicator codes on the Numident. SSA has similar alerts when issuing SSN printouts. In addition, SSA uses Special Indicator codes 8 and 9 in its SSN verification systems, which return a non-verified response to employers and other third parties.”

SSA Inspector General's Report, Aug. 26, 2009, Pg 1.

Page C-2 of the Report reads:

SSA “Processed 25 SSN’s with Special Indicator Code 8 on the Numident and 25 SSN’s with Special Indicator Code 9 through SSA’s Enumeration Verification System to determine whether the System generated the proper response (that is, SSN does not verify-other reason).”

SSA Inspector General's Report - C-2

Remember,  that was the very reason the government failed Obama’s SSN. Therefore, it appears that SIC 8 and 9 are directly tied to “SSN does not verify-other reason.”

An earlier report from the Office of the Inspector General provides additional information. “Social Security Administration Social Security Number Misuse for Work and the Impact on the Social Security Administration’s Master Earnings File, September 2008, (A-03-07-27152) Audit Report Page 8: Special Fraud Indicators:

In March 2007, SSA established two new fraud indicators that can be placed on the Numident record if it has been determined an SSN has been obtained fraudulently or if a [Number Holder] has been a victim of SSN misuse and disadvantaged. (17)

The placement of these two indicators will block the issuance of replacement SSN cards and prevent the SSN from being verified by the Agency’s verification programs.

The fraud indicators will result in a “no match” if an employer tries to verify the name and SSN combination using either E-Verify (formerly the Basic Pilot) or SSA’s Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS). Moreover, the assignment of fraud indicator 9 allows the issuance of a new (different) SSN to victims of SSN misuse if they meet specific criteria. ” (18)

(17) Special indicator 8 identifies an SSN that was determined to have been assigned based on fraudulent documents or no documents and is only based on an Office of Inspector General (OIG) investigation.

Special indicator 9 identifies an SSN that was originally assigned to an individual when SSA assigns a new (different) SSN because of SSN misuse and disadvantage.)

(18) For example, the individual must provide proof of age, citizenship and identity. Further, they must provide evidence that they are being disadvantaged.

SSA Inspector General's Report, September 2008, Page 8

These two reports from the OIG indicate when employers run a verification check on a SSN with E-Verify, and that number gets flagged with a Special Indicator Code, two SIC codes  specifically tied to an employer search are the numbers 8 and 9.*

SIC#8 appears to be assigned by the OIG only after the indication of fraud is so strong that they choose to investigate and conclude that the SSN number is fraudulent. (They also have the option not to investigate).

SIC#9 is reserved for people who meet the requirement for getting a new SSN because of “misuse and disadvantage”.   If they meet the requirement, SIC#9 is automatically assigned to the allegedly misused SSN.      (RM 10205.185 ‘Coding and Certifying an Application for an SSN Card’).

If Obama was issued a new SSN based on SIC #9, it was given to him after submitting his 2009 IRS Tax Return that showed he used SSN 042-68-xxxx. When Obama’s tax return was placed on the WH government website for public viewing, the SSN was accidentally revealed. After discovering their error, the WH redacted the SSN, but not before people downloaded the information.

For Obama to be granted a new SSN based on SIC #9, “misuse and disadvantage,” he needed to prove his case sometime between April, 2010 [date of tax return] and August, 2011 when his SSN was entered into E-Verify. This scenario is not very likely.

How difficult would it be for Barack Obama to obtain a new social security number? The following information from “Protect My ID” describes the process.

“Although SSA does not routinely assign new numbers, they will do so when a victim requests a new SSN and provides evidence that he/she has tried to resolve the problems brought on by identity theft but continues to be disadvantaged by the SSN misuse. Disadvantaged by misuse of the SSN means that the misuse has caused you financial or personal hardship within the past year.

The following information comes directly from the SSA. It shows the strict standards one must meet for consideration as a candidate for a new SSN.

Examples of disadvantage by misuse of the SSN:

  • Past SSN misuse causes a recent application for a home mortgage to be denied.
  • The IRS questions a tax return because of unreported earnings, a result of someone using another individual’s SSN to work.
  • An individual’s SSN was misused to obtain credit several years ago, but documented attempts to correct his/her credit record have been unsuccessful.
  • Past SSN misuse causes an individual to be arrested whenever he/she is stopped for a traffic violation.

Examples that are not disadvantage by misuse of the SSN:

  • An individual’s SSN was misused to obtain credit 2 years ago. The credit bureau corrected the credit report and/or added a cautionary statement to contact the victim first. The victim’s SSN has not been used subsequently, nor has the victim been denied credit.
  • An individual who has been a victim of identity theft in the past, and has had fraud alerts placed on his/her credit record, has to wait while a store employee verifies his/her credit card with a bank before processing the transaction.
  • A credit card holder, who has had identity theft problems in the past and opened new credit, receives a call from the credit company to verify that he/she charged a large purchase recently.”

What Must Barack Obama Do to Apply for a New SSN Number?

  • Complete an application for a Social Security card: Form SS-5
  • Show documents proving U.S. citizenship (or immigration status and work eligibility) and identity.
  • Show evidence to support his need for a new SSN.
  • Take the completed application and documents to a local Social Security office. All documents must be either originals or copies certified by the issuing agency. They cannot accept photocopies or notarized copies of documents.

It is my opinion, based on the government information provided above, that the SSN Obama was using on August 17, 2011 was flagged with Special Indicator Code #8 because the Office of the Inspector General had investigated the SSN in question for fraud.   It appears they found the indicators of fraud more than credible, and based on their investigation they assigned SIC #8 to the SSN that Obama used.

An independent investigation and review of the  Social Security Application (Form SS-5)  that accompanied the issuance of the original Social Security Number,  042-68-xxxx, as well as records from both the Social Security Administration, and Office of Inspector General concerning the SSN in question could verify and prove my research.




3   OIG.SSA.GOV         


*Linda clarified the sentence after publication and added the words, “specifically tied to an employer search.”  This correction was added.


Additional Reading:   Linda’s Work was profiled at the link below.  The original screenshot and information is there.  Click on the article.

Barack Obama Didn’t Pass E-Verify System!
September 12, 2011 by Bridgette



Our friend Al, at The ObamaHustle, who exposed Obama’s real estate housing fraud  in Chicago states in an article of March 12, 2012 – only 4 days ago, that Barack Obama is still using the SSN that did not pass E-Verify.  So, it appears that #8 is the identified code and validates  Linda’s research!  

A snip from his article:

“The many SSN’s that he, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are currently using in their voter fraud schemes across the country as of the last election and that they are still in use as of today.”

Continues here.

UPDATE #2 : from Linda Jordan

3/16/22   It has been confirmed by Albert Hendershot at The Obama Hustle that Obama is still using the same SSN he was using when I ran the E-Verify check on August 17, 2011.    This takes SIC 9 off the table; he was not assigned a new SSN.    This means the SSN he uses was flagged with SIC 8  which is a fraud code that is assigned by the OIG only after an investigation for fraud.

Great Investigation and Research!  

121 responses to “What Does the Inspector General Know about Obama’s SSN?

  1. Here’s some interesting info from a Gov website. Go to section 1001 way down at the bottom. It’s about Implant chips for medical care. It was hard tp locate but here it is. Is the end times here? Wait till the American people find out about crap! We need to get the word out.

    Click to access AAHCA09001xml.pdf

    • haha… Child Health Insurance Plan(Program) = CHIP. No implant chip yet.

    • and GE already has the chip….to supposedly share medical info on a person . Not only that but Childrens health clinic in schools. Hmmm…..maybe in colleges too where Mrs. Fluke can take up that issue next. I’m telling you that’s why nobody can understand the $3,000 for a comprehensive pill distribrution plan.

    • It’s tinfoil hat thinking, maybe, but with these new stories coming out about Sgt. Bales remembering NOTHING of his alleged attack on Afghan civilians and this stunning story today that instead of confessing to murders he reported to his superiors that he took out armed young insurgent men–one has to wonder about “chips” (it’s easy to explain scars as a prior head injury) and Jason-Bourne-like programming.

      On the other hand, as I said the other day, it sounds like sleepwalking from taking sleeping pills. I would not be surprised if most of our troops take sleeping pills. I doubt that I could sleep over there.

      Food for thought, though: Who benefits from this story?

      Which brings me to some quotes from a David Brooks editorial:

      “Any of us would be shocked if someone we knew and admired killed children. But these days it’s especially hard to think through these situations because of the worldview that prevails in our culture.

      According to this view, most people are naturally good, because nature is good. The monstrosities of the world are caused by the few people (like Hitler or Idi Amin) who are fundamentally warped and evil.

      This worldview gives us an easy conscience, because we don’t have to contemplate the evil in ourselves.”

      “People who murder often live in situations that weaken sympathy and restraint. People who commit massacres, for example, often live with what the researchers call “forward panic.” After having endured a long period of fear, they find their enemies in a moment of vulnerability. Their fear turns to rage, and, as Steven Pinker writes in “The Better Angels of Our Nature,” they “explode in a savage frenzy.””

      [And the best plotted plans can always go sideways, as the Globalists ought to note.]

      “Serial killers are often charming, but have a high opinion of themselves that is not shared by the wider world. They are often extremely conscious of class and status and they develop venomous feelings toward people who do not pay them sufficient respect.”


  2. Hollywood Producer: Bill Clinton Directly Told Me Barack Obama Not Eligible – 3/16/12

    • “Forged!” on his forehead. Where he said he can’t walk around wearing his birth certificate. ROFLMAO!!! Still. Every time I see it. AMAZING FIND, ROB!

      Threats. Corruption. Phony documentation. 2000 complaints about threats and vandalism at the caucuses in Texas.

      Does anybody know if this woman is connected to the Lori Starfelt documentary?

      She says the Democrats keep caucuses because that’s where it’s the most easy to commit fraud.

      “Democrats don’t consider voter fraud to be bad. … If they cheat, steal, and lie, they’re doing it for the better good.” They know what’s best for us, so anything goes! Just like Fox-Piven. They “don’t care” about vote fraud.

      “Doesn’t matter if they lie or steal.” Obama WOULD BE the candidate, no matter what.

      Allred knows it’s illegal for a pledged delegate to vote against the way their voters told them.

      This person in the audio is “so scared” that she “knows these things” and that Obama controls our country. [Yep. So are we.]

      The black people were the ones who got the most “death threats”. One woman from TUCC went to vote and there were huge black kids threatening people at the polls, warning them not to vote for Hillary Clinton.

      They have a lot of footage left and they want to finish and release the documentary, but her Democrat partner “got scared.” They were talking with Breitbart; and then he died. Her partner is afraid to be threatened or blackballed in the industry.

      She’s written to Feinstein and others and “nobody cares” that this thug is in the WH.

      About the story from 1990 that calls Barry “Kenyan born”, she says the “original birthers” are Hillary and Bill Clinton. She heard it right out of their mouths because “it’s true” that he’s not eligible. They threatened Clinton, too, she says. Bill.

      This just confirms, unfortunately, what we’ve known and suspected. They KNOW and they IGNORE IT, for whatever reason, to the detriment of our entire country. Keeping in mind what Alex Jones said in that video that Bridgette posted, it just may be banks and economic blackmail.

      Speaking of fraud, did you hear about how, in multiple counties in IL yesterday, the paper primary ballots (inexplicably) would not go through the counting machines? They were too big or the marked “chads” didn’t line up, so they couldn’t be counted. It was blown off as just an error. The news stories that “explained” the solution was to create new ballots with the dots re”marked”. It was unclear exactly what they did, but it sounds as if they created NEW ballots and tranferred (supposedly) what the original voter marked on the ballot.

      • The threat to Bill Clinton was the murder of his long-time friend Kam Kuwata, according to that gulagbound link.

        • GWALTNEY Miri….Arkansas murder.

          • Did Obama Assassinate Clinton Delegates?

            17 hours ago … Indeed, Bill Gwaltney who was a very close friend of Hillary and Bill, … the Arkansas Democratic Party and SuperDelegate for Hillary was killed

      • Miri, This info goes right into the Black Panther intimidation during the 08 election also. I have found some connections there. Look into the connections I am finding there on new comments across the hall on the Malcolm X post as well as the new Irish post. NOTE* The Odinga-Tupac- Nathaniel Burns connections.***

    • The democrats go around and pick up bums off the street and offer them booze or cigarettes and take them to the polling places and tell them how to vote. They go to nursing homes and take Altzheimer patients or those with dementia to the polling places also. Whatever works to get those votes. They are doing a “service.”

      I remember Bill Clinton being asked about Obama, and he made a statement suggesting that he was not constitutionally eligible to be president.

      Save the country and release the film! Perhaps the Breitbart crew has all of the information that Breitbart got during his 3 hour meeting with the film producers.

      That is a damning radio spot by itself.

    • http://wewillnotbesilenced2008.com/index.htm

      The website for the original documentary. Just has a preview, but I’m sure there’s some interesting reading under the “Documents” tab.

  3. Man, this election I’m gonna get dressed like a bum and have the democrats give me cigarets and booze, then vote against Obama. I’ll then sell the stuff to the bums and urban outdoorsmen at a discount. A profit will be made for myself. Yes! A profit will be made!

  4. Statement of the Hon. James G. Huse, Jr., Inspector General, Social Security Administration

    House Committee on Ways and Means September 19, 2002 Staff

    Hearing on Preserving the Integrity of Social Security Numbers and Preventing Their Misuse by Terrorists and Identity Thieves


    The Risk to Homeland Security

    In calendar year 2000 alone, SSA issued approximately 1.2 million SSNs to non-citizens, out of some 5.5 million SSNs issued in all. A recently conducted Office of Inspector General (OIG) study indicates that 8 percent (about 96,000) of those 1.2 million SSNs were based on invalid immigration documents, which SSA processes did not detect. We have no way of determining how many SSNs have been improperly assigned to non-citizens.

    The issuance of SSNs based on invalid documentation creates a homeland security risk. My office has participated in 24 airport security operations across the country with the Department of Justice (DOJ) and its Joint Terrorism Task Forces and other Federal agencies since the 9/11 terrorist attacks a year ago. The aim is to ensure that no airport employee who has misrepresented his or her SSN and identity has access to secure areas of the Nation’s airports. OIG’s focus in airport security operations has been SSN misuse and false statements. Hundreds of people have been arrested to date, and more importantly, have been denied access to the secure areas that represent a significant vulnerability to terrorism.

    Immediately after the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, we sought to determine if and how the hijackers might have obtained SSN’s. We may never know with absolute certainty how many of the 19 hijackers of September 11th used improperly obtained SSNs, or how they obtained them. The investigation into the events of that day, and related work, revealed the importance of the SSN in any attempt at assimilation into American society. Today, it is unrealistic to believe that the SSN is simply a number for tracking workers’ earnings and the payment of social insurance benefits. The SSN has become the de facto national identifier. Protecting the integrity of that identifier is as important to our homeland security as any border patrol or airport screening.

    Let me give you an example of this threat from a case that is just completing the sentencing phase. The Anti-Terrorist Task Force arrested a naturalized American citizen who had trained with Palestinian guerrilla groups in Lebanon since he was 12 years old. He was carrying a loaded semi-automatic pistol and an assault rifle in the back seat of his car, along with four loaded 30-round magazines for the rifle and hundreds of rounds of additional ammunition. In his home were a calendar with September 11th circled in red, three different Social Security cards in his name, a false Alien Registration Card, evidence of credit card fraud and $20,000 in cash, as well as a wood carved plaque with the name of the terrorist group “Hamas” on it. We determined he had obtained the three different SSNs from SSA by falsifying two of his three SSN applications. He had used them to get jobs as a security guard and as an employee with the multi-billion-dollar Intel Corporation, when a criminal history check would have kept him from getting either job under his true identity.

    Failure to protect the integrity of the SSN has enormous financial consequences for the Government, the people, and the business community. We must protect the number that has become our national identifier and the key to social, legal, and financial assimilation in our country.

    It is becoming more and more apparent that those connected with terrorism will at some point obtain SSNs. They may buy them, they may create them, or they may obtain them from SSA directly through the use of falsified immigration records. But to operate in the United States, they need those numbers, and we must take those steps necessary to ensure that those numbers do not come from SSA.


    • “We may never know with absolute certainty how many of the 19 hijackers of September 11th used improperly obtained SSNs, or how they obtained them.”

      Why don’t they ask Auntie Zeituni and Uncle Omar?

  5. Senate Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Identity Theft

    (July 13, 2000) The Senate Technology Subcommittee held another hearing on identity theft on July 12. Sen. Feinstein is sponsoring legislation to restrict the purchase of social security numbers over the Internet, one means by which criminals are able to assume another person’s identity.

    The hearing, titled “Identity Theft: How to Protect and Restore Your Good Name,” was conducted by Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) and Sen. Dianne Feinstein
    (D-CA), the Chairman and Ranking Minority Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Technology, Terrorism and Government Information, respectively.

    The hearing addressed the many ways that criminals obtain information that enables them to assume the identities of others, the harmful consequences that it has for the victims, and legislation to remedy the problem.

    Sen. Feinstein focused also on the role of the Internet in facilitating identity theft.

    “In Fiscal Year 1999, the Social Security Administration’s Office of Inspector General Hotline for Fraud and Abuse reported more than 62,000 instances
    of misuse of Social Security Numbers,” said Sen. Kyl. Social Security Inspector General Jim Huse was on hand to testify in further detail about the extent of the problem. (See, Huse testimony [PDF].)


    Kam Kuwata tells others (Sen. Feinstein?) of weird Obama stuff he saw/heard at the convention.


  6. So if Dude Obama Hussain Barak is using a stolen social security number
    and the US government is allowing it then it stands to reason not only is Barak a criminal but, so is our government , Fbi,Secret service, social security administration,congress,senate,state dept,and ……..
    We are screwed by our lawmakers!!! This is no longer The United States of America but, The United States of Hoaxism run by whoever has the money
    to steal everything they want without penalty of law or fear of retribution!

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