Internet Giants Worked as Propaganda Arms for Obamacare

Posted by Bridgette

Yahoo and Google Served as the Propaganda Arm/Machine for Obamacare!

Obama Administration Bankrolled Massive Internet Propaganda Campaign to Push Obamacare!



Obama Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)  Spends Millions of Taxpayer Dollars on “Guerrilla Campaign” to Track Search Engine Web Traffic and Push Internet Search Engine Users to Government Website Promoting Obamacare;  Propaganda Campaign Targets Key Obama Campaign Voter Demographics.

Washington, DC — August 18, 2011

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that it obtained documents from the Obama Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) showing that the Obama White House helped coordinate a multimillion dollar taxpayer-funded campaign to use Internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo to drive web traffic to a government website promoting the Affordable Health Care Act (also known as Obamacare).

The expressed purpose of this campaign is to increase public support for the president’s health care overhaul among key Obama campaign demographics, specifically Hispanics, blacks, and women.

The 2,328 pages of records, obtained by Judicial Watch pursuant to a March 23, 2011, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit (Judicial Watch v. Department of Health and Human Services (No. 11-608), include internal correspondence between officials at the HHS office of the Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs (ASPA), as well as communications with representatives from The Ogilvy Group, the public relations firm hired by the Obama administration to manage the Obamacare campaign.

The following are highlights from the documents:

*  The Obama HHS launched a campaign to track Internet searches and to use online search engines such as Google and Yahoo to drive traffic to a government website promoting Obama’s healthcare overhaul.  Using “pay-per-click” advertising tools, such as Google Adwords, HHS purposely targeted for influence people searching the term “Obamacare,” a word that has been described as “disparaging” by political agents of the president. One HHS email details:

A few keyword groups continue to be top performers, and have subsequently driven most of the traffic to the campaign websites:

  •  Affordable Care Act, including such terms as health care reform, government health insurance, Obamacare, and affordable care act.
  • Health Insurance Group, including terms as health insurance.
  • Health Care Group, including terms as health care.

While other keyword groups have not performed as well, and are not driving significant traffic to the campaign websites:

  • Health Insurance, Health insurance options, Medical Insurance, and Insurance companies

* According to a budget summary prepared by Ogilvy, from October 2010 through February 2011, the Obama administration spent $1,435,009 on these online advertisements alone, including advertising campaigns with Google and Yahoo, almost $300,000 per month.

According to a December 10, 2010, email from Margo Gillman, Senior VP of Ogilvy Public Relations to Jenny Backus, the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs and the Principal Deputy for Strategy and Planning for HHS, the Obama White House was involved in coordinating the HHS propaganda campaign:

Just a quick note to see if you have any feedback/direction on how we should proceed with the radio and TV concepts that were presented a few weeks ago. You mentioned on our last call that you were planning to discuss them with the White House on either Friday or yesterday. We would appreciate any guidance that you can provide, so we can determine immediate next steps and a production schedule. Also, we are awaiting your feedback on the overarching strategic campaign plan.

Another HHS internal email dated December 1, 2010, from then-HHS official Jaime Mulligan to agency colleagues references the need to present recommendations to the White House regarding a number of components of the Obamacare campaign, including “a big guerilla campaign splash…” (Mulligan is currently the White House New Media Analyst for Public Health.)

* A number of documents address the need to target the Obamacare propaganda campaign to Hispanics, blacks, and women. For example, according to an email from Chris Beakey, Vice President of Ogilvy PR Worldwide, to HHS officials on December 16, 2010, summarizing a conference call, “You want to utilize the bulk of their paid media efforts (which would include expenditures for Radio One and Univision) on media that reaches African Americans and Hispanics. The money will go farther and these audiences continue to be a top priority.”  A January 18, 2011, email from Ogilvy to HHS New Media Communications Director Julia Eisman notes with respect to a Spanish banner ad campaign, “I realize we really can’t use the blond mom and child for this audience.”

* An October 25, 2010, email from Julia Eisman to Imani Green, Senior Vice President and Director of Paid Media for Ogilvy Washington suggests changing the online advertising campaign to accommodate web traffic patterns caused by the mid-term elections:   “Given the high performance, we’re wondering if we should we consider reallocating resources from the lesser performing words and put more $$ to ‘Obamacare’ – at least for the next 7 days,” she suggests.

In previous documents uncovered by Judicial Watch, HHS describes in detail the key to success of the propaganda campaign in a “Statement of Work” accompanying the agency’s Acquisition Plan:

“Health and program-related messages are processed by the target audience according to a particular reality, which he or she experiences.   Attitudes, feelings, values, needs, desires, behaviors and beliefs all play a part in the individual’s decision to accept information and make a behavioral change.” 

These  documents suggest the total cost of the Obamacare propaganda campaign could reach as much as $200 million.

 Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton states, 

“The Obama administration is using taxpayer dollars to manipulate public opinion regarding his socialist healthcare overhaul while also trying to get a leg up in the 2012 presidential campaign.  

The American people should be disturbed that the Obama administration is using taxpayer funds to try to brainwash people simply searching the Internet for information on health care. This Big Brother campaign is underhanded, potentially unlawful, and it must be stopped. As the congressional ‘super-committee’ begins negotiations to cut the deficit, this wasteful Obamacare propaganda campaign is the first place they should look.”

In November 2010, Judicial Watch obtained documents from HHS regarding a series of three Medicare TV ads featuring actor Andy Griffith. The Obama Administration spent $3,184,000 in taxpayer funds to produce and air the ads on national television in September and October 2010 to educate “Medicare beneficiaries, caregivers, and family members about forthcoming changes to Medicare as a result of the Affordable Care Act.” However, according to, a project of the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg Public Policy Center, the ads intentionally misinformed the American people.


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8 responses to “Internet Giants Worked as Propaganda Arms for Obamacare

  1. Alexrod and Puff aren’t mentioned in the article, but with their backgrounds in advertising and marketing the false Messiah, I bet they were the ones that were responsible for the decisions regarding the propaganda. Since the taxpayers paid for the democratic advertising campaign, it seems like the DNC should be repaying the government. Where did the funds come from to use…were they hidden in the notorious stimulus bill? Someone had to approve the payments..who did so?

    Yahoo and Google execs are in way to deep with the administration. I’ve forgotten the name of the Google guy who left one of O’s committees, but he had enough power to put this into place. Then there is the other Google man that was instrumental in helping oust the Egyptian president. Their policies are not business related, unless we want to see that Google was paid $300,000 a month to push consumers and citizens toward pro Obamacare sites. We know Google bots have played scrub a dub dub with any articles that were negative about Obama too. Now they are interfering with more conservative web sites, shutting them down, and hiding information. In 2008, I found they were redating present articles about Berg, so they couldn’t be found except in old archives. They even redated the article itself to like 1998.


  3. This is PARTISAN propaganda paid for by our tax dollars. Just as his Magical Mystery bus tour was paid for by our tax dollars. It’s ILLEGAL. It’s obviously designed to help his campaign. Why else TARGET the constituencies that he needs votes from in 2012? They even admit it!

    IF the pretense is public service, then why not TARGET the entire population? Is he the POTUS only of minorities and poor women? In no way does this pass the smell test. Where is the lamestream media on this? If this were a Republican president, the lamestream would go ballistic. At the local level, newspapers excoriate politicians who misuse public funds. It’s a staple of their “news”. An example from MO: The Lt. Governor traveled the state on outings that he says were related to his job. Even though his argument was that these hotel stays, which he charged to taxpayers, were public business, he repaid the state after the newspapers went after him (he plans to run for governor against a Democrat, which explains why the media took the story and ran with it). However, not one word was written, much less front page stories, complaining about Obama’s OBVIOUS campaign swing through the Midwest, on the TAXPAYERS’ dime.

    If this were a Republican HHS, there would be Congressional investigations, front-page stories daily in the NY Times, and the POTUS would probably be threatened with impeachment. He has politicized EVERY department in the executive branch, just like any other tinpot dictator does. He has even politicized the CIA, DEA, FBI, DHS, and the military. WHEN will this Congress step up to the plate and right this wrong?

  4. Cyber schenanigans on both sides! Corporate clients siding against the Progressives…can Think Progress be trusted to be telling the truth or is this all made up? What is worse, getting corporate emails through hackers or plotting against progressives? Progressives never plot against conservatives, now do they? Are their tactics now being used against them? Big Money Corporations and organizations vs Soros.

    Plot Used Fake Facebook Friend To Lure Targets
    By Andrew Kreig

    ThinkProgress reports appalling tactics used by government-affiliated security contractors against critics: Contractors created Holly Weber, right, a fictitious Facebook, Linked In and Twitter “friend.” This was part of a plot to sabotage communications by reporters, liberals, bloggers and others who criticize major corporate clients. Here’s the story as reported by Lee Fang [Soros site – Ubber left radical Think Progress]:

    Earlier this year, ThinkProgress obtained 75,000 private emails from the defense contractor HBGary Federal via the hacktivist group called Anonymous. The emails led to two shocking revelations.

    First, that an assortment of private military firms collectively called “Team TheAaron Barrmis” had been tapped by Bank of America to conduct a cyber war against reporters sympathetically covering the Wikileaks revelations. And second, that late in 2010, the same set of firms began work separately for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a Republican-aligned corporate lobbying group, to develop a similar campaign of sabotage against progressive organizations, including the SEIU and ThinkProgress.

    Revealed: Fake Facebook Identity Used By Military Contractors Plotting To Hack Progressive Organizations – [SOROS SITE]
    Lee Fang – Aug 18, 2011

    • So they get illegally obtained, STOLEN, private emails and we’re supposed to be outraged at what they suspect the see?

      This is OBOT tactics 101. What’s good for the goose … They can dish but they can’t take.

      The Dems have been using these tactics for decades. Keep in mind, too, that nothing is real.

      These are the people who support a man who posts bogus “birth certificates” on government websites. These are the people who support hackers (thieves, violators of the Constitutional right to privacy that THEY claim exists) who steal and also who have the ability to create out of whole cloth whatever they want the people to believe.

      So you get something from an anonymous group of hackers and you then believe that the emails were not tampered with? Couldn’t BE tampered with by HACKERS who by definition have no ethics, but do have an AGENDA? Can stolen emails be modified? Why, YES THEY CAN. EVEN I CAN DO IT!

      If they’re hacking from military contractors, does that make their crime that much more serious, considering NATIONAL SECURITY?

      I just noticed that this campaign was supposed to be AGAINST those reporters who are sympathetic towards HACKERS. Well, who in their right mind is in FAVOR of hackers?

      We’re supposed to feel sorry for SEIU, considering the tactics THEY use, which include violence (see Gladney, Kenneth)?

      The U. S. Chamber of Commerce! Now there’s a subversive organization. Ooooh, they lean Republican. Well, what would one expect? For the capitalist Chamber of COMMERCE to align themselves with COMMUNIST groups, like Think Progress?

      Obots employed by groups like Think Progress–now they don’t use FAKE online identities, do they? Oh, my. They worried that they would go after the families of people critical of the Chamber. Now, progressives NEVER do things like that, do they? (See Palin, Sarah, and Bachmann, Michele.)

      My heart bleeds. Justice Integrity Project! A contradiction, considering THEIR associations. Integrity. That’s what I think of when I hear SEIU, Think Progress, Unions. Hypocrites.

  5. Hatch: Obamacare Must be Repealed to Boost Economy
    Monday, 22 Aug 2011

    Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, citing an independent survey on rising costs to businesses, said Friday Obamacare repeal must be “on the table in any discussions to jump start the nation’s lagging economy.” The top Senate Finance Committee Republican said it was “critical” to the nation’s economy that President Barack Obama shift his focus from preparing a new job stimulus plan to ending the overhaul of the nation’s health care system.

    “The partisan health law is an assault on Americans individual liberty … It’s an also an assault on our economy and on our job creators, as this survey of employers demonstrates,” Hatch said, referring to the survey released Friday by the National Business Group on Health, which membership includes many of the top Fortune 500 companies. The survey found that healthcare benefit costs are expected to rise about 7.2 percent next year under the health law and that two-thirds of the cost increases in premiums would be passed on to employees. The survey of 83 of the nation’s largest corporations was conducted in June.

    • Didn’t know that phones weren’t allowed in Cuba. Their postal business must be booming. So they get their news by state run TV and radio, well so do we.
      What a great place to live say the Hollywood stars. Yet none of them want to build a vacation home there, why?

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