Obama’s “Blame du Jour”

© Bridgette WTPOTUS 2011

He Blames You, and you, and you!


I Blame You, and you, and you!


We’ve heard it time and again, over and over, day in and day out; when Obama opens his mouth he has something or someone to blame for whatever is his “Blame du Jour.”    The country is broken, this  and that is broken, and good ole’ Obama has all of the answers and solutions to what ails our county in his less than humble opinion.

Yes, he wants you to believe that only he, the Grand King of Wizards,  can fix all those broken spokes in the wheels that  once made our country exceptional.   No longer do we have an exceptional nation…at least not in the eyes of the self appointed “King of Blame.”   But if he can only convince you to give up your guns, your religion, your wealth, your individuality, your values, your traditions, will HE,  the anointed King of one,  be able to save us.    Yes, what is YOURS, is the governments to take away and  give to whomever or whatever “they” deem worthy.

Without question,  Obama is a real Loser!  Spelled  L O S E R!

His  dropping poll numbers are showing the revulsion of normal citizens to his repeat performances utilizing the Alinsky style tactics where he  accuses, blames,  marginalizes, uses divisive language,  and promotes class warfare.  The Alinsky style rhetoric  includes using the proverbial race card to silence others.  Now the race card is so overused, it means little, and seldom offends those who recognize its intent.   Really, think about it, how many times have you walked away from listening to Obama with a warm fuzzy?   Probably not since the 2008 elections where he was able to mesmerize the masses using NLP techniques has it happened.    It appears that NLP has a time limitation as to  how long mass  hypnosis will work.     Sssssssssssss.

Before and after Obama walked himself into the Oval office as a Usurper, he has used Alinsky tactics to blame, cajole, demonize, and marginalize anyone, any organization, any group, any company, and any opposition. These tactics are used in his speeches, press conferences, photo-ops, and policies.   He holds nothing back when it comes to his attacks be it on a U.S. State or a U.S. Citizen.   If it is branded a United States value or tradition, it is a target.   Nothing has gotten past his nasty view of what  true blue, patriotic Americans love about their country.   Let’s look at how his Alinsky Power Tactics game is played, and why this jerk that is playing president has caused such division in our country, and has  set back race relations 30 years.

Alinsky followers  are not programmed to feel good, they are trained to accentuate the negative in all situations.  Boy, Obama has that game down pat!    When he was a community organizer, it  may be the only place where he  excelled in anything.   It was there he was heavily mentored, trained and connected to anti-American  radicals and revolutionaries who swam and still swim  in leftist ideology be it Marxism, communism,  socialism or another ism.   No one but the Left would consider that an accomplishment or a success story.

No one has been immune from Obama’s  nasty attacks.   For kicks, I Googled the words, “Obama Blames. ”     What a shocker to see the results.  This usurping leader must hold the Guiness record.

“About 9,820,000 results” as of  August 3, 2011 at 1:26 p.m.

Again, 21 days later I did the same search.  Another surprise.  Instead of  the number increasing, the number  decreased  by 3 + million.

“About 6,780,000 results as of August  24, 2011 at 12:55 p.m.”

Oh, those Obots at Google weren’t happy to see the  number of articles that cite Obama blaming something  increase, so they thought they’d help him out.   Scrub-a-dub-dub, they worked their magic eraser.  But the real question is, what happened to those 3,040,000  articles that were previously available in an “Obama blames” search?

When I started this article on August 3, I compiled a list of articles that showed  Obama’s targets.  I didn’t finish my article then, but a few days later, Rush must have been channeling me!  On his August 8th radio show  he read off pages and pages of articles that showed the same thing that I had done by compiling headlines that began, ” Obama Blames.”   Traveling in my car,  I listened to him, and it was hilarious.  The fact that I had started an article on the identical topic, made it more humorous although the topic itself is not.  It is indicative of how this usurper, his administration and its supporters operate.  If one of them  uses a discouraging, vindictive, or nasty word, it is picked up by the cabal parroters  and repeated ad nauseam in every venue.    Let’s look at a few headlines that Rush found in his headline search.

From the August 8 radio transcript:

RUSH:  Let me count the pages here.  One, two, three, four, five, six pages — six pages — of news headlines and stories.

Obama Blames Arab Spring and Japan’s Earthquake on Struggling Economy and Job Situation, August 5th, 2011.  Obama Blames Messy Democracy for His Failed Policies, August 3rd, 2011; remarks by the president at a DNC event.  Obama Blames Congress for US Debt Mess; Obama news conference, June 29th, 2011.  Obama Blames Republicans for Slow Pace on Immigration Reform, July 25th, 2011.  (This was page one.)

Page Two:   Obama Blames Media for Lack of Compromise in Washington; remarks by Obama at a town hall meeting July 22nd, 2011.  Obama Blames Technology for Struggling Economy; June 14th, 2011, NBC Today interview.  Obama Blames Oil Spectators for High Oil Prices; April 19th, 2011, remarks by Obama at a town hall meeting.

I’m only on page three, and I have to take a break.

RUSH:  Yeah, I’m gonna read the rest of the Obama blames.  By the way, folks, do a Google search on it.  “Obama blames” as a Google search term returns more than 490,000 hits.  “Obama blames,” no quotes — just “Obama blames” — returns 6,920,000 results on Google. 

Obama blames, Obama blames…everybody but himself.  Obama is a man-child; immature, over his head, out of his league, Unqualified. 


Rather than reiterate what Rush described so well on his program,  you certainly get our point, that Obama is the Blamer par excellance!

Another interesting thing that I noticed in Rush’s  transcript were the search results that were shown on August 8th!  From August 3rd to August 8th, Google removed 2,900,000 articles from their search engine results.   While from August 8 – 24th,  the Google scrubbers slowed down considerably and only removed 140,000!     Where, oh where, have those articles gone?  Where, oh where, can they be?

Can you imagine what the number will be by next year pre-election?  Looking at the dwindling numbers and how quickly Google is scrubbing, there won’t be any Obama blame shown.  Indeed, Obama will be  Less Blame, but not blameless.

Obama, you and your administration created this mess for our country, and yet you are blind to the miserable failings that you and your comrades produced.  Your sycophants and you can point your fingers at whatever your blame du jour is, and it isn’t going to change the truth.  You are to blame. We are here to repeatedly remind you and your fellow Marxists et al., that your tactics no longer work.  The constant screw-ups are yours, and yours alone.  Your anti-American policies and regulations have your name permanently embossed on them.

The consequences of your actions and the resulting abysmal failures are your legacy. Your postmortem scenarios for each failing is something that you can spin, whine, cry, shout,  lie and finger point about on a daily basis.  But  the truth is you made it and now you own it.  You are to blame!  

Obama, if we learned anything from you in the last 3  long, never ending years, you have proved the Peter Principle that states, “every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence”.  Yes, you are a perfect example of the Peter Principle on steroids.  This is one instance where we can honestly say, “you have risen!”

13 responses to “Obama’s “Blame du Jour”

    • I thought it peculiar when all of her papers were getting changed too. This is the article that Lame Cherry refers to.

      Lead birther Orly Taitz still on case, questioning Obama’s Social Security number
      By Al Kamen, Published: July 28 [complete with a photoshopped picture of Orly with man’s hands!]

      It seemed that President Obama’s release of his full birth certificate a couple of months ago — and his brutal skewering of Donald Trump at the White House correspondents dinner in May — completely took the air out of the “birther” movement. [Really, ya think that is what happened AL..or is that a wish that it happened!]

      Not so. None other than Orly Taitz , the Los Angeles lawyer, dentist and real estate agent, is still on the case, recently filing a Freedom of Information Act suit
      in federal court against Social Security Administration Commissioner Michael Astrue.

  1. In case you missed this!

    USDA Training Equating ‘Heterosexism’ to Racism Could Soon be Gov’t Norm
    June 20, 2011

    The Washington Times reports that U.S. Department of Agriculture officials are moving to push their gay-sensitivity training program — which equates believing marriage to only be between one man and one woman with sexism or racism — into the training of all federal employees, according to an internal newsletter.

    If accepted by President Obama’s Office of Personnel Management (OPM), sensitivity training with rhetoric condemning those who believe in “Heterosexism” will be the norm for all federal agency training programs including those in the Department of Defense and Pentagon.

    The USDA program defines “heterosexism” as an “‘ism’ like sexism or racisim, where one is considered better than others.


    • Since homosexuals have “Gay Pride” day and even celebratory parades, couldn’t one accuse them of homosexualism? Certainly it APPEARS as if they consider homosexuality “better than” other ways of being. Ergo, will the Dept. of Agriculture (agriculture?!!) or the OPM, Dept. of Defense, Pentagon, work towards banning exclusive, insensitive, homosexist events like Gay Pride Day?

  2. Hey, more cash for another government operation! Yea, more diversity is needed too! EO dated in August..we may have already discussed this.

    Obama Creates Office Of Diversity, Inclusion
    08/24/2011 – 4:04pm

    The economy remains in shambles yet President Obama keeps wasting taxpayer dollars expanding an already bloated U.S. government, this month launching a new office to help build a “diverse and inclusive workforce” at all federal agencies.

    The new Office of Diversity and Inclusion will ensure that the entire U.S. government develops comprehensive strategies to drive and integrate diversity and inclusion practices. It will assist the different agencies in building a workforce that “respects individual and organizational cultures” by examining policy options, data trends and employee survey findings.

    The goal is to eliminate demographic group imbalances in targeted occupations and improve workforce diversity. To attain this, special initiatives have been created targeting specific groups, including Hispanics, African Americans, American Indians, women and gays and lesbians. The idea is to create a workforce that truly reflects America’s diversity, according to the Obama Administration.

    In fact, the Obama executive order creating the new agency assures that it will promote the federal workplace as a model of equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion.



    Executive Order – August 18, 2011

    • On the last open thread (I think), I posted some stats about the current federal labor force versus the percentage of certain racial/ethnic groups in the USA. In MOST cases, minorities were well represented or already OVERrepresented in the federal workforce. Women weren’t, so Barry needs to reach out to more women and to hire more whites, too. But look who he’s targeting. What a surprise. Favored groups. The NEW elite. Exactly how are they going to gather stats on sexual orientation? Wouldn’t that be discrimantory to ASK people about their sex lives? They’re missing age. Do they plan to be age-ist? Something tells me that older “folks” are underrepresented in the federal workforce, too. How much is this new UNNECESSARY bureaucracy costing the taxpayers against whom it will discriminate?

    • I see where we can make some major cuts! All grant receiving organizations that have an IRS code that prevents them from telling who their sources are. I wonder how many of those are ACORN related. Or are like PBS or NPR or Media Matters. I wonder how many of Soros created organizations are shown in these statistics.

      • yea, and it doesn’t even account for welfare checks, food stamps, school breakfast, lunch and dinner, section * rents, utilities, SSI, medicaid, and public school re-education.

        The three Rs are not necessary anymore. Its important to learn very early in life that you have no gender, masturbation is more important than brushing your teeth and when older folks molest you its because they love you.

        Illegal immigrants are victims of America, too.


  3. Great post, Bridgette. It’s amazing how the obots monitor Rush and then use their ill-gotten power to scrub-a-dub-dub. It’s not only Google, though. It’s everywhere. The WayBack Machine, online databases. Suddenly, without warning, articles and items that once were available–simply gone. Capture it while you can, folks. The scrubbing has only just begun–2012 will soon be here. And the planting of stories, too. To give Barry a backstory. Here’s a new one: http://www.parade.com/celebrity/personality-parade/2011/08/28/hill-harper.html

    “How did President Obama and CSI: NY’s Hill Harper become friends?—Brian Edward, Los Angeles

    A: They bonded over basketball! “We were law school classmates, and he walked into the gym while I was shooting hoops,” says Harper, 45. “We shared many pickup games and developed a friendship that’s lasted for over 20 years.” When he’s not acting, Harper writes. His fourth book, The Wealth Cure, covers lessons he learned during his battle with thyroid cancer last summer. “My diagnosis gave me a newfound sense of purpose,” he says.”

    But this guy is old hat at supporting and covering for Barry. This isn’t new news; it’s old news. http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/27341814/ns/today-today_on_the_trail/

    Back in 2008, this same old school chum of Barry’s (really?) was out there, making sure (like the Obama Truth Squad) that people didn’t say Barry was a Muslim (oh, he’s a Christian) or that he was inexperienced (he ran a CAMPAIGN–that’s like being a CEO!) This guy even touted Rock the Vote! Let’s drag him out again, for campaign 2012. I wonder if they shared ghost writers? Bill Ayers, what do you know about thyroid cancer?

  4. Shaking head in dismay and thinking what an a@# wipe he is. Joe Biden speaking truth again!

    Obama Calls America “Soft,” Offers to Whip Nation Into Shape
    September 30, 2011

    Obama Embraces National Decline Narrative

    “The way I think about it is, you know, this is a great, great country that had gotten a little soft and, you know, we didn’t have that same competitive edge that we needed over the last couple of decades. We need to get back on track.”

    — President Obama arguing for his third stimulus package in an interview with NBC affiliate WESH of Orlando, Fla.

    Vice President Joe Biden told a public radio station in Miami that while the state of the economy might be the fault of the previous Republican administration, the public is still understandably angry at the party in power for the dismal state of the economy. His message to his interviewer and a liberal audience: Blaming Bush isn’t helping and is “not relevant” right now, so cut it out.


    • Barack Obama’s Soft America – He’s here to make us tougher.
      by John Hayward (video)
      09/30/2011 Snips

      In the course of an interview broadcast Thursday on WESH, the Orlando NBC affiliate, President Obama remarked that the United States had “gotten a little soft” before he came along. When this video went viral, the President’s shrinking band of hard-core defenders began shrieking that he had been taken “out of context.” Let us take a look at the “context.” Here is how USA Today transcribes the “lead-in” to the “soft America” comment:

      “Even before the financial crisis hit, one of the reasons that I ran for president was that wages, incomes, had flat-lined at the same time that costs were going up,” Obama said. “I think people felt that opportunities were becoming more constricted for the next generation.” “And that’s why, making sure that we’re revamping our education system, making sure we’ve got world class infrastructure, investing in basic science and research and technology, making sure that we are moving manufacturing back to the United States, and that we are being tough with our trading partners — making sure that they’re not taking advantage of us,” he said. “There are a lot of things we can do,” Obama then said. “The way I think about it is, this is a great, great country that had gotten a little soft and we didn’t have that same competitive edge that we needed over the last couple of decades. We need to get back on track.”

      So the President who has shoved a record-breaking number of people below the poverty line says that before he arrived on the scene, wages and incomes were flat, and the next generation was running out of opportunity. He “fixed” that problem by implementing policies that resulted in endless double-digit unemployment, and eventually achieved net zero job growth in August 2011.



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