Obama, the “Jolly ho, ho, ho, Green Giant!” (Open Thread)

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Some Days We Just Need a Laugh and a Smile!


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104 responses to “Obama, the “Jolly ho, ho, ho, Green Giant!” (Open Thread)

  1. National Archives: It’s Official – Marco Rubio is NOT a Natural Born Citizen – Certified Record Obtained
    Wednesday, August 24, 2011

    It’s Official – Marco Rubio is NOT a Natural Born Citizen – Pixel Patriot

    Naturalization Petition for Mario Rubio issued by the National Archives

    Marco Rubio is not now and never can be a Natural Born Citizen because his parents were not citizens at the time he was born precluding him from eligibility for President or Vice-President of the United States as set forth in the U.S. Constitution: Article II Section I Clause V


    Thanks Pixel for obtaining a certified copy.

    • News Media Wrongly Declares Marco Rubio a Natural Born Citizen – ORYR

      News media: Marco Rubio is a ‘natural-born citizen’
      Those asking question called ‘racists,’ ‘misguided adherents to Constitution’
      Joe Kovacs

      MIAMI, Fla. – Some national news media are declaring that U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio is a natural-born citizen and thus eligible for the presidency or vice presidency, even though Rubio’s constitutional eligibility remains unclear and the popular Florida Republican has himself downplayed any interest in running on a White House ticket.

      In a Daily Caller piece today titled “Coming soon: Rubio ‘birthers,'” journalist Matt Lewis warns, “There is already a movement afoot (led by some on the fringe) to disqualify him from serving as president (which would presumably disqualify him from serving as vice president). That’s right – some are arguing that Rubio is not eligible because he is not a ‘natural-born citizen.'”

      And despite a one-on-one, exclusive interview with Rubio last night, Fox News host Sean Hannity did not raise the eligibility question, but merely stated, “One name is often mentioned as a possible vice presidential nominee in 2012. He is the wildly popular freshman senator from the great state of Florida, Marco Rubio.”


      • Well, they’re invested very deeply in making sure that the question is never placed before the SCOTUS for a definitive ruling, even though we KNOW what the CORRECT answer is. He is NOT a NBC, no matter what Hannity and others may wish to be true. They like Jindal, too. There is no such thing as usurpation precedent. Obama is NOT a NBC. Nor is Jindal. Nor is Rubio. Tough luck. That’s the way the LAW goes. IF anybody doesn’t like it, they have a right to attempt to change it the only way possible–Constitutional Amendment.

  2. Mark Levin: Obama Not Qualified; I Don’t Mean Constitutionally; I Will Leave That To The Goofballs — 8/23/2011 —

  3. Anti-birther bragged of ties to Lakin’s commander
    General rapidly rose in ranks during trial of officer who challenged eligibility

    August 25, 2011

    [Fogbow} OBOT Frank Arduini’s relationship with Gen. Horst goes back to their days as West Point cadets, raising questions whether the Lakin trial was politically influenced.

    Horst promotions raise eyebrows. The public record shows Gen. Horst received numerous promotions from 2009, when Lakin began expressing concerns over Obama’s eligibility, through the end of the trial, with more than one in-person discussion with Obama documented during that period.


  4. Air Force vet dedicates future to exposing Obama
    ‘My personal goal is to see Obama removed before the next election’

    August 25, 2011

    An Air Force veteran who was discharged from the service in a dramatically quick move last week after he challenged Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president says he’s back in his home town in Nebraska, but his campaign to reveal the truth about the present occupant of the Oval Office is just beginning.

    Daryn Moran was serving as a staff sergeant in the Air Force in Germany when he first became alarmed at Obama’s insistence on installing open homosexuality in the U.S. armed services. Then, as part of his research into that issue, he found out about the many questions that remain unanswered about Obama’s eligibility.

    The result when he started asking for evidence? A quick discharge from the military, a next-day flight home and a new status as a former member of the Air Force, as WND reported.


  5. Great news: Obama hit the golfing trifecta on vacation
    August 25, 2011 by Ed Morrissey snips

    Barack Obama achieved an important milestone at Martha’s Vineyard while the world turned, the Atlantic churned, and Tripoli burned: It took President Obama nearly a week, but he’s played the trifecta: golf courses in the three main Martha’s Vineyard hubs of Edgartown, Oak Bluffs and Vineyard Haven. With an earthquake down, a hurricane to come and a revolution in full revolt across the Atlantic, Obama nevertheless did what he likes to do best Wednesday. He golfed.

    As it turns out, Obama has been meeting with some of his biggest donors during his taxpayer-funded vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, as ABC News reported yesterday, including on the golf course:

    Obama has already attended one hundred and twenty-seven fundraisers this year, which USA Today noted last week far outpaced the previous two Presidents:


  6. The federal government is refusing to help Michigan delete non-citizens from its voter rolls, MI Secretary of State Ruth Johnson [R] told WJR Radio’s Frank Beckman this week. In an August 22 interview, she revealed that:

    1. “Thousands” of illegals are on the state’s voter rolls.

    2. The Social Security Administration has been asked to verify Michigan’s voter rolls, but refuses to do so. Michigan has offered to send its data to Washington, preserving SSA privacy, but the federal agency nevertheless refuses to cooperate.

    3. The state has been asked to approve same-day registration, but declines to adopt it, because of obvious chances at fraud.


  7. Evil appearing at the US Department of Health! Your government guide to healthy living!

    August 24, 2011

    In a push that seeks to sexualize young children while condoning homosexual “experimentation” among teens, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is offering up pearls of wisdom to parents on the sexuality of children. But if that were not disturbing enough, this comes at a time when a group of psychologists are allegedly pushing for the decriminalization of pedophilia.

    The HHS information, located on a “Questions and Answers About Sex” link on the “Quick Guide to Healthy Living” section of the government website even describes children and infants as “sexual beings.” The site also includes information on sexual experimentation, including homosexuality.


    • Really bad photo! My gosh.. it looks like he has a horse’s legs!

    • Yuk. What an optic. 😦

      Heard that Barry had to (sob!) cut short his Martha’s Vineyard vacation. Is he flying instead to Hawaii? Only slightly kidding.

      He stopped in at the FEMA office in DC. http://news.yahoo.com/obama-visits-response-center-hurricane-threatens-212501164.html Video showed him sitting at a table next to Napolitano, looking serious and important. “In charge.” Well, he does control the rise of the oceans, so why not a hurricane?

      Remember how Spanky, Darla, and the Gang would dress up and act like grown-ups, play acting at being judges or mayors or having a committee? That’s what Obama and his peeps resemble: the Little Rascals, pretending to be grownups, pretending to be in charge.

    • Pray for the vulnerable children. May they be protected from forced ideological indoctrination.

    • I used to read this site a lot. http://thefire.org/ Thanks for reminding me of them. I recommend their website highly for anybody sending a kid off to college. Learn. Be aware. This organization (The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) does great work exposing progressive indoctrination and violation of the rights of individual students that goes on every day, right under our noses. They’re like an ACLU for oppressed (conservative/libertarian) students.

    • As Biden begged for the Chinese not to call our debt, he told them he supported their one male child per family population control methods of killing off the girls and getting the okay from the government to engage in having a child. Superior thinking on his part.

      No doubt you are right Papoose, he took them aside and asked them to join in the onslaught against Israel by recognizing Palestine. That would be much in keeping with doing the radical Left’s and Obama’s bidding. It is like them to do everything through the backdoor so we the majority of US citizens that support Israel won’t know about it. We will see what happens when the Security Council meets.

      It is time to disband the UN or kick them out of the US. We are the majority supporters of that organization. They wouldn’t exist without our tax dollars. They are a bunch of tin horn idiots made up of mostly third world countries who are only there to see how much money they can extort from the wealthiest nation. At the same time they have their hands out, they are inexcusably excoriating our country’s values and our economic core … capitalism.

      • The UN is un In UnAmerican.

        But who cares? Fat Ass Kardashian and Lurch got married.

        • Is she? Fat assed, I mean? I might have noticed had I ever paid an iota of attention. However, I did hear in passing (because I didn’t change channels fast enough) that she had THREE wedding dresses. Must have made another fat ass quite jealous. 🙂

    • Papoose, they say that the US will veto this in the UN and that Congress will cut aid to the Palestinians, if this resolution goes through. I’ll believe it when I see it, but Barry does need to win back (at least until after the election) at least some of the color-BLINDED Jews who foolishly supported him in 2008.

  8. Hey Hackers…WE HAVE A JOB FOR YOU! You can DO GOOD if you get who belongs to the Social Security number that Obama uses! Yes, DO GOOD!

    Hackers Use Google to Uncover Social Security Numbers of 43,000 Yale Students
    August 25, 2011

    Personal info of 43,000 Yale students, staff and alumni was hacked using Google. Names and Social Security numbers were uncovered on an unprotected File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server. USA Today reported that the hackers used a new-ish Google FTP search function to locate this unsecured server:

    The Yale Alumni Magazine blog said that Social Security numbers were inadvertently made accessible to Google for 10 months.

    The Who Are We section of GHDB website describes the hacking organization further, revealing that the database may have initially been created to do good:


  9. http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/breaking/2011/0826/breaking15.html

    A case study in taqiyya. The child that Moammar claimed Reagan killed when he bombed the Tripoli compound in 1986–that girl? Well, she’s still alive!

    “A room belonging to Hana Muammar Gadafy in the section of the Bab al-Azizia compound where the Gadafy family lived contained several documents that appear to indicate she grew up to study medicine in Tripoli and took English classes at the British Council in the Libyan capital.

    Many Libyans have long doubted the story of Hana’s death, which Gadafy used to bolster the notion that he was a victim of western military aggression.

    Among the items discovered by The Irish Times yesterday are an examination paper from a Libyan university medical faculty signed “Hana Muammar Gadafy” in Arabic, and photographs of Hana including one showing her with Gadafy’s blood daughter Aisha. A British Council certificate, dated July 19th, 2007, showed that Hana Muammar Gadafy had achieved an overall A grade in an English language course there.”

  10. Judicial Watch is asking for records about Michelle’s fabulous taxpayer-funded safari. So far, they’ve been stonewalled, so they’re suing:

  11. http://www.businessinsider.com/mexican-police-are-now-staging-drug-raids-from-inside-the-us-2011-8

    “The New York Times reports that the Obama administration is now allowing Mexican police to orchestrate cross-border drug raids from inside the United States.

    Under the new program, Mexican agents travel secretly to the U.S. where, with intel and support from the DEA, they launch so-called “boomerang missions” against suspected drug traffickers back across the border.

    The operations are yet another indication of the deteriorating security situation in Mexico. By staging operations from the U.S., both governments hope to avoid the cartel corruption that continues to plague the Mexican military. The campaign also skirts around the strict limitations Mexico puts on U.S. agents operating in the country.”

    And in related news, Mexico’s president BLAMES the USA for the terror attack on the casino in Monterrey: http://www.bendbulletin.com/article/20110827/NEWS0107/108270314/

    “Mexican President Felipe Calderón charged Friday that the U.S. government, along with American drug consumers and gun dealers, was partly responsible for the deaths of 52 people killed in an arson attack at a casino in Monterrey.

    Wearing a black suit and tie as he addressed a rattled nation, Calderón blamed his northern neighbor for the devastating attack, arguing that assault-style weapons and billions of dollars in drug profits empower the criminal organizations that he said were probably behind Thursday’s fire-bombing of the Casino Royale.”

    Uh, they used GASOLINE, not assault rifles. This story also reports that NO EVIDENCE was found to tie the attack to these cartels, before Calderon shot off his mouth. It’s been suggested it was retaliation because the casino didn’t pay off, as in “protection” money to corrupt officials. The mordita, you know.

    IF Obama would close the border, the drug trade would wither on the vine, to coin a phrase. CLOSE THE BORDER! End of problem, Barry.Calderon and Barry have been cooperating on more than these cross-border raids. They’re in this Operation Fast and Furious up to their eyeballs. That’s why it was created–to provide lying statistics that the gun control advocates could use as an excuse to violate OUR Second Amendment rights. And so Caleron, on cue, could chime in, saying we need to control gun sales in the US.

  12. Oh please. these freaks are raking my last nerve. Great way to hide missing dead bodies, though.


    • Gross! Please.

    • Yes, this has been one of my major environmental concerns. The fact that death has been occurring to humans and all live species for over 2,000 years, makes this new invention a real green send! You are right, these people are nuts.

      Choices are now clear; bury, burn, or dissolve! I am thrilled that if I choose to dissolve that my dental fillings will not add to the overabundance of mercury in the air. But who gets the gold?

      • Just think. Jeffrey Dahmer might have gone into this new green business instead of getting his jollies the way he did.

      • Resomation That’s what they call it. Sounds so benign. Good point! WHO GETS THE GOLD? Did you know that when you go to the dentist and they drill out old fillings or take off old caps, THEY keep the gold. Almost $2000 an ounce, but do they give you a discount? Nosireee, Bob. The suction takes it a way but a machine separates out all the goodies and the doc sells that for scrap.

        • Interesting, a dentist told me my old gold filling wasn’t worth anything. Then I found out he made jewelry on the side! The next time I was in, I asked if my earrings were ready yet.

          I don’t know why I asked, but I think I wondered if morticians removed the gold from people’s teeth, or if they would. We wouldn’t know, because people’s mouth are usually closed. Maybe someone knows the answer.

          • Oh, he would say that! My dentist happens to be honest. When asked, he explained how the suction thing works. That’s just another reason why they suction as they drill. Of course, it’s likely that they must keep you from inhaling or swallowing the stuff, and that there are rules about proper disposal, so it’s understandable why they do it; but he also said that they recover the gold and other precious metals. Like vanadium. Or titanium.

            I was thinking about morticians the other day, too. I bet they do (now) pull out those gold teeth. They probably sometimes remove jewelry that people wanted their loved ones buried with. People are probably too ashamed, at such a time, to appear greedy, so don’t ask to have the gold removed. But I bet somebody removes it! There are too many incidences of “first responders” swiping jewelry from accident victims. It’s sad, but the temptation is there and people have failings, after all.

            Back in the day, people knew the value of gold. It’s even higher now! My dad had a tin box full of old gold teeth from various relatives. Taken from their mouths when they died or saved when they got replacements. So in the old days, dentists would give ya back your gold fillings and teeth. People don’t tend to think of this stuff.

            It’s like when you get new gutters or roof flashing or even a new A/C. If the gutters and flashing are copper, the roofers make a pretty penny selling to scrap yards, but they act like they’re doing you a favor “cleaning up” and “removing all the scrap” from your yard. A/C units are full of copper. So are motors in washers and dryers. So same deal–they act as if they’re doing you a favor to haul away the old machines, but they really make extra bucks on the scrap, which they don’t share with you when they make a bid.

            These things I learned from parents who went through the Depression and had to be savvy enough to count every penny. You’d be amazed at the amount of money you can get for scrap metal. Thieves know! That’s why they’re stripping gutters off people’s homes.

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