Chicago a Testing Stage for Obama

Manipulation of the Courts


The Chicago Precedent

May 11, 2011

To simplify, let me start this story at the end. Ultimately, the fact that Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Chicago newspapers, judges, and others have been complicit proves they know that Mr. Obama is ineligible to be President of the United States of America.  This is not a “birther” argument based upon where he was born. The merits of the case against Obama’s eligibility are founded on four separate Supreme Court decisions and Senate Resolution 511 on John McCain’s “Natural Born Citizen” status (cosponsored by Obama himself).

The only defense to the truth is a bold lie. Therefore, the Obama administration began looking at ways to subvert the legal system in order to hold onto power. They chose Standing based upon the timing of the charges against Mr. Obama as the technicality to prevent Obama’s eligibility case from gaining a Decision on the Merits.

The technicality of timing is unfavorable precedent to the Obama defense so favorable precedent was manufactured. Other precedent presented in defense of Obama was fictional.

If Barack Obama began an idealistic politician, he sold his soul for power prior to being elected President. The first damning fact was his failure to disclose simple documents like birth certificates, school records and the like prior to the election. Next, his campaign and media allies manufactured an atmosphere of ridicule around all who questioned him. Third, he was served in the Drake / Keyes v. Obama suit four times, but delayed response until he was sworn in, and then responded by assigning the U.S. Justice Department in an attempt to intimidate. When intimidation failed, the Obama administration conceived a cynical plan to manufacture a technical precedent in the controlled and corrupt Chicago political environment. All these actions are designed to conceal the facts.

The Facts

Rahm Emanuel and William Daley swapped political positions. Rahm Emanuel was moved into a controlled political environment in order to be challenged on his Mayoral eligibility.  The goal was to establish legal precedent in order to defend Barack Obama’s Presidency from being ruled ineligible in Drake v. Obama (09-56827) otherwise known as Keyes v. Obama. The precedent is not on the merits of the case but the timing of the challenge.

To reinforce this precedent, the attorney who represented President Obama, David A. DeJute made a statement at 33 minutes and 55 seconds into the May 2, 2011 Drake v. Obama hearing that is factually incorrect. He told the court that Ralph Nader, an independent presidential candidate in 2008, filed lawsuits attempting to keep certain other presidential candidates (whom he did not name) off the ballot. There is no truth to this statement whatsoever.

There are no established Federal cases to guide the court in this matter, otherwise known as precedent. A sitting President has never been challenged due to eligibility requirements. The plaintiffs refer to cases involving Governors, but these are resolved in State Supreme Courts by State Constitutional guidelines. The Obama administration had no counter precedent and could only rely on the fact that the suit was not answered prior to the inauguration.  In fact, Obama lost this case by default and the only remaining option was to manufacture a precedent that fit the facts of the case to be used upon appeal.

Judge Raymond Fisher of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals entered the precedent into the Drake v. Obama case at 33 minutes and 34 seconds into the May 2, 2011 Drake v. Obama hearing.

The Chicago Precedent

Emanuel did not meet eligibility requirements to run for mayor. Chicago’s Municipal Code says, “A qualified elector of the municipality and [must have] resided in the municipality at least one year next preceding the election.”  He was required to be a physical resident for one year prior to the election.

Since early 2009, Mr. Emanuel had leased his house on North Hermitage Avenue and moved his family to Washington, D.C., where was he was living and working. “I vote from here, pay property taxes here. I do believe that the people of the city of Chicago deserve the right to choose who will be their next mayor,” as Emanuel framed the discussion. On January 24, 2011, Rahm Emanuel was removed from the ballot by the Illinois First District Appellate Court in a 2–1 decision.

“The Chicago Way” entered full corruption mode as both Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times criticized the ruling in editorials as “startling arrogance and audaciously twisted reasoning” and “pinched interpretation of the law [that] ignores the lawmakers’ obvious intent“. The editorials omitted the logic that led two appellate court judges to their ruling and only expanded upon the dissenting opinion.

On January 25, 2011, the Supreme Court of Illinois issued a stay of the appellate court’s ruling that Rahm Emanuel should be removed from the ballot. On January 27, 2011, the Supreme Court of Illinois, in a unanimous (7-0) decision, overturned the ruling of the Appellate Court and allowed Emanuel to stay on the ballot.  The Supreme Court of Illinois preempted Chicago Municipal Code.

Rahm Emanuel’s campaign fund racked up roughly $12 million dollars in the ex-White House chief of staff’s quest to become Chicago’s mayor. Less than half of that cash came from inside the city limits of Chicago.  That includes a $50,000 donation from Donald Trump, $75,000 from Steven Spielberg, and more than $200,000 from Haim Saban, a former owner of Fox Family Channel, and his wife Cheryl.  Local Chicago media made the case for lower turnout by declaring Emanuel’s commanding lead in the polls and through fund raising. The election was just a formality.


“He also swapped one chief of staff from Chicago for another. Rahm Emanuel is Chicago’s mayor-elect, while Bill Daley, the current mayor’s brother, joined the White House as part of a staff reshuffling aimed at getting ready for the campaign.” 

The Rahm Emanuel eligibility case was a maneuver well crafted in expectation of a challenge to the residency requirement of the Chicago Municipal code. The case could have been pushed to the Supreme Court by Attorney Burt Odelson, but was not.

Precedent was established as “similar” to Obama’s eligibility requirement with regard to timing of challenges to eligibility. If the Chicago maneuver failed (despite Illinois corruption), it could have been pushed to the U.S. Supreme Court where two Obama ideologues would presumably have written dissenting opinions helpful to Obama’s eligibility case. It establishes a timing requirement to challenge eligibility regardless of who won the Emanuel case.

This was a simple, cynical maneuver to protect Barack Obama. It proves Chicago loyalty for Emanuel who had nothing to lose. It proves that the administration fears the issue of eligibility. It means they know Mr. Obama is ineligible and are concealing the facts as best they can.

How do I know this story is true? At 33:34 Judge Raymond Fisher, entered The Chicago Precedent into the record by asking about the timing of the Emanuel eligibility challenge. This establishes Obama’s technicality defense as based on precedent manufactured in Chicago, created two years after the challenge to Obama’s eligibility, by Obama’s chief of staff.

Now you know the whole story. I fear that when all these measures fail to preserve the administration, they will just sink deeper. These are people of little character.


15 responses to “Chicago a Testing Stage for Obama

  1. David Wallace

    A tale of two Chicagos
    By David M. Wallace, January 9, 2011

    White House changes reflect a 2011 “tale of two cities.”

    William M. Daley’s appointment as President Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff on Thursday, January 6, is the visible shift taking place in this Administration and in the Democratic Party.
    Both the President and Daley call Chicago home, but with vastly different experiences and perspectives of America’s Windy City.

    Energetic young war-horses out-thought and out-organized an entrenched, entitled Hillary Clinton machine for the 2008 Democratic nomination. They seized upon the fatigue of the nation with the promises of change to outrun a tired and presumed entitled John McCain on the Republican ticket to win the Presidency at a challenging time in American history.

    From the bowels of Chicago’s under-represented neighborhoods, Senator Barack Obama and his Windy City team turned their community organizing sensitivity to the hamlets and the high rise havens with a desire for transformation across the American landscape. Their prowess in the precincts gave them a shot at governing this great land.

    In two years the American public has watched the 44th President of the United States and his Administration stampede across America with little regard to healing an ailing economy, to our traditions, or to the opinions of the citizenry.

    With a “shellacking” mid-term election behind him and a still stumbling unemployment reality before him President Obama heard the chieftains of the Democratic Party knocking at his door. They let him know that the “experiment” was over. It is time to turn to experience, wisdom and knowledge of those who understand how to govern before the 2012 elections.

    Daley’s appointment, “the son and brother of Chicago mayors and a behind-the-scenes political player himself,…is seen as a smart step by some in Washington, who argue that Mr. Obama has long needed a White House confidant who has the ear of the business community and a record of bipartisanship that might help the president negotiate with Republicans in Congress.”

    Elements that Daley brings to the Obama Administration are:

    –Maturity. Hailing from a Democratic Party family that elects Presidents and knows the ropes of governing, Daley shares his own experiences in law, business, politics and government to shore up the shaky foundation of this administration. He represents the wiser heads of the Party who are not going to let the inexperience of this team lose them the White House in the next election.

    –Experience. Daley and company know how devastating it is to be out of office with weak candidates or presidents between Lyndon Johnson who left office in 1969 and Bill Clinton’s administration in 1993, then again from 2001 to Obama’s inauguration in 2009. The aggressive youngsters campaigned brilliantly. However, governing America in a dangerous world is another matter. Bowing to foreign leaders or radical ideas and czars is not the way to captain the Ship of State called America. Daley and team have tolerated the radicals exercising their opportunities. Chicago has been a great laboratory for almost two centuries for all kinds of ideologies and social experiments. The Daley’s, including the older “Boss” and the younger mayors, demonstrated they have tamed many firebrands including the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. and his Congressman son, Jesse Jr.

    –Repair relationships. In two years the Obama Administration appears to be at war with American institutions and citizens. Daley and team recognize that businesses, financial institutions and the U. S. Chamber of Commerce cannot continue in a quarrel with the Obama team. A Tea Party could not emerge with an engaging political administration. No one wins, especially an Administration that does not seem to introduce solutions to major problems such as skyrocketing government costs, increasing regulations, more taxes, and slow growth in a dangerous world with real enemies gunning for the USA. William Daley can no longer permit such conflicts to continue.

    –Calculated change. As the former Secretary of Commerce under President Clinton, Daley’s Rolodex alone is a great asset to contribute to the stability of this Administration. With the addition of Gene Sperling, another Clinton hand, at the helm of the National Economic Council the new Obama team takes shape. This includes the exit of Robert Gibbs as the President’s press secretary and a change in portfolio for another original Obama team member from Chicago, Valerie Jarrett. Daley will communicate with the business community. Watch for other changes sure to take place over the next year as Democrats get serious in preparing for the 2012 elections. Clinton Administration team members are seen as having experience at governing with a winning attitude.

    –Campaign contributions. Daley understands that in the private sector, “no peace, no cash!”

    –A winning program. William Daley learned from his late father, Mayor Richard J. Daley that “Good government is good politics, and good politics is good government.” He goes to Washington, DC to instill a Chicago-type of the “I Can” spirit in the Obama Administration to make “change” meaningful to America and Democratic governance beyond one term.
    We are watching the transition take place as President Obama bows to the nudging of his party elders. William Daley is their representative and the President’s Chief of staff.

    David M. Wallace spent 20 years in Chicago, as a community organizer and political activist, notably with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and Operation PUSH. He lives in Spokane, WA.

  2. Did you see his speech from Ireland?
    He said he was looking for his missin apostrophe,
    like in O’Reilly
    like as if O’bama
    He’s Irish dont ya know, just like he’s umm……
    like he’s nothing and he’s everything
    He also said may the shamrock cheer up the world
    but he’d say anything
    even kiss some guy’s ring in Saudi Land

    • Saw it and wondered if they used crowds from St. Patrick’s Day to show to us pretending that all of those people were cheering O’Bama on. They even showed some guy that was supposed to be an Irish cousin!

  3. Juggling Cover-Ups
    May 22, 2011

    As reported in previous posts and predicted on other blogs, the Soetoro/Obama NWO/CIA handlers are having a hard time keeping all of their cover-up stories straight. Glaring inconsistencies keep falling out of the White House like sewage flowing from a broken, overflowing lagoon. He cannot shake his illegality, nor his destructive agenda for America, nor the fact that he is a puppet, and too much now has to be covered up.

    To simplify, let me start this story at the end. Ultimately, the fact that Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Chicago newspapers, judges, and others have been complicit proves they know that Mr. Obama is ineligible to be President of the United States of America. ~The Chicago Precedent

    Let’s add Congress, the Supreme Court, and the military.

    Lack of Constitutional Eligibility

    The only defense to the truth is a bold lie. ~The Chicago Precedent
    Obama has failed to dispose of his lack of eligibility, so he must continue to cover it up. He now owns a fraudulent on-line image which he presented on national TV as his ‘real birth certificate’…nothing like committing perjury and a felony with a few million witnesses.

    Obama and his handlers know they have lost the eligibility battle. Obama is a dual citizen and may not even be an American citizen. Until he releases his information all we have is his ‘word’, which is worth nothing. Obama is a creature of foreign allegiances.


    Because Obama stonewalled on his information, the Patriots dug for information which has further exposed his criminality. Now it is clear that a poorly forged LFCOLB is a diversion from other documented crimes:

    * Social security fraud
    * Selective Service Registration fraud
    * Multiple Aliases
    * Real estate fraud

    The media will continue to cover for Obama, trying their best to ignore everything by saying it is all addressed with Obama’s LFCOLB. And the more they cover for Obama, the more they prove their collaboration with the usurpers and their role as ‘state-sponsored media’.

  4. The Chicago Way, first implemented by David Axelrod, while he was still working as a reporter for the Chicago Tribune, helped Obama eliminate Alice Palmer’s petition to be put on the ballot in the 1995 Illinois Senate election after she gave her seat up to Obama to run for Congress.

    Palmer named Obama as her heir apparent but when her bid for Congress failed, she ran for her old seat back. But Obama was not so willing to give it back. He challenged every signature on her petition – comparing a person’s signature on the ballot to his or her signature on a Driver’s License. If even so much as the dot over an “i” was not exactly where it was on the ID, the signature was disqualified.

    Think about ACORN and their phony 1.3 million signatures on the rolls for the 2008 election, as well as the 100,000 bogus signatures gathered by Obama’s PROJECT VOTE that got Clinton elected in 1992 – and also helped elect Obama in 1995.

    Fast forward to the 2004 Senate race where Axelrod not only eliminates Blair Hull from the primary by convincing a judge to unseal his divorce records, revealing spouse abuse, and dooming his campaign; David did it again, convincing a judge to unseal Jack Ryan’s custody hearings in which a complain in his divorce by wife and actress Jerry Ryan claimed he once tried to get her to have sex in front of patrons at a sex club.

    That left the GOP scrambling, with none wanting to run – so they had to drag Alan Keyes from Maryland to replace Ryan.

    Obama was elected by a landslide – got the pick to do the keynote adress at the 2004 DNC, and that is when the media buzz went bonkers for Obama, writing one puff piece after another, treating his memoirs, “Dreams” as if it was the Code of Hammurabi etched on stone tablets.

    EVERY thing the media has told the public about Obama came directly from Obama.They used “Dreams” in place of any investigative journalism and parroted, verbatim, what his campaign propagandists told them. Obama was bigger and holioer than Jesus. Obama’s life history wasd lionized and we have been bamboozeled ever since.

    Then comes the 2008 Presidential campaign, and Obama’s campaign does act like Jesus in resurrecting McCain’s campaign so that he could be Obama’s opponent after they and their conspirators in the media used McCain’s natural-born citizenship issue as the PRECEDENT for Obama’s.

    The leftwing traitors in this country, along with deep pocketed people like George Soros, have been trying to change the natural-born citizen requirement for years.

    What they could not do by way of a Constitutional Amendment, they did it the Chicago Way in collusion with the mainstream media, to convince the gullible public that all it took to be a natural-born citizen is a birth on US soil, irrespective of the age and nationalities of one’s parents.

    McCain’s birth in Panama or the Canal Zone was an issue from Feb 2008 until September 2008, along with THREE COURT CASES, the last brought by Alan Keyes that was heard on its merits – but dismissed -not for “lack of standing” but the opinion of Judge Alsop who stated it was a matter for election officials and Congress to decide.

    The question of Obama’s NBC status was raised CONCURRENTLY with McCain, so this bullsh*t raised by liberals that it is all about “race” totally ignores the questions raised about McCain.

    And, YES. 1,000 times YES. The media wanted to know, for sure, if McCain had been born in the Coco Solo Naval Base or in Colon as many others had been claiming.

    In fact, the New York Times, parroted by Politfact and Factcheck, had an aritcle written by Gregory Chin who claimed that McCain, according to a law passed in 1934, would have been declared a natural-born citizen if he was born in COLON, and NOT the Naval Base!!!

    The law referred to births “Outside the jurisdiction of the United States” and while the question was still in doubt, of whether or not the Canal Zone was under US jurisdiction, the Panamanian city of Colon was obviously not (although, it too was in the Canal Zone).

    In other words, the fake birth certificates, “discovered” by Don Lamb, showing McCain as being born in Colon, would have HELPED him, according to Chin.

    This aritcle came out long after the Senate passed a nonbinding resolution, co-sponsored by Obam, declaring McCain an NBC. Chin’s aritlce was to prove that his NBC status was not a done deal, and is also the reason why SNOPES, the bogus urban mythbusters, gave it an UNDETERMINED status.

    Had it been Obama in the exact same circumstances, does anyone with half a brain even imagine that Snopes, Factcheck, Politifact, the New York Times, et al, would have already declared Obama to be an NBC?

    To repeat. McCain’s NBC status was the precedent for Obama.

    McCain was an old, white man who was attacked by racist, ageist liberals pointing to his age as the reason why he should not be chosen.

    The bullsh*t claims of the same sexist liberals who forced Hillary out of the race, want us all to believe that if Obama was an old, white man, we would not be asking about his birth place.


    If Obama was an old, white man, we would never have heard about him. PERIOD.x

    • Agree with you 100%, Dr. P.

      While you’re here, can you give an informed opinion of this image?

      Does that look to you like a LFCOLB sitting on a table? If so, why is it so flat, especially since it’s hanging off the edge? Does it look out of proportion? Larger than it ought to be, if really sitting on a table? Or does it look as if superimposed over an image of a table? Thanks for any input.

      • That looks like it is in some type of a frame.

        • I agree with you Miri, something looks “off”. AOne, I don’t see a frame.

          • Well, I was looking for a Chicago connection in order to make this on topic, but can’t find one other than that perhaps Barry’s peeps learned forgery and obfuscation there. Anyway, here’s the thread where I first brought this up, so if we want to discuss it further, we can go over there. There’s explanation there about what this image is and who supposedly created it. You’ll have to scroll to find the image because something went haywire with that post and the system doesn’t position at the correct comment.

            I’ll put more info about it there.

          • Look at the top left corner where it says state of….. It bends down as if it is in a book. Then side continuing down the left side 1″ in, it looks like a page of a book tucked in a 1″ frame with the same pattern as the certificate……. It is not that way on the right side of the page where it is flat and the pattern matches up.

          • The cert looks like it is on a rust color fabric sofa or ottoman that is sitting on a wood floor

        • I can’t do a thing hardly in photoshops or the like but I paint and do faux painting for a living, hand painting , airbrushing, and stencils so I notice this stuff . This is a photo image of the table(maybe by a phone photo even) and then this is a separate image of the COLB pasted on top. Absolutely, positively, invariably…..There are no shadows at all under the BC and the tonal values aren’t even the same it is pretty obvious. There are no edges really where the paper meets the table and you’re right the size relationships are not the same even.Compared to the table ,the paper would be the size of a poster in relationship. Get it? It would be like you using a picture of a dime and imposing it the size of a little coffee table on top of your little coffee table (sorta). Am I making sense?

          • I wasn’t referring to the paper that looks bent or curved into some sort of framing of paper around the birth certificat. I don’t know why that is this way. I’ll think about it. Looks like though, a photo of fake mahogany grain table ,say from cell phone photo. The edges of the table are burnished. There is what looks to be some stack of white paper down on the bottom left of the actual table, and you see that makes a real shadow( there may be part of a pen or pencil under the corner of the paper to help add shadow and depth, but wouldn’t know if that was intentional). They may have enhanced that. When the photo is blown up the pixels makes the table look grainier and their is glare from sheen on the table top.Then the BC is drug over blown up and pasted on top. That i why the edges have no shadow at all . The only shadows (which subconsciously make you feel as though at first its on the table) are in the actual photo part. Once you study it like you guys have done you begin to realize it’s not right. But to an average person wanting to believe this is it, must be what they were going for.

      • Sure. Would you like me to demonstrate how it was made? I can do up a little video showing how the forger skewed and rotated the image after copying it off Gretchen Nordyke’s BC.

        Speaking of the Nordyke’s BC, it, also, has a letter pair that looks kerned; i.e, two letters occupying the same vertical space. However, I recall from using a manual Remington, I had issues with the carriage not advancing and keys sticking, etc., so it is possible to have one letter too close to another because of that.

        HOWEVER, I have always been suspicious of the timing of the Nordyke BC’s release which, IIRC, occurred on July 28, 2009 – the day after Fukino gave her “vital records” baloney, and it was also at the height of the media conspiracy to blitz the Birthers.

        I saw a few anomalies on them but I never did a complete analysis of of them because genuine copies of contemporary long-forms were so hard to find…as were COLBs. I still lack samples for 2004 and 2005.

        My position with any image bearing any relationship to Obama’s nativity story is to be skeptical of it until further notice. I would not bet the farm that anything Hawaii releases, vis-a-vis, Obama, is legit.

        There are no coincidences here, and, in fact, there are all of the attributes that the liberals claim have to be there for a conspiracy to occur, such as a lot of people lying for a long time about Obama’s true identity.

        Why else is every record of his that has his identity at a prior time in history, hidden from the public?

        IMO, Barack Hussein Obama II did not exist before 1982 – that Barry X swiped the identity and heritage of Obama Sr. after his death.

        • I’m not asking about the LFCOLB itself. I’m asking about that purported photograph OF the LFCOLB, that’s supposed to be sitting on a table, photographed by Savannah Guthrie. I would like an opinion about whether or not that IS an actual photograph of that particular piece of paper (8 x 11, I presume, whatever it really is), sitting on a table. It looks to me as if the image of the paper was superimposed on the background.

          As for the rest, I agree with you about the Nordykes’ BC’s. I’ve also always wondered about their convenient appearance, especially since their mother was closely associated with the East-West Center. One would think she’d know far more about SADOS than she’s said. Long ago, we looked into the twins. I can’t even remember the details now. Meaning whether they actually are the same allleged age as Barry.

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