Another Obama Family Story… This Time It’s George

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George Has a Story to Tell…

Don’t All the “Unrelated” Obamas?

George Hussein Onyango Obama

We are watching several  of the Obamas go from rags to riches because of their falsified relationship to a fraudulent U.S. president.   We’ve read about books created by Auma, Mark, Barack Obama Jr.,  and we are told Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro’s  thrilling Indonesian blacksmithing thesis is to be published by Maya.   We’ve been exposed to Barack’s daddy’s dream of socialism for Kenya, and now George  believes he has a story to tell.   So many Obamas, so many stories!

As a reminder,  George was born in 1982  to Jael Otien, the supposed mistress/wife  of polygamist Barack H. Obama Sr.   He was raised in Nairobi by his mother and a French stepfather (name unknown)  until they divorced.   Supposedly,  Jael now lives in Atlanta, GA with her second husband (name unknown).   Coincidentally, George’s other half-brother, Mark Ndesandjo,  lived close to Jael when he attended Emory University, but that’s another story.

The newest book is authored by the alleged half-brother that lived on $12 a year in the slums of Kenya.  (Hannity was so outraged that Barack Obama hadn’t helped his brother that he offered to send him $10,000! ).

If we once felt sorry for him because his  renown brother refused to send him a few bucks,  we can now feel his pain, and  read the words of one of the “down and out”  family members in his  “riveting story.”   Amazingly,  a high school drop-out and a jail-bird,  is able to pen his own autobiography.

I wonder if George knows Bill Ayers?    Did he get writer’s block at anytime like his brother?  Did he go to Bali to complete his memoirs?  How much did this novice writer receive in compensation from Simon and Schuster?  Will he be going on book tours throughout the U.S.?  Will he show up on Oprah’s Book Reviews?  (Oh, I forgot she isn’t promoting books these days, nor does she have that afternoon show; but if she did, George could become an instant star!).   Did he get religion while in prison?

Will George follow the Obama family storyline?    Don’t you think that the Obama family is becoming convincingly famous for their conniving, convoluted,  continually  fabricated  histories?   Let’s read the preview and decide if it is  another constructed and manufactured  story or not.

Another Obama Tells His Story
Sunday, 13th February 2011
By Anyang’ Nyong’o

George Obama, the half-brother of the U.S. President Barack Obama, has released to the world his riveting story of growing up in poverty in the slum areas of Nairobi.  At age 28, he has published the story of his life under the title, Homeland: An Extraordinary Story of Hope and Survival (New York: Simon and Schuster, 2010).

From a bright high school student in a middle class family with a French stepfather as a role model, George’s life crumbles when this stepfather suddenly leaves his mother and he is left in limbo not knowing exactly what the world of tomorrow would look like.  Here begins his tragic decent into a high school drop-out, a neighborhood hoodlum, a member of a survival gang, and finally a prisoner who rises up above the fray as an organiser for the rights of prisoners and their dignity as human beings.

One feels it is really the prison episode that heralds a meaningful life to George Obama; and it is after prison that he begins to make history.

In his own words:

“I was released from prison on September 11, 2003.    Jail was the worst time in my life, the lowest, darkest days, and it changed me forever.”

A good number of people who have been imprisoned, put in solitary confinement for days and months or detained go through similar experiences:  a sharp realisation that the inhumanity of man to man can only be confronted and changed by superior moral courage and acts of deep concern for the plight of the ordinary human being.   This is a sentiment that the powerful and privileged oppressors never understand. Instead, they take it as a weakness, a lack of understanding “the world we live in”, and an insecurity to look after the self.

“Prison was a place of utter hopelessness and despair, but if I hadn’t gone there,  God only knows what might have befallen me. I might have been shot dead, either by the police or by rival gangsters, and my family might never have known what had happened to me.  I would have become one of the ghetto’s countless disappeared.”

When George came out of prison, he had learnt the true value of freedom and how to use it to transform his life and that of his fellow slum dwellers in an atmosphere where the Government was far from them, access to social amenities non-existent, doing business fraught with insecurity, but association with people who had the same goal possible and vital.

Free and out of prison, George was determined to make use of his intelligence, organisational skills and determination to survive to make life better where he had grown up:   in the slums.

In the meantime, while he had been rotting in jail, his mother had met an African-American man and moved to the United States of America. Within no time, his mother had a baby:   George now had a baby sister called Chrissie.   Like his eldest half-brother Barack, he was now a child of three worlds:   born of a Kenyan mother and father, partly raised up by a French stepfather and now joined to the USA by a mother who remarried an African-American.   It looks as if the Obamas were destined to be a transcontinental family destined to do many things in this world.

By his mother leaving him alone in Kenya, it looked as if an umbilical cord had been severed that released tremendous energy from George that he would use to build a future on his own feet.

After having had the first telephone conversation with his mother after he was released from prison, he writes:

“Before finishing the call, I promised my mother that the wild days were over.   I had been too wild even to remember my own mother, but I would be a lost son no more.”

Let us remember that Kenya has many “lost sons and daughters” in the slums of our cities, towns and rural areas who may, soon rather than later, decide to be lost no more and come back home. When they come back home, they will be like the youth of Egypt:  seeking to straighten society by shaking the sloth of oppression and indignity off their shoulders.

That, in fact, is what George decided to do after he realised he would be a lost son no more.   He established the Pendo Moja Youth Group.

“Pendo Moja had a pretty simple set of goals, most of which were designed to counter the kind of gangster influences to which I had fallen prey.  It worked with the ghetto group to combat the ills that plagued the ghetto land – most specifically crime, prostitution, drugs, and alcohol abuse. And it aimed to provide alternative, legal sources of income to the young unemployed of the slums.”

One would have thought that George would have wanted to exploit the fame and power of his older brother Barack to “make it in life”.   He decided not to do that, notwithstanding a good relationship with his brother at the family level. He has decided to make a difference in the lives of those with whom he feels at home in the ghetto.

“The Kenyan elite,” he writes, “Try to pretend the slums don’t exist. They are ashamed of how some of their fellow Kenyans live.  But it wasn’t like that for me.   I valued life in the ghetto. I valued people’s vibrancy and the sheer belief in life that kept them going. And then there was the camaraderie.   People cared for each other in ways the outside world has no concept of.  In the generosity of those who had nothing, I realised the ghetto had a lot to teach the wider world, if only it would listen.”

But we rarely do listen until, perhaps, it is too late.  Today George is engaged full-time with Pendo Moja:   Doing environmental cleanups of neighborhoods in Huruma, running arts and culture programmes, getting ghetto youth into economic activities to earn some living, and better their lives and running educational programmes.

While doing all this, they also engage in intense political discussions.  Questions are raised why Kenya is a society of such gross inequality among people. Would it be possible for the community in Huruma to improve their housing standards if only part of the Value Added Tax everybody pays was somehow returned to them to decide how it is used for community improvement?

Is this what devolution is all about?   There are many Pendo Mojas asking these questions:   Let us listen to them.


Are you as amazed as I am at this native Kenyan’s  command of English?

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  1. I found a Spanish language story from Feb. 2009 that’s instructive. Below are excerpts (translated and it’s rough):

    ” … George Hussein Obama, who is known to spend the day playing soccer and sharing beers with his colleagues in Huruma, one of the many shanty towns of Nairobi. On Tuesday, at 12 noon, The Chronicle found him running around the neighborhood with his friends, aboard a brand new red Volkswagen Polo, the kind only seen in the posh neighborhoods of the capital, Nairobi. Tanzania rap at full volume and drive at full speed, kicking up dust like the wild west and drunk as a Cuban. Well-presented George, the rebel, applies the same method as his brother Malik, ‘Will you interview me? Before that you have to drop $ 300,’ he states with all the effrontery in the world, while suggesting that it is your lucky day because he has decided to throw softly. … A week ago, George Hussein Obama made headlines again: he was arrested for possession and consumption of marijuana, a very serious offense in Kenya, which can carry up to seven years in prison, according to local lawyers have confirmed. The worst didn’t happen to him. Three hours after his arrest he was released without going to court, no bail, let alone, serving a penalty, say the neighborhood friends, who responded with a laugh to emphasize the question of why the police decided not to proceed. Case closed. The family black sheep, only 26 years old, with no trade or income, he confessed to reporters that he would not go to the inauguration in Washington, even if it meant a room in the White House. It might be the sincerity that comes with alcohol, but [Barry] is a person who he’s seen once in his life and, as he confessed, is a veritable stranger. Recently he’s been pointed to an academy and although spendthrift, he wants to be an accountant. Twice a week he attends class, but judging by the state of drunkenness on Tuesday, he surely has missed more than once. By the way, he started the business before earning the title. George and his friends have joined recently, the Pendo Moja Self Help Huruma, in which the illustrious brother has been appointed head of a garbage disposal unit. It is assumed that two days a week is devoted to clean the infected village. According to several members of the group of volunteers, cleaning the neighborhood, yes, but his main occupation is the last major work, graphics: Printing thousands of shirts and sheets of U.S. President for his countless African supporters. The advantages of being surnamed Obama.”

    So George definitely is cashing in on the “brother” who he confesses to be a virtual stranger. As is Malik, if you read the entire story. Despite that the story Bridgette cites says otherwise.

    Here’s a story about George which mentions “his memior” and its ghostwriter, Damien Lewis. It says, “The writing style seems closer to the way his British co-author, Damien Lewis, talks.”

    NO DOUBT! You nailed it, Bridgette.

    You can certainly suspect that these self-aggrandizing people are SOMEHOW related. They all write fictional memoirs. Scratch that! They all have real writers write fictional memoirs FOR THEM. They all take on the trappings of success even before earning anything. George sets up his accountant business while attending classes (whenever he’s not drunk) but certainly long before he earned any degree. In “his” book, he apparently takes credit for founding that Pendo Moja group, although old news stories indicate that it was in existence as far back as 2007; and the Spanish news story says George and his peeps recently volunteered there and were put on garbage duty!

    Barry, as his long-term best friend tells us, has never had a real job in his life. Yet that fact didn’t stop him from believing that he’s capable of running the US government. No shame. No humility. But plenty of arrogance, conceit, sense of entitlement.

    I found more. I’ll link it and analyze as soon as time allows. Great post, Bridgette!

    • Granny Sarah and Malik cashed in, too, according to the El Mundo story:
      “Things for [the Obamas] in Africa have changed a lot. Soon the lives of the closest relatives to the U.S. president have taken a turn of unimaginable proportions in Africa. Not even a month since Barack Obama became president, but the existence of his grandmother Sarah and his brother Malik is nothing like the quiet few months ago we lived in Kogelo. And is that the two closest relatives that the Democrats have in Kenya, his brother Malik and mamma Sarah, have taken advantage of the advantages of rubbing elbows with power.

      On November 5, a day after the historic election victory of Obama, the Kenyan government made an appearance in Kogelo announcing with fanfare that from that day there would be electricity in the area, which the inhabitants of this remote place could hardly believe. Indeed, three months later, the six-kilometer road leading from the main road to the village is awash with robust power poles … residents would have to pay the salary of six months to wire their homes.

      With such rates, it is clear that only two people in the village have been able to afford: mamma Sarah and Malik. ‘Only the relatives of the president have light … ‘, said one of the 3,000 residents of the village, who, however, is very proud to have fashionable neighbors.

      Even the clinic Kogelo can’t afford this Edison invention from the nineteenth century. ‘We can treat diarrhea, but do not attend to patients with malaria, tuberculosis or typhoid fever because we don’t have the means to store and keep the medicines’, says Betty, one of three nurses responsible for the school, which closes at six in the evening, dusk in Kogelo.

      The same fate has befallen the inhabitants with running water. The Obamas can turn the tap every day to enjoy this little good. Not so the rest of the inhabitants, as they continue to collect water from the nearby river Yala and in the future will have to go buy bottles to the local water supply, which they say will be ready in no time. To become one of the most privileged people in Kenya, the [Obamas] lacked only respite from the dusty dirt road to Kogelo. On her return from the United States, mamma Sarah got the commitment of the Ministry of Economy, who said that ‘within days’ they would proceed to pave it, as the grandmother of the U.S. president was ‘an important person who deserved it.’

      Life has changed for Malik Obama. Like his grandmother, the brother has been fitted with a fence for his parcel, something unprecedented in the area, but unlike the old woman, he did not have 10 gorillas police camped on his farm. Obama’s Muslim brother continues to attend the mosque and tends to its business, including talking to the press. As in September, when many still could not imagine that the U.S. could have a black president, Malik seeks compensation for speaking. ‘My time is worth lots of money. I am the brother of U.S. President,’ he said proudly to this correspondent, while he boasted of his trip to Washington DC, where he rubbed shoulders with the global elite. ‘Ten thousand shillings [$ 100] for 15 minutes,’ was his final offer … In total, 15 African relatives, including his stepmother, Keziah, his stepsister Auma Saidi and his uncle were among the VIPs at the inauguration ceremony and dancing to honor later.”

      So we also have YET ANOTHER NAME for Auma: Auma Saidi. Does it ever end?

      • Great find Miri…

        We need not wonder what these “relatives” got for representing themselves as family members, nor what Kenya got for their pretense. Cash or bribes will work every time in third world countries. Kenya never had it so good. Whenever they need anything..blackmail will work against Obama, and it already has.

        The administration’s problem is keeping everyone corralled and saying the same thing or relaying the same stories. There certainly have been slip-ups and we seem to identify all of the inconsistencies. One of these days a true investigative journalist with the money power to back them will offer a larger bribe to these folks and get the real stories. They only want $100 or $300 for their stories. Who will give them $1,000 for real honesty, truthfulness, and safe passage to somewhere else to live?

        Is there a witness protection program for family whistle blowers? Is Raila Odinga (Obama’s Luo “cousin” and co-prime minister of Kenya) and his merry men of warriors keeping them all in check?

        • About Odinga (Obama’s non cousin, but who Obama campaigned for in Kenya..this was done in violation of US laws). Can you guess Raila’s political bent?

          Raila Odinga is married to Ida Odinga (born Ida Anyango Oyoo). They live in Karen, Nairobi. They have four children—two sons and two daughters: Fidel (b 1973), Rosemary (’77), Raila Jr. (’79) and Winnie (’90). Fidel is named after Fidel Castro and Winnie after Winnie Mandela. Winnie is currently studying Political Science at Drexel University of Philadelphia, PA.

          Onyango vs Anyango – Are these names the same? I wonder if they change them to represent male or female with the O and the A?

          • Bridgette,
            I do recall reading somewhere that you are correct in your assumption… o for male, a for female.
            BTW, welcome back — you were missed.

            Agree, good work, both you and Miri.

          • That’s probably the connection. Cousins in law. Good find, Bridgette.

        • The “gorillas police” are probably Raila’s people, supposedly there to “protect” granny Sarah, but more likely there to police what she says and who gets access to her. And before anyone tries to accuse me of racism, I ran that sentence through the translation programs every which way but Sunday and it still came up “gorillas police.” I tried to reverse it from English to Spanish, using “bodyguards”, “guerillas”, “security”, “militia”, etc. It still wouldn’t come back with the exact word in Spanish that translated to “gorillas”. So if anyone has a beef, take it up with Google Translate.

    • Excellent translated story…probably the most “honest” one.

      NPR’s story says in March 30, 2010 he has moved from the ghetto “the car is pitching through the middle distance between the slum that Obama once called home and the apartment where he lives now.” He is driving a gray he received enough money to buy a car and finance an apartment in a better neighborhood within 2 years.

  2. George Obama, Start Packing
    Dinesh D’Souza
    Sept.22, 2008

    Here are the facts about George Obama. He’s in his twenties. He lives in a slum in a hut. He wants to become a mechanic but doesn’t have the money. He reports that he gets by on a dollar a month. He met George Obama in 2006 for a few minutes and said it was like talking to a “total stranger.” He said when people notice he has the same name as Barack Obama, he denies they are related because he is “ashamed.” The Democratic presidential candidate, who made $4 million last year, hasn’t lifted a finger to help his half-brother.

    My modest campaign to assist George Obama has been coming nicely. Sean Hannity mentioned it on his show on the Fox News Channel, and I appeared on a handful of radio shows to talk about the idea. Interestingly the George Obama Compassion Fund was reported on by Kenya’s leading newspaper “The Nation.” So far I have received more than $1,000 in small contributions. With my kickoff contribution of $1,000, that’s upwards of $2,000 for George Obama.

    This is not a huge sum, but I specifically asked people to send gifts of $5, $10 and $25. The reason is that even a relatively modest sum by American standards is a considerable sum by Kenyan standards. George Obama has said that he is living on a dollar a month. This seems an impossible sum to survive on, so I checked the poverty line in Kenya. According to United Nations estimates, it’s around $100 a year. By this measure, our little fund has provided for George for 20 years. Alternatively, George can move out of his 6 foot-by-10-foot hut and into a more comfortable dwelling. He can also get the training he needs to become a mechanic.

    The reporter for “The Nation” thought he had me cornered when he asked, “Are you doing this to embarrass Barack Obama?” To which I answered, “Absolutely. He deserves to be embarrassed.” The reporter went on to ask me: since when have you developed this great interest in African poverty? I responded that I had only very little interest in African poverty. I happen to come from a very poor country, India, so my philanthropic work is directed there. I only took up the George Obama cause when I heard what a jerk and a hypocrite Barack Obama is being about his sibling. One Obamoron emailed me to say, “Why don’t you use your money to help your own impoverished relatives in India?” The answer is that my relatives don’t live in huts!

    Here are some donor comments which I’ll be forwarding to George along with the funds. “This is for the poor brother long forgotten.” “A brother is a terrible thing to waste.” “I wish I had a brother, or even a step-brother. George is not my relative and not my race or religion but I still want to contribute to his welfare.” “When Obama said that not taking care of the least of our brothers is our greatest moral failure, who knew that he was talking literally about the least of his brothers?” “I never thought I’d be writing a check to anyone named Obama, but I do want to be a true Christian and help this man in his shameful situation.” “I’d send more, but I make $9.10 per hour.” “I’m unemployed, but I can spare $5 for the Obama Compassion Fund.”

    I hear a lot from atheists, but interestingly no self-identified atheist contributed a penny…..,_start_packing

    • That’s great. I remember us discussing that as it happened.

      Can you believe what a liar this guy is? More evidence of possible shared genes, although perhaps it’s simply endemic in Kenya. Prevarication, self-aggrandizement, the “big man syndrome”.

      George clearly takes credit for “establishing” that organization when he did not. He volunteered and they made him clean up garbage. But look how that writer puts it, “doing environmental cleanups.” Hilarious.

      He got out of prison in 2003, supposedly with a changed life and a new attitude focused upon helping others and community-organizing to help addicts and alcoholics, among others. AND YET, unless the Spanish reporter is a total liar herself, she FOUND GEORGE DRUNK and dissolute in 2009. No job. No source of income, yet driving an expensive car (is that what he did with Dinesh’s money?) and selling interviews for upwards of $300. This is getting to be a habit with so-called “journalists”. Lying for the Obamas. Helping them create and spread their false histories. Their myths. It’s beyond ridiculous.

      Notice how they mention that he met Barry in 1988. The El Mundo story also “documents” Barry’s three trips to Kenya: 1988, 1995, and 2006. They make it a point to document the years of the trips. Methinks they protest too much. Barry was in Kenya before 1988. Why does every one of his apologists take great pains to lie about that?

  3. Behind the Scenes: Meet George Obama
    August 22, 2008
    By David McKenzie CNN

    We found Barack Obama’s half-brother living in a Nairobi slum.

    George Obama, whose birth certificate shows that he is Barack Obama’s half-brother, lives in a small house in Huruma that he shares with his mother’s extended family, far away from the presidential campaign circus.

    In his memoir, “Dreams for my Father,” the Democratic presidential candidate describes meeting George as a “painful affair.” Barack Obama’s trip to Kenya meant meeting family he had never known.

    • Now that’s interesting. George has a birth certificate? And a reporter from CNN saw it? If not, why would he make such a claim? So it shows he’s Barry’s half-brother? Based upon what? Does George’s BC name BHO Sr. as his father? If so, then WHY wouldn’t poor, impoverished, drunken, drug user George have been able to prove paternity so that he could collect an inheritance, like his other half-brother Mark? Nothing ever hangs together with these people.

    • Note that he also shares a house with his mother’s family…he is not living in a hut in August 2008.

      Isn’t that funny that they say he has a birth certificate “proving” he is a brother of Barack…the mention of the birth certificate in August …wasn’t that just after BO’s fake COLB hit the internet?

      • Exactly! August 2008 was when FactCheck put out those bogus photos of the supposed birth certificate. The bogus scan came out just a month or two earlier, iirc.

      • Or he’s living in a shanty. Or he’s living in a nice apartment. Or he’s living with his aunt on the Obama side. He can’t make up his mind. Or else the lamestream media can’t settle on an acceptable fiction.

        This memoir is going to be as full of holes as Barry’s. Their problem is that the Internet stores contemporaneous news articles that contradict what “they” write in their fictional books. One would think the ghostwriters would do the non-academic equivalent of a “literature review” before committing the stories to print.

  4. George Hussein Onyango Obama

    George Hussein Onyango Obama, (born c. 1982) is the youngest son of Barack Obama, Sr., who died while George was only a few months old. He is the half brother of U.S. president Barack Obama. His mother is a Kenyan named Jael who now lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

  5. George Hussein Onyango Obama is the youngest half-brother of President Barack Obama; the two share the same father. He lives in poverty on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. He says he has only met his famous half-brother twice.1

    According to reports, George Obama has signed a six-figure book deal to tell the story of his life in a volume tentatively titled Homeland. The book is being co-written with journalist Damien Lewis and is due for publication in January of 2010.


    George Hussein Onyango Obama was born to Barack Obama Sr., who was killed in an automobile accident in 1982. He met Barack Obama before he became involved in politics, during his first visit to Kenya in 1988. He says he has lived the last ten years in poverty, taking what he needs and fighting with his fists for survival.2


    On January 31, 2009, it was reported that George Obama had been arrested for possession of marijuana in Nairobi. Police chief Joshua Omokulongolo said, “He is not a drug peddler. But it is illegal, it is a banned substance.”3

  6. Who else shares the Onyango name like George?

    President Barack Obama’s paternal aunt Zeituni Onyango, of Kenya, was reported to have been living as an illegal immigrant in a disabled-access flat in Boston. In 2004, she was denied asylum by an immigration judge, but did not leave the country as ordered.1 Onyango’s deportation hearing was held on April 1, 2009. The judge continued Onyango’s case until February 4, 2009, allowing her to stay in the United States until then. The hearing lasted just under 15 minutes.2

    Obama’s Aunt

    Onyango is the child of Obama’s grandfather Hussein Onyango Obama and told reporters that she does not want to talk about her relationship with Obama until after the election.3 A campaign spokesman for Obama’s campaign has not yet confirmed the relation.4


    “I felt that I should help the children in my community. I love people and enjoy interacting with them . . . Also, I was idle, and this was a chance to get involved.” — Onyango on volunteering as a mentor8

    We went to drop Zeituni off at Kenya Breweries, a large, drab complex where she worked as a computer programmer. Stepping out of the car, she leaned over again to kiss me on the cheek, then wagged her finger at Auma. ‘You take good care of Barry now,’ she said. ‘Make sure he doesn’t get lost again.'” — Excerpt from Dreams from My Father

    “If she is violating laws those laws have to be obeyed. We’re a nation of laws. Obviously that doesn’t lessen my concern for her, I haven’t been able to be in touch with her. But I’m a strong believer you have to obey the law.” — Barack Obama on the news of his aunt’s illegal status9

    • Zeituni Onyango Fast Facts snips

      Born May 29, 195210
      Age 56 in 2008

      Began coming to American in 1975, says she “comes and goes” 14

      Onyango traveled to Washington, DC for the inauguration day 19

      How does this poverty stricken woman who now lives on the US public dole finance all these trips from Africa..exactly how do all of them do it? Who was financing them all these years? A flight from Africa or to Africa has never been cheap. Well, I guess if you aren’t paying for water, heat, electricity or sewers in Africa, perhaps you might have some leftover cash to spend depending on how much goat herding or maise harvesting was paying then. They all seemed to have received government scholarships for their education too. So taking is their way of life.

      Seriously, how many people could we find in our ghettos that could pan handle and save enough to get a round-trip ticket to Africa? When it doesn’t make sense, it isn’t true.

  7. According to this article George lived in South Korea for two years.

    Barack Obama is my inspiration, says lost brother

    He lived in South Korea for two years from 2001, when his mother moved there for business, he said.

    When he returned to Nairobi he became distanced from his mother and slept rough for several years before being offered his simple room in a small compound owned by his aunt, Barack Obama’s older sister.

    • A mechanic in two stories. An accountant in another. What would have taken them to South Korea for two years?

      While the El Mundo story I linked says he met Barry only once and that Barry is a virtual stranger to him, the NPR story I linked claims they met when George was in primary school (AT the school, on the playground) and then AGAIN in 2006, when Barry was in Kenya illegally campaigning for their commie cousin Raila Odinga. They just shook hands at that meeting, supposedly. Gotta love this line: “And the connection [to Barry] has made George Obama a minor celebrity in Nairobi. He gets free rides on the local buses and, of course, he got that book deal with Simon & Schuster. But neither perk would very likely be possible if George hadn’t earned the reputation of being something of a thug. ” A thug like Raila and Barry! Maybe they are kin.

      • George was born in 1982 according to Wikipedia,

        “At 15, he ran away from home and dropped out of school. ”
        That would have been in 1997. In Kenya.

        How long was George away from his mom after he ran away? What did his mom do to get him to move with her to South Korea? Round him up and strong-arm him onto the plane?

        By then he was 18 or 19 years old and already a grown up. He was 20 or 21 when he got back to Kenya.

        I wonder if he left Kenya because those criminal armed robbery charges were going to be filed against him and I wonder if he got arrested on those charges when he got back in Kenya?

    • If George was in South Korea for two years from 2001, he got back to Kenya in 2003. He says he also got out of jail in 2003.

      Where was his mother when he returned to Kenya?
      Did she go with George to Kenya after two years of living in South Korea?
      How long he was in Kenya before he got into trouble with the law?
      What was his crime and how long was he in jail?
      Was his mother really in Atlanta with a new American husband and a new baby by the time he got out of jail, as he says?

      How did so much happen in George’s life in only one year, 2003?

      George must have been busted in Kenya the minute he got off the plane from South Korea and spent just a couple of days in jail where became a new man while his mom, who was waiting for her suitcases at the luggage terminal, met and fell in love with an American from Atlanta, got married then took the next flight to Atlanta where she had a baby before George was out of the clink. Within a week or so, by my calculations based on George’s time-line.

      • NPR says, “At 15, he ran away from home and dropped out of school. [Didn’t another story say he was a good student in a good high school?] He is now a former gang member who is generous with his friends and fusses over babies. But he’s prickly. And, judging from the fresh scars on his knuckles, George leads with his right. ‘You know, I don’t know how to explain this but, I’m really, um, violent. I know how to beat people,’ he says. ‘I’m good with my fists too much.’ In 2003, Obama spent several months in jail for a robbery he says he did not commit. But he says he had robbed plenty of other people, often at gunpoint. Nowadays he calls himself a community activist in the slum where he once lived as a gangster.”

        Did they say WHERE he was in prison? Did he rob people in Korea and go to jail there? They’re probably stricter about armed robbery than Kenya.

    • “I am a person who likes to live quietly.” Except when he’s careening around in his new car, blasting music so loud it rattles reporters’ teeth. He wants to achieve things on his own. Right. Like having a ghostwriter create a fictional “memoir” for him, just like Mark, Barry, and Auma, and like charging for interviews about the brother who’s a virtual stranger to him. Barry probably imagines that he achieved everything on his own, too.

  8. Here are a bunch of links to webpages concerning that organization that George volunteers for:

    Click to access nccnewsletter.pdf

    Click to access 5793_14702_Participant%27s%20List.pdf

    It appears to be a NGO and to get funding from the UN, among other places. It appears also to be part of a huge umbrella group, not unlike ACORN (but I’m not saying as corrupt). No doubt, they do good work, even if connected to George Obama, who they have probably rightly tasked with something he’s qualified to do: Pick up garbage. But they may now also be using George to capitalize on his famous connections and thus get more contributions for their groups.

  9. Not sure if you all saw this? I’ve been hearing about this scandle for sometime and it looks like an intern is exposing it. I wanted this crack staff here to be aware of this. I think this fits into Obama’s past. 🙂
    Love you all.

    • Didn’t see it but anything’s possible. Nothing truly new except the anecdote from an observer. Larry Sinclair’s provided enough evidence, I should say. What I found interesting was that video from ’95 and this photo of Barry’s teeth, as they formerly appeared:

      Whatever he did to “fix” those teeth is what causes that irritating lisp he has. Either he wears some kind of removable veneers or he has a very bad dentist.

      • I added this photo to the photos in the header. Interesting that he had a widow’s peak and now doesn’t. The photo is still too dark to really see his teeth. When I made the photo larger it makes it appear as a photo-shop his head is put on another body. The collar and the neck are strange.
        You can see the strange black mark on the white collar. Yet this is a still of the video so I don’t get it.

        • I didn’t even notice that widow’s peak. He does look quite different. More like some of the older photos that we think were photoshopped. Especially the Kenyan photos. Oh, those purple lips! Doesn’t his left ear almost look as if it was pierced?

        • I agree with you both — looks photoshopped

        • This is puzzling, as is everything with them. On the other photo, that hair is something else. Has it been processed somehow to look like a wooly lamb’s hair? I put this into the media library.

          Now what’s curious is this: That video is from 1995. His teeth are still crooked. Some of those photos above were supposedly from BEFORE 1995, yet his teeth are straight as can be. Especially look at the infamous photo with granny, where his head is plastered on the body at an unbelievable angle. The other photo, where he’s sitting and smoking, resembles the Barry of ’95. The one with granny resembles the Barry of now, with those pearly whites. So is he merely that vain–that he wouldn’t allow photos of him with bad teeth to be out there–or are we truly dealing with two different individuals, perhaps twins, and one has stepped in for the other?

          In addition to the differences that seem to exist with the ears, hairline, and teeth, the pearly-whites Barry has a thinner upper lip.

        • If you watch that Ulsterman-linked video closely, he does speak like a person who’s ashamed of his teeth. He keeps his lips closed and he doesn’t smile at all. Self-conscious about those teeth. Their crookedness conforms with SOME of the photos of Barry as an elementary school student, but there are others where, as a child, his teeth are nice and straight. The airport photo being an example.

    • In that “’96” photo which Bridgette added to the Photo Tabs page, he looks more arabic…lol I need to look at it again.

  10. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Yeah. Everyone is cashing in at the expense of the American taxpayer (not all of whom are white, but I’d dare venture, many are). Talk about racism! We’ve been politically corrected to the extent where we just say: take it! You’ve not earned it, but we should feel guilt for some inexplicable reason, so sure- you’re entitled, and by gosh, we’ll just keep paying your way!

  11. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Great way to deflect suspicion. If you’ve been foretold as not “regarding the desire of women,” what better deflection than marrying a “beard”?

    He looks far “gayer” in the early days, doesn’t he?

    • (You are so sweet, Rosemary. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you.)

      • Rosemary Woodhouse

        You appreciate ME. Oh my! Thanks so much for all that you do. It has been my great pleasure to encounter so many incisive minds and great patriots during this journey. You, Miss Tickly, as well as the writers and researchers here at WTPOTUS are at the top of this list. So, again, thank YOU!

    • Ron,
      RP left a couple of questions for you on the following post/link — I, too, am interested in your opinion.

      • Ok Ron, I just viewed the above video…so you feel malcolm is his father? And who is it that you feel is his mother?

        • Ron,
          How does your scenario connect with “ann”, “sr”, and the “hawaii divorce decree”?
          And who is it you feel raised him in indonesia and hawaii?

    • I watched it too and can certainly see the similarities…except for the ears.

      I’d like to know who you think the mother is as well…since the clip ends there.

      Ron, can they put a different head on the body in the video of Obama on Ulsterman’s? Is it a totally fabricated video?

    • Still no answer. Save me a seat on that gravy train.

    • Ok Dr. Ron….Who is the woman in the photo and when was it taken?

    • everytime i convince myself that there is no connection, i watch these videos and i see such similarity in the expression, not necessarily the looks. It is still that lingering feeling that he has to be connected to something so powerful to have gotten him this far and also that he, as the first black president, had to make a statement that was bigger than even that. there is something about bho that makes my skin crawl, something about the decades of planning that appear to have occured for this momemt. Something about all the symbology in everything he does that most people prefer to reject that makes me just think that there is a link here, that the big nobody bho sr (sic) isnt the real deal.

      • tdr, the master student has done an excellent job in adopting all that is malcolm…what better card to play than to claim malcolm as “dad”.

      • “…the big nobody bho sr (sic) isnt the real deal.”

        I agree — dare I elaborate.

      • “…there is something about bho that makes my skin crawl, something about the decades of planning that appear to have occured for this momemt….”

        The decades of planning…The decades of planning…The decades of planning…The decades of planning

        • I agree, tdr — its the “decades of planning” which I find to be especially creepy. One has to wonder whats behind that…is it dark or is it light. If only I knew, if only he would share with us “the truth” as to the INTENT behind those decades of planning….but because he doesn’t share it with us, we’re left to conclude that its “dark…very dark”. Why not let the sunshine in, or is the truth so bad? What is the “intent” behind those decades of planning…- that is the problem.

          • why does no one know this guy? NOBODY! it’s almost hard to do…my friend calls him one of the lizard people..a

          • Well tdr there is a lizard pic online…..?

          • Dark. It can be nothing else. Light does not use such tactics.

          • We have circumstantial evidence coming out the wazoo! We know everything that is untrue and not one cotton pickin’ thing that is definitely true. We don’t even know how many BHO’s we are dealing with! That last statement alone is frightening. We don’t know who is behind him and who set him up. The mouthpieces pass along information and we debunk it, and we end up at the same place we were before. We have an enemy of the people sitting in our house, draining our economy, and passing draconian rules and laws that hinder rather than benefit our nation. They have tried to destroy our values, traditions, and rewrite our history with lies for a path to nowhere. The sociopaths are being listened to and the normal people can’t believe it has occurred. We don’t know what sledge hammers are used on people to silence them, but the duct tape over their mouths hasn’t allowed very many viable leaks.

            tdr – if you visited the leftist blogs they keep lists of his “friends” – the ones that only the left seems to know about and who are interviewed by their own. They are allowed out in time to clear up any “smears” but then they disappear again. The same thing occurs with his alleged family. Soros and Maurice Strong must be involved along with Zbigniew Brzezinski – but what umbrella they fall under isn’t known. Whoever they are they are global players with lots of money. But who gave them the power is the question, and how do they get away with it? Who will stop them – whoever they are – once and for all?

            • Another well said comment! Here’s an example of their twisted logic:


              “Democrat personality David Paterson, former governor of New York and now a talk-radio host on WOR in New York City, has suggested Barack Obama could be ineligible for the Oval Office and “got away” with it.

              And Paterson compared Obama’s actions to those of Richard Nixon, which he likened to treason.

              On his show yesterday, he was asserting, along with NBC Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd, that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney should have distanced himself more from developer Donald Trump and his doubts about Obama’s eligibility.

              “Even if he wasn’t born in the United States at this point,” Paterson said. “It’s kind of like he got away with it.”

              He continued, “A lot of people get away with a lot of things.””

              This is so juvenile that it doesn’t even need my critique, but here goes anyway: How many parents tell their kids they don’t care WHAT little Joey down the street gets away with, YOU’RE not getting away with anything?

              The story goes on to report:

              ““If Mitt Romney lacks the backbone to stand up to a charlatan like Donald Trump because he’s so concerned about lining his campaign’s pockets,” the Obama campaign said, “what does that say about the kind of president he would be?””

              We may as well paraphrase this, as John Sununu implied the other day, when speaking to Soledad O’Brien:

              “If Barack Obama lacks the backbone to stand up to a charlatan like Bill Maher because he’s so concerned about lining his campaign’s pockets,” WTPOTUS said, “what does that say about the kind of president he is?”

          • I listened to the radio conversation and wondered what happened to Gov. Patterson after he had a collision with the Obama bus. Now I know, he has a radio show. He is supposed to have Corsi on his show today and that could be interesting. Since the Gov. is relatively new to radio, he might give Corsi a chance to educate him and his listeners. Perhaps his reaction or words are retaliation for the tread marks that were left on his body. Patterson’s antics aren’t even close to what the other democrats have done. I know he went to Columbia also, but I don’t remember if they were there at the same time.

      • It is part of his “symbology” that he studied Malcolm X, as well as MLK, and JFK, and NOW Reagan, too, in order to, amoeba-like, engulf any part of them that might help promote his persona and ensnare more dupes. Thus, he imitates their expressions, their body language, their inflection. He plagiarizes their words. He’s a chameleon. He’s nothing more than that blank slate that he warned us about. NLP. That’s all it is.

        It’s a good thing that he makes your skin crawl. Ditto. It means you are NOT deceived. Nor are we, although far too many others are.

        • “…It means you are NOT deceived. Nor are we, although far too many others are.”

          Good to see that from you Miri — I was getting worried about you lol.
          They should put us on that big fat payroll the PRObots and obama clan receive, we would come up with a far more believable cover story for o.

          • I don’t know why you should be worried about me. Why?

          • I would like an answer to my question.

          • I didn’t know whether you “got snookered” into buying that bait ‘n switch re the Pro’s malcolm vid.

            • Why would you think I was snookered? I keep an open mind, that’s all. Everybody’s entitled to their opinion and they’re welcome to post it here.

          • Fair enough, Miri — an open mind is a good thing 🙂 .

            And no offense to you Ron, you know I think you’re a bot with that malcolm vid of yours, but you’re a nice guy…I like that about you, I can work with that…but the malcolm story doesn’t fly, sorry. You do know I was a life-long dem until that 2008 dem primary — that was a dirty primary.

          • Ok, now I feel bad, Ron — I cut you off without giving you a chance. Fill-in the blanks for the malcolm scenario — we’ll see if it floats 🙂 . We’re a good testing center.
            I don’t agree with using the race card, I think its bad for America — and, at this point, I think americans have had it with this tactic — it will not get the independents nor the lost dems. Using malcolm seems like an extremely desperate approach and I think most americans will be repulsed — besides the fact that its not believable. If one wants to create a believable falsehood, it should be more realistic, down to earth.
            Much better scenarios could be used….but if one is set on the grandiose, the malcolm story, we’ll see…who knows….
            But then o would also have the trouble of appearing as a total fraud…lots of ‘splainin to do Lucy…its a mess. I don’t know…is he really going to give it another whirl…doesn’t sound like fun.

        • The other Malcolm stories are totally wrong. Es,. Trowbridge’s. He married a white Lebanese actress who gave birth to Obama in Cairo.

          Obama is a Sunni Muslim. and member of the Muslim Brotherhood of

          I’m either spot-on or way off, from an observers’ point of view.

    Okay. Scroll down on that story to see the old newspaper image of Barry as he looked in 1990. Now, unless in the intervening several years somebody seriously kicked his teeth in, can anyone explain how his teeth were nice pearly whites and then when interviewed in 1995, his teeth were again a wreck? I even looked to see if there were dental implications associated with the use of those poppers, but could find only skin, eye, heart, and possible immune system side effects. Not like with meth, where it wrecks a person’s teeth, although . . .

    • I seriously believe we are dealing with twins, brothers or look alikes. Photos show so many differences. One head is long and narrow and others show his head to be more squarish. Some bodies are masculine..thick and chunky, and in others he is a string bean. Add the different hand a club, fat hand and the other one, long skinny fingers. Ears close to head, or not. Widows peak or squared hairline. Eyebrows bushy or not (plucked?).. hair nappy or like soft looking ringlets. Teeth straight across or not. Then there is the moving mole that grows or shrinks.

      But what separates them is the I am thinking conjoined twins..connected at the head. Then again, the scar can be where they placed that robotic implant!

      Did Obama take his Chicago Marxist physicians with him to D.C. to be his personal physicians there? You know the one or two guys that wrote out a one page history to cover him for 20 years? The media accepted that page and yet the media vultures combed through 1,500+ pages of McCain’s medical history looking for any sign that he wouldn’t be able to serve the country.

  13. George Obamaramadingdong is a bogus charade bogus paid off or you’ll die myth. it makes sense.

    busted. whaaahn whan.

    I want to read the book written by bary’s brother chester the molester. maybe it’s Lester. But I think it was Bernard. he got hung up in Great Britain whilst sqatter Zuloonie was living off the taxpayer dole in Boston for years.

    Mirror Mirror on the Wall
    Who has the most foreign siblings of all?
    barky do. barky do. tons and tons everywhere with their own foreign spouses.

    Mirror Mirror on the Wall
    and the mirror in that mirror that’s in that mirror that’s in that mirror that’s in that mirror> infinity.

    its just exhausting.

  14. That is cold lol. With the exception of the fly, that’s actually a good picture of him — he’s a goodlooking guy.

  15. Where is the stricken Soebarkahramadanadingdong today?

    you know on that passport thingy. under oath and true testament.

    • Maybe they are clearing the entire mountain and town at Vail so he can join his wife on the slopes! If so, I hope someone leads him to the black areas! (Are mountain designations such as black, racist?) I can’t imagine the locals would be that excited to have their town closed down for a day nor would the visitors at Vail.

      (Those mountain sides designated black are for experts and aren’t usually watched closely by the ski patrol. They are extremely rough terrain, and it is very easy to go off the mountain and end up face to face with a tree or end up in a 20 ft. snow drift. I did face down one of those trees once. It only took once to make me stay on the other side.)

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