Obama and Egypt

By Newssleuth

Obama Hieroglyph

As Egyptians party in the streets to celebrate Egyptian President Mubarak’s “stepping down” and turning over power to a Military Council that will run the country, do they know, really know, what is in store for them?

Red Alert: Mubarak Resigns, Military is in Charge

Stratfor, http://www.stratfor.com/analysis/20110211-red-alert-mubarak-resigns-military-in-charge#ixzz1DgFGsRjH

Vice President Omar Suleiman delivered the following statement Feb. 11: “In the name of God the merciful, the compassionate, citizens, during these very difficult circumstances Egypt is going through, President Hosni Mubarak has decided to step down from the office of president of the republic and has charged the high council of the armed forces to administer the affairs of the country. May God help everybody.”
Suleiman’s statement is the clearest indication thus far that the military has carried out a coup led by Defense Minister Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi. It is not clear whether Suleiman will remain as the civilian head of the army-led government. Egypt is returning to the 1952 model of ruling the state via a council of army officers. The question now is to what extent the military elite will share power with its civilian counterparts.
At a certain point, the opposition’s euphoria will subside and demands for elections will be voiced. The United States, while supportive of the military containing the unrest, also has a strategic need to see Egypt move toward a more pluralistic system.
Whether the military stays true to its commitment to hold elections on schedule in September remains to be seen. If elections are held, however, the military must have a political vehicle in place to counter opposition forces, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood. The fate of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) thus lies in question. Without the NDP, the regime will have effectively collapsed and the military could run into greater difficulty in running the country. While the military council will be serving as the provisional government, it will likely want to retain as much of the ruling NDP as possible and incorporate elements of the opposition to manage the transition. Sustaining its hold over power while crafting a democratic government will be the biggest challenge for the military as it tries to avoid regime change while also dealing with a potential constitutional crisis. Red Alert: Mubarak Resigns, Military is in Charge | STRATFOR

Meanwhile, Vice President Joe Biden, speaking ahead of an expected statement in Washington by President Barack Obama, said the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s resignation is a “pivotal moment” in history.

He spoke from the University of Louisville saying that the United States is seeking protection for civil rights and a path to democracy for the people of the African nation and that the U.S. has stood for a set of core principles during the uprising, including deeming violence against demonstrators “unacceptable” and calling for the respect of Egyptians’ rights. He said the U.S. has also urged that Egypt’s political transition be an “irreversible change” and a negotiated path toward democracy.

What kind of change?


Egypt’s military: Key facts

Smoking Obama Hieroglyph

By the CNN Wire Staff, http://edition.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/africa/02/11/egypt.military.facts/

(CNN) — Egypt’s military has produced all four presidents the country has had since a 1952 revolution led by Lt. Col. Gamal Abdel Nasser ended the monarchy, and the army remains a powerful force.

Key facts about Egypt’s military:

It is one of the world’s largest recipients of U.S. military aid. Washington agreed to a $13 billion, 10-year aid package to Egypt in 2007.

U.S. aid made up for 25% of Egypt’s defense spending in 2008, and the spending is for equipment of substantially U.S. manufacture and design, subject to U.S. Congress approval, according to Jane’s Intelligence. The equipment cannot affect the regional balance of power by surpassing that of Israeli forces, Jane’s said.

Morale in the military and paramilitary security forces is good, partly because of a higher standard of living among the military than the population as a whole, according to Jane’s Intelligence. The military monitors troops to keep Islamist influence in check.

President Hosni Mubarak was commander of Egypt’s air force during the 1973 war with Israel, which saw initial Arab victories before Israel’s counterattack defeated the Arab armies. Mubarak became President Anwar Sadat’s vice president in 1975 and became president when Sadat was assassinated in 1981.

Egyptian armed forces have newer, primarily U.S.-made equipment sitting beside older Soviet equipment purchased during the Nasser and Sadat eras.

Military branches are army, navy, air force and air defense command.

The army considers itself to be the backbone of the regime and the guarantor of national stability, according to Jane’s. Its 320,000 personnel make up almost three-quarters of the armed forces.

About 400,000 more Egyptians are members of the paramilitary security forces, used in the counterinsurgency campaigns of the late 1990s, according to Jane’s. The air force comprises 30,000 personnel and the navy 20,500 more. Egypt’s fear of Israeli air attack is evident in the 70,000 personnel in the air defense command.

Egypt’s military is among the largest in the Middle East. Older officers were trained in the Soviet Union, but younger ones studied in the west. Egypt regularly conducts joint military exercises with NATO.

Articles 180 to 183 of the Egyptian Constitution of 1971 say the armed forces “shall belong to the people” and are required “to defend the country, to safeguard its territory and security, and to protect the socialist gains of the people’s struggle,” according to globalsecurity.org.

The Constitution also says the defense of the homeland is a “sacred duty” and mandates compulsory conscription.

The president of the republic is the supreme commander of the armed forces.

Decision-making within the Ministry of Defense has rested almost solely with Minister of Defense Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, but during his tenure since 1991, “the tactical and operational readiness of the Egyptian Armed Forces has degraded,” according to globalsecurity.org.

Military spending is 3.4% of gross domestic product, compared with 4.6% in the United States, according to 2005 estimates in the CIA World Factbook.

Military service age is 18 to 30 years for male conscripts, for 12 to 36 months, followed by a 9-year reserve obligation.

The supreme commander of the armed forces was Mubarak.

Commander in chief of the armed forces and minister of defense and military production is Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi.

Chief of staff for armed forces (also army commander) is Lt. Gen. Sami Hafez Enan.


Speech of President Barack Obama on Egypt

Feb. 11, 2011

Obama Saw This Hieroglyph and Saw Himself

Today, from the White House, President Barack Obama said, “Egypt will never be the same.”

Obama’s Speaks:

There are very few moments in our lives where we have the privilege to witness history taking place. This is one of those moments. This is one of those times.

The people of Egypt have spoken, their voices have been heard, and Egypt will never be the same.

By stepping down, President Mubarak responded to the Egyptian people’s hunger for change.

But this is not the end of Egypt’s transition. It’s a beginning. I’m sure there will be difficult days ahead, and many questions remain unanswered.

But I am confident that the people of Egypt can find the answers and do so peacefully, constructively, and in the spirit of unity that has defined these last few weeks, for Egyptians have made it clear that nothing less than genuine democracy will carry the day.

The military has served patriotically and responsibly as a caretaker to the state and will now have to ensure a transition that is credible in the eyes of the Egyptian people. That means protecting the rights of Egypt’s citizens, lifting the emergency law, revising the constitution and other laws to make this change irreversible, and laying out a clear path to elections that are fair and free.

Above all, this transition must bring all of Egypt’s voices to the table, for the spirit of peaceful protest and perseverance that the Egyptian people have shown can serve as a powerful wind at the back of this change.

The United States will continue to be a friend and partner to Egypt. We stand ready to provide whatever assistance is necessary, and asked for, to pursue a credible transition to a democracy.

I’m also confident that the same ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit that the young people of Egypt have shown in recent days can be harnessed to create new opportunity, jobs and businesses that allow the extraordinary potential of this generation to take flight.

And I know that a democratic Egypt can advance its role of responsible leadership not only in the region, but around the world.

Egypt has played a pivotal role in human history for over 6,000 years. But over the last few weeks, the wheel of history turned at a blinding pace as the Egyptian people demanded their universal rights. We saw mothers and fathers carrying their children on their shoulders to show them what true freedom might look like. We saw young Egyptians say, “For the first time in my life, I really count. My voice is heard. Even though I’m only one person, this is the way real democracy works.”

We saw protesters chant “selmeyah, selmeyah — “We are peaceful” — again and again. We saw a military that would not fire bullets at the people they were sworn to protect. And we saw doctors and nurses rushing into the streets to care for those who were wounded; volunteers checking protesters to ensure that they were unarmed.

We saw people of faith praying together and chanting Muslims, Christians, “We are one.” And though we know that the strains between faiths still divide too many in this world and no single event will close that chasm immediately, these scenes remind us that we need not be defined by our differences. We can be defined by the common humanity that we share.

And above all, we saw a new generation emerge — a generation that uses their own creativity and talent and technology to call for a government that represented their hopes and not their fears, a government that is responsive to their boundless aspirations.

One Egyptian put it simply: “Most people have discovered in the last few days that they are worth something. And this cannot be taken away from them anymore, ever.”

This is the power of human dignity, and it could never be denied. Egyptians have inspired us, and they’ve done so by putting the lie to the idea that justice is best gained through violence.

For an Egypt, it was the moral force of non-violence — not terrorism, not mindless killing — but non-violence, moral force that bent the arch of history toward justice once more.

And while the sights and sound that we heard were entirely Egyptian, we can’t help but hear the echoes of history, echoes from Germans tearing down a wall, Indonesian students taking to the streets, Gandhi leading his people down the path of justice.

As Martin Luther King said in celebrating the birth of a new nation in Ghana while trying to perfect his own, “There’s something in the soul that cries out for freedom.”

Those were the cries that came from Tahrir Square. And the entire world has taken note.

Today belongs to the people of Egypt, and the American people are moved by these scenes in Cairo and across Egypt because of who we are as a people, and the kind of world that we want our children to grow up in.

The word “Tahrir” means liberation. It is a word that speaks to that something in our souls that cries out for freedom. And forever more it will remind us of the Egyptian people, of what they did, of the things that they stood for and how they changed their country and in doing so changed the world.

Thank you.

Obama, Sphinx and Pyramid

Well now, what do you think?
I think the United states will keep giving Egypt money, the rest of that $13 billion, as long as Egypt, oops, I mean, Egypt’s “Military Council” is perceived as working towards change, social justice, universal rights and democracy.

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  1. Like rats off a sinking ship:
    EGYPT: Moussa resigns from Arab League post
    February 11, 2011 | 1:15 pm

    Moussa Amr Moussa will resign from his post as secretary-general of the Arab League, Egypt’s state-run Nile TV reported Friday.

    Earlier in the day, Moussa told CNN that Egyptians are “looking forward to a different future” and are hoping for “a better future.”

    Nile TV also reported that Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq said that the Suez Canal has been operating normally despite the political turmoil.

    — Molly Hennessy-Fiske

    • http://bigpeace.com/taylorking/2011/02/03/obama-code-pink-and-egypt-there-are-no-coincidences-in-politics/

      Code Pink has worked to support the communist dictatorship of the Castro brothers in Cuba, the terrorist regime of Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and the government of Fidel Castro wannabe Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. The group has visited each of these nations as guests of their respective governments.

      Code Pink has also met with various terrorist groups including Hamas, the Taliban and Iraqi “insurgents.” Code Pink has even acted as a messenger between terrorists and President Barack Obama.

      Last year Code Pink invited the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood to “join us in cleansing our country.”

    • http://www.thepostemail.com/2011/02/11/reelection-slogan-for-obama-co-we-bring-down-governments/

      the Obama regime has been heavily involved in working to bring the Mubarak government to an end and to replace it with the terrorist MB group. As reported by Jodi McLeod, in 2009 Obama’s Code Pink and his friends and benefactors terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn were in Egypt “coincidentally.” Training sessions for a revolution, perhaps? We believe so. Then, as I reported on 5 February Obama-Google’s “head of marketing for the Middle East, Wael Ghonim, flew into Egypt to join the opposition to Mubarak. Ghonim is now reported to be the “spokesman” for the opposition.” And now the plot thickens and sickens with Cliff Kincaid’s exposé of the Podesta’s (John Podesta former Chief of Staff for President Clinton and CEO of the radical leftist Soros-funded Center for American Progress with his brother Tony Podesta) involvement in the current Egyptian fiasco.

      In his article “Soros-paid Scribes to Cover Their Tracks in Egypt” Kincaid writes: “WND’s Aaron Klein has broken the news that the Soros-led International Crisis Group (ICG) issued a 2008 report urging Egyptian government acceptance of the pro-terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.” One way or another, it looks like all roads lead to the Soros-Obama team.

      • http://lubbockonline.com/interact/blog-post/may/2011-02-13/will-president-obama-support-iranian-revolution

        The people of Iran will again take to the streets in Tehran and other Iranian cities on Monday morning. The Iranian people hope to gain freedom as the people of Egypt did on Friday.

        There are reports that people in the streets of Tehran are already chanting, “Death to the Dictator!” A few days ago, supporters of the current Iranian regime were chanting, “Death to America!”

        How will President Obama respond to the protestors in Iran? In the summer of 2009, the Iranian people took to the streets to protest what they considered to be a fraudulent election. The called their movement “The Green Revolution.”

        Obama said nothing in support of the Iranian people in 2009 or since. The forces of Iranian President Ahmadinejad and the Radical Islamic Mullahs brutalized the Iranian people who protested. Many were imprisoned and executed during and following the protests.

        There are reports that more than 100 people who have opposed the current Iranian regime have been executed so far in 2011. Will the people of Iran rise up and demand their brutal leaders step down? If the Iranian people do march in the streets in protest, will President Obama support the freedom the Iranian people are seeking? Will President Obama pressure the Iranian leadership to step down and give power back to the people of Iran?

        We will soon see whose side President Obama is on in Iran.

  2. Swiss Government Freezes Mubarak’s Assets
    By Samuel Rubenfeld

    The Swiss foreign ministry said in a statement its federal council ordered a freeze of any assets believed to be in the name of ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, who resigned earlier Friday after 18 days of massive protests.

    The order lasts for three years, according to the statement. It also bans the sale or disposal of any assets such as real estate during that time period.

    “Any assets of the former Egyptian President Mubarak and parties close to him that may be located in Switzerland have been frozen with immediate effect,” the statement says. “In this way the Federal Council is taking all the measures required to avoid any misappropriation of government assets.”

    A ministry spokesman declined to tell the Wall Street Journal how much money was involved, or name the banks holding the money. Estimates of the measure of Mubarak’s wealth are largely speculative, with The Guardian pegging it at as much as $70 billion in a recent story.

    Global Financial Integrity, a Washington, D.C.-based group that tracks illicit financial flows, said two weeks ago in a statement that more than $57 billion left the country between 2000 and 2008.

    Switzerland, long known as a place to park illicit assets because of its bank secrecy laws, passed a law in October tightening its money-laundering rules and making it easier to help repatriate stolen assets.

    At the end of January, the Swiss committed to freezing any assets of ousted Tunisian president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, who also fled his country amid popular revolt.

  3. The Flight of the Intellectuals, Interview of author Paul Berman
    by Michael J. Totten

    Not long after September 11, 2001, Paul Berman wrote a masterful little book called Terror and Liberalism that electrified me the first time I read it. Later it served as a philosophical and political anchor for me as I ventured out on long and sometimes dangerous journeys in the Middle East to uncover things for myself.

    He returns now with a new book called The Flight of the Intellectuals, which is your required reading this month. It picks up, in some ways, where Terror and Liberalism left off. While we haven’t had a repeat of the apocalyptic terrorist attacks on September 11, what we do have is an entirely new class of people in the Western democracies who live in hiding and under armed guard from the same sorts of killers. Salman Rushdie was but the first, and Somalia-born feminist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, one-time collaborator with the butchered Theo Van Gogh, is now but the most famous.

    Read the whole article:

  4. I can second that emotion: “May God help everybody.”

    Especially western civilization.

  5. Newssleuth: PLEASE tell me that hieroglyph is a joke.

  6. I really didn’t think this hieroglyph is real, but it is!!
    Obama Smoking Hieroglyph

    • Good one! His ears are a little lower. I thought I saw Michelle in that video. Some guy was kissing her. 🙂

      Did Barry notice what they did to the images of the pharoahs they didn’t like, once they were out of power?

  7. Obama tours the pyramids

  8. “pivotal moment” in history.
    Would Joe like the feel of the same sort of “pivotal moment” ???????????????
    I just wonder how he would feel in those shoes ? Not a very polite thing to say about MuBarack.

  9. Rosemary Woodhouse

    newssleuth | February 11, 2011 at 5:00 pm | Reply

    I really didn’t think this hieroglyph is real, but it is!!

    You’ve got to be kidding! This is something straight out of MAD magazine!

  10. The Candy Man… look Alf !

  11. does anyone else think THE puppetmaster is acting in a very reckless manner, almost as if to say “I dare you to stop me”. The silence is deafening. It is almost beyond belief. The unfolding of this nightmare for the past two years leaves me breathless. Frankly the ones to blame are our spineless elected officials. We have been very generaous in not bringing tham into the picture for fear of splintering the entire country. We have been very patient and I hope we will continue to be because the last thing we need right now is another revolution.

    • tdr, It is starting in Jordan now too. Calling Abdallah’s queen corrupt…a nightmare everywhere…

      • part of the plan….

        see i never believed bobo was a real muslim…he is a radical…there is nothing spiritual about the man so he only sees radical islam, not a religion but an ideology.
        all leadership in the middle east thought they could forever placate their radical element to control them. i bet they believed they had a monopoly on it, that radical islam would never go outside islam but here we witness the control of radical islam by an outside group. all of the leadership there caught totally off guard.

        what a great way for the puppet master to control the supply of oil when the middle east collapses. he had made such a huge investment in brazil and oil. russia too. another oil/natural gas rich nation. so convenient if oil stops flowing out of the middle east. just my guess of course but what else can we do but guess at what is going on.

  12. Tariq Ramadan


    Born 26 August 1962, Geneva, Switzerland, a Swiss born intellectual, philosopher, theologian, television presenter, academic, poet and writer. He is also a Professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies in the Faculty of Oriental Studies at Oxford University. He advocates the study and re-interpretation of Islamic texts, and emphasizes the heterogeneous nature of Western Muslims.

    An online poll provided by the American Foreign Policy magazine in 2009 placed Ramadan on the 49th spot in a list of the world’s top 100 contemporary intellectuals.

    Tariq Ramadan is the son of Said Ramadan and Wafa Al-Bana, who was the eldest daughter of Hassan al Banna, who in 1928 founded the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Gamal al-Banna, the liberal Muslim reformer is his great-uncle. His father was a prominent figure in the Muslim Brotherhood and was exiled by Gamal Abdul Nasser from Egypt to Switzerland, where Tariq was born.

    Tariq Ramadan studied Philosophy and French literature at the Masters level and holds a PhD in Arabic and Islamic studies from the University of Geneva. He also wrote a PhD dissertation on Friedrich Nietzsche, entitled Nietzsche as a Historian of Philosophy. Ramadan then studied Islamic jurisprudence at Al-Azhar university in Cairo, Egypt.

    snip…..Christopher Caldwell, another journalist also at The Weekly Standard describes Ramadan as being “the very embodiment of double language,” which Caldwell defines as, “not saying two different things to two different audiences,” but, rather, as “preaching a consistent message that will be understood in different ways by two different audiences.” According to Caldwell, “When Ramadan speaks of ‘resistance,” and calls on Muslims everywhere to wage it..” “Europeans… have chosen to believe that… he really means ‘reform.’ He does not. He means jihad.” …snip

  13. US subversion of Mubarak will wreck Obama’s presidency
    By Gerald Warner, Scotsman.com, Published Date: 06 February 2011


    ‘WHAT is clear and what I indicated tonight to President Mubarak is my belief that an orderly transition must be meaningful, it must be peaceful and it must begin now.” In case you were perplexed about how to resolve the crisis in Egypt, Barack Obama spelled out the solution last week. That is the great benefit of having The One to guide the world at times of tension.

    The phrase “orderly transition” has become a mantra of the bien-pensant western liberal elite when addressing the Egyptian problem. An orderly transition to what? Oh, you know, democracy … freedom … Uh-huh? And who exactly in Egypt is about to effect that kind of transition? Oh, that’s easy, it has to be Mohamed ElBaradei; he ran the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) – must be a safe pair of hands. And he is a Nobel laureate. Well, so is the buffoon in the Oval Office, having been awarded his prize by the celebrity-stalking Nobel committee at the start of his administration, on the reasoned assumption it would be much more difficult to cobble together a plausible citation at the end of it.

    Déjà vu does not come any more vivid than this. Even those of us who predicted that Obama would be Jimmy Carter II are startled by how closely he has re-enacted the script. What Carter, with his hypocritical “human rights” agenda, did to undermine the Shah has been replicated by Obama in his subversion of President Hosni Mubarak. The West had no more effective ally than Mubarak. Undeterred by the fate of his predecessor Anwar Sadat, murdered for making peace with Israel, Mubarak sustained that settlement. In a region where anti-Americanism is endemic he maintained an alliance with the United States and was a force for stability and pro-western moderation.

    Since, however, he did not conduct democratic elections as flawless as a New Hampshire primary he became anathema to the Obama White House. Does anybody in Washington realise what the establishment of democratic governments in the Middle East would mean? War with Israel, because that is the settled will of the Arab street. Apparently western liberals want more democratic elections like the one that gifted Gaza to Hamas in 2006. Only dictators have the authority to suppress their bellicose populations and deliver initiatives such as the Camp David accord.

    Mohamed ElBaradei is committed to a referendum on the peace treaty with Israel. You could announce the result of any such referendum today: the treaty would be torn up. Iran, the chief beneficiary of the destabilisation of Egypt, was also the beneficiary of ElBaradei’s indulgence of its nuclear programme when he headed the IAEA, protecting Iran from UN Security Council sanctions.

    Last week, too, ElBaradei told Der Spiegel: “We should stop demonising the Muslim Brotherhood.”

    The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is the main player in Egypt; no other faction could conceivably rival it in gaining power. Even under Mubarak’s carefully managed elections it managed to secure 88 deputies in the national assembly. Western appeasers have been trying to present a heavily sanitised image of the MB – a sort of New Labour reinvention of the doyen of jihadist movements. The Brotherhood (known as the Ikhwan) operates in more than 80 countries; al-Qaeda and Hamas are both offshoots. A report by the Center for Security Policy, in America, entitled “Shariah: The Threat to America”, claims: “It is now public knowledge that nearly every major Muslim organisation in the United States is actually controlled by the MB or a derivative organisation.”

    While it cultivates respectability on American campuses and in US government circles, its private views are unregenerate. Muhammad Mahdi Akef, its “Supreme Guide” until last year, described Osama bin Laden as “close to Allah on high”. A leading member, Muhammad Ghannem, was reported last week as having told an Iranian news network that gas pumped from Egypt to Israel should be cut off and “the people should be prepared for war against Israel”. With its network of schools, clinics, etc, the Brotherhood is firmly rooted among the Egyptian masses. Whether by manipulating ElBaradei as a transitional Kerensky or taking power directly, the Muslim Brotherhood is the only alternative Egyptian government to Mubarak.

    Besides the uncanny parallel with Jimmy Carter, American conservatives are also comparing Obama’s mishandling of the Middle East to the “Who lost China?” presidential election of 1952 when the Communist takeover in the Far East cost the Democrats the White House. If by 2012 the Middle East were in Islamist hands the US electorate would annihilate Obama, however inadequate the Republican candidate: in that scenario Bugs Bunny could carry 50 states. Never mind Hosni Mubarak: what you are seeing in Cairo is the meltdown of the Obama presidency.

  14. The West had no more effective ally than Mubarak. Undeterred by the fate of his predecessor Anwar Sadat, murdered for making peace with Israel, Mubarak sustained that settlement. In a region where anti-Americanism is endemic he maintained an alliance with the United States and was a force for stability and pro-western moderation.

    Since, however, he did not conduct democratic elections as flawless as a New Hampshire primary he became anathema to the Obama White House. Does anybody in Washington realise what the establishment of democratic governments in the Middle East would mean? War with Israel, because that is the settled will of the Arab street. Apparently western liberals want more democratic elections like the one that gifted Gaza to Hamas in 2006. Only dictators have the authority to suppress their bellicose populations and deliver initiatives such as the Camp David accord

    My God….words to not express all of this…

  15. Ideologically-driven strategic ineptitude
    Many believe that the Obama administration are just screw-ups. If only that were the case
    By Caroline B. Glick, http://www.JewishWorldReview.com |

    In the midst of the political turmoil engulfing Egypt and much of the Arab world, last month’s revelation that Pakistan has doubled the size of its nuclear arsenal over the past four years has been largely ignored. Nuclear proliferation analysts from the Federation of American Scientists and the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) assess that since 2006 Pakistan has increased the size of its nuclear arsenal from 30-60 atomic bombs to approximately 110. That makes Pakistan the world’s fifth largest nuclear power ahead of Britain and France.

    As for delivery systems, according to the Washington Post, Pakistan has developed nuclear-capable land and air-launched cruise missiles. Its Shaheen II missile, with a range of 1,500 miles is about to go into operational deployment.

    Wednesday Pakistan test-fired its Hatf-VII new nuclear-capable cruise missile with a 600 kilometer range.

    The Obama administration has been silent on Pakistan’s nuclear proliferation activities. As ISIS President David Albright said to the Washington Post, “The administration is always trying to keep people from talking about this knowledgeably. They’re always trying to downplay the numbers [of Pakistan’s nuclear warheads] and insisting that ‘it’s smaller than you think.'”

    Pakistan’s nuclear growth goes on as its economy is in shambles, its government is falling apart and a large portion of the country’s territory is controlled by the Taliban. Pakistan is the largest recipient of US foreign aid. In 2009 Congress approved a five-year $7.5 billion civilian aid package. Last October the Obama administration proposed supplementing the aid with $2 billion for Pakistan’s military.

    The administration requested the supplemental aid despite criticism that economic assistance to Pakistan indirectly funds its nuclear project since Pakistan is in an effective state of bankruptcy. Moreover, a US Inspector General report published this week concluded that the $7.5 billion in assistance has achieved little.

    For their part, the Pakistani government and military adhere to a radically anti-American line and Pakistan’s powerful ISI intelligence service and large sections of its military continue to maintain intimate ties with al Qaida and the Taliban.

    Last month Pakistani police arrested US diplomat Raymond Davis in Lahore after he killed two gunmen who were reportedly about to rob him at gunpoint. Pakistani law enforcement officials have charged Davis with murder and refuse to release him to US custody despite the fact that he should enjoy the protection of diplomatic immunity.

    Rather than attempt to quiet passions, the Pakistani government is fanning anti-American sentiments by among other things, releasing a videotape of Davis’s police interrogation.

    To date, while members of Congress are beginning to threaten to curtail aid to Pakistan pending Davis’ release, the administration has limited its response to this de facto act of hostage taking by Pakistan to refusing to hold high-level exchanges with Pakistani leaders. And even this limited response has been inconsistently implemented.

    For instance, while US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refused to meet with her Pakistani counterpart Shah Mehmood Qureshi at the Munich security conference last weekend, she did agree to meet with Gen. Ashfaq Kayani, the commander of the Pakistani military. So too, the US ambassador in Pakistan met on Monday with Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari.

    Pakistan is a textbook example of a disaster of biblical proportions in the making. Its hyperactive nuclear expansion, weak central government, impoverished, radicalized population, and pro-Islamist military and intelligence arms are sources for major concern. That concern becomes all-out alarm in light of the Taliban/al Qaida’s control over anywhere from a quarter to a third of Pakistani territory and the widespread public support for them throughout the country.

    Since taking office, the Obama administration has failed to conceive of a strategy for contending with the situation. One of the main obstacles to the formation of a coherent US strategy is the Obama administration’s move to outlaw any discussion of the basic threats to US interests. Shortly after entering office, President Barack Obama banned the use of the term “War against terror,” substituting it with the opaque term “overseas contingency operation.”

    Last April Obama banned use of the terms “jihad,” “Islamic terrorism,” and “radical Islam,” in US government documents.

    Given that US officials are barred from using all the terms that are relevant for describing reality in places like Pakistan, it is obvious why the US cannot put together a strategy for contending with the challenges it faces there. Imagine an intelligence officer in Peshawar trying to report on what he sees. Imagine a defense attach’e in Lahore trying to explain the problems with the jihad-infested Pakistani military to his superiors in Washington.

    Imagine a USAID officer trying to explain why the jihadist-mosque attending public refuses to work at US-funded highway programs.

    The Obama administration’s decision to ban relevant language from the official US policy discourse was ideologically motivated. And in choosing ideology over reality, the Obama administration has induced a situation where rather than construct policies to deal with reality, at all levels, US officials have been charged with constructing policies to deny and ignore reality.

    Against this backdrop it becomes fairly clear why the Obama administration’s handling of the political turmoil in Egypt has been so incompetent. Upon entering office, Obama made a determined effort to ignore the political instability percolating under the surface throughout the authoritarian Arab world. US government officials were instructed to curtail programs aimed at developing liberal alternatives to authoritarianism and the Muslim Brotherhood. The justification for this behavior was again ideological.

    As the world’s biggest bully, the US had no moral right to judge the behavior of tyrants like Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

    Once the dutifully ignored long repressed popular discontent boiled over into the popular revolts we have seen over the past month in Tunisia and Egypt as well as Yemen, Jordan, Algeria and beyond, the Obama administration rushed to get on the “right side” of the issue. To avoid criticism for refusing to contend with the problems bred by Arab authoritarianism, Obama went to the other extreme. He became the most outspoken champion of unfettered popular democracy in Egypt.

    Of course, to occupy this other side of the spectrum, Obama has had to ignore the danger constituted by the most powerful opposition movement in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood’s hostility towards the US’s most fundamental strategic interests in the Middle East has been swept under the rug by the Obama administration and its supporters in the US media.

    But then, in light of the prohibition of all discussion of the reasons the Muslim Brotherhood constitutes a threat to the US – its jihadist ideology of Islamic conquest, its genocidal Islamic-based Jew hatred and hatred of America, its support for Islamic terrorism against non-jihadist regimes throughout the Muslim world and against the West — it is not surprising that the Obama administration is embracing the inclusion of the movement in a post-Mubarak Egyptian regime.

    How could the administration object to something it has chosen to ignore?

    The Obama administration’s ideologically-driven strategic ineptitude is evident everywhere. From its slavish devotion to appeasing Iran, its single-minded insistence on withdrawing from Iraq, its announced commitment to withdrawing from Afghanistan; to its tolerance of Hugo Chavez, and its infantile reset button diplomacy towards Russia, the Obama administration’s foreign policy is on a collision course with reality.

    But nowhere is its premeditated incompetence more evident than in its obsession with the establishment of a Palestinian state west of the Jordan River.

    So it was that during his visit in Israel this week, Obama’s recently retired national security advisor Gen. James Jones claimed that it is G0d’s will that Israel withdraw to indefensible borders and effectively blamed the political turmoil in Egypt on the absence of a Palestinian state.

    As Jones put it, “I’m of the belief that had G0d appeared in front of President Obama in 2009 and said if he could do one thing on the face of the planet, and one thing only, to make the world a better place and give people more hope and opportunity for the future, I would venture that it would have something to do with finding the two-state solution to the Middle East.”

    Jones then argued, “Time is not on our side, and a failure to act [in establishing a Palestinian state] may trigger other Egypt-like demonstrations in other countries in the region.”

    The Obama administration is not alone in this completely irrational view. As the Arab world undergoes massive convulsions born of the legacy of authoritarianism and nourished by the pull of jihadism, all of Europe’s major statesmen are lining up behind Washington in pushing Israel to agree to surrender still more land to the PLO in order to establish yet another authoritarian, jihad-infested Arab state.

    NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, British Foreign Minister William Hague, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and other senior officials all parroted Jones’s view this week.

    Confronting the Obama administration’s assault on reason in the interest of ideological faithfulness, Israel is faced with very few good options. The threats Israel faces stem largely from the rising forces of jihad, Islamic terrorism and religiously justified nuclear adventurism embraced by Islamist politicians and religious leaders. That is, the threats facing Israel stem largely from the forces the Obama administration has elected to ignore and deny.

    Moreover, the Obama administration’s singular obsession with coercing Israel to surrender still more land to the Palestinian Authority means that America’s central Middle East policy involves demanding that Israel further strengthen the unmentionable forces of jihad at its own expense. This fact was underlined this week with the Jerusalem Post’s Khaled Abu Toameh’s revelation that most senior PA leaders have recently applied for Jordanian citizenship. Clearly the likes of Mahmoud Abbas believe they will not be the winners if their repressive regime in Judea and Samaria is seriously challenged by their popular jihadist rivals in Hamas.

    Our leaders are doubtlessly tempted to simply take the path of least resistance and join Obama and his merry band of blind men as they move from lie to lie to defend their ideology from reality. But doing so will not protect us when the dangers sown by the US’s strategic dementia provoke the next conflagration.

    Israel’s best option is to simply tell the truth as loudly and forcefully as it can and base our policies on it. While doing so will win Israel no friends in the Obama administration or in Europe, it will prepare us for the day when the wall of lies they are building from Islamabad to Cairo to Ramallah come crashing down.

    JWR contributor Caroline B. Glick is the senior Middle East Fellow at the Center for Security Policy in Washington, DC and the deputy managing editor of The Jerusalem Post.

    • From article Renee linked above:
      Pak ignored ‘witness accounts, physical proof that show Davis acted in self-defense’: US
      2011-02-12 11:20:00
      The US Consul General in Lahore has ‘regretted’ that Pakistani authorities did not consider eyewitness accounts and physical evidence’ when they stated that US diplomat Raymond Davis intentionally killed two Pakistani men in Lahore and that the act was not committed in self-defense.

      US CG in Lahore, Carmela Conroy, said the arrested American diplomat was remanded into judicial detention in Lahore in connection with the January 27 shooting incident.

      “We understand that eyewitnesses at the scene said that Ray [Raymond] acted in self defense when confronted with two armed men on a motorcycle. We also understand that these men were found with stolen property and, as the police stated today, a loaded gun. We regret that authorities did not consider these eyewitness accounts and physical evidence when they stated that this was not a case of self-defense,” Carmela said in a press statement.

  16. It’s not a rumour, Americans did get Qureshi’s scalp

    By Mohammad Malick, Saturday, February 12, 2011


    ISLAMABAD: When powerful men meet to discuss explosive issues, things can change in a big way. And that is precisely what happened after a highly secretive and immensely important meeting at the Presidency a few days back. The subject, not unexpectedly, being the fate of American killer Raymond Davis and that of Pakistan-US relations. Little did anyone know at the time that the huddle would instead end up deciding the fate of Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

    The meeting, convened by the president was attended by Prime Minister Gilani, Babar Awan, Rehman Malik, Shah Mehmood Qureshi and the DG ISI Gen Shuja Pasha. The president was given an exhaustive overview of the entire situation but quite early in the meeting it became evident that two of the men were standing on the wrong side of the prevalent dominant wisdom and desire of somehow finding a way to retrospectively cough up diplomatic immunity for Davis and to just wish away all the four deaths and the lingering crisis. But since one of the ‘erring’ two dared not be arbitrarily fired, poor Qureshi’s fate stood sealed.

    Extreme pressure was exerted in the meeting on the former foreign minister to renege from his earlier stance and simply tell the court that the Foreign Office was in consonance with the American interpretation of Davis being a genuine diplomat and enjoying full immunity under Vienna Convention 1961. Facts be damned. According to highly reliable sources, interior ministry’s immense resources were also offered to cause any necessary change of documentation or any exceptional service warranted under these exceptional circumstances.

    An adamant Qureshi, who had strongly argued the case that Raymond did not enjoy unlimited diplomatic immunity under law, flatly refused and even said that if need be, he’d rather resign than become an accessory to multiple murder. The meeting ended on a rather unsavoury and unexpected note. It was a surprising outcome for all the others because Qureshi had always been perceived, and even pilloried by the media, as being an American lackey and was not expected to dig in his heels over an issue so vital for the US administration.

    But Qureshi’s latest run in with the Americans did not begin or end inside the Presidency. It had actually begun much earlier on January 28, a day after the deadly Raymond Davis incident in Lahore. He was in Karachi when he first received a call from US Ambassador to Pakistan, Cameron Munter and then had a conversation with US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Munter requested him for immediate councillor access to Davis and his immediate handover to US Consulate authorities. Qureshi asked Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir to talk to Munter and while authorising immediate councillor access to Davis made it clear to the foreign secretary that the matter of release would only be decided by the court as the legal process had already been kicked into motion in Punjab. Then came Hillary’s call.

    An understandably perturbed Hillary wanted the immediate handover of Davis and insisted that Pakistan was violating the Vienna Convention by the illegal incarceration of a “US diplomat”. Confirming the contents of that conversation to The News, Shah Mehmood said that he had patiently explained to Hillary that while he understood her anxiety she too had to understand the highly emotive and sensitive nature of the incident. And also that since the judicial process had been kick-started in Lahore, the Foreign Office and the US had little option but to submit to the due process of law. Anyway, the two decided to discuss the matter on the sidelines of the then forthcoming Munich Security Conference, and the line went silent.

    Since then, Ambassador Munter and other senior embassy officials remained busy with engaging Pakistani authorities and the Foreign Office, blowing hot or cold, depending upon the level of their own frustration and the pressure coming their way from Washington. A few days prior to the Munich Conference, Qureshi received a call from Ambassador Munter who said that he had been directed to convey the message that unless Qureshi signed the diplomatic immunity paper prior to the conference, the scheduled meeting between him and Hillary would stand cancelled. The message was starkly clear a la George Bush: You are either with us or against us. So be it, Qureshi is reported to have told the ambassador and even cancelled his trip altogether. The chief of the army staff went instead to Munich and that is an appointment that even the US secretary of state cannot cancel, Davis or no Davis.

    Once Qureshi ignored the latest Hillary communique, the Americans stopped talking to him altogether because it had now become evident that Qureshi was not going to budge on his stance of Davis not being eligible for full diplomatic immunity. Qureshi was no longer a welcome dinner guest and neither could he be allowed to remain in office. The last thing Washington can afford is his having a Pakistani foreign minister with a reawakened conscience.

    According to highly reliable sources, the next claimed scalp may be that of the equally intransigent (from American perspective), Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir who is now the only remaining top level hurdle in the apprehended shameless handover of Davis by a compromised political leadership. The foreign secretary is also of the considered firm view that Davis does not qualify for full immunity. And there are legitimate causes for this argument, which were further exposed by glaring inconsistencies in the forever changing US stance on the issue.

    Owing to the paucity of space, irrefutable arguments proving Davis’ ineligibility are not being reproduced here and also because a lot has already been written on the legal aspects of the subject, including the highlighted fact that in the initial reaction by US authorities, Raymond Davis was identified as merely an “employee” of the US Consulate in Lahore, but never as a diplomat. He was referred to as an employee and not a consulate general official. “It was a simple clerical error” was the incredulous justification offered by two senior members of the Islamabad embassy in an off-the-record conversation with the scribe. But it gets even better.

    A lot is being made by the Americans and their interlocutors of the January 20, 2010 communication of the Islamabad embassy wherein the FO had been asked for the issuance of a non-diplomatic identity card for Davis. It is being argued that this communication clearly identifies Raymond Davis as being administrative and technical staff of Islamabad embassy and therefore automatically eligible for diplomatic immunity. But this is only half the story.

    Certain discrepancies in 2010 had already caused the Foreign Office to seek clarifications. In Sept 2009, the US State Department had originally identified him as technical advisor (contractor) going on “official business” while applying for his visa. Later he was attached to US Consulate Lahore as an employee. So when his name popped up again in January 2010, identifying him as being attached with the US Embassy Islamabad, the FO wanted answers to some very pertinent questions. The relevant FO officials repeatedly asked the US embassy to provide the details of Davis’ new responsibilities along with those of his past postings. When weeks had passed with the embassy avoiding a categorical clarification on this count, the FO finally sent a formal Note Verbale to the US embassy on July 8, 2010. It bore ref no: P(1-A)/2009-ID(USA). This note pertained to a total of ten Americans about whom similar details were being sought from the embassy but no response had been forthcoming from the US end. Davis was listed as Note No:252/HR. When FO authorities were asked about the presence of 2009 in the reference number of the note verbale otherwise sent on July 8, 2010, they clarified that it was perfectly in accordance with their internal filing sequence and did not reflect any anomaly.

    Unable to cover this critical gap in their argument to secure Davis’ release on the afterthought alibi of diplomatic immunity, the US embassy has adopted the rather incredulous argument of denying outright the existence of this critical correspondence. The FO has been told at the highest level that the US embassy never received this Note Verbale. The two senior functionaries stuck to the denial mantra when asked by The News about the embassy’s refusal to divulge the real assignments and other details of Davis and nine others. They insisted that all the embassy records had been thoroughly checked but there was no evidence of the cited note verbale ever being received. When they were told that the July 8 note was present in FO records and its existence and its having been sent to US embassy was recorded in more than one place and constituted a process that could not be tampered with within hours of an event taking place, the duo took the reference number of the ‘missing note’ to ostensibly try locating it from their records. This raises an interesting question: if they still needed the reference number at this stage, then how did they even check their records earlier?

    Can you name a single other incidence where prior to this particular note verbale or since, any note verbale sent by FO to the US embassy has ever gone missing? the two functionaries were asked. Not surprisingly, the duo could not cite a single such incidence.

    Interesting coincidence one must say, where the entire US administration makes critical clerical errors which only expose Davis as being a non-diplomat. Another interesting coincidence again, when only one specific official communication out of hundreds of similar exchanges goes missing, and which once again stood to expose Raymond Davis for being anything but a legitimate diplomat on a legitimate diplomatic assignment.

    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shah_Mehmood_Qureshi

      Shah Mehmood Hussain Qureshi (Urdu: شاه محمود قریشی; born June 22, 1956) is the former Foreign Minister of Pakistan in the coalition government of PPP, ANP and JUI-F formed after the 2008 general elections. He is a senior leader of Pakistan Peoples Party, where he was the president of PPP Punjab. He is the head of the Qureshi family and has many followers in the country and in South Asia. Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi is also the current Sajjada Nashin and custodian of the Mausoleum of Shah Rukn-e-Alam and of the Shrine (Darbar) of Hazrat Baha-ud-din Zakariya.

      Qureshi stayed as a Member of the Punjab Provincial Assembly from 1985 to 1993, until he received a ticket to the National Assembly. His father, Sajjad Hussain governor of Punjab from 1985 to 1988, under the military regime of General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq. Shah Mehmood Qureshi has been a member of the National Assembly since 1993, only being defeated in 1997 by his fierce rival Javed Hashmi, while defeating him in 2002 and 2008. He is a dynamic leader with extensive following among the young. He was a Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs in the second Benazir Bhutto government from December 1994 to November 1996. Being a minister under Benazir Bhutto’s government, he maintained a very bad record.

      Following the February 2008 elections, Qureshi was also a candidate to be Prime Minister of Pakistan, until Yousaf Raza Gillani was sworn in on March 25, 2008. On March 31, 2008, Qureshi became Foreign Minister. He is Formanite; the student of Forman Christian College University, Lahore

      Qureshi has spoken outright about several key issues in Pakistani politics such as military dictatorship and the role of feudalism.

    • Complete lineage of the Quraish tribe; Adam Sheth Enos Cainan Mahalaleed Jared Enoch / Idris Methuselah Lamech Noah / Nuh Shem Arhhazed Salih / Saleb Eber Pelag Rem Serag Nahor Tarukh Abraham / Ibrahim Ishmael / Ismail (Son of Hagar / Brother of Isaac) Sabat Yashab Lavi Ba’rab Qamat Nakor Imran Adnan Madh Nazar Imran Nasar Elias / Iliyas (Patriarch of the Quraish tribe)

      The majority of the Quraish tribe belong to the Sunni branch of Islam

      • Quraishis in South Asia; The Quraish family diaspora is spread all around the world. Due to Arab imperialism into foreign lands, the Quraish family was able to establish itself in these lands. The Quraish family exists in many parts of South Asia, particularely in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. The descendants of Arabs who arrived with Muhammad Bin Qasim settled in South Asia.

        A Ph,D thesis in this context is very important reference to read from USA on the subject matter The central Asian Arabs of Afghanistan: pastoral nomadism in transition By Thomas Jefferson Barfield

      • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muhammad_Bin_Qasim

        Muhammad bin Qasim, is a member of the Thaqeef tribe, which is still settled in and around the city of Taif. His father was Qasim bin Yusuf who died when Muhammad bin Qasim was young, leaving his mother in charge of his education. Umayyad governor Al-Hajjaj Ibn Yusuf Al-Thaqafi, Muhammad bin Qasim’s paternal uncle, was instrumental in teaching Muhammad bin Qasim about warfare and governance. Muhammad bin Qasim married his cousin Zubaidah, Hajjaj’s daughter, shortly before going to Sindh. Another paternal uncle of Muhammad bin Qasim was Muhammad bin Yusuf, governor of Yemen. Under Hajjaj’s patronage, Muhammad bin Qasim was made governor of Persia, where he succeeded in putting down a rebellion.


    • in Connection With Bhutto’s Assassination!!!!!
      AP reported

      An anti-terrorism court judge issued an arrest warrant Saturday for former Pakistani military ruler Pervez Musharraf in connection with the 2007 assassination of ex-premier Benazir Bhutto, state-run television reported.

      The warrant is the latest legal trouble to face the retired general, a one-time U.S. ally who left Pakistan for Britain in 2008 after being forced out of the presidency he secured in 1999 military coup. Despite his promises to return to Pakistan and lead a new political party, court motions against the former ruler make it increasingly unlikely he will.

      Along with issuing the warrant Saturday, Judge Rana Nisar Ahmad also ordered Musharraf to appear before the court on Feb. 19, Pakistan Television reported. Lawyers in the case could not immediately be reached for comment.

      Bhutto was killed Dec. 27, 2007, in a gun and suicide bomb blast during a rally weeks after returning to Pakistan to campaign in new elections that Musharraf reluctantly agreed to allow after months of domestic and international pressure.

  17. Mubarak slammed U.S. in phone call with Israeli MK before resignation

    Radical Islam will be result of U.S. push for democracy, Mubarak told Israel’s Ben-Eliezer during a phone call on Thursday.
    By Reuters

    Hosni Mubarak had harsh words for the United States and what he described as its misguided quest for democracy in the Middle East in a telephone call with an Israeli lawmaker a day before he quit as Egypt’s president.

    The legislator, former cabinet minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, said on TV Friday that he came away from the 20-minute conversation on Thursday with the feeling the 82-year-old leader realized “it was the end of the Mubarak era”.

    “He had very tough things to say about the United States,” said Ben-Eliezer, a member of the Labor Party who has held talks with Mubarak on numerous occasions while serving in various Israeli coalition governments.

    “He gave me a lesson in democracy and said: ‘We see the democracy the United States spearheaded in Iran and with Hamas, in Gaza, and that’s the fate of the Middle East,'” Ben-Eliezer said.

    “‘They may be talking about democracy but they don’t know what they’re talking about and the result will be extremism and radical Islam,'” he quoted Mubarak as saying.

    U.S. support for pro-democracy elements in Iran has not led to regime change in the Islamic Republic, and Hamas, a group Washington considers to be a terrorist organization, won a 2006 Palestinian election promoted by the United States.

    Hamas seized control of the Gaza Strip in 2007 after a coalition government it formed with Western-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas collapsed in a power struggle.

    Ben-Eliezer said Mubarak expanded in the telephone call on “what he expects will happen in the Middle East after his fall”.

    “He contended the snowball (of civil unrest) won’t stop in Egypt and it wouldn’t skip any Arab country in the Middle East and in the Gulf.

    “He said ‘I won’t be surprised if in the future you see more extremism and radical Islam and more disturbances — dramatic changes and upheavals,” Ben-Eliezer added.

    Egypt in 1979 became the first Arab country to sign a peace treaty with Israel and has backed U.S.-led efforts to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    Last week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned of an Iran-style Islamist revolution in Egypt should Mubarak’s Muslim Brotherhood rivals eventually take over.

    “He repeated the sentence, ‘I have been serving my country, Egypt, for 61 years. Do they want me to run away? I won’t run away. Do they want to throw me out? I won’t leave. If need be, I will be killed here,'” Ben-Eliezer said.

    • “He repeated the sentence, ‘I have been serving my country, Egypt, for 61 years. Do they want me to run away? I won’t run away. Do they want to throw me out? I won’t leave. If need be, I will be killed here,’” Ben-Eliezer said.

      Poor man..I feel sorry for him. 61 years.

  18. Renee found this; I don’t know if she posted it yet or not, but it’s a good read and good background on Barry and his radical commie friends.

    What Did Wade Rathke Know About Egypt that the CIA Didn’t and What Will Obama Do Now?
    February 9, 2011 By Michael Gaynor

    Rathke’s post made it clear that the Gamamiel Foundation supports the uprising in Egypt. Predictably President Obama is pushing hard for “community reorganizing” in Egypt (a development that pleases the Moslem Brotherhood and Iran, but not Israel). But…with re-election in 2012 his goal and trying to seem moderate in center-right America critical to that, how far will Obama dare to go in trying to “change” Egypt?


  19. The Hidden Hand that Shaped History
    Mubarak Family Portrait
    Mubarak Family Portrait
    By VC | October 20th, 2009

    Has the course of History been directed by a small group of people with common interests? The paintings and pictures of the great men of the past centuries reveal a common thread which links them together. Is it a coincidence that many of them hid one of their hands when posing for a portrait? It seems unlikely. We’ll look at the Masonic origin of the “hidden hand” and the powerful men who used the sign in famous portraits.

    Read More: http://vigilantcitizen.com/?p=2536

  20. Newssleuth! Hello! Hurray! How are you.

    I have to drop this off.

    it relates to the Moses’ story; Akenaten (name change) (no immediate family to speak of: abandoned) (foreign brother and sister); bringing the Law written in Stone. ( numerous visits to the ruling Pharoah’s office…(Etc)
    A Pharoah that was run out of Town. (One World Order – Or Else)
    the reason why they are tying Chicago IL with Washington DC – citadels

    whoa boy. it is uncanny. i have chills. its the New World Nation of Islam being born to subjugate the Natural Born Muslims …

    • oh and I forgot,

      he had a wife, Zipporah who circumsized his son (no name) … blip

      ? Aaron and ? Joshua were his heirs. His burial site was never honored.

      I hope barky never gets to see the Promised Land either.

      • FWIW
        its very interesting.

        (the Davinci Code is a comic book based on the New Testament ) rip off

        Do you know that many people you ask do not know that Egypt is in Africa and that its only a skinny 140 mile line in the sand from Israel, Jerusalem? People are clueless. They do not even know that Libya, Tunis and Algiers, Spain and Portugal and Italy and Greece are only a beach away. The Mediterranean is a mirage.

      • Moses and Zipporah’s sons were Gershom and Eliezer, poor little guys.

  21. Reneee Valentine.

    Tell us all about the Mediterranean, Sweetie Pita. With an Olive on Top.

    Kisses, hugs to WTPOTUS Valentines.

    USA! USA! USA! U S A !!!

    Back in the day, all roads led back to Egypt. Now they ALL lead back to Chicago Illinois, usurped DC. ya know? fairycon, get my drift?

  22. How Obama Blew it in Egypt..Foreign Policy Failure.

    MSNBC‘S Mika Shocked Because Pictures From Egypt Seem So Nice While Harvard’s Niall Ferguson Schools Her on Muslim Brotherhood & Caliphate

    We are seeing the results of an inexperienced president and his incompetent administration. They flipped, flopped, flipped again and then flopped said Niall. No one was working on the same page. Regarding Hillary or Gates in their positions, they aren’t of the caliber of Kissinger, etc.

    Does Mika B even know what she is even saying?


    • Notice the sour look on her face at the start. She says “welcome back.” I bet he won’t be back! Morning Joe was interesting to watch. He (barely) seems to (possibly) be enjoying it.

      “It went pretty damned well,” says Mika. So Mika gives credit to Obama? For what? For losing Egypt, possibly to an Islamic dictatorship?

      Great quotes from the guest: Anybody who thinks it went well “hasn’t got a clue.” That would be Mika, who so wants to help prop up Barry.

      It’s “far too early to say that it’s a triumph,” which clearly was aimed straight at Mika. I loved when he said that Barry’s advisors in the administration are “second rate if not third rate.” That was also a challenge to Mika because he compared them to her father, who was first rate, by anyone’s standards, but apparently not by Mika’s, if she thinks Barry is his equal.

      Then Ferguson said that people at a Tel Aviv conference were appalled at the “complete amateurishness” of the people deciding our foreign policy. So are we!

      To him, it seems as if we have two foreign policies. Indeed we do: That belonging to whomever passes for a patriot in this administration and that belonging to Barry, who has other priorities and allegiances. Ferguson said it seems that they failed to foresee this result, which could end up with the Muslim Brotherhood in control. I believe that Barry did foresee this (as did his friends Ayers, Dohrn, Rathke) and that THIS IS THE RESULT BARRY WANTS.

      This is exactly why the Founders wisely stated, “NO PERSON except a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN …”

      • she’s an infiltrator.

        just like her foreign father, the doctor.

        Frankenstein’s doctor.

        Mika. Smika. unbiased. take MSNBC’s word for it.

        unAmerican is more like it.

  23. This article substantiates what Niall was saying..the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing..or in this case both left hands don’t know what they are doing! Who is running the show? Comforting isn’t it?

    Obama ‘Furious’ With Hillary State Department Over Egypt
    Sunday, 13 Feb 2011

    Is a civil war brewing between the Obama White House and Hillary Clinton’s State Department?A New York Times story published this weekend suggests one may have erupted already.

    The paper reported that Obama was “seething” over State Department official’s statement suggesting that the administration did not want a quick transition of power in Egypt, with President Hosni Mubarak stepping down from his office immediately. Obama felt that the State Department “made it look as if the administration were protecting a dictator and ignoring the pleas of the youths of Cairo.”

    As Secretary Clinton and her special envoy Frank Wisner repeatedly called for an orderly transition that would include President Mubarak remaining in office for at least a period of time, Obama and his team studiously sought to undermine the State Department stance.

    The Times states that Mr. Obama “was furious” about Clinton’s and Wisner’s statements, “as Mr. Obama was demanding that change in Egypt begin right away.”

    Secretary Clinton was not the only figure who opposed Obama’s view. Clinton was joined by Vice President Joe Biden and Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who also were advocating that Obama adhere to a cautious and more traditional foreign policy approach toward the situation in Egypt.

    Unhappy about the mixed signals high-ranking officials were giving, Obama intervened directly, telling White House advisers that “this was not the message we should be delivering.”

    According to the Times, the Obama White House even recruited Democratic Sen. John Kerry to appear on “Meet the Press” last Sunday to contradict Wisner’s statements that reflected Secretary Clinton’s views. Wisner’s comments “just don’t reflect where the administration has been from day one,” Kerry said on the program.


  24. George Soros, Google tagged for starting Islamic uprisings
    February 14, 2011 Snips

    An astute blogger has been putting the pieces together.T. Monroe-Hamilton of The Noisy Room writes, “Google exec Wael Ghonim utilized Facebook to bring thousands into the streets and set himself up as a political martyr if need be. Youth groups along with Ghonim support ElBaradei and, by default, the Muslim Brotherhood. And who is financing such groups? Well, our old friend George Soros of course. He and ElBaradei both sit on the International Crises Group board of trustees.”

    Call it Revolution 2.0. It’s what Google’s Wael Ghonim has named it, claiming their on-line tech-savvy ability to foment demonstrations was what ultimately toppled the Egyptian regime of Hosni Mubarak.

    Cairo native and Google marketing exec Wael Ghonim helped organize Revolution 2.0, the anti-Mubarak protests, through “We are All Khaled Said”, the Facebook page that drew more than 70,000 friends.

    Monroe-Hamilton observes, “The Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions did not just spontaneously erupt. No …they are well planned, drawn out, militant efforts to bring about revolutionary change on a global scale. This will be done using the Internet and the young, who will be manipulated into revolt, with either legitimate causes, manufactured wrongs or a combination of both. Enter The Alliance for Youth Movements (AYM).”


    Soros, the Youth, High Tech and the Fundamental Change that is Revolution
    February 12th, 2011
    By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton


    • This is such “fun” for Soros! Now a Google exec is implicated in a country’s uprising and the fall of a government. What a way to get your kicks..they must be so proud! What country is next George? Will the CIA or FBI investigate?

    • Might I hazard a guess that T. Monroe-Hamilton is a she? Have you noticed that women are in the vanguard of this anti-NWO, anti-Barry, anti-Soros blogging legion? The blogger’s full name is Terresa Monroe-Hamilton. Do check out the image of Soros on that blog.

      Monroe-Hamilton quotes another blog: “The Alliance for Youth Movements (AYM) began with a December 2008 summit in New York City to identify, convene, and engage 21st century movements online for the first time in history. The United States Department of State partnered with Facebook, Howcast, MTV, Google, YouTube, AT&T, JetBlue, Gen-Next, Access 360 Media, and Columbia Law School to launch a global network and empower young people mobilizing against violence and oppression.” So it’s not just SOROS, it’s US. We the People funded this crap, courtesy of our State Dept., which, btw, included Condi Rice. She who KNOWS the reason for the Obama Plumbers who “cauterized” Barry’s passport files and thus, doubtless, KNOWS what they cauterized.

      And then Monroe-Hamilton writes, “Beginning to see the scope here? Americans have been out-foxed by their government who all along has been pulling together the makings of a movement that would start revolts in the Middle East and move throughout Europe and then strike at home, culminating in a New World Order. Call me crazy, but it is as clear as anything I have ever seen. While we have been working and taking care of our families, our politicians have been planning for our glorious future of bowing down before our elitist overlords. What is the end game? Well, if I had to wager, worldwide chaos and when it all falls down, a chosen few will be there to pick up the pieces of wealth and power to shape an uber-form of Communism that will be attempted worldwide. Conspiracy theory you say? I call it a very well-planned international coup. … But it’s not just Soros. You will find Barack Obama’s trail behind all this as well. From his urging Mubarak to step down, to the curious event of the Egyptian military heads being AT the White House when the Egyptian revolt began. To Mubarak stepping down on the same date as the Shah of Iran did in 1979. I don’t believe in coincidence.”

      Neither do I. There ARE no coincidences in the Obamaverse. I’m still trying to figure out the “set himself up as a political martyr if need be.” Shades of that Nixon staffer who volunteered to be offed?

      • Check it out. Seriously. Does this not explain SO VERY MUCH? Columbia Law School? Barry’s hidden records. Google and YouTube? Using their power and access to scrubadubdub and spy on Obama opponents. And then there’s the lamestream media and all the complicit politicians. How easy, btw, for the Dept. of State to gather enough information on any politician to force compliance, if you get my drift?

      • Miri
        Agreed…. No coincidences……..
        It is a carefully orchestrated coup of which we are only seeing the very beginning ……the tip of the iceberg.

        • AOne, the thing is, I cannot imagine any way that this can possibly end well.

          • Nor can I. It will be a very different world than we knew. The only possible chance we have is to keep the information flowing and hopefully it will get to enough of the right ears. Every time I think the situation is hopeless I come across something that let’s me know that the word is getting out …….

            • Do read butterdezillion’s blog. She has put together the entire saga of her travails with the HDOH. It’s amazing and it DOES provide some hope. Some. If only the right people will see and read it, and then care enough to take action.

              We all need to keep talking and writing and fighting. It’s what the Founders would expect of us–to not let this great Republic go gently into that good night.

      • the curious event of the Egyptian military heads being AT the White House when the Egyptian revolt began….


  25. Bridge
    I believe this was only a trial run. Mubarak supposedly has cancer so was leaving anyway.

  26. Lara Logan, CBS News, was brutally sexually led in Egypt … She is now in the hospital.

  27. we are there.

  28. Has anyone seen the article that states Obama ordered a report done on potential problems in the Middle East and specifically about Egypt? Why would he order such a report a year before an uprising when there hadn’t been problems there? A set-up? Did he have Prior knowledge that “they” would try to topple that government? What a sick game to go in to destabilize a country, then another, then another.

    • Bet his google buddy and this software (h/t Kathy) helped in inciting those riots.


    • Found what I heard about.

      Obama Ordered Secret Report on Political Unrest in Egypt Last Summer, White House Says
      February 17, 2011 Snips

      Faced with criticisms over its muddled response to the popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, the White House has revealed that President Obama last August ordered a secret report that concluded that without sweeping political reform, the Middle East and North Africa were ripe for revolution.

      For several months, the White House held weekly interagency meetings examining questions of political reform across the region, a senior administration official confirmed to Fox News. “That process has helped us respond quickly and effectively to the events in Tunisia and Egypt, and will help guide our regional focus on encouraging governments in the region to take on meaningful political reforms going forward,” the official told Fox News

      The New York Times first reported on the existence of an 18-page classified report that identified likely flashpoints of potential unrest, including Egypt…..

      But even as the administration was supposedly studying stability risks in places like Egypt, the U.S. intelligence community was mostly in the dark about the festering situation in Egypt.


      • Was the US intelligence community in the dark because nothing was going on until it was manufactured by the likes of Soros or the Muslim Brotherhood? Why would Obama’s interagency people know more than the Intelligence community unless these meetings were the pre-planning stage for the uprising? Was the information gained during these meetings given to people outside the government? This doesn’t add up.

  29. Secret Report Ordered by Obama Identified Potential Uprisings
    February 16, 2011

    WASHINGTON — President Obama ordered his advisers last August to
    produce a secret report on unrest in the Arab world,
    which concluded that without sweeping political changes, countries from Bahrain to Yemen were ripe for popular revolt, administration officials said Wednesday.

    Mr. Obama’s order, known as a Presidential Study Directive, identified likely flashpoints, most notably Egypt, and solicited proposals for how the administration could push for political change in countries with autocratic rulers who are also valuable allies of the United States, these officials said.

    The 18-page classified report, they said, grapples with a problem that has bedeviled the White House’s approach toward Egypt and other countries in recent days: how to balance American strategic interests and the desire to avert broader instability against the democratic demands of the protesters.

    Administration officials did not say how the report related to intelligence analysis of the Middle East, which the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Leon E. Panetta, acknowledged in testimony before Congress, needed to better identify “triggers” for uprisings in countries like Egypt.

    Officials said Mr. Obama’s support for the crowds in Tahrir Square in Cairo, even if it followed some mixed signals by his administration, reflected his belief that there was a greater risk in not pushing for changes because Arab leaders would have to resort to ever more brutal methods to keep the lid on dissent.

    “There’s no question Egypt was very much on the mind of the president,” said a senior official who helped draft the report and who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss its findings. “You had all the unknowns created by Egypt’s succession picture — and Egypt is the anchor of the region.”

    At the time, officials said, President Hosni Mubarak appeared to be either digging in or grooming his son, Gamal, to succeed him. Parliamentary elections scheduled for November were widely expected to be a sham. Egyptian police were jailing bloggers, and Mohamed ElBaradei, the former chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency, had returned home to lead a nascent opposition movement.

    In Yemen, too, officials said Mr. Obama worried that the administration’s intense focus on counter-terrorism operations against Al Qaeda was ignoring a budding political crisis, as angry young people rebelled against President Ali Abdullah Saleh, an autocratic leader of the same vintage as Mr. Mubarak.

    “Whether it was Yemen or other countries in the region, you saw a set of trends” — a big youth population, threadbare education systems, stagnant economies and new social network technologies like Facebook and Twitter — that was a “real prescription for trouble,” another official said.

    The White House held weekly meetings with experts from the State Department, the C.I.A. and other agencies. The process was led by Dennis B. Ross, the president’s senior adviser on the Middle East; Samantha Power, a senior director at the National Security Council who handles human rights issues; and Gayle Smith, a senior director responsible for global development.

    The administration kept the project secret, officials said, because it worried that if word leaked out, Arab allies would pressure the White House, something that happened in the days after protests convulsed Cairo.

    Indeed, except for Egypt, the officials refused to discuss countries in detail. The report singles out four for close scrutiny, which an official said ran the gamut: one that is trying to move toward change, another that has resisted any change and two with deep strategic ties to the United States as well as religious tensions. Those characteristics would suggest Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen.

    By issuing a directive, Mr. Obama was also pulling the topic of political change out of regular meetings on diplomatic, commercial or military relations with Arab states. In those meetings, one official said, the strategic interests loom so large that it is almost impossible to discuss reform efforts.

    The study has helped shape other messages, like a speech Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton gave in Qatar in January, in which she criticized Arab leaders for resisting change. “We really pushed the question of who was taking the lead in reform,” said an official. “Would pushing reform harm relations with the Egyptian military? Doesn’t the military have an interest in reform?”

    Mr. Obama also pressed his advisers to study popular uprisings in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia to determine which ones worked and which did not. He is drawn to Indonesia, where he spent several years as a child, which ousted its longtime leader, Suharto, in 1998.

    While the report is guiding the administration’s response to events in the Arab world, it has not yet been formally submitted — and given the pace of events in the region, an official said, it is still a work in progress.


  30. Sheik Qaradawi, Egypt’s New Hitler: “The Revolution has Just Begun” Google Guru Banned
    Feb. 18

    Qaradawi – a Head of the Muslim Brotherhood
    Google out. Muslim Brotherhood in.

    The self-important Google schmuck and “60 Minutes” darling, Wael Ghonim, to whom many point as the social networking guru behind the overthrow of the Egyptian government, was barred from the stage by Qaradawi. Leftist asshats paving the way for the global caliphate.

    Ghonim, Google’s head of marketing for the Middle East and North Africa, administered a Facebook page that helped spark the uprising that toppled Mubarak’s regime.

    In an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes” that aired on Sunday, Ghonim said the protests which led to Mubarak’s ouster would not have happened without online social networks. “If there was no social networks it would have never been sparked,” he said.”Because the whole thing before the revolution was the most critical thing. Without Facebook, without Twitter, without Google, without YouTube, this would have never happened.”
    In a special mention of the Palestinian issue, Al-Qaradhawi asked the Egyptian army to open wide the Rafah crossing and to pray for the re-conquest of Jerusalem by the Muslims, so that he and the Muslims could pray in security at Al-Aqsa Mosque. This part of his sermon was cheered and applauded by the crowd.


  31. Obama sent $2 Billion in arms to Egypt in 2009! This was done at the same time that Obama’s secret meetings were going on and that there was a concern for Egypt’s stability according to his Presidential Directive’s group. Why were arms sent there and for what reason. Into whose hands might those fall now that the military has taken over the government. It depends on who takes over the government, doesn’t it. Will the Muslim Brotherhood take ownership of those arms if they become the the leaders of the government?

    “Now, as revolution rips through the Middle East, the U.S. must wait to see who gains control over those weapons.”

    • Egypt uprisings, American weapons. Now what?
      February 14, 2011: 5:36 AM ET

      FORTUNE — Hosni Mubarak and Zine El Abidine Ben-Ali have been forced out of Eygpt and Tunisia, but their arms stockpiles, furnished in large by American defense contractors, are still there. The U.S. government has sold billions of dollars worth of planes, tanks, and missiles to Middle Eastern countries in recent years. As power shifts in the region, so too will control of those weapons.

      American arms exports to the Middle East, fueled by oil money and a shared distrust of Iran, have been quietly booming. Between 2006 and 2009, the Department of Defense sold nearly $50 billion worth of weapons to the region, according to the Congressional Research Service, which tracks exports coordinated by the government on behalf of private contractors. Annual sales agreements with Middle Eastern countries have more than quadrupled since 2000.

      The Egyptian government purchased about $2 billion worth of American-made weapons from the Department of Defense in 2009,


    • From my post above :
      Egypt’s military: Key facts:

      “It is one of the world’s largest recipients of U.S. military aid. Washington agreed to a $13 billion, 10-year aid package to Egypt in 2007.”

      That’s $1.3 billion a year for 10 years. It looks like Egypt got an extra $700 million in 2009.

  32. WikiLeaks: Hosni Mubarak told US not to topple Saddam Hussein
    London, Feb.10 :

    Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is reported to have told former US vice-president Dick Cheney ‘three or four times’ not to depose Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, according to diplomatic cables leaked by the whistle blowing web site WikiLeaks.

    By ignoring his advice and invading Iraq, Mubarak had warned that the Americans had managed to increase the threat posed by Iran, The Telegraph reports.

    Mubarak is said to have made the comments during a breakfast meeting with US congressmen at the presidential palace in Cairo in December 2008.

    He told one of the delegation, Senator Byron Dorgan, that the US needed to ””listen to its friends” in the region.

    “When George Bush Senior was president, ”he listened to my advice. But his son does not’,” he said, according to a US cable sent on January 14, 2009. ”I told (Vice President) Cheney three or four times’ that Iraq needed a strong leader and that it would be unwise to remove Saddam Hussein. Doing so would only ”open the gate to Iran.” Unfortunately, he said, the vice-president did not listen to his advice.”


  33. Communist Party of Egypt Comes Out of the Shadow
    Emboldened by a “revolution” that they helped organize, the Egyptian Communist Party is coming partially out of the shadows.

    Friday, March 18, 2011

    From the Communist Party of Egypt website

    The Egyptian Communist Party held a comprehensive meeting that included all its different entities and subcategories. The meeting resulted in a unanimous decision to officially announce the party’s existence and activities, considering the new and healthy political and social environment that has resulted from the January 25 revolution, and after years of being forced to work in utter secrecy and under much repression.

    The party has agreed to continue the communist journey that began in the 1920s, despite the fact that the communist concept has been reproached and widely misused by corrupt anti-proletariat regimes over the past decades.

    The Egyptian Communist Party was re-inaugurated in 1975 and is legitimated by the masses – and this is authentic legitimacy. This goes back to its long struggle and strong connection with the working class in Egypt, as well as the social and political aspirations of hardworking Egyptians. It is these same people who – today – aspire for a society built on freedom, justice and honor, alongside freedom from dependency, tyranny and oppression.

    Even though the Egyptian Communist Party was forced to work in complete secrecy for many years, its partaking in democratic and frontal achievements since 1975 are simply undeniable. Members and calibers of the party come from all walks of life and have made positive and powerful contributions to the events of our revolution. For more than 9 decades, Egyptian communists have made unprecedented and strong contributions in many fields of culture and community, including literature, politics and unionism. The communist ideology has survived campaign after campaign of aggression by regimes backed up by right-wing extremists across the Arab world supported by imperialist forces, only by working in utter secrecy, with much persistence and through the ample support of the masses.

    The Egyptian Communist Party confirmed that it will be holding its 4th general conference in the near future to determine the ideal plan of action and organizational chart that will guarantee the demands and aims of our revolution during the coming period.

    March 14th 2011

    There will be no “democracy” in Egypt. Barring a miracle, there will only be a blend of Marxism-Leninism and radical Islam.


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