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Snow White and the Seven Dorks!

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Tea Party Sign.. It’s A Winner!

By Bridgette

Just a few pictures of the “elites” that inhabit the WH Elementary School’s Juvenile Halls of Slime and Crime in Dork City, USA.   A few of these are tooted as the best of the rest…and I say, “Put it to rest.”    They’ve lowered the bar so far, that it now only takes a baby step to reach their level, ground level.  Dirt.  

This  radical group and their supporters and associates with their  “pie in the sky transformational ideas” are so out of touch with “normal” Americans that they can only be described as pathetic.  Yes, sick, pathetic, delusional, and dangerous.   They need to be permanently reeled in.   Taking advice from their Alinsky, Marxist playbook, let’s reel them in, slice ’em, and dice ’em!

Whatever they touch turns not to gold, but instead to mold.   Our patience is wearing, our tolerance paling, and their significance failing.  News bits and pieces detail their ineptitude, delusions, and collusion. We count the days;  yet, the days don’t pass fast enough.  These B and C actors, and the main puppet, aren’t worthy of having bit parts on any stage,  and certainly not the world stage. There isn’t one that is worth their salt, and not one deserves their name on a marquis.  And just like salt and fatty foods that hold no nutritional value, these people will be slammed and banned because they have no value. 

The devil’s in the details, and we’ve had enough of their criminal, corrupt, demonic, and anti-American ways.  Get the heck out of our White House and let those doors hit ya smack dab in the  #ss…on the way out!   If our country is broken..they are the ones that broke it!

As they said on the old time TV series,  “Head ’em up and Move ’em out.”

Bork the Dorks!

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  1. Obama Should Withdraw Kagan Nomination

    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich called on President Obama to withdraw the nomination of Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court, calling her views anti-military and airing, for one of the first times, concerns that during her time as Dean, Harvard Law accepted money from Saudi Arabia.

    Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” Gingrich even dismissed the notion that a Senate confirmation process was needed to properly judge or vet Kagan’s credentials for the Court.

    “I think the president should withdraw it,” he said. “You don’t need a lot of hearings. The very fact that she led the effort which was repudiated unanimously by the Supreme Court to block the American military from Harvard Law school — we’re in two wars, and I see no reason why you would appoint an anti-military Supreme Court justice or why the Senate would confirm an anti-military Supreme Court justice.”

    “I think the president has every right to nominate a liberal,” he added, when reminded by host Chris Wallace, that Kagan’s position on executive power are much in line with Gingrich’s. “He is the president and that is his value system. I think the fact is if you look at the brief you filed, if you look at what she wrote at the time, it’s a very myopic view. On the one hand, Harvard accepts money from Saudis. Saudi Arabia, by the way, executes homosexuals, Saudi Arabia represses women, Saudi Arabia doesn’t allow Christians or Jews to practice their religion, but Saudi money is fine.”

  2. This is frightening!
    May 17, 2010
    Naked Emperor News – Boston, MA

    Cass Sunstein: “Sometimes people don’t do what’s best for our society.”

    His idea, So if you are reading/watching a conservative website, a liberal viewpoint box would pop up so you would have to listen to the other viewpoint! A link would be provided. For example, CNN would have to provide a link to another site, say Fox. Say there are 25 random sites that would show up to choose as the alternative viewpoint.

    Congress would provide a legal mandate to do this.

  3. Tea Party Winner! I wonder if the GOP and Democrat parties are hearing the astroturfed Tea Party now!!! The ALLEGED mobsters win!

    Rand Paul (R) wins with 60% of the vote. Trey Greyson had 35% of the vote in the Kentucky primary. It appears this was a Randslide.

    The establishment GOP better be listening.

  4. Tea Party Winner! I wonder if the GOP and Democrat parties are hearing the astroturfed Tea Party now!!!

    Tea anyone ? Sugar ? one lump or two dear ?
    Amazing ! LOL !

  5. Under the Bus! Arlen Specter (D- PA) is under the bus! No support from the White House! He changed parties from Republican to Democrat and gave the democrats their major votes they needed to pass the stimulus and healthcare and others.

    A WH official said to Major Garrett earlier today, that ‘We got what we needed out of Specter!” Doesn’t that sound like this how the WH is operating. Promises of major support by Obama for making the party change and giving them the votes didn’t happen!

    The winner is Sestek over Specter in PA!! Now will we find out if Sestek was offered a job by the White House if he bowed out of the race? Unlikely. Who will win in November Pennsylvania?

  6. Believe it! It is another emergency. The Dems NEED to spend another 300 Billion in the next 10 days before recess time!

    That will take the deficit up to 1.6 TRILLION in one year!

    No pay as you go needed to figure out where this money comes from because it classified as an EMERGENCY!

  7. LA received a letter from AZ regarding their boycott that was aimed at AZ. They wanted to know if it would help them if their lights are turned off. AZ provides the electricity for Los Angeles. Tit for Tat! What will the city do..will they hold the line and continue their boycott of AZ or will the LA City Council decide they want to keep the lights on?

  8. Maybe when one of these graduates shakes Obama’s hand (yuck), he or she can return the favor and ask Obama for his citizenship:

    btw, Gateway Pundit reports that the WH is hosting Mexican officials but first they’ll ask for IDs.

    He says the Mexican president had the gall to criticize AZ from the WH lawn.

    • GB read the AZ law on his radio station this morning……. He came to a part about probable cause to see proof……which then he made a joke about states like ha that passes laws where you can’t request records……….
      He definitely knows what is going on
      Lots happening…. The pressure is getting more intense

      • He revealed that the Left is now trying to boycott his show..He is exposing so much information that they are getting worried. The far left Rep. Weiner is involved along with Andy Stern, AFL-CIO, Van Jones, and the religious adviser..Julius. They are all trying to get people to boycott Beck’s show.

        Weiner’s (the little weasel) new press secretary worked for Media Matters. Surprise..another Soros puppet.

        So Soros’ puppets are getting involved. Peculiar that they are calling Beck ..McCarthy. McCarthy had the power to do something about outing the communists. Beck is working through the people to expose the Progressive/communist agenda.

        Media Matters was the one publishing that Beck was losing viewers when his audience has increased 22% in the last month.

        • Media Matters was the one publishing that Beck was losing viewers when his audience has increased 22% in the last month.

  9. Oh, my aching head. Isn’t this a case of a bailout with bailout money? I can’t keep it straight. Bottom line: More help for Obama’s connections:

    “The banks have agreed to contribute $140 million to bail out the bank, while the federal government will donate tens of millions more, according to people close to the talks. In addition to major Wall Street firms like Goldman Sachs (GS: 139.98, 2.57, 1.87%), which agreed to contribute $20 million to the bailout effort, as well as Citigroup (C: 3.82, 0.1, 2.69%) and JPMorgan (JPM: 38.88, -0.14, -0.36%), General Electric’s (GE: 17.25, 0.02, 0.12%) GE Capital will also contribute $20 million to the rescue effort. All the firms have either received massive government assistance during the financial crisis or, in the case of Goldman Sachs, are facing multiple regulatory investigations into their business practices.

    The bailout has been controversial. Senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett served on a Chicago civic organization with a director of the bank, and President Obama himself has singled out the bank for praise in lending to low-income communities.”

    • I looked into Shore bank at one time and as I recall it appeared to be a front for something. They were doing microfinancing, and their website had obscure information. Obama was at their grand opening in Chicago. I think it was connected to a Detroit bank. Then I think it went to another microfinancing arm that was connected to Clinton and Carter. Lending at outrageous interest amounts to unsuspecting people in foreign countries and that was how they were making money? That is how they were helping them to become self-sufficient. I’ll have to look up the information once again. There were archived articles about Obama and Shore Bank.

    • I wonder what else Shore Bank is up to. It is peculiar that now the banks are being contacted to “help” out this bank, rather than having the regulators close it. Doesn’t make much sense does it. Why is this bank so important?

      Money laundering?

      • Bridg
        Shore Bank ……hmmmm
        Very interesting history
        apparently there is a connection between Shore Bank, BO and a Kenya project
        When I try to get info weird things happen to my screen
        read history at:

        • Great find Aone. The person that investigated Shore Bank did a great job of pulling people together that are involved in this. Bill and Hillary Clinton, Van Jones, Rev. Wright, Ron Grzywinski, Mary Houghton, James Fletcher and Milton Davis. Howard Stanback , Tony Rezko, Allison Davis, Annenburg, U.S. Sen. Richard Durbin and U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky are a few. Less I forget Soros.

          “During the 2008 Presidential campaign, while still a Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama visited Kenya, the former home of his biological father. He promoted the application of microfinancing (an activity for which ShoreBank has been a major promoter) as a way to fight poverty world-wide. Chicago’s Shorebank donated $1 million to Kenya and also assisted in setting up financial institutions in Kenya and many other locations throughout the world.” So he went to see “relatives” in Kenya to discover his roots..really?

          From memory…There is an organization, Group of Elders or a name close to that that advises. Then there is a link to Grameen out of Bangladesh. Whoever started that Foundation and bank of the same name got the Nobel prize under Clinton. The founder started the bank involved in micro-financing also. It was a huge web that I was following and I didn’t recognize the names like I do now. Seeing the names now, there are a lot of people involved in some illegal activities.

          • Bridge
            didn’t manning just have ” testimony” that early 1980’s MAD was officer of bank of ha and SAD was wiring for Bank in Pakistan? ( can’t remember the name of the Bank)
            the Grameen foundation was somehow tied to the annenberg challenge and the woods foundation………. Need to refresh our memories
            but I do think this all is very very important in unravelling this mess.

          • Sunday, May 16, 2010

            DURHAM, N.C. — A Nobel laureate who says “yes” to the world’s poor and a graduating student who embraces “yes, and …” as an approach to life sent Duke University’s Class of 2010 out into the world Sunday at the university’s annual commencement ceremony in Wallace Wade Stadium.

            Speaking under an overcast sky, Muhammad Yunus called on the graduates to dedicate their lives to addressing social problems instead of focusing solely on personal profit. “Each individual, each human being, has enormous power to change the world. You have it. Are you going to use that power to change the world?” he asked.

            Yunus, a Bangladeshi banker and economist who won the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize for his pioneering use of microfinance to assist the poor, urged Duke’s graduates to measure their lives not by how much money they earn but by how much they help others.

            “Poverty is not created by poor people,” he said. “Seeds of poverty are not in the person; seeds of poverty are in the system.”

            Saying he was pleased to receive an honorary degree in a year when “not many universities are giving honorary degrees to bankers,” Yunus described how his organization expanded recently into New York City, opening a branch in Queens that has successfully made multiple micro-loans to people of modest means, even as a financial crisis rocked large banks that rarely make such loans. “You tell me who is not credit-worthy now,” he said.

            Yunus, 69, is the author of several books, including the recently published “Building Social Business: The New Kind of Capitalism that Serves Humanity’s Most Pressing Needs.”

            “The New Kind of Capitalism” sounds a lot like Socialism to me.

          • In 1983, Yunus established the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh to help poor people escape poverty by providing loans on terms suitable to them and by teaching them sound financial principles so they can help themselves. Replicas of the Grameen Bank model now operate in more than 100 countries.

            “In structuring our credit program, I decided to do exactly the opposite of traditional banks,” Yunus wrote in his book “Banker to the Poor.” “To overcome the psychological barrier of parting with large sums, I decided to institute a daily payment program. I made the loan payments so small that borrowers would barely miss the money.”

            Yunus is the recipient of numerous international awards, including the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize and a 2009 Presidential Medal of Freedom Award from President Obama.

        • Do I believe that these microfinancing operations are philanthropic operations and that they give out loans of $100 or less and make money?
          Obama promoted/set up micro-financing businesses in Kenya on a taxpayer paid trip? Is that legal?

          Obama and ShoreBank in Kenya (ABC 7)

      • They need campaign money.

        Get the bailed out to bail them out with our money, launder it, then “give back to the community” (organizer).

  10. Now why would Mexico be upset about our nation’s immigration laws when theirs are so much worse. Money. All the money that is sent back to their country keeps their failing economy going. They depend on USA dollars from the illegals flowing freely into their country.

    If we stop the money flow they will have to handle their own problems and to something to stop the corruption that runs rampant. It is about $1 billion per year of money that is sent back to keep their economy afloat. That is why the Pres. of Mexico doesn’t want us to stop the illegals. They need the cash. We support Mexico by allowing money to flow freely from the illegals back to their families. It keeps Western Union, for one, in business along with all of those Check Cashing operations the the US.

  11. Long read, but interesting !!

    Mexican Revolutionaries in America

    By Cliff Kincaid | May 18, 2010

    There are many obvious flaws in the book, and the treatment of communist subversion in the Western hemisphere is one of them.

    One of Bill Ayers’ courses at the University of Illinois includes Pedagogy of the Oppressed as required reading. Author Paulo Freire, a Brazilian Marxist, declared:

    “This, then, is the great humanistic and historical task of the oppressed: to liberate themselves and their oppressors as well.”

    It turns out that the Freire book is required reading in “Raza Studies” or Mexican-American courses in the high schools in Tucson, Arizona, where students have been protesting Arizona’s new immigration law. Other required books are Occupied America by Rodolfo Acuña, a professor emeritus of Chicano studies at California State University in Northridge (CSUN), and Prison Notebooks by Antonio Gramsci, the Italian Communist.

    Occupied America, the fifth edition, includes an image of Fidel Castro on the front cover, and Castro and Che Guevara on the back cover. It refers to white people as “gringos” and actually includes a quotation on page 323 from Jose Angel Gutierrez of the Mexican American Youth Organization (MAYO), who was angry over the cancellation of a government program. He declared:

    “We are fed up. We are going to move to do away with the injustice to the Chicano and if the ‘gringo’ doesn’t get out of our way, we will stampede over him.”

    The book goes on:

    “Gutierrez attacked the gringo establishment angrily at a press conference and called upon Chicanos to ‘Kill the gringo,’ which meant to end white control over Mexicans.”

    Reviewing this material for the National Association of Scholars, Ashley Thorne commented that, “Actually, ‘kill the gringo’ meant ‘kill the gringo.’ But admitting that makes Mexicans look radical, infuriated, revolutionary, Acuña sidestepped that image and substituted it with one of browbeaten Latinos rising to overthrow injustice.”

    • Peach I saw another article on Trevor’s new blog about Mexico. Key-Wiki…that you might find interesting. I didn’t have time to post it. Their call to a revolution or the background information. It was a few days ago, so my memory isn’t great.

  12. Their website has changed since I last saw it. It still doesn’t look like a “Normal” bank website, but is now connected to other Shorebank locations.

    In the early 1990s, a Detroit neighborhood development corporation became intrigued with the notion of ShoreBank expanding to Detroit. It mobilized others to the cause, including Wayne County and Detroit Renaissance, a private organization dedicated to accelerating economic growth in the Detroit region. By 1995, $11 million in capital was raised through Detroit leadership to fund ShoreBank’s expansion to Detroit and in 1996, ShoreBank opened its doors on the city’s east side.

    ShoreBank partners with its nonprofit affiliate ShoreBank Enterprise to increase its impact beyond just what a bank can do. ShoreBank Enterprise provides pre-development, pre-construction and contractor financing, as well as complementary small business loans.

    Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
    Portland, Oregon
    Coastal Oregon & Washington
    Washington D.C.

    ShoreBank Corporation has approximately 70 SHAREHOLDERS, consisting of financial institutions, foundations, insurance companies, faith-based institutions, trusts and individuals. Following is a selective list of shareholders. [I put an * in front of the ones I recognize).

    Allstate Insurance Company
    *** Bank of America Corporation
    BP Corporation North America Inc.
    Bullitt Foundation
    Calvert Social Investment Equity Fund Catholic Healthcare West
    Center for Community Change
    ***Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
    Chicago Community Foundation
    Cleveland Tomorrow
    CNA Financial Corporation
    Cooperative Assistance Fund
    Cummins Foundation Inc.
    Development Equity Fund, L.L.C
    Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society
    of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the US
    Dominican Sisters of Springfield, IL
    Episcopal Diocese of Northern Michigan
    F.B. Heron Foundation
    ***Ford Foundation
    ****Harris Bankcorp, Inc.
    Health Care Service Corporation
    Illinois Prepaid Tuition Trust Fund
    Irving Harris Foundation
    Irwin-Sweeney-Miller Foundation
    ***JPMorgan Chase & Co.
    John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
    ***Joyce Foundation
    LaSalle National Corporation
    Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Company
    MAF Investments, Ltd.
    Marquette Community Foundation
    MBNA Community Development Corporation.
    New Prospect Foundation
    Northern Michigan University
    ***Northern Trust Corporation
    Piton Foundation
    Prudential Insurance Company
    R.D. Merrill Company
    Regency Savings Bank, F.S.B.
    South Shore Commission
    State Farm Mutual Automobile Company
    Twenty-First Century Foundation
    UIDC Holdings, L.P.
    Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock
    ***United Church of Christ/ Local Church Ministries.
    ***Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
    Wieboldt Foundation

  13. bridge

    And the spider web gets tighter ……….

    Connections to Pakistan

    • AOne,
      The far-sighted Abedi had cultivated Sheikh Zayed well before the mid-seventies boom in oil prices, taking the avid falconer on lavish bustard hunts in the wilds of Pakistan. (Abedi’s agents also catered to the less wholesome tastes of the portly Crown Prince Khalifa.) Zayed became the primary financial backer of the BCCI and still owns its remains. When Abedi decided to buy the Washington, D.C. bank that Jack Stephens was peddling, he advanced one of Sheikh Zayed’s minor sons as a stockholder, with Darwaish acting as the boy’s agent..The deal apparently whetted Darwaish’s appetite for American investments. Around October 1979, he and several assistants set up a Panamanian shell corporation to trade in the American commodities markets. They worked through a Swiss brokerage and placed their orders with Refco. Through November, they transferred more than $100 million of Sheikh Zayed’s money to America, primarily through BCCI headquarters in London.

      Falcoln hunting in Paki..
      Jackson Stevens…..

    • Aone, those are enlightening articles. Especially using the BCCI to fund terrorists and offer them a way of transferring their money. I don’t get it, why aren’t these people all arrested. Those articles gave me the shivers.

      • I wonder if we are getting ahead of GB???!!!
        I am not sure of these sources but they seem to be legit. I think we should copy them so we will have them if they are scrubbed……
        Do you want to notify GB of these connections?

        • AOne, I am not sure…bet he knows where it goes, but may go to his bosses somewhere up the line..pondering this..

        • Good idea. Better that they get some of the same information from several sources. I did find that Beck might already know some of the information because he shares information with Breitbart. One of the initial articles on this thread was on Big Govt in March. It was in my notes. But I don’t know if that writer has the rest of the information. In the list of shareholders, Joyce Foundation was mentioned and that is the one that Beck has outed recently that is part of Crime Inc.

  14. And his grandpa;

    Soloman Bros Bankers too ?

  15. The mayor of Costa Mesa, CA Declares their city a “Rule of Law City” on Immigration. What a novel idea for anyone in the age of Obama to follow the law.

    The ILLEGAL population is furious!

    I guess that is the opposite of being a sanctuary city! The ripple effect begins after AZ passed their law to clamp down on illegals crossing the border. They should expect ACLU and La Raza to issue lawsuits and protests. Expect words from the race inciter, Al Sharpton. Expect words from Obama to say they are a misdirected city. Expect Holder to give another opinion on what he reads in the NY Times.

  16. Labor union SEIU bussed 500 protesters (14 buses) on Sunday afternoon to protest. Threatening, intimidating, bank executives at their homes!

    They went to Greg Baer’s, Senior officer of B of A. Afterwards, they went to a another home.

  17. Pakistan has blocked Facebook and You Tube from its citizens. It isn’t good for their Muslim populaton! How about if they monitor their jihadist websites too. I wonder who is making those decisions for their people. I wonder if Karzai talked to Obama or Sustein about their ideas on net neutrality and controlling the internet.

  18. Random things:

    Weenie goes after Beck. Glenn must be on to something big:

    Did you see this hail video?

    Shades of Joe McCarthy:

    “Just a week after being asked to join an elite team of scientists working on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, a controversial Washington University professor has been dismissed from the group. Physics professor Jonathan Katz’s tenure on the team was cut short after Obama administration officials — under pressure from gay rights groups — decided his polarizing opinions and writings could get in the way. . . . Katz, whose academic credentials have not been questioned, has long been known for his controversial views. They attracted attention as early as 2005, when several students complained about things he had written on his university website.”

    If you don’t tow the PC line, they WILL destroy you. You will never work again. Even if this man can solve the oil leak problem, it’s more important to Obama to kick him off the team because of the way he thinks. Unbelievable! So much for open-mindedness, tolerance, diversity. Nazis would be proud. Is that racist, Mike? I’m sorry.

    AZ loves boycotts. They PREFER that illegal aliens boycott their state. 🙂

    Will the last legal person out of LA, please turn off the lights? Oh, wait, AZ is already handling that.

    Is that racist, Mike? I’m so sorry. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. When you guys over there get a handle on your illegal immigration problem, let us know how you did it. Send a dispatch from the dhimmi UK.

    What ho?

    • Ohhh Miri, you are too funny today!

      There are quite a few of the Weinies starting to shake in their boots. The light is beginning to shine on the corruption we are watching. Who is going to do the prosecuting? Where is our Elliott Ness? I thought it was going to be Fitzpatrick, but he is silent. Where are the state AG’s?

      Today, scientists are faulting the government for its failure to handle the oil spill faster. (My, a month later and someone is telling the truth! But O’s puppets said they were on it immediately. Incompetence raises its ugly head again and again!) Substantial oil is now reaching the beaches in Louisiana today.

      I just listened to Mexico’s president tell us how to run our country…and blast AZ’s new law. Interesting, he is tooting the same line as Obama. I wonder if he read the law or was given his talking points from Holder, Podesta, Obama, or Media Matters. He should have said our country can’t survive without the $1 Billion that our border hoppers send back to their families.

      Migration isn’t just the USA’s problem, it is Mexico’s problem, he said. One day Mexico will offer the same things for its citizens that are offered in the USA.

    • Hahhaahha ! B, She is rollin today ! You have 2 of us now ! LOL !

  19. Isn’t it ironic how lying about his past threatens the career of Richard Blumenthal (he didn’t really serve in Vietnam), but somehow all the admitted lies Obama told about his own past . . .


    • Miri,

      He didn’t lie. He used “misplaced words.” He “misspoke.” We really need a copy of the Democrat’s dictionary, so we can get it straight.

      The Democrats align themselves with Abe Lincoln who never told a lie. Think how they marketed Obama as Abe. They are unable to deferentiate between right and wrong and honesty and dishonesty. They would be classified as psychopathic liars. In other words, they believe what they lie about. It really is a psychiatric terminology and classification.

      Change topic..I just saw a Union member smiling about all the protesters trespassing on the B of A’s executive’s lawn and thinking that their behavior was warranted and perfectly ok. That is where our current resident came from. It is a real sickness.

  20. I heard some asshat reporter this morning, asking Rand Paul whether having his victory party at a “country club in Kentucky” might send a mixed message. Subtext being:

    Paul’s a hypocrite;

    if he’s a Tea Partier then it’s a given that he can’t belong to a country club, despite that the club is relatively cheap and Paul’s a doctor, because, you know, all us Tea Partiers are poor, teeth-picking, miniature golf-playing yahoos who didn’t go to college;

    if it’s in Kentucky, it MUST be racist because you know all southerners are racist and all their country clubs exclude “persons of color”; and

    Paul must really be a undercover “country club Republican”.

    RACIST, RACIST, RACIST!!!!! Did I say racist?

    However, will any of the asshats ask if THIS sends a mixed message?

    MO’s “cobalt blue gown was designed by Peter Soronen.”

    “Lots of celebrities were there, including Beyonce (who performed), Eva Longoria Parker, Whoopi Goldberg, talk show host George Lopez, Oprah’s BFF Gayle King, Olympic speedskater Shani Davis, and New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, who brought his teammate, left tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson.”

    “Celebrity chef Rick Bayless, a favorite of the Obama’s back in Chicago, manned the White House kitchen last night, serving up several Mexican-influenced dishes, including the main course: Oregon wagyu beef in Oaxacan black mole. For dessert was a chocolate-cajeta tart with toasted homemade marshmallows, graham cracker crumble and goat cheese ice cream. It was accompanied by Mumm Napa’s Carlos Santana Brut. And yes, that would be the sparkling white quaff marketed by guitar legend Carlos Santana.”

    Let them eat Wagyu beef! On our dime, of course!

    No pork!

    I bet Calderon thought it was in the best of taste to serve him MEXICAN food at the WH. He doesn’t get enough of it at home. What class.

  21. Watch how the Democrat jerks respond to Calderon lecturing one of our sovereign states in OUR house:

    Risk for him. Without the billions of dollars sent home by illegal immigrants, he might lose his job. (Or, given recent news, he might even lose his head.)

    Go home, Calderon. Fix your own country. If you did that, you wouldn’t have to send your people up here.

    Right on cue: They’re planning to push immigration “reform”.

  22. Can you believe this one?

    A movie about Barry’s Excellent Adventures in paradise, aka Indonesia. Starring Hasan Faruq Ali, “who was born in America in Questa, New Mexico, but has lived in Indonesia since he was about 2 years old, was an obvious casting choice to play the young Obama. Fluent in English and the Indonesian language, and the son of a white mother and African American father, Hasan fit the bill.”

    Right. And his name just happens to be Hasan Faruq Ali. Sounds American to me. And we’re supposed to believe that he’s NOT Indonesian. He just happens to be half white/half black, just like Barry. He looks just like him, except his ears don’t stick out so much.

    Fantasy bio, redux.

    • It is a mining and ski resort area. Not a poor lil shack in the wilderness kind of place. Have spent several holidays in that area. Mucho expensive for wilderness.Great place if you love to ski. Like Sedona area, said to have magical powers.,_New_Mexico

      • Good catch, Renee:

        “As of the census of 2000, there were 1,864 people, 741 households, and 512 families residing in the village. The population density was 365.0 people per square mile (140.8/km²). There were 888 housing units at an average density of 173.9/sq mi (67.1/km²). The racial makeup of the village was 50.16% White, 0.11% African American, 0.70% Native American, 0.05% Asian, 0.11% Pacific Islander, 43.40% from other races, and 5.47% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 80.53% of the population.”

        LARGE black population there. Wonder what their definition of “white” is?

        How many black Muslim families? So this kid was born to one of the 18 blacks in that tiny little town in NM? Or could it have been to one of those Pacific Islanders?

        Totally believable. Of all places!

        The only thing they got right was the religion, apparently.

  23. “The movie is taken from Dematra’s book “Obama Anak Menteng” — “Obama, the Menteng Kid” — a fictionalized biography based on interviews with about 30 old friends and neighbors. It is the first in a planned trilogy about Obama in Indonesia. The second book is to focus on his education at a Catholic school and the third on his relationship with his mother.”

    FICTIONALIZED biography. Uh, huh. Uh, huh. Nothing new there.

    • Thirty friends? Of course, they all live in Indonesia. They all have great memories from when they were in 3rd or 4th grade. What great reading! A trilogy you say…another 28 friends from 5th grade perhaps? Oh,then a mother dearest book too. Half brother already wrote the book on daddy dearest. I am seeing book burning parties. If you want to read a couple of Obama’s other fake books, they are now available at Half Price Books. They have hundreds of copies I am told. They are shelved right next to “Cooked Books.”

      • Didn’t his friend Scott say that Barry was in Hawaii for third grade? Oh, the competing memories. There certainly are more who remember him in Indonesia than in the good old US of A. Wonder why?

        Cooked books! 🙂

        Check out the new article about the COLB and Factcheck at the Post and Email News.

        Answer in a nutshell: YES! Duh.

        • Sharon Rondeau put up that story about FactCheck and nearly instantaneously, “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.” Interesting.

      • If you want to read a couple of Obama’s other fake books, they are now available at Half Price Books. They have hundreds of copies I am told. They are shelved right next to “Cooked Books.”

        LOL ! Need cooked book to make cooked cake ?
        Nah, thats’s half baked cherry pie I mean !

  24. Krauthammer (The Hammer) weighs in again: “You can’t have it both ways. Particularly coming from Mexico, a country where if you enter illegally, it’s a felony and you get up to two years in prison. And if you do it a second time, you get 10 years. . . . So he’s got a country which is extremely strict–draconian, if you like–about illegals entering into Mexico. And he’s lecturing us on our laws here where it isn’t a felony, it’s only a misdemeanor. And then, even worse I think, is to see our president refusing to stand up for his own country, joining in the attack on Arizona.”

    He will always stand with the Muslims, the persons of color, the Marxists, the communists, and anyone who hates America. Nothing new there, either.

    Do you think they’re bringing out the proof of North Korea sinking that South Korean ship in order to be able to punish North Korea for, but not admit, that they also torpedoed the oil rig?

    • And if you steal (as into the country too) in an Islamic kinda place you get your hand or fingers chopped off.
      Thumpies, that is what they would have in Saudi Arabia-thumpies ! No hands to make money with ! We are really too nice here it may seem to them !… China… I have heard what happens there if you break laws…so who’s head is up who’s butt here ? Our laws have zero to do with them, but they are our LAWS….
      To enforce…LAWS ! All together now !
      What part needs explaining to anyone in any other country ? HELLO..
      Again, lights are on but no one is home…

      • When they wrote the AZ law, instead of modeling it only on the US Federal law, they should have also modeled it on Mexican law: Violation of the state law is punishable by a mandatory 2-year sentence for the first offense, and a mandatory 10-year sentence for subsequent offenses.

    • Do you think they’re bringing out the proof of North Korea sinking that South Korean ship in order to be able to punish North Korea for, but not admit, that they also torpedoed the oil rig?


    • That goes along with that “conspiracy” theory about it being blown up that was on the Second Rig thread. Didn’t I read that there should never have been an explosion.

      Oh, the jerk is on TV for his photo op ..about financial reform. Blaming the republicans …once again. “When the economy prospers…we all win!” Those the words of the man who is behind not letting the economy prosper and making sure that it doesn’t.

      Shareholders will get to say what executives are paid. Oh that should work well. Oh, he is tooting his blown horn..many that’s why we did, that’s why we did, that’s why we did…we will build an economy that is stronger than before. Sure, sure. And Fannie and Freddie aren’t mentioned in this gem of a resolution. Pull out your rugs, On your knees pilgrims…he has saved us once again!

  25. Forgot to mention that it was the two ladies Collins, Snow, and Brown that brought this bill out of the debate. (Brown was PROMISED BY HARRY that his concerns would be reviewed in the future. NEOPHYTE…doesn’t know Harry, does he! Welcome to the Senate, Mr. Brown) The new Consumer Protection Group will be able to examine your financial records without your permission. No warrant, no nothing. Isn’t that great. Can’t wait to see who is part of this “Protection Group” and how they will work with the IRS to get information…especially if set up close to election time. Enemies of the out. Did Big Brother get this far? Must get that book again, because it seems this is another one of the subplots of the administration’s playbook.

    • Scott Brown switches vote to advance financial regulation overhaul
      May 20, 2010

      Senator Scott Brown switched a key vote from yesterday and joined 57 Democrats and two Republicans this afternoon in advancing a massive financial regulation overhaul.

      The Massachusetts Republican said that over the last 24 hours he received assurances – from the chief negotiators in the House and Senate, Senator Christopher J. Dodd, and Representative Barney Frank — that changes he was seeking would be addressed. Those assurances came during a phone call with Frank last night, while the Newton Democrat was working out in the House members gym.

      Boston Globe

  26. Bridge, I read that. TRAITORS! What the heck is up with those embarrassments to the female sex? Those RINOS get on my last nerve. Did this get through the House yet? Big Brother WILL be watching. I heard a blurb on the radio that said auto dealerships will be exempt from oversight by the Consumer Protection Group. Say what?

    Can you try to pull up the Post and Email News and let me know if it’s their site or just my computer?

    • Miri, couldn’t get into the Post either. They have had this problem before.

      Unions have something to say about those auto dealerships. They don’t want anyone seeing how much goes back to GM from the dealers is what I suspect. If GM was on the up and up before, they are now on the way down to the gutter compliments of the union.

  27. Beck is on and he is covering Shorebank and micro-financing. He is covering the bases from the one article that was the beginning of the thread. Mentioned so far, Joyce Foundation, Jan, Hillary’s roommate, Harry S, Hillary and Bill, Rezko, Ron, the founder, ….

    Goes to commercial..and says we are only getting started!
    Shorebank …not in the news. But they don’t want it taken over by the FDC.

    Ron, the Shorebank Founder, Cloward and Piven, only banker that was for the Reinvestment Act.

    Clinton’s thought it was such a great bank, they wanted one in Arkansas just like it.

    Love it, Jan, VP of the bank.. was Hillary Clinton’s roommate. She was/is on Council of Foreign Relations,

    Adele a Board Member, Council of Foreign Relations, a member of the Commission on Global Governance.

    Mary is a co-founder and an Expert in micro financing. Mary was giving advice to Barack’s mother, and Ann was working for the Ford Foundation.

    Timothy Geithner’s dad also worked for the Ford Foundation. Amazing.

    Loans – $10 Million line of credit to Rev. Jeremiah Wright

    This guy, has a Bank Account, but doesn’t live there. Van Jones has an account there. He is promoting for Shorebank. It must be a green bank.

    They got Stimulus money – $35 Million because into green jobs. Not enough money for them, so there is Trouble right here in Chicago…let’s change the world. They don’t want to be a burden to the taxpayers, so they are reaching out to others to save them now. Who will bail them out?

    Goldman Sachs is going to bail them out. Along with Bank of America and GE. JP Morgan Chase and Citi Bank mentioned.

    They are the Leading “Faith Based Lender” is on their website. More on Shore bank on Monday.

    • bridge
      I sent information to glen this morning…… The sites we found last night! I just got home and saw your comment……can’t believe it!!!
      I have it recorded so I will watch it……wow….
      Renee ….I sent it right after I asked you if we should send it…… were pondering !

      • Ditto here – sent it also. Maybe more information from us will be covered on Monday. I didn’t know they had received the stimulus funds, so that was new information. Nor did I see the faith based lender or else it didn’t register. As I said, I know it was a different site and added all the locations to one website. The fact he tied it to Crime Inc. too through Joyce and Ford Foundation.

        It is nice to know that someone comes up with the same information we do!

        • Bridge. Renee
          it all makes sense to me ……. I got it!!!!!!!
          It all began with the Ford foundation who spread out thru the globe and funded Microfinancing. SAD and her mother were already working in microfinance.

          In 1980’s SAD was working for a bank in Pakistan. At that time BO traveled there and eventually the scheme was set up…”solve world poverty ”

          Gamliel foundation was a faith based initiative operating under the Alinski principle….Mcknight, a professor at Northwestern began a training Obama.

          Obama was an apprentice with the Gamaliel Foundation and 
          studied under McKnight for three years, beginning in 1982.
          program. (Tom Ayers was on the board of Northwestern………).

          Obama was trained by Gamliel in community organizing for 3 yes 1982-1985. (confirmed by McKnight)
          Obama was chosen because of his connections to the Banks and Ford.
          Shore Bank was reorganized and set up
          The Grameen Bank in Bangladesh  (established by Yunus funded by the Ford foundation)
          The Clintons got involved thru Jan Piercy who was then a VIP of Shore bank.
          The scheme was simple……. The Foundations gave grants back and forth from one to another….. They all sat on the different boards that were involved with “giving money to the poor thru microfinance”. Woods, Annenberg challenge, Gamliel.

          Only it is controlled by bigger players who are now calling the shots……….

          BO had to distance himself away from SAD because the whole scheme originated with her, the Ford foundation Geithner and the connections In Chicago Pakistan Bangledesh etc.

          • The whole purpose was in theory to set up a one world order as envisioned by Horace Rowan Gaither as he laid out in 1949
            All of his recruits believed in some sort of socialist/Marxist ideals.
            Power and control ……..

            • Aone, I can see it. Ok, so their foundations can apply for federal grant monies to support their poverty initiatives. That money is put into the bank and an account is set up for the Foundation. Then what do they do with all of the money? They loan some of it to the poverty stricken at loans of around $100. Give out 100 of those loans and they have done their job, and wait for the default or return of the interest on those little loans. Now what do they do with the majority of the money?

              Now they were jgiven Stimulus money of $35 Million (inthe last year) and it is gone so they are going to their politically connected friends for a cash infusion. What did they do with that $35 million that they wouldn’t have any money left? As a bank they aren’t very responsible at giving out loans if they aren’t getting a return. So what is the money paying for? Who or what are they sponsoring?

              • Well, how much does it really cost to stay in power? They aren’t really through with the set up part. The way I see it , is that it has cost millions keeping their foundations going. The charade must be kept up until everything is in lace.
                They basically are buying votes.
                I knuw they are buying up land.
                It also seems that their ultimate power fepends on other countries….. Not just ours….
                It seems that we have rolled over alot quicker than other countries. They are naive, I don’t think everything is going as planned.

                • I can’t help but believe there is a religious contingent that has taken over that is changing the game plan.
                  Seems to be socialism vs Sharia law

    • AOne, Bridgette, Miri, Shore Bank/Key people.
      I am still pondering.This is very deep and connections go way back. Note the info on Aga Kahn especially. That is the Shah of Iran group.

      • The Shore Bank Is set up for complete economic restructuring after an economic collapse!!

        Do they have sufficient funds to cause the collapse?
        Bridgette – is that what you meant ?

        “Between 1998 and 2001, the Obama and Ayers-led Woods Fund also gave nearly $300,000 to Northwestern University, where Bill Ayers and his wife, Castro trained Bernardine Dohrn Ayers, had secured teaching jobs. Bill Ayers’ father, Tom Ayers, also sat on the Board of Trustees for Northwestern, as did Howard Trienens, who was a partner at the law firm (Sidley Austin) that hired Obama for an internship when he was only a first-year law student. Here are the grants in detail:”
        ck this out the details!

        Are their two factions? Interesting!

  28. Director of National Intelligence is being replaced. Did he quit, resign, or was he fired? Tension between Blair and Leon Panetta before.

  29. Our Traitorous Congress
    Thursday, May 20, 2010

    Hard to say which is more distasteful: Mexico’s President Calderon berating America, or the United States Congress giving him a standing ovation for it… VIDEO

    UPDATE: At least Sen. Hatch had the (in honor of Pres. Calderon’s visit) cojones to call foul:

    “It’s inappropriate for a head of state to question our laws, especially when the state of Arizona only acted in the best interest of its citizens and with the support of seventy percent of its people.”

  30. Amjad Arbab serves as Head, SBI Pakistan, where he is charged with overall responsibility for ShoreBank’s technical and business development operations across the country, as well as within the broader region on a strategic basis. Mr. Abab is a long-standing friend and colleague to many at SBI, most recently in his role as CEO of the Microfinance Investment Facility for Afghanistan (MISFA), which has set the global standard for best-practice in developing an effective “capital plus” wholesale and technical assistance facility in the microfinance and SME arenas for post-conflict reconstruction. Prior to this role, Mr. Arbab was a founding member of the executive management team of the Bank of Khyber (BOK), where he also served in several executive roles including as strategic architect and Head of BOK’s microfinance division in the mid-late 1990′s. Mr. Arbab has also served in senior positions with the Agha Khan Rural Support Programme and the Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan, and holds a Masters in International Relations from Johns Hopkins/SAIS as well as a Masters in Political Science from the University of Peshawar.

    Mr. Arbab has also served in senior positions with the Agha Khan Rural Support Programme and the Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan

    Agha Khan…

  31. Bridget Burkhardt is Senior Consultant based in SBI’s Chicago office. Since joining SBI in September 2006 she has worked on a variety of projects ranging from the feasibility study for a housing fund to the launch of a USAID project to develop the rural lending industry in Afghanistan. Her responsibilities include the provision of financial modeling and analysis support to SBI projects, the creation of financial and other analyses to support internal SBI business decisions, and general participation as a consultant on SBI projects, particularly in a strategic advisory or funds development capacity. Ms. Burkhardt is a private equity specialist with a general corporate finance background. Prior to joining SBI she spent two years as a financial analyst in investment banking and six years as an investment professional with private equity funds in New York, London and Chicago, including three years with community development venture capital funds. Ms. Burkhardt holds an undergraduate degree from Brown University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

    W.E.B. DuBois and Shirley GRAHAM DuBois
    (His name was :William Edgbert-sp ?BURKHARDT DuBois)
    DuBois in French is WOOD.

    • The US Agency for International Development (USAID) is the US federal government agency primarily responsible for administering civilian foreign aid. President John F. Kennedy created
      USAID in 1961 by executive order to implement development assistance programs in the areas authorized by the Congress in the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961.

      An independent federal agency, USAID receives overall foreign policy guidance from the United States Secretary of State [Hillary Clinton]and seeks to “extend a helping hand to those people overseas struggling to make a better life, recover from a disaster or striving to live in a free and democratic country…”

      USAID is headed by an Administrator appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. The USAID Administrator is Rajiv Shah, appointed by President Obama.

      It has been said that in the 1960s and early 1970s USAID has maintained “a close working relationship with the CIA, and Agency officers often operated abroad under USAID cover.”[26] The 1960s-era Office of Public Safety, a now-disbanded division of USAID, has been mentioned as an example of this, having served as a front for training foreign police in counterinsurgency methods.[27]

      Support of forced sterilization
      ***In Peru, former president Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000) pressured 200,000 indigenous people in rural areas (mainly Quechuas and Aymaras) into being sterilized.[29] In July 2002, a final report from the Health minister proved that between 1995 and 2000, 331,600 women and 25,590 men had been sterilized. The program was mainly financed by the USAID ($36,000,000 dollars) and the UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund).

      US Aid to Pakistan by the Numbers – Center for American Progress
      US Aid to Afghanistan by the Numbers – Center for AAmerican Progress

      • Agha Hasan Abedi[Source: Terry Kirk / Financial Times]

        Investigative journalist Joseph Trento will later report that 
        in 1976, the Safari Club, a newly formed 
        secret cabal of intelligence agencies 
        (see September 1, 
        1976-Early 1980s), decides it needs a network of banks to help finance its intelligence operations.

        Saudi Intelligence Minister Kamal Adham is given the task…
        Adham transformed a small Pakistani merchant bank, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), into a world-wide money-laundering machine, buying banks around the world to create the biggest clandestine money network in history.

        • Really good catch AOne. Kahn name again..many spellings, many places in time. This stuff has been going on for a long time it seems. Now another name I keep coming across is Ghulum/Ghulam, etc..the one I have been tracing goes to Egypt. President. Relative to Helena Fauthia Ritz-Rizk. Like Ritz Carlton Hotels. Geoege W.Bush has a business w/ Middle east royals called the Carlton Group right ?
          Helena was wife of Kwamie of Ghana. Kwamie and Helena best friends to W.E.B. DuBois and Shirley GRAHAM DuBois.

          Carlton Group. Includes the Bin Laden family ?Bin Laden family is like Sarah Lee to us.Bread. Barbari Bread. Also called Afghani bread. It is different then Pita bread. It is a long flat piece of unleavened bread, very long and thin. It is eaten w/ feta cheese over there for breakfast with hot tea. A HUGE selling grocery staple.

          That menu at the White House is all about symbolism…down to the GRAHAM cracker desert….All a big funny to laugh about…Kid you not..Far east beef, feta, GRAHAM cracker desert…
          all have meaning…to some in the know..hope it was funny…Wish some put that much planning and thought into running this country.

          Another thought also. Refugees fleeing Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan war, went to Pakistan through hard mountain route. The same route used by the Freedom Fighters. Alot of those refugee Afghan women and kids were looked over and even married some of those Freedom Fighters. Alot settled in Pakistan, USA, England and other places.

        • AOne,

          Great Catch, your on the right tract with your great research! Here’s some info. I’ve looked up that I think will help you.

          Dubai and Abu Dhabi have been wealthy smuggling ports since the invention of boats.
          The player behind Dubai Ports World, UAE President and Emir of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahayan, is the son of the founder of Bank of Commrce and Credit International (BCCI), which expedited the heroin shipments, and return money flows, of the US first Afghan War in the ’80s. the Kerry Committee BCCI report issued in 1992.

          Dubai and Abu Dhabi have been wealthy smuggling ports since the invention of boats.
          The player behind Dubai Ports World, UAE President and Emir of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahayan, is the son of the founder of Bank of Commrce and Credit International (BCCI), which expedited the heroin shipments, and return money flows, of the US first Afghan War in the ’80s. the Kerry Committee BCCI report issued in 1992.
          The BCCI Affair

          A Report to the Committee on Foreign Relations
          United States Senate

          Senator John Kerry and Senator Hank Brown
          December 1992

          102d Congress 2d Session Senate Print 102-140

          Introduction and Summary of Investigation

          The Origin and Early Years of BCCI
          BCCI’s Criminality
          BCCI’s Relationship with Foreign Governments, Central Banks, and International Organizations
          BCCI in the United States – Initial Entry and FGB and NBG Takeovers
          BCCI in the United States – Part Two: Acquisition, Consolidation, and Consequences
          BCCI and Law Enforcement – The Justice Deparment and the US Customs Service
          BCCI and Law Enforcement – District Attorney of New York
          BCCI and Its Accountants
          BCCI, The CIA and Foreign Intelligence
          The Regulators
          Clark Clifford and Robert Altman
          Abu Dhabi: BCCI’s Founding and Majority Stockholders
          Mohammed Hammoud: BCCI’s Flexible Frontman
          BCCI And Georgia Politicians
          BCCI’s Lawyers and Lobbyists
          Hill and Knowlton and BCCI’s PR Campaign
          Ed Rogers and Kamal Adham
          BCCI and Kissinger Associates
          Capcom: A Case Study of Money Laundering
          Legislative and Policy Recommendations
          Appendix – Matters For Further Investigation, Witnesses and Writs

            • Factbox: Facts about Sheikh Ahmed bin Zayed al-Nahayan

              Reuters) – The body of Sheikh Ahmed bin Zayed al-Nahayan, 41, managing director of Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), among the world’s biggest sovereign funds, has been found, a Moroccan government official said on Tuesday.

              His aircraft crashed into a reservoir 10 km (6 miles) south of the Moroccan capital Rabat last Friday.

              Here are some facts about Sheikh Ahmed:

              * Sheikh Ahmed is the son of the founder of the seven-member UAE federation, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahayan, and worked as a European equities analyst at Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), for six years before becoming its boss.

              * ADIA is among the world’s top state-run investors, funneling funds from the emirate’s oil exports into stocks and bonds overseas from its headquarters in a skyscraper on the island city’s shoreline.

              * His sovereign wealth fund, formed in 1976, is believed to have assets of around $500 to $700 billion, ranging from Citigroup bonds to a stake
              in Britain’s Gatwick airport to residential property in major cities.

              * In a rare interview in January 2010, Sheikh Ahmed said the wealth fund was refining its investment approach and might consider a larger investment than its rarely exceeded 5 percent stakes. In the wake of the global financial crisis, Sheikh Ahmed said ADIA was reviewing its performance.

              * ADIA has switched its weightings across asset classes to reduce the impact of economic downturns over the past 18 months, he said, adding its allocation to global equities had averaged 40-60 percent, with 60 percent of that indexed.


          • Thanks lex — welcome back
            I have found alot of information and disinformation on BCCI
            probably because of clandestine operations by the CIA in Pakistan in 1976
            It does appear that their is a split in the microfinancing camps from the 1980’s……..
            The connections between the Ford foundation USAID and certain banks in the middle east are of concern

  32. Selling for pennies on the dollar. &$&#@%^ !

    Not just bread for breakfast it seems…
    *$^#@^* !

  33. OT: The Dangerous Beliefs of Lyndon Larouche and Alex Jones! This is a long article but it is one that I feel MUST be read so that we will stay aware and on the lookout for the imposters who are and will try to disrupt/destroy what the Tea Party True Patriots stand for! We gotta VERIFY everyone!!!

    Posted: 05/22/10

    Freedom Movement Faces Dire Threats From Within
    By Thomas DeWeese

    After more than forty years as an activist in the fight to restore the American Republic, I have never been more positive that the goal could now actually be achievable. The Tea Party movement represents the awakening of the great American sleeping giant of freedom. It is the most exciting change to take place in the last 100 years. Politicians are shuttering in its wake. Political strategists are trying to figure how to deal with it. Bad policy has been stopped or slowed. And massive change from the ballot box appears on the horizon of the next election.

    However, some very dark clouds are gathering over the movement. The freedom fighters and their precious movement are being stalked by clandestine predators, quietly creating discord and suspicion among their ranks. If not exposed and stopped, the only result can be the destruction of the movement, the end of the burgeoning freedom revolution and the solidifying of the tyranny they seek to end.

    The great threat to the Freedom Movement comes from a group of political extremists who have been around the U.S. political scene for decades. These operatives have been perceived at various times to be on the right and/or on the left. They have tried to work through the Democratic and Republican parties. Now they are trying to infiltrate and manipulate the Tea Party movement.

    I am talking about the dangerous Lyndon LaRouche cult. It is a cult because of the fanatical devotion of LaRouche’s followers to his peculiar brand of Marxism, which sees the British – not the United States – as being behind economic catastrophes and world conflicts and wars. LaRouche followers can often be seen manning literature tables outside political events, including and especially 9/11 “truth” conferences.

    Interestingly, one of LaRouche’s “former” high-level associates, Webster Tarpley, is now openly working with self-described “patriot” Alex Jones, who runs the infowars and prison planet web sites. Tarpley appears in two of Jones’ films, “The Obama Deception” and “Fall of the Republic.” Many conservatives have bought these films, thinking they have critical information about the threats to freedom that face us today. But the films are actually slick propaganda meant to deceive and distort the real situation.

    The Tea Party movement must wake up — and wake up fast — before these political extremists carry out a strategy that will divide and discredit the movement.

    More here: Please read !

    Also, I am sure all of you have seen this, but since my computer was down and still not acting up…just want to make sure you saw this response to FOIA request on SD.

    • It seems that a request for FOIA materials would get a reply from the designated department on government letterhead, dated, etc. I wonder who posted it and if information on it was redacted, I wonder why. The wording can be legitimate, but not its appearance.

      I think the Tea Party is well aware of watching out for infiltrators. The Left is so used to paying their supporters and bussing them in that they can’t understand the Tea Partiers. News anchors fall all over themselves trying to analyze the movement. I think it is a riot to watch them. At least they know they are a movement to reckon with.

      All the whacked out groups have become brazen because of Obama. The fact that he condoned by his silence SEIU being bussed to the bankers home last week..shows his support for those tactics and lawlessness. Right now it is Obama and Mexico vs AZ. Would you ever have believed? Five and a half months can’t come soon enough.

      I remember seeing Barney Frank calling out some of his protesters at a town hall and he said they were from LaRouche

  34. Source: Washington Post

    President Obama on Saturday pledged to shape a new “international order” as part of a national security strategy that emphasizes his belief in global institutions and America’s role in promoting democratic values around the world.

    Speaking to the graduating class at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point — the ninth wartime commencement in a row, he said — the commander in chief who is leading two foreign wars expressed his faith in cooperation and partnerships to confront the economic, military and environmental challenges of the future.

    “The international order we seek is one that can resolve the challenges of our times,'” he said in prepared remarks. “Countering violent extremism and insurgency; stopping the spread of nuclear weapons and securing nuclear materials; combating a changing climate and sustaining global growth; helping countries feed themselves and care for their sick; preventing conflict and healing its wounds.”

    The administration is set to officially release the president’s first national security strategy next week, and Obama’s preview on Saturday suggests it will be far different than the first one offered by his predecessor in 2002. In that prior document, President George W. Bush formally called for a policy of preemptive war and a “distinctly American internationalism.”


    • I heard him say we will succeed in Afghanistan…not an emphatic, we will win. Guys going into battle, and he weakly says we will succeed? Those grads were throwing their hats in the air because he was done and off the stage and because they were graduates! I didn’t hear any cheers for him..but I only heard bits and pieces. It was a blaze monotone speech.

      Obama said something like, We are supposed to end the war in Iraq and bring troops home ….Obama waited and finally got a weak applause. They didn’t believe him and it showed.

      What a difference in the level of reception when he isn’t surrounded by union members in a staged play. I hope he felt the chill.

      Congrats to the 1,000+ grads of West Point who will now go into service to protect us!

  35. Charles Djou (R) won the special election in Hawaii! It has been a democratic seat for over 20 years! He ran against two democrats.

    Democrats say they are saving their money for the November election…they aren’t concerned about this election. More egg on their faces!

    Should be headlines…Obama can’t hold his alleged state of his birth! The people are speaking and “Hell No” is their mantra to Obama and his Marxists!

  36. Let’s add Weenie to the dwarfs. He’s at it, again. This time, asking the WH to make up a story to spin away that FACT that Sestak won’t backtrack on: That the WH offered him a job in return for not running against Specter. Sestak, though, still won’t admit the whole truth–that the cushy job was as Sec. of the Navy. So tell me again why Blagojevich is under indictment.

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