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Snow White and the Seven Dorks .. Open Thread.

Snow White and the Seven Dorks!

At Your Service!

Snow White, Skanky, Sleazy, Fishy, Queeney, Dopey,  Cheaty, and Gaffy!



Tea Party Sign.. It’s A Winner!

By Bridgette

Just a few pictures of the “elites” that inhabit the WH Elementary School’s Juvenile Halls of Slime and Crime in Dork City, USA.   A few of these are tooted as the best of the rest…and I say, “Put it to rest.”    They’ve lowered the bar so far, that it now only takes a baby step to reach their level, ground level.  Dirt.  

This  radical group and their supporters and associates with their  “pie in the sky transformational ideas” are so out of touch with “normal” Americans that they can only be described as pathetic.  Yes, sick, pathetic, delusional, and dangerous.   They need to be permanently reeled in.   Taking advice from their Alinsky, Marxist playbook, let’s reel them in, slice ’em, and dice ’em!
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Obama “Most Wanted Corrupt Politician”

Posted by Bridgette

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!
Obama “Most Wanted Corrupt Politician”

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption released their “10 Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” List.

Obama, the USA Usurper pResident, made their list while presumably sunbathing in Hawaii, or checking in on Janice Okubo at the DOH. As Gomer Pyle would say, “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise…Shazammm.

Obama can’t be bothered to respond to the USA Citizens regarding two potential terrorists attacks or the uprising in Iran. But we know from CBS that he “sprang into action” when he was notified. He ordered another Mai Tia and a Hawaii Kai Swizzle to go. Now compared to the Nobel Peace Prize, this is an “award” we all understand and can agree upon. Continue reading