By Bridgette

Just as we knew the Left would attack Sarah for stating the people had the right to ask Obama for his birth certificate, they didn’t let us down. I went to Huffington Post to visit, and there were over 9,300 comments on one article yesterday. I must say they do like talking to themselves! It was interesting to note that they are like parrots; there were page after page of the same repetitious comments. Their vile, nasty comments come right out of the ghettos. The hateful, spiteful, and vicious remarks were about Sarah personally, and about her family. They are rehashing their idea that Trig isn’t her child. He is either her daughter’s or someone else’s child. They say her book is filled with lies, yet they haven’t read it. They called her a Birther, yet there was no discussion about the context of her words, i.e., people having the right to ask Obama for his birth certificate or for him to prove his eligibility. It was humorous to see that they still want to see her college and medical records even though she is not running for office.

Today, Brian Levin’s column is entitled “Sarah’s Palling Around with Conspiracists”. He began with these thoughts, “While many are pondering what exactly Sarah Palin’s approving radio comments on the birther issue and her subsequent “clarification” mean to her possible 2012 run, there is a more fundamental question: what does this bode for our democracy? The answer is this is yet another indicator that extreme is the new mainstream.” People like Brian consider Sarah extreme! Please note that Brian is the Director for the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University. I wonder if he is taking any classes.

Sarah is now branded as one of the lunatic, fringe hugging, Birthers. You know those Birther people, they are the ones that wanted our government to adhere to the laws of the land. They
are the ridiculous people that expect a person that runs for the presidency to have met the Constitutional requirements to hold that office. Birthers represent the law abiding segment of our society. They frown upon those that intentionally and knowingly break the laws. Many are God fearing, freedom and liberty loving Americans who are now coming in direct contact with the wrong side of the tracks. On a daily basis, normal average Americans are watching in total dismay at the displays of rampant corruption, law breaking, and organized crime that is being played out in their government. This rotten segment of society has overtaken our government and its organizations and followers are drunk on their illusions of power.

In their twisted logic, they believe the road to success, respect and power is through destroying others. That is their modus operandi. We see this everyday in print, and hear it on newscasts. The Left has built an organization that directs others to carry out their bidding. It apparently starts with the White House and a small group of insiders who get together over their morning coffee, and decide who to target or what the talking points are for the day. Those few hate mongers start the ball rolling. They make their calls to their minions, and the hateful propaganda flows to their acquiescing news stations, reporters, newspapers, and bloggers.

All of us are aware of the leftist bias on the MSM, and the left leaning newspapers like the New York Times. We also know that the progressive blogs like Daily Kos and Media matters have extreme views. Huffington Post is also a left leaning blog and it caters to Obama followers too.
In the last few days, the White House decided to add prominent left-wing blogger sites to their White House Reporter Pool. The Huffington Post, Talking Points Memo, and Salon are now taking a seat among the White House press correspondents. Surprisingly, Ebony Magazine will also have a “press pass” and be a part of the press pool. These changes should be alarming to the major news organizations and to us as well.

Knowing the White House’s distaste for any opposition, such as FOX news, they want to up the ante by legitimizing left leaning blogs and a magazine. It looks as if the objective of this administration is to increase the number of propaganda sites and outlets that can skew the news “their” way. Freedom of the press and freedom of speech appears to be taking a major hit with these new post assignments. Any semblance of objectivity and unbiased reporting is going to be harder and harder to recognize.

As I was writing about this, I visited Citizen Wells blog, who was reporting on another aspect to this story. He noted how Huffington Post was now calling Sarah a Birther after her interview and how they repeat the same lies and misinformation from Snopes and Factcheck.org about Obama’s eligibility. He wondered why they refuse to ask, question or address the eligibility issue. I believe he found a couple answers to his question, “Why does The Huffington Post do the bidding of the Obama camp? Here are two of the reasons.

Federal Election Commission
OBAMA FOR AMERICA-Disbursements by Payee

2008 Year End Huffingtonpost.com $55,354.00
2009 Third Qtr Huffingtonpost.com $ 5,000.00

The monetary payments are only from Obama For America and those reported to the Federal Election Committee. Based on the services provided by The Huffington Post to the Obama camp, the actual total paid should be significantly higher.”

Why would Obama for American be paying Huff Po? Was Huffington Post paid over $60,000
to maintain their silence regarding the eligibility issue and to tow the Obama propaganda line? Were they paid to cover-up the eligibility issue? As part of their payment for not investigating Obama, were their reporters given a newly established seat in the White House Press Room? Were the other two blogs, Talking Points Memo and Salon, given WH slots as cover for Huffington Post, or were they being paid for their silence?

Since this administration is coming from Chicago where the name of the game is pay-to-play, was this exchange of money considered hush money, a bribe, or payola? For their silence, were they paid in cash and given a dubious position in the White House Press Pool. What are the rewards for those who have maintained their silence on this important national issue?

Our greater concern will be how these left wing political websites start blurring the news and how the objectivity and dissemination of news are handled in the future. The MSM and these sites have totally dismissed, covered-up, and misinformed the public about Obama’s eligibility issue since before the election. Additionally, they haven’t investigated the corruption of ACORN nor Climate-gate. What other important local and national issues will be considered threatening to this administration and go unreported? Can we expect the administration to invoke and claim executive privilege for in-house bloggers as they are doing for Desiree Rogers, a social secretary in Crasher-Gate? What else will be hiding behind the less than transparent curtains? I guess it will be for them to know and for us to find out.





4 responses to “WHAT’S MONEY GOT TO DO WITH IT?

  1. And the hits just keep on coming. Way to go, Bridgette. Another shot right out of the ballpark. I can’t disagree with a word you said. I figured this was a setup to smear Sarah Palin. They ask her about something, she answers, and then they deliberately misrepresent what she said. It doesn’t matter and it won’t work because millions of Americans LOVE Sarah Palin. Therefore, they’re treading on thin ice by introducing the “birther” issue to anybody who still is unaware of it. Any person with common sense will similarly wonder why he simply doesn’t present the birth certificate. This will be a lose/lose for Obama and the last-legs media, including HuffPo. How can you stand to go there? That site makes me sick. Full of hate. Plain and simple. Contrast that with Sarah’s message concerning how America needs to return to God. Amen, sister. Amen.

    • Miri,

      Red Pill summed it up definitively last year when he said Sarah is the anti-obama. In my eyes, that makes Sarah Palin the anti-Antichrist.

      And of all the things the leftists hate–white skin, hard work, individual responsibility, honor, honesty, truth–they hates God most of all.

  2. Bridgette, you are on a roll. I believe you’re well on your way to becoming an investigative reporter.

  3. Look who ran cover for Obama’s Islamic background
    Tracing the Politics and the Money behind Obama’s Campaign
    Dec. 12 by John Charlton

    It just goes to show you that the Socialists were planning and working for years for the Obama revolution, and that all that grassroots ground-swell for Obama in 2008, was merely carefully planned and engineered foreign influence funded by the Greek socialist, billionaire, George Soros.

    The Power & Money behind the Misinformation Campaign
    the Center for American Progress editor, Faiz Shakir publishes a blog called Think Progress… is one of the most influential pro-Obama sites on the internet, implicated as the origin of much of the propaganda pushed by Obama’s internet “helpers,” who are rather the modern equivalent of Hilter’s Brown Shirts, since they operate all over the net to harass, insult, demean, and otherwise badger American citizens who would dare think about what Obama is saying, and conclude with facts and evidence, that he is full of it.

    Today the Center for American Progress, whose president is John Podesta, the former White House Chief of Staff under Clinton, is heavily funded, still, by Soros and company…:

    From 2003 to 2007, the center received about $15 million in grants from 58 foundations. Major individual donors include George Soros, Peter Lewis, Steve Bing, and Herb and Marion Sandler. …… billionaire, Peter Lewis is the President and CEO of Progressive Insurance, Steve Bing is the founder of Shangri-La Business Group


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