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Was Obama Born in Mombasa?

Since the above video is what people will be talking about today, I’ll go with the flow and give some further analysis that’s been provided in the past by Barrister Michael Shrimpton, the man in the video.  h/t Gordo

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By Bridgette

Just as we knew the Left would attack Sarah for stating the people had the right to ask Obama for his birth certificate, they didn’t let us down. I went to Huffington Post to visit, and there were over 9,300 comments on one article yesterday. I must say they do like talking to themselves! It was interesting to note that they are like parrots; there were page after page of the same repetitious comments. Their vile, nasty comments come right out of the ghettos. The hateful, spiteful, and vicious remarks were about Sarah personally, and about her family. They are rehashing their idea that Trig isn’t her child. He is either her daughter’s or someone else’s child. They say her book is filled with lies, yet they haven’t read it. They called her a Birther, yet there was no discussion about the context of her words, i.e., people having the right to ask Obama for his birth certificate or for him to prove his eligibility. It was humorous to see that they still want to see her college and medical records even though she is not running for office. Continue reading