The Last Tetrimino Clicks Into Place


If you, like so many of us, have come to the realization that the Jan. 6 incident (I won’t use “insurrection”) was pre-planned, but not by the usual suspects blamed by the media (“right wing MAGA/Trump supporters), then read in full and digest the article at this link. Then you will understand not just the “how” but the “why.” When you’re done reading, that last tetrimino will click into place.

A coup by any other name would be as vile.

From The Conservative Treehouse:

Long time CTH reader “Regitiger” has spent a great deal of time reviewing the entire process, looking at the granular timeline and then overlaying the bigger picture of the constitutional and parliamentary process itself.  What follows below is a brilliant analysis of the federal government motive to create a J6 crisis that permitted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to trigger an emergency session and avoid the 2020 election certification challenges.

Those congressional floor challenges, known and anticipated well in advance of the morning of January 6, 2021, would have formed a legal and constitutional basis for ‘standing’ in judicial challenges that would have eventually reached the Supreme Court.  The certification during “emergency session” eliminated the problem for Washington DC.

Regitiger cogently explains why, since the Uniparty wanted to overturn the true will of The People and install Joe Biden as president, it became necessary to create an “emergency.”

A faux emergency allowed them to do an end run around the wholly legal, wholly constitutional process that was going to play out as House members entered motions to delay certification of the electoral votes. That delay would have allowed for investigation into the many election irregularities that were evident to anyone with eyes to see and an open mind with which to reason. That, the Uniparty could not allow.

And so a peaceful protest, infiltrated by various “evil doers”, aided and abetted by Deep State actors, was cold-bloodedly turned into an event that the media and the Uniparty, to this day, falsely call an “insurrection.”

That’s their story and they must stick to it. Brave, peaceful, patriotic Americans died, collateral damage in the view of the true insurrectionists.

Read it and weep. 




117 responses to “The Last Tetrimino Clicks Into Place

  1. Elizabeth Warren, Marjorie Taylor Green agree people
    …… shouldn’t protest alleged Trump arrest
    Sen. Warren says investigation into Trump should continue

    • Shouldn’t the investigation into Warren continue? I mean, isn’t it fraud and perhaps a conspiracy to get a job and/or scholarship with fake credentials, Fauxcahontas?

    • Yeah. Exactly. Irony: Wanted to buy some gold a few months ago. Spouse says it’s too high; we should wait until the price comes down. What’s the price today? Up about 8% in the past month; will go much higher before this is over. Guaranteed. So I read there’s a run on gold and other precious metals right now. Remind me: Do not take financial advice from spouse. (Also wanted to buy Genentech back in the 80s. Nixed that, too. Enuf said.)

  2. The little girl’s letter to Biden & his missed opportunity
    Exclusive: Mychal Massie on the ‘secret to success if you are
    a no-talent, hate-filled Negress’

    Biden’s Abuse of Little GIRLS isn’t limited to Violating H I S Daughter’s Female boundaries by allegedly (wink-wink) imposing himself in Taking ShowerS With HER. Even worse than that is his Inculcating little girls with the belief that they’re Nothing More than Objects for the Personal Gratification of men like Himself and HIS Depraved SON, Hunter. Compounding that is H I S reprobate Behavior of Brainwashing little girls into Accepting the LIE that Killing babies is a legitimate & effortless form of birth control.

  3. The Federalist Society Isn’t >>> Quite Sure About Democracy Anymore
    After recent Supreme Court wins, the society’s youth arm debates the next stage for the conservative legal movement.

    • Clue that it’s complete propaganda: “Donald Trump’s baseless claims about fraud in the 2020 election. …”

      You can’t just declare something “baseless” absent any investigation of allegations of fraud.

      So the upshot is the balance between interpreting the clear words of the Constitution and “restraint.” The first is a demand upon, the very purpose of, the SCOTUS. The latter is what they call a “norm,” which is nowhere dictated in the Constitution. Who are the “conservatives,” then, if they want to keep with traditions and “norms?” (But only when it suits THEIR agenda. Restraint is good if it keeps SCOTUS from ruling against their woke policies. Not good if it allows states and the People to decide or when it prevents judges from legislating from the bench.)

    • The author writes AS IF we have either majority rule or minority rule and ridicules the notion that we’re a Republic and not a democracy. Balance of power is NOT minority rule. It’s protection of minority rights against the rule of the mob. States rights in a REPUBLIC, which is what we are, are not anathema to the Constitution. In fact, the Constitution exists to protect states rights from an overweening, tyrannical federal government. This is NOT “anti-democratic.” IF these woke authors do not like the system we have, then the solution is to propose constitutional amendments and then follow the procedure in the Constitution to change it. They don’t want to do that, they WANT to IMPOSE THEIR WILL on everyone else, because they know that people will NOT vote independently in the various states FOR their amendments. It’s the woke ones who oppose the system that we have and who want to IMPOSE their will on everyone else because THEY do not value democracy or our Republic.

  4. …. WND
    Report exposes Bragg’s L I E S > about > his ChildHood’
    Claimed to have lived in ‘Dangerous’ Harlem, BUTT’ He
    grew UP >>>>
    on >>> $2 Million brownstone & attended Elite Private SCHOOL.”

    Daily Mail has revealed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s lies about his childhood years.

    • What is WITH these people? They can’t tell the truth about anything. Now we have reports of two more “fake Indians,” one of them being the so-called Indian who accepted (or was it rejected?) Marlon Brando’s Oscar. Bragg is an appropriate name for him, after all! His background sounds like Moo’s and his husband Barry. Liars all.

      The thing about the Indians that bugs me is how the media WILL go after SOME people for embellishment but ignore others. And since when do people no longer get to “self-identify?” imo, if someone is any part Native American, they shouldn’t be forced to disavow it, anymore than they ought to, like some, disavow “white” parts of their ancestry, like Moo and Barry do. Especially Barry, although I still believe he’s not “African” anything at all. I’m sticking with my theory of Indonesian Island ancestry and adoption by his “mother.” That’s why there’s no BC. He’s a “desi” like camel face. The Tribes, though, you see, believe they are the only ones who can decide if someone is a member, but you can still be Native American without being a member of their little club, which oddly includes descendants of their former slaves and, in the case of the Cherokees, descendants of their one-time chief who himself was but 1/8 Cherokee! That would be the one who led them to Oklahoma (selling them out?). What of the descendants of those who didn’t accede to the government’s mandates and stole off to freedom in other states? They’re out of luck. Amazingly enough, the tribes demand, as does the government, that one be descended from those listed on GOVERNMENT ROLLS. iow, they allow the oppressive, colonizing “white” government system of anti-Native racism DETERMINE MEMBERSHIP IN THEIR CLUB! WTF? Anyway, it’s amazing, isn’t it? Just sayin’.

      Did you see that Rachel Dolezal was present with Katie Hobbs in Arizona at some event honoring black women’s hair? You cannot make this stuff up!

      Some fakers are okay while others are not. How the heck is anybody supposed to know which is which?

  5. Kari Lake on the Verge of conquering the Hell that is >>>> election impropriety

    “The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph” or, as Kari Lake puts it: ……

    • I hope they really do allow her a hearing on this issue but somehow, reading that order by the judge, I have my doubts. I don’t think he’s going to rule in her favor and I think he’s going to hand down sanctions. Just a feeling. Why did he throw out all the good points? Why does it appear as if he’s only going to allow for changes “going forward,” with no retribution for thefts disguised as incompetence or ignorance past? I think he’s going to allow her to prove they didn’t follow the proper signature verification procedures and then just say they have to follow them in the future. Case closed. No do over. No reconsideration of the election certification. I pray I’m wrong but reading that order didn’t make me believe there’s much hope. I do hope she prevails, even though I doubt it will happen.

  6. DeSantis knocks it out of the Park with his description of Russia with Putin in charge.

    After calling the Russia-Ukraine war a ‘territorial dispute,’ DeSantis says Putin is a ‘war criminal’ & ‘basically a gas station with a bunch of nuclear weapons’

  7. O’ .. >Slay .. ME!!! & that’s the WAY WE DO IT!!! YEP!

    Judge Throws Book at Chicago Carjacker Who Boasted He’d Be ‘Out by Sunday’

    However, Jordan Henry, a career thug with a lengthy rap sheet, made a huge mistake when he was chased by police.

  8. FEC fines HILLary Clinton campaign and DNC over Trump-Russia dossier research
    …. March 30, >>2022

    • Oh, yeah. Just a little fine. Who paid it? Her campaign funds, no doubt. Slush fund for all DemoncRATS. Did you see how Cori Bush hired her husband to be a security guard for her, using campaign money, while she already spends hundreds of thousands of campaign money on a private security SERVICE and while her husband has no security license or experience in being a bodyguard? This is what DemoncRATS do. Campaign funds are just there for them to spend as they wish; laws don’t matter. When/if they do get caught, they plead ignorance and then pay any fine out of their campaign funds! No indictment, no prosecution for THEM, especially if “POCs.”

  9. MEN ??? CON’s …!!! Cleaning up Honors ???

    that Are Designated <<<>> ‘ WO – MEN ‘ ….??? > SCAM JOKER’S 24 / 7

    Latest is state Lawmaker honored by USA Today

    • It’s deliberate. Those supporting this are the biggest misogynists in the world. FOR patriarchy and male superiority. AGAINST women and female equality. Transgender “women” are to real, natural women what Rachel Dolezal is to black people.

  10. To the 18 Republican Senators Who Voted for the $1.7 Trillion Omnibus: ‘We Haven’t Forgotten’

  11. New Wyoming Law BanS > ‘Transgender Women’ From Real Women’s Sports Teams

    ( — Lawmakers in Wyoming PASSed a bill to PROhibit transexual “Women” (biological males) from competing in Female sports in the state’s public schools, making Wyoming the 19th state to enact such legislation. … YES!!! GO Wyoming

    Governor Mark Gordon, a Republican, allowed the bill to become law > without > his > signature on March 17. …ha’

    • This would seem to be a no brainer but amazingly DemoncRATS are nearly in lockstep against it. AGAINST women. FOR more patriarchy and oppression of women BY MEN (who pretend to be women). NOW they’re calling themselves “female.”


    I have to shake my head over this one, too. HOW is it possible for a public school union able to get away with such a RACIST seminar? Does even one cent of public money go towards this outrage? I’m sure it does but even if not, would they allow a seminar about the evils of blackness?

  13. Exclusive — Rep. Wesley Hunt: Target on Trump’s Back
    Shows He Is ‘OUR Guy’ ….>>>>>> Moving Forward …YEP

    • Yes, we knew that, though, didn’t we? Where’s this guy been? How many other democratically elected governments did we overthrow and then WE chose their leader? Well, it’s not unlike what happened right here, in 2020, is it?

  14. Trans activists shouted down women’s rights speaker in New Zealand, douse her in tomato juice
    J.K. Rowling condemned the attack saying women have become used to the ‘outright denial of reality’


    More evidence that what’s discussed in the post is indeed true. It was all a setup, a CONSPIRACY to prevent President Trump from successfully relying on the CONSTITUTION to set right the THEFT of the election by the very people who orchestrated Jan. 6 to cover up their crimes.

    EXACTLY like the set up to the “kidnapping” of Whitmer. ORCHESTRATED by the Deep State to ENTRAP U.S. citizens.



    I am getting SO SICK of this blatant racism and this stupid, incessant victim porn. No, it’s not a crime for “white” people to use GIFs with black people. Why would it be? Our TVs have “normalized” blacks to the extent that they are so overrepresented on TV that one would think they are almost 70% of the population and whites are only 13%. We see black faces on TV daily, everywhere, in every situation. Playing roles that “belong” to “white” people because the historical people they represent WERE white. When will a white woman play Bess in Porgy and Bess, btw?

    Did you even know it’s possible or that it’s a thing to CHOOSE an emoji that matches your skin color, allegedly? So, what color should “white” people choose? White? Purple? Green? There likely isn’t any color that matches their skin and no doubt there are plenty of colors that do match their skin but are supposed to represent “brown” people or “black” people, who are not black anymore than “whites” (other than albinos of any “color”) are white. I went to school with “black” girls who thought me “white” even though my natural color is darker than theirs and also darker than family members who are “Latinx” to use that offensive term. Anyway, now “white” people are being doxxed and dissed on social media if they choose or use an emoji that’s darker than they are supposed to choose, based upon what other people who hate “white” people believe they should choose. Otherwise they’re “stealing” something. Culture. Who the hell knows, but this has GOT TO STOP.

    Can we go back to the notion of COLOR BLIND SOCIETY?

    • “Blake’s article referred to sharing funny gifs as one of the “most insidious forms of contemporary racism.” He added that it is a “modern-day repackaging of minstrel shows, a racist form of entertainment popular in the 19th century. That’s when White actors, faces darkened with burnt cork, entertained audiences by playing Black characters as bumbling, happy-go-lucky simpletons.”

      The author explained that its only “digital blackface” if the person in the gif looks bad.

      “This guidance might help: If a White person shares an image online that perpetuates stereotypes of Black people as loud, dumb, hyperviolent or hypersexual, they’ve entered digital blackface territory,” Blake wrote. …”

      OMG. This crap pisses me off so much. How many TV ads have you seen lately where it’s NOT a white person being ridiculed, made the butt of jokes, made to look “dumb,” especially? It’s the RACIST switcheroo where it’s not enough to have more, actually OVERREPRESENTATION of, blacks in ads, they must ALL be put in the position of superiority (doctor, boss, expert) while the whites are made to look like stupid, inferior idiots. The woke producers can go out of their way to CREATE offensive stereotypes of white people, especially men, but whites can’t perpetuate stereotypes of blacks?

      Kiss my ass, Mr. Blake.


        Read it and weep! It “matters” what “skin tone” you choose. Who gets to decide what color your skin is, you or some woke, lecturing, virtue signaling ASSHOLE? Oh, and take note: You can’t choose Simpson yellow, either, because everybody knows that’s a stand in for … white!

        See how “white” people can’t win for losing? Choose “white” skin emojis and you’re flaunting your white privilege. You’re flaunting your white supremacist ideology. But choose any other color and you’re appropriating or engaging in blackface or whatever. You can’t win. I can see why Scott Adams says “whites” should just say EFF IT and stay away from anybody who thinks and believes this way. Don’t even TRY to engage or convert or explain or, for God’s sake, apologize for something of which you are not and never were guilty.

  18. US ….. F’ ed ….UP …..
    Nashville School Shooter Identified As Transgender Artist

    The Nashville school shooter who killed th3 children & 3 adults before being fatally shot by police has been identified as a 28-year-old female who identifies as transgender & uses “he/him” pronouns. …… WHAT A CROCK !!! he/him …. BS 24/7

    Authorities confirmed that >>> 28-year-old Audrey Hale ????

    • Apparently just started “transitioning” which makes me think he was recently put on male hormones, but we may never know. I discuss it in the newer post. HE certainly looked as if HE was using hormones and lost his boobs, so …

      As I said, they’re going to cover this up and make sure to not ever make any connection between this violence and “gender affirming care,” it was receiving.

    • Why the HELL would they erase this person as if “he/she” didn’t exist? Why remove him/her from the Dean’s list? Just erase him/her? That’s cold, isn’t it? Even Hitler is still allowed in history books.

      Now they have blood on their hands. We’re never going to learn the TRUTH. They’re rewriting his/her manifesto (why are there always manifestos?) even as we speak. There’s no way this person was targeting anyone at that school, in particular. The people killed weren’t even there when he/she attended. UNLESS it’s targeting the CHRISTIANS who oppose transgender ideology. They have been hyping this so-called war between gays/trans people and CHRISTIANS in TN for weeks because of new legislation regulating the mutilation of CHILDREN’S bodies in the name of transgender “affirming care.” It’s a crime. It’s child abuse. Children, obviously, aren’t capable and mature enough to know they prefer to mutilate their bodies, something that cannot be reversed, because they are imagining they’re the opposite sex. And why? Because teachers and woke society are telling them, falsely, that it’s an option. That it’s a “thing” to be able to change one’s immutable biological sex. Children don’t even know what gender is. They have no notion of it. They could as easily identify as a fairy, or a dinosaur, or a dog.

  19. Nashville school Shooter Audrey Hale: Who is 28-year-old Transgender Woman who >> opened fire at Covenant school
    Police found hand drawn maps of the Covenant school with detailed entry points at Hale’s residence in Nashville

    • Even the media are getting confused, as we all have been over the past years with genders and the exact designation of the various transgender permutations. It’s probably why some have resorted to “biological female” to describe him/her. Some are saying Hale was a transgender man and others say transgender woman. It makes a difference, because if she was a female who was deluded into believing she was male, then she was a “transgender male,” not trans female. But, who can blame them for getting mixed up, except that THEY’RE the ones who invented this new ridiculous language. We always had a singular neuter pronoun that worked for centuries. IT. Now they’re calling Hale “they,” which doesn’t conform with “his” chosen pronouns, so it makes no sense. In any case, since Hale is one person, why do they write “they are” instead of “they is?” At least that way we’d know they’re talking about a singular person. Do note that some of these online articles have been edited; iow their misgendering and dead naming have been changed to make it look AS IF all along they respected Hale’s transgender status.

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