We Are All Immigrants Holiday Weekend

This coming Monday is to some Columbus Day and to others Indigenous Peoples’ [sic] Day.

Since there appears to be much debate and controversy about the history of this country as well as the entire hemisphere, let’s stick with science:

We are all immigrants or descended from immigrants to this hemisphere.

Therefore, we unilaterally declare this weekend to be

We Are All Immigrants Holiday Weekend.


Last year’s post stated, accurately and scientifically:

Let’s consider the fact that nobody knows exactly who were the actual indigenous people of what’s now the USA, because all of these people, from various ethnic groups, from various races, from various parts of the old world, arrived at various times over tens of thousands of years. Some even arrived after the Vikings landed on the east coast of this continent and only a few hundred years before Columbus arrived in the “NewWorld.”

If we define “indigenous” as meaning first, then many if not most of the groups identified as “indigenous” arrived after the actual indigenous people, whoever they were.

Technically speaking, we are all immigrants to this hemisphere.

Happy “We Are All Immigrants Holiday Weekend!”




62 responses to “We Are All Immigrants Holiday Weekend

  1. Have a wonderful fall weekend everyone!

  2. A little levity from one of our great comedians in Congress. Loving Senator Kennedy!

  3. Lots to unpack in this story. Trying to make a run for it?


    Hmm. No evidence of the election being stolen? President Trump says it was stolen “without evidence” and his claims are “lies?”

  4. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/10/seattle-area-elementary-school-reportedly-canceling-halloween-students-dont-celebrate-nobody-can/

    I don’t know why but that story REALLY pisses me off.

    Children, little children, who are NOT gay, straight, or anything in between, are FORCED to “celebrate” pride month, but because some unnamed individuals do NOT “celebrate” Halloween, NOBODY in the school can. It’s “exclusionary.” So what is forcing children, little children, to “celebrate” homosexuality if not “exclusionary,” given that the vast majority of human beings are NOT homosexual? Many religions and cultures, btw, do NOT, most definitely do NOT, celebrate homosexuality. If we presume that it’s non-Christians or maybe even evangelical Christians who object to Halloween, then why aren’t those who DO celebrate it given the same courtesy, based upon cultural or religious grounds?

    Principal writes,

    “… Halloween celebrations are exclusionary for students who come from certain cultural or religious backgrounds.

    “As a public school, should we be hosting events during the instructional day that exclude students? No, we should not. We want this to be a place for all of our students and families.” …”

    Uh, shouldn’t “pride week” or month ALSO be stopped because of “students who come from certain cultural or religious backgrounds?”

    Why are only SOME cultures or religions allowed to CANCEL other people’s celebrations?

    • Well, that’s shocking. NOT!

      Now, isn’t this against the law? A violation of what is it? The Logan Act? Not to mention … sedition, is it?

  5. Grumpy Rabbit david Christoph •
    FBI crime stats for 2021: Blacks (13%) account for 60.4% of murders …… up from 56% in the previous year).

    MajorKong64 Grumpy Rabbit •
    It’s great isn’t it? Also love how they lump hispanics in with whites rather than separating us.

    • So what a surprise that more blacks get the death penalty (they commit most murders) and yet they don’t get the death penalty DISPROPORTIONATELY. That “honor” belongs to whites. They usually don’t even charge blacks with FIRST DEGREE murder, even if it is.

      And yes, to the commenter: It all depends upon what kind of statistics they want to use to LIE. If it makes whites look worse, then Hispanics magically revert to being white OR they are excluded from the white category. Whichever way makes whites look worse.

  6. & that’s the WAY we DO IT! > SO is McDonald’s HIRING ?
    CHICKEN’ > LAY-LOW’s R selling FAST today …! ?????

    Uvalde CISD suspends Entire district police department; superintendent to Retire
    Two other administrators on Leave, including Lieutenant who knew about ex-trooper’s investigation


    • A bit too late for the dead children, but at least there’s some accountability, although the politicians and other higher ups that put woke policies into effect are likely skating, while the lower-level minions take the fall. Not to mention the lack of oversight. Still wondering about the teachers who didn’t close doors, AS REQUIRED, or who didn’t warn other teachers the perp was coming. Simple thing to follow the rules, like CLOSING DOORS at all times.

  7. >>> Barack Obama – ???
    Barack Obama was a constitutional scholar? & authOr of 2 best-selling books? before he RAN? for president, so the fact that he’s a smart guy isn’t in > disPute. ?? Exactly what his IQ is remains
    to be discovered. <<>> Donald Trump – ???
    The current U.S. president has boasted of an impressive IQ, but has never revealed a # . In late 2016, a viral meme made the claim that Trump has an IQ of 156, but those findings have been debunked.

    Dean Keith Simonton, the same researcher responsible for IQ findings on all the other presidents, states that it’s unlikely that his IQ is very high, & has challenged him to produce the results
    of an IQ test.

    Perhaps one day Trump will put forth the evidence to back up his claims.

    • People who make “estimates” of dead presidents’ IQs are debunked before they even begin their work. Somehow, though, this clown deduces that it’s unlikely that Trump has a high IQ, even though the guy is probably one of the most successful businessmen in the country’s history. Not to mention the brains it takes to outsmart the entire DemoncRAT Party, including Ms. Genius Clinton.

      Don’t they always tell us there are many types of intelligences? Well, Trump seems to excel at a lot of them! I would be shocked if he did NOT have a high IQ. He pays attention to many details and keeps them all straight. That’s something Biden doesn’t and can’t do. All Biden can do is CHEAT, as evidenced by his multiple incidences of PLAGIARISM.

      Imagine if Trump were EVER caught plagiarizing. And genius Obama couldn’t even write his own books. No way is or was he ever a “constitutional scholar,” unless you’re going to give any one of us who ever studied the Constitution (like was required in school) that title, too.

  8. Joe Biden Requesting $13.7 Billion More in Aid to Ukraine as $40 Billion Package Running Dry
    check the lobe of ears…not the SAME in both photos! ha’ joey?

    the ears? …the palm of his >hand JOE’S DOUBLE?

  9. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS? .. & Just theTIP .. of the ICE-BERG!

    Las Vegas stabbing suspect is in US illegally, has criminal record in California: source
    Yoni Barrios allegedly stabbed eight people on the Las Vegas Strip in a fit of rage, authorities have said.


    • In my local paper, they just called him “a man.” I wonder, though, if anybody asked him (correct pronoun?) how he identifies.

  10. So much for science! https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/10/university-southern-maine-students-demand-professor-firing-stating-two-sexes/

    Delusional. They may invent multiple “genders” but science says there are ONLY two sexes. What would be the purpose of a third?

  11. Some Ashli news:

    A new perspective on what she was thinking that day, and why. She was a cop in the military; she was shocked by the cops standing down.


    Judicial Watch news on the shooting:


    “We filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Department of Justice for records related to the housing of U.S. Capitol Police Lieutenant Michael Byrd at Joint Base Andrews after he shot and killed U.S. Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt inside the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 (Judicial Watch v U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:22-cv-02948)).

    We have received information that Byrd was housed at Andrews in the immediate period after he killed Babbitt. …

    We sued in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia after Joint Base Andrews, the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department, and the FBI failed to respond to three July 2022 FOIA requests about Byrd’s housing while his name as the shooter of Ashli Babbitt was being withheld from the public by the government.

    In our complaint, we explained to the court that we had asked all three government agencies for all records relating to the billeting of Byrd at Andrews from January 6, 2021, to July 2022, including authorization papers, housing, meals, transportation, and visitor logs. …”

    They HID HIM in addition to keeping his identity secret. The irony that the military was complicit in hiding the shooter and his identity when he was responsible for the homicide of an unarmed veteran!

  12. The Post-Pandemic Proves the Left Is a Monster
    Its ideology is crazed, deformed, and incongruous.


    • This is so true. WTF is wrong with these people? EVIL personified. I’ve said many times before: These things trying to pass themselves off as women are like all white people putting on BLACK FACE and trying to become “persons of color,” especially to get the perks of black privilege. It’s an insult to ALL WOMEN when these MEN put on stereotypical “female” costumes and accoutrements in order to further the sexism that women have suffered for centuries, at least in “western” culture. No different from a white person donning black face, “pimp” clothes (superfly hats, etc.), kinky-haired wigs, and then, perhaps, posing with a bucket of KFC and a watermelon. That’s exactly how offensive that person in the photo is to me and no doubt other REAL WOMEN. The woke left celebrates tearing down REAL WOMEN and REAL femininity. Because disproportionately they are full of haters of REAL women: LGBTQ types of all flavors. Lesbians hate real women. Gay men hate real women. Jealousy. Pure and simple.

  13. the DIRTY’ / WAKE UP USA! > B I D E N ‘ S again & again !!!

  14. THE STINGER’ … STRIKES …again!!!

    The original California to Texas video debuted on September 13. It instantly become the Most-Watched Babylon Bee video, eclipsing even the stellar Spelling Bee video that, since June, garnered 2,131,797 views as of this writing. That’s because the original California to Texas video, in just 3 weeks, managed to get 2,145,452 views. To appreciate the new video, I Suggest you Watch the >>> Original because they’re best taken in order:


    * kultursmog ….+
    I don’t know How the Bee stays IN Business. It’s Not Even satire anymore, it’s real-life documentary at this point.

    I can’t wait to send to some friends that are fleeing …..
    CA for TX–too funny 🙂

    Thanks for the post Andrea. It made my day. (;

  15. THEY.. R “ALL on LAUGH-in GAS” ??? GREEN is GOLD!

    Pelosi Statement on President Biden’s Historic Marijuana Reform

  16. University of Southern Maine students demand professor be Fired???? 4 saying there are ONLY > 2 Sexes, non-binary student: ‘I Felt under PER-Son’ -al attack’
    ??? REALLY … STOP this CRAP NOW! ENOUGH already…

    During Hammer’s class on Sept. 7, the atmosphere allegedly became eXplosive after the professor Said >> THE TRUTH!
    there were Only >>>>> 2 sexes, according 2 students. ha’


  17. This one is so much fun, not to mention unbelievable. You’d think it was a photoshopped joke, but it’s not. It’s real:

    Be sure to click the links for the “winners” who are other commenters suggesting good fits for other of “Dr.” Jill’s outfits.

    Love this commenter’s explanation:

    “I think she wears the bright color and print dresses so Joe Biden can recognize and follow her. Association techniques for people with memory loss. …”

    More than plausible.

  18. The REAL president asks questions that many others are asking. We’re not getting any answers, though.


  19. A video of the fake president, courtesy of the REAL president:

  20. Just how insane is this? By what stretch of the imagination is this legal or constitutional? It’s disproportionate in the extreme and a stretch of the imagination to uphold the charges against him.


    • Will the families of the Moon astronauts now be able to collect millions from anyone who wrote about the conspiracy theory that said the Moon landing was fake? How about the Kennedy family or the family of Oswald, for that matter? Will they get damages because of the YEARS of conspiracy theories about the real alleged assasin? The Grassy Knoll, etc.?

  21. Here’s a surprise! Another hate hoax:


    “A Black Louisiana teenager has been identified as the person who posted a social media message late last month that threatened to kill Black people at an Alabama fair and used white supremacist imagery, police said Thursday. …”

    WHY is he not being charged with a hate crime against whites? Terroristic threat means that the victims are the black people he threatened to kill, AS IF they’re the ONLY victims. He ought to, also, be charged with a hate crime against blacks because what does it matter if he’s the same color?

  22. YOUR tax dollars at work. WHO was actually going to pay Christopher Steele for proof of his lies about Trump in the Clinton-paid-for dossier? We the People? So now it’s okay for the government to use OUR money to BUY proof of opposition research for the DemoncRAT party? https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2022/10/12/during-trial-senior-fbi-analyt-admits-agency-offered-dossier-author-chris-steele-up-to-one-million-dollars-to-prove-authenticity-of-claims/

    Will ANY Republicans object to this or are they okay with the FBI conspiring with their political opponents and using OUR MONEY to BUY dirt for the DemoncRATS to use? Are they paying for the dirt on Herschel Walker? Anybody else?

    Think about it: They were using OUR MONEY to make an illegal CAMPAIGN DONATION to the Clinton campaign. Using OUR MONEY to buy opposition research that, they hoped, would stand up to scrutiny, but they needed proof from Steele. Unbelievable. Will ANYONE be charged? Will ANYONE go to prison, where they belong? The FBI was acting as an ARM of the DemoncRAT party. There’re no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

    • One of them is running for the Senate in MO. A fabulously wealthy heiress, I mean. Haven’t finished reading so don’t know yet if she’s on this list. Trudy Busch Valentine. BUSCH tells you all. She’s trying to BUY a Senate seat. Like so many other Dems, she refuses to debate. iow, she’s a dunce. Tries to sell herself by saying she’s a nurse. Altogether, from what I can gather, less than 1 year as a PAID nurse. About 5 years at various places as a VOLUNTEER “nurse.” Media will not look to see if she’s licensed continually (she’s no spring chicken–should have been a nurse at least 30 years by now). Media won’t even verify she actually “volunteered”, what she did, when, and for HOW LONG. I mean, one can volunteer for, like, 2 hours a week and still be called a “volunteer.” One place she allegedly was a nurse was a children’s home. What does a nurse do at a children’s residence? I’ll bet she was an “administrator.”

      I did not know that about Kristen Stewart but it goes along with my commentary in the past about how NEPOTISM is so rampant in Hollywood. It has so little to do with talent and so much to do with who you’re related to. Even “actresses” and “actors” with non-celebrity names are children of other actors or actresses. It’s the opposite of banking on your name. They USE DIFFERENT names so you think they’re NOT related and getting their roles through “affirmative action” for RELATIVES of connected Hollywood people. Nearly every day I learn about another one. You may as well not even try to make it in Hollywood unless you’re related to someone. It’s extremely rare for a real star to be a nobody. Brad Pitt is one. Try to find another who’s NOT related to someone.

      Is Paris REALLY Michael Jackson’s biological child?

    • Yeah, what the hell is HE up to? Rope a dope? They know they’re losing so they’re already trying to make nice and sound reasonable? He’s pretending he hasn’t been the conductor of this symphony from hell for the past few years?

  23. Sharpton: Herschel Walker Nomination an Insult GOP Wanted

    ‘Any Black Against Warnock’

    * ChicagoConservative27
    If Sharpton was a Republican he would be in Jail for Tax Evasion.


    • But they’re too busy trying to pin a crime on DeSantis for “human trafficking.” More outrageous behavior from the third world, illegal, unconstitutional administration.

  24. If the GOP takes the House, Pelosi resigns ..?????????? O’ yea

    She knew.

    When the Jan 6 Committee was being assembled, Chairman Bennie Thompson made a big deal of saying that “Nothing is OFF limits.” Nothing was off limits as far as Trump was concerned, that is. However, there was something very specifically to be OFF limits, according to Thompson.

    >>>>>> Nancy Pelosi


    • Wow. A double blessing. Something to look forward to! Her resigning I mean.

      Now, WTF does she mean about “trespassing on the Capitol grounds?” Does she mean TRUMP? She thinks she would be able to punch him out because the PRESIDENT OF THE USA “trespassed” on the Capitol? That would be rich, wouldn’t it? It’s bad enough they think they are justified in arresting citizens for “trespassing” on their own PUBLIC PROPERTY at their own CAPITOL. It’s outrageous and at what point will any court step in and tell them so? She’s certainly telegraphing something there, alluding to Trump “trespassing.” It was a tell. What they had planned all along.

  25. This man loves ice cream and little girls. ??? LOCK IT UP!!!
    ICE CREAM & >> A SNIFF: SICK DICK’ Joe Biden Manages

    to >> Sniff His Next Victim While Out 4 Ice Cream in Oregon

    Joe wasted no time in Sniffing his latest Victim. <<< SICK man

    The fake news media pretends this isn’t happening. REALLY?

    The mainstream Media supports this Degenerate behavior.


    • I can’t believe how creepy this guy is and just in time for Halloween. Why don’t women slug him? I would, without hesitation. Or would that be risking arrest by the Secret Service? I mean, is somebody allowed to sexually harass you just because they’re nominally president?

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