Independence Day Weekend 2022

This weekend we celebrate Independence Day to mark our freedom from tyranny. Let us pray that we will continue to be free from tyranny and totalitarianism. Our task is now to ensure that our freedoms remain intact for ourselves and for posterity.

John Adams wrote to his wife, Abigail, about Independence Day:

I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival. It ought to be commemorated, as the Day of Deliverance by solemn Acts of Devotion to God Almighty.

It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, another great patriot, recently said:

Today and everyday is 1776. Never give up our freedoms. Never let the left steal them away. Be a watchman on the wall and stay on guard every single second of every single day because the left will stop at nothing until they destroy our faith, our families, and our freedoms.

Always vote as if your freedoms depend upon the outcome, because they do.

Happy Fourth of July to every Watchman on the Wall!

May God bless you and may God continue to bless the United States of America.


79 responses to “Independence Day Weekend 2022

  1. Hope you all have a happy Fourth of July holiday. Take care. Stay safe.

  2. Two faced SoB:

    Look how he talks about conservatives. They’re “selfish,” for one thing. Implies that they are stupid. Tells a story in which Trump was probably joking but which he recounts as truth, to show Trump is similarly stupid. I get so sick of these sleaze balls. He pretended to be unbiased. Look how he talks when he thinks nobody’s hearing other than other lefties.

  3. But Monty Python was always FUNNY. This is NOT funny, imho:

    “Hutchinson forgot to add the part where Trump waved the nuclear football around and threatened to order the bombing of Russia if the 2020 election results were not overturned. But maybe that’s coming. …”

    I would STILL love to see a parody video with Trump TWERKING on the top of the limo. That would just make my day. I wish I were able to make it myself, but I don’t have the skills.


    That Kinzinger is a real piece of work. How can anyone think this is an unbiased fact-finding mission designed to write legislation to prevent future such events? Kinzinger isn’t even a RINO. He’s far worse. How did the people of his district get so completely fooled?

    We’ll see more of this because DemoncRATS are running in Republican primaries as spoilers and probably some of them will continue run AS Republicans in the general election. They’re so amoral. Such sleazebags. And guess what? Guys like Luntz are teaching them what to say to FOOL good American conservatives. There’s a special place in hell for people this mendacious.

    • Where did the story come from that Cheney has Melania’s texts? And what did they allegedly say? This goes with that Lord (?) article that says that they’ve vacuumed up the emails and texts of hundreds of people who were associated with Trump and then, by extension, ALL THE PEOPLE that those people communicated with. This is beyond fascism. This is so unconstitutional that it’s breathtaking and it’s amazing that these so-called representatives of the People ADMIT doing it!

      Is this what Orly was referring to?

      So just because Melania doesn’t want to make a statement, from that they INFER (as usual, worst case scenario, too) that it meant that she was FOR violence at the Capitol? These people are so evil.

      Have you ever known people like this? There must be a psychological syndrome that explains it, but it’s really frustrating in real life to have to deal with people who, given any set of circumstances or any statement made by someone, they ALWAYS infer the WORST motivations, the WORST explanations, the WORST meaning possible. So you say something but you’re not specific enough, and they don’t particularly like you, they WILL always take it the worst way possible to make you look as bad as possible. iow, they NEVER give anyone the benefit of the doubt IF they don’t like that person.

    • They never had any credibility, so it’s hard for them to implode. I don’t think they care about or even strive for credibility or expect it. The committee exists to SMEAR Trump, to pretend that there’s reason for someone, anyone, to indict him for a “crime.” This is lawfare and it’s only designed to STOP HIM FROM RUNNING in 2024. Cheney’s falling on the sword and will lose UNLESS, that is, her reward will be that the DemoncRATS will mobilize their “diverse” and far-reaching, unique in the world “vote fraud system” on her behalf.

      Polls mean nothing. They don’t even TRY to cover it up anymore. In Colorado, somebody in the Rep. primary was way, way ahead in the polls. A nobody who was way behind in the polls, whom nobody even knew, ended up winning, iirc, while the person who led by something like 30 points LOST, came in THIRD of three. That’s vote fraud. No doubt.

      But nobody cares. The fix is in and I’m afraid it will be at least in “blue” states and swing states in Nov.

      In GA, a judge just tossed a lawsuit despite there being massive evidence presented of fraud. On a technicality, the case was dismissed. NO EVIDENCE was examined, but the DemoncRATS will say there’s no evidence of fraud because “courts” threw out all the cases. Indeed they did, just as they threw out all cases seeking to get Barry’s proof of eligibility. But a dismissed case doesn’t mean there’s no EVIDENCE of wrong doing.

      Cheney will probably be installed again, even though everybody in WY hates her and she’s behind by a LOT in polls. She’s begging DemonRATS to cross over and vote in the Rep. primary and they probably will. Who knows if they’ll vote for her, too, in the general, but it won’t matter, maybe.

      The fix is in all over the country. They know it, which is why they seem to NOT CARE about polls or how people feel about what they’re doing. Same with Biden predicting that not only will they keep the House but they’ll also pick up Senators. What a surprise. He thinks he’s going to get the TWO that they “need” to ditch the filibuster. And with cheating that will go unpunished, he probably will. And that will seal the fate of our Republic.

      They will use Roe and other decisions to “explain” why what people expected to be a rout of DemoncRATS ended up being a win for them. All they need is what they think is a “plausible” explanation for their THEFT.

    • I don’t really think he was saying that Biden’s out of control/command. I think it’s the same old story that DemoncRATS fall back on–that it’s not reality but only a perception and that the narrative needs to be changed in order to change the perception that those too stupid to “get” the woke agenda have about the woke agenda. Because, you know, the deplorables aren’t smart enough to know what’s good for them so, being stupid and selfish and racist and backwards, they must be schooled by the elites who need to learn how to talk down to them, to fool them, in order to give them a different “perception,” even though the reality is that We the People know EXACTLY what they’re doing and what they’re up to.

    • Don’t touch!! I see the woke ones still are using the hateful, racist term “monkeypox,” although some in the media are taking pains to only show WHITE hands with pox now, or white people, but not blacks anymore. What makes monkeypox racist while showing black hands? Who the hell knows? It’s in the MIND of the RACIST beholder, I assume. Did anyone make that connection before hearing these woke warriors (who made the connection themselves, obviously) who brought it up? I didn’t. It would seem to me, then, that the real racists would be those who saw black hands with monkeypox and thought “monkeys.” Right?

  5. Is he talking about the same FOOL’S That CUT THEM SELF’S when life
    Throws them a CURVE BALL? SUCH OUT’ of CON – TROLL’ – FOOL’S

    • Guess it was a cutting comment too far. 🙂 What was his crime, calling the doctor a criminal? Implying that this woman (?) had too much pride and that led her to have her boobs cut off? I don’t see anything hateful about just telling the truth or expressing an opinion.

    • He thinks it’s perhaps because he “dead named” someone who transitioned? Well, what do you do when a person changes names and “identities” from one day to the next? You know, they’re “fluid?”

  6. CIVIQS Poll: Joe Biden Approval Lowest of Presidency – 31% Overall

    * Matt G. •
    I don’t buy it. There is no way its that high. 18% probably.

  7. Arizona Democrats Blasted for Promoting ‘F**k the Fourth’ Event: They ‘Should Be >>>> Ashamed’

    * FM • edited ….
    The Democrats Are the Marxists, Socialists & Fascists now.

    Beyond doubt, beyond measure & Are the domestic terrorists as well.

    Funny they don’t mind f king taxpayer’s wallets…

    “F America! But give us all your Money first, because we don’t want to work.”

    “I notice that all of them saying F America are Not moving to Other countries.”

  8. Something to Celebrate This Year
    Thank you President Donald J. Trump for giving us a Supreme Court that is restoring the Constitution’s and Bill of Rights’ original intent.

  9. Piss POOR CHIEF ? .. a job poorly DONE DUDE ! ??? WHY didn’t U ?
    Tear down the schools .. REMOVE ..? the DEAD > ‘WAIT’ ??? So SAD

    • Out of his element for sure. Makes you wonder who does the hiring there and what the qualifications are.

    • The video that the New Zealanders made is wonderful. Our song inspires them, as it should, considering the lack of their own freedoms that COVID pointed out to them recently. It’s not surprising that New Zealanders didn’t know the meaning of the song, but all AMERICANS should.

      Fwiw, I love O Canada!

  10. gillilanddana77

    There’s only one country that can take down the United States of America and that’s the United States of America. Nothing makes any sense anymore. Gas prices are higher because we’re in a conflict in Russia than they were when we were in Afghanistan or Iraq or Iran. We are producing paper masks and waiting for China to supply computer chips to control our technology..I’m sure they wouldn’t put anything nefarious in them. Texas is so commited to a person’s right to life that they still administer the death penalty even though dozens of people have been proven innocent since DNA arrived on the scene. And they are concerned with children’s lives however currently there are 11,000 children in foster care in the Dallas-Fort Worth area alone alone with 3,000 waiting for foster care or for adoption according to DFWchild.Com. The result of abortions being made illegal would be illegal abortions and unwanted children. And gun control is about just that …control. That’s about like trying to fight obesity by taking away forks. And if our government were really serious about stopping the senseless mass killing of innocent strangers, they would bring our soldiers home and stop sending weapons anywhere to kill anybody else’s sons because thier leader is narcissistic. And if they really wanted to punish drug dealers they wouldn’t be giving billions of dollars to the pharmaceutical companies in a veiled attempt to compensate for the upcoming legal judgments for their not negligent, but intentional, facilitation to addiction to opiates, for pseudo-vaccines that cause a magnet to stick to a person’s arm at the vaccination site and we deport veterans from the Gulf wars who were born in South America that were not United States citizens but Afghanistan Ukrainian all other refugees are welcome right in without being
    vetted at all I mean how silly do we look telling Mexicans they can’t come in to Texas or New Mexico when they were here before the Europeans anyway anyway and about Afghanistan we let the Taliban kick us out and then went right back to rescue people and have more troops there then than before we evacuated were we really there for the heroin? And maybe that’s the real reason for the wall the CIA no longer uses cocaine from South America but heroin from the Middle East to fund dark ops hurt people hurt people and some are more equal than others. And we are becoming a country of mob rule. We can’t pray in school because atheist values are more important than a Christian values. When they took God out of school that’s when the guns went in. Our founding fathers intended to keep the state out of church not God out of everything. I mean not saying the pledge allegiance in schools that’s ludicrous and I don’t care anybody can sleep with anybody they want to and identify with any sex they want to but they should not be able to force another citizen to make a cake for them or anything else and there should not be an all black Network Lord help us if we tried to have an all white Network so every person that’s alive today that has ever owned a slave should have to give them a million dollars and every black person that’s aive today that was a slave should get a million dollars. other than that equal means equal. Judicial decisions, Mayorai press conference attendees, whether or not and on whom charges are made by police should not be on the basis that they fear looting and rioting all because of the color of a person’s skin that is only racism continued and it divides us more. To say one person’s Heritage outweighes another’s, or one group has more credibility than another and that includes white cops keeps us all in bondage. Anytime you have an Us and a Them you’re going to have trouble …there’s one race the human race.

    • You said a mouthful!! I agree with most of what you say. Things are not making sense anymore and for sure it’s by design.


    • Whoa! When will they EVER investigate this guy?

      So is it any surprise that the social media companies BURY anything about Hunter’s laptop and his connections? He also knows where the bodies are buried. I wonder how much influence he has on having them all ban, shadowban, and censor his father’s critics?

    • Has it occurred to anybody to make FOIA requests for any government employee’s emails/texts/documents relating TO Hunter Biden?

    • Another tour de force. Showed these to hubby and I haven’t heard him laugh that hard for years.

    • McConnell was priceless and the bit about the diesel generator is true! That’s what they used in Glastonbury, where Greta ranted, and where the woke ones left a huge pile of litter and trash, including earth-destroying, single-use plastic bottles. They had the charging stations for the woke who drive electric cars, but the electricity was generated on site using diesel!

    • Disgusting. What do they think’s going to happen now? Already Biden is simply releasing forever anybody who claimed asylum before he took office and basically allowing all of them to stay, without a hearing. Without any requirement to report or to be deported. This is his vindictiveness–these are people that the leftists FORCED Trump, through lawfare, to release awaiting hearings. He’s only taking “responsibility” for anybody who came in after he was in office.

    • I wondered last night whether Lou Dobbs is proud that the decision bears his name, too? I’m so glad that Roe is supplanted by Dobbs.

  12. Ugly DIRT ..4 WHAT do they KNOW ??? All BS ! … Sick sob’$ …

  13. F .. JB .. Never BEEN 2 .. the Boarder NEVER E V E R …W T F Joey?
    $ure …fly away on OUR DIME !!! $O NICE RACKING UP them MILE$

    • Not to defend Biden, but don’t they have to blame it on nature? It’s mostly DESERT, after all. How’s about those who want to live NOT illegally break into someone else’s country and try to walk many miles, through desert, in 100 degree + heat without water?

    • What an idiot. Somebody needs to teach him the LONG VIEW of human history, replete with colonization (of POCs BY POCs), slavery (of POCs by POCs), and exploitation (of POCs by POCs–who sold blacks into slavery and reaped the profits)? How far back in time will we go? For this land where we abide today, will we go back to when the second “wave” of immigrants invaded and displaced the first?

    • That’s a weird one. Is it satire? He did his part. The man’s over 100!! I’ll bet if you put a rifle in his hand and rolled him out to face an enemy again, he’d do his part again, though. God bless him.

  14. O’ SURE BIG GUY < DEATH & DYING .. 2 get here ? U SEE THIS???
    PLANS .. ONLY your SICKNESS of POWER … Allowed THIS !!!


    I wonder how much the 25% uptick in schizophrenia due to cannabis use is perhaps responsible for the uptick in mass shootings? Will they examine what drugs the perps are on, what drugs they’ve used? Of course not. They prefer their narrative that it’s guns that cause it, not drug-induced psychosis.

    Another mass shooting in Denmark, although the left claims that mass shootings are a “uniquely” American phenom. Another mass shooting near Chicago. Supposedly a BLACK haired “white” man with a slight build. How many of those do you know? And what, btw, is a “man?” Could be a trans man with antifa-black dyed hair.

    • Oh, right. Under surveillance. Just to make sure he doesn’t do anything to embarrass or threaten his father or his administration. They’ll intervene to protect BOTH OF THEM but this isn’t to protect the USA or the People or to PROSECUTE him.

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