Say What?

Nearly every day RINOs and left-wing loons make statements that seem diametrically opposed to statements they’ve made in the past–confusing and perplexing statements, which ought to, but don’t seem to, elicit cognitive dissonance among those making them. Unless they’re deliberately gaslighting the public, which seems likely.

Recently former Attorney General Bill Barr,

  • who allegedly ordered a U.S. Attorney in PA to stand down and not investigate reports of vote fraud during the 2020 election;
  • who claimed he didn’t see evidence of “fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election” (because he didn’t look for it, ignored what was reported to him, and even ordered such reports to be ignored);
  • who could have put the question to rest once and for all  because he had the power and duty to investigate potential vote fraud but did not, for inexplicable reasons; and
  • who therefore allowed the election to be stolen by what turns out, collectively, to have been in fact a massive amount of vote fraud in the 2020 election,

made this Catch 22 of a pronouncement:

If Americans believe the U.S. Department of Justice is creating a two-tier justice system in the United States, “the proper remedy is to vote people out of office, including the president,” said former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr to The Federalist Saturday.

If Americans have corrupt elections and no recourse from the DOJ, as led by the likes of former Attorney General Bill Barr, then how the hell will citizens be able to vote anyone out of office?

If the Attorney General refuses to look for vote fraud, refuses to investigate vote fraud, uses his power to order those inclined to look for and investigate vote fraud to stand down, and so then allows vote fraud to go unpunished and even be rewarded, thus ensuring vote fraud in perpetuity, then how the hell will citizens ever be able to vote anyone out of office?

We now have a two-tiered system of justice because Bill Barr allowed the election to be stolen by not exercising his power to stop the steal.

How, under these circumstances, will We the People be able to vote these corrupt people out of office? Can people living in Red China, Russia, North Korea or other totalitarian states “vote” their own corrupt oppressors out of office?

Next we have the hypocrisy of Democrats and mainstream media “journalists” who rant on and on about the danger of questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 election and therefore the legitimacy of Biden’s presidency.

It’s beyond the pale to even question whether the election was fraudulent. It’s un-American. It’s treasonous. It’s anti-democratic. Mind you, they didn’t perceive it that way when they questioned elections.

Nevertheless, in their minds: You can’t question election integrity, even if everything points to massive fraud. They even demand that social media companies censor, even ban, anyone who disagrees with them on a variety of issues, including election “integrity”.

The very idea that one would question the legitimacy of a sitting president, they say, puts our national security at risk, as if actually stealing an election does not.

This week, however, we see that it’s fine for them to attack the legitimacy of the Supreme Court, which, when you think about it, is impossible. Every member of the Supreme Court was legitimately nominated, confirmed, and sworn in by legitimately elected representatives of We the People.

The Supreme Court itself is, well, the SUPREME court of the land. Their decisions are the “law of the land,” as liberals are wont to repeat ad nauseum when they agree with a decision.

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the talking point that the Supreme Court is now rendered illegitimate began showing up everywhere, as evidenced by a medley put together by Tucker Carlson (starting about 5:30 mins. into this video).

No one is supposed to question “election integrity,” yet somehow it’s not treasonous, un-American, anti-democratic or a threat to national security to question the legitimacy and integrity of our highest court.

Hypocrisy. Double standards. Gaslighting.

Why can’t President Trump and his supporters (and anyone else interested in free, fair, and honest elections) question the legitimacy of an extremely questionable election, but leftists, Democrats, and their minions in the mainstream media can question the legitimacy of the Supreme Court?

Pray for our Republic.




71 responses to “Say What?

  1. Ok, folks. So, as usual, I spent a lot of time this afternoon writing a post, only to be eclipsed by something else interesting that I might have written about, but didn’t. So I published what I wrote but want to opine on The Beast and this new bogus tall tale told at the Jan. 6 “hearing.”

    I found this old story that SHOWS The Beast:

    Look carefully and IMAGINE how this woman’s tall tale could be true. It’s about as true as Trump paying prostitutes to pee on Obama’s bed.

    Trump sat in the back seat, facing ANOTHER row of seats. There’s a partition between the driver’s area and where the passengers sit. Look how far it is between where Trump sat and the driver. There obviously would be secret service agents, probably more than one, sitting with Trump, in the back, with their backs to the driver. How could the President grab the steering wheel? Seriously. Why would a Secret Service agent MANHANDLE the President?

    I can totally see that POTUS would be royally pissed if they wouldn’t take him where he wanted to go. I can even hear him saying what they claim he said. I can’t and don’t believe he would assault an agent or try to grab the steering wheel. It didn’t happen. No way. And of course, REAL POTUS has already said not only is it a lie but it’s impossible, for obvious reasons–look at the photo of the car.

    So, already this analysis of mine is old and I figured it was bogus, but nevertheless, see how STUPID these people are. See how EASILY it can be debunked.

    The main question I had when I first read this fable was: Why get a woman who heard it from a man who heard it from an agent to testify instead of going to the MAN who is STILL a public servant or to the AGENT who STILL is a public servant to get the testimony and the FACTS first hand, under oath? The Secret Service offered to testify to the fact that these are LIES, but of course they’ll not call them lies. They’ll just let little Miss Smear Agent say she was mistaken. Why would they take second hand HEARSAY, anyway?

    Oh, and she claims that Trump “knew” that people at his RALLY (not at the Capitol) were armed and wearing body armor but he wanted the SS to stop using metal detectors to keep them away from his rally. They want to argue that he wanted to LEAD these “armed” and armored people to the Capitol and didn’t want the SS to disarm them first. These people have completely lost their minds.

    • That said, do you really think that if POTUS tried to assault someone they would NOT have been trying to have him arrested for it and used it in the bogus second impeachment?

      “A source close to the Secret Service tells me both Bobby Engel, the lead agent, and the presidential limousine/SUV driver are prepared to testify under oath that neither man was assaulted and that Mr. Trump never lunged for the steering wheel. …”

      Little Miss Smear Agent needs to lawyer up.


      Bongino provides some good background and insight, especially with regard to her calling it “The Beast.” It’s a big TELL. He says NOBODY in the SS, from Ornato on down, would refer to the limo as “The Beast,” besides the fact that they weren’t IN “The Beast”, anyway. They were in the SUV.

      Bongino says Ornato wouldn’t have made that mistake BUT, he says, the MEDIA are the ones who always refer to Trump’s car as “The Beast,” so perhaps we can infer that she was COACHED by somebody in the media or somebody who talks a lot TO the media? (Cheney? Schiff?)

      Her lies just keep growing in number.

      Of course, as I noticed and as you probably did, too, she constantly said that somebody said “something to the effect of” and then she went on with her own bogus paraphrasing (iow, invented conversation) and/or misinterpretation of what she claims to have heard, which all serves to perjury-proof her hearsay testimony.

      This is just a pack of lies, inferences, mistaken opinions, gossip, misunderstandings of what she thinks she heard, and out of context and cherry picked quotes, if they’re even quotes, which they’re not because she prefaces it all with “to the effect of.”

      When she says Meadows said that Trump “thinks” Pence deserved it, she’s inferring or implying that Meadows (1) can read Trump’s mind and that (2) SHE can read Meadows’s mind and knew that what he meant when he said “Pence deserved it” was hanging. But what did “it” mean? She doesn’t know. Meadows didn’t say; maybe he meant the hostility of the crowd.

      She’s not giving complete context or an actual quote. She can’t, because she wasn’t privy to the conversation, was she? Well, she claimed that Meadows said “you heard him,” but did she? She didn’t say she did. She didn’t say, then President Trump said, yadda yadda yadda.

      She’s giving a second hand version of what she thinks Meadows said with regard to what he thought Trump meant by what he said in a conversation she didn’t even hear. I’m thinking they’re trying to lay some kind of groundwork to get a subpoena that they can ENFORCE against Meadows. They’re pissed that they can’t get him in to grill him.

      So bogus. Will anyone fall for it?

  2. the GIFT’S ..KEEP COMING .. JUST MAGA .. F’ them slimy-azz WORM’S

    • I read this amazing stat yesterday. Did you know that in the 2016 Olympics, the “women’s” 800 meter race was “won” by THREE intersex, biological MALES? The top three medals went to MEN who happen to suffer from a developmental issue that caused their external male genitalia to not develop, so they lack external male genitalia and internal female organs, because they’re MEN. They do have testes, apparently, but they’re undescended. Even so, they produce testosterone, giving them male-like bodies, muscles, and advantages over women in foot races.

    • I read somewhere that she lost a lot of weight prior to her appearance. Since we’ve never heard of her before, who knows? I guess somebody could go plowing through old photos, looking for her, but I’m not inclined to. I did see one pic of her with the former Trump spokesperson. Cassidy was in the background making a sour face. Not becoming at all. But then again, she probably didn’t know she was on camera, like in the hearings. Who paid for her clothes and makeover?

    • I’d like to know the answer to that, too. EVIL is one explanation. Where is their self-proclaimed compassion? These are the people who are against eating meat. Have sympathy for baby seals. Support PETA. Why no compassion for helpless infants? Death cult.

    • One explanation I always thought holds water is that these “women” hate being women. They’re ashamed of it. They think being a woman is the same thing as being a victim–of men. They’re jealous of the “freedom” they think men have–to have sex with anyone, anytime, without consequences.

      There have been tweets out there warning men that they have a stake in “abortion rights,” too, because loss of them means the end of “hookup culture.” So there’s another inexplicable thing.

      Why would ANY woman participate in “hookup culture” that means they could become pregnant? Are they admitting to having indiscriminate sex without PROTECTION?

      If you don’t want STDs, then you use condoms, especially with strangers. If hookup culture ends with the end of abortion “rights,” then they’re admitting they go around having unprotected sex with strangers. Are they CRAZY?

      HIV may not be a death sentence anymore, which is arguable, but who wants to spend the rest of their life taking drugs that may be harmful and explaining HIV status to any potential mate?

      Who WANTS to have to be treated for STDs? A baby is the least of their problems.

      They’re admitting to being irresponsible, not taking precautions to prevent pregnancy, or maybe they’re such victims that they’re too cowardly to insist that any man they “hook up” with use a condom. What sort of wimps are they?

      They have a death wish, too? They want syphilis, monkey pox, chlamydia, gonorrhea, AIDS?

      The bottom line is that the most pro-abortion “women” in their movement HATE being women. HATE being female. Are disproportionately LESBIAN. And you’ll see plenty of gay men in that movement, too, because they also hate WOMEN and are themselves JEALOUS of and in competition with females.

    • I’m convinced they plan to cheat and they believe firmly that they’ll get away with it again. It’s the only explanation there can be for their behavior. All we can do is pray that what steps they’ve put in place to try to ensure election integrity will be ENOUGH to overcome the cheating. So far, we can’t get them to look into the massive fraud in the 2020, so why would we think they’ll stop fraud in 2022 or investigate whether or not it happened in the mid-terms? So far, the primaries have had allegations of cheating, as in 2020, and NOBODY’S taking that seriously. They just keep plowing on.

    • Yeah. Why do they keep saying she’s the first black WOMAN on the court? She doesn’t know what a woman is so how can she make that claim?

    • It’s disturbing that they stopped Trump’s stay in Mexico policy. It was stalled, iirc, based upon the same argument and reasoning that the left always used to stop most everything that Trump tried to do: it’s “arbitrary and capricious.” Also, iirc, they didn’t follow the required procedure (public comment, etc.) before trying to end it. What will happen now?

  3. This goes to motivation:

    “Next step amid lofty ambition

    But there was a falling out between Hutchinson and Meadows in 2021, a former White House aide told CNN. She was supposed to become permanent staff at Mar-a-Lago, but those plans fell through, the outlet reported.

    The New Jersey native has yet to hold a full-time job since leaving the White House, the Washington Post reported. …”

    Well, methinks that situation is probably already remedied, don’t you think? She’ll turn up with a cushy inside job somewhere, courtesy of Liz Cheney, either in politics, DC, or in the media, probably at MSNBC or CNN. Maybe, more likely, she’ll write a book.

  4. Watters nails it.

  5. Typical, typical B.S. When they don’t have any argument, they always fall back on name calling, playing the “sexist” card. Not a good look to compare her to Amber Heard!

    We don’t believe them because they’re lying and we criticize them because they’re dishonest and we don’t like dishonesty. Who does? It doesn’t make you a sexist to call out lies.

  6. More fabrications?

    This is another facet of why they called her in. They’re trying to get that LAWYER to testify. They think this will do it.

  7. ….. HAPPY DAY’S AHEAD !!! BRING ….IT … ON kiddies

      • They considered but decided AGAINST getting corroboration from the SS? iow, they WANTED to publicize the lie, that they knew (or at least feared) was a lie, despite it being a lie, and they deliberately did NOT search for the TRUTH, although that’s what they claim is their goal?

      • If you read all these articles extensively, and I’ve tried to, eventually you realize some of what they’re hanging their hats on. Trump “knew” some of the crowd was armed? You know what they base that “knowledge” on? That as people approached the rally and saw the metal detectors, some of them stopped short and didn’t want to go through the detectors. So, this means, according to those with TDS, that they MUST HAVE been armed and didn’t want to surrender the arms, and so wouldn’t pass through the detectors. BUT, they remained armed and IF they went to the Capitol, led by Trump, that would be the equivalent of Trump leading an armed insurrection against the government. These people are beyond deranged.

        There couldn’t be any other explanation? I remember visiting the WH once, when Bill was in power. They had set up extensive security you had to pass through. You had to stand in a looooooong line, waiting to get through. I had time on my hands, and even though it was HOT, I waited; but it was a pain in the rear. I had to empty everything like going through TSA. I had to be wanded. I had to let them look through everything I was carrying. I had to empty out all my pockets. Who WANTS to go through all that? Of course, I wasn’t armed; but it was the time spent STANDING there in the heat and then going through it all. WHY? But I wanted to see inside the WH.

        However, if you’re just going to a big rally where you’re likely not going to get close anyway and where you’ll be able to HEAR it from anywhere outside the fencing, anyway, why go through security?

        Just because you don’t go through it, doesn’t mean you’re “armed.”

        This is another case of stringing a bunch of specious inferences together to come up with a narrative they want. (1) Trump wants a bigger crowd around him, so (2) he complains that metal detectors are keeping people out BECAUSE THEY MUST BE ARMED(!), so (3) he asks the SS to stop metal detecting, which means then that he “knows” people have arms/guns because some of them won’t go through security (a non sequitur, of course), and then (gasp!) he says (4) that they’re not there to hurt him (so their inference is that he must mean they’re there to hurt somebody else!), and then he insists (5) on LEADING these “ARMED” people that he “knows” are armed to the Capitol, so voila! He’s leading the armed insurrection and he knows it! He didn’t want them metal detected because he didn’t want the SS to seize the arms, which means he wanted them to be armed! And he wanted to lead them, so even if he didn’t, because he wanted to, it’s the same thing as if he did! TREASON! In their minds.

        They always leave out the end of his quote, where he tells people to go to the Capitol to “fight like hell” BUT do it peacefully. They leave that part out, because it doesn’t fit their narrative.

        BESIDES WHICH, by the time the rally ended, the “insurrection” had already happened. EVERYBODY knows this.

        Most people did NOT march to the Capitol from the rally and those who did were NOT the people who went INTO the Capitol. It was all over by the time those people would have reached the Capitol.

        Trump didn’t go to the Capitol, although he wanted to and had planned to and had told the People that he would go there. The SS kept him from going by telling him it was too dangerous to go.

        Now, it’s up to you to determine whether or not THEY were under orders from the Demonic DemoncRATS to keep him away from the Capitol. They did, for some reason, take Pence there, even though the same danger would theoretically have existed for his safety and that of his family. Right?

        Was this part of the plot to keep Trump away so he COULD NOT stop the “insurrection” that was being orchestrated by Pelosi et al–the FBI infiltrators, antifa, BLM, and all the paid agent provocateurs? You be the judge.

        It was a plan. It was a conspiracy. The conspiracy, however, was NOT on Trump’s end. IN MY OPINION, WHICH I’M STILL ALLOWED TO HAVE, SO FAR AS I KNOW.

  8. ‘Deal with the devil.’ Secret Biden-McConnell deal ON anti-abortion GOP judge Enrages Democrats ……??????

    • Is this supposed to be an example of Biden “triangulating?” What’s he up to? Did he suddenly remember he’s “Catholic?”

    • And I bet they didn’t even ask him about the “lunge” or the “choke.”

      They did say Hutchinson’s STORY was “new” information, new “evidence,” so probably they didn’t know her FABLE at the time they interviewed the agents. They had her fire her Republican-associated lawyer and they gave her a new one (who’s paying?) who of course leans DemoncRAT. What a surprise! Another turncoat, if she wasn’t a PLANT all along. Did Meadows hire her for some reason other than her alleged brains and efficiency? Hmmm.

    • It’s rather disgraceful for alleged nonpartisan, seekers after fact to accuse one witness of being a known “liar,” especially when he’s a long-serving member of the SS who has served in Republican and DemoncRAT administrations and is akin to a police officer, who SHOULD NOT BE DISRESPECTED. He’s a public servant, more so than they are. Where do they get off accusing HIM of being a liar? If her hearsay “testimony” is “evidence,” then what makes her “evidence” true but his untrue?

    • For some reason “she” pleaded guilty today, probably hoping Putin will feel sorry for “her.” Actually, she was obviously guilty. What bugs me is the media calling “her” a “hostage,” as if she didn’t break their laws. If you do the crime, you do the time.

  9. Emmett Till protesters STORM Senior living facility in Search of woman accused of setting lynch mob on him after 1955 warrant for her arrest is unearthed in Mississippi courthouse , ? WHAT’s NEXT we PONDER!!!

  10. ON THE …. F L Y !!! ….what >>> another FOOL ….
    Man, 25, on the run from NYPD makes death-defying leap from Brooklyn subway track to store roof before finally being arrested for driving without
    a seatbelt …. & A BRAIN??? LOCK IT UP!!!

  11. Accused
    Authorities apprehended 21-year-old
    Robert Eugene Crimo III (born September 20, 2000)

    eight hours after the shooting.[32][37] Crimo’s father was a convenience store and deli owner, and made an unsuccessful run for mayor of Highland Park in 2019.[38] As a child, Crimo was a member of a Cub Scout troop led by Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering.[39] Rotering, who knew Crimo as “just a little boy,” said she wondered, “How did somebody become this angry, this hateful to then take it out on innocent people who, literally, were just having a family day out?”[39] Former classmates said Crimo was odd, soft-spoken, and showed little interest in class and school activities or engaging with his peers. His uncle described Crimo as “lonely” and “quiet”.[40] He used to attend Highland Park High School and has performed under the stage name “Awake the Rapper”.[41][42] Recent music videos by him on YouTube depicted mass shootings and characters being shot by police. One video was accompanied by the narration “I need to just do it. It is my destiny.”[40] The account is no longer available. Crimo frequently visited an online message board that discussed graphic depictions of death. He posted a video of a beheading the week before the shooting. Crimo also had his own Discord server, which was invaded by 4chan members after the shooting and has since been shut down.[41]

  12. Comey & McCabe, Two Trump Foes, BOTH Faced Intensive IRS Audits

    * Jack
    What is the difference between a coincidence and a quantum entanglement?
    A single digit.
    2 is a coincidence.
    3 is a greater likelihood of a quantum entanglement than a coincidence.
    Over 3 is a quantum entanglement.
    Be good. Be loved.

    • And yet Hannity said he was audited EVERY YEAR that Obama was president. Does anybody remember Barry mobilizing and politicizing the IRS against ALL his conservative opponents?

    Attended Multiple Trump Rallies

    • Thank goodness that The Donald escaped unscathed with that lunatic in the crowds. We’ve known that they send/plant crazies in the Trump rallies. It always bothered me how blase Trump was about the crowds, knowing that all it takes is one lunatic like Crimo. He was casing the synagogue. Who’s to say he wasn’t doing the same at Trump’s rallies?

  14. Report: Joe Biden Sold Nearly One Million Barrels from U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve to CCP-Owned Oil Company Linked to Hunter Biden Firm <<<<< O' !!!

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