This Year of All Years …

We need to honor National Bill of Rights Day, which is today, December 15.

This commemoration was first observed in 1941:

President Franklin D. Roosevelt designated this day by proclamation in 1941 to observe and honor the ratification of the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution.

Our current “president” is doing all in his power to dishonor the Bill of Rights by trying to circumvent most of the rights enumerated within, especially the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, and Tenth:

I’ll leave it to you to find the abundant examples of how and why Biden and those pulling his strings are doing this end run around the Bill of Rights. To anyone paying attention, it becomes more obvious by the day.

Therefore, it takes some particular nerve for that person to dare to issue a proclamation allegedly honoring our fundamental rights.

Read between the lines to see Biden’s autocratic and radical–not democratic–loyalties and proclivities in phrases such as “a Government that could act with urgency,” and “a living document,” and “there is no place in a democracy for threats or violence,” and (his perceived need for a global) “affirmative agenda for democratic renewal … through collective action.”


Let us remember and repeat: This is a constitutional Republic, not a democracy. Global actors have nothing, nothing, to say or contribute to any “renewal” of our government. We the People of the United States of America have nothing to contribute to and want nothing to do with any global government. Case closed.

We the People must do more, no matter how hard it may be, to demand and ensure that our rights be respected. We the People RULE, not any transient president or Congress.

Vote accordingly. Speak accordingly. Act accordingly.

Resist. Never conform to the will of tyrants.

Do not submit. Do not go gentle into the good night of our Republic.

Remember the words of our Founders:

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.

Pray for our Nation and its People.

May God continue to bless the United States of America. Let not your heart be troubled. This, too, shall pass.


94 responses to “This Year of All Years …

  1. Sorry it took so long to get this post up today. I am a bit “behind my time,” but better late than never.


    That’s a shame. NOT! Give your money to a more worthy cause, one that has the guts to stand up to the “woke” and which actually helps the needy–not one that attempts to aid the “woke” in the redistribution of what they perceive to be ill-gotten, privileged gain. (Note that, like the Biden administration and every complicit reporter in the country, they blame EVERYTHING but the real root cause of the lack of donations. Not their insulting all their white donors but “pandemic fatigue,” which is what exactly?)

    Here’s an example of their redistribution mentality, if you think I’m joking. There was a bit on local TV news about the Salvation Army giving from their “distribution center,” bags and boxes of toys, clothing, food vouchers, household items and Christmas goodies, including a bicycle, to a “needy” Black family. They showed the family picking up the goods. They arrived in–I kid you not–an approximately $40,000 Toyota 4×4 truck that looked brand new.

    When you drop your coins into that kettle, are these the sort of people you expect to benefit from the money OR do you imagine that it would be people much worse off than yourself–like the homeless veterans sleeping on park benches or in doorways downtown? Actual poor people? Not those who most likely, because of the many, many, many public benefits for which they qualify (at least on paper), are able to use their “disposable income”–that being just about anything they make because all their other needs are paid for by the taxpayers–for a luxury like a $40,000 pickup truck, while you drive a 10-year-old compact sedan?

    The best part is that the families apply for the goodies, send a “wish list,” and then come to pick up everything, driving through to get all that they ordered (from guilty white people)? What a deal, huh?

  3. Deserves to be on this post, too. Our new anthem. SING IT!


    Answer me: How the EFF much BOTOX is injected into that smooth, snake-like face? He looks like a freaking alien! Or Voldemort.

  5. Democracy?

    “What is behind recent pessimistic appraisals of democracy’s future, from Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, Brian Williams and other elite intellectuals, media personalities, and politicians on the Left? Some are warning about its possible erosion in 2024. Others predict democracy’s downturn as early 2022, with scary scenarios of “autocracy” and Trump “coups.” …”

    Answer: Because the “left” ALWAYS accuse THEIR POLITICAL OPPONENTS of what THEY ARE DOING THEMSELVES. That’s always how you KNOW their plans.

    • The other day he said he was on the forefront of desegregating restaurants! He just makes things up and they don’t even bother to report HIS lies. Remember the running total of what they CLAIMED were Trump’s “lies” but which were really truths (or distortions or words they made up and put in his mouth)?

    • Love it, don’t you? They halt it solely for political reasons, though. Not because it’s wrong. It’s just the “wrong time” to pull it off. They’ll probably find some way to do it surreptitiously, non-transparently. Not to worry. You’re GOING to pay, one way or another.


    Her entire premise is THE threat to our Republic (not democracy. This isn’t a democracy and NEITHER IS THE SCOTUS). The SCOTUS is NOT PARTISAN. It’s un-American to suppose it should be or even that it is. Decisions are based upon the law and the Constitution, or should be. To think/propose that decisions should be made subject to partisanship, bias, and/or “democracy” (aka mob rule) is what threatens our Republic. We have a DEMOCRATIC WAY to amend the Constitution or change laws. That’s what a reasonable, America-loving patriot does–follows the procedure. You don’t get to have your way by RIGGING the courts. If you don’t like the law, follow the legal and constitutional method to change it. Have duly-elected representatives in the legislatures pass the change and have the president sign it into law. Don’t like the Constitution? Then go about the method proposed in the Constitution to AMEND the Constitution. Don’t, like a tyrant, try to pack the courts to impose your will AGAINST the democratic WILL of everyone else. She and people who “think” like her are the real threats to our nation.


      So Biden tries to set up a commission to allow THEM to make the decision, to punt it to some outside group, probably thinking he could “nudge” them into saying what he wanted, but they “punted” themselves. Note, however, it’s now Dec. 17, 10 days after they were supposed to present their report, and all we have is a 10 day-old “draft” report. So there’s still time, after pressure from DemoncRATS, to change to agree with Biden and Warren.

      Why is it that representatives and presidents don’t have the freaking GUTS to just say what they want, what they stand for, and what they plan to do? Answer: They would rather LIE and then surprise us with their totalitarian policies that they already KNOW we oppose.

  7. ….. Alexander Soros
    Net Worth: $20 billion*
    Wealth Inherited From: George Soros (Father)
    Alex Soros is the son of Billionaire philanthropist and businessman George SOROS. He attended NYU and Berkeley, the latter of which granted him a Ph.D. in history. He is the Open Society Foundations’ deputy chair, and he also has a successful writing career. He has published his writing in Politico, The Guardian, The Forward and many more.

    ….. The Kennedy Family
    Net Worth: $1.2 billion*
    Wealth Inherited From: Joseph P. Kennedy Sr.
    The Kennedy Family has long been a political dynasty in America. Though the family has often been struck by tragedy, they have remained prominent in the States. The Kennedys earned their wealth from Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., a Boston native who made a fortune investing in the stock market, commodities, real estate, and other business industries.

    Notable members of the Kennedy family include John F. Kennedy, the former President of the U.S. and his brother, Bobby, the former U.S. Attorney General. The Kennedy family, according to Forbes, has a net worth of $1.2 billion as of the year 2016.
    ….. Eve Jobs
    Net Worth: $2 Billion*
    Wealth Inherited From: Steve Jobs
    Ironically, the mostly-unknown daughter of Steve Jobs and Lauren Powell-Jobs is currently a student at Stanford – the exact same campus where her parents met those many years ago. Little is known about Eve Jobs other than her conquest as a champion equestrian – and that she’s an heiress to Jobs’ $20 billion empire.

    These days the Apple heiress stays mostly out of the spotlight, even limiting her social media presence to the bare minimum. But she has been a vocal champion of her late father’s philosophical outlook on life, even going so far as posting quotes from her father on Instagram.

    • It’s pre-planning for the steal of 2024. They KNOW they can’t “win” any other way. They redefine words, like “voter suppression.” To them, stopping felons, underage people, and illegal aliens from voting is “voter suppression,” not stopping ILLEGAL VOTES. Same with stopping people from voting more than once or voting for dead people, etc.

  8. … what’s UP …..again & again …. SICK .. SO DO the SAME 2 HIM!!!

    • We already know they can’t count. Look at the numbers of deaths. It defies common sense to believe that China has so many fewer deaths and that we lead the world in deaths. As for the vaccine numbers, it’s because they counted doses, not “vaccinations,” which requires two shots. They did this to make Joe look better with regard to sheer numbers of jabs. I truly do believe that many people stopped after one dose. It’s known that the side effects are bad and the second dose has worse side effects. Why else did they give people paid leave to deal with feeling so lousy after the jabs? They’re liars. The numbers WILL CHANGE depending upon how political winds are blowing. The numbers are meaningless. They’re rigged just like polls and election vote counts. RIGGED. All of it. No credibility whatsoever. Look for truth about the pandemic by following stats from countries that DON’T LIE FOR POLITICAL REASONS or to “nudge” you into doing what they want instead of what you think best for your own self.

    TALK …all WEEPY ..AS U BELIEVE ZERO ZERO ZERO !!! ha hahaha

  10. Harris-tells-the-Truth ? -and-the-white-house-does-Not-Like- IT

    LOL, even Heels^^^ let’s slip a Kernel of truth now & then just like Dementia Joe…..
    these Clowns are the Epitome of IMCOMPETENCE!!!!!

    Leftists are the bigoted, Thuggish, Lying, Self-aggrandizing Racist Thieves
    of our lives, our Liberties, our Freedoms, our Vote & our Country.

    Klamidia Harris …. ha’

    • This is probably a warning to us of what THEY’RE planning to do when a Republican wins the WH. They ALWAYS accuse their opponents in advance of planning to do what they’re going to do. Watch for it. They DO intend to steal the next election. Why else is the Pfizer CEO (our new president, apparently) announcing that the pandemic will last through 2024? They plan to ram through that voting bill and force all states to allow unlimited mail-in voting with NO ID verification.

  11. CHICAGO …..
    Three Senate Democrats vote against confirming Rahm Emanuel as Japan ambassador
    8 Republicans voted in favor ….????

    Does Emanuel speak Japanese? No, he does not. Speaking he native language of a nation is not a prerequisite for an ambassadorship, however, it obviously is quite important. Jon Huntsman Jr. was ambassador to China, he spoke Chinese. Emanuel is a career political freeloader.

    Rahm Emanuel. He is a very, very tiny man, almost toy like, with an
    Enormous EGO . He is the kind of man who Craves raw Power to make himself feel Important. !!! ha’

    Emanuel is also the guy who said Never LET a good Crisis go to Waste.

    This guy is a manipulator of people and an antagonist of the center-right middle class majority in the US. People like Rahm Emanuel should not be in leadership positions.

  12. To: where’s_the_Outrage?
    What utter bilge.

    The melting is caused by volcanic activity under the ice – NOT any so-called global warming.


    the specific glacier in the posted article

    • VERY INTERESTING. I saw a program on PBS yesterday about some place in Europe (Switzerland?) where they’re capturing carbon from the air, combining it with water and injecting it down into the ground. Later on, years later, they dig it out and it’s turned into beautiful crystals. Why can’t they simply do this all over the world and, while at it, PLANT EFFING TREES?

  13. Ms Anne TRAUM .. R they ALL BRAIN FART FROZEN in TIME?


    • You can tell they’re ALL trained by the same people because they all use the same tactics and preface all their comments with a smarmy “Senator, …” I’d like to smack their faces. If only they could have nuns like I had in school question them. They’d get answers, believe me.

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