Science Test

A brainteaser of a science test for your consideration.

Imagine that you’re a person who’s “fully vaccinated” against COVID-19, to the fullest extent now possible according to the eminent expert Fauci–2 jabs and a recent booster.

Here’s the challenge:

You’re invited to two different Christmas parties, Party A and Party B.

Party A: Attendees are all fully vaccinated individuals, 10% of whom are COVID positive.

Party B: Attendees are all non-vaccinated individuals, 10% of whom are COVID positive. (You will be the exception–the only fully vaccinated person in attendance, if you go.)

All else being equal, which party is safer for you to attend, Party A or Party B?

Some facts to consider before answering:

1. Fully vaccinated people do get infected with and do transmit the COVID virus to others.

2. Vaccine-resistant COVID variants develop vaccine resistance within the bodies of the vaccinated (in the same way that overuse of antibiotics causes antibiotic-resistance among organisms infecting people who take antibiotics. Resistant bacteria do not develop resistance to antibiotics in the bodies of people who aren’t taking antibiotics.)

3. Vaccinated people are much less likely to wear masks and social distance, since authorities have told them that it’s okay–it’s a “perk” of being vaccinated, while masking, testing, and social distancing is a punishment for remaining unvaccinated, according to Biden’s vaccine mandates.

4. Vaccinated people are more likely to carry vaccine-resistant variants than are unvaccinated people, so it’s as important for them to mask and social distance as it is for the unvaccinated.

5. Omicron, the newly discovered variant, is the most vaccine-resistant mutant seen to date and is infecting vaccinated people at a high rate.

6. Antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) is a “thing.”

Consider carefully: As a “fully vaccinated person,” are you safer attending Party A or Party B?

I’ll wait.

Bonus economics question:

How much would gasoline have cost by Christmas if Biden hadn’t “discovered” the omicron scariant?


91 responses to “Science Test


    • Why is he back at that fake set? I’m puzzled. Must have something to do with fear of contagion, because suddenly he’s wearing an N95 PLUS a cloth mask. Or, possibly, is it CGI? Blue or green screen and all that? Deep Fake POTUS?

      They treat us like children, talk to us as if we’re children, because their goal is to be our “parents”, to tell us what to do and we do it, like children.

    • Yes, RIP. I know nothing about her, have read nothing by her. Is her writing worthwhile, in your opinion? Oh, I didn’t know she wrote Panic in Needle Park. Interesting. I’ve seen that movie many times. Sad. (You can keep A Star is Born.)

  2. NICE?….NICE? ….DID I … HEAR … NICE !
    This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Socialist Christmas Edition
    Weren’t we just talking about Sweden’s Gävle goat aka Gävlebocken 2 weeks ago? Why, yes, we were.

    • Like The Wicker Man or The Burning Man. It IS as if they’re asking for it, for sure. Did your mom say that? “This is why we can’t have nice things.” So true, with ANY kids. Sorry, Mom.

  3. DEAD BEAT FJB .. & JILL .. & all the REST of the DESTROYERS

    • There’s so much that we and everyone else it the world doesn’t know about him, it would take a book to tell it all.

    • OMG. I don’t even WANT to look to compare these details to what we’ve known for years and have in our O Timeline. Surely there are new lies buried in there somewhere. My favorite headline in that story is about the “stunning transformation” of Moo. DO TELL us ALL the details of the surgery, as hinted at by Joan Rivers.

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