The Lawyers Speak

Time for President Trump and We the People to have our day in court. Today, the lawyers for the plaintiffs present their opening statement to the public. Soon enough, we learn whether or not we still have a democratic republic with equal justice under the law and not a banana republic. This is as serious as it gets. Watch …


147 responses to “The Lawyers Speak

  1. ..ha radio “dick” john r.. said he read Siri’s
    BOOK.. told caller he’s wrong!
    She was Born in Oakland, Ca. So….dig this since she Mingled with African Americans as she grew up around black kids/folks/
    THAT is …what She calls the little “brown girl” .. BLACK !!! .. Not the TRUTH so What if she was chinese? And not so brown?
    THEN … WHAT ….? Ms Kamper Harris !

  2. Need a Christmas Gift …this year?
    SID has … A real Hair raising 1… 4 ya all

    • When I first read about this I couldn’t figure out whether he was the perp of the carjacking or the victim. I’m still not sure I know.

  3. IF …. W T P .. $END ….
    DREAM’$ ….. Come TRUE?
    Are ya a BETTING … “MAN” ?

    • Cheating on the vote, cheating on the unemployment, cheating on the COVID relief. Cheating on Medicare and Medicaid. Cheating on SSI. Cheating on disability. Cheating on food stamps. It NEVER ENDS. We the People have to STOP funding all this corruption.

    • That’s silly, isn’t it? Don’t these rangers have anything better to do? The only harm done was to the chickens. Maybe they ought to have cooked their Thanksgiving turkey. 🙂 Hope you all got to have some delicious turkey today. I’m stuffed. Dinner for two; leftovers for an army. Thank goodness for the freezer. Now for the pumpkin pie …

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